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Full text of "Morning Telegraph (Louella Parsons) September-December 1923"

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1 the' MORN'iNQ TEiiEGRArar. saturd'Ay; September. j] 'jw-. 



PeimiBgioa »nd Lew Tieldi 

Alain. Will Be Umbers of the 

C*ft— I* Booked for Tour Weeks 

at the Colonial in Chicago, 

"The *Text Comer" Vol to 

.".Ojau TTett Week. 


ANN PENNINGTON i*. dertnittlj 
-consigned to a teaton ml wur 
with "Jack and Jill" it devtl* 
0P*d r*iMrf«J, *"d "h* will mart out 
: ■ ;*rJt*t th* rjanpe on September i>. when 
*** tbow Ml backed t<* open for a week 
It th* new Detroit Ofrfra Henae. 

Rrom that* It cmi to tha Colonial In 
Chicago the. .following Monday, where It 
Si baoked.for ToUf weeks. The Chel**s 
Pro-dating Company, sponsor-* nt the 
BubOSE, dKllTtff tbTotfgh Hugh Andefwm. 
' flieef ft* ilireeUw. however, that Hip 
engagement will probably bo extended in 
ChJeaeo beyond thnt date Bt another 

. f.*w FicH". too, will rarurop his part 
. Id -"Jack and -irH" on tho rot*, tint the 
rAle of Jill Trill be assimed '« * ncw- 
twaicr, J«n Holt, who -was -mi Imt wn- 
" tea- in "BfosBOtri Tim*" Others who 
will' appear in the- cast are.Lnle- McCob- 
n»lt; 3eth Beri, Max Hoffman, Jr.. Vic- 
«*■ "Catenvire end Sidney Martin. 

"T*)t Music Box" i" booked to follow 
"Jack nod Jill"' at the Colonial. 

- *'*tollr 1>«r!ln K " Apia, 

- -"JhtallyDarlicx" will halt) forth at the 
Detroit Opera- Flense WJtt.wert. h*s>B- 
aiag il* third wr'ftii in the hi liter! an ■!. 
.Itch' leonabnc and Ann Mi (feu™, ajster 
nf Mar? IKlhum. head the ffliww;. 
"Mww Mary w« the prima dnnnn fast 
■rear, hot the. part continue to h? a fnm- 

iy mir, 

1 "The 3*ii r«rner'< Dels ye*. 
_ A: H. Woods ii subjecting the cast «f 
•The Xext Corner." Kale Jordun » 
drama to severnl chance*, which <*il! 
nuke it impossible to open The produc- 
t : «b at lhe Ply month Thralre On Moftrfar 
Tjl - *^. ■ ■ nriginally planned. . 
.' The pity completes an engagement r-l 
. A*hur* Park (n-niffht and rehearsal* will 

!'■■ j-*!]™! n* s-ortli _-. a the Atw m<-imb"i-S 
• ■ r . the. emnren?- . have V*h +ti«Kivi 
Mu.nti.ipt>.' the o[Kninc in inflj'tnltelF 

Vow It's 

■'•pFlctpr CI** ulnar. " 

■'Sprin;.' .CleaninB:" i, ihe-nen- title «e- 
("■"l-Nt for Frnierrick Iiontdaiea dram*. 
"But fvt tie Grace nf God." 
> h 3^*er alnee thfi o?rira] r>r the antlinr 
froni I^ond^ti K'tjrn-- Etrhrjn nnd be hx.r« 
L 1 SrMtt b>ir J>f lith* ili»Cii*s:n.r? A 
TO of rmiTir'- Bctj drnaiHtiKt and 
„ /IwtrhaT* itfreed that ''Bnt far »br 
fK*e>v Of Gftd" w»p no more suitable 
amy nther title that coitJd be cos- 
f, bflt' thr.T were rq-nallj >»n»ofn-ic-Ufl 
mUilnj! the iihpfl«jilbility of ejpwt- 
■?4BJT ptwl-nrtion to beaV np un4er the 
.fcn «f ro miich* froe. 
Ai-iH K, "ftprtn? Cfaiunje." it will be 
""•■"■ It i'i aiTen it- first pfrforminr^e at 
**irHpt in Detroit to-morrow- nlfnt 

HKjJnt Bro«ip RcilUlJC. 

^Uinr nrown^Ctc prima doan* of 
L*#r" bat iw*«*ri^ fa Tfaitffljt BaV 
lie Crrrl;.. .Sricb.. while isef h-naoand. Liau- 
tcn*nj CSrflr.Tr TI. Mfliiiei. in tt {rainirc 
e*mn new that Htr. Mia* Br«wn will 
■raoiain ld the llldflle TVeet for mothM 
werk, she .wrltiyL . 

..01ert< onfnlnt In "He«<liair. 

' For the firnl time in manr jeaea, 
C|lphnfTj" OI-TOtt will beirin hi* annnal 
t-Trtif ttkia. aeiion awuj- from bia adopted 
Slimmer hone- Banco;*. Sprin^-v - He 
wijl.itart bin Jotiroe? in 'The Heart *r 
redd,r Tvhapk, 1 ' n pla/ that bar «rT*d 
hiti- irelf i«ince tbe il*-ra "li*tinxul"hid In 
ttte menmrr of the flldeat in-Jtbltant ■■ 
'> bjt>Volitead jwriod. in Rendlnr, Pj. ; 
i Jleptern.ber 14. 
EK'iwt* odiJDtliy plnoned !)■-■ tbe s«;.. 

■^bs, bit mtnuera. to hefriu the rtmte 


in tbe- Hpa «nd wort dottm-State to 
F-enoJitlTani*, bnt wben Raymond llltj-h 
rock arqaire-ri 8c ben rclad.f, the nfeu^flt 
jump from '. Santon. far "The O'd 
Selk." tbe idea w*a nbtndoaed. 

Olcott will hi" vErfuallT t))e umt 
iompiaT with hi ci tblf rear whLr-'.i ac- 
wropnEied htm fn hta rasablea last spa- 

KllTk; Im PlalaielHl. 

UlTPlWid, Hfte*«ck"a route ha* been 
el) ui|ed i|eln — at le*«t. it haa beeri 
tdded to, 

H* wjtt now begin: bin toor In ''The 
Old Soak" in Flninfletd. N. J., on Sep- 
tember 8. From there he Cobs to r-Urrii- 
burr for two nlihtn. Wtlkea-Btm*. Rr4d- 
inir, .AHentnwo 4 ScranloD, Elmlrv, BinE- 
hamton and Hcaenerttrij. Ht- wAl re- 
main for twa perfornuncea a!an, In Allen- 
■■own, Scraoion abd f^rhrneetady. 

"tSirtiiape a are in* 1 RnKtd. 

Sam BeTDtTd abd Alexander Cart will 
pla7 on* ahow in Madla«n. W|i„ on 
September 8 before cojnr tn Milwaukee 
\i> ic'lowlij^ nifhrfor.a week at ■ rm-i- 
nera Afain. 

Itia production Li Hated lo plar West 
aa far aa KanaaA Cit? and will later 
uiVi- Sn the Sahway Circuit nn Itv way 
to the Selwjn in Bonton. where the rwo 
atara are to eAroplete iK-p-Tr in-reln late 
In .the Sptint 

"Partner* AdJn" last ""anoo plajcd 
onlj ChJeann, iinffa'o aad 1 TellerK in 
Broo.klim, aeidp front the Nerr York en- 
Cixe»rltt, [bereh.r 1,-m n- Jiv.niji'!^ the 
greater fiart of the ouLlvinfl tprHto^r iar 
this ?«r. 

• t.Awrmrd n.9T*t M«ior[»a. 

Bdw,ard Roj-re in oontinnica; his motor 
traTfila thrAiia-ls Sew Knpiavu! nith 
atannch demotion tn Aeoigranhr. He i< at 
nreaent fn Maine- hut writm hr is nom- 
i'=i fritek to Iiuvb n"Kl inm:l li to lu'ein 
pFfparttioria for-a ni* pnXluctinn. 

Thti »ho» . n musical prodnedan, will 
be done *.h*iut the flr*t oi October^ 

Meantime. IS'anejr Welford. Mr. Royce'a 
diacnrerT and p»-:rtiilaj nl*r. ia point iota 
TBjuderll't v=H\i n dnneing partner. 

Mi«.t*r m tH* Fwltox* 
•.Villi am Munatrr. reneral mnna-ier nf 
the tlnrce pnteeprise* laM tf.srfu, wilL 
remain at tin: Fiitlon Theatfr nnder thr 
Dillittxhani reEitue. lie not onl-f will 
nanaxp the hoiiAe. i-enauecl the Fun 
Sboft buf iviil aluo perform a aimllnr 
■ereicF Tor the . lieruard-Collier troape 
when ii ink'" pRH4en"Ion line next month 
u-itli "Niitien.of JBM." 

"M fi irn" opena at the Majeatie in 
Buffalo on Septenibei- ]'•'. 

HairBi ('in*«B in ■■iibMc Hoi." 
"Miuu? Box Berrtea" ^re crTitnjr to be 
a habit ritb lincii C(iiiitjiti, |fr v «a 
oDtaged for another, one. the impending 
production, now in retir-irani, jeeterda; 
br Sapn H. BJarriii. 

ClJnerOn wti a njeinb-T-nf the orirTinnJ 
"Music Boa" enmpan^. hut did not ac- 
C0mptll7 it to Lonilon ibis Sumrn^f. 

--•Mine D'Clatk" Fir. |, 

Arthur Hamraeiwtein haH pttL off lhe 
prptentation of "Plalu Jane" until th* 
"Xin* Ot*oek Renie/' hia London ini- 
portadon, baa been aired to the puMIr 
fnrj\ Tbia latter ahow ia Ibated to bold 
forth at the Ceniuri; H.Kif on and after 
>"Ar«mber. 1. 

Hal Hitelly *ii.| Mart H*r are under 
eontract for "Plain Jon*-" 

Hrorj" r7. 8a>rire haa the arennd com- 
pfti:- of "The C'linEi-ne- Vise" in rebearaal 
Ktid . it' will open ia Biidreport on 
tVednesdaj next for a two iree^*' toar 
of New Bn-R-tanrt. ■ Th-rn. the troupe will 
ahoob aoncaiward and will plar (hr aamr 
route aa that taken by "The Mmy 
Widow" and Miui in -Ladr BHI*" a 
japr aro. 

Thra iiinrrnr;' will inke "The riinji i- 
Vine" tn C-sliTitrni* and up tbe roast tn 
Orea-on and \V*«hincton. 

Ferae Itoaern fn It. 

Ferhe Itoe-ere- liaa breu erj^a-jed for the 
leadirraj role In thp'serond onanbiaflon, 
mmx fn the nd|inal company by Pea ay 
Wood, and Mr. Sarar* la aa!d to Ue liif/h 

Chaatcey Oicott Wilt Open in Seed- 
in; on BepteMber %t vx The 
Heart of Paddy Whack." 
"Partners Again" Eoutfd 
Up to late Spring, ■ End- 
ing Tour ia Boston. 


If plenied with, her work at reheareale- 
tJthcra !d the, cajt will tie Eleanor KH- 
■as. John BBrmonr, 1 ' Jitrk Huntle;. 
Gearre l> [JonTioll, Oertrnde Bond. L'arl 

tlora AViniai_.. 

The ^oiina; women and men of the en- 
*emb}e— nlthmicb Mr. SaraCe fnalatii 
thej all ar« pHnelpaia— eomnrlie I'at 
Qufnton, a recruit from "The Merry 
widow" and underatudy of tbe male eon- 
linEent ot rhe cast; Mildred Stewart. 
Marjory Bailor, Irenr Finnetrnn. 
Beatrice Coniff, FeEgj ^IcCarthy, Alvina, 
ZoIIp. (iladya Djppeli. Selma fteiamr- 
tti'-ip:-. Helen tfftnnett ..MlJlaid. T^ee 
Brljfht, Charln S*-hi>r-ltrj T Cheater 
lSr'sbr, SExmund Brunalny and Philip 
Obcrx. ' . \ 

Arlnfji AnJr'in Rfrint, 

Ador'a Andrew*/ who wtp ■' orleinally j 
■la ted io play the toUtse, QtHo*ay part | 
in the aecond company, haa been *a!;ni I 
nul of the; catt to join Ada May in "The 
Left OreY," a'ao noon lo openj 

Mi*a .Vmln-iiy hr* hecn replnpon In ! 
"The CHnrinic VJnc" hy (.'or* wUlutQf. ■ 

Palrleta Hainan on Timr. 

Patricia .Sainton, ihr johou tent -hof 


. r*~i- iy Mv-ivj, 
KKiC.Tr' HOfiEIK*, 
sviiu nii: ilRi kailliik rolr ir. aec- 
nhd potunnny . ftf "The CIlnainE 
Vine." '.•?■■■- 


j CepUin BJddo, Feaou Midget 
,^t:EffiotieePert in Kaylot 
at Letp/i State; 



31arter Gnhricl and L'ompany bold the 

place oMntporuncc on the bill tt Loew'a 

(Httte Theatre the iattpr port of thin 

• weak. Soiill aa this little firure it when 

- |-«u/ :pMtr*iim in hij promtB*di«i| cloihea 

00. firoadwty, he Bepma to become a mere 

child trued you Dee him amid (be eceaery 

Kfl aac IHrtrict t=« .iic.ol No, 3, 

■ JJa hia' a story book under hia arm 

jUrd ho la rntranccd by the notion that he 

t»us']!d like to nc a knijht or a carailar 

t-a!d, - Hia chivalrous ambition is ei- 

■ .-I*, e*.*d i« i*rni» of affr>etion toward a 

iyti» ^«r| irho is mnth taller and beamier 

■ . / i.i.- excrfaliw: ■■So sou'd like to he 
e/.fcaihtht— ffood liuSht:" 

U*heu he Oonaldrra the role of Captain 
KW«V tMe "fTeatutrr of Treasure 
j^Chttu. "InlR. tan. Accma impoaai&le, for 
aJoiijf Cornea ,himr». the boy billy, who 
'iOc.-* and aiiiisex Kiddo, cailinj; him a 
I off ahrimp." 
" M. of Jumbo is plajed bj 
uck in etMlJent style 
ail tbla ■I*0*t3* dennUrd* 

**.Birl reallej, "Ha aaJd he wlahed 
yeM vtn nerr; be wtrnld make apple 
ea 1KB out of you.'" 

i Jur^bo roani, "'So you're a lh"alc, are 

ypu, atril tou're sL^ n ~ to steaL my 

: 'eifrntf*?- flftyflu know what I'll do wild 

'IM?, 1*1} pat tame salt on you and 

H if now Klddo'n turn, arid, in the 
laTitTlafo of tbe famoji Dr. Jolmaon, he 


"If 700: d'Jj. I»u aro-ald hare nwrn 
' erjnuia in your stomach that) ?nu hare lb 
jew -OMd. : 

Jimlly Klddo aGd Jttnslw mir JLiia 
*»* pV* midfet net dewa for the eaaapC 
P»Fi|« Iua ap*H of TaTicoaiciousueaa he 
dMeoma a dream of iaT*dinr a p!nt«'« 
rare and relejuiaa- a heanttfuL pifrnya 

whfthaa beep tnadr eafitirjL He rro 

airojali jrlua-^thetjrwit, diaimia him. 

leases the heautlfnl princess, who ilu:n 
wjahes. to bscome hia ulave for l"f*V J 

The awakuninx Hnds Kiddn «Hn n 
se-rere heaiLairiie and nil bl-i ill bmM 
eon* to >no*h. He #?p.i the tdrt of 
hin heart married: to Jum)<o. 

"That'a tfhat a fe'low scIk U>r readioi 
atory hooka/' he declarer: "It'd nil a cot 
darn .He." 

Tli* act is foil of deUzhtful and' 
irandioee lines and thp bti^nean of :h- 
piit is htII oarricd out by the Lhrcti 
Julia K.lity «inr:a Mune *onea tn 
Frenrh and orhcni tn Enelhh and rioe-i 
a nwnotoEqa wiii-eh becomra effective h':- 
eau*» cf a certailj macneilc quality in 
the artiat. 3b^ wa* at her best tn. the 
hflnj entitled "RoV* oT ■ Picardy,*' which 
ehc.uni in Enaliah. The-re iq no nnf." 
(ifvn trni that Julia Kilety baji ft fine vajrr 
and til the aracex of a nnished per- 

'Alex Hyde and Q-rcacatra fill lhe whole J 
wcwfc at Loew'a '^tatc Tbeatce with a 
melodious ^ oil Vomeral ion nf harmony an<l 
jaw. 1 ■ 

The Three Uaaellae. haacE balancent 
and jrejerii acrobat*, open the MM with a 
Krica of renoarkaMe ftnoui and nerrr 
miaa a trick. There in no at*tiW 

'Xyona ft Kyle are s pair of comies and 
fanj^r dantrra. whn bar* a brisk -end 
plewrinr ipecialty. 

Erri: Caspar and Dolly Morrlaeey rle 
a colored rnrlrt F acts-alnfina; and talk- 
ins. "Mfc* Morriatey. with her fan>. bu*i 
and arms shaded a ftgjUS brow,!, looka es- 
reedinrly Jii.ioeaqtie. Caaper appears In 
hlaskface and ia tot more couTineinii; of 
the pair. 


C*-# Oelaaa WhJakr aatf Artwata 

■Twi Alirar* H*ktiieaTBr*ta. ! 

BtTftant John Hanneean of the TV eat 
Siyty-eftAth ttrtet . atation yeatertj^y 
aeiied a truck coatatnina; 21S eaaea nf 
H. * ?. ficoteb whliky and arreated two 
awn woo mrrre alfefed (0 be tranaportini 
it frotn the aeeenty-ij-tmb street pier, 
North Hirer. They *«ld tbej are Jehn 
Wallace or Kaat 13Sth street and Albert 
Kin j. Went Sixteenth street. Both w#re 
lorkx! up in tbe West Kiify-rijcMh atreet 
aUtTon, eharxed wish tioktlon of the 
prohibition law* when the rffbaed to tell 
\rbera they got (he JSqucr. The men de- 
clared tbey were taJrinrt (t to- a man who 
■.•■af fn meet them on Broaderar. 

The truck ttmm. Irwcribed: "P. }lorfir- 

tr, sae watt iv, 

girl from Shelby and porta TVr-M, whom 
Mr. 7,ir([feW lii>jupht East to Join '"The 
FoEli*H ,n a few u-reiEi tEOv wilt 'remiiia 
trfft the eom;inn¥ uh tour, it \im been 

.lofihitjtiy dtcidnl. 

Inilf^t-d. thp 'port writen of Bantoii.. 
the fir^t stop, nr* flrractina: n' dinner i > j 
her honor rlurinf the ontninx wesk M : 
the ^o'onifll on Heptenrljer IT. Si-i"i. I i 
uf thsm met Mj;--, Salmon while llir-y I 
ver* coveriHE. tlit-licnuitry-Sibbo-na rljihr 
■n\ fihelh.v. 

"■The Ff'lt'r-jT will play four iveeka r t 
Ihr C-ilfnnl fn Hnxtou and thfiu more | 
to Philadelphia. 

"Tfc* Mlntl*" arid tbe KIIjh-. , 

There heema to be -Mime doubi nbnut 
the connection of Horrid y*at with thp I 
morioL pi«ore ri|bi» \i- 'The Mlrnclf." r 
Ihr* spectacle nt is brfoflDE tucr frf-m | 
Eiirnpc as the first production nt the [■ 
Beinbardt aeaaon at the Centurj' ii.ii I 

Abonf nine ysnia-tEo, when "The j 
Mirafle" wbm [iprformed at tbr Olyimpift'J 
in l.omiiiii., b p m waa made of the ih^w 
anrf. iumultaneoiuly, jf memur/ servea 
aritht; A. H. Woods 'announceil that bo 
had' acquired the richta to the play for 
American serpen purposes, ulihnirrb he 
MW availed hi-initelf of the priiile^r, 

Sine the London preneriraijon. "The 
Miracle v * has hern rnuch added tn. If noL 
iuiliroi-fl npon. ntld fni (lie Amr-rlcan 
eniasrement rnaiiy urn 1 scenm hare bfni 
sdrlrd mul the production* made niur- 
rlaboraie in' every detail 

It is certain thai ihp ulny '■will he r* 
hlmed in fie new form, but whether Mr. 
IJcflla. contract cover* the conttal of the 
picture edition is a matLer that has not 
come to light. 

"-pyiliea'kejTt TrnaBlnt;, 
Wilton I.aekjp is irnuplne; thinjeh lhe 
Middle We*t in ' Ti-||*ft." appearinji tax 
the role of ftvenjrslf. He optn*d «t the 
\"irtf>ry Thrstre ir Uayr,on nn Monday 

Kinmt Foresaan Keukaaed, 

|B3Hatt ( S. Fnremap, the ehamp-lon I 
trafclpT of ihr Friara Clah, has been eo- '• 
caged a* lnMihe^s mabaxer trirh Paul J 
• i-rnrd Sniili and will M*n-ne his new 
duties ^-ithOLit further trarainc H* I 
jerrtd 5rt a similar capdeify fw l)e Wolf ' 
Hn|iper lawt 'i>eason. ,■ 

K, K. Nndel and Hfirry Crawford re- . 
main n- aeucrnl nionaeer nnd director. { 
rcanectircly. a! ibr 3mitb enterprise.-. | 

-Green. nl«~ i«s Vvat. 
Homethinif ban E"t to he dftne about 
thJH deelin-e of thnatrical art and the ' 
t-Sreen ltlim n sronp- of eo-operatire j 
players, writers and praditeert. is, goluc f 
■ to do it, 
' The' oraanixation haa called im nr«t 
petfEoj for ncjet neck to man out a proi 
ttraai far I be waaoit, Anioua; tbe pru- 
jeded.pLtBa Ik rh«- p rrsent a tion of two or 
-thj-O? pew plays snd tnr'rerirml of hs 
many'- old io^,. 

__ln rbi- IKller cla-wi it "Hohson'" 
*?hni'<^" "HaroFd Briffhottse'a lomedy of 
a fpw •jeosont buck. 

\\hm.d*nyak ]4e«a, fioe-al l.ork r 
Alfaaceliee of the fiaiety T'heanre. 
*rh«pe Cyril Maude is pLxylnf in -'Aren't 
We AllV" ivotlld be.m-ach obliged if the 
■woman who last fl-pek: 1-uat Jo the orches- 
tra circle a lorgnette to which were at- 
tached several good luck chama would 
coJI for her property, j 

The day after rhr artir> w«a fotpqd 
an employee rH sept to a newapaper 
OpiR to insert an advertisement of (he 
Tor*Ti*tte in the clssaifled-<ol'umnB. -On 
the way be lost a J-J. bill with which to 
pay for the *d*rertii v ni«'nt. and on the 
way luck to the theatw he lost theadTeh- 
tltwmeit. Sebastian HoJuf t and I.arrrnca 
O'Keffe. the trpanutcrs. ■ handled tha 
lorpicLte npit. Rornef aubeeiiuriitlT lost 
a rivz and O'Keefe his private raringa 
hank book. 

Thet [he ill lock reached backaugo 
*i\d Mabel "Terry-Lpwle yeaterday l.nt 
for aovertl houra hrr ptite. -cocker apttn- 
leL TWaecoiiel XJrs.-Tnnqyeray. ' wniei 
arrired from Kn|iand lost 8nnda-w or. 
thr* Franeonln and which will 1,- eho*ft 
at the vTW&nrf ]>« flhow qer.t week. 
The dog war* reooPeYed later yeaterdaj 1 

But thr treasurer* are ■fea.Ts.omely 
keeping the inrrnetr* nn.J ita "good lueVt" 
Charms, hnpefullj aarattioB; the appear- 
adCe of the owner. 

n»™ tow ihr Ollrer r.mmr. 

On Inc orhar hand, we have "The 
Breaking! Point"' «l the K(aw Theatre 
presenting ^n oprimfiitir,.vfBwpoirit of the 
number 13. Ir is the ahow'a lticky ; hmen, 
wr^are told, - - 

The p'ay opened Mt of town on the 
i"rih. of lh« tnonth. iherc am thirteen Id 
the- cast, and' on Thursday night thirteen 
persons were- turned away from the box 
Ode* for lack of netting tecowimod.i- 

To further complicate matters, la the 
final hrnrh of the poUiHtj deportaiwnt ^f 
WatjeohtlB siKemDur, "The BrejtVlnrj 
Tottit" h the thlrtreath air ficctta of 
tb* prodncimj firm! **■.>'*.-■. ■• •* # 

ttac mcrrnli *r»t rr, .llnrj . In prtsoa 
^eeiela -enla ^f "Molly DsjrHiaa;*' 

uli tnflr Ihli/ifSHtt! 



■ j ", ■"•■ H . |j ." P/S^lp »/ in Hill 


Wflf \*Ar h v*Mini erropt /nter. 
ilsiy m r*»riia EaTrraril Hrmlj, 
"■im alaaoaf deo-wiiee' rlirlot th« 
nl wl im .H m . s-ffeeud la aw? pJetdra, 
rtYneaadayr '. ■ - . " 


L. J. D&ra<rar Will Head Brasch 
Which ' le to Operate, Jndepend- 
flatly of the Eegolar Selet 
, Dopartmcnt — Two-ateei 
Eeleaae* Are Now Being , 

,, f ; -l*laWatfd. " 


- ■ ■ ' . It HU bj 

; 'IgAJIY AHDRalgn-n'. 
eha. tufty* .a-p lapari.iK *bJ* i^ 

"ivna-mlca Of fhtl(lr»n,- Ifhtchl 

!i«s recrnd j- . arrived In '. itinn 
•no wMfDh Wilt we dUirlbbiri ' nm 
Hon a* arrtisriapeateiita ew.a be 
jasde b, VJetaV ■- art*b*r, ai-ra. 

' fldrta; 'af tMa" miaa, ■ -- ■ - 

THE reortfattteed ^umlcaXompanj 
haa added a ivhort topject depart- 
' ment to ita liart of -motion b*crare 
flcti+itit* and yeaterday Myron' Belanlch, 
rice p-rmident of the Sefcnlek Iriatribot- 
ins Corporation, let it be known that 
ho has tppoln-tcd I* J- "Datmnur aa the 
manajcT of this new branch. Tbl* d-- 
partment ia to ne indepe-hdentof the regu- 
lar Bales' 1 department, Tt will ha«e Ira 
own enrpa of aaltamen and home office 
contract. . . 

Contract*, according to Mr. Selnikk, 
iiave.B'ready been signril for twrntT-tlx 
two-reel comediea and negotiation* tea 
now under wsy~ for inuir short length 
matrrial. Mr. Rrlrmics promUea that 
cprnpletr detail will he given in * short 
time. Mr. Darmoxir -«rns formerly in 
charaje of Selinlck ke*e and was also 
the tdilor- of Ggumont. Newt, tetllt 

The Selmick 'Company )b (rmdnsriy 
crttjitg back on Its rtet. Darld, a' ton 
of the honar> nf Se'xnjck.. fans formed tb? 
Artnn Company, u we annobnred ex;- 
cl-ofeiveJ,v In tlio colnmns ofThe' Morning 
Telegraph Iprt Sqnday. Mr/aplKnlck'n 
first p[ctur« will be."Ronfette," vith. 
Henry [foil Natnrally^ If will he ri- 
leased, through tht Pelnnck COiqpairy. 

• Tnr ftarnt tm #*,. 

Thr fight that wla smrc tn come from 
the transporting of the -Dempfey-GJb- 
bnnn ifghr films from Bu-tte. Moot., (s on. 
James J. McGratX the-Chicnfo p-romflterl 
was BrTcsted last. Tburaday on a Fnrleml 
wsjirnnr. charging transportfttion, of the 
DPrtptey -43ibh*n» fight fillms from Butte. 
He waived examination before 'United 
Stotps CommlBsiotier Oloa* and -aaa held 
to tIk- Federal -tirand -fury in honita nf 
fl.4M!. When Tel" fttektrd bid the 
Urmn^ey'CaiTrtbtior Blina^ he wps arreated 
fur violating the lateratmte Shipment 
law. which, forbidn taking these films 
from on? Stat* to aitothir. He paid the 
fin r- mi each occasion and waa allowed to 

District "Attorney Olson, of CnttMjm 
declared on Thnrs'iay that nny attempt 
to show the nght fi?Krs In ChWgo wonlrt 
reaqlt in p-roteeution. He intimated that 
the method adopted by Mr, Richard 
Would not he tolernted- 

"If the picture* are' exhibiterl." naid. 
Mr. OUtio, *'l *hall at once atsrt prtwecn 
(ion under the Federal criminal code, sec- 
tion BT, ' -netting a minimum pennl^r »l 
fiip yesTTi En pri*on and n fine of S.5.00O 
for eornpirncj to vlnlate the Federal 

Jack Dtmp-xey and Jac}( Keams. who 
own a 7ft per cent, interest in tht pJfr 
ttire r^ghta, wpnlri wutttr nndeT this proBr- 

Bbti ""Welcaaia ■tranter." 1 ' 
'■iTeleiinie atranper." which ran for 
over a yenr *t tire Sam HarH* Theatre 
has been p-nrehssed hy the F^lward B'- 
laaco Tompany. Thin company, about 
to operate in Califr>rnla. waa forrail 
wrnie months fifij tar i^epiirposp of mak- 
ing motion picture-- The bend of tha 
company i-i a brother of the wtU-fctiown 
stage nrodocer. f'rst-i-! Pelasco. ii 
said thft his plons lo; lbs screen are 
verr atnbJ-TiouS. 

. '■Welccmf' Stranger" is by Aaron 
Hoffman and! is owperl foirtly br rbi 
l-fcffmn n and tht prodttcer. Sam Harris. 
The pr!re end the d n tall» nre not kr.own. 
aa the dpn! wa« -only consummated jm- 
terdaj. ^It is stld thai th» Belaisco '■Oiri- 
plhj Jilnhs to, make nl-JtnrsB in whkh 
only n-j-il-XiirK'n novels and snccnaful 
playi are-iititd. ' 

Mnrl»n ri"' '*■ «■> IXp Mrwil, J| 

Whni might httVa brtn a verr atrioni 
accident nccurred yeacerday at'tht Cos- 
mnpolit.Tn atadioBi Second svenu? and 
T2flth atreet. where' "Yolnnda." Marfpn 
Darles's new- picture, in heinr filmed, F<1- 
tynrd Rrndj. who wa« doubling for Inn 
McLaren, the villain in the ii-cttirr, ^raa 
throvn f*o« tb* cwt'e ' window into a 
mojt fillH with- water. The flowing 
aletive* of hit coituma eatighl afllr ha 
!-jiil been IhrowTt feon the n-jndow,' and 
oUhontb he utrnggl-d (ramically to Ere* 
hiinHlf, he wps unable to get nat of th* 
-nater. T'-itroIrflon Uaiiri Gamble of tb« 
KtKt 12Qth street atatian, whe *■ wjsj 
wnfrhtng the prodnctfon" or flip Beetle* 
renl ; kin.g thsl Brady could not awim, 
jttmppd into' the. moat attrr .'diaoatdtea; 
Us, belt; and rrmrrtr and brought tht 
actor aatelr aahArei . . ''■* 

Beforr the patrolman earn*. >to the r**> 
cue Marion Partes, who la starred in the 
■plcrnre. VblHly tricdi lo assist* the stiinr- 
gllng actor by throwing him t 'acarf **q 
waa wearing. Tie waa. however,' unable 
to grasp it. Bradr.. whri is 4ft years old 
and llvte at 960 West Fifty-fifth street, 
waa attended by a phyafcian. who ar- 
dered him- taken hnme. The patrolman, 
who was giTPh n nalr of orcrtllB whtl* 
hit uniform wo* being dried, went to :he 
polle* station to r*»ort the accident. 
Ralph (iravea la the o*« In the photo. 
plir eod tae arena Ataed yenterd^y 
morning depicts a high cattle surre-midf 
ed by a moaf which la spanned hj a 
draarbrtdga. Bradr. who it nnpt tho 
worte for- hta ducking, wIM be hack em 

B y tLOUELLA O. F^ltt OHS. 

.tolibaon, Anerieao irppeaentatiTe of the 
AuttralUian Oomptny; 



TL r A. Esehm.nnn, i'irst Nntlonsls gen- 
rra! ' manasrr of dlatributiln. retnrDed 
Testerday from Cbteapiy-whcee- he boo- 
dueted bla first, talea.' roeeibu; for First 
National. The brMrch maBatrrt of the 
Midsrest and Central Went cities, to- 
gether iviih tbtlr dlatrict manager*, R. 
C. Barry and H, A. Bandy, met the naw 
head of the First tfatfonal sale* nrgaotss- 
tion st * dinner at the Blnrhatnm* Hotel, 
folfowSng- lepca Ow entiTe- partj Jonr- 
neved to .the 'Rooaarelt Theatre, where 
Norma Talatdge'a J, Aahe*#f Vengeance'' 
w«t h*in.E gdrwn its Chlft-gn premlcne, 

- Aceordlnjt lo Mr. Eachmann the open- 
ing wu one r-t the Mgjrest Chicago ha* 
aeen 1 In JtMr*. 

Inctdnntally thin was a h|g week' for 
First National In CMcafo* Five Flrat 
Notional piftores nC.cfl.nted t~.\r screens; 
if the seven big fir«t-rHn houses. They 
were "Aahea nf Vengeance,*" at the Rnoao- 
Tell; "Her Reputation:. 1 " at thr Chfcagb: 
"The Scarlet l.fiv." at the State Lake; 
Jacktc Coogan In "<^rcu!i Days," at tht 
Rh ipra. Tlvolj and RlaltO. tnil "Penrdd 
aad Sam," at the rvofaml Park. 

. *» II Inar ■ WAj, 

M. Xm Malerinskj hlB decide-] It's tine 
be tOOk a vnc-lti:?-!. " An; all" who snrb 
rr hard as- Tie doe* ia entitled to s holi- 
day. although, we admit ire are a little 
l-t. e— 4m: k of *hjf -one *ho cgrt aflil.on 
the Majeatlc and atay. away six •week's. 
Mr. Auiedni-ky ia laillnx t&dsy and Trill 
Hot rs-lii-rn to bh offlca 'until (be 10tb 
of Oc/obeP. • ' 

Anuibrr Suite 1 iHttpra,' 

- Thrrc are more Soviet: picture*, thet" 
days than thore are electric light* on 
Broadway. Every ftwweeka »0me ono 
clnlnt to have ma dp the only official md- 
ili-'ii -pirturC *hO"tvinjt-itie events which 
took place- duties and after the Bed Hevjo- 
|u{ inn, Yeaicrdny ihere camn to our de<k 
a' Ofltict teut oat oy the Mondial 'Film 
i'onipe,Dy T ivhieb said the unly officJal 
ntntien picHro to he made In Soviet Rm- 
sie era* about to make ita debnt. The 
Title- of the plctura it "vVlth the-Mori* 
Cnnftrft ThtOnah ta.e Ttu4a.(»u Bolshevik 
rtevolution:" -This fonipatiy claim-i that 
100 ctraersmeu' wore cnjployed at rat-f- 
r^a'pcrlodB to show tht real happeni-M* 
under the Red regime. Ail nf our old 
friend! 1 * Ltfilne, Trottlry, KaJtaloe and 
thr? -rest, are ahown in'tEiir film. 

"Welcome StraBger 1 ' Purchased by 

Edward Beltico Co.— "Youth . 

Triumphant'* Channel Same. 

Marian. Barifli to tbe Eei- 

cne — Another Soviet Film ' 

U Heralded. 

"<J0ID. DlflGEKS"' DTTE SEPT. » 



tin -fat 

ib' to-day. 

■CfcMarte Waaaa*- 
''Teals T-HiiTophanc" the Arit of tht 
product made hr the Htmmeth rieturpp 
Cbrporttioa,. hag airiT<al Is) town. 
pant Kit been cht-nged to "Koemiei of 
•ffelldretu'* Vjrtor Jl. Fisher, president 
of this nmmrny-, likes to be In a'trle, 
hence 1 toe change, which ae#nu to ba 
what thay are all doing nowadays, Tn 
the cast are Virginia Lea Corh-ip, Anna 
Q. Xllson. Katr..JPrlce. hlary AncVrsoo, 
Ctalra'JuVIVowetl, Ward Crane, Boyd Ir- 
wiu and others. 

Ptamui tmr AsMetH*. 
Aust mission Films Ineorporafed, baa 
Jnat .ttgied on tne dotted Ita* with Al 
IJ^fjmbn,' presidflOt of Preferred T"ic 
tqm <>>rpor»r.:™n, to handle ths Llebt- 
MhO prod net. By that we moon th* 
net" . irnnp of .ftftieen Pteferred pieturts 
. which an- due to come out 1028-2-i. The 
dtal waa jugoUatcd thzougn AHlUrd 

Al Llchtmtn haa succeeded in cocrejne- 
iog B. S. Mete'> that " f Woib*r*" j 
Is. all that he clnims for it This pic- ■ 
turr. as The readers df thi- COlttmn >\-i!l 
remember. Iji the pride unri joy of Mr. 
1 .iehtiaiip a iheart. It opena at the Cameo 
September fot an -extended rnn. .TiVn 
iviji all haif to betake- ounelrti over 
there to See it if it is ■■* -good ks Mr. 
Lic'ii aiiin *nya. SpeMkins of Al Liciit- 
man and Prtfatred Plctnre*, "TlK* 
Broken Win»' cotnex to the Hialto the 
week of October 16. 

'■G<»ld Dlana-ars" Daa Rapt. S> 

The word current' on Broadway -was 
to th-e effect th'at Warner Brothe-tn' pic- 
ture. "Gold Diggert," would come to the 
{Strand. But appacenily tbert ha* been 
a rhdnge <>f plans for the 'Strand- Th* 
usual theatre In which- Warner Brothers 
hold their Btotdwaj premierta, doet not 
get lhe "Gold XJLigera" this time. It 
goes to th* BJalto September P. Hope 
Hampton ia ttiEf rtataiad player, 

Dorothw. % Hecaog, formetrr editor 
of the Uo-rie Weekly and more reOjntly 
aasodated with the Fox PubUcitj Com- 
pany, lies decided; to, follow Hor*ct 
liredejA adyiet and go 'ft eat to seek her 
'orivne- tihe Is learing lo-dty for golden 
CdllforQia to see If fame and fortune are 
ai plentiful, at the haa been led to be- 
Ucrp. _fjbe has mariy frieada tn Nov 
York that give her their blessing and 
hope B h e will find the end of the raia- 

Pere HorrlHs Hide m star. 

from henceforth Pete Slorrison. t"ni- 
Tpraal player, ivi;i bo entitled to wear 
(lip ivmrn -.f ataedom. He haa been eJe- 
rBted to tbe position, of'gcrigl liar.' Hia 
drst picture-will he 'Tile Ghoat City," 
with J. Mai-chant handling, the mega- 
phone, Margaret MorriB ii to be fet- 
-jared nnri, according to UnLvertali this 
"T 'he flrat time the has been given rhla 
Oppprtuflity. ■ -- 

Another part of the .Mamaon caat It 
Hoi* Todd, daughter of Mr. and Mm. 
Harry Toild. Mr. Todd and hU wlfr. 
Marraret Jocelyn, have nlired on the 
Universal lot for years, and all of the 
old'tlme Cnl-rrrsal folk art rooting for 

*«iilroni Her*. 

Another piece of newt is to 
the effect that Edward - ArtaattonB-, a*> 
Ritant general aalea uaBafer. has cosne 
to town' to be present at the premiers of 
"The Hunebbark of Notre Dame- 1 ' While 
In the dty ha will interview the new gen- 
era! manager of mIv*. F. J. Smith.' and 
talk, over ale, terjhory,, which, ere bear, 
is lhe great West, - , t . 

,Oa ensaasr. --- v 

Tfaa motion picture ha* apparently 
come Into lot own if ona-urtn jndge from 
the film attractions boohed for Broadway 
this coming treek. .Th* S3 pier one will he 
even more nnmeroui tua fhe drerue 
price nlm. Just whaf one may see. in the 
-way of motion 1 pictures Ja;intereating, ta 
thr visitor within our wim aa well aa tn 
the New Tortar. - 

- Honday nighi "The Honchback of 
Notre- Dame," the Vnhersa! millio.i dol- 
lar pirtor# t ABena at the iitor Thtattr. 
We say million dollar* without' a q-utlm 
becanae that in eifcrilT whnt this film 
Teraton of Victor Hugc/t itery ooar Carl 
LaemmTe. Lon ChaneT ptnys the princi- 
pal role of the hunchback. Ernest Tor- 
trence. Patay Rurh Miller, Gladya Brock- 
well and other* are seen in the ptincipal 
role*,' " After the "Hunchback, of >'<\f 
Dame" enjoys a kc-iboii at the Astor it 
wtl| bt tosrlnhnwed. 

"The Silent Command,-* another pic- 
ture in the $% ettegqry, ecmen .to; tit) 
Central Theatrt Hunday night. This It a 
Wtltlam Fok pmduetton, oUrected by J. 
(lordmn Fdwards. and tells the story of 
the navy, Tt deal* with thr harrow-fret; 
etp'riences of a captain In the service. 
Itiifue King it the author a-hd In tbe out 
art Brtnrnnd Loew, Aim* Tell. Bcttr 
Jpueil, Floraqct STarTJ.i. Martha Mans- 
field and Belt Lq«ud, 

On Monday night two more |5E prodoe- 
i ions will he added to the Hat. "Hoait*," 
M*rv Plckford'a newest effort, comea ro 
tb* Lyric for an indezbiita run. This ta a 
ntory of 8pft1n and te-tba first tin* Ml» 
Pickford haa npprnrrd In a role wfthoat 
htr curl*. Hnlbmok Blinn plnyt one. of 
the important part* *jrt th* net of the 
ratt ha* been chnten" with great cart, Kr- 
iie*r Lubit+rh la th* dlrtctnr. 

"rfvWiltter CazOae.:' foltOrded op; A. H. 
M, Kotch(ntt>n> fjnm? 11 -* ben*, *V"X 
uoita* a£ bc>g ten&ldtd, aiTive* at the 

Timet firivare Theatre Mocdiy sight. 
At the time thuj picture arta made Mr, 
Fox -tent * company ahriad f» fat th* 
correct atmmphere and th* co- operation 
nf the author. In the cast an Percy 
Marmonr. Ann Forrr*at; ; Maraar** Flald- 
uiz and oChera. < Harry Millard U' th* 

With all the rala-XT of film, .splendor, 
Joseph rlunkctt rejoice* to announce 
that hi* chief film production next week 
Mill bt that'- other box office winner, 
Harold EJoyd:. Mr. Lloyd'* new picture - 
Ii celled "Why Wvrrj and emanate* 
from tbe pen of Ham Taylor, Tod Wfjfte 
and, Tim Whelan. Fred Ntarnrtar it th* 
director in tbe case. Mr. iJoyd Intro- 
dncea & new leading woiuan Ib this film 
baaed Jobypa .Balaton, whoa* work waa 
to eminently satisfactory that .Mr. Lloyd A 
hns; now alv^n hi-r a permanent BolltiM 
with hi* raxD-pany. 

.-To the Capitol thi* week cornea Mat 
.Murray's newnat picture. -"The French 
Ptil. S. L. Rotbafel, as psetisua?. haa 
snrrona.ded Miss Murray with an ex- 
cellent tupplemectary program. Tbe 
p-.rr-.irf in directed by bar hmbaod. 
Robert LeoBtrd. and Ik dhktributed 
through tbei Metro Conptm?- In tfaa 
catt -are OrrJTte Caldwell, Rod I* 
Roeque, Rone' Dion, Panl SaxealeVf*, 
wiia-rtf I^oult, Bernard Randall and 
Lu^'en IJirJe-ileM. 

Wext week Hugo BJexenfetd hat dl» 
rjded film honora between Bret Hart* 
and Anatoli: Franc*. Qeorg* Melfoed's 
production. "Halomy Jane. by, Bret 
Harte. fh-one of rhe-attrtction*. Ja«a*- 
lina t*gnn has ta* title role,, and. the 
supporting caat is headed by George 
Fawcett. Maurtc* EljnB and Wni. B. 
Hmidson. The scenario waa wrrHtn by 
rtfllrlemar Youns; from Harte't vtotT. 
Old Bill" it the title of tht film char- 
acter study rmm Ana tola Fiance's, story. 
"Cranquebille.- 1 The film w*t dlfwv- 
ered by Mr. Riescnfeld while in Ptrit't " 
few month* ago. and waa adsptcd by bins 
for American p>rc*ent*rJoo, - 

Pola Xf-xri in "The Cheat/* the .George 
Firxmaunee -prod-oction.- will pla/ a tec- 
ond week at the Riroll .Theatre, haMr- 
aina- B-iiotfaj. September 2. Tic picture, 
wblctils an ndtpUtiorr by Ouida Bergeirt 
Of theatney by Hector Tnrgbnll, ha* 
Sj rn i,V TBT|n '* t eapacity.rudlencee at the . 
Ri-Joll « -Rfetter Movie Season this wet*. 
Jack Holt plays the leading role" opprtait* 
th#y « ax. and.Chat>s d*, Roche 1* fta- the supporting cast. 

■The Elevanth Hon?. ' fetiirded nnLts- 
eoln .L Carter a melodrama, with fllrlrU* 
Maaon and.Caarle* Jonei as the reator* 
plajcn-s remains .at tbt Cameo for a-Mc* 
ond wetk. This I» distriboted by thai 
« ilttam. Fox Corporation, and wat di- J 
racted by B, ,1. nttralnr. whew aad-dtdbV 
last ws+k hmngbt iq mnch totrow- to a 
large circle of.frlendt, 

Th- fenture picture at the Broadway 
next weak will he a Ho«t Gibson prodnc- 
tien. "The Ramblin, Kid," rtleaied by 

C.lllnw th* namllio-a*-. 
Sam Wood, had oecaaton to call *nt iJh* 
name "Htrnfftorl" the otbtr day at ta* 
fnranobit' Long Is.!nd nt.idio during th* 
filming of g tcc&a for "'TTis Ohlldrta* 
Children" and f5ur men answered, Thxe* 
of them were member*, of tb* caat — jt *M 
tlamllton, Mablon Hamilton and James 
Ramiiton Rennle, The fourth. June* 8, 
Hamilton, aaaiatant tn Lloyd Sheldon 
production editor, happened to be wateh- 
log the mint at tht time. When they 
sit gathered tn retpoRse- to the summon* 
they immedlatel* went int* eceeutiv- oet- 
aion and orgautad at the "Four Blrinw 

Any preta tgctil with a pet atory 
ais^llng in bit think tank haa a, toe 
chapee to atr* it over on Labor Da*, 
All thr nfflc-eB will be dosed and we ox- 
iserr newt will h- at tctUTt at the pro- 
verbCal hen "* teeth. >'ow don't all apHk 
at once. The line forms on the right. 



Keeting S?r,r.iored by Jhitoh So- 

rictici Will Be Obterred at 

Collegiate Church. 

Quern Wilbelmina'B Silver Jubilee wtB 
be observed at the 'Xlejine Church of 
St. Nicfaolat, Fcrty-eiflith ttreet 'aisd 
Fifth trenue. New York, on Thursday, 
September Hth, at 630 P, at.* Ths ctl- 
tbratinii i* B k K>iiboml by tin, Netherland- 

Amrrien FOUbdBllaU Still Oilier Datctt 
soctetlr's In New IV rk. . 

I'nUt! offielalt ami prominent Ameri- 
cana trill flddreaa the nJeetlnj ia nm- 
mfiiK-riitlon cf the twentyfJftli anaitee-' 
aary.of the In a u mi rat ton of tjueen iTjl- 
heliqta*. ^pealter^ far the evening w(H 
InClqidt, W, H 7 . I*, letiubfctt, I^idri-iJcriB 
of Rutgert College, ihr. A. J, Btrnouw, 
Qneeh. ' WllbJlnnaa Pwfuswjr at C-oturi- 
bla I'nlTtrnitj, J>t. J. B. Knbrechr,, 
Netheriandt Chant - tlMffelrvt, abd Dr. 
Cltcenca Bouma of the, Christian B»- 
fonnrd .Church, Patatic, S*w J>-rtey. 

A fetttire «i the pruicrnni ifill be-na- 
IropaJ vithemt bv a *i^ecial l.'-atch 
chora*. Prayer in-i ii^T-culion Kill b* 
onered by proiuinturc clergyritn of Ktw 

Following- the tddrtwica Jo the church, 
Ihr. HobTMht, CIa,rgc J/AILitrw at th* 
Aetljcrland-* Leja,tion. and W. P. Mou* 
«in. Hatch Conaiit t-teatHl i.i Near 
York. n-iQ holiJ a reception in tht l.'nQ- 
SUrorr. At this tluw triaiid* of aollat^ 
who wish In tend . -H>qgratiiEai!ona to 
(Juerm WjlhcJtnlM rtllt record ihtdt *tt- 
•uoiunm in a book -aIiicL Vfi'l b« {o»- 
fVardwI" to Bgi Ma^stf. 


Fnstnl ULtaa far t.rrflw-rarlntibT' 
To-iar it'll A. m'. t J 

Fpnerai services for Prince** Lwofl- 
I'arlaghy, portrait painter of man? nola- - 
Wrs, who died W-ednetdaj' merniag- In 
her hn-rn* in Wett fhirunihth street. 
sriElbt held this momisg at 100 Ejm 
Thirty-ninth street at It n "clock. 

Prihceaa LwoB* waa In debt to Lad wig 
Nli-ken, a diamond merchant.- for $2tsJ- 
\"\ bad -it the time of her r-iiini t 
•aepatj sheriff wan waiti« to atrre a 
wnt of attachment on tbe Princess* b*. 
longingt. It was rumored thafth* -Prto. 
cesa htid nofrlrnds, bnt according to on* 
pi Iit i-'o-irst i-ic-i.'juii-?. n grent numher 
yl her f-rJi'AiJg k ill attend- lit piaio, abd 
stm#I« terrlcet- 

■■■ : 

motion PicnraE section i 

nB&nnD kvsbt btntj at. . v 

PtftUabed by ttte lewhi tctit-tshi^o gohtakt. at Ho, Stt eight* Atm«, 

comer Fiftieth Street, In the City of New Toxfc Borongh «f MulHUt. 

W. It Lewis, PMMrit, S» Btaotn Anaut Bdward B, Thwi r Vies PraiWeot. 
SHi ElshUi Arena*. John J, Kelt. Jr., Bcflrtirj sod rreaenrsr, B20 Eighth A**nn*. 
Tefcpfetui*, MM Cfarct*. 

r Slake caress payable to Ttf Horsing S*HCT*pa, tSSt Eighth At* on*, Hew Tort 

The Mttlemefei of the strike between operators and 
We CongntuUte exhibitors is received ■■ the Droit welcome piece of news 
tbe EgJxdMkH-* *ttd enMrnstfng from motion picture circles in a. Ion* time. A 
r">™ - Im «»* -tril0 ■* tw * aia * wob1< * k*** b ** n * ^^ ,wlau * thing. 

Uperaton m 3K- ^ majority of the theatres would have been forced to 
tling ^Tlltnr DrfR- c]mb ^j, ioon and .the. remaining few would have sui- 
Cttlly, fered from Inch of patronage by those who would bars 

sympathized with the striking operator*. 
Last week the situation looked serioua and It- seemed to thoie on tie faufidn 
tkat "aathjbaf short of. a miracle could stop Hit Impending battle. Both aides wu* 
^•qiadly dettfroined to stand on their owd rlghta. The exhibitors maintained that 
Vtlwr Cffllli not nffosjl on Increase, In wage and ths operator* that they could not 
ttsrttnne to *ofk for the salaries given them In the im-SSjeontrnct, Fartanalety 
for the Industry, th* leader* on both aldea j-*-all»*d what a serioua thing a atrlhe 
wmM bo. Tne exhibitors would ha/re to pay enormous sums keeping op strlks 
-XBSHrs^esy'tha opemtarn In glvlEg strike benefits. Either way one look* *t the 
thing, It wonM faaTa been very bad for the entire industry, , The compromise la 
t eOBUDBDded and tho men, who worked unceaalDgiy night and day to avert an 

i crista, shculd hare the thanks of the New Tort public. 
Strike* always ieaTe sears and bitterness, and no matter how they sra settled 
i ami; they leave wounds that ai-o uexer eatlwlj healed. If all dlfflcultlea in 
unotion plctn™ bttailiflM wold bo Battled amicably and with an underatftndbir 
I tb* rlfhta of each aide and wttb <•- knowledio It is Impoaalb!* to ever end »w 
conLrtTtfty bj rlrinf oaa llda a ode hundred per cent, break, condition* would 
:*• b*tt*« !n tbo fUm bualneBa to»dar. Our coairatulatlona to ibe men who worked 
* : ao nliantly to bring about this aettlemvnt. 
SJ'J." St- '" « 

EahfbltMa of lat« hare been mains a hue and crj 

Thw MaYV Not abmt tb* *2 plctor*, and in nine caaea out o( ten they are 

right, but tho Constant repetition o( the atntemept that the 

-;B« Majiy, but K pKtdartl(m !, 4 meoaee to the Induatry bMi fair to 

There A» Some drown O^t the'riunliy important fact that optionally 

$2 Pictorek tQ erai dooa «idB alonj a motion picture which is worth a 

$2 idmteilon, and eometimea more tban. ihnt. 

' ■ To fneatloD a few: "RoWd Hood," "Wb«a Kni«hthood Waa Jn Flower," 

"Llttta Old New lorkT and "TbB Corered Wb«oh" wei* worth the price, aa packed 

fernae* and nniwsal pralae atHfrt. Loohlna ahead, there are "Th* Hnachbflck of 

"KotK Dwne - ' and "Roatht" H»n commx to claim attention, and the prophecy la 

here "made that both. In all Jalmeaa to the public and exhibitort* will plaj at od- 

Tasced price* for some time to coma. 

'Pictures like tbM* httrt no one at bi|bff tdiaieflion (ae*. On the contrary 
Ibe> are the beat ambaaMdora the MiduatrT baa at the court of public opinion. 
Tie? help to ertabliah the morion picture in the minds of the people an^ to 
create a dtmand for screen entertainment from which the smaller production 
derirta benefit The bJfher returns to the producer are IUh Just reward for 
rnrsitur, out flaa work and Ber*e to atlmulat* him to etca better creallona. 

The inferior pietora foiated on the public at blrh pricte and ridlni on the 
.'Mcrna of worthier prodoctiona, ii enUrely another master. But in the aeneral 
'«nsUca»t orer the barm dftne by tne latter, alabt rauat not ba loat-ol the fact 
>hat (he treat productloa 1 .erep at $2, la tie beat adrertlaement tha bduatrr baa* 



imiiimmiii!iiiiiinmiiiiHiiiiin!iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiii:iiiii mitiintiiiy 

THE; UNSUNG na^ | 

JMifor'i Jroto— The awtion picture prtlt open*, trAo hat 1cm jnoiei a* \av- 
i*0 more ad/flrfkea on Juind tha* a» V other Aumdw iei*9. *# curfo«Iv «I*n* **en 
• « ttdmet to talkity nbout hlmttlf. He wW flo i*ta rkopaodicj ortr- hit itart, hit 
' (dv, mi hi* company, bttt he hat nothing to tav about Mm oici* aenfereoventf. The 
M<rrmml Tttepaph Am a*w*ted to run a irriei of artbta on t«---aa mew kU oina 
•bnt other* rAfj intiaUmcnt of ,1«* seriin it J/orO Ltthm**, one of tfnireriora 
fepf«(ati'oii repttrtAtativtt- 

. X carter In tha Block and bond burintta la not all it's cracked up to be. accord- 
l»g to Marc Laehnan. Aithouibha warn only an 6fB« b*y in a prominent Chicago 
WDcern, from wbJcb he resigned in order to servs in a simitar capacity at tie Palace 
Theatre. In to* Windy City, be aeems to know all 
there is to know about the buaiaen. Office boyt 
alwayi do. He enjoyed keeping tfae vanons people 
with whom be came In contact iu the two-a^ay 
bouee in their TcapectlTC peaces until * "bigger 
and better" opportunity nt tbe niinois Theatre 
preaented itself. 

It was while acting aa secretary to tha late 
William J. IHvies that Lachman met Harry Ful' 
boa. preas representative for? "Tbe Lady of the 
Slipper,." and it was Mr. E'ulton who persuaded 
him, to l&p being a sec and become f- pubiiciHt. 
"Any one can do It," fllld bis divisor. And Larh- 
man believed It, Ha was not ao attached # tD bis 
■aew'"artv l * howorer, as to resist an inTftatic-a to 
r?eoom« a- tbtatT* trea'Karer. After a fling at this, 
during which time he manaied to accumulate a 
full and fancy wardrobe, .ha came upon some na- 
tive* of the Windy City who had struck oil in 
Texas and become .rich, over oight They wanted 
the world to knoir it. And they wanted Lachman 
to announce, it. Tit. .did. 

But thin was not enoogh. Why should hs be 
a mere press agouti Why not get into the game 
himself and "get rfch quick?" With thlft in mind ho fled to Teiaa to teat bis talenr 
'%% the game of chance, and it proved to be leaa than the dust BetOre ha know it, 
; he was pentii)ea« a^d had to tarn to «lllng canned chile coa Came iu order to get 
■■''enough to tat. With this equipment he became dramatic and motion picture edltaa 
V the Dallas Times-Herald. One year waa enough of this, and ba joined tbe Thomaa 
'late* fore** aa traveling eiptoitntton rtpresentatlTe, after which he did free lance 
rvinrrk on the Coast for various producers, 

' HU naxt step was dD the Universal cxptoEtatloa staflT. where he baa helped put 
Xerrgr "BV»liah Wires," "Menr-Go-Round" and 'The Flirt.' 1 In connectiori wilji .the 
> .httt-named film he alaged an anti-flirt meeting at the BUtmore Hotel, with actors 
iasneraonatlng characters from the plctpr*- He also arranged what la described- -as 
~Mt-"Ym Strobelm long dliUnce Interview atuut," and a "Which Man" contest, which 
'ran in a daily paper in connection with. Tho Storm/* 

Xaure JLaiea-maii. 


'.- A special production, a William Par- 
Wom" star aeries feature, an Imperial 
OHjMdy, and an Educational TEnlertaia- 
«ent form the liat.of releaaee by Fox 
'.atllm Corporation for, the first seven day* 
■ rf Septerphcr. 

, Tb* special is 'The Eleventh Hour," 
tjkSzZx of Tfhicb have been iu the es- 
ehftnges for several d«fS- where eihio- 
jior* haw been yjewing it prior to book- 
/gflga . The production features two For 
■tars, Chariea JfluW and fihtrky Mason, 
ad |a a film Trrstan of the Uncoln J. 
- awter stage melodrama. 

:T Tbe Guaeghter" la the title of the 

si Vamuta vehicle, 1 and is tho first 

1 star's efforts .under tha uevr i\x 

t "no program pictures." LfWi 

_l directed the photo-ploy, 

Itnperial comedy:. "Why Pay 

'lbs second of this &e# brand 

Msed. It will be ready for dia- 

; to-day. 'The Bainatorm" was 

T the' new serie*. 

tterteii at Yucatan," the Fox 

.-„ subject It in em*' reel and 

I asposUkH of the »ins in Central 
■" : and the -traditioDa and ballets 
" th*m. 


Edwin J. Smith, Universal'* new gen 
era! manager of aales, baa arrived In 
New Tork from Londoti and bas aa- 
nuned the managerial mantle estended 
to him by Carl Lacxrcile, president of 
l.'nlversul, foDowiug He naignsttoa of 
Art Schmidt, former sales chief. Smith 
rearhmed hLg post as general manager of 
the European Motion Picture Company, 
Ltfi:, of London, a British distributing 
organisation, to take tbe tlnireraal poai- 
ttort. . " 

"My principal endeayor, in dereloping 
toy position aa leneral manager of sales," 
says Mr. Smith, "will be to build Ones- 
faihltor relattonsbip and seek new means 
of cementing UbiTereal friendship'. We 
must continue to huve (ba full conndenea 
of our customers.' and correapondlnglTV 
bs we enjoy the bseilag of onr axhjhb^w 
p» train, jmst ao will we be encouraged lo 
take greater chances and take more add 
note progressive stepa In oar production 
policy-" . 


THE man who eu noLve^the mys- 
tery of why a producer will 
apend a *taall-<bed fortune on 
a stage ' plsy or ^well-known novel 
and then change the title la deaerv- 
tng of a brass medal. Producers will 
comb tho literary marts of the world to 
get. famous stories. At th« aame, time 
they will have scouts oat calling on the 
agent* trying to buy up the entire theat- 
rical output. And wbyT Simply to ban 
tbe satisfaction of filming a papule r 
novel or auc^aaful plajf? Certainly the 
value of these plays and novels can rest 
with only one thing and that is their 
popularity with the public. Most of them 
are changed asd made suitable for 'the 
screen. It la admitted, nine times oat of 
ten, an original with any claim to dram- 
atic Interest is better than the taJky 
plays that have been produced ..and 
written with the subject in view of 
amusing the audiences with their dia- 
logue and not wttK their pictorial poeki- 

If a producer pays an exorbitant 
price for one of these since hits or well 
known, mi vd.i why does be then change 
the title and do hla best to hide the iden- 
tity of his prim"' That is a question that 
in deserving of great rooji deration, 

A Scenario write? will tell you no mat- 
ter lmw well known ho la, he baa not 4 
chanco to market his wares with the 
produce? until he lias either pat them 
on the stage or written them in book 
form. la his play any more valuable to 
the producer after It has been recog- 
niwd in another form? It should not 
he. Certainly the film men should slwaya 
hove the courage of their convictions acid 
enough strength oT character to put on 
an Original tbat bfi-i merit without wait- 
ing for it to be recognised as a fam.oas 
play or a popular BoveL 

Chance of Tltl« lUJlcninci. 

Soma of the recent changes of names 
ban aetaied to us to to wLi the gold 

pi Lit s :i twin ;ii; ii. TnSB "L'ftjililin Apple- 
jock" tor Instance. Tola was bought bf 
Marcua Lotw at a coodly price becaase 
of lT-i Rucceni «•■•■ •!■■■ utngo. Instead '■: 
taking advantage of tbo name, Metro 
now comes forth end announces thatitbo 
title ba* been changwl to "Strangera of 
tlir> Niglit." Sir Hall t.'oine'^ "itastet' of 
Men" Wcomojj 'Tlie Judge and the 
Woman." Houore Balsac'a classic 
"Magic Skin" will appear un tbr. Gcrcrn 
*h "Slaves of Desire." Gddwyn, who 
jiuites the two latter changes, may use na 
an explanation that Yitagraph's pictare 
"The Mast,? r of 'Men' 1 may conflict with . 
the sale of the GoldiyU product. As for 
tha "Magic Skin" there Is another Eng- 
liah picture by the' came name. 

Famous Players Laiky - bought "Leah 
Kleedma," Mrs. ttTiske'a atage succcsb, 
and rechristeued it "Tbe Law of tbo 
Lawless."' Sehgflfd Knohloek's play l Tb5 
Faun" Bterted ont with its own name, 
than it was changed to "Mortal Imc" 
then to "Spring Magic," and last week 
Mr. ' DeMilW gave a dual decision and 
decided to call his picture 'Tbe Marriage 
Maker." "East of Sues," Florence Eeed'a 
play of lost bcbbOu. bag) been movieixad 
to "Life's Highway." 

A well known mri.i In commenting on 
these changra aald that althotigh these 
plsij-5 may hare earned a good name for 
^themselves In the litemr;.' and tbeatricol 
world they did not conform, to the mo- 
tion picture idea of box office appeal. 
We eek egnln. if such ls.tb* case, why 
In Heaven's name buy theae. eipensive 
playfll Vnij not gii-e the scenario writer 
with an original Jdea a chftDce? By .this 
ws do not menu the uneducated, IQltcnita 
man Or woman who Benin iu his Idea on 
wrapping paper, but we mean the man 
or woman whose literary ettainmeats eu- 
title them- to some conalderttloR amd 
who .shoultl not bo" asked to first have 
their creations published in book or 
magazine form or put it CD -the fctagft 
befibrs they <lni •■ otfer them to tha mo- 
tiou picture people. 

Lob Chaaer's Mukr-lp. ■ 

Lon Chaney's make up as the Hunch- 
back of Notre Dame iu sure to create 
comment when the picture opena at ths 
Aatflr Theatre to-morrow night So aunt 
were we that Mr»-~Chaney had exag- 
gerated tbe character that we read Vic- 
tor Bugo'a description of Quasimodo, the 
misshapen twitJ-ttnger- After readipg 
what Sugo has to say about this human 
moDstrociry we are sure that no make' 
up could ejosgerate tha odd looking 
dwarf whose enormOua head, blind eyo 
and twiathd body forma aa grotesque a 
figure aa we have .ever seen on tha motion 

picture serpen, 

Lon Chsney after his work in 'The 
Miracle Man" - haa run to uncanny 
figures. Hia .specialty seeing to be soma 
form of Reformed hymanlty with a soul 
that la alive despite the hideous externa} 
covering. Wo have bad villain* on tbe 
screen of every shape, 1 sise and Variety. 
We have leading rum of every sort. But , 
to 10/ knowledge, there la only one man 



" PEE3KSKILL, Aag, 2». 

The controversy between Etingei 
Brothers, owners of the Peekskill 
Theatre, and- the Advance Theatrical 
Company, owners ot the Colonial The- 
atre at rrokfckiU, has been amicably 
adjusted. Mi. 1 1 kit Brothers have pur- 
chased the Colonial* Theatre for an 
amount which was filed by so arbi- 
trator and his determination ia un- 
derstood to he acceptablo to ill the 
parties. The agreement lo settle the 
quarrel between these litigants was 
brought about through the mediation 
of Klek John Ludvigh, treasurer and 
genera! owumI of tbe Famous Play- 
ers-Lanky Corporation, to whose 
efforts and patience the partita have 
mads public acknowledgmonL 

Nathan Buriuo represented tho 
plaintiffs and Guthrie, Jerome, Rand 
dt Kraael ths defendants ia the action. 


Whose Metier Is FlaytA* Bale* Til* Cmll tor Eonta Qneer <j.fdmn 

of llujiianllr Sack op a llHn<-hh«ck or m Cripple. 

willing to aacrine* himself to hir.niotion 
pleture make-up and that hi Lon Cheney. 

I wanted to kak him why he /hooaea 
thtse weird, horrible -"characters. Why 
be was- not satisfied. to play, straight 
dramatic or comedy rules. J . bad never 
met blffl until Universal invited me to 
a lancheon st the Astor Hotel last Satur- 
day and I aat next to fclffl. 

"Ths only objection I would ever have 
to playing one of these roles," aalct Mr, 
Chancy, "is when I am unable to create 
sympathy. I want always to create sym- 
pathy end in the end to win redemption. 
Then would be no purpose fa playing 
so hideous a character if in the end we 
could not (eel the man bad a soul and 
that he had been saved from ntter degra- 
dation, Aaida from the uapleasanr 
features of portraying a character like. 
Quasimodo there la the difficulty of 

Mr. Chancy then went on to tell me 
Mine of the saffsrlni^ be endured while 
playEng the dwarf 'during the year be 
apent making 'The H<anchback of Notre 
Dame." I 

"I carried T2 pounds extra weight," 
said hfr. Choney, "It took me two hours 
every dsyto apply that-tnake-op. I had 
to get to the itttdto ahead of tha other 
players to *<? t ready. The hump on my 
back and the lump on my chest are mada 
of rubber. I had to have a iacket padded 
to look like lumps of flesh and then after 
it was on I had to have the anna cut 
oat- The burden of carrying that extra 
weight was alntoat unbearable, Therr 
were times when I felt that I aimpJy 
could not so on. Another terrible feature 
of tbe part was the necessity for cover- 
ing mi" e^e. In. the book> you will re- 
member, Quasimodo, has an ugly wart 
on hi* eye. I had my right eye covered 
for ao many weeks that 1 had apaarna 
In It find hnva been forced to wear 
glasses.'' s 

Some at III* t^iperlenrei. 

Mr. Chsney tells these things quite 
casually as if losing the night in one eye 
or suffering untold tenures was all a 
part of the day's work. He haa certainly 
had enough experiences with datoKoltiaa 
and burdensome make-up to he prepared 
far almost any emergency. When he 
played the legfesa man In "The Penalty'* 
for Goldwyn he could only stand having 
bis legs strapped down, fur seven min- 
utes at a time The picture crawled 
along because of ths difficulty In making 
It In the "Miracle Man" he played a 
beggar who pat himself ' In and out of 
Joint at will. So horrible- was tha nfflio 
tion of- the pacudo-CTipcJs that people, 
gave him alma Just to get him out of 
their sight and mind. 

To look, at the creator of all these un- 
healthy roles one would imagine him to 
be a man without any claim td'ebarm. 
One- would n[kl>;rfllfj viaualiie a man 
willing to submerge his entire Identity 
Into such a character tm being In the 
Ben Tnrpln cliat when It comes to looks. 
Wiiii« Mr. Chaney ia by no meant ao 
Adonis, he has a pleasant face, and, li 
Kood-lookinaj enough to be able to play h 
atrslaht character any time he. chooses. 
He admits, these eccentric enauracteriaa- 
tlOns were thru it on him after his work 
in the "Mlxacta Haa." 

In tha beginning he felt that his d«s- 
tlny sat aa actor lay In, the cdroetion of 

comedies. As a trouper he played In 
comedy an the stage but og^the acreen* 
to hear him tell it, bo waa a mesa. His 
first chance was with Universal in heavy 
roles and having proved his talent lay 
In heavy drama rather than light comedy 
be h*s sine* that time been cast only In 
dramatic scenes, 

Tbe Hwnterlnat la gatcM*. 

Mr. Choney In trying to give me some 
Idea of the onfferfnff that Is entailed in 
playing these parte said that night after 
night he was so exhausted in mind and 
body be would fict home unable to eat 
his dsnuer. One night his wife ynea- 
tlened film and be aaid he waa utterly 
exhausted from carrying the "2 pounds 
of excess weight and from the horror ot 
playing Qtiaalmodo that fas burst into 
tears unable* to restrain himself any 
longer. He tells this lo a rather shame- 
faced manner, explaining that the only 
resson ha does tell It Is ao that^we may 
get some Idea of the nervous strain of 
playing Bnch a part. V 

After bearing Mr. Chaney, talk it does 
not ntm likely that he will have any 
rivals in hla field of grotewnio charactcri- 
sartion. At the ptsssssai time ho ia alonef 
in this particular : f*orp'. of KWVX port- 
rayal and 'pmbably will continue to be. 

Hailing frdjp Colorado he Is a product 
of tho West. One of the things he [oils 
is that hli education did not take him 
beyond ttefourth grade In school. "But," 
he aaya, "1 intend to make up for that 
and *a soon as I get acme money ahead 
I will try and get that education that 
wss denied me In my youth," 

We shall be curlods to see jest bow 
tbe public receive* Quaaimodo. 'To US; 
Mr. Chaney endowed him with a certain 
sympathy that was only apparent after 
one gets osed to tfae hideous figure. In 
the- very beginning the repbialoii is so* 
great than Is no other thought -but later 
when tha sparks of human axidarauuidlug 
and feeling ore apparent ann forgets the 
ape-tike fifor* bu4 thinks of «.he man un- 
dernestii the borribls axtarlor, Mr. 
Chaney will be at the opening tomorrow 
night. He came Daet for that purpose. 

The Fautatnsr of Bernard Damioug. 

One of tbe most tragic pieces of- news 
that we have heard in a long, long time 
waa tha word that Bernard J. turning, 
tha httsband of Shirley Mason, bad died 
of typhoid fever last Wednesday. We 
had luncheon with. Shirley only a few 
weeks ago Just befc-ru her husband was* 
takan - sick. Shirley always; talked by 
tho bcrnr ot her 3ern.Se. What a great 
director ho was;' how happy their mar- 
riage. , fa as been, and of their work..h>- 
aetber, Shirley never did this to drain- 
nTis*s berseff, but simply bc > e&U*« abe 
was ao craay about her good-looking 
husband that aha Juqt bad to talk about 
Kim. At tbe time I did- the story with 
her I. coaimen ted on* their happy mar- 
ried Ufa and quoting her, aaid: "I am 
almost afraid to talk nhout our happl- 
neas. because in motion pictnrea ao many 
dreadful things happen.'-' Btpatatijon by 
death was not in Bhlriey'a mind at that 
time, but the thought that so many mo- 
tion picture matriagea hate gona on tbe 
rocks. Mrs. Duraing baa the sympathy 
of every ooa in' the loav of her husband. 
Ha waa J ait Siarted out on tha road of 
faxna as a director. "Th* (EUeTatLU 

Hour," which : be directed with Miss 
Mnaon in the lfrtdfug role, spoke wetl for 
the yoBng man*f futur*. . Wllltsni Fox, 
had rteognlxed his ability and had given 
him the Osilaaher and Slienu picture, 
"Around the Town," to direct when he 
was laid low. by typhoid fever, Tiiere 
have been many deaths In the motlno, 
plcturn bsndncaaw hut aeldoiD one that 
haa brought so, much sorrow to all ccn- 

Crltlea Hsvs Tnetr Owm. Pramlare. 

Because. of the- number of otHminga 
to-morrow night . Mary . Plckford tele- 
graphed bar represents tire in New York 
and arranged tor a'premlepa of "Boslta" 
on Erlday nlghL The critics were tn- 
viled to dinner at the Rits-Ccrlton and 
foQowlni' tha dinner' were' given a, prt- 
trew of" the jdefura. 'Aa opening In 
Which Itary Plckfc-rf appears Is a|w«ya 
an iuportaat event In New York film 

Tl« list of thoatx who hsva been in- 
vlted to attend the OpUJng It the Lyric 
to-morrow night and who hare sent their 
aewptances contain* nxkBy names, but 
amors those who mn of tha most In- 
terest to picture folk are David Betsaco, 
Lillian Glah, D. W. GrHBta, . lUFena 
Locw, Allan Dwan, O-lo'ri* SwanKu, Nils 
Haldt Frank Keenan, Daniel reohmau, 
Hartley Manners, Lwiretie, Taylor, Mrs,/ 
Lydlg Hoyt, Neisa McMela. Blcfaard 
Barthelmess, J. J. McCarthy, Albert 
Grey and others. _; 

Irene Borgonl to M* m* Cmaitoi. 
Irene Bordoal fa«s expresaed great In- 
terest in the mot inn picture, version of 

■fThe French ttolL™ the name role of 
which she created on the stage. At the 
present time she la eippearln* }n "Li*tln 
Miss ElMebeard" and she has been In- 
vited to be among those present to-ulfbt 
when the picture" open,', and haa ac- 
cepted. Mae Murray ^playa tie htad in 
the picture vsraton. 

■TaBtiwar. Mt '*» ies>1aaab*r Flvta. 
Nest Wednesday Is the> date set by the- 
Catholic Motion Picture Actors Gelid in 
California Sa the time for its tnooster 
man meeting. The place will be the 
American Legion Stadium, and It 1b said 
the formation o' tnU guild haa demon* 
ttrated the fact that them. ere many 
Catholics In the motion, picture Industry. 
For a long time there was no official 
recocnltion given motion pictures by the 
Catholics and the' guild under the apoa- 
aorahip of the Church ia regarded by 
many people, as being a step In the right 
direction. All of the motion, picture per- 
sons of the Catholic faith on' tbe Coast 
have taken a great Interest in tha new 
organisation -which was formed under 
the leatdership of Father M. J. Mulliu. 

The Film 

i May Get : 

Msx Ban, the Daniih artist who came 
to this country with Max Beinhaid and 
who Is responsible for the costumes and 
settings for "Orpheua*' and "Midsum- 
mer Night's Dream/' which attracted ao 
much attention in Europe at thai time 
theae plays were produced lu Berli&i Is 
beginning to attract the attention of the 
motion picture, producers, Mr. Res Ib, at 
the present moment working on tb,f cos- 
tumes End settings of tha new Green- 
wich age Follies, which opens in At- 
lantic City nest Monday night. It is aaid 
that he fau been approached by a number 
of motion picture people who are In- 
terested in his work. Mr. Ree would, un- 
doubtedly be a graat asset to tho film in- 

We G*i , 

Che* at. 

In the course of our life we have rs- 
eeived many checks ' bnt the one that 
blinded us the biggest surprise wai re- 
ceived last Friday. The amoant waa for 
We bo that it was not the stse that in- 
trigued our attention but the motive back 
of sending the monay. We took a taxi 
borne a few nlghta ago and explained to 
the chauffeur that we had been over- 
charged. We erpected u get a saoey 
reply saying, 'Well, if too don't like it 
you know what yoo can do. My mater 
ahown the faro." Instead We wore asked 
what wsj usually paid and when we told 
idm he said, "I bellera tfaerw must be 
something wrong with tfar, meter. What 
ia your name, lady 2 Wo will report it 
to the taxi company " He did that very 
thlng and last Friday we received a check 
from the TeUow Taxi Company, -Lenox 
2300, for 00c stating thafwo had beau 
Overcharged and the amount was being 
returned to ue. Well, we'll say ths age 
of miracles is not orer yet. 

You'll Hub- Hon B f Thtri Sinn. 

Sometimes there ore people In the mo- 
tion picture industry who contribute to 
its su cc ess and at tha same timer do not 
recelTC voiy much notice. Recently Hans 
Kraely waa brought to my attention. He 
la th* man who wret* 'Tjeceptiorj/' 
^Passion'; and other well known pictures. 
He la also responsible for "Roalta" 
which, far the way, ii "sobbs'* picture. 
But our review will appear later, W« 
merely 'want to say Mr, Kraely is de- 
serving of credit and wa think ha should 
got It 



Tha pramler presentation at the 
Time* Square Then tie to-morrow 
night of the William Fox him version 
of A- B. M, HatchUBOn's novel, "If 
Winter Cornea," will be followed in a 
week by the London presentation of 
that production, - 

Mr. Fox has executed a lease by 
which the Palace Theatre In London 
will come under M« management. At 
this house hs will present tbe picture 
for a season, opening on Septem- 
ber 10. An orcheatra ofseventy-hve 
nnualdans will be employed. Mr. 
Burehinaon la personally edidag the 
version of tha Fox production which 
will be presented In the British cap- 


If .you hive nrifse to give, com- 
plaints to make or Ideis to air; 
register then with tbe Onlooker. 

Motion Picture Editor 

Ths Marnlng . * 

-: I han " followed, with Eraag Interest 
the recent different cor. trove rates s*JOvV - 
the .two -new proposed productions', of 
"Ttfimeo and' Juliet" H'ltli Kqrma Tak 
madge and Mary PJekfiord. UU aww ; 
derfnl idea and one that ahould re elva -., 
the approval of every one In tha. tn- 
-dvsrry. - 

There Is no doubt that Mr. Rodblpsl 
Talentiaa la a good actor and Ofla that, 
ail far an looks an concerned, ( TvmiJdl 
surf the part of itomon. hot. at fir*ia>* 
tfae writer la concerned, I can't see hiss . 
in that part. Permit me to axplain:' 

Tbe production of "Romeo anil 
Juliet" should t*a the supreme, achiever' - 
meat of the motion picture industryv ' 
Tho entire industry, every producer in 
it, should co-operato to the success of ■ 
this production, ,not for ths men prong 
of the producer, but lor the Industry as)' 
a whole. If'seceasSr/ to employ nxi 
actor or actress upder contract with an* , 
other MDCem. let the concern tempo* 
rarily release them without consideration ' 
in order to make the picture a nieces*. 
'Employ tbo best powers, the best talent^ 
the finest art obtainable. 
, Do not make a comedy of It, eg Fox 
dirf with TbecTa Bara, or a misery, as 
Metro did with Bushman and Rayrie. 

Douglas Fairbanks la'Q. K., but not 
as Romeo. He and Mary Plckford in 
the production would be a.* fangs jokw 
that would cheapen the industry instead 
Of enriching It With sU Credit to MIsa 
Pfokford'a artistry, .Toilet Is not for le>. 
There ia only one. actress on the Ameri- 
can screen . capable tr> play .Tnltef, and. . m 
that - la Norma Talmidirs. AIT remain- 
ling now is her co-player-. After sewers! v _ 
?ears of active interest In the film game 
have now given serious consideration 
to ths noeaibllicy oC the playef fttf\ 
Borneo, and I feel there la nnly on* das. 
Thai: la Eugtss O'Brien. .Has the Aim 
ever had two more perfect lovera than 
Nonas -Talmedg* and Eragene QfBiival 
Nov and never wTJL The acenario should 
be done hy the only American conthmlty: 
writer— MIsa June Mathis— and tbe ^i«" 
recting 1 by the only director who cotlld 
do Shakespeare real Justice, and that la 
Rex Ingram; and I talie** that Mr. 
Scbenck's friendship with ^d*arens Loewl 
will make this noasrhle. 

1 hope to Me this fulfilled. .'/.I 

Very sincerely yonra, 

Victor B, Hadmaii, I 

135 State- St, Auburn, N. Y. 


Motion FJcture Editor, < 

Tin Momlnic TelegWph: 

For a Jong time I had not read sny 
mention of my soul's adored. TxtedaJ 
Bara. My Ideal of all that Is. beantW 
ful In womanhood. 

Yesterday fftundsr] I thought I wftt 
give up The Morning Telegraph, &erei 
Is never any mrniion of my adored ocn. 
Then £ thought If I do there wOL-b* 
some mention of her to my life-long re- i 
rxet And reading the pages. I saw her 
and read that: "The contract caUi for 
a ecrlet at plctureir^'' 

Ilappin**« la mine. I can hardlr 
wait. Tln-if Bars ii the most intel- 
ligent woman in the whole wide world, 
■r-'be haa the most beautiful c-.vra in thsj 
whola world; ncra is a heavenly emile* 
No one can makei me bejItTC j-iher than" 
that Byron had ercood Bight and looked,, 
far Into tin.- future ^faen he wrote thaf 
tajrnoml lien-: 
"She walks in beauty' like tfae night "* 

Of cloudless climee and starry skies* 
And all that's best of dnrfr and brifhB 

Meet! In her aspect and her CTSS," 

I wish I bad the combined genius o# 
Byron, Keati and Shelley, then 1 mhjha, 
try ti> do tier justice. 

Thanks to The Momlng. fx »graph t 
for the information given about my 
goddess of the glorious eyes. If th* 
editor of The Morning Telegraph can 
get any news of her, just please put hep 
dear name somewhere On one of thw 
pises of The Horning Telegraph. I ' 
will as* it. l 

Hero's wishing tin ctrcubjttfon of Tha ' 
jMnrnim Telegraph wi'j grow «o fair 
that 111. C&nadlnn nul]t mills W:*l haver 
m put on tbree i-h'.!;-. to supply tfa* 
Pfner. Sincerely, - 

Edwcrd E. Jenkins, •' ■ 

IS37 N. Thirtieth St. t 

Aug. 2T, -S3. • PhUadeZphia, Pbj, \f 


Motion Picbirs Editor, The Mo rning 
Telegraph: . 

An evening apent at the Itislto la 
usually a pleasant enp for me. This 
week's performimtca was delightfuL And , 
yat, like th* man who ate a sandwich: 
before grdng to a banquet, Fve got q, 
Rick comiruf. In tha picture entitled "To 
therljtst Man" they ahow a acene wfaer« 
targe rocks are- diilodged from a -moun- 
tain side and live, horses are literal]/ 
blown to pieces. Ia this Inhuman ant 
necessary to get an effect? . 

I've noticed tha came thing happen Id ■ 
a scene or "Tho Covered 'Wagon./* 
Dumb animals, I suppose,, don't meant 
anything where reality Is concerned. Bat 
to the average person, who loves ■arbantt l 
it's a sort of pity to apoll a really good 
picture. I, tho&gbt "To the Last Man" 
one of the beat ''thrillers" I aver saw. 
bat the episode to which I refer spoiled 
le a little for me. 

Years. ..truly, < . ' 

Ken Lorraine* ■ 

New York. 

*8V ■FOlI».THWf TLLCHOWw . j 

Motion Picture Editor, Thai Morning 

On numerous occasions I hav* viiited) 
picture bousea that advertlaod the par* 
oonal appcKranco of certain actresses os> 
actors in conjunction with the showing 
of their respectiva pictures, and iovatP, 
ably WSs tQrrEbly dbiappoLbted with thsoW; 
Either an actress who plays daring pans 
will trip out before an audience and 
gurgle in a high baby voice or aa actor 
who la rioted for the manly part* he 
pl»j* will address his audiences with sal 
effeminate fes1xi£S> a toss of ils faesd-aadt 
a ilsn,V 

Wnf let the public in on everythlngs. 
If we like the Individuals in the picture 
why destroy onr Jttushjn? Let the iluar 

fublie dream In happiness with its Idols! 
t teema to me that managers on both, 
the legLtlmsti! ataga and .in tike picture 
Industry let ua see ton much ot what 
ii .golng_j>n bshlhd thft curtain^ Tfccr* 
was a time when the -tnyattry sndfaeci'- 
narion of tbe thcatro'tieh! \>a anellbound, 
SoWadnya Bny layman will tall ynn bow 
tbe^sttaea were uliot and when s^ ilouhl* 
wan u«v>d. All the thrill is gone. <jive 
tno thfl "id days when we left the theatrs 
wondering how it wa* done. 

■ ■ Yours traly. "■ " 

Beia Krainc» 
New York- 



~},..<i.»\\ i.i au 

fitfe- MORNING:-:TEfcEGRA^- ^Qftj^vV' SE'gTf MBER 




mi tit the Stage in a, Sew 

Play by Anne Bimaer, Daughter 

Of tbs late. H. C- BuTiJiftt, 

Onw Editor cf Pock, at 

the Fine Art* 



HEN the Fine Art* Theatre 
I Company inaugurate* ita se«- 
.- mil it lb« playhouse of that 
nsme in Boston lo-uiomm night the fen.' 
tared player frill b-a Thai* Map-ana. 
George Holland, who la directing tho 
season's activities at thi< theatre, selected 
her to create ihe leading part in a new 
played culled "The Eruption," n-hich 
w*a written by Anne Bonner, daughter 
of the late H, C, thinner, famous buiwr- 
■ius'aulbor nnd (or * long time editor of 
l^nck. Mint Mngrane ia extremely pop- 
.*altr, of etrihing beauty end an accom- 
pluhe-J aclrraj. eod the. part la eipected 
to give her ft splendid Dp;iortuntty. It 
f* described a« being similar to the rote 
of. triadic Thompson id* "Hain." 

Mia* Mag/ane last appeared in Boa 
too Eg ■'The Lnlinoirn I'urpSc.'* For the 
taut year she bax given up her stage work 
10 devnte ber lime (O Mir women.** nui- 
lliaties of the 3tai^ pf New Vort. Amen- 
|n r.*=-l')r, s-f which *.he waif tbs prs*i- 
Mit During ber administration them 
otrirn. in ituDCistLoii with the. Theatre 
saemblv. cf lvlufli Mn. J. Cbriatopber 
[arts U president, raiser] the money to 
'■' cnen the Yctenba' Mountain Camp in 
the Adiremd*cks. 
- 5 A rfV.ejration nf wamtn rue rubers of the 
Auxiliary if ilir- S. Rankin Drew Post 
will leave to-night for Boston to be prea- 
erit eit the rifMninc. when t reception wjll 
be given to Miss Magrane after the per- 

J ''. Five hundred Marionette Flayers and 
much scenery of the Teatto del Pin-oli. 
of Home ire doe tn arrlTe at the port 
of Now York toiJay on fan steamship 
<>]-ii. The troupe will be presented 
for the rimt time in America at the 
I'ro'ir Theatre In the New Amatr-rdatn 
Qjrftdbig next Monday night, September 
]■ . tinder the -n-inif-ement of Charles 
l' : 'liu-fham. 

■- ^arlonattes are aeeompaDied !■?■ 
ut'iri'i T'odrooca. kDd Cdl. ftomliia 
F' 'urn. IJie two jflrectora of th« Teatj-o 
U -I « (ri.-ii]i. and the ataff «f the orgii]- 
l-it'ni. whirh Diimlxn about iweptj-- 
• ' riireralorr-. ypealcers. and afncerii, 
7d '-h atvige rquipntent. abipped direct 
fro-ir "ojpfc im*i*J herf a nwek ago. 

i>r. Fodrecm. rbe fomidf-r nod urtieiic 
fUr^cLor nT tbe TeaEro del fircoli, la Icc- 
i- Uf> of the Uu.i'al Ai -ft d* in j of 8(, t,V 
'i-!r:i. En Rome, und holb Itr. t'odreccn 
and I'aTalier Fiitera barr hces demrated 
V-- (bf Italinn tj.nrrnmfai. the -Jroor/i- 
ilflD of iti* Ilalinc Ministry of Art hai- 
tjlf Been reBferr-ed upon Pf. Pfl dl BCg n 
oni]r Ins! 3d"arrh. It !■ Mid; th«t the 
'•■ <v, -'.•*!'. -it' ■< hare heen keen by the lt*i- liov;:] Pntnll.r no I«bh than flixicen 


■\>tt I'ullcy or Pall HutMi. 

'"Wlldnower" will open Ira road tonr 
■nd likrvije the Dew theatrical tenon it 
Pridgeporl. Ct., with a ho'ida-r matinee 
to-dar at FniVf Hajeilk Theatre. OUvotti, an Arthur HaniiBeriiGiii 
diacoTCrj, will play the role ortjinn^il 
by Editi* ]t»j- Othere jo ihe eoat are 
Bobby Bernard, time Reynotdd. Qlol 
' Bcci^uigrr. Dorothy Gam perl. l'twl 
Donah. AlJrn II. Fagen. Charlei BirrOw 
and the daDdELg tedni of JDempaey ft 

llr. Foil iuta made Jtrrangemema with 
thr Columbia Amuie-netiT Company, 
Whereby, autraequentiy. hurleaqne will be 

Jrf*emed tirh iJoudky al thn Mejeatsi'. 
tl, and ai Poli'a Witerbuty hoUS*- 
Eaeb jilt-action it Hmlted in thrre days. 
The remaindfr of the week will be filled! 
by the legitimate allows in .■*; -Ja city, 

tncuientally. "Wtldnpwer" will slao 
'opth the ibeatrlcal aeaaon at ibe Court 
Hnuarc Tlsi-s'm Hpringfield. llii-.. ua 
aepiember 10. 

Ftorenxa Road in Detion. 

' Old Ilonoe Weak will he obaereed ia 
ftoaton. .In-day with the arrival of Flor- 
ence Bred, who begins a two weekV en- 
SitcemenL at the Colnnia' Theatre In 
Ohirlea r"i]> production of "The 
IluIUKt." be/ore cominc to Xew York to 

' rlie Kaiokertsoeker Thenre'oa Septem- 
ter -J7. 
.. Eh-irelr aaide from the feet that Bov 
.ttPb hait been the aceae of tome of the 

S>ealeftt of Uila Keed'a txiunplia, are 
e facta that Frank Morgan. 1 meicbf r 
of the rast, wax formerly a nembet of 
the ■dTennuac ataff of (be Boaton. 
H*rald: lliin InaHanne tValter la a irad- 
Ufll-p of 9ini(mda College. Boston.' and 
Mi*r Grace PerV'na nnest n larj^ share 
of l*i* Wicfo- there in "Llghtou*." The 
I B*J!k Bay SI fat Cornet. Bud and Honk 
i)qri/ Ladder Cotnpaay "So, 3 are both «- 
parteri 10 tarn out la their ntee hot uni- 
Kbrni to do the honors to-day, 

Bllla at Goiamol rinrvni. 

■ TJi* Srlwyaa announced yealerdty 

eoniihlelr bi'la for' Hie fTrat four vteks 

of lh r limited ten weeki' enaagemeat of 

^^ttfr-Grand ('uiinol Playem from Paris. 

Tbl-. mnmiag aubacriplioit booka are 


j open far *ln* eajtire Mrie^ »f iierionn- 
aneee, Tn-B bid' will be chansCt! every 

The Selwjna wish to Iiav& it known 
that at this tim* no rrsensilnnn other 
than for the entire leu weeks' -oaKoat of 
the Oinnd fiuij{rn-t [■layers art beinC 
rUled- I.iitir mi re«rva Linns will be 
made and onlera for eeaU CBkeP and 
fiili-d for Any single performance or act 
of performances, 

The, bills for the tint four wetka, ber- 
ginning wa Mo&dsy oight, Octoher 15, at 
the Ftiilie Tbeatr* if the New Amster- 
dam- Theatre Building, are na follown: 

Fir*t Week— "Hot- la BaBe"" ("On th^ 
Benefe"). a romedy in oae-iwt by* Cbarlm 
Henry Hirach: "A't R«t Mort, Cabinet 
No. B" 1 (The Daad Bat, ftoom |Kq, ft"), 
a drama in one act by Anttre iWLcrtle 
and Pierre Chaine: "Trie .Nuit nu 
Bouge' i TTir Night of Terror'T. drsma 
in r.iif act by Charlea Were. "Le Brsu 
Role" ( "The Star EtoleT i K#a tuniedi in 
one act by Mai Manny and Henry Lhi- 

Second Week — ,: Madame, je votia 
alme' r ("Maduae, '1 Lore You!"), a 
coiiC'lv in ood act by Beige Vcrbcr: "I,r.s 
Cruciiiefl" { "CraciUfcd," or ■■Tlie Nigbr 
nf the Twelfth >f tij,?. 18+3") f a drama 
in two ajdta by A R Aotoine attd Charles 
pold Ions ; 'Le Court Ci reult" I "The 
Short Circuit''^ * comedy in ooe act by 
Uenjamin-Rahier and Jouilot. . 

Third Week— "PreneK Ma Dame" 


Greenwich TillAffe Follies, With 

Extra. large Ct>mpuy^ Opens 

To-ni^ht at Apollo Theatre, 

Atleittio City— Poli The- 

■ atrei I-mug-crate Hew 



("Till,* My Lady"), a comedy in 
by Maabme Glranli -'L'Horrlbk __ 
?Yicc" C*A iJnrribiJfl Experience "J, 

drama in two acta ty Andre dc r^orde 
and Bines ; -l« Chauffeur" .. (The 
Chavffer]r"r, t comedy In one act by 
Max Ma'urey. ' 

Fourth \Vnk — "Le Itecommendntion" 
{"The RecomnjendBUoD^. s comedy ia 
one ect by Max . Mttircy : "titrftien de 
Phare" t"The Keeper of the- Llgl'"- 
'h.0US*">, a.d^apjo in one act by V. Auli<r 
■nd P. CloqueBin; "Lea Trois M.DKqtic«" 
I'The Three Uaalta"), e. drhmn in one 
act by CharlrA Mere: "Le Ph&rmicien" 
('The ChrmEat"), a comedy in one act by 
Mai Man rev. 

It frill be i:nc-ii ihit ejicl! weekly hill 
i*< made up r>{ two.conioalr.v one opening 
and the other- doeing the performan*«. 
and two drama*; One oi lflc»c dramas 
in each case ia n much heralded ' Grond 
GiUgTrol ■"shtwltar." . Ahd th& neeond 
drrUnn it pretty "stronjr meat," too. The 
comedies are the lightest and airiest nf 
Fteoeh nieces, to each. Grand Guignot 
bOf is well balanced for' all theutreeoer*.. 
Earn bill will famiah the delicate 
humor of aatiric comeny : nnd it ia aoid 
American andiences wit] be "thrilled" an 
never, before, in the theatne r elsB«"hcr^. 
by the Grand Ouignot "terror plurn." 

The SelwyniT call atttention tu the fact 
that nn bill ofr single piece on nny jri*en 
bill durina tha entire ten week(i" engage- 
raent of thn Grand 'liliatiol F'tayen will 
be Tentated, nnleas by npeoial request. 

ll'aeemii thai Cbariea Di!ILQKli-.m h 
wiiltng lo pay a royalty bf doa* to *1.<X» 
a week for a- cktrb word of hia own In- 
rentioH. Wd(!e the eonr Is hot *sarfly a 
royalty, it will amount to liracticalfy the 

aame ihbg during tlie run of Snip 

Beraard->Vl*lUlw Collier revue, 'NlftJca 
of ltttB," -raw In rebear-ul at thp Fulton 
Theatre, where th« ittrftetioo srifl h? re- 
vealod jwon lo the New York pithlic. 

A day ur to ago Mr, DiLlIugtigm wan 
■ anting aJMWt in hi» uuad tut * QUiaB *V- 
pti-atwa for tbe liflTulj-ent beiiTfty ctmrw* 
KUcU^OI be ■ featora of the anotr. 

-yonielliini that Hiyoiea with 'nifty' i* 
the wore* ve want," aaJd W|]||«n. CoUier, 
who itii aiitihg in on the eonfereuce 

Fifty Ni/ty OJrt*' II It." 

"But we piauned to have oniT furty 
girljL" s*i.l Mr- Collier, 
ii t?^*"* w * 11 ■** u " "Hori- girla," aald 
Mr. Wiring-ham. "A good eatch-word U 
worth the Kalxnea ot tt-n max* Blrl*, 1 ' 

Mo to-daj ten new giHI will j^lrj the 
Krrnard-CoILef cnat and the eoierphle 
v"L' Wfc*«BsE»ab! known an "Th* Fifty 
Nifty Gm-U." •*' 

Flr# Sbnn t'D-aaedHea, 

Lealle Howjird. wUq is 'appearing with 
Cynl Maude in "AitH'i Wa AM?" at t)/ c 
<'iie«y Theatre-, yMterday arranged nith 
bia ancle, ft'Hirtd Hoy, the Eng'iah fiim 
director who is now in America, to write 
the .acenarios for five short comedfNi 
which wi!l he tneda [11 America, uudrr 
th* direction of Mr, Hoy. 

Mr. Hoy la working out a plan fur the 
American production of (ilrua erhich n-iij 
be Intended primnriiy for oxbinitiou In 
i.ngland. The casta will be comnoswl 
mainla ol Kng-liih aetora who 'are now 
111 America and (h/- plcttiiefi are | tte 
mad* liere 1 n-ftead nf Jn Kng!and l chiefly 
became of belpir workina conditipna; &* 
regarda wealher and laboratories. 

"WlUwoiifl" R«a. praH |.. 

"The Deep Tangled *WiJdwood.," Hit 
lawat work ef George S. Kaufman and 
Marc Connelly, aotJiorn of ""Diilcy, 1 " "Tu 
the Ladies" and "Merlon of ihe iioviee ' 
wjII be giren it* flrat performaooe; St Bng. 
lish a Opera Honae J n Indlanapolia op 
.Monday, efouina, Rcptember '£{, f«itij{ 
from there direct to the Blackatonn The- 
atre, Chicago, tn bcgii] an indefinite rn- 
gaawDient on October 1. 

The new piaes wjl] be pre*ented otidj?r 
the tonnage-near of George C. Tyler and 
Hugh Ford and It wjl* be atajred nnder 
the pertooal direction of Mr. E-oH. Bc- 
hetraals wi!l begiu to-morTOW. 

The cart && racludn .rarne* Glcaaou, 
Hobert McWade, Gertrude Hits, Mil- 
dred Booth, Geoff. Alfaoq Ralph Sip 
barl*. Albert Taremier, Lrorothy Wil- 


tighter of Film Han Wai E-i- 
pett Swimmer, u Wot 
Ear £»cdzt 


Friends or Hi** Udllle £irhnrn, daugh- 
ter of H-fiixi], Eitfacrrn. 'a moilon pic- 
nrcaaleanilo oonaerted with the Graphic 
' lilui Cni-poraHan. were aatonlahed to 
Jearn Saturday that ah.e bad 
drowned while ranoting 00 (he Backetre- 
"(Irer in Ijiwreurr County, whrre ahe 
was" ijiendipg h*r vacation. ■ ■ * 

Tbs Raekecte Ja not a l.-irce stream and 
the girl was an expert awimuer. JJeafdes. 
the guide who ae'-iimnanird her- Claude 
-■ltndk\ ii* rrjEartled a> f.m- ol the beat 
inm'-i ■* in tbit whole section. 

Iff- Ew-boro, 90 rrcciving UftWB of the 

-i«]y. lit oaee proceeded to rariahvllle. 

iere bis '(ought rr„: -accompanied, by ■ 
...■man friend, was staylnc it the Plne- 
■iur*t Iiht; kept by A. H. Breem-. 

Bod''' f>" 

Etc sa- 

of Mr. Breaac, 
Irfdrmed that on Friday, hi" 

daughter falling with the guide. 
Her friend. Mlaa Mildred Barlow, of 1141 
President s;rr."t, Brooklyn, bad intended 
lo accompany iberr. hiii decided at the 
In-nl (Oomrnr not to go. 

.The guide aaya, that white they were 
S*hhig frr.orv a canoe the boat OTcrturned 
and< tlin'w them into the water. They 
were, he says, about a mile and n half 
from the shore, which indicatee 'bar they 
were in a lake rather than in ilu- river 
proper. For a time Ihcy clnng to the 
'■'■a' and called for holp. Aa-no one 
responded (boy derided to swim for it. 
MaeRodle aaya the ■ri<| e'an£ to him on 
the w*y to til"- ahnre until he, too, becun 
to tpsc rttrcbjttb. KinalEy ahe relinttolaherl 
litr holrf pTid eunk otit of sight. Thfl 
vnjde readied the. tmt?l„ hla dolhiuj; 
aoakcit and artnag- in a state of cntJepje. 
The body wt§ rrroArered ftatorday. 
Mr. l-.ii-iinrn has aaked |Jiat-n tburouf'i 
inrealfgatiun he made by Stftt* tnMrper^ 
"!-■'■ were notified, 

Mn. F.i'liirrn. the nirf* moUtfT, WB* 

kiMcd In nn antomabU'e aecidtjiit *boi«' ft: 
year sgo. Motile was the only child. 
, The youna: woman apenr her vocation 
at the same hotel two year* ago and on 
her return said thnt MaeHorfir, the avid". 
«rf.» (jjip of^the beat ■wimjoara alie hnd 
ever mcL 

lin. lievah Itoret. Angel* Ward, T, M. 
Tahlll, Harry Cr-wley, Wnrhnrlon l.iitt- 
tir-rt. Fred J. Nicholts. Sam Janney and 
:i <!o:*n others. 

Toai Tuavrl^'a OreHnn. 

Srllinf forth n apeech or a Jetter in 
cold type and then laying it away for 
a while, until it has paned from your 
blind temporarily, Is centrally a pretty 
good ieit of'tha valuE of jour utteraneea. 
But not alwayi. 

A director of the Dn Poflt Corayanj; 
after seeing "Helen of Trey, New York 
at the Selwyj. wrote a letter to Fern 
Lewia aaking him, for ft oopy of OH 
apecch he deliver* to hi* board of collar 
factory direetora in the drat ait oT tbo 
KnafmflP -Con nelly musical eomtdy- 

"Good pnbiiirtty. send It to him," "aid 
the mnaigemenC of "Helen-" 

"Stop kidding." replied Lewis, "that j 
no speech, just s lot of words nijd 1 
"coujdn't. tell yon myFelf what t soy. ' 

An Inspection of the manuscript proveti 
that Lewie was richr. The authors fciia- 
ply -pat, it op t» Tom and ho or*tc* «e* 
cordt.ig' ;o hia moods. 

TJatermn-ed to favor th* Du Po'nt Com- 
tioii-!. with a copy nf the apeecb. a short- 
luind artjat wai planted in the Uieatre to 
take dnwn. the addreM and when her 
note* we're tmnsnribed the wjiole thine 
looked so allly that -eTecybody gore np. 
Just a conglomeration of worda rant In 
cold, type didn't njean a thing. 

A-id yet t*wf»'e 6ratJ«1 to ihe dirre- 
tnr* ia a. great hfl of astirf on such o»e«t- 
in;:i In geneml. and indicates that hr 
ha> a. tern Uo Jet* tan dine nf wlirc gpea nn 
beliind closed doors when the big (rt- 
Inwa of might! corporations get loKfrihpt 
r^r M-Hnt modem bn-<incaa men ore pleased 
tn call "conJerpiiees." 

'■■tatn" ma «iinrfliT!i. 

Besinninc »"itii this week, .Ic-inne 

Ecgeh'ln "Rain" at the Elliott 

TheaJj-r, will ■ gfir the naiir.l Samrday 

matinee and nij;ht per'nrVnarcei. 

Want l.l«t »f 1. MM* Evas. 
Tbe Duncan Sis'ers, who are appenrint; 
as Topsy and Kv.i in a uHJdieiliititio,} of 
"Vsale Tom's _t'nbio" tit the Alcaaar The 
aire, Sflir Fraipjiw-n. hsve aeat in « hnrrr 
h.iII for a li-i "' the famous n-!ro«'« 
of the jmst and present , who have im 
IJCrronittefi F.\a in "Cncle Tom's Cnbin." 
*Tbey do no" -st what they want to tin 
with the list. Rut don't all speak at once. 
"trmda Tmn'n Cabin" wa* pi-oduNfil 

■etCnl.v-niie yeflr* Aj(n in!.! finer that 
time Vnde T'>n> has been given "event! 
Imndren iiroducttoiw. 

Grnki Woild Taunt Itallaaa. 

Juti d ^ril.K-n *i b rj Aimtio Strong, 
ju»t ilonii from Nnulnelw.". Ti-ere in- 
specting the pet for to an Co of. "Ttb 
rTeavrn'" IVIiUy wtt wlieo ji;iT0u*ic 
inil-ii'iii-;- smptied fioldcn in the foyer 
or ihe Booth Theatre. 

"Giro me nnoibtr nonj bit like your 
'Poor Bttltrrfl-:"-* war none, for the 
t>eek-ltitll*.n War"— he *-icl. "Wn' 
Irvfnff Berlin " 

"Too inte." BJijfl Holdeii. "The hit 
i^ our and ever.- The Greets wL'l taunt 
ih'- lislam with 'Yea. Vi> Have No 

Pea tiirr f] limn'*! 1 In fnmiieii. 

Deahi. [he lovel.r subject if iW Fi- 
kiolii' n"rk>i nf ^rulpturc. v ill be one nf 
ihe featured rlahgeta in the FoltiR" bft(- 
Eft uliiri Fobiiui- i.Ji- -'i.u--'i for , *Ci**" 
nov*." Tbe ioiig-iWAtHed production 
«.'M Ih> pepHnntml «cnn bj A. II. (Voodk 
in s«(rf-!atii.n with Gilbert Miller, at 
ihe Em»fr* Theatre, Lowdf Shermnn. 

-iipji'jl-fni In K.'ilhitriLK- ['orneli. vcl he 
1L* itor. 

J. nc.iurH for M u 

if nm [)*vnf. 

Pbfl Raker will be in Ifvjn* l>rHn's 
thirl iiprmnl Mnaice/Boli Rcnie, now 
IP preparation. 

soau 10 iH.ndoet 3311 Ple«#fe, 

l.ietiiennnl Commaniier John I'hillp 
Soiisn. who rrcfntly began hie rbirty- 
Jirst' •easnii at the -head mf hia on n 
baud, vnfl end kin annual encm-emem 
at Willow ifjr«t;a Pa.-t I'hiladclphia, 
Katnrdir, R-ptrmber l.i.' and will come 
to New Vork for hie only uppearapce of 
Ihe year ia this rffy. On Snudr night. 
October 7. be wfll dlred a band gf 2M 
piccra— his rntnUr bend, which bTim- 
Ik-ch 1W pieces, augmented hy l.*W addl- 
t^oaal men who bare been under hi* 
ilirctioiL rl.iT.inar other "aeasoni .and arc 
now l)i New York~*C a wncerr- to be 
given id Mndiaon flaaare Garden, abdler 
the iiupices ofjhe JTationsI Nary Club. 
After Una concert he will begin M* 
journey in the Pacific Coast. 

The ha ndmHator has arranged a 
three . weeki" tntrr tiroiiah Nc,w Enr- 
Isud. which- will herin tn Boston on 
September 1G. , Durjrif bin New Eng- 
!and tour n* will fjEut Portltlid. Me.. 
while or >"*w: Yenr'n Day h* will gjee 
n rone*rt .in Portlanci 0lL,> ' Other 
geoKraphieA) extremes on rSpaja'a route 
this teuton ate .San Dieipn, fan An- 
tonio nnd Hargna, 

"Tna P*l| B tii »nd ■.Ctrl." 
Some of the dramatic vrrilera insitt 
that Rrmdwiy fieril!' waiting tor ,th* 
first inheolute and perfect hit or tbe new 
theairfcl] season. Edwin "" 
TJunn, who rtprewnTJ George M. Cohan, 
h just ssj pcraiatent in deciaring that 
"Two rVllnwj and k. Girl" flfla, the bill 
at nothing el.<* can ever do. This [a hia 
latest effdslnti: 

"All lb* world loTes a hit, and the 
hit of all Mta in New Yol-k at the preicr-iT 
time Is Oeorce M. Cohan's productinn of 
th" Vincent tdr Wf ta fcj aweetljcart nlt\. 
Two Fellow*, and a Girl.' wbirh is dotni 
n atanrinp room bLUrine*- *t extent per- 
Wtaance at the YnnnVrbilt Tbmtrelhe*« 
^Ptember nlghta. 

•Tliere Is an ^Wabh eomethiti* 
about th'a comedy, a charm ^f aeitlon, 
atmotpb^re andenvironment that cannnt 
be drwpribfd exactly) Sna'l we sny that 
it is erTefincly lonie? 1>». ihat'a it: a 
tonic » i':i htend of noielty and a tons, 
of nrtnnlltr, arrl the concoction offarcil 
f« extrnnrdtnarily retrrrl ng and juiroulat- 

"Then; too. it ia an beaolifully plared, 
on* cannot *ey of this or that particnlar 
r-ctor. he did hln ^r,rk better than so artM 
eo". B*rh Allnn nioebftrt "and John Halll- 
<lay play flgwIeKfly, Buth ^hep'ey with 

?■ riii 1T1 and armpathy, while Clalbom; 
nstrr fn"the ntle of a fledgling ffapncr 
adda piire drtltht to a cbaming ev-enlng 
fn the theatre." * 

rfcrii" bj. Snx * y rC c [ rja can . 
ea 1 n red plarvvr tn • OMge < pIpt. 
Tiillvil -The Emotion." by A»nc 
Banner, TvhJctt ajnasta at the sefjia 
Aria TliTftte* I», Be 

Bosich. (o-nlglat. 


wiin in in W starred Hy A* IT. 
M'ihhIb ibU ncaitin (n nerr ""tvil- 
lard ata#a| pl«y. "I Ah For Hal*."' 


. r - . phoin ^j Kearlili I 

' l "'-' /"ataaj'' ifi:HllAY, 

aba : . s4«i la- b.«r Imtun , In ' 
Pre neb Doll/' m-M»»r r | ycati 
st tht CdsIidI Thcalre. ■ 



Character Act^r Does Bemarkable. 

Work at Bell Ringer in litest 

TJniTanid Spectacle. 


Plctn-r* prvvra Sifct" Df*pl*- ' °' 

rav«n*bt-i frerllrtloni Fran <.'oaat. 

Hit Doe OfPor Appeal. 

A* EimrrnU, tal "T** Hancbfeuik 

ot Notre umnir" *hr •rorcit a 
arr#*t -«o»a*aa at -f¥»- Aatur I*** 
alaht. ■ r. - ' 


The firat-night aodienc-! nt the Astor 
Theatre saw last night The Hunchback 
of Notre Irnmr" with tho accompanimeot 
of Hugo ttieaenfeld'o muaical acore. I 
saw it in the darkened projection room 
with nnty the' whirr of tbe project inn 
machine, bat ihe absence of the music 
did rot destroy the two definite imprei- 
Ainhs that I curried away. Our. that the 
letting*, were as fine as I hare ever a era 
on the screen, nnd the other that thu 
Hunchback dented by t-on Llniney la 
horrible and so devastating to the cy 
and *he peace of mtnd thnlit leaves nntt 
in a wrooght ttf condition, won- 
during how wj grotesque 11 figure can pos- 
sibly create any sympntby. 

At first 1 wat inclined .1.0 feel that Mr, 
Chtmey had ex'txreralcd Quasimodo, hut 
refreshing my memory with Yirtoe 
Hugo'a novel I And his description of the 
keir.rinjrrr ftta "the ecrreii conception ei 
ACtly, And. atraogely 'enongb, after th< 
firat mnioenu of repa'sion a^ this uti 
canny monstniaitr. Chaney makes, a bid 
for sympathy — and gVta it. 

Reports from th" West <*oast f where 
■The Hnocbbach of Notra Dame" tu 
shown ai 11 prarlew, were nst enconraj' 
tng. ''Another mlUlon dnllara -p*e 
where the woodbloe twineth." was the 
vordict Usned by a fe* privileged eoula 
who had been permitted, to see what Vol 
veraa] did *ltb Victor Hugo's story 
Then I "saw Tor mystJf'-and I had (0 
discount A large percentage ot tbla. pre- 
mature fOtaip t had heard. In -all hon- 
;■■-:■■ I hhee to. say there la MDvethlug 
wriing lotnewbere— aiirely I could not 
hold ao- different a view from my con- 
frere* on The Weal CoaaL j "; 

Fmsent Version ftr-fr]llnl. 

Then T heard the truth. The Weet 
Coaor version was uned'ted. badly aa- 
scmhlBd ■ end put -ocethcr without any 
elimination*- Robert Sherwood and 
Hugo Riesenfeid. I undentand, are re- 
sponsiblc, for tbe re-edited version, which 
ia a piece of work of which many plena- 
nui tilings can he said. 

"Tbe Hunchback of Notre Dfim*." 
Laid in tbe fifteenth, rcntory when eivili- 
katioa ereg m a low tide, ha* all rbe 
loaches of depravity. sUipense and ghoul- 
ish lerror that chnractTritea the novels 
of linao. The' ftitnona Notre Dame, 
n-niiilih* after all these centuries stiLl a 
place Of worahip 'n^Pnria and «nf of the 
sij:hu American tntirlata necer fall to 
viait, U the center of Ihe story. In fact, 
we are told in the *rbrlnal. Mr- Hugo 
callrd hia book "NatTr, Dame"* and made 
the church and not tbe Ininchbaek the 
main Issue, The present Notre l>«rpe 
ha* not the wide approerh and step* that 
holds so much of the actinn nf the 
story, but the rest of the prear enthedr*] 
remains as it was in thoar early days, 
when there was a constant fight between 
the church nnd thp wicked el-.aient wliie-b 
dwell In the *ewera and hjwnrs nl the 
r>cnch capital. 

The motiftn picture cathedral looks 
tike a ^i"3intic piccf nf sirhitrcture. Its 
fnithfulneas to detail nil) induce R"nTf*t"f 
foil; tn bkIc if The Huncbbncl; of Notre 
Damp" was not produced iu Eurnpf, It 
waa mad* la this coimtrj- — and while 
the esccllpnce of the setting an 1 the 
exceptional l^shtinc eowld be made the 
Mihject of an arriclc it ii nc-1 nnr pur- 
po^" to disclnae any tecrets of thV cam- 
era or at i*d in — sufficient to saj.^Hh"* 
cereal went after big effeHa ajul soc- 
recded in petting them. How It nan 
done does; not matter. 

With th* original *tory Tresb in my 
mind I n*i» willing In ^nrnont-T the 
wrath of bygone anibnr spirfta. and 
present playwright*, ton. and say n 
laTge part of the license taken by Ed- 
ward Love Jr.. who a fapted the alory. 
was permiaiable. What wonl-i bate hap- 
pened If tbe stnry irfls rilm»d HB>.HtigO 
Wmte 1 1 Is easy tn vtf. The public 
would have turned in horror at the 
wholesale slaughter of all lbs ebarnctersi 
and a&keil f->r a little light and a Utile 
air., please, I did regret.- however, that 
the gnat did not have more of a chnnee 
on the pwtecn. vVith the marvelcni* 
thin?* gpimils d*< In the piettire* lbe»* 
ilnrs it scrmed to me the director mbued 
a big ehanca In not getting a' little pocb, 
edy rrltef ivith the antic* of this trained 
pet of Ekrneralda. 

Co-ncnr iVnaia »m Wtleaat. 
^Tbe majority of Hugo's nereis are 10 
prtffnlly bereft of any Hgbtmsaa that we. 
feel every rreute fo* a coenedy torach 
should be utOiied. In the motion picture 
Ternon. of "Thja Hunchback of Notre 
Dame," the momenta, nf liloodahed and 
erine are teaaoned aomewbat by the n<- 
taadce of Esmeralda and Pboebna, the 
two yonng lovers who are spared to oach 
other in ,th? end after a stormy aeaainn; 
of murder' peatilene* and suifnen death. 
In those days of continuous Warfsro 
between the ariatocrac? and the pow, 
everything was Intririe sml dirlilA<id 
nlota bd that the truth was never re- 
lieved and Uec flourished boldly In .their 
pi tie*. cAUniug tbe v.-irted to go free nnr! 
the In&ocent to suffer, -V human ltfe wis 
of less eoneeqaence than a tronblesnme 
fl.r. Krek "Semerfttdi, 'n the hsok. ia 
hanged for a crime ihat ahe did not 
commit vVe ar" I^nirertal decided 
tn let her. IrV*. Tt learea a pleasant rgate 
In the motub. 

EermeniTdB, who was stolen hy tha 
gypaje-f from her cradle and later sol'1 
to C1opIa..the king of the beggars, whtite 
re"'m H laid in the "fnnrt 0' M!rncle«" 
where (ha crippled walk and the Mln-l 
nee as soOn a* they cense nlying their 
trade, is. ■played hy Patsy Rath Miller. 
-dJth.e is sniLably *"Bst so far as her slim! 
youthful beauty in eoncerned. hut In 
some of the heavy dramatic scenea she 
seei-is ft Utile h* wi"dered. Foi-tuftately, 
'■'nf- i* flanked by l.rn (,'haney and Ernest 
Torrene* whn aarr.Lhes* big dram*tie 
moments with their erlistry and skill. 
Hor gbod looaie. too, n i! 1 go a long way 
to cover up any defect* in her ectlng. 

Lon Chaney'a performance, we. do net 
doubt'. WW be the, canter of muirh dls- 
cusston. Bnr wbet«Tfr Wmc^uairMi '« 
reached one admit* bin characterization ft 

Tttta* rri-lpiTi ttllt he hminl- 
r«M r..-ol.).1 ^r radln ffroasl 
atpfloa -VFOA aqr. * Tim ITornlsr. 
T*lc(irn»r< r ahraagra ihe cwartv-y 
of 1.. £fiEnaeri*T * Co., of \cm. 


Star Frtdti4tiaate« in Lierfat and 

Lavish Feature ■■ Center of 
Capitol Theatre FiDgram. 




By D, Q. WATTS. 

Tlrif week's feature offering at the 
Capitol Theatre it Mae Marrajf In n 
version of -The French Doll," which 
recently provided an npnropfiate Stag* 
wttiita for Irene Bonlnrtl. It Is, in Jtt 
way. a vehicle b1w> fcell adapted to Mian 
Murray fnr It pSWvidea lief with the role 
or a tern jierameh tal frcucli girl, with uri- 
jri][,:f I opportunity to appear In Frenchy 
clothes nnd with a fete scene in whicii 
hsr {Islicillg A 1 « i i 1 y is put to gnod nsf. 

Ms:-, Murray ia n gr>od drawing enrd 
and litre har characteristic pontine*. 
smiles nud geaturea arc more in evidenc 
than in any other of tan* recent pic- 
tures. There h ajao Up doubt thnt thia 
star has ability sacond to none in tbe 
weirinc of exotic coatnmea, and here, 
agairf. *he ja more lavish than trsu*I. 

1/ fault 1* to be found wicb the pic- 
ture it !• that the ilir Aecma ilmost t-j 
be giving an Imitation of herself. YmuHi'- 
liile and the 'rentes have many clever 
performers, who tpecig'iin in hrhaglnc 
out the salient point*, in airing* a con- 
centrated fSKence, brifHy and with exag- 
geration, of other .well btiown performers, 
"but fn the present cage Miss Murray Is 
beine MLts Murray an bard tbrougbout 
the >ii or eaten reefa fbat Its effect 
tr.s-.inl th« and ia tomewbat cloying. 

Back of the star'a piroucTtJng before 
the caraero there ia the outline of a story, 
but hazy at best, concerning the attempt 
uf the girl's family, in leajrc+> with a 
nhBdy manufanTJeee of fake antique fur- 
nltore, to foiat acme of theie "art treat- 
tirea" out* the bem, a wizard In the 
canned flab Industry, but n little short 0:1 
cultora. However, this does, not amount 
to much. At rimes it ia almost .tunny, 
but at other 'rhnca rarbor silly. First 
and last, the production has Mne Mur- 
ray written alt otot it in larga letters 
and htrr fana will probably bo quite tatis- 
■ ird with these nlany glimmcs of her. 

Mr. ftothafel'a presentatiern leftvea 
nothing to be dcaired. An excellent over- 
ture, innJc an of selection! from "Bo- 
heme," onened the program. foMowed by 
two ballet u umber* headed hy Ml.*. 
Oambarelli. A acenic trailed "SaLmoo 
JPIahing," from tbe "Field and filream" 
series, h the brtt picture abown. This is 
fnllawt-d by a new edition of tbe Capi- 
tol bmntlcaiating unit, intrndnoing some 
<if the artists who Liroatlces!. the Capitol 
Sumlny evening concert!'. There are six 
special unmhers to thin- offering. 

The screen magattttn is presented and 
the feature It i'ij-n Introduced hj a pro- 
logue in which Thalia /.cneu does a 
dance in excrltrot imitation of Mae Mur- 
ray. Owing In the lourfb nf the*prn?ram 
and tbe light uuality nf the main pic- 
tare the usual short comedy ia this 
weelt eliminated. 


It Takes a Giant and a Revolution 

to Hake Harold Lloyd Forget 

Imaginary DU. 


Mari™h« Band, Prerrrllns 1'lrlsre, 

rarnlsbed "Ataaos»a*n" — ■atlat 

.\hmbfr IncladeSi 4 Bncelaltlaa. 


To deaerloc "Why Worry 1" which" la 
the current attraction at the Strand, 19 
a* difficult as to describe the tenaiuiott 
of being tickled in the ribs. The piece 
is broad farce, with an occasional Mt of 
bmi-losrjrjo; a combination of what ia 
oldest nnd nrwest lo this type of work. 
There Is nothing particularly original In 
■the Mca of the Imaginary Invalid 'vbo, 
while searching for rest and quiet ne- 
comes embroiled Jn a South American 
revolution. The authors however, pliy 
the tin-in" with variations ao elaborate 
that one soon loses the central ntory aa 
one (lit- tune of "The Mocking 
Bird'' when played on the Wurlttxer. 

Harold Ltoyd, aa Harold Van Petfee&i, 
belongs to a club of wealthy society 
idler*, and enjoya poor health. Acrcttf- 
panied by bit uurre fJobyn* Rajstonl 
who "has her heart and soul In her work 
—especially her ■'heart,*" he Beeka pjeac* 
and in lbs Ironies. Arriving at 
his destination ha. find* himself In the 
uiidJt ot a hotbed of revolution, and It 
arrested snd placed ii: a cell with Cole«0, 
a giant "wild hermit of the mountains" 
puttering \i ith a toothache^ The two 
escape Irooi jail, and the tooth pulling 
epimtde which follows provokes roar* of 

Cohrssn and Harold become gnat palg 
anil their efforts to put an end to tii.- 
revolution includa making human ten- 
plus »f the enemy. The men In charge 
of the revolution ia Jim Blake, a "rune 
cade American" with dealgna qn thl 
nurse, and when the interesting invalid 
is called upon to protect "onr Nell' 1 n* 
allow* a righting ttreak, and after; the 
necessary hravadoes declare* hip love for 
the pretty miss. It you will ait down 
snd think hard for a while you may be 
able t'i timbre up some nf the tblngs 
that hnpiM-nns a result of this forced 

Mr Lloyd ha* extracted from the 
: heme by Hniu Taylor. Ted vVilde and Tim 
Winliin every grain of amusement there 
is in it. Every obrinus cnnsequehce of 
Ihr imLirisniimenl hss been utilised, and 
chnrncters and characteritticB without 
number have been ndded to the sum total 
nf incident in this slap-ban* rios ot 
nlmiicdity. Aa an antLdoto for the blue*, 
and a campflign figairL.'i-t the "Alwiyi All- 
injt Leaive." the picture's service Is 
Kreflt enough 10 WBtfani (bo ertrtlon nf 
a statue tt} Mr. Lioyd by nn apprecia- 
tive public, Coresso, played by Joban 
Adtsoft, who Ja said to measnre eight feel 
nine and a quarter inches snd to weigh 
4o0 pnunda, sharea stellar honors with 
Mr. Lloyd. Jobrna Balaton has littla to 
'■■i- as the ntirie, hut she doe* that wall. 
Thi' picture ut not cults as good as 
"Grandma's Boy" and "Safety Last." 
bm 'Why Worry"— when Harold Lloyd's 
In it? 

The overture lrr Liazt'a "Las Prelude*,'' 
which is followed hy "Statuettes," ■ 
dsnee fantasy, nnd Selection* played hy a 
Marimhn bend serve an Snath American 
'■sUno"^^!^' preceding the Lloyd fea- 
ture. In addition to the Pictorial there 
is an Aewlp s Fa.hle called "Derby T)ny" 
ptkF ■ciij.h and Ends," a compilation of 
short se*ni«L 


Hlli. KlamaatowJM, Wife of Hark. 

Strand Master. Ha» Trying- 


zEatnamoHED to teach 

While «n a trip to Warsaw to visit 
heT mother, who was reported! desper- 
ately HI. Mile. Leokadjn Klementowiri, 
a Busaian ballri dancer of cDnaiderBbie 
prominence in thia country, was held by 
the Rtissian Soviet Republic *hd her Te- 
rurn to America delayed for', aereral 
reeks, according (o a crableyjram received 
by Joseph Plnnhett. manaxing director 
of i.J,f afark titVand Theatre, 

Hrr-caac is aald to parallel those of 
many other artist* of Ftuultn uitirity 
who were compelled to return home tu 
care for destitute families or promt 
against tbe confitcttiofi of personal prop- 
erty. Mile, mementowic* la In private 
life the wife of Anatole Bournian, ballet 
master of tba Mark Strand Theatre and 
former member of the Imperial Russian 
Ballet. c4 

L'pon the improvement of-hee mother's 
condition Mile. FvleincnlowIcE accepted a 
Iiroitcfi pnmjenient fn Warsaw, which re- 

aiiirefl tho creation nT several special 
ancci for a new futuristic play called 

"KcrtiV," fmm the ptru nf a 19-ynar-old 
author named Antoit Vanflrich- It is 
aaid that the success of the play was In 
s sirea^ Hcasnie attributable to the Ken*, 
satic-nal (ray in nJiiih tbe dancn n-(H 
!>t»j-en. Mile, Klementowici ^Informed 
Mr- IHunkett that >.hc wnnld brlUE the 
>m^-" plaua t.'s-'k with her when ahe re 
turnedi and would make an effort to dupli- 
cate the ditncea is New York. 

Soon after her prcat success ahe wat 
t-yiuisitionrd to lencli in the public baE- 
let schooix of IVtrograd. and a (mop 
of friends victb ofll!r::nlly detailed to con- 
duct her thrrtr. Hpacioua ball* of the 
former imperial palace atp utHI'-e*f for 
ballet classei and rdiiblrcn nf *|[ agea 
are crowded intn tlien^. Thnuglj Uarp' 
ins of dancing by children ia not eom- 
pulsnry in Russia, all eli;ible (jitpila ds- 
siroos of this accompiistiment must b« 
tnught under the orcae-ir regime and tho 
Government oiaKrs dun prorialon for tbe 
maintenance of such achoola. Mile, ' 
FUcmeniowies was W nl to the leading 
ballet school of Frirnrrai]. 

Ittie to tho recilrrenr* of her mother's 
illurji'-. Mile- rClementDirica'B Mar in 
retrof-rad wns reduced to four weska 
frnm tho allnted «:x ilemanded from every 
visiting; aril*!. Thla was made possible 
only inmuj-'i the g-raciontne** of Mil--. 
( r ubovB"Cherkoff, her friend sjnee atudent 
day-a, who volunteered to replace her in 
order to speed Mile. Klementowica to her 
mo'ber's Hedsitte, 

Mile. Klementowicj- will finally return 
to America on tbe Prealdimt RoOaeralL, 
which nrrivr* September T. 

bnioue \n the aunali oT motion pictures. 
It is remgrkahl-i when one coa-dder? the 
excess weight ^f seventy-two pounds he 
ws- forced to carry lo h-tighten Mu effect 
of the hump snd the protruding breu.-t. 
ria^ble sign* cf his deformity. 

' Dhi *"■■• Work. 

Km-st Torrence. *a ClOpLn, king of the 
nrflsr-a-nrld, haa nnotbar big -nieces* to 
hit credit, althoogb ha haa not lbs tip- 
porUinlty in this that he had fn "The 
Covered fr'aiton" and "To 1 'able David," 
but his work, nerertheWt, atanda one 
aa one of the anJatic perfnrmancca of the 
pictttre + 

Norman. Tverry, aa fboebus, plays a 
role not an. lite the one he ii.-.if i:> "Tha 
Me ri-y-trO- Round," and as the brave 
knight he givea a eofiiincing perform- 
ance ind la Bdenuate In hit part- Other; 
who glee astiafaceory account!- i-f them- 
se'vi-s are Nigel de BmtUr a* the prlrr:t, 
Gladys Breekwall at the mothee of Ea< 
metald* and Brandon Hunt ta Jeban 
the villain. 

rpdoaWedly there are tctmeo, title* 
and bit* of actio* that miglit be elltdl- 

nated in "Tb.-- Hunchback of • Xotn 
name." So picture has ever been madi 
that is ]ft> per cent, perfect, but the mis- 
takes arc in the minority so it sea-ma 
npnaceasary to call attention to them, 
eypcclallry when ^trin flnlshed resntlt ta an 
satiffnetory. Carl Laem-ole and R.- H. 
< Yk- h ra ne have made a production that, 
iT-ili. from ah entertaining and an edges- 
tlonal viewpoint, is all that one can aak 
— and that i* bie praise when, no often 
attempt-i are mads to do big things and 

IVnllacn Wnrsley, tbs director, can also 
lake hla bow. His part ha* been wall 
1>'oyed, a* has that of Kdmund T. [*«», 
Jr., the writer who athttrl>cj the Htnjo 
htury — and every one will admit adapting 
a stor? that had en much that had to be 
changed on the screen fras no light task. 

"The Merry-Go- Ilound" It doing ; a 
flourialtinj- bustae** and we are wiling 
to waser 'Tbr Hunch-bscfe of Notj* 
l^ame" will also help the ecblbitor «* 
pay hi- rent. It ban alt tha trO-uX* 'h*t 
■nu-..' for a poputar appeal— a love !*• 
lerest. beautiful aettin*-*, auapetiae, "#• 
leiny. inlrigU'' and, best of all. A n H 
-ilctnrial description of Paris at iht tiea* 
Colutnbua discovered America. 




In H« Support Will Be Eliiabeth 

Kisdon, GftTin Hair, Ethal Xuk- 

nu ud Fnak HorUn— "Ca**- 

noT*" Opem Next Monday 

fright in Baltimore. — Dae 

»t Empiie September 34, 


ANOTITER of .V H. Woods's cenae- 
leu* producing vmtnrt>C will get 
under wn* on feptrmirfr IS, when 
Mary N«h begin** relwitrxah In "Polly 
Pwri." This pin v i« n«*a- •uth»V than 
Brown 'a drama.; "A Gentleman's 
? which Sam H. Harris l*W not 
Sprint with Joanne 1-laglea in the 
fotding part, but it lias been eomphyely 
TwwritMn by th* author vine* then along 
line* laid out by Mr. Wood* and It will 
bt given a hearing here late. In the Pall. 
In. Mis* "N'aiib'a' support will he flsrin 
iuir. EUianbrth Uhsdou, Ethel Jackaoa, 
rat Hoitou. Leonard Wiley, Austin 
it-man and Teddy King, 
Miss Xaahfor t.h* last t*n year* has 
been cavoninn heri- ami nbont the coun- 
try In "Captain Applejack/* under the 
management of Sam II. Harris. : ' (I that >" 
projected enterprise. Mr. Woods not 
> he* acquired the play from tor lat- 
Diinirtr but tlir star n* veil. 



Meantime, rehear**]* *>t "CatauoTn." 
the joint venture if Mr. Wood* and Gil- 
bert •Miller,. Is hard nt it rehearsing in 
prenaratlnr. for Thr opening neat Monday 
night In Baltimore, 

■. Another v»k will be played in Al 
lo.-btif City end then the dnmi' i* due at 
the Empire Theatre on September SSL 

Lowell Sherman will be the alar of this 
urhdtictfou and others in ihe company 
will h* Katherine Camell, Judith Vo**eHi 
■nd I'mni Cossart. 

Rnhrrt E4H«a Belter. 

Hubert Edaon's condition is much im- 
proved, secordlng to a wire his wife, 
Mary ^cweooie, received, yesterday from 
tVc ( "oust, where her husband has beta 
playing In pictures: 

Indeed, sccording to the same Joure* 
fT information, hi* lUnCHl bit never l-wn 
of a crave nature, ia Hie* Neweorab, 
lusding ■ figure r*{ -The Won»»n on tV 
Jury.'" it the Ettinxe, if informed the 
rtporl* concerning UA have been gross- 
ly exaggerated and there J* no causa for 
; Worry. 

Mian Newcewh has cnnriTnied in her 
part without miaalnr a perform auce, an- 
other signal tribntr to the MnaUticy 
wbifh the folk of the *tai» hare Cor 
tbdr work, 

Ul«a RaiBib«Ma *■ C-o*ib<- 

Marjcrie Raraheftn nonttnaevr ber atoc^ 
work-in Lai Anarlefl and late thUnionth 
will turn her liaud To the neefal eiperi- 
ineni flf trjlnc out the ptaj by Grorfr 
" Wlrton which Mi*. Wood* bis aeleeted 
. her «*« In New York this Winter, 
i', 1 1 la called '-The R<wd Tofethrr 1 ' and 
will l-.r jrivUi a hearinf on ihe atagc o: 
vt Majevtic in T^oa Anfe'.ea on beptom^ 

i-Danctaur Hou-jp^h" Ov*auu 

The Selwjhi anil Ueorg« Ch«« p<K- 
■anttd their Kn^Iish moalcal comedy inv 
portatfon, "The Hcncina Honeycnntn," 
ft llie Apolto Theatre In Chkat» nu 
flonday niaht to a etc** of t3,0GS, pretty 
ctoee to a box afttct record. 
>Th* ehow, oriplfillllj known, aa ( 'Bat- 
tUpi PutJrr," had prevtoualy played an 
cof8irpmr(<t Of a fortullbt'ln i>*rri>ii. 
Cbariea Jingicle* bu one of the featured 
roles in - tha company. 

Nprjtklbv ttf Road FI|Twrw*t 

: "■•■>■ It U prettj early to pa as aflcttmr* 
jtdfTment on' condJtlMM in the outlyvnc 
diatricti, perhan*, bat errant ajutta re- 
tnrninc to town nptrt'tba rond, vni mors 
nerdally CblcsBOi much batter froin « 
iniwintK* aundpnint than it baa been in 
antiy noona. 

>|lr. Brady prored it for ,ChIe*)!o this 
Summer by runjjlnic' hia r»n»dr, '"Up 
She Gow. for twenty-four eonBtcatire. 
wreliH to ptofJtabJe hale;- and several at 
Iht early towrina; awractloni now en- 
rtrnl re deaJiriJj with custonara beyond 

' SlanhatHH are nakinj an equally pood 
ijut for the territories, they Jibta visited: 
1 Fot Inataneje, Irene Bortdonl anil 
'Litt!fc Mini Blnebetrd" (atherexl . in 

|2.<JO0 in two peiformaDcea in .New Lon- 
don before the; reached the Lyceum Tbt- 
atn here, 5 ■ 

W*rklna >'"• (,«'«■ Hard. 

In fact, the belftlna powera »«m tn 
fee! N<-» I.iftsiiftii in capablr of hearini' a 
much hisfier theatrical Wrden tbia ica- 
»>n itiiiii *ver hthre wan A.»ked of ill* 
iittie city- ^^ ^ - . 

The awond comiiauy or "The Ginfhini 
(itrf played to <b*alate capadty on 
Thursday ftljiht Jant, and *0 thf** iita 
mmieal pToduetloii* are lined to- t"nl!i..v 
that ahow tbbi wi-ii. 

A second company of "WildfJowfr 1 
will iip^ti there to-morrow amnioE, wlt!i 
■i>wjJ MornibE, JJe.arie." booked th; 
next niciit- Tlmn on Saturday the 3(aw 
EntJaiid brancb of "The <;|Ina;|uc Vint ' 
wtli entwine ItaeLC «bou.t the portalv oi 
the Lyceum Ineatra then for two por- 

'I'll- liouae )iaa a rapacity of about l" ! ' 
i*--! lis on i be lower' floor. ' 

«j>IMHnr Weak In Hrhl|:*i)i.Ti, 

■ Not content with the francbive for 
leiitimate roan sliowa in BfMfepiirt ibu 
jifAann, they Fdi- minDn-emeDt baa de- 
viled a Ktiemc ts> uCIIJh the "i". [ rt rj:ii* 
at ii- MajaatJo Theatre in that cit? h* 
aiThig orer the latter half of the week t« 

Than, lyway of chine out A full wwt, 
tae time Ta dlrided yritti the I'oli house 
in Witerhury, the firm half being bm 
aaide for hnrlesqiie nui thr Inttor bait 
to lerit^marf attraetionn. 

This sire* me Pell ouUii * ful! vieek 
or road ahowi without interfering with 
the week of t'olumbhV burleaque, ■a-bii'h 
it if hoolcina by arrangeiDect with thr 
Co.ambia VSheeL 

noberl McLaughlin is in Clerrlanfl 
thin n-eelt looklnt; o'er the new play bj 
Uuy Bolton and Frank Mandril, "No- 
hody'a BiLaine?i F " wbicb upencil at hin 
Kiorlc houtt. the Ohio, on Sunday eve- 

The play aeemed to b*. wet) Jited by 
the tint nlxbt audience nmi Mr. Mc- 
IJlUfhlin ii sTimifly thinkinc of pre- 
aentmr ft in New Tork before the 
Chriatma* hoUdeya hate come, 

Minna Gombe], Joicphlnr- ' Dlaav and 
Georg« Prol-ert head the east. 

Ah»nt Tlile. 

fJ*ofe* C. Tyler i* aaid ti> has-* 
ehanfeJ the titf* j>F "li'ett of Pitta- 
hurjj," the aerr Kaufman- Con nelly orua, 
heeanu h* ftlt 'the origiuM n*nu' mi^ht 
ppjfe aff*o*lTe to th#- thMtre-joern nf 
Chleaxo. who Jt»e> priellejjeJ firat to r«w 
it on October L ' * 

"The Old Homestead" na* th* Ftw 
rhoic* and then. "The Deep Tflnghd 
WHdwood" waa nnilij net for ?hr 
Miliar Hnyh Kord, whn is .,:n -jr-ir the 
produrtian, will al*r> he ammriated wirh 
^^r. T?JeT In iln pmenUtlon. In the 
mat will he Jime.* Oleapoii. Robert Mr- 
Wade, Gertnide HI**. Mildred B~>th. 
(ieorne. Alison. Ralph Sipperly. Albert 
TaTrmier, I>orothy Willi* Terth Mo- 
rel. AnsreJa WarrL T. hf. Cahill. ■Hitnr 
frywley. Warbnrtou Gui^beTt, Fred J, 
Nicbella, Ram Janney and wvrrn] oth- 

"The- Vt*p Tsniled Wlldwood" wlU 
hnre r oreltmlnary rnitagenirnt In Tn- 
dianijpolU on September £4 hrfore un- 
its t« lb*. IJUristOTse, Ohltaeo, for a 
protracted 1 stay. 

c.+oTge m, Cotaaa l.eairVB, 
George M. Coban left yeaterdsy mom- 
iriT for Philadelphia to attend thr re- 
-jpeulut of "Little Nelly Kelly" at th* 
Forrest Theatrv there Isit night, tli*rlua 
KiL> B and Eluiabeth Hlnra head the cast, 
whicb «H aecn all last aeaann at the 
Liberty Theatre. 

A. aeooTid of the tame ahrtw if 
now [o the trtOcea* of preparatisni uml 
will berin a tour In Bprinffleiti, Haas., 
on Seplemher 24. 

"ftsHTl* O'WLallly/" goon. 

"The Rhw of Rosle O'Reilly." Mr. 
Cohas'i. latent masleal comedy, ii round- 
lnf ont. tha laat few weak* of its hlajily 
sueceaiftiT Iran tt 'tba Tremont in 1108*0.1. 
It ia dne [a Nov Vork about October I. 

aT«. a "Art lata aad M»Jrl«," 
A seeoDd company of "Artists nnd 
Models" ia being o™embleii for the mail. 
It will head directly for Chtcapi next 

Ktw AM*™- •"» ■"•»*. 
A new nnthor 1* bulatinK forth on the 
thefltrlfal borbwu this e«am>n in the 6*s> 

"The DftOcing EoHeyiiioon" Opens 

tt Apollo, Chicago, to ¥3*980, 

■ Scad Figure* Pyomiiing in 

Other Sectionl — "HbbodyY 

Bnaloeu" Done by Sobert 

HcLutghlin in Cleveland, 


eon of Merman J. MaiikiewLL-z, of the 
dramatic ftisff uT The TJm-s. 

Mf. M*nkiowic=- cuAe bis prufi-siaiinal 
dehut last night n: Atlantic iSif ""iris a 
aketcb entitled "What** WronB With 
Till* Picture." 1 which la a part of the new 
"Greenwich Village Fullii-j." lie alao has 
a full-length play which brm been ar 
re^pred for production later In The acanoti. 

Mr. Mankiewlea faef;an Ills playwriti^f 
artiriitea sa r student at Colombia a lew 
years hack when hi 1 wrote ill-: Varaitj* 
rtltow mitb Raj Perkins. 

Mr. P*rkln> I- fiflllm Us 


With Iti Xilwr -TrmsMw BrtUrf, 

Broadway Cfllebrttet Mmxj 

Opflningi on Boiid#.y. 


..With tint** elmne* of employtoi— ts* 
lidirta, the lesitimate ataga handa and 
motion jiictun; machine operators — 
i'peace with the manager* after an m- 
jtaminer ef wrangting. Labor Bey 
ce'ehrntn! with ■ rBTirel of Interest 
_ Bioadway in matter* theatrical. 
.'oar opening* Inst night started in 
■oepiciooa fashion and ell the produc- 
tion* now current did a Hahlne. bt»i- ' 
p^sa, moat of thnm giving special mntt- 
m*a to crowded hDCLsea- Mansger* ud 
cxfipkiyea* both fell aa if they hid ar- 
rived ct the happy ending. The *t&.& 
hand" pi |J realuEcd most of rhtir de- 
Briuid*, nnd the producari had the ptena- 
«f serine their theatre* filled. Polly- 
attna*phere pret&Ued festcrdty with 
acaarvn of lfrJJ-U4 In pro*jpKt r . 
Nor i.i a hi nek- Iniunce did any of 
.« tniNloretM fail to live up to their 
~ jijrreerncAtr, , The jUxe hands 
Lfd :>veT-;*iiiy in help In the iRiocew 
the opening*, the jnu«ic!ana were all 
.; their plaeca and the film oucra,lpr* 
turned Ibeir crank* as If they had never 
oeenl of wige demand*. 

(»F*ff<SV Ar* «rlllljin(, 

Ealeh of the openinga had its iii-liri! 
oar Vrilllauce. Mad^e Kennedy, who 
woo her famt- on the screen and in the 
. realms of farce, made her how in mjuj- 
eel eomadylest trirbt at the Apollo .!» 
'"JtViuPy." which yrta concocted by Oore- 
tliy Hntinrllv h ftnmtie) Jones ■n't Arthur 
8*.U>?ie3». Mir* Kennedy re*ci»*d a fin* 1 
reccptwi* f^om arr audirnrr niijeh la- ; 
Bbadril many celehritit*. among . who*! 
were. Ruth ChjttertQfl, EJophle BrnJltu, 

Pwl Whlteraen. Joe Weber, Margaret 
Kingaley. William Barria, Mr. and Mr*. 
T^pon Errc!, Hope Hampton and Fred 

The Yiddish Art Thentre moved up In 
Broadway laat night when ThoqLashef- 
aky'a Broidway Theatre, formerly the 
Nora Ba;e*t opened with "3 Little 
Bttrtneai Men," with Rudolph Schild- 
trant in th* cut. 

Mtrrri* Geat brenght back hS* "Cham*- 
Souris" tn Americ« fir anorber Huon 
laat nich'. when he presented a new bill 
at t he Jolaon Tb entire 

The fllai wortd enjoyed two important 
premiere* Jan night. Mary Pfchford ap- 
peared In "ttoaita" at the Lyric, mark- 
ing the first of her production* to hare 
an advanced-pric* openidX A hriltiam 
audience watched! the story of the little 
Italian (treat finger. 

William Fox presented hia reraloQ of 
Hutchison's "II Winter Oomet," with 
ferry Marmot as Mart Sabre.' and Ann 
Forrcat aa 'LaJy Tybar, at the Timed 
Hqnare Thsatre. As in tbe other case* 
the house tfmt sold out. 

CMB* AlBMt ('Imr. 
Local No. J at i:n: International Al- 
liance of Theatrical Htag« Employee* 
azreed to arreni ifi> oETer. of the leflti- 
maie manager* at a meeting Sunday, and 
»ri'l rerelre a 'i5 per cent. incnav« in 
wages. The Mnsifiil Mutual Pr«tectlT« 
Union voted to |H»tpniiL' the threatened 
strike Indefinitely at & njaes uioetmg 
which Eaxtcd until four o'clock yesterday 
morning. LoCll 802 of the American 
Federation of MusLelsns came to an 
agreement with tbe theatre* a week 
nf; and the dun ojierntor* made ptaoe 
tnn weeka uo, 

The only fly in *.** oiutmo-nt of thsot- 
rtral cohtentment is [hat the i:muU 
o[ tbe vaudorille. burlearjaaarid rnolion 
picture theatrs field, hare net yet at-*-- 
ii*d with tneir ctDidnyera. ITo-weTeT, 
there i> every hope thai ereryLh£u will 
he arranged within ten days. 

Mr. fefwlna, too, i* setting on In the 
theatrkal busincju. He htK coatributrd 
sever*.] nmsLi'd] nurnher* iafluriinp a tJsi- 
sle to ihe Bernard -Collier "Niftire of 
UK,!."' and has done the artore to s new 
BanaJcaj play by John Meohan which, 
rumor haa it will he givru a urodnc- 
tion this Winter hy lieorge M.'(*bin. 

M»if *hiiii "SietW"-" 

rharlM Dillingham bss dec+Jcd drfi 
nitely to open "Nfftirn nf lft23' r si the 
Majestic Thratre In liurTsIo on Monday 
night oT neat weeL. prior to ils show- 
ing at the Fulton here two sveeks ]*trr. 

The Fulton has nnderarone acme eiten- 
«Lrr ultT'otiorii In preparation tor tbe 
Jmpending prodnciiou, Including the ad- 
dition of enough dressing room* •hack- 
rtsge to Bronmmodste the company of 
more than seventy neroon?'. Thfo h»* 
been mad* ncceisary by the fact the Ful- 
ton in the ]■«■.! has bAcn givm over 
chiefly to dre.jtiKtir shnvs and musical 
prodnrlinup with nntall CJ*ts. 

Among the principal* In addition ti 
Bam Bnrnnrd and WlHiam folller are 
H*irl Da^n. Yav & Scheurt, Ray &pwj1- 
ey. FlOrW* Atnr*. Pmnk Crumlt, C*r 
lea ft Peggy, Hefen Broderick, , Jane 
lireen, -irilfljitn Tfolhrooke, Helen Ehy 
Kock. the Klin City Quartette and rhe 
Foc«h« dieters. 

The Fulton bas been rrname'l the 
Fun Shop. 

Joieph t,r Plana * Gnaddil. 
If J0*eph Le Rling gal lifa-tirketK all 
mixed np yesterday, you con bldme it 
on his daughter Mrs. Meyer RnnrnHrin. 
She hna just made him * rrandfaihrr 
and the gal>er? impreaario la *till in a 
jubilont stat^ of mind over the event. 

"SlBf DXIOCtC Hflllt'' *•>»>!. 

If Arthur Hammerx^ein can riitri ah 
open dare nn his calendar when lis ,ts 
not bonke<[ np fur a tennis match 1 iM-j 
week he's imbg to call a rehearsal nf 
"The Nine O'clock Revue." Thk l» 
the show he has Imported, from London 
find which he linn promtaed to do at th- 
Century Hoof about the drat -of .V^nm' 

.Morris HlrTcy, one of tlin f,Kne(pali 
of the (•riginal produttlon r lina arrived 
from Engiund to take part In the fearfri-' 

XoihfAit wl!l he dorte about "Plain 
.Inn-. ' the comedy for Mary Hay 
nnd Hal Slisllf. until after "The Nine 
U'CloC* limue ■ h dispored of. 

To "iFniir TtaU tfllDH, 

Jack I'.ntrm fieri his cr.nim!, iii pin- 
ner, Lnrctta Marks, hare decided to let 
the rlA£c get along at heat it can without 
them this season. 

They will upend the Winter at their 
country home in ltye, studying- rotae cul- 
ture. Part on and Alias Merits were last 
seen in "Vanitiea of 1923 at the KnrJ 
CarTolI Theatre tbla Hunimer. 

■'Connie'* !■ Itansford. 

"Connie (foe* Home," Edward" Child* 
Carpeater'a new eonzedy. will pretest it- 
self lo the residents of Stamford tomor- 
row night before venturing ]nto New 
Vork. It La listed to op,*n atthe Forty- 
fiinth Street here ou "xborsday twbhig. 

Kilbdumc OonlOn, Inc., h tho nporisor. 

Mmir. Dora Ulrofr 


Madame Dorft fltjoeva arriv»d on the 
J.rvlathnn ypxterday direct from the Chez 
Fractal in Farli. 

She if under contract to gam H. Bar- 
rifi and Irving Berlin to nppesr in the 
third "Masic Qox Urvu.>,'' now in the 
throe* of preparation. Contrarj to van- 
nua B*afle* from the other *Jde, daacnb- 
ing her aa a Bobeojlen ?yp*y. ah* ia a 
ULiaslan girl end, so help Frank Wlt- 
ataeh* a prineew Into the bargain.' Prevl- 
ou* to the justly celebnted revrjlntlon 
ah* had brr own thoatre in Moeenw, 1 

M tin 1 - fitroer* and her jniitar hare hacn 
rendering o progrrnm of Russinn aont* ili 
.Pari* for toe ]a*t jair. She brought the 
Instrument with her. 

Chmmwi*' at th* r-rrttl. 

Leonard Mitchell, newspaper man and 
n-ublictat, and B. M, BnrBatde. for some 
time eiaAcLsted with Earl Carroll, have 
titen charge of the pren deportment of 
"Yanirle* of 1923." 

Several chaii^ea in tbe show have aim 
been made aiape the opcnlog irlght, .July J. 

Al to A 1*n^a. 
Brennan &. Saod^ the dnnclb,: Lean! 
who here been placed under contract l,y 
IVilnaer oV Vincent, were with Mclnrjre 
£ Heath da lonr last netenn, They 
will aiipaar In "Helen of Troy. N. Yi," 
at the rjelwyu thir- WlMfc* 

Jerome Kesm'e New *ooa". 
JCTOme Ke^n has written a new lovo 
aoag fo; "Aren't We A1IT' ot the 
Gaiety. Bobcrta Beotty will nlug It in 
the fjrwt act of tae -comedy in which 
Cyril Maiii> Is starring. 

KariDn*tl«a n D Ihr- \X*. t : 
Dr. VLttoriu PirdreccB and C*r. 
RomesQ Fidora, directors of the Team) 
del Plcuoli of Bom*, will arrire in lonn 
tn-dsy in advance of their tronpe of 
marionettes, which have docked at ]I>i- 


The r-ompany i? lintod to ppra'at tbe 
FraLIc Theatre brtw next Moaday night. 

It*b* HlrMCdo well AcmUi- 

■Irene Kintrdo, who w*j irjjTieeid in n, 
fall from ■'< liumc, la Ceatral Park two 

week* ago, ha* eotlrely reeo r eeed. Shi 

i- v..l> i_ .v... .^. s.t ■ \'...;*< 


ybofal *■? Abln. 

KfflJEBl.vr; COBWELL. 
Who irlll open with i.isMeii She: 
rami ' n "CaLaanoTa" In Rnlilniui 
nrit ireek. 


by moRNim Telegraph staff 


tr.d Aadicict II So Thrilled ly 
Miu Pitkford u Orown-Dp 

They ire Not Mused. 


!, TUT A,< of Acl- 

■ ml >:rn..i Lablt.'b, 

Who M.dr II. 


Ttuolo b7 VTUttr 
** WAnr SAHH. 

■ hr Will He; In nehp.n rsn I s la 
"Folly t'luirl" on Sepleiiil**-!' I -t. 

■ -' - Thrrtri tr rjoldbara. 

., ; MlWt f;(IMITKLI.. 

Bhm I* oprenTlna In ".Vobod?'' 
Bsilsttil" .tbla srcelc In Clevm 



Ik hack in 
1928." - 

the cast of "Yinltice of 

e TiAirJ.'r;. riiOhfrORn. 
Star i docv hrr »iocr laOtshaJe -rrorlr 
' iti -IIvaUh" mi Eke Lrrlc Tbcafr* 
' tilt* xiek. ■ - 


The famous citrla, so bug the mo*t 
r*luab!e nr^perty o! JUry Plckford tuid 
Cor no many years Ihe ^-liicf envy of every 
would -be motioa pli.ture artrcat. lience- 
forth will not Bgurc in Mis* Fickford'a 
picturcj. Tlie audience* at the Lyric 
Theatre last night dledded that for her. 
After *er!ng "Itoaita." Io which Mary 
fur thr firai time playt.n Brown-up wom- 
an, mere waa n feelinc, ibat she had been 
drfraudioa: the publiu of ita right* by «m 
fining tier rtfort* iu cJtUH ro.*J' 

So little ad*e*oe heraidinj; waa given 
thifl picture, after seeing it 
shntving at the Kin on Friday night, *y 
Warns unprepared t". find ons of thi* year a 
greatest pniduiiioni and the lilient thing 
Mary llekforri has eye; drrne, uol even 
ewtptmi "Stella Mar'j."" 

Au| or ibr touchea thit Ernest Lu- 
bitsyii taw -l-aaaion'" and -Deception*' 
tii" Ueruaaa prvdueriunK that soi Ameri- 
ca on if* ear u fev' year* iigw, he hn* 
Civi-b ■ ..nsiiu. i hat* Bi-Uuni seen * 
picture a* Ti-cll directed- aa, "RoalU." 
jrCeneti tlJJit a moro clutny director -ivoold 
hnfe felt necc?LB*ry to explain .Mr. Lu- 
luiach has lert to iho imagination of the 
public* He haft credited the American 
Litdiencea with i-noath intelligence to uif 
i,- L-*-L.iLiii what be m^an* without a wrii- 
len expbinatton. Tbe scene* between 
mc king; plnyed by ilolbrook'd 
the ijTii-j!, jilayed by Irene Iticbi.are a 
ICAtoa in auwifty riiat tne average di- 
icctor will tin irel to mmaif. Mr. l.n- 
hit»'Ji knowM his court etouetie «'"l toe 
jionip and ceremony surrounding [$ court, 
mid 'he never rawer* any ol the nieeiieii 
ibat are no piuluily Uduog In many y'w- 
I lure* of s- ■ n - 

J hr Kin;.-, bofed to citLocdon with hie 
iimj.v. niUHL at all time* ahow her a cer- 
tain well-bred deferenr-e. She, • demr 
enough tn know hia intrigues, checks him 
up Wltbotlt ivr lord and master iinowin,' 
■■ii- anepects bin MOaoadea, A 
director I""is BklUed than Mr. Luhltach 
would have made th* Queen a Jealous 
woman. oh*Iou"lT motivated by her angry 
iiateioTin to Beck revenge. ln».earl D f mis 
'. e tinre u charming woman wine enough 
not to give any vun'ble signs of her an- 
noyance at the King's flagrant Infidelity. 

Whale Caat la Kfne. 

In making "Roilia,'' Mary Pickford 

lien demonatrated that she j,s t good bu*i> 
nes* woman as well a* all artist, flbc 
baa not depended *ol ■!.;■ upon her own 
i-haLnu and ability lo make a production, 
hut she baa surrounded haraell with the 
rineat ua*t obtainable, tbe beat director 
and a story laid in old Spain tbnt afford* 
her n colorful and pircrireaque itioos- 
Libcrt, sr L i- | JH ; at no- time meat to wrest 
any honors aitay from other memoeraor 
her siatT. but baa siren Otfth thn Mob 
and Hie Qnern, a cnance that few aura 
.would ba%v had tbo -wisdom and fo.-e*ig;n 
to do. in^told of, wenkenjng her own 
part she lis--: made a productioi. that will 
be a fioal for other stars, to try and 

Hero la art in motion pirturr*. Art 
from tho ex cedent acenaiio fttmlsbcd by 
llaus KTsely down ta too- tiniest hit con- 
ant extra. Tbi 
_ _spfnsp, coitiedy. 
nathOa and; hnmao lDterp*t to tbe nth 
degree. All of tbla ha* been <.,> corefuKy 
i-ombi'ned that it did not aeem to ut that 
(here was oae -nch of exseaa footage. So 
ivr-ll don# was the> wholit thing, when the 
plrture waa over we sat heck and wiebed 
there iv m mora to come. "Boelta" la 
proof positive that t etory well done, no 
matter how alia/hi tho plot. Is tbe thing 
that really remits. 

. Boaita ic h little <tr?*t singer who 
come* to the attention of the kitjg when 
eht< ring* a aong ridlaitjaj him. Hr Is 
tlc l lghted with her beanty, her vivocflj 
and] her saucy flirtations and I* ho/Hof. 
tbe 'time of hi* life watching hrr throug i 
m mnalt when aha fa seized by two of 
the king's men and taken to priaoit for 
high treaaon. A yannaj man with whom 
rifts It u hn* Ilnd a iJesjiernt^ flirtation 
trie* fr defend her and wounds' a W*n 
in a daet. , It dcreJops that he la a crnint 
nnd the kUf plana to put him to death. 
Memiwhlle the If log free* Roatia. and 
give* her and bar comedy family * villa 
well oaoinpod with aervebts. The 
mother Inaurta that her daughter bare a 
title ao tbnt the aerrania can not laugh 
at her—and thinking .that tbe couot will 
gona be oxcruted the kmg hBa them 
morry. both of them blEndfnlded and nn- 
ktewnto each other.- Ttoaita, v.-irh n 
women'* curirtnity. tear* the hnndacc 
from her husband'* eyas and finds the 
man ane lovrs— and then the excitemenl 
start*. Oeorge Wal*h play* tbe copnl. 

iBiptai* H Thtentn.c. 

A scene borrowed from "Lft Tosea," 
ttltbougb camoaflsgRil, clips the i;>v-; a 
Chance to promise the count's frccdnm, 
and then go back. on. hia word. Talk 
aboUL suspense, no one hnowa whecbfi 
pou-r lime Koaitn h r. widow or n nritK 

After she Hcllern her wver haa been 
shot. Mis* Pickford has a chance to do 
aom* dramatic actiog that plaeca her in 
"I J car- eras*. An; one who has hereto- 
fore sunD?Ctctl her nf KelDg a pretty, 
turfy -haired child will have to swallow 
thai unjust accusation.' for she giveaa 
performance that Du*e would be prou3 
to claim. 

In thinkino 1 oyer the njctnrt iri t q B 
cntet light of another day II «flV it Fri- 
day nigtm It Hem* lo tnt U is u near 
tlawleaa as o film could be. There mutt 
h-e (Ood photography, tine direction, an 
Ji'it'jiiQtr ess: and the story. AIL of the*r> 
tiling* Hoaita haa. The mob scenes at 
thr. carnival in Seville arc handllHl On 
only Lubittcb can handle, nmbe, The 
titles arc good; there la oorbiag bapal or 
mt-diocre about tncm. H one believis 
U.iiii a s family u exaggeratHl, and the 
Iaw comedy they infaiau fa unfieceaanry, 
that is excusable WstMana) It givei;.- 
R ebatiee for the.moniBnt tn lapse Into 
the sort of'thlnge abo p:aytd *o well on 
the screnn for so maby j\*ar*. " 

The ahcer beauty, too, of the film in 
something not to be orerluokcd. The 
*cenea of Spaio t niadt In California. \*mv^ 
no auggeatiln of California, bat inoli a* 
If they nilgbt have baeti taken in Seville 
"ilpsita" has ail :bc aaeet* that made tbe 
Uerru&o pictures tangtbte contributions 
ro fllJEi :ic; -fti-n! ij« addition Mary pick- 
ford. A picture made with th* care. 
nit-'.li.;.'-;''.- end workmsoshin of Ibis do: 
only be.'pa the oncj who make it achier* 
distlnctiiUt. hnflt heliMi the whole' Indna- 
try. We need more pictures like "B«a- 


Boiton Woman Open! Drive on 
Thoit Who Hold Spumes' Fur- 
eat Up to SidionJe. 


49ers lUck on the Job at the Hial'o, 

but the Honors Go to 



BLd gh* 9*ra II 1ii«a Alt th* rttmait 

at Talk Ah.nn th* 



■ Iniporied by [|i|d nie«riifeld 
. Arllnlt, mod ImpTfiilTi C»B- l 
rrlhotlon lo Prwer«*ns. 

Mothers -in -Ian* bare found a cham- 
pion at Jaat in Mra. Clara A. Grhvwoid, 
of, Boston, who arrived lit fitvr York 
yestordiy for the aton-ed purpose of 
foriniag a -Vew York, branch of tbe 
Mii;hctB-in-law Day Annocuttiuu of 
u-fi-fh she ia president. If Mrs. firis- 
n-old-fa abl* to carry out her announced 
purpose then mothers-in-law *re going 
tn bsve one day set Mile each ye*r 
when ther vftQ he honored as they feel 
they should he. 

But thfit isn't all that Mrs. Qriswotd 
bs.s n^epped out for thiN organiiatlon 
which was formed- several week* ago in 
■Boalon and now has ■ mciuberahip of 
approximately TiH. The licit time a 
mouulngist ateps on the atajgc frith a 
mn ■ E 2 -, -r- of charier about hia mother- 
in-law hp> aj not goiug to be greeted with 
the niual outbnrsts of levity, but he will 
he heard in the silence that hi* cJTons 
fihoiiid have. Mrs. tJriswold* in uce-itlve. 
That ia if Saw fatb takes kindly to 
this new asBociAUon. 

■'Mothers hare ■- day; fathera have 
ons. ivhy not mHhrrS-io-lAn.'?" Mr*, 
liriawold ssks< poIntoJIj. "Certainly 
they are important for fltat of at! thef 
hnve been mother*." 

There being no reason sdvanced 
aRainat the move That sounded logical t» 
Mr*. (JriSwfiJd she rotteeiTed the Idea of 
orgtnicatlon and it la an accompltahed 
fact, eren if it can t be said that it la 
grotrfog by .leaps and 'bound*. 

«"T tnr Huihrri.ln.Lnn, 

On the day that Mr*. Grawold hope* 
to hare set aside -mothera-in-law-will ro- 
celrn candy, or flowers, or -other seotl- 
mental gffu. or tlac. uerhap*. a trip to 
tbe. thratre. That is one day Ln the year 
that there will be a ]aw protecting 
moth era- in -taw from any onlbdraU, no 
matter what happona the teat of the year, 
is the hope of the aisnciation. 

Of course, there'' will hare to be- s 
flower, and it probably will he a pale 
pink rose, nccordinc. tn present plans, 
fcivery married man will have to wear a 
rose on that day, or, it has been pointed 
nut, hia wile will be. ab'r to get a onick 
line on how he (eels regarding hia mother- 
in-law. And his failure tn hnnor the 
risy may lead to serfou* complicafions if 
Mr*-, (iriswold's Iden'iA taken up with 
the avidity that she hope* for. 

Wb-L'ii mother-in-law drop* in (or a 
little visit of fit moqtha and brings alnnn 
the family cat the huabnnd of ihc liou*e 
will pefhapa not oh^y that Impnlse. but 
lie certainly will obey that urge If the 
wife is on the job. ax Mrs. firiswold ex- 
pect* her to li' 1 . 

Mrs, CriswQld ;* rrtf ponltivr that all 
of the wit and jokes nt the etplnee of 
the mother-in -Taw one ■'allcced." ' Thnl'i 
her term and slic is gofog to pipular- 
l» it. 

Bat the re*i nf ibe country ia nnt 

(run* to_ esonpn from lliis. unsocial Ion. 
Ira. liriswold Is only gn!ng to nrry 
In Xcw York until she g"ts * local 
branch otaAniied, when she will ■! urt 
work cleewheTe and continue uatll -the 
entire country has been rlalted. 

Legialators will b* appealed ti to> **- 
aiBt in setting aside a ikr- for this pur- 

fooe. Not to set n legal holiday, bet 
i proclaim a day when the pale ptnl 
roar wtll be worn, Mm. t : rlawoId * 

Tbe idea came ti Mrs. f";rJ.sw**M from 
an utterance of Mrs, Lemlra <THVu!hue. 
mOther-ln-law of President CoolldgT. 
who Is quoted as saying that, she would 
Tike tn see a national moth nra- in -law 
day instituted-. Mr*. Ooodhur didn't say 
why, hut the innplrntinn woa enoug'i for ! 
Mrs. CrtiswobJ and tho juaociatlon waa 
started. Xor.fs It to be limited U> f./-.i 

This js going to be a golden nprnr- 
tunity for a husband-- to aojuare hlmeelf 
with hi* wife for the nighta he hva *pent 
workln gat the nffire or' visiting sick 
friend*, fvTr hi* mipport (no dortbl* mean- 
irur intended) will be enlLateu by. Mrs. 
OrlvwoH and her associates and he may '■ 
be called npon ro furnish Fden* ol least. 

flvralts Ft. 


Mrs, tjriswcld, who *pf*Rka from ez- 
berienre. ia a charming woman and far 
from the comic conception of n mother- 
in-law, Is serious ami she wants the 
trorld to take hrr serlnnaly. She Is a 
motiaer-in-law herself, bsd one and *o 
can talk with authority on the subject 
of what is thn right treatment tn ac- 
cord to what has Jftcnuely been referred 
to ae st least the tongue D f the family. 
If .nut tbe head. SHe (tag pome Ideas 
that ere expe^eJ tf, oppenl to huabands. 
among them beiut tint visita from 
m nthers- In-laws should never laat longer 
than a week. Alao she i* p'osi(b,-e i that 
a mother(n-law never should live with 
her matTied rhiMren. 

'This fa a qneetlnn that deserves seri- 
oun consideration." mfd Mrs. Uriswotd, 
"sril I hope, .that it wilt be given ths 
treatment that It wnnnats." 

It nrobabjy will, 


AJIeged Vagrant Qiteitiopcd OB 

FoTuble Connection With Kid- 

nnpip.^ of Girl. 

■ With the *rrrat Snnday of John Hur- 
ley, of Hd'Htbd atreet.. on a charge of 
vagrancy, and hia arraignment yester- 
day, police bellere . tbey haee a cue 
toward ihe *olittioB, of- tho Ooystsry anr- 
roundir^ I he kidnapping of Lillian Mc- 
Keusie. the 4-mot)tbi^4ld daughter of 
Mr. and Me*. Pete? McKemle. of 2M 
^\tst Twelfth atr«r- 

aevrral uerappi.wbo are Malt] to know 
of Hurley a aopposed connection with 
the cBaeare. to beaubpoeuod. Patrolman 
I>arld i. Donnelly, of the Ojd Pllp ata- 
tU-.ii. wbo arrested Hurley, rereivad Ja> 
formation about the latter from Hugh 
Weldob^a tall driver, of Horatio atnet. 
T?i'.i:ue!i.v declared Weldon's wlfn. slid 
sb ■ Mii-.- Ha: *■<';.- dresaedjn fetoin>ne at- 
Ut*. carrylag a baby near the Biltb 
aTruur store from w^terr the- M riven (i(* 
chUd was taken. Ha alao aacarted Hur- 
ley admitted, brin; in that *<ore to make 
a nn the day of th# kidaepiag. 

('■ii!-ni»i for Hurley, and his sister, 
Mrs. Margaret Donaage, jlerrlartd in 
coitrt be rouW not have done the hid- 
naping. .-•*... , 


There eeems to be OP end to tbe melo- 
dramas of the West. Some of them at* 
neatly disguised. Other*, like ''Salomy 
Jsiie" at the Rialtu, wear no mturUCh* 
to deceive ' you. <Y*"sidem*r Young 1 * 
adaptation »t the story by Bret Hart* 
abd the play by Tnul Armstrong 1* aa 
addition to the list of picture* dentinf 
"■fib the njuch-nrJIised land of King 
Kartridgf. lr hardly aeems poisihle that 
any set of human being* — even the hel* 
and hardly 4Bera — could stand th* ner- 
voDs strain of an etistence where BTery- 
body krepfl his hand o«i hia njafn^, and 
Iff. a dull afternoon liiat some one i»u't 
being all ahoi up. 

HoweTer, whether or aot you" Hk* 
■ faloniy Jane," it in wed worth a trip to 
the Htalln to see "Bill," a character study 
from Anatole France's "Cranquebuie. ' 
Maurice (Ta -Foraudy- nf th* Comedl* 
Fr*BC*i*e plays the t!tlc role, and hi* 
nerformanca make* one realise the hope- 
less inrdiorniy of the average hiatriom 
He appears aa a Parieian market Tender. 
whose Maiory conaiau of bating puttied 
a vegetable cart through the street* for 
fifty years. While watting on the corner 
to roller) irom a woman customer, an 
nftii-fL- tells blny to "mora on. T ' Under 
his 1-ifre.ih Bill mutters, "I wonder why 
she take*, so long. Hhe must think J'm 
a 'fat-head.' " \VT1ercUpon he la arcusarl 
of calling the gendarme a "fat-head," 
vnt. to prison fnr t"o weellB and fined 50 

BcHtenee Ha* Us Ap^«Vnt*n*» 
.His jail sentence has the advantage 
of- a (kaii room, a comfortable bed, and 
regular, [oo'J, ao that when" bin time ii 
ii]i th? only unpleasant memory la tho 
separation from, the piish-t*rt. Ue finds, 
however, ob being rHeascd that his cua- 
tomara have cither - forgotten him fiw 
leok upon -him (is a jailbird. With hi* 
tradr 1 fdoe he has no means of lira* 
hninl and is soon evicted from his gar- 
ret. Welcoming a chance to return to 
prison he goes deliberatnly to an offi- 
cer and calls him a "fathead." But th* 
officer merely orders him" on hi* wgji. 
While contemplating silkld" in the FJeig* 
a Long comes a little, nc-wfsboy friend df. 
former scar* and taken the olrt fallow to 
his hotm-. After being niado comfortable 
an J hsrlng snmctbiog to eat "Bill" to 
bis amall benefactor observes, "It may 
not mean n thing to our Republic, sou- 
py, but you can qsy thai: you saved a 
man's life." 

This picture which was brought her*, 
iruui France py Hugo Klcnenfeld re- 
flects ke^n observation of life. There ia 
a whole phitpEopny nth ol it. Most 
tronblea spTilig from just rach incoh' 
*eo.uanttal Irlfpe* an thn "fsthead"- cfth- 
IrbTers]-. The relation of the simple 
narrative conveys little Idea of the 
charm of the tilm for which, he ac- 
knowledge a d»bt of thanks to Mr. Hie*. 
crrfe.d. Imagination, however, ia * 

S eater managing director than egan Mr. 
ta*«f *]•],- *»rf (or copaideraljly less 
thorj o dollar rvrrybofl.v con mske hii 
or'herown production of "Cranquchillej" 

r-e-Bta*>e No< l'nrr.1(-nlarly IfgnTi 
To rrturn to +, Salomy Jane." It's 
juat another bur of ibpsr "C'adforniR ia 
thr reckless, lavrlesA. romantic daya of 
-ll'"" aifairs. Thc^ opoDina scene showp 
the oil siage-coach "bravlns the lork- 
lag dangers of the high Sierras" and 
being held up In the art. Jacqueline 
Logan Is Salomy. the raatlicrlrflj 
daughter of Madison Clny iChatlrK Offbsl, 
"a Kentucky gentleman. 7 Ssiorny it 
also the "idol of ItH Dolt" All the 
imnoTtant gamhtT* and gunmen fur 
mLIra around avr> In lore with brr -s:nl 
even the unimportant .fiimcs Neild 
is aean is a "survivor of an old Ken- 
tucky fond," and Tom L'.irrigait Js one 
of the ntany members of the Vigilantes 
in love tTitn Salomy,. 

N«i picture of this type is complete 
wllhnut "the Stranger,' and Maurice 
Flynn mnbts a very engaslna one, w^-i 
propoees In "the shade of the giant lied- 
woods'' In the Xant' rneL A .hfaoe'et is 
the caoac of mnat of the trouble, To 
dear her fathom so*p*etsd - of havidt 
held up the stag-e, Pclcmiy Jane f* forced 
to tell where she got the bracelet, and 
hor confMslon lends to the arrest of Re I 
I'ete hy the Vigilante*. "The Stranger' 
la believed W be Pete's partner in crime, 
ti nH t-Tie two are led awny to be hanged. 
But tbe "Stranger" eacopaa, for Fate, and 
the authors have mads him the hero. In 
th.-- end tbe bail men nre all killed off and 
the ' rainbow obliges. 
- .Innneline I.ojrtHii ia slmoat, but never 
mjU*. convincing. 'At any rate, ahe's 
pretty- The rest nf the players do credit- 
able work. George Mr-Iran} dlrcrmd thn 
pvodnctlon. Other subject* on tha.Ui- 
alto bill Include a Cameo comedy callsd 
*'M-0YinB," which, is a fairly amnatnv 
thing -nf its :<iini : the Bisltn Msgaatna 
and the oTsrtors la made up of aeTectione 
from "Bob ems. '' 


Fielder in Street Oiae Qulifie* 
aa Big leiyue Timber tn 
^ Daring Feat 

If Max FaebeT.13 year* old. of Ml 
E*st Thtrty-*e«rnd »treet, d&esn t »r**r 
np to hr a trij] h-agtis ball player it 
won't be bee* use he Isn't wDlinr to take 
a chance. 

Max wa* playing boll in &a*t 
Twcnty-niulh ttreet yesterday whan a 
hfeb Ply came' toward him and Max. d*- 
rldrd td catch it'orbtew up in tha at- 
iemin. The bail soared in toward ih* 
bui'ding* and Max went np th* front 
steps ol nnmbor 139-threr at a time. He 
reacbed but. tha ball hit th* center of 
his glove— and ntndr there. 

Then Mai felt ' himself tnppl*. In 
reaching out for th* ball ho had leaned 
out over tbe raiUsg on the side of Vfto 
high stonp and with the hall tight In 
his dosfd bund hr lost His balance nod 
fall over the- raDiitS and ten feet, to th* 
ground. lantHaaon hi* head. 

Dr. Mead in Be^erus Hoapltal patched ■ 
bhn up and let him go. home- saying 
)<ii> lacerationa sua plentifal. -hat 
not awitnlfe ' 








Oadali .find. "Spuiih 

Dia eer" Good Eaoc ft to Be ia 
Sptciil Sua CUM. . 


lur Dill Com* Cut If Hatm Xu 

Bla Pi.Hl*r. t.i. !■■■■■ 

L*«.«. l.r L*. Iftfltlw. 


Our 9wn print*) win from Hollywood 
yestenJeT tinted ua tfc* newi tbat the 
Paramount production of ■ The. Spanish 
Duor." which H*rber'. Brecon hu ,'*jit 
Snlahed. baring FoU Negri in the til!* . 
rale. ie*t rw road-shewed Mtr tins* this ■ 
Fall, It MtBt that the pfctOT* in Its 
flnt cutting wu riven I private thowisg 
at tile studios the other day. ud, J<m 

Ldtky and BOOM *f the Other prodUrtJmi 

cJficials Considered i: so good thai tenta- 
tive plans are under wet to [i" it ■ 
treatment similar to that of "The !>■ 
cStd W»go«-~ 

. However, the Idea Is still In a nebulouJ 
state- AU that v> kiiflwr, h thkl t>i r pro 
dnetion. which was mill* u * Ann-rate 
bat not extraordinary feature, ii thought 
to have turned cat In the realty excellent 

AfCdfdtlfia tli* prmnl Pararonimi 
schedule. "The flpantph Dancer" ■**•< w 
tart been released nun* time l" Jwreoi 

bet. It III poanihlp that undrt the nrn 

plan it will be given an extra campjiir" 
of puhliritr and put forth ■» soon a« 'i'e 
exploitation baa reached it* hcirhr ai ■ 
mau it of pnHMr Interest. The [i^eent 
eChtme of things seems to fir >r» with 

Pok Negri a SSSh m rial* ,,r,v »*r» 

*ga|r> for rJ.*- first time lifle* "ha paaaad 
through tn lake up her A«rnr»n alamxur 
engagement wftb FUMKH Plar^m-IaMW. 
flhe wi : ] probably time her roiaiwMM 
with the premier* of ''The .-BpiBt^B 
SnetrV in cnae ii should iw ffrwi • 
■peclal OpntllC 1« Maer ■■> *>• prtartt 

to Idd ■ extra -nrl 
SSt. Brenon, wbo i« 

dirTi-tinTJ. left 

Anjtrfr* after a I tend i 
falj nie«e + and wu. a< 

. Bt to the eTMU 
rr^pooaibw ior.the 
l iiK>rnlD| for Irf>a 
z rhe mirnit* «f 
orduigto bla fan) 

IlT. nnaware of !*>»• iMt*ttWJpl*fl to do 
■pedal honor to hi» wot*.- Bftw«evr. 1* 
a rertnl illlMTte*' on ttr aubjret r-t hli 
a«*oci«tif><i wjrh Miaa N«frLU« dir«tar 
inc£iD.itH ihar hrr lrttfc 10 T** Spaniib 
Daaeer" »n i:.< bewt tb> iffrtM lid 
done afvee mmJOE .te'tt-I rountfj. 


AuWl Beretc wttr left City Osl* 
..'-» Fror Weak* Btfor? Dii- 
aiter H«pp«m«d. 


Bfreunkj. HtUw*d w*ot, 
wbo a^rieed ! n New Torit but wMk aflet 
■ pertljr'jj trip on foot throtiga Siberia 
wim Soviet H--!rci:ieei cl«a« at Kla beeJa. 
aunt ferwird j-wrtardlT to iciuirf \t 
tbi urJotia] hndiQtrt«n of the Bales.- 
tioo Ajuu would appeal to Itt *urp«ti 
fa-JapM to flnd oat wnat bad bar*, tbr 
fate of certain ftoaaUd trtiela w4r> 
who* be rtwetlj ippeared in Tokyo, 
Sod to some of nbnm he in r-lllM He 
W aaaareJ Chat cccnmunl ration vn 
ODfertain lad thai white, an efatl wqnld 
be nude to obtain Information there wai 
■mall hppt at raolrj.* • 

"Biri a few weeks' aav." ssld Bete- 
agarakj; "I reatjed Tokjo feoro 
Ekanjbaf and n-ai jTcrtrd trj Vladirarr 
Dobrseotoff, fenarflr 'c«Ik> ttltUt in 
the Ciar'i ImpcHil Drchettra. I mia- 
fled rirlj tb« Bmalaa colony an th« 
hJ(b bluff oeetloakiat ths cftj of Tohro. 
Ud Last week, mdj in a dcrwatowfa tbe- 
fltr* whlcii looked aft IE It wu Bttd* of 
ttwft^ paper it waa ao Crt|ilr. and yet 
to isrtipti,- aad Attractirr. 

"1 trlfld my bHt to ret mj old Iritod, 
Dobrarotaff ,to leave Japan and cone to 
America with roe. t%t old municm 
■boak hin head. howe/TBr. and wiiil he 
would' not come, itatntf na was too old 
in <Q farther and had undergone' a' Cor- 
lible fxperfence. aj nost of ui had, ainre 
the .nm-ehdAnev n( thr Ho-Art Ha waa 
in teari- wbes 1 left him. I (old Mat I 
would eam money and send foz him. 
SnTirar, but now 1 fear it ]# too late. 
There were many other muftkinn* and 
dancers of note with thtbraTQlnff, all 
looked after bj the Bnftaxan Arrphiiibop- 
If Ibee are loa(. tbtn (be world of nualr 
end my unfortnuatr rounlrj hare lost 
art r is# chej harp Long been proud of." 
^ BeTeaowaky deelarftd Tokyo iasfre-aed 
him aa a aueer "doll rllr." atddded here 
and there with real building.*, but for the 
mnii part made up of pretlUr-deftirned, 
but films*- aTmetnres rbal. in hi* opin- 
ion, a-otik) be iwept awaj in a iwicUi.nj 
tT a sdt e*r>eHa]li- high wind or tongua 
af fUtOr. There ware aereral [hrinaand 
traMierit Ruu inm Id Tokro when B«r*- 
aowskv set sail for Beattlt, he M<d. ud 
Ibeitr friendt fo New Tork it* pew n>ak- 
aaa frsntfr enTorta to learn whether tb*T 



Benatflr . IVom Utah PrtMnt* Pint 

Obttaclc in Tight to 

Eepsii Levy. 


reellaa Frt^m'.l- That ("nitti. i 

Will Sloe Late on AbiuhibIi 

al Low AdnlulDni. 


Sba (■ Iikloi gHl,Si>o DmtanKi-- Pi 

, fir Alleiri] Rrr 

*r I'TinliirHiim, lur., 

FILM BABY ASKS $11,500 ' 

Virginia Let Corbin, Through Her Mother, Files Suit 

Against Fisher Productions Company, Charging 

Agreement Was Not Fulfilled. 

Virginia L*a Corbin ii not tvtj blje 
ao !ar aa age and atarare gn. but she 
it very important when it comes to place 
and position on the screen. Tt i -". t an* 
Virginia- it uking for 111,300 in * 
branch of contract anit filed In Lyu An- 
geles ' against tba _£i;her Produciiima 
Cottipuy. Virginia, not b- r -ir ; ; of age. 
i> atkiog for this 1 tidy ram through her 
(bother, Sirs. Virginia Corbin. 

Urn. Corbis m forth in her rait thnt 
on Angnat 21 last a contract waa ne- 
gotiated with Victor B. Fijb*;, head of 

the coutpsny sad Aaron L Jtffe, voder 
trfaicb ber daaghteT was to appear in 
their weeklr production* at a aalary nf 
$S00 a week Al the tlnar th? conrract 
wa» drawn Mr*. CatwcS ij« qtii'tM a* 
Hying the conpanr bad not been or- 
ganised. Urganiuiion of th>- new enm- | 
pany was completed on October 1 lent, i 
aht aaya. and alnre that time ber dnugh- 
ter haa been waiting for forty-flTe weeks : 
of WDek_ 

A loisl of 12.000 has been paid on I 
tbe enntraet, Hn Sorbin »aid, adding ■ 
that SlLSOn in m][ dae. according to ' 
the lertcj of the agreement. 


Xuvui Lo«w M&kes Dul to Snpplj 

Bew Tiv«Ii With Fictuet 

for Six Y»an. 



JJadupe Petrera. wfao la tbroad on n 
six month a' hoUdaj wftb her b unhand. 
Dr. John I">. Stewart, wrote us frtun 
Madrid that she bis just seen a boll 

fVhen abe rttarru hooie aba will begiJ 
work at noes la ber new play, "Tbe Eur 
rieans," which will b* produced under tha 
management of Rirharrl Fterndon. She 
Is expected on the Olympic. 

All In all, Marcria Loew, who returned 
boat SlUrdtJ no -the, LemLhsn, feel* 
that bis European trip waa highly >uc- 
cesaful. Mr. Loew made a contract 
while on tba other aide that .mora than 
paid hia war over and, tn addition, made 
hira feel that life was pretty good to 

While in London he dosed n contract 

anr^iijieeHwrit by Senator Reed I 
Snioo; in Waahing?on t'jsl he ia apposed ! 
to no7 rcr-.sion of Lhe rerenue MU ntjhe I 
coning erulon of t'ongren li the firn ■ 
ob*Uc> in the'Sghc to repeal tbe admla- ' 
>.■- taaeaon motion pletafea and other 
■rei»*Q*"i:j- HowBTer., it If b«liere4 on ' 
r— i autb/iri^r chat Conrreaa "ilt rarlas : 
tbe rfi-pnrte ■ bill !■ apite at Senator | 
Hmoot, who la to he the next Chain 
of Ue Senate Finance Committee. 

There are xererai reieona why Conjre*" I 
*rfll prohBh|y,reriae the bill. Tbe See- 
i-etarr of the Trca-iury ha* announerd I 
thai there ia a aijrpla* In tha treasury | 
amnimlinp to aboat *toJ.W0,rtfB>. There 
i- fl:>n the demand that (he ^ortaxes be ' 
redaend. President roolidc* 1^ in f**i 
at bsi'ing tie tB3fca on lR?omet o( WSJBOB j 
a year sad tinder reduced. An the pen 
pie in thh c!aaa are rh* majority nf the 
tax payers this awotttn prove p^pTiljir. 
epp^cially In riew of the comine natlnnal 
electiona in 1D24. 

Feeling; la atrona. 

There i* o atfOPS 'feelinR in Washing' 
tor ngainit the entirr abolitloT) of the 
nnuwjiifnt ttx. Thfa tax.n^Tr bring* In 
to tbe aoTernment about jv\0f5O.t>Xh ■ 
year. Vfatm, peoplo pay f3fl a ticket in 
see prizr nghtn aqd other hig-h admia- 
pionit fo* BmnBemtnts the general CMllog 
i" thai the government nhnnid derive 
noma bcnenl from tbeae soiiTcep. 

Probably the gresteat obnterl" in the 
war oT reducing the tar on admins on* 
will he the bonna bill- Thia Mil aeenii 
mirr to be paaaed at the Mrnlng aeaaiep 
of Congress. £ven if the Presidenl 
vrioe.9 the nilL there are eQuugh irte" 
in the new Senste id pass IE onr hia 
reto. The lut Congreas panned a bonus 
bill, but president Harding veim-ri It 
knd tbe Senate sustained tbe veto. The 
question will cmn* up ■» to how rhl* 
bonus bill la Id be financed. Many aug 
geationi >:tie been marie and there U 
tare to be a prolonged fight on the rub 
Jed. with tbe nwult thai many of tbe 
industries (hot are expecting relief are 
bound to be diss ppoin ltd. 

.M » T T« I Irrortilti. 

The Tfefl«nry D*parto*ent will reconi- 
mecd to Congreas that a bill b^ naaaed 
doing bwrj with tni exempt ■mritira. 
Ii bas ben estimated that nearly (10.- 
<yia.0no,rjO0j hiie been Invested in «e- 
curities which are free from taxation. 
If some way ta foood to mi then* **, 
rnritiea it will go a great way toward 
reducing our national debt and Conereea. 
will be then sole to reduce taxes to ■ 
co n eld era ble ex te □ t 

The rumplexion of thr ronunitiee* in 
TViablnamn will be changed consider- 
ably tl the pen Congress. Conjrreuman 
Green of Iowa will be the next chair- 
man of the TTaya ud Menu* Cojnmit- 
te«\ eneereding Congrewonan Jeaeph 
Fordney of Michigan, who retired from 
CoRfrrwa last year. Tn»re will be puny 
new members of the Benst* Ffhance 
Committee. Chairman McCnabfr «'. 
North Dakata waa defeated for re-elec- 
tion, a» were Senators Oslder. Frellrtg- 
hsyaen and Sutherland. Senator rJilling- 
fcsnt of\>rmont died last frar and Setf- 
■ tor WElliamn of Mississippi wu ■_■■-': t 
candidate For •■■ -*:."c-inn. The Hoijao 
Ways and Meana Committee wilt iL-n 
contain many new faces. 


Bnliih Critic Slimt.i Fopnllr Sort 
of FfctarM for lAok 

of Intern?. 


Coaafortabls Chairs ana l^««v AJ 
aalaslaa Sews hr Eiicli.ti K»viwwsa 

me ftriwn f6r Can dl Hon, 

I'!:.! '.. L V IVBlll 

She "I-- "Iirsiel a Contract With Realnsld Ford to Make ■ Deri** O* 

I'nxlnrtloni In Pari* Under (he 1>I I ■?>• Il-ui itt Edward JoS*. 


Serial Queen Likes Other Side So Well She'll 

Remain Indefinitely and Do Her Picture 

Work on the Spot 

Paris and dear old London look ra 
I good to Petri Wiilte tbe pltce to reoieifi 
i on the other aide indefinitely. Rumor* 
j nf that wafted to our ears tirae nnd ti™* 
■ again, hut fMily yesterday deSniie word 
| came that MJa* Wll»| bns j-igned a eon- 
I tract with Reginald Ford to make a se- 
ries of productions at tbe tvclaire studios 
I in Pari. 

Edward Jose, who has been fir-iring in 
1 Enxllih-made prodnctjnnt for aoine time 
i will direct her in ber first picture which 

cnea inti productum etrly in SspteinVr. 
Mr. r'ord, wan ha> been in htsn for the 
pa?*t few weeliii (olkiog ^boti to oux 
Amerieon prodofera. »ars that Mi*s 
While i« the first "f a hat of American 
ntatr and direcrora be exuocti to stgn up 
for hii pietares deatined to b* for Aaorr* 
Jeaan sodienree, Special trcbnidl Ippti- 
anrcs of American moke are now on ihHr 
way m Pnri* where they will be used 
In Miu White's picture. The title nf ber 
Bret film Ik not yet ready for public an- 


**<*&•*'? 2?"' & , Cc f, b y< d *" "'>• j jDi'rccfor Who Won Fame With Picturizations of 

ntw TUn1i Theatre in LSndgji. to show J 

Continental Subjects Declares America Has Out- 
grown "Dime-Novel" Stage in FilmSi 

! deal or aUft. 


Weal thr Par* ■ is rmnniid nr« 
*•««. ne.ta. 

Tad PexJj of Angler B. Dnxe, who ru 
drowned Monday at Greenwich, Cl, wag 
takaw yesiernsy tn the homa of his par> 
gnia at 2E*M KightJ-alnlh alreev Der- 
.Jamin N. Puke, hk father, lad bU 
motber, Sarah Angier Dnks, were prM- 
trgced with grief and onaola to iear* 
their house to »ifw ths body in Camp- 
bell a Funeral Cb-jrch. 

Tb* htady was taken frees Campbell's 
to th« Doke home it 2 Eaet Eighty ninth 
atraet and tb*n to the PMneylegrnn Ter- 
minal. fox tftnafej to rhirbaoj. y. C. 
fat "n tpeeiti etr, N«w Tor*. TUn m 
ths ear oeeontrd by Mrs. Harding in (bt 
President a fonsral train. 

Mrs: lTuika ban been under the rare of 
IV Aohert Wilis of T2 West fifty *«t. 
snth street for atTeral dkya. EQsa waa 
bellered is be- rscOTeriag from ■ Barren 
fWee wheri tha b*wm at bar snn'a death 
eanaetflhET. Atehowffa many friridn saw 
Mr. Doks'a body in tba Fuoersl Choreh. 

, 'terrieat wtn hrW than. Thai 

•4 acrricaa wen bl 
nwaies wit! *- iyi 

_ the Daks MeSkthal 
Chtlrcb'in Dorbaaa, with the psitor, th» 

Her, Dr. Bradshar. , officiating. 
■tat wlD ha lp Dnra*«K 


Metro productions for tbe next six years, 
Tbe Tivoli it one of the ahon- places of 
tbe Britlah capital, and ""tn reer-ntb' 
built Rt 1 «tf of $2,000,000. Tbe first 
picture tri go into the theatre fa "Where 
the Parement Endf," and it opena this' 1 
enmin? Friday night witb s ipedsl pro- 

Eam to Accompany ii. It will remain at 
e theatre for an indefinite run. Mr. 
Lot*- said yesterday his plrturet will *U 
remain nt the theatre for longur than a 
weak. . 

Lrondon like* American dlmi, Mr. 
Loe/w said. FoUr B5 per cent, of tba 
films now shown in England are Amer- 
ican, Urn" ■" per cent, are shown for pa- 
triotic purposes, as the interest of tbe 
piihlic £• more in American productions 
than. in their own productions. Mr. Loew 
aaid, is commentisg on the change of 
name o{ hia picture "CnpUin Applejack'' 
to "Btnngen of the Night," that stag* 
dtles did not mean a Thing He gavh 
•o*teintere*ri£if illuamtlont of ibis and 
cited ne'p n l tcraaions wbcre he and 
(of peodu«ra paid enormoiia prices for 
ague play*, and oecause tbe title ru un- 
sBtiafietdry. the plcmr had tool umoey. 
This Is fnteresllng, Inasniaeh is a pro- 
ducar nine times oqt of tea pays roe** 

big prices because of the popularity the Look eptnrtrsa or intpld 
play kaa had on th? stage. 


Cewfetr *t*r *■ 

HaJl* Thriller ter 


From the Universal offices come* 
word that Hoot Gibson, wbo parka his 
make-op box: on the UttlTvnai lot. will 
tfitke -Tha Pony Expr-ss " * Wesreru 

Bernard McCoonrille. who in now nu- 
pereiaLng editor of Vaisersal's brand 
called ■'Jewel j," la writing the story, 

lalssmaiiaabaJ Oats Ccaaw. 

Talk about your newspaper scoops — 
the latent amlon pktHK ecoop po.ta a 
mere aewapsper to ahame. The BMttlon 
ptctare reporter who achieTement It wu 
M Ariel ^ trgai. reprncntativa of Inter- 
nationil New* Reels, **tv> happened to 
be in Shanghai at the time of the recent 
Tokio dtaaater. Vargas, taking a canter* 
and plane, flew over the destroyed city 
and obtained some remarkable pictures 
wfliehare bow on their way to this coun- 
trj .tad will bt shown, tl tba sautbast op- 

Ivrich \'>>ri tltrobelm Is not only a di- 
rector at no mtnn ■hility. but, he is aa. 
author u .veil. FurtbL<rmon, his ulentg 
as n wr'ter ore not confinid to books and 
plays. He can write a newspaper nrticle. 
The United: Newp- prom ihi« by Bcndiog 
out a etory from the pen of ths Austrian 

Mr. Von Siroheim says: 

"America's literary ttftie hu outgrown 
the dime nuit-i' stage. Traafay twoka 
hare bad their day. sickly aent:mmt on 
the screen i» offenaive. It la life— with 
ila inieve Bt-vioqa. it> uueer medles of 
petty hater, greed, funning and ladgater 
—the real emnlioan of real people — that 
a ui m>--i are luterested in. 

"I ahoold not auvk a th-eatre full of peo- 
ple to brlsere in a hero who tooked like a 
walklni cnlta red. Men *b» htre conr- 
acter enough to be real life heroes do not 
Heroes do not 

, ■ through tire witboiil'muaalni^ thrlr 
li»^, Noe d<i bemSne* H*e ffOCn bre»k- 
fa at bonr tn hedt'tne dreased in the 
height of fashion. AU poor gfrl* do not 
Eire nerpetuollt in rags and fitters. 

"Before a at»ry can take bold of audi- 
etivea aod ■ irri ihem through the In- 
tense moment! of Ita Hloi It mutt be to 
cramoted with tbe little rb'nga that Hf« 
ia cranuDed with tbat sndienres will for- 
get to queation Its rf-alfy — will lauib or 
weep nt lh# good tbints or Eragrdics tbat 
enter the Iteea of its character*. 

"Great screen ttoriea, like great booh 
Hwlf, hsTe noi been made by men wfao 
tried to gloss, orer life's realities. C|re 
audiences a heroine they rtn beliere in, 
sod they will follow ber every actintt 
ihrnuih the etory— the IJttle tbiags -hr 
doe. will ring inn 1 — nnd the loys and 
aorrnwa of bey l-fr will ib*tn, per- 
bapa lo Iran, hat Iheyil bwlieve b*r. and 
as H tfwOlt they will he interest"* In 
wba* sb* doe-*- Try to tmn nut rr*rj 
llttlf human trait — to bend the heroine 
Into the codretitioaal mould sad audi- 
ences cannot be expected to become intrr- 
eatfid in her or ber story. 

"I think that modern nfcfurr miken 
hare come tn know that It is life which 
must be pit on the nrrern.'* 

Whit Sir. Voa fitfnheirn nays li inter- 
rstiog, hut will Mnwhodr pleaae page tn« 

Enter* vat •TBOHKIM, 
H* lelli wfcii la wrong yrlta 

flortii OB Ibt 
eeriltaa fae V 

rrtti ta ant * rtiri* 
lied Vase*. 

Censor Board? He cannot get rer? fir 
awty arjth the renriment that life ^.hm;!,] 
be pictured as it is without getting the 
censors at work. V>V al! agree triib 
him. No one wanta akkiy aenliifnenul 
trash, bat even the simplest phase af 
Hie ia ohieetolnabte.iA the wneitire caa- 
nen and until Bometbiot i« done, oor 
ttetta will hiee to rtmtin unchanged. 


Publicity Kan Comei to Deftase of 

Weit Coait Picture 




Film Company Anxicoa Over Tom 

Cochrane and R E. Hdntyre, 

Heads of Office There. 


Hollywood is grestJe maligned in the } 
reports wbich hnre been apread, Lou . 
llsrsjigelln. director nf pnhlicity on the . 
West Oast for Warner Uroihera, said 
in • letter wblch wan received here yes- 
terday. He denies that there is any 
bathi for tha ecaBdil which hu been 
spread about the picture eftf and stye 
that, contrary to general belief. It is 
filled with eament, hard-workine people, 
whn urc ton buny to nnawer the many 
slura [lml hare been toLd about tbem. 

Tli" letter wnt as followi : 

"Ab for ss the acandal In Hollywc^d 
La conesrnrtl. tlier* la nothing to it. I 
have (lubber) ihti Dlnca an 'tbe city of 
ditillotiOQinent/ One comet bet* witb 
the expectation of virtuftUy being swal- 
lowed up by moral degradation, but 1 
have seen nothing to ophold this claim. 
rlttDe.r Hollywood it a o.uiet suburban 
town filled with picture people and a 
gang of rnhent. It remluoa me *o much 
of the atorlea they once wrote of tbe 
Klondike ds j a, the 49en and others of 
a simitar nature teeoanied ia history. 

"The disillusionment phase or thia 
place la that all the young glrlt vbu 
come hero to mako a name for thetnaelvea 
Ln inbtku picture* don't know the half 
of it There is lillle degeaerBtitjn here — 
Of eodnae you'll nlwayi and nome do mu- 
ter where Jftro go— and as Tar aa tit. 
yoaag screen ttpirftota sr« caiiceroed. 
they had better come witb n bankroll 
or starve lo death. It takes grit of" th'; 
finest caliber, psntrvcrabcr tbtt dots not 
know failure, and will power of tremrnd- 
noa fores' to i''It c^imb U the ladder of 
tucrrss in plrtitre*. Why? A promioeu 
produeer told me that what they tevk 
moat nre wrU kBt-e-n players. The un- 
knowns hate to tab* *mell bit* until 
they get ahead. Put there are to tnai>v 
people after these »mcj! blu that in tim- 
tbe routine of visitinc cssthiti sgencieti 
baeomes itkwjtfie Henee the d1*iLiu*ion- 
jnent. As the prodocpr aaid; "Jt'a best 
for them to remain iu <)<hkn«h. or'vher- 
erer they come from inatrod of trying to 
g*t in pictures Of c"nr»e. we need new 
facet, bat we ean't xsmble with people 
who hare never had onv esperience"," 

Ofitcinii of the Famous Playera-L.aiky 
Corpontion nr>- aniioualy awaiting <vnrd 
an la the fate of the com puny a branch 
office In Tokyo >nd its two American 
msutgeM. The ronipSPJ tnaletained Us 
distributing olRce-? for Paramount films 
for Japan and Korea In £hlba ward, ono 
of the Tokrn aectlous reported lo have 
been CBAttartely denn>iishedH No weed 
hss heon hearr! from Tom l>, ("orhrane, 
the brancli inauincrr, ejiil It. K. Mi-Intyn*. 
oaaiatsnt mnna^er, both of nhim are 
well known in New York film cirrles. 

It is presumed that titer cairipnnjs of- 
fice i*m dpHiruyrd:, and afforts nrn bring 
modi> to learn tli.' fate of tbe two. Amer- 
icans , r itnl their Jopnnr-a'e etaff. Unth 
Sn* York men lived at the Imperial Ho- 
tel, one of the many notable buildings de- 
stroyed br tbe earthquake, but bopei ore 
s(il! entertained ihui the n™ q,isnaged 
to escape. t*p to n lata houi no wnrd 
hia been reoeiyed from the American 
Emhatfty ataff in Tokyo as to tbe fate 
nf the many American business men sta- 
tioned in the Japanese capitaL 

Mr. Cochrane l> a brother of R- FL 
and P. I). Cochrane, well-known L'nirer- 
asJ ciecuilrea. 



Head «'!■ 



At the regatta rlcao op Lake Hnpst- 
cong on Labor I>tj two yOutig wOmrn 
of the bouse of Hfaadt atarred them- 
natrag by winning pritea. Of couraa. 
Fstbe- William Brandt hate* u. brag "li 
eiery thing and ib-mgh he does say tt as 
■hoolda't. Sts daughters are there when 
[| romea to afhletics. 

t'hsriotte Brandt, agr lit. won first 
prise in a raoue race, and Baelai 
Brandt, a* It. won third prise In a 
swimming conleaL 




lleaa of Flnt Xeilonal Raaia Bop* 
fa laid tan a pot Is. 

Robert Ledber. who admit* that 
Indianapolis i» his fsvorite town, but 
who has to ha--- 1 hk* buaioes&. addxecs 
New Tork becaoaf he t* the president ^f 
Associated First Nation:*! Pictures, 
res\cbed town Itaiurday on the Bereu' 

By Saturday afternoon he waa on his 
sbbt home. He says he had a line time 
In Europe, but la willing to Agii with 
any *,s« who saks America is not the 
greatest country ia the world. • - 



Will H. Hare yesitrday appaaird (a 
eh* ikiaaxr* -*a+n *t rha talced atain j 
I* asalat PrMldeot Cs-alldae lo a-:iin» 
bla praelaa i a r lew *>hLRg reuef far 
Jaosn's ■Irickea mlllloai aver Co thr 
pawpJe. Mr. Kara e*si«*trt that in* < 
rest «f rne Prevld'til'i ip*rrh be pal 
aa r*rvr m»tlaa plrtipr* ami la tbe I 
I Stale*. Tha Thealrv, Ommh, i 
t.'nsinbrr or cawtmeeea at ■»» «eeept*d | 
Me. U±jr*i laiifMlaa, sad wLU ass | 
ifaawVsnasfa treablea see gives ae wis* 
a rtr*a<ftlh>B aa a^.attl*. 

In ritw of ths delnft of special me- 
tin-i pietrire npejisiga during the . past 
two day?. It Is to be sronderrd what tha. 
man thinks now who first told the Mark 
Strand interests that it was ratddal ta 
bnild a big theatre devoted eicluwvely » 
films on Broadway. Four more regnlaT- 
ly ■ordained, picture hnusea of large siat 
and liimnnta appointaenta ban followed 
the Strand. 'Then ire eenrn* mora 
planned for the immediate futon and 
stITI the wizards of the camera an un- 

I 'uder the elrcumiBts^ces. the follOT*- 
ing .from the Saturday Review of Lob- 
don may be enlightening. The writer, In 
speaking of the, downfall of a recently 
imported American stage comedy. Mja: 

"SJIr+c* lie) r-iJ-Ce has been suddenly t*> 
moved, rriticiam is needtesa, but an In- 
■liiest mny hnte Its tftlme, A^d a nrdice 
nf death by misadventure ahould contain 
a rider on the folly of playwrighta who 
try tn beat the cinema at Eta own gama. 
Lob Angeles, of «-wirae'. supplies tba key 
now to the r.hole production. The piece 
jimt such stulT OS fliffls art made of, 
nnd Tvhat might make a jaunty little raro- 
reel silent '•comic." in now furbished out 
ns a Ihtte-ttCta comedy of the anoae* 

Matter of Price. 

"One naturally aaks why any 1 ' ton 
should stay ln tovm of an eveulDf. to aea 
plays of this fype at theatre prices wheat 
be can get exactly the same entertain- 
ment for a shilling or two in hi* local 
rrietBTr. hoane. In the coo^ietitiTe race 
the cinema starts witb an enormous han- 
dicap. It can da the Job at t quarter th# 
price and it wes that iu patrona do not 
pay three and a is -pence to agnnixd on tk* 
benches of tbe pi£ but provides them 
witb a septrote am chair (of tortsj ttf 
a handful of coppem. 

■Tn P seriou* drama la not so > affected 
h ythi? competition, for there win tlwmpa 
br a definite, thougb periloualy acsnty, 
public which wents It and will take noth- 
ing at all if it cannot get it- The prob- 
li-rn of the repertor ytbeatn It not to 
herr people out of the plctnn hOust trat 
out of their homes; the problem o! tba 
normal theatre, offEring designedly -pop- 
bdsuT pltya. hi to keep its pahue oot 0* 
the "tnovwa." 

'■'Th* normal theatre may be holding 
ita own In London, but it has Voat mH 
heavily in the ewmtry. *nd Graasina 
Barker hs» teeeutly 5ng-gested that the 
coming generation may relate a play to 
a Blm as their fathers related a stag* 
coach to an express trail, It Is not in- 
roncelrsble tfast the drama, ss entertain* 
men*, may become befon bng a tecrj 
curio. Seetoie the cme-ma has colhirae 
Lti bmlni^a by aerving gOodt of ■ Mb* 
quality at a fraction of the price. 

vormal Theatre WU! Uts. 

Aod fnrtber: 

■■The normal theatre, the theatre that 
la. which In content to provide in entar- 
talnment. will lire, despite ail meehanl- 
ra| rirala, by Its Hawtrtyt. if it can find 
them. It wDI live" too. If it eaaaot find 
them, so tang as It can ettfid by Its 
vtrenoth. whleb is tbe presentation of 
peopl,*'* talking well. Merely to mika - 
people siutnble la and ont.of trouble is 
nor enough: sny fibs ttQdlo can. fve ytm 
better, quicker, more rariona tu.mbb'ng. 
When the rpecch is golden, the filnt UUet 
fall. Imsginr filming Wilde Or eodeator- 
lne to nsck up the beat of Shaw tn 
celluIoM: So long as ths playwrigh; 
ran gjvo the actor words worth saying 
nnd- tbe actor can gire the words BsW 
due, the theatre is safe en on eh. But If 
It "Miy to meet the 'movies' by moving 
with them iu I abrtil* policy of Imita- 
tion In dispatch and derice. then the 
aeat nf Authority of to-morrow ia tip-Dp 
plush at a shilling a time, and the aWr? 
nf gxrod npnech trill be an nothing wbea 
mntcked with the moaning of OdsJCs be» 
fore n flickering iereen/ r 


leading Player id "Hunch-hack'* to 

Plant e Tree in Hein«T*> of 

Harding' in Adirondack!. 

When Lon Chaney, the star of *Tni 
tliinrhback of Notn r>am*." at tha 
ArtLor Theati^r. which wiU be presented 
fer tbe "benefit of the American Letious 
veteran** nnjiinisin camp drive, .t0-IDOT- 
row marine* and evening, terminates hit 
official visit In K*w Tork. ho It to fM 
eacortrd to the Tetersni 1 monotain camp- 
la the Adirondack* fry a delegation of 
American Isegion men headed by L>. 
Hamtrel Lloyd, president of the teterana* 
mountain camp. There on the lawn fa 
front "f the Warren HtTiiinar memorial 
he n-ill plant the first trrc in honor of 
our lata President, 

Mr Chaney will make a papnatl tp- ■ 
psaraxice at both matinee and ereniag 
perfonnKnoci at the Astnr Thenrn to- 
•rtorrow. "fbn patriork 1 eotaes of tk* 
Amnriran l^z^-. will decorate the lobby 
and eisce of the theatre aa a thro of- 
rhe appreriatioD of- tbe Ajrcrican Legva 
of Mr ("hanef, as wed ns'Cirl La email », 
for their moat -feneronj eon tri hu tioo a* 
thr f- V" -"'^ drive for tha camp. ' 


i.iillah eels Play* Ckaraeter Bale 
I at gaesa Pie ewe*. 

Liltian O-ale, the one-time motion r'.e- 
tnre reviewer, baa beroiue tn acTreaa. 
She want to the Coawt about two xaeatha 
agn to Seek her fortune and has ban 
■n ■uceessfi'l that latest reports an to 
rbs effen that she la now playing in a 
Ueorgo ft Setts drama. 

Hers bt a re>* of a ID-yetr-old plala*- 
wumaa and abe saga, while the wan 
ertred stiff tt first, abe la getting need 
nt the caauara, tha daractsr and tha lights. 


the morning Telegraph; Thursday, September 6,: i?& 


.^, By LOUELLA 0. PARSONS : ■- -' : 

Le«er OT^anintiOB jtake* Deal to 
Hare Pictures Distributed by 
: V Exchanges of Older Con- 
t . Vcern— ri Mt*iieit Mm in 
"- fl» Worid*' an Early 

Bole as*. •* 


^.i'iffhe two 1,ms*jt. Sol and Irving, and 
f.Mlte Rosenberg did * lot of negotiating 
yesterday mid, finally nnnnu-ncpd that their 

■ prodoet. the output of the Principal Pic- 

f..t;«n» Corporation, would from wow o« h' 

" -JUlrlbuted by Associated Finr National. 

Xjrit the *flnie time nrraiipeihentn were 
made, with th 4 " £dae* Cloa^l Pie turn Cor- 
, porwtlon for the new aeries »f 

! : lioni* H- ToJhurei'H miernnenpie picture*. 

ifc'&'tfc* deal With FiTut SnclonnI wa* nut 

'.i^i^if*!] unexpected, as Sol I>u«r ha-i ImiB 

■"^■;b«n on* of the franchise hrfders In that 

ord*nl*atioH and iu Mnw touch with it* 

r^rMeiitlTTflL' " . 
■'.jTbe picture* trnf the l.ewr studio*. 

ijj^eh wH(,"b# h*ndlFd by Fimt National. 
^1) ' frnfade "Thr Meaae.vr Man in iti' 
■WotM* already completed from th-' 

:JW» M. Cohan stage, production, ami 

';.*$•; Hit "of .the riiroM Ball Wright i>ft- 

; riiVi*, "'Whan 4 Man's a Man." The*«- 
-' production* will br ifi'trifruted thromli 

; : '$he'*hirf>.*ev«n hroueli nrerinnge* nwne.r 

;. hy.' Ptr*t r !f*t1irinJtl in ft* 1 Culled Htair-> 

'b and <Z»nada anil through the nrcanits- 

tioV* foreign braneke* n" well, but in ad 

dilif'L ro Fin=t Nr.ik-aai bundling tlirjv 

-Vii^ta, the, foreign departfl»eni *>r the 

.' PHaopal Picture* Carporstion will con- 
tinue, to function it wfil. 
~ With their distribottoa ileal rompletcd. 
the Leasers .*nd Me. Hoaenbrrg will now 
jco separata ways. So! Ijejncr' leaves for 
Samoa to confer willi film mm there APil 
tfl nrranti 1 afltnr tnaUCrft. pertaining tn 
foreign distribution. Ha will also no- 
atnricn for feature, productions, Mr. Him. 
en, her* will Frinrn at entc to ihe '>ni- 
1 to start on the first Baby, Trtgj prn- 
(Tiirtion under the child-star's new con- 
ti-net with Frindpal.' :*!'«■■ will alto lind 
f/riipnlfl-;'Bp]£ T\"riithl waitins for him In 
. T,o*i AnsnleK to nrranKP for thp prnduction 
#*•■" hln rmT-fl, "The WicainK of Rartdra 
Worth," Ininp Irfiarr wilf remain iu 

-til* N>w York offices Aa iimibj. 

TraiUt in B< IrCtlc*. 

•■ It Wklii* to. Iwh a« If rh,^ AaiPtiean 
(■CotJrtT of CoTnpoMr^. Author* *nd 
l^blialiara and the Motion Pictur? Tbta- < 
tTC- Own*Ta nf A'uiric-.i arr |[otni to xct , 
, toealier on ihr tTOttHe* (hit liure b^cn. j 
wring both organ tsatiotn for aoalc lime. 
,/;Aani(pjTmcB wan hrld ivltb fi. C. Mills, 
-. duuTniiii of _lhf advisory committee of 
■ill* Am«tcnn Ifatitti 0' COTHpo**". ' 
.Authors and rkibiiahars. rcprMcntin* bLa 
■aorftty. and thr board nf dlractora of t'Be 
M. P. T. U. A.. f*pn-aentiti*tb* thfUtnt 

In bfhnlr n( the iwi'ly ^f'•- >MU| 
,_ stated lJip ilwiir*- [or a mutuill.T asroc- 

- «li!r uaderatoiidiiiK bt-twefn* il and the 
.MaMph Picture Tlientra 0*n*ra of 

AlE#rfen. it bfinjE iwrfrctly apparent to 

- . bJI fuSii-Tin-fl thai ;ci i"ja preaent aitn&- 

t}un F/ii-olvins continued liRifatJon therT 

au nn mtir^ly uafiwa an*i ivaateful^ej- 

iwnditme of lime anil moPa? by both 

frid-^ lie made It cta-ir that he -did not 

; iaror prcafnt .uroctasM [(■ ww rnbrr 

■ Mrftablr and brttef «•*? *f kandllrn die 

matter conld he dtTiaed. 

■|lc in.*tl!L?d. however, that thetheali* 

*oni(rs jihuulil imy llnnac fHR to Mir hq- 

rietj If The.v iiM-il the cnpyrlfhttd, tn\i£t 

of ;fta nie:i , J *w:-* in Hie ibratrcs, boliiin^ 

tblit »!wji, nAr ttt the muaic *n a pub- 

. He pcr.ormanie fur irofit witWn the 

lO/auJiig fiV the fopyriiht Act. and that 

it w.>s bm juft'.and fair tbat the tbeo- 

tiea nbould tnmpiMlsatt the t'opj-riejit 

Bt-iprleioiTB for m,icb o^e of ..-, tlfflo 

inalenal. ■ , 

'.Wr-.M-b ^atcl that lie had prepared 

a urh(-t!t3i- 10 turrrn lbe r^llection oT 

- ruii-dc li'-;*iL*<- f-T.i in uhlrh he tOolc into 
■vgfiHcraticjn Variotia mnttem pertaUVnii 
lu initi"ti ylcturr theatvps. ThK. be idia, 
wojlfl be "HJKiiiriM to the ofdcrTn and 
duAOio: .l of 1 ej 1 - uRtional organJxatLoo fnr 
:be'y rotiaM^Talfon .before brSnjc ndopttd 

B«d prPQJ diluted hy the Airnriran So- 

flftf of romp^rr*. An(hor!| and Pub- 
1 Inner*. 

^Jrhc offi«r« nwl direciora of the Stf^ 
j.tion Pictiirp' Theatre Oivnera of America 
theoc ■jjt*n? ivith him on tho point of thn 
-' jnarirr mid e-iuiii 1 of llrrmio farn heinc 
rbarccd fur tlir> pjublic perforniaiire of 
' KiiFSi"' in the morinn ntetura theitrn. dt- 
' cnryitia. thn JirrrJ- tifn'fit to the member* 
nf (be •i'fi"'*. (hraiic/h the playlnc nf 
their rompn^ip'r.n« wan aurh nx mora 
' thftn ciimticnaatedi Ihfm for fhr- Kranilnr 
■' *nT th* rldbt tn DUbHety ptrft,na the wtaif-. 
' Xa tletnil thi» nn^jmept roTerej the 
point* thai xiirh |ilri,cin? comitUiited ad* 
vtrtULif l"T the rYi[y.i!t>?iJ : on of the moak 
..tiktoahle aott: that iti dtre^t result wnR 
to inerwiaf rhf popnlarity ef'the moidc, 
ereat-^ a demanil for the nheet rapier, rec- 
ords and! rolfa: and It wm saifeated that 

Society of Author; and Gompouri 

'«nd Theatre Onqicri Comprtfmiia 

en Royalty Demands fur-Mane 

Played at Tilm Homes, 

TiUey Criticiie-i IT. S. 

r Art A*aiTi. 


trine*, combined fli\\. tlie m>(lect ■•(- ■f- 
[tutrj. upr 11.;. inh 'rjalile in h tyn-.- <-r 
idjsii Ameriia [1 p*od!;oiL^ U/L< hirUly 
jiu^vihif' t>i uvfr-htrrf a the'*ft"e»n «f nue-i 
prup^e-iada. ticturta inriu ■>. ■■■ uT ttie 
mi [■■'■>! nii-:Jiii;.i>: vf inbiJJciitini iffJa, aJ2- 
c--i Ivi;^. ii;nl eren in iuouliii..e>, 'Ihu '.tldir 
urirr 0/ the yu^iias, and for Hw PrtneM 
■ iii- zvi-. 1 ----- 1 cure' Miiunht h ■ ewnHtied in 

juJti.LU Lliul MCeh i'lr-Ji-i Mild HUgJ' fKilill" 

fsiinil hi- ihf ji li.iIi::i» citl-u[a|en !■■ nn- 
vonrne,-! irieals and mil ilebuPo loaati 
Amer.--nii picture* nyt uiii.v , I'roi iHe 1 
-whttr-^BKhiiig: ■!;(;-:!•.'. ■■■■{ lite ''poor' rfclii 
but auM aq«w *' Lrnoenry to adopt mi 
A-nter-fiii rt":h>i- •SI31 ■■insip;- An einHi- 
|i]- *jf ihin Ih.pMvriied in 'he Mm* I" 1 " 
IMre ■ 1 ;.- ini'"; r.iiB H,:i; K-lbin WW) ihr 
niM-utLir ui Hie Btp^Ajbfrt. Thin Uiiifly 
ini'iii-re.': inii'iTTiB 1 p^tea wflfta f"f '"" 
in 1 r-iuiM-riii:! of miv uDiount >if ' do-hrr 
piiiiLi'tiHin, titer jj.iijir »f ■ Tii* Sim 

*^p.nliS ■<[ JJ-Hmai*. rtln3 i| ^'"'Tjei'Jl nTIHiM.- 
BhtjfT i,r.»('jTio.-« »:l]J'ricjrt[.- - . If ►s:^!i 
Ltiinirs nrrn rlont) frf ;l [triri '.1 pfc ore 
tfrer* WH$A V a riot in if American 
Iheuire iii :rhrch il ir.t« nimrn- -tf rvrr 


Thar inllFil'Vr.»fri!i-j o B llir IItIk r 1 l:in .1 for ri Six tATcck* 1 Trlp> In 

lltirr.pi-, t]r. Jtemnitf-*-, 1. l'i-r-1 rt* )i I of ilil-joej r H-nrt I. 


(■r)-istir>uuj{ lliF i ( :ial|[> nJ the Btftt h , 
pfkdfl filrm, ii m'rtkea nnr rrkihr WWifj 

to lidve ,.i .ni*vi. liko Ff*t iJ( TiHev l-ijoib j 

"Lif|e Old N>w Yoft/' I'erBonnJlT. we | be Jte .-da ^ k'Mil d^ ».*' tif ':,i.j;i.M- i-H. ! 

The -tec-Mid aeeidrnl to Occur - withiti 
The ne«-L in rhe" Mniinc of "■YbiaTJd;.,*' 
Mirii.;> !i.nifi': ! nmt *p!cture, happcuril 
jeiterday at the (.'o«cnr\p<i:iren Htudio m:.\ 
■•'■nJ urn: actor \n t|if ho^ephal nn'J guv* 
iir.oiher one wiiu imnse« ".hat be will 
i nit putm for-crt, A "jn-nrtiapl' lonrhjt- 
mi-ot hn» in paftjy***! t. iih at, the fca> 
iii!K> pti<I Mi'endiiT m |be uirdlineiiLi ifhj i 
of ""YoiiinJi^" "t.eorire Unrlnrard -fell" fift 
hii hor>«e. *..■«* Xi-amp.e;! jiihI injured ■»> 
-erioitflj lirVtllprn kna n ' hurry :--il! i"r 
rfce jiLiihiiliL; '■■-. ''ir. I]ii4*kward hm lukeu 
in ihe Ifnt pjti I T'-f-T-i " ■ I. *^hrrr bin woundji 
t't« dressed. . Thn iCtar, nhu «.a- hii 
pnrluer inr tlse JAi-tint nbcot rcceneii 
MciDU'-rbmi'Trs hdC'v (■■• nut badly Inirt'. 


['Irij-m* V-nl»» nf tbe Bn 

Sttji, (in»JhBP Like* 


instfiid of the thcntircji paying t!u L tWt/fr- 
rix;ht iirojirirtorM tjii: latter thouM nrtuul- 
ly" pay the former in ronniili-mtion - of 
the very va]ja'j<e >wn;oe IIiub reader (■*:]• 

Tin 1 in^it-tjii'n win Hhui nnJ 
developed, ilmt j-.ti^tb y n matnnlly 
aC7i>enble arrau,sempn-: mifihi be mide 
whereby the eopyriihl iirojiriftcre m^'iL 
be jriTon i-o-niinrjtion Siy tin 1 C*e*tfe 
ntrnerx in a. pyttciRUtlr, I'lNttWUth and in- 
elu'iTe "■pl'jj-" fnr thrir COinli«d'iorrs, "f 
■och tnefble trntavfrom Bt* #xj0jitmt'ftw 
Hjtstdpofaif that ibey niiptiT ie<"ll nfford 
to f.-!ii".iii'i.h Ml-aah^fl "prrforminr 
rt(htfl- In eonnrlerathsn of th- Mrrrlre 1 
thirv to Vie trtlilered. 

(■"■tnally. rn arrahSfni'nL was umil- 
and muiiial}y n^reeii in, ihnr o i-m-i- 
niittce would In 1 dpJIO utril liv ihr Mot inn 
Pic tare Tli»ntre O^Tiere nf Ani'ricn lo 
confer with tb> advisory eoAmltbee of 
[be Anierliitii BoeSaj of t"0MM*Wat 
Anthora and Piiidlt.ier.-i, on ivbvp and 

jjieans of resolving the entire iituaticn in 
iLiniii.i; iirror-1 anil Jiarraoiiy. 

It ivi* oIko afteeed by Mr. .MilU. in 1m- 
tuiir of ihe sufii'iy. ibji ppudiaj tiic inv 

MeM-rniir-L fiomlhne. mather-hi>l|w n[ 
[■r-!.ii>Hr rooliilcT-.^lii-iVs rbm jhoititer.- 
U) Tsiw ImVe iiem nes^'terl Iduj enoifftli. 


of th 



li-i.l:H ocrnnlly In lib.! -lOJahtHt BHJ ninili 
ber-iln-airi- *f lh<- 3f«ian Picture The- 

*UTu UlVUfrK nf Au frif :i \vhi> is ft-lj nr.w 

nc: it |irt-ii.-p fn- in ihr wrirty, ihp 

inuinine iu ab.-iiiii^ 

i>f ihe purariiin-i- * 

rinirc >-iiLnitiiiii 
jiuidinv 'Diifliii 
c inference!". 

Tliealrc uTfii" 
f">- In Hip Am 
j>o*em, Aittluif 
nofltlmie llnilrr 
bnvif wiiJi ihal 
lime ii.- oilier •,:■ 
fuHo/wban -iir i 
frrencim br 


• now i».'i.. ir~ the lirrnn 

riifln .Socintj of Com- 

and I'libliKher". will 

0*5 a ii^Mi ion ualq imcli 
vrnnft ■□! -ula \vi!l hi' madr 
conc.rwhrfl <if thn eon- 
nientioite I. 

ill force ahrl KplrfBi 

inn-:, cui.i rt;TRflVA, 

!"tar irrlvril hcinir jr.Srrilnj hh. Ike 

Olrmtfle alter i«*ndlnar tkre-f 
TTPfiii In Fnnn Bad Bpalni 

(Ii the tnenntiulp aTJ- b b* ceaewi-il lli 
ihe HJimc manner fl?i would h*> the else 
if no iLfKor'atio:i.f wwc prml'iir. 

in I ■»■=! -. j i -T of ihi- Million Picture Tke- 
nire t>n - ncrH nf Amrricn. Sydney' S. 
Ohcn np|ii'intnl Me».-irn. M. E. <_'iTCnPr- 

feml, n r Kiraiinm. Ph.: Btrr? Hivi«, of 
Klfabiine, Ph.; H. K. UwdhnH, -^ 
renew. N. J.: Joaeivii tV. iValidi. of 
Jlnnford, L't., , and thr sihi/ory oom- 
B*« nf »1|e American Hadcrv of Com- 
pnHer?', Arii'mr* und Ptiblij-here. connist- 
In^ of 31 -war* K. f. Milln. J P. TX-itten- 
thai and BXW* Help. 

1'ianl Tiller Aa-nln. 

'■ A few rl'ita from •nam like Frnnk 
Till"«r. Jtlieor of |he " Kinerriat!>j[retph j 
H'rrtl)- in I^mlpn, fpd the AmTii 
film' inifustty. ftill' fe*lf-Ti|tp rlnJlIn*, ._ 
ri!H": : tl(-iit ru iheae vtaitorn who' .ean>H I 
dere nntl liuve nothlnj but adverse erill- ' 
r-ihin in Rive. Afler rnalfinj liim-^li aj ' 

r!3-:l^[-cj-:L'jl:- Bh j. iits^il U l . Mr. Tillry ft- j 

tunieil homQ (■■ Ivnjdnn to burat into | 
print willi nil tiKe fancied -ihnTtri*cn.|"nfii I 
nf AmeTiean., film* And £llm people Umt ] 
lie Hc-uireii srblle in Ibia country. 

Eii b ) l- - r«nue of Aiifgat L!'s in on pi-Hi- , 
t»rm-'Mr> Tillpy ami 

'-Tim prwnaEaWji for Ameriran flnan 
rial tuagnnteH And the power of the nl- j 
mighty ilolinr'ta increaainaly apparent ■ 
in trannntlantle pieturea, and Ithaa a*]- ■ 
dOnr.lH-pn no clearEr ei*inpjijiflil ,1* In Ii 
"Mttlp Old Nov Vart,-" In UlJ» OWtetB ; 
■ro intr'»luteil Hie fenoftl* of -lohn | 
Joc-nb A«or. VanderblM and wlhcra. UM 
1hey on- held up tc revarenBe tta "Ida- 
t^rieni" liiTLn-r*. Tlw piwer of money. 
IhenlMnllitR wDraliipnf it nn lb" aim and 
rod of esljitenc". is contlniinlly n*im 
u nod hy Antrricnn film pr^iteeni r,t n 
thtrmr fnr (lie ediflcaTlon of the bndrtina 
vniir-i ;; ertUen, nnd the result of mji-Ii doc- 

i t - . nit-ts by i.-Tt phi. 

r;»TKI.i,r: tATL(ih. 

Bbe iTlll play the lendlptjc fevalnlne 

evlc In "Tin- CdH at Ike fainTon," 

■ Par»mnniii pr"dne1lmn. a p«rt 

thJtt mi Dt-talsnllr iTlTen la Be1|e 


:<:■■ -.■-■:;■■ t!iow lUc pictup? of "Mutlie,~~4' 
. ih ."'anil -:i'il : 
"Your picture. Ilplnep-ljij-tflw,* is' a 
wonderful tribute to u T|et*T>loc ajajw 
«f vumb-" Tlie'[iir;ni-e wa» CaJWn tip In 
rtnrliufcton. Vt- nnd &BWPP r«' hee T and 
<nw it i? Al Lichtman T s pr*fc Bflll joy. 
uatn rally he ..-. >> much pleappd "at Mrs- 
■ - - --iri Li r:*>- -i etidorbement of bia hlrn. 

reiru-n C'amen Hime. 
Tiie olynipli' bromh: Ma*am.e Oljra 
Pe-truTJl fftterday jifier a three wee In' 
■■nrattdVin FrEn< , e.antl Spain.. H^r pro- 
dyr-t'loii- 'Htiiripane." wilt open In Teia» 
in pari*' (fdnber nnd the wi'| in into 
ipbr-areal at MOW in «t randy for her 
FM\ ■ruao'n. Wtilte In J«on<lun and rarifi 
>he negniUted with iirrtdui-pm and niadf 
arr-inKrineniR td harp her play ataeed in 
Europe Inle.r thin WinJer. 

Hftire ,.\ui Heard. 
0**r' lit ihe Fox ofBc" there fa cun- 
■°k<lrrnble worry over ihe fililurp 19 get 
any response from U*Ebcrt Oiodnian, 
F^ns'i Amer c*n reifre^entaiive in Tokyo. 
Iir. "jooumsti Ijveil at the Uutel, 
which WJtH righf in the pnlh of Hie eartb- 
outtke. and which win entirely de-vfeoyetj, 
Sydney Abel, n Mir Koi SortttO Ve- 
jinrlmenr. itxin ye.sieHny that iir. ■Utwn!- 
min bad net noAwered nb -"' u ' rn -' nnoi- 
eroux ckblex >-nt in .Ijittki And ihai_ lie 
frftie-J that hi* life waalont. with the 
min. ■ nt her .(apjinene anil Americana 
who perhhed in the cniaetr^phe. 

i:. \V. HaminoiiM 9>liB. 

-The Kelgcniand ye^ierda.v t*erl*d E, 
IV. Himninn". preaiiienL of Ihe Edni'A- 
ti^nai K'.lm t'orpoTntlon. ro Euraj-e for 
n iii weeka' bujine^* nnd p^cneurc trip. 
Mr-. IlmnmoDJi aceoinpnt-ied him. lie 
-i n id : i !■>;■■ riinv juit li-rTv.- nailing in att 
in:erview with Sliip \ht» reporters, thai 
business had im-renaeil ■ 1 : 1 1- : .. per cent. 
ilur nr the present fiscal year, wh.rh. In 
'hiit opinion, i-howcd the prosperity of lb* 
America,-- people. 

l-Xelle Tarlar With Pai-amo-iitr. 

KRtelle Taylor ban been added to the 
rani of "Thp fall of the Cnpjon." 4 
Untie Grey product ion which U being 
profiim-ed rn rifigpjllfr, Aria. UJ» Tay- 
lor will taVf ihe place of Bebe Itanfcl!--. 
w«b ivm oririqfll v fn the caat. She wlU 
be elalured wtrh Hs.hfir.E Dii And Lola 

After dolhg enough hruintim to keep 
ten average men buay, JeaAe Ljisty ia 
frning to pack hla nuttcajtp nnd leave 'nr 
Fineataff, Art-woa. Saturdny. He wilt 
join /Jriup tJrey and tokti n trip inti> the 
de*en with, him d-irin-r ihe Btminn -if. 
;-Tbo Call r>f (be Canyon." Mr il.atiky 
ia jroinc rn combine hueineM and pkai- 
ure, fn UiJa wny rnjoyinr- the expedition 
Hiilh Me. GT»y and at the aomo time 
areeplng an ere on the picture. , ' 

KTC-lrrJ Crr*t>- Itrlnrni, 

Whan Evelyn Oreely wp-rt to Califnr- 
nll a ftw Diontha nsre. tnver.vnne aaid ^lie 
went out with ihe )>urpo«iv of taking a 
Job,. -lit Kvelyn, in back an Broadivfly nn-w 
and r^if h:ii not taken a job and haa no 
fhnnjtht of taking one. title says rhe 
is boay being ntirHed and ahe, ririfin that 
it la a big enough Job for any woman. Tri 
Nowmbet HH <iree!cj uidv her new 
btrehand, John Smile v h will go to Johan- 
nerimrg, Skwth Africa, and an Erelrn 
aaya. «na dnean't' go- to tbat part of the 
world tn make pieturea. v. 

lloltjrwoPrt Didn't Mnrm Him. 

TVi<* from the wiina of KoHy wood -haa 
coma E!ek John l,ndvri|rh ahd hi* enarm- 

iiiii wife. Mrs. Ludrjfrh spent most of 

her i:-rsi- in :■-••■_ -.■,1, ^princx vlaitinp 
j frienoK. bni even «q U* »'>lr couufpl of 
I rainoit* rin/fr* I-Jiaiy rind to wiy (hot 
■ Ho JyViienl en * city lina bc-n cVcatly 
4 ix-igirrPMErd. It ian't n city. J-Jsl a tiulct 
1 vi'.ljte fur. crniel people. We went WP 

Ut kj-p -Mr. ijudvigJi yraterd'ay tn pay a 

nfveial vfeflfe J-tJt \w. ft'n.'i nut fb innirin^on. 

Howpvpt. we nlutll tail ■>■■ hfm wgoi-s bt> 
i cannr wp know That be jmwt jjjfttt anme 

nrwn that we >!iould hnie, Thi" is trot 

;l prornhw — It i' a threi*t. 

Reeelrea Sad Ve-efa. 
Harry folm, whnw ofiiw is with if. 
IX Williipw nt *i ffret Fony-ei-;h!h 
■nrpeei, ujih been caillol t" Cliiiup- hj tjie 
death of lilabrotlipr. The «--l«] nrvrf WO 

Arllaa 10 igMl I'Tlmt, 

"The tircn l.fodtlcs* 1 " company in 

l^indnii willi i J curse AHlaR. :■ Etiiaz to 

\\i\e an oniwrtunjiy' 10 see thp uerren 

vcmliin of W111. Archer*! piny. (Jenrge 

AfRw, wh» ia jdaylng in London, c-ililed 

Arthur Friend to *nnl liim a j print' of 

I th+ plptlire, nn Tlmt '■■> j.iif.I fhnw.thQ 

I memhem <>t Bid timpany what had been 

i-dopf on the jHSEWn, fl"e »re utirp. that 

Ylr. Arlnja will TppI the moiion picturee 

Estielle Taylor Take* Place of Beb- 
Danieli ia BTev Zana Grty Pic- 
ture — Allan .Swu to Si* 
rect Eex Beach's "Big 
Brother" for Famoas 


MLLIAH (iihti. 
br In Ihe *!" In "The White Hn~ 

■ Iir."" iTiilrJi oSCacd at Ihi- Furlj- 

tnnKli iiffi Theatre i.j.i fltaThl. 

hare done nobly by him when he §#« the 

• D-weu *n Atndln. 
, Ftord .C". Mima take- this DcMtttn to 
announce that aTter three weeki of 
work ap.l niperlnientation iie la QVHUSf 
an art titt* studio and ia rearfy to no 
buatneRB. ffift any produeir who want! 
art Utlea inc! letteViug. Hi* rtriwh at 
1S> West Furty-BlKth atreet and: will be 
RllUed ■ the rvramer-Minu Sladitm. Jfc 
Mlm" be«n« th* title nf presidcM nnd 
general manager. 

Dnrnit. 1« n* Seneh M<"7. 
Rn Beacb'n urorr. '"Big Brother,' 
which ha* heeii runnin-r ia Hear** a In- 
lenfatlonal Mnaaxine for the pa at few 
months and which i» being widely read, 
la Ation to mm* tn rhe screen. At th# 
time Jtr. Beach -old thia atorr to 
Mea r*<t'i" Interna tional lie bad offer* 
frotrt n*arly *very company for the mo- 
tion picture right*, Famoni rtUJEr* 
came nui vLMoriiiUK and earrieel off Ibe 
price. Allan Dwan, raving fini-iherf 
gloria 3wanaon'a lateet picture, "Zaxa, 
will direct M* Rrrtthee." Se faV on T y 
ojie member of thr r**t haa Iwen choatn. 
Tom Moore artl play the titt* role. Other 
ir.emher>i of Ibe cant -a 111 b« atmouncM 

Doln-c the Orohenm Cln*tt, 
IJftli- lliimiit.vr, hait Sniahed hla atlnt st 
th* Famous PlayervI*MhT.«rudlb' in Ijong- 
Jaland City anti-will now dav»[a .Iii- thno 
ind talenta tn raotleville. With hi* wlfi> 
firaee fj. Rue. he hn* started ror aUhnrl 
fnur of -the Orpin nm Yaudftville Circuit 
They will opcu in IrenYCT. Colo.. Scptam- 
her ^, and from there wlJI an on to the 
Coant. Wian Kb Hue will dn n alng e 
number nhd will also work with her hna- 
band In a akateh. He.4ilay-H the part of 
Rilfna Ksjme in Arthur Tmin'n noval, 
"Hia Children"* rAiWrep.' 1 

Home thin* Ahoat Htroll «*a«*. 
Life f«?T rlnrold Roach tie** da-ya la 
jnat one thine after another. He ia now 
in Chicago. wb*rr he haa gone lo meet 
the eiblhitnra ft the Middle Wart. Ha 
will he back oft Tuesday and en Wednes- 
day he will bm*d.csai Jpmugh WfIR "The 
Milking of ■ SIWi* Fan." Mr. Ro»ch 
ban arranged (or the making fif a new 
rwo-reel comedy serir* called !rTM itpat 
Family." From all we bear ft will b* 
nn the order- or Roy iicCardla't faraon« 
Jarr aeries, hariirg to do with the Joya 
one glooma nf family life- 

(-"* r I n« In the I.liwel laiht. 

Farina, the Waek-laced baby ffnlli »ho 
haa giTPn ao many reviewer* something 
to live for. Is going to be. reptGdnced In a 
doll. A few weeJta ago the firat aample 
was -glTen out at a 'theatre and, to uee 
the 1 ertiacnlar of the yoonjt inan who 
pound* a typewriter for Patha, "it went 
over like a ton of brick*." Somebody 
please panel Helen Pollock, who admits 
that Fairaa la her favorite motion plctur* 
,tMT * . ,- 

Galnar Ahtvdd'. * , * 

Day hy day th* Hat 'dfc people golug 
to- Europe Increaaea. Now come* word 
that Julius Sieger ia aaMug for FCuropa 
thia weea. A Utile bird teJLi oa it Ijl a 
cpnfidtiitial tnlaalon for William Fox. 
While Mr. Sieger ia in Europe hia a»- 
idatant. Perry -tNtian, will go to the 
Coaat i" continue hla training ia th* 
production linos. Youpg 'Nathan + who 
Is aaJd la bare a future-, la the nephew 
of S. K. floger. getrtral eocn»el of the 
William Fox irHlnj Company. 

i tllli.n 


Wallace CHfWl, wl B formerij wad 
aaeociated with the Univeraal Film Com- 
paor a* conTiuwltT wrtter. hd* arrlT-rf 
in town and will help Charlea. flaver. 
production maDiiacr of the Fox educa- 
tional unit. Mr. Clifton, 'it> -will be re- 
membered, recently loat Wf wife, aira. 
Kmw CHfton, who wai also wel! kflffwa 
In motion picture cttd*a as ft artngrto 
writer. .. l 

_ The CvBH-aanndsaanl*! rim me*. 

Cecil de Mille baa flniihed "Tho Tan 
Comuapdmeota" and in getang tbla plo- 
tvTf' ready for an early showing in a 
Broadwej- hoyge. There wbb aunjo 
rumor that only the prologue had been 
completed* tint, like many thing* that 
are without truth., ttMJ« wna merelg' n 

fileca of goeajp founded on Bome ope'a 
mapinadon. "The "Ten Command;- 
manta," vrt bear, ia a good pictnrf aod 
of the kind that warrant* Its expendi- 
hi-V of more -than 91,600(000^ 

A l.ine «r Two. J r ,^. 

Rupert Hnghea tak*g hia pan in hahd 

to say that be n "Rano-'vadng" hia pte- 
tore dealing, with the ditoree crTjeatlrili, 
The tide of th* pietnro ia "La* Against 
Tdiw. 1 ' 


jpictarisation of F. Marion Craw- 
ford 'i Novel Hide in. Italy Ii 
Freactt cd ttt 44th fit. Theatre, 


For the .us! week tborc bare been 
• ,wraUh of new pictures bidding loir 
the approval nf the public, and keeping 
';. haad the reviewer*. !.*« olfht at iim 
Forty •!>>!• rth Street Theatre. fJharlea 
l>pell of Jnapiratlon 'PictnoM, Joi'nerl the 

' maiiaa^riui ci>ii!«pira^j to make you lead 
lh'c aireinioim lira, and presented LJlitan 
l.'kh in -TJi* White Sister." The Die 
.furisjtjfm 0/ ibis noTel by. F. Jlarion 

. Crawford ^ss made by Iicnry King In 
Iter/, wheie be. took the company last' 
flpriuc In order to bring to the photo- 
pljpy tbe r-aect locale of the story, 

ill it* stoae rerruOn the piece .Ts'aa ■ 
u-rlT-jnade pl.iy of purely ibeatrleal de- 
vii'i' — * tblig of apotlighta and red roaes, 
fotiitur sells and organ pjujJc. In a de> 
■ve thia fa teua of its preaent-form.'' 4t 
eoncerua an Italian waman"- whoi beJiev- 
tng her sweetheart dead, gets tier to a 
Oiujinerf . The aweelheart .return* (n 1 
itsd his beloTed in a doister, endeavors 

tp. peranade her (h renouOM htr vows, 
arid, telling, "kills hlmeclf. 

M|aa llith has done no ltctlpr work 
than: "The; White Sister." Iter pcr- 
forrdance A- Sitter' Qlovanna pata 10 
shin* the Iheorir* nbont her having to 
depend ttpon ihe gnldlrrg jBdOpiiOe uf Mr. 
ffriffith. The supporting orianUatinn 'a' 
entirely capable. 

Although ""Thr. White Siaier" i?> rather 
machine- made emotion, npd tiie tcr r.- 
ahed for the fragllo heroine are irrv 
much the ume mixture of sualt and senti- 
ment that used tn flow for. Cftmillr, of 
Its iiH -r<-.-r there ran' he no «loubt. It' 
linn had the advantage if virkl pmduc- 
<ion and many of the *c*nca adv the 
i-mntiena throbah ihter foeejc of their 
bCautj- and fanLaalirfllnpaa. The pleqtur*- 
*eebing theuire-j^ier" will ffod ir often ■''Ti- 
tertarniug, -encrnlly iniereaeing. and M : 
waya pktnrially.nttratwtvej;":" .» 



in- fUlarulne to State In "Th* 

t,»rt-av«r,' r 

AiloVa Andrews, whase Lnna in "Art 
xone" u n'.ill rtrannbei-ed bj tbeatrcgocrg 
wIm» anw tliin. early hutvasarof Auguatua 
Thorns**, will - return to fh* ata&e n/ler a 
long absence, and cren(e an important 
rote in. "TJiw IxtlWT." (he. new Xelda 
Beara- Vincent Yopjma.ia muftict'l play ! 
which Henry W. Haing*. wlU open *n 
BCajaford ne*i Monday niVht, with A'dl 
M*y «■ featured pJnyrr. 1' . ' ! 

Another rncrnl adilitinn 1* the eaat ■* 
Karl &taal, n Cinclnnnii nkrltnne who 
had aucoeaa in grain] ■-jtern abroad, ajd 
haa.pTaypd.lendiDC roles with Mj*. Bthu- 

U^i. -.,:',, \ 

Governor "Declares Both 8id« in 

Coal Situation Appear More 

Hopeful for Settlement. 

!?■;.■ I K.i-'i ?■** ■ laThr « iT!i;l>l'fi|>* 1 
" HARltteJRUni:. Ph.. SepL 5. 
I'roirrKs Ij i- I '-- n made En the Indl' 
riH-t aci-oLiation-* briwei-n^ fluthnrcito 
vpcrafnrw and mijicr dplngatP!>, (Jorprnor 
Pinch ot nunoiiiiccd to-nittht, when all 
parlf-r-* nppeans] thuru hopeful that a_ 
-■ii!-.j'-;i.-iin-v i.;.-is for tit .i Lug Ihr atrilfQ 
oiischt lie found. 

For nfnrly [pne lionm. thp fiorernoe 
ki'Vt 1 Tip i:iiL!mj in- n nnd mine en ntn in 
adjoining cbumbern at Ihe cxcctirirc of. 
flees. ■H*' obtained and h tW t n iteJ to 

s-LH i-Ei si. 1. , the •LH-i-l 1 i :.■ -.!.| ii iii'-.iL . Of 

it>rms ii ( '»:j tinlcli the ether Wu^ild Ket- 

After the conference fccc-wcd. niHil to- 
morrow- at J<J-A. M.. tli'c florernor Jic- 
i>-i ! 't <b- fn!!u«-iii;; Htntemcat; 

"Muring dip aftemooo, I BflnnJ cou- 
fcrrcd with- Ihe uiiiiero \t> iIiIm room nnd 
the %tnf«s ») Uu olhnr itwrp. Tftere 
ban been no j-c. i n t coBfrrence. 

"1 have, however, taken nnd dlscu-<a*ri 
wi'.li ihe i.perflt«f». a specific vtotcmeiit 
of. the tcrtna upon which [he minrnt will 
ijcrve tn nettle ftnd 1 hnip take** (o ami 
distu-nrtd with thr miner-i fi -peeffic 
statement of »hn lerui?i u]wu -.vhU'b the 
operator* will aeri-e to aottlc. i 
' "The'conforei.c" will j rcojien to-mbr- 
row AiorniTflg at it, h"i ■:..->■■ - 

"I am not lit liberty to itiKcuss the 

oahniued by elrier|idiv! 1 ' „ 


Theatre Owner* ind FudDOon Brm 

President'ii Proclamtifi in on 
Frojfram, Haya'i Suggestion, 

Prodnrer* nn.l exhibitors of lo» Mo- 
tiun Pierurea Ptmlncers" Annoriaiion are 
I'limplying with the request of Will II. 
Ifitr*. to. bi- q(! diii't l*ro.sideni t 'owlldgi-s 
apS0*l ttt i--l Through ihe moviug pic- 
ture theatre* tif the nmntry, it wna »a:i 
at Ihe Fifth Arcnns nface ul nbc organ- 
!.- !;!■:■; yeilerduy. 

.Wlliiam Brandt, prc-tdent of the .Vew 
Vora grate Thrntre Owner.!, Jnfnrmcd 
rhe p-.pducora' body that Ibe .State ur- 
ganusatiffa'i theatre;- bhvn sftoWB *«adnrl 
of tuoritig reels Of the Preaideut's proi 
luguit'oa. A (tiraLar me^'-age wgA n 
j'civ.'d from Churlea Ulleiilj, presidcnl 
of the New Yorfe TheaLrt On-Drra' Chats, 
ber of Comiaerce. 

Tlie Prponcerji* Aaaqcitttion has re- 
qi:caied that 1 tie public nboivjtg of the 
appeal continue until th* Japanese *%»• 
nlidit has pi«Mtti the .flrlai!. iir. Hays's 
orranlsailoA receired ■ fd£tJtani from 
Japanese Arflhaeaador IJapiJura. ei- 
prevn^Dg profound dppreclafioo for the 
"BoWe ,acbeme*' of I to* denting the re-' 
I Ur f calL • - ■ — s ■ ■ ■ ' 


Freddy ThprnpaGD Smiles Coquet- 

tisbly aj Attorney Anncunceii 

Seadineag tc- Proceed, 

IB)- tnlUtfKnn la :-► i+---i T-'r--,;? i 

CHICAGO, Sept. &. 

"Freildy" Thompwio. rhe atnnge "girl- 
man." accused of rhe mnrder of lUeaard 
C Teamer, will go oti trial October 'S. 
■'Kreddy'" aSailed con.ue£tiablj at Chief 
Justice John It Carerly tn-day, as hla 
attorney announced the readlneaa uf ihe 
defense to proceed on that date. 

The 'pr-ncinai evidence aeinjj-ii Tbomp- 
hd ia tii* Identification by Mr*. Tesraer, 
widow of the muiileri-'l ii.iiirainv tji.uj. 
an "the girl with the Miti.i !,',:■■:■• amile.' 1 
who fired (he fatal *hot In connecilon 
with a boMf-up. 

Judge Mareiia Karanagh h*J ■ bawled 
out "Freddie" when the Jatter apprareii 
j hrfore b'm. recently in women's clothe*. 
< ao to-day "(>eddle IT was raatefnily at- 
tired la baggy Turkinh trousers, a sport 
ah'rt ufen at th* neck and a bright red 
vibboir on h\. right wrliti. 



. KrmaJiia nl *r wa pa prr Mai. Drop- 

| pea. rrom. ureu of p. a + oIjim f Ic. 
I ' The aahes of the late A. Tosca Worm, 
| veteran Manhattan .nawapaper majB, who 
j died in Pari* on January Vi, 1022. were 
i green, a aea burtal front Ihe deck of the 
yiytnpie by rhelan tkdle, law«r tC'iNtv 

Tork. Mr. Worm 1 * will, for which Mr. 
JJeate i* the executor, ijliwted that bia 
nnhen be strewn on ih" era, Pot ear- 
erai years before his death Mr. Worm 
wn* one cf the reprei-eiitntLven of the Hhii- 
hert-The.atre and Mb- hia will provided for 
be^twat* to Int-tltdticni for tn« benefit rtf 
merbbers of the newapnper and ilir-ntrira 1 
profcaaioa. f . 


Pleurisy In Bight Lung Cauaei 
Klae in Toinptrftture— Mayor - 
' ''Bflatino; It." , 

!*!>■"-■: t-:-j.b: -i u Tbk Btarnin(vT*i4E'aTB.i 
\Tr. wn- I ~. yl-sti han davclopcd a slight 
plrflrLsy in his right lung, cnuaing hla 
temperature, *li*-hT'y over I?f degr«a 
Tuesday, to reach . ' 10S.8-. Uia pnlie Es 
Si*; reapIratioD, 23. * 

T"ls-j condition la not cnu"iag alaru, 
being .due of- the accompaniment a of in- 
ffueaxa. Howaver. the ifayor h,Be been 
nuffettn-t cotiafdcrsble pain. To-night it 
had leaaened. 

AoOtber Wood teat ban bec H madr an 
& precaudoeary measure. Pour prevtooa 
(f*l* r--vfHl.-,i no gertnn, Dr, Jiho J. 
MeGtatli. supe^intcnrJeot nt Qellimia 
Uoopital. cailed on the -Mayor, a* -lid 
Onarer Whaleu, GnmoibTHionoe of rto»t 
and cltructirrea, 
- Mayer. Hyhtn, cheerfuL njya br i* 
beauag u\". and tbe doctors Shj he Isw 


Will Frobhbly Belve Deeply lata 

Activities of Indicted Mao'i 

Fajaily Then, 

EainrUI Dlt*«Kl M Tn* itn-rvloi T«laarafki-1 

WHITE FLdJBft, N, T., Sept. »~' t 

The Kitrdin.rdinn.ry Crand Jury, which 
IndicTB'l Waiter 8. Ward for nurds? 
in the ftret degre^ has adjourned until 
September 12, the date act for the trial 
of Ward. 

The jury raennvfneJ to-day wltlout 
handing down an yfndietmenta against 
Oeocie 3. Wart, fsthe eof th* s«lf-t»»- 
femed murderer- It waa thought that 
th* elder Ward would he brought to ae- 
count for a charge nf ennspinsey to dor 
feat the ends of iustiee. 

The piirpoae of to-dXy's odjouronrtnt 
was to gift Supreme C^Hlrt Justice Rob- 
ert H. Wagner anfficient lime to care- 
fully coKsller a motion for dismlual or 
a moderation of th« indfcCmenL The d*- 
fenie base* toia apnlieaticm on tte con- 
tention that-'the. Indictment i* not borne, 
not sufficienriy In the Grand Jury min- 

It ia -npp;i--i-'} iJi»' when . the viry 
meet* a.gnirn it will del re into the tetlT- 
iti". at the other wml^M nf tNe firoilr 
rather thao Walter !?. Ward, befort and 
a-fler f'l" IrordBT ul CLsrucc Peters 01 
Ally- lt% Iftfi ■ 



■ - '-.'.. .... •_: ;;, By LOUELLA 6. PARSONS . ' 


KuajJOttWlt Stndioa of Grltt Di- 

rtctw Bnning With Actmty m 

Another "Birth of * ffttion" Ii 

Forecast — Carol Dempster, 

Neil Hamilton and Freak 

McGlynn Take Leads. 


Out at til* (iriffiili Aindios I* *[*■ 
DUromffck. ibere in a bags <> r P*** r * rtiT- 
fry, n-ith camera* running nix and seven 
hours .1 day, A big himori'-al drsmi \» 
Id The matini:. nod Mr. Griffith || gei 
ting in aome «tim before tbo ««»■ 

at- and th*- froat iurn* the green 

Ifl»TM to Aillliniahl 1IOIP. "BI*C- Oil 

White." Hi* Lloyd Hamilton tilm, U 15ti- 
jabed and the member* nf lU*t company 
fcmve. moved tJmr lielonginga elerwlier* 
make room Tor the condnfi drama. 
whieli ia destined to be naothcr liim pa»S 
i>Ut of American lu-lory. 

The cnthniiiaim or lurid W- Griffith 

rear bis historical production and the 

| belief *r those who hfcv* listened to him 

outline his atory Inst h* wilt luve in- 

* other "Birth of n Neti&a," jmrroimds 

'■■.. this picture with especial intei-vst. 

.Carol Dempdler, Xr-I Hamilton aSd 
Fni^ McGlynn. flic men whfi .i-ratrd 
th* ch4r*rter of Abraham Lincoln In 
John Drinkwotrr'a play, hare bpcl1 M'SI 
In • Very important historical role. There 
are other wr'l-known player* who niLl 
•llO be added tr> the caal. V*nt ^ yet in- 
formation ta very meager. Ii wits im- 
possible to get any ninwA from the. Grif- 
fith office pn th'.s -picture, which is tir-u;; 
filmed with fhe greelear aecreey. 

Mr. Griffith, haa hern upending hi* time 
In en terrain! os; modern atorioa, and there 
haa been mch a demand for another 
"Birth of ■ Nation" that h* hat. put 
everything; els* eway to spend his time 
CHi this film, "hirli b* will try to laafce 
a wotlIi.1- Binveaaor tr "The Birth of n 
Jiatfijii." "Thfr Cheered Wapm" hnn 
pfored hor =-pll Americana like hl"lnrlrel 
IHlea of th*ir own ronotrj-, md wr hp- 
li"vi* tUrrr ii nTtaia'y a drmand fdr a 
uto'y laid in tbc time of the ner-olutlan- 
■ry Vt&r — & plcturn thit can b« mida 
In the Ivinf. the of th* r-Diiatry tlinr 
k filled vfth places (hnt floured In the 
wir of radpptndeucr. 

'.Clkairl«* It*? <34ilaj[ •■ ik* iuk+. 

That brJTite wirr of oura frflin 
.Anceles, irhieh jn kept pretty bu-y th«a* 
dtyk. tl^R that the recently reported 
T«rn th«t Chorlta Hoy mm point- on thr 
wtiaT ia inif, Georir Bcarbomocj » 
ritinc the atajri 1 reralon of Mr. Hny'si 
film ulay. "The Girl [ Imv?," nnrt Wal- 
ler Hut I* r.f-iinc tn the capxcily > f thr 
■tare prodrtcfjr. Rebearula. «o it la arid, 
will h#jrla rpry nhortly. and a want tour 
W[ll be f<illi>-tvi>d by hti cn^ap>nieat .it 
thr new theatre in {lo|]rw^fI which. 
we understand, wil] op*n with Mr. HayV ; 
jtimt. WalteT Haat una bin aiwocJBtM. 
who *r« huiidinff this tbea-tre. Iinvf al- 
ready beoVeii (troimd for the playhouse. ■ 
whieh ther n[«n to run the year round. I 
' ap ilmt the HoHrwoodl folk will harp i 
aotne real drama without eomlnf to N'ew j 
ToHt for it. ■ 

Charie* Baiy> neit film wilt he 
'Tfenry t>p:ouil." fonpdwt on the w*H- 
known at*ry by William MakpitCT | 
TiiacketTiy. vhtch Mrill be filmed in Rne- t 
lanrf immed Lately eft*r lie finlnbcf ah j 
stacc nap.iTPfifii!: 


Who Wilt Ft- stir Rrn-Ilnr of lliv (i jI'!i-oi: f'lrinrr, 1'filru Bomvtlil' 
THait So On* ' Ripctti if »ppi!T)i. to Fr-eveni Hii Tnkina Thla R*]*. 


Critics Pais Jndgment on Drawing 

Power of Current Films in Con 1 

ftitntial Pamphlet Jail Iaiued 

by the Wil] Hays OflUe— Qor- 

D^hty Coming £a»t— Bole 

for Gcorjc W»lah. 

Ine-scroiion for ih-- iiFehjfe And i he 
>ilUjce rult i^ill mil:* op the ntiiifl»phri^. 

'iturcf Wnlfli ilfli Rolf. 
I Ttl->« ihere i= i>nmc uhan^p of p]an ■ 
of wtilfli wp tnow nnjhln^ thr nHjfT ire 
lirintH l"t Sunday that Geo-tc rftlafa 
will pM ^Jfi rol" of Ren Ilnr (« true. 
Mr. Wafitfi baa rjaCOj^y aiipied ft con- 
frjirl with the (Jnldwyn rnBinnfly II nd lir 
yg flip ihofce for thin [c^rt. fiver at tne 
Unldn-r" f-uinpany"« ifficr thry are as 
miipi] u clnnia. but under (LdhcI Ktniaina^ 
tioit Ehej •■ -J mill -■•! ij;af (he rhaaoen were 
nlno 10 one in Fjiup of Sfr, Walali. 
IVheiliPr rrte Gnldwyn (ni-endied 
In nimuHte Lut^r^at by Imldinc hnct 
i!n> dftaih of thi» nJctTire or not, we 
don't Iimv, " At any rale, they Lure auc- 

l.ond«ti I.ILfj "I'uvfrfd W«|[»ii," 

•>ohn f-'Liiin acuda a i-an-le'Sram to t J« i -- 
ilesk in whleh he dJy» thftt I-ondon pore 
■The rotrrr-rt TT^JtOH" B : (rrr*t dTAl : 01. 
It wo* prearnlcd at. ifar I.nncTon 1'nvtliim 
Vfiiafmtor' n^ahi hy GtThm Mll-r. 
whfro. iccor'i B to ^I^- KriiBn * cd&'i--, 
It n"iir-c! n tnjmeidi»T< fiicftcwii, W+ lire 
wlllinir to t*i* John* -word for it, h*- 
raiiF^ if Tvnm Tfry ^itrluiipi*'* nod ai?nt 
u^ 'tfca ' iTjrret rnble- tfn had "nr rc- 
cHTfd, Tic "-id t^e Atneri^nn Eml>o"«y 
•■■■d- ^onailifp ofhern'. Meanrp.'. Vo*t. 
WIjhW "#i-I Ski-ii"- wpr* o«-*nt. f-l-i 
bftlfttui rHi-bH oi*d t'Med Enftlleh soriptj 
rr'n l*f'(ro" r renf^^c^trd. Th" ;. Nnrth 
Amerigo" (r*m Wyomfnfl wrr*- 
thr pw"-f t|r r**i -tm>"* of Ihi" *"■?!] I H.T. 

too John i* frfMna pretty h^ppy bMpiun 
he brlie."ftH hint aiirviaoiilat ndvertiainj in 
thr London papery fld mneh tnic/tH put- 
tfriB Ihp p'ctTjte over. ■ 

Mie-nkir>ar af~i' i 'Taie f'arnrri] Hutsn." 

.To'hn Flrrn'^ pntliunlrRm hna- been 

bi>mi> out hy floorer ITo-wl™, who Hew 

o>er from )*aTidin in Pari* t^ be present 

of the. prfmlew of the iiicrur* J. J. I 

j .HK'nrtiiy. rf-atej-rtay rPcciTcd' n cjtb'esraiii I 

■ from >Ir. -(IfiTClMt in ivbi^h he *ald ttlni 

the '■WrjoV mverVvl Ita^lf nlth jAovf, 

J The indlrfriafljan JntrHWid the fancy r.r i 

j Mr. Bowipsr, fj^r it woa hp who took ibe j 

(irl U-irffl]-, Bill sh.<i\Y to Mh^IhI-.l irciry I 


lata Flifli Cablei liiriui Film 

Was Tremendous Snnjctjs at Ft- 

Tillion — fitcrgt Bowles FlLai 

From S»rii U> Be Frcnit 

at Premiere ef Picture 

in EngUnd. 



PbuiB br Haiflnt. 


She I'ln,-. lb* 

11. XV. Crli 

km : 

Tnnj^menH ' vrhrrebj Ibe Ardrrsoji I'ir- 
tufea^CVfrno>:ition will handle tlu^ din- 
frilnuiiui rjf his, pitodtcZ, 

Mr. '1 Tlif iwtycU L rtjtcmrnt yrslr-rdiaj 
m which be »al(J tha.1 ihir rt-Lttrrr Vajno.* 
ihiik will be Im^'I on ^i^tunl voiced to 

I'nlfnllnn tJ* 

Axais llodol-f Valentine firnrra in the 
Hmelifbt htcauae vt another actiou pe od- 
l»( In tbe Suprame Court brrwreu him- 
a*l( anrthlu former Uwjier. Arthur Biti- 
ter Graham. Thia ukkc* Xo. 3 for Rudy, 
who la MrtHnir if tot a pood .-tiatumrr 
tor tbe lairyeni. 

-" M". Valentino yeaterday. tLitnugh Mux 
T>. St*tiw. hi* attorney, demanded jiniljr- 
n«Qt for COOlt. aik-vJn^ tha( rt COSflirtic 
rpneern hy which ]>* and ble wife wm- 
*u*ase<i to dance at ?7.«KJ a week wt 
* chicle for ln.tMM> it Mr. Graham tn 1 ; ,- 
credited to the ploimlfP* qtcnnnt Of 
' tnia. Me. Vtilratlnn. ad&iita. Mr. r. r ... 
ham w« entltlDd to rehire tTy(M> and to 
pay forrner Appellate IHriaion Jnatin> 
Frqnk C, LaujchUn 9$&» ror TPprrwnt. 
Jbr; the actor on -in apnea] In pmewd- 
IbjTI arc-WLBf; out of hia dlapute with Fa- 
moti n*yara-r*aty. T'jere la abw* a emih- t 
ter claim made bj- Mr. firnham fo r f47.- I 
InLwi, ifliri fr* be due for lejtat aerrieeji I 
Madercri. Soft anm-a hack H n.f anawer^ ■ 
mi* Sff aiiina; Jf> re«iTpr inopej- alrradr ' 
J^iol to Mr. Graham by blm, riafmini I 
EtiBt the lawyer waa nr^rpaid. Hu thafa ! 

T* Dlalk-Jbmt* l* w KihlblloT*. 

The newly -formed Carl Anderaon Pfe. I 
.rare* Corporation in so'mt to fiffui* ptmi- j 
in#mly En the motion picture *uii. W. | 
■jLjTrw, pwairinm of the Tb«at« Owti- 
;*»' DiatribaUjiB; Lprrrorttfon, mniM 
lit-"* fact known when hr aay* that tbt- 
«zbjbitDrs orfanLxatlon have made «:■- 

»*)W Ineftra** 
c.iitMKi. M>- r ;ni. 
Shai will pin > uiif 4»f llir Imporinm 
'•tnlalB* r^tr» In "D«an Bram- 
aatfl.*' ihr . nlctnre tauar Joba 

Hirrvu,„|- r w t|l UMbr«! fei- ttirntr 

llir P'\hi:iitor and not nri rjcriijon-; liRur^ 
arrived nt hy thMifieii or wi'd rv^rtcUi- 
MonH. ""Che Anderson Pictiirca t'oppora- 
lion," went on Mr, True, '■will honqV 
cor pr«>drn-t on thut bnaft HetiEnd epicls 

t picture will be a annyjaJayi nf pxplolta- 
— ~rt~- — — I Hon :iL!il rdvprtiainp erejtHl nnrt earriM 

; grtf liy nxperieiveed men in behalf of th- 
OttlBiWir. TIjp n.lvnntn^i- of this la thai 
lb* 1 ■■^htbitnr wfll fraskh In on tie picture 
fid'rrtimliK wJiilp It Is hot." 

Just tiefnro Ir^vinft Tor i!n- f'oi^t Carl 
Andrr«jii cntiBrmftd th* rnnnrt that hi* 
cimjifliiv will Jintid'e the d in tri button, of 
{he i.nnluct \4 the Thciitre Ownnra 1 Di« 
trihuti"" t'onrtirntliJii. If present ptftill 
mutrri>ili^e m-iiir flti-rarinn chonld b.- 
Btur^-d iir TV« 1st of Orrto^er. The Dow 
eoBipnny ia bwjr now InrtrviewiiiE ft 
kibttow ntfv i'ir (*fiitntrj nnd n-iHwerinK 
■ IliCslfiiii^. The AuilOrnoii rmopapy in r 

cninpiimrivply iow (^"""ir-ntion, haTTUX 
on*/ [iiinoimccd jrn ifDliniion v-i»'i the 
JniliiBtry wljliin tj* lii't, bib) monlba. 

CrKIm -Hut.- h< Innlnx. 
Thp "flr>0|iil *-0«ilfiCTltlJSl )ilfnphlet is- 
Kiied hv the Will TTnyif orxnniznLlnn and 
FouaiKiinK *tf rritlcJflDi by revlewera nnd 
aullior* of the curront run Df aarfecn rn- 
ti'i'tolnmenl fnr- thp'.. ifnirr pemaal oT the 
productrs la Jaw nff I lie prca*] la m 
Krenr Fiumhpr of caiie^ "-The f'overtd 
WrCQb" is iirniiJniitJ 1 ! nn the be^tj feature, 
nltbniigii in one inaianrr nn Author p>ea 
out nf bifi way i" f:«ll It pood air a 
lioTilry lint nil as a arory. "When 
KiiiylLth"(nl Wan in Hower," "Robin 
Hinttl." "IWwn to tlir Sea 5n Jlhl|ia" lad 
eciTrnl rjthfr i^viii-ji! ravoritea alM> win 
apnliliiar from tlie rriijea, 

Tlipre pwrnia. however, to be no 

unnnlmity of optoion an th the wurvt f*-i- 

inrc, n« (wo ct»>fcu hejnjc alike- At ttie 

I hjjiW" tiiHe not ti few couirluutora to tlie 

' pHtuviiEfi are nnkimJ .■u-nigii io any In 

j riTi"'; that (here are ag ntany bad anex, 

I rn«ti» tn rhoW would he a" qMbtta nt 

I lii-ii'. Sr-lrctlona for thr worst oomedv 

Mall in tlie Hiirrir ■■mrcorr. Fw -tellar 

hoimnt union): Hie i;:.i..-lj materi, Cbtrka 

- ""li; Hihii ml )lni'r.]<l Lloyd 4te chonen it 

thai order with few piceptlon*, 

i';rr«niii}- CopuinfT Eaat. 
Ton J- Hurpshty. *h* baa ber-n accinft | 
a^ jiriiittictioi nlltor on Tom ilfijthia* j; 
Pflrbtnouiil iirorhictiop^. ia rrnw wsll oji , 
( bin way !■■ ^cnnrbonkpart. ill-., where , 
I VUwtli TurltuifJou U» & Bitntnter li«ine. | 
! 4>ry|iity -nd 'iVrliinj-'ton will gtt ns+r ; 
. lhp Bool- Anili for arreenJlip Ihn 
aUttHir'i atocy. "Pieil Piper ^" 
with MeiaThan in Uw lirlr mle. The NVw 
I'IeikI-'u'I lonn will itnetf- be liiwi a* n 

51'iirwe piarraaai Bwl*. 

Th+' friert'lf &T Wojrje PI* Droit, 

■ wt-ht to Toklo. Jnp^ii. c!ph+ inondin apto 
f to aW1)W tltr-r^e of jbe ("pitcl Artfs;e 
| (10710 there, wero Jtr0q;ly relieved yes- 
I terdnx to receive irVrilSthot I" 1 p^d 'ht» 
1 wTc and! a-monlh-t-Jd nby «ti aajej Tfters 

han been so much wflnpr jtbout tiic Pier- 
I aona alnre the r:>rrli jiukf ot Tokio that 

titer? van trrenl relief, fr t ot the. J. J. 

McCarthy ofllrc whe'ta tlie good new* was 
- rcccivetf. The meassrE* comes from Kobe, 


'Henry Hermann. &I yearn u.!H. and a 
Jantive. or Lncebk. tierman?, who hni 
h*«n Tiaitiag; the family of bis apn in St. 
JUHiJi.' Badledyeaterday ,•>, the JJamliurj 
^merinta .liner Albrtc Bartin, ■fter the 
jooai rhrjiriiur niebt ofjhl" Hrr, nut rrm 
I'ncrli boiuiia :-tl nn ns try air excepted, 
liorinjoii 4>;i:v*- { in S V vr Vork Wedhfeu- 
■tfajr and -peat tbt afierroon and evaaipe 
w«Bc;eHn,;.aboDt. Tho tiueent»Dt* to 
hot«]« bcwUtfrrwi him jiod he rlp'red that 
ik& would co*t forty or fifty nurkl to 
MLtire t. fnutu. Xoar S o'vlock he met 
tip .with .a iiitnUy German. wb« took th* 
old nap to H«e*l XorTarre, 
jaarawtin'a appetite for ^.^-.-winn 
atta keen, and alrAe he f»( forth lo 
J . Seif » ork. fain he tat Joat and 
^nrw he- w«n u n to people and aakrd 
thej ttjoJd iff] bim how to set out of 
troalife, they mlatonk- Ma tiiie«tion:»jt 
i--,- p'rtnm* to menn that So wantprf 
»«p. Majij hniat «ina of amail deniiDii- 

nation iiiio j«i« ba4d' *> cuCd bin Unne- 
fartoi-.< (n (•■Tjmn . rbjtt ho didn't witrrt 
moacv, Imr thfr' offllJF Mni^ed jnd walked 
awny. 7 - . *. . 

Kjbniiarrd. Ilrt-juany d^Po'rrrd n 
kinilly G.-rmnu ajtj^r- KuurtfiiiTb hli'.i-e;t 
and Broad**? nt I.;?K in rJn- msniltijj, 
who tiiriK-d hiitj oftf ti» thr Tr.iveler.n 1 
Aiil. Afier muMdatDbtc iunirinp of 
pttiUdx Ibry UiHif»i-r^,-<( tlut llorm:mn bud 
lef: iiin hat* rii the NHvnrt*. Hdnoajn 
felt it -.-.. too RT^at n. riaft to remain 
OinJ thf tiiiipirtiioae uf Xt-w Soft an I 
tbnii£h il v. ; i- h orlo.k a[ Hit- btrne, 
took n cab hi j- i „■ r,i P ,-. tyWp j, ^ aH 
found a atop wirh his Imiiw at if oVIt^k. 

Bam ..» th- Etailin .vf WJ , HnrfcMi 

and Mra. Hubert I 'Ijii- nncr. Prpftteor 
r't:iiannce coe* m fmniv, where he 1u,a 
the dfacinfUuti .,( h.-!nK o;ic «r rt« fir^t 
Amrriran pmfeuuM i» f.e .,;-,> „ mr .n,. 
her *ir . Frwirh nnli-er i;y faculty, ooi- 
aJde of the exvjjaujp profftjiin-Fllfpa.- Pro- 
feswr PfalaoiiiT fir|*r |„ the World tV« 

I*pg3il Frrm-li lilernhirf! at AV"illii:ni» Col. 
letf null ihe I ni verity or Mkbirau. H nd 
Murine #Lim war t-iillalioratryl witb Pm 
frfsor Kraklne in r^tubli*h(n); (i ^nrdnil 
roifmc l<i the Amen.Mfi arrjty. wltlhi *n 
many tlinu-iand* of «tiMtenta- with Inter- 
rnp>d < -ii=i htiiKir. wen In Frahr*. 

Qjlhera aafHtu iwt* linronewi Stroni- 
bera! Flnripie Hnlrr y Baro, CSlhiq Gov- 
ernntpnt .ifljcial j Jdr. (ma Mm. H. F. 
rtjilir-. nil. I llr, ju,d Mr*. Aus'istiiB H. p, 

Tlu- r;ji!l;i. j-arred fifly-two lint ela« 
pa^-tiserx, fij-ty-tiv.- -^ nnd Hfty-fiie 


Vienna. I>Iri H * Cararr-i flMwfJal Aa- 

-lUf r»1w« S>wi l\T>n Hora'ra S^htr.»h. 

VIKNXA. Repi. r,.^.Vjenrn ,,];,;,, m 
hnllri tha litrajf-pir tililetip amdium in Ine 
world. Vjenn* biinka hflvt jfoaranteed 
aOKfkoW^OOO, to nnance the 
:.^.u-',<- fiiiii-Ti. -:.;■■ i,-. 

Jt ia plnriiipd tn hejjin actual mnalrno 
tion nest Kprlur- rb* stadium lo h- Io- 
eflleil Ih (br ao-i:flU*l Fiw; en-scardem 
of tiic rnyjil parka at rVhnrnhntnn. 
Jfhere the. Jfnb%b;(rtu formerJj had (jjeli 
S iiin i-iftr Kaidrnce. 

1 BpptaTlat 
"Thr Ulrl 
k* Tlnn-h, 

tn Knrapf a* 

.e," ke 

Henr T 

ortun i-lcUr*. 


All Good Marksmen Hot in Weit, 

FjIiRcmftn Beclarei After 


i "Thote ia a! lenat one pTsuii in New 
| lurk, who doean't Lhink thai the beat 

I rnnd-S,iu;fi. an- wit WMtt, HDi'I lie j* P.(l- 

i iruhnno frank McGuv?i-u of the \\'**% 
! lOOtli' atraet itatioo. To ninlira Ihfe 
■ Hta^menJ, ft waa reuftrtrd »■ Herd ay ttiat 
I were rpbblDir a hah'-idaaher^ 
I atore of Mat Mmui« at 1'filft fljoadwny. 
; The p lice of the Wart lOOrli atro^t at*- 
[iron rrcrerjotlnrvIliT u 'tAtyt*n, ami Mer- 
: eejiuti Poyle and Malcolmaon Willi 
i tH'eUr patrolmen were aent there in a 
; palrol WwBUP. 

Th" poltccmeii found Thai the hnber> 

i deahery waa one of a nntnber of nt- 

j atory ■laspayera" on the eaat AiAr «f 

l Broadway riiniiinc balf a block iu 100th 

atrwt auij 73 f«t ja the litter. ^IKIr- 

.iapan, wlier? Mr. Pferson. utid hi a fam- 
ily bare npparcntly ' ponf for pholts.r. 

London Edltov Here. 
I-illiisn tflatrlfcti, editor nf tlir t'inrmi. 
m Ilritfah trade puhllmtjon, ••. in town. 
Uin« flurtf i-nmcJi -niinrd p.' 1th lfttor> 
of introdnrtlon tn all the motioo pictur;- 
fo'lt. We havr fill idra *he v ilj prnut 
i>y the rxsraple of Frank Tillcy nn I- not 
try to tell the wg?hj «-h^t b <*t»nf witS 
American fTm iirridiiclirHii. Hiiwrvf-r. 
we tiink the l»dy in cfititiorl to n cliaiico 
to p-nve that khe dw*n*i work rinj «-;(j 
Sir. Tllley worki-d ■orhilc in thin ciHtotCT* 

indt.r Film Her*. 

Motley Flint, the \^i &hti4m I'Jtukcr. 
is in the citr. Aa wain I tie hs* Iim-h 
Itivrn a fine rereiitioij. Llr i* very |ho;ni- 
I Ii: wiTh all the film men. And- well— 
it la eoiil, Motley has h bank roll ihn: 
U worth c-inaiclerlng. Nnt thni we mean 
to say money »aa rtoyUiiiis tn do with 
the HtlnF n f fhe II nj moo Tot iiiiu. hr-. 
cause crety one m;» ht> is a rcTiilir 

Klhriouji M ili*- MarHa. 
Wrlls Hawka cro«s»ri hii li.nrt nad 
lio[H»a to d^e if It Un"t true thnl fifry 
lluural lo eondnrin Entuml HinilooB are 
Kolng- to nee George Attfc* in toe film 
TWatofl of ''Tlo; Green (lo^l(tp^a■ 1 ct the 
Sam H. liarrii Theatre. Mr. Hawkx 
uwcara hy the (treat burn npnon ijiat thin- 
is the firm time any erer" at- 
tended the theatre in a horly; Thr-j- will 
wear fee and I urban* nnd tieii- resubr 
bahilamontrt. Thb pa-fj nil! fie headed 
by S. iffiractft lii'vn Pa!, uuthnr of 
G-nculal atorii? imii jllaya, 

J^OWB'b Svrr; Lirir, 

Vie are iv:imni to ket-p nu ryf &a . 
JulieSir Johnstone, wao |i!a.i"s the femi- 
nine lead in "The Thief or fSasjdad." 
Donjclair Falrhank i- 'a ncx^t. picture. Kh# 
la said to he | ' tahfc at nnd a very 
rood actreem S|»«kli.;flf the Farrhanka- 
Pickfont, SfarJ wa i ko del Jellied with 
the reception »f "Itowta" 1 tWrtM iu 
\ew \o-L thal-slie ueni a tclueram to 
I luted Arltat^i yesinnlay rtp T c#aiua* her 

- InHrrml Loa* In TqIcto |l!j*h. 

The Uciver»a| F*lm Conipjlny faces a 
probahle Joaa of htindredn of thotmmda 
of dolJapa J H the rr«ni jfjaWaa pnrtb- 
flUftke. It* main Jupaneae oatre, Io- 
« ted I Is ihe mnter of the enrlhauake 
and tire xone. |n n. nimplete low. with 
"ffice nuinment and priota destroyed. 
*" wo «"d baa hr-ta rewived a* to whether 
there ia ttny lorn or life or not bttt trave 
gjp are entertained for" the wfety nf 
*jrat|{ L. Lappjn. temporary Tnkla 
nanpar. The . oH]» woiJT received hy 
LnlvreaT, wbtatnctl hy cable aeyeral daya 

rniah linra-wrra thrown! out In Brondwiy 
and in 100th and lOfith atrurt*. Tin 
atore ifbuwed that the tarrlwa had taken 
mrnt cod it raa ih^ri^ln that they wers 
hidlnr on one nt- the, tow roof*: 

A taxicah waa itrnfwrt ami .fucked up 
jtjTihi'.r. n bnildiui in lOQrh nfrvet and 
Poricenieo McGevern and Copdron were 
detailed i» 'climb from (be lop of the. 
taxi in the: roof uf the building. Mi- 
Govern waa the n>»i io c-liiah over, and 
afler br had awunji hiniBelf dver the coi- 
nfv* and waa about to ralae himself with 
hia revolver ih" hla right burnt, there waa 
a si i-ji nml a load report from .in >;■ 
Jtriniiifi roof and aj hulift rent Ilia pistol 
ajiinniDE (» the wtreel 'below. Mc<«o»vi-n 
waa not ei-en srraTrherl. 

rondmn then rlimh^il offp the r«fl on 
inatanl later an. I nred four alioia ut u 
man tleelnc from b ekylifht of the ud- 
joininK 1 hoil'Iins. behind wliieh he had 
beto hidiar when he ahot Metiorern'M 
pistol from hi" hand. Reaching the edinr 
of the roof, the tlee^ar tjiaii jumped 'tn 
un arenway of a honae in v, .-.: lOEHh 

RhotH were also fired at a man fleeinf 
In Eaat JOftth a(re*t f pjoiI tbi- police cap- 
tureoT a man who gave 'hii name aa At- 
(bur ftllrentO'ir, 21, a etprk- 

Tfle rnofa were thoroughly ■■■.::■.::. .i 
but no on* *'v wm cnnKht. iIum-uv. 
th* iiolfre fodtid rt WRttdt i'ml a "Jiiixi|ii]r" 
behind the h^berflaihery, whera entrane.1 
had been forced through a wiudow. In 

rtfter the ([unk^ from the natire mannger 
of thr OMilta branch eichnng^, wan that 
the pkrhanse in Onnkn whb Kjmrod.' He 
F-'ii-l rl-i' flu tlttnieTi in Tokio and Yoko- 
hama w.?tf growiBS w»rrv and all com- 
munlrarloi mm? i'ip Tukin brnneh' wua 
CEt Off, Rnwrird 3J, - Sowc, 1 -niver**!* 
Japmi rnnii^fipF, nnd i.l wife nrr o-i the 
.itr;iin»hi't) President Gwirt, UBTr>lBg 
hnt.k nflrr a thrpo mjintt*' vpryittHin in 
tin- Tniled Siitten. Mr Rowe will find 
(■bans :ind n job thnt wil tnkc nomc time 
to Kit ptniictrenrd out. Ovrr at the 
I'nivcraal iffice ir wtta aiiil " ypfrlprday 
liint Mr. rtcivo'Kill prnl>,ibly mnkr- hla 
hrailnuattrjrs lo tlie t>j*hal branrli'-Mfitil 
snrh time a* unrmal lir-Hiiip'rt is reiumed 
in' the ■'■ ■-■:-. i :.r„,i m.^;,,,... Wlicn lip M'Ba 
hen- he toM of the pop-ilarity nf -I*rln- 
rilhi r W>^n. wlm J* « fire:il fa\prit^ with 
thr .lopanrse public. . Coftd* u(> laraciy 
of Kt'iilentn and ehildwn. At the I'ni- 
ieraal rilTiroa: there )« H la.i grwiC rn 
TpIi^ over the cafrty of Tom Cooh'raB. 
hrnrlicr of Ft. H. I'mhrn, vice pteHlii-^t 
of fiilvervpl, and of F. iK tlorliran, r-ec- 
retaj'lf of Tnivcraal. Tom t'ochran ia 
inaiuger nf Japan for Fumonn Pinyera- 
LaAkj, jin.l no word baa jot reached 

" PWitrt Bj- W. r Stall. 

jrr,1A>re joiniTOVt:. 
She i> tin.- iT-Hiiioc i*iij In Donaclaa 

I"* I r ban L.n'» hpit isIi-Iut*-, ( 'TK* 
t Tt,\rl '.( n^,'' ttUleh ll CflB- 

Inaj to »eir S>rlc- ibl> >all. 

hie lifii-".-- of bi* conditigu Add irc*t 
fear ia fplt for hla aaftty. 

Hrlenc rhuflwleic Geta Ul"-rce- 
Llivonrejt htc not ai« uys aa difficult U 
get ti" mo»t pn>ple tn New York think. 
lVatcrday Helen c L'hadwick waa graated 
a divorce from William Weilman. witb- 
permlaaroii to renumc'her maiden natnt- 
■>! eonree. *)!lf got iirr freedom in L« 

(-•(iini.rsli Pe tenon Harrlcal- 

Elitah«th Peterson, who is wtll axowa 
in motloa picture ciT(d*» aa an expert In 
*I1 pJJtutfi of fan publicity. !» aboot la 
taka ttntoi herself ■ hutband. She la be- 
ing i!iHrs-.i'ii to-moTton- to Jicm-s McDon- 
ald, a commcrrlal artiat, 'J'bey are lear- 
ing for Itenxiuda oQ * honeymoon trip 
and will be gone ■ week ox ten "daya 
>i!"" lT-:-i-fn.;; r'.iy; notbiog about (iviLi, 
up her i-areer. bring mo'tcm, yoli c*a"i 
t*mme her for that. 

11. L. V InUelntUn 1st TOWB. 

AH the way from Minnompal 1 ^ roDie?i 
oilr old friend, M. I„ FinkelstelTl to tell 
Abe Warner that he want* to book th* 
Warner feature* In hb chit* of theatre*. 
Mr. Finkelitein nid ere nthoturh he ia a 
Firat National fnmchfnc holder thai 
"Main Street 1 ' broke the record For huai- 
nea* la hla Hi. Paul theairc. Mr. Ffnkel< 
atein ottfh-t tu know aboat pictorea, being 
a member of the firm of Rubin eh Fiokel- 
atein, thnn which there la no more im- 
p-irtant chalii of Lhealro sin thn Middle 

W« \oi. Haire- ■ Raw Film Cm. 
We now* Stella Film Ctrox* 
P*ny. a new concern which hu opened 
a atudlo at Eaat ISoth atrect. with ngeetl- 
tlve oFhrea in the Komex Bnlldmg el 
Forty-neTppth atreet. Their Burpoae In 
life, we nnderaCaad. ta to make twenty- 
t-ni-o two-reel picturea during the next 
year. Alice Mill*, hia been engaged to 
play the leadine feminine, role and I3'i 
Volon ifl chief comedian. That ia all w« 

Iciitim Uolng lo Kiirope. 

Ttex Incram, BCrompsnled by his wifl, 
Alire Tcrrr. ttarted yestcrdajt from Lw 
AngeJi 1 * tn bring "Scdramouche" to New 
Yin..:, where It will be siren a premiere 
on ItriT.ihvny fi!i.>cu Beotembcr &■ Tfaa 
editing of the pfcturo ia not yet com- 
pleted, biit Mr. Ingram ecpecta to at- 
tend to that little thing en route. Be- 
fore he row hack home to California ha 
and hts wife, will go> get at- 
moaphare for "The World's lllneJon " 
ivhirh Mill be hia next pieturr. 

JcuIp W*tl Ret* a Kan- JnV. 

.1. -'.f i\V:!. publicity man, baa mrred 
hia typewriter to the office of tbe Inde- 
pendent Film Company, -where he will bet 
their |>oet laureate. In other worda, ho 
will handle tb«ir publicity and advert:;, 

Tbe >YcairlBtT of the Great, 

TViniield flhccbnn. vice preaident and 
general managi'r of the Fox KlEm..Cor> 
jKiDitirm. [lire a party Eaat night. There, 
m probably nothing anuaual about this 
becatiae Mr. Shechan haa giren many 

Striirn in hla day, Qnty at uia bucket 
in cm ■■•[■■ were Inritad to sit down to a 
feed »f eombeef s*-.d cabbage. The rea- 
aon for three rinfide waa becacac ther* 
«» not a gueat preaent who waa not an 
Irlibtniti, mid would you beliere it, they 
were nJ! in the film hmunesa. 

Lou Caianer aa ine siek l,l«t. 
Ixju Chaney has been aflfferingrwith * 
had cold brought on by his hard wnrl; 
ill conneellon wiifj "The Hunchb-nck of 
Notre 1 tame." Iln has been making per- 
aoaa) nppearaacea every day the 
cbaiigc of climate and the atraJn harv 
been loo much for him. However, h& la 
not giving up and lh continulnc to let 
the audiencea at (be Astnr Theatre aire 
a lock at him. 

CAraaet agarer A«T4a«t 1* Cait, 

"Bean Brummeli" the Warner picture, 
will he' started on the Coiit. along abnil 
Beptcmber is. At laaat that la the. dgty 
John Barrymore is expected to il-fite. 
The Hoonario Ik *|1 in r*adiaiese and caVat> 
ing ia no wgetflDg Rhng materfally. Te«- 
Terday word cam* from the Qeaat that 
Carmel Meyers, and Riehard Tack tr will 
have Important par:-: Id Mr, Bgrrymorta 

A I. ine or Tare. 

One *>t our well known publicity aiam, 
wh*i rP'jneata for tvoviotii reuooa that 
hia ikioii- be omitted, aenda ua n autf- 

f ration that we do a alory on Frank 
'LI ley. editor of lha London Weekly 
Kinemattrgrapb and call it Tiliey'i 
Puacrurcd Romanc*." 


'EGptaUi L'.;i'. •. -.,.., ;:.r M -.;-, :■:: i 1 1. > ■ J jh. I 

" BOrrT0X, h Bept. A 
Mr*, ,Iame» H. fling uf Jlrookliuc. 
mother of B?«nc;i»c" ITios. actrnti. nnd 
(.'ceil Hluj:. ttliu ntoi\ mid matbcr-in-l-iw 
of Tom Meifthnn «f !ilmdpm fame, will 
contest llin wilt of her fti+vegr-ald after, 
\l •■ .l-.--!i- i;,i -. wliv- left' all her "av- 
lug/* to il ^O-.tenr-olii rtmrried man -tr 
Rvwctft who la rirtuai'ly iinhmiwii •><* 
the family. The man ta Benjamin Bly- 
ivfiod, ■ - 

Mim [!■■-. liij.j recently at tbe ' -.'• 
Huapitni. where ahB w«» confined for tA 
Wteftic followinfr an ncrid«nt, and sraj 
buried tbia ajt'craooo fro mreh ehajtel at 
NT) iiinlfrlJfehiE faiehlhihment iigHJimt 
the n'l«l**-< of her water. 

Mr*. King si :.,.! t^at io !M" her "'-,■ 
(tr-made a wtit, in which all the prop. 

I ertv «i« to be left In her. Two yeerl 
ago another flat) tvm drawn 1141, Mr*. 
liiiiK -.Bid. and all thr property waa left 

j in Hivivo-iii. whoae fgther once knew 
Miss Bom, when ake. auperriaed the eer- 
rauta Id a Beacon, atreet residence. 

Eenluj detneatia ia thr around mi whack 
Mra. ILimt baM*e her Iiopea to break- that 
attend will made hy her sifter. The c<m 
test, will be begun by Mm. Bitigt>and her 
liii-iiijnil. Xona ot the prominent theet- 
rical members of tbe family Ja Envolvajd 
In tbe affair. 

The property left by MSM Ross prok- 
aldj will total about aei/aiO. B lifetime'a 
aaving after long yeara at trork ia Boa- 
Ion depnrtmpnl Btnrre. 

MLan Hof-i i» fftnjbr*| by her. aiater. 
Mr>\ H'int, +*A poaaihly b, another ap> 
*rer, Mra Hlitaheth woodnuin of Kan- 
sas City, who haa not been Itelrd from. 

the (tore. loot. wonb. more than WOO. [ iieo aay, that he rumniitted the L>DT«»n, 
iv aa packed up. re*dy Co Ire rand id away, hnt deek-d haTing fir-d a ayakot. ne thai 
*l\ hen Hilreraione Tg a queationed re- any oae else wit with fella. Xo revolve, 
gerdldg the robhery. be admitted, the i>a 1 .wag (nuad. ' . ' . 



, ■ ■ ■ 

■■f.'ir. - 




"'■,..,;., B y JXJUELLA O. PARSO NS "_ ■ .■.,,.'. : ■ 



Thntn OwmtV Chamber of Com- 

- merec Wilt Call Producer! to 

Explain Wly They Offered 

: 22y 2 Per Cent. Increase to 

' Operator* Without Coi- 

inltins OTfcSrJiatjon. 


[Jcfinitc rharjcefl were preferred nayinst 
Sfarcua Locw, Wi'liam Fin ami P. S, 
.Mi".* yesterday by ttir Theatre Owner*" 

' Chamber of Commcrrc vharfiinir them 
with violating the rcfcolniinn amdr !■,-• 
tills orXAnfxAtioa. which nlotfd thttl '■" 
♦JibiWwr nhortf.l nbikr nnj individim! 
■crecrarnt wii\ tor- member <>/ th* Mn 
riort Picture Upci-More' V'Tiinn [.nr;:l ,T»i.. 
ha I that the mjiripr -honld he a**ttlrd by 
ihe T. ft. C. C, na » wbnic. 

«-":£ 'A. Oammilie,- rnmiwacd of Rrroitnl 
KifrEli. r--;. chairman: Hj (iatnJrtwrt' 
|("sarlea Mnsi^s, W hi tjjlfli Landau, I>" I 
Rncfacr, Leon R^ien^loti nnd .^nomi' 
Jlordwr. **creur*. niei ye^rerdny and W 
mavenrieil En the board nT director* tli-n ■ 

■A, i.n!-r. : ';■',■; and Monn lie mm 

Aionrtt to ill" eh.'imhor of rcmrnTce ta 
explain why they "ItKrett th* uperatiir 
■ : *" aa Inweasft of i-^ H! per cent, in wc-j;* 
in vio'ntiuc at I he laitniutlnn., The boar, 
norepted tlim rt-eorunieiKtutiuri and wi 1 
act accordingly. 

Il wan exulafiied that Mr, I*g*w «i 
he railed hin'nrp iIip Ijonrd of direemrv' 
mri-tin* tirvr. Mt. los llir fnllnwini; WW 
and tarn Mr. Moiw. .f Ibry dn nnc on. 
•*rer thene Fiinminr«r* dry will pro". 
Ably b* ■utum.Atic-all^ itrij^ir-i from tic 


. It iriif {■ ^[>'jiii:-'ii j. I lln- time thfu- 
Cbar*w ■weir 6r*t hinlrd at bj a mn'i W 
(he Inridc :h>v. "i" CbtW inr.a i:ctnl !■> 
Vi-|VMii-viV" nii'un^fj-i and Hot :i» Dl«aib4TA 
if til* T. *f- 1*- f. Mr, T,otw wftB in 
IJtiroi* in tJir limr n7'l did mil h^ir any 
J tiiftie about it until h* ti-turued hotar. 
'■' The jtrl'vur.^ of *hr rln^irv on:neT» 
pr«n».in 1." tluii Ihf flllfii'flflrr of JS 1-li 
J>**r cent. iurro*f in wnperj m the lime 

'^JlP flEVrnWH 1 W^H TllV^ilTBiaH to KlrikC 

r->:nif i- +!H|n-ffliji.-o for lb* flhrUitorn to 
jrlr# In to Ihf rii-ji-.iuiifs tnitdp in tbe 
*i"t*rnioffr. Tin* raift- (irrt tj tb? mo- 
tion oi?Uir* IH**!! trjH 4d n no-ill^ oT 7 1-2 
tn- IS [wj- FHICr flWreaiH in "-ajr? 

It ii- bb iiii;)iM,7S'ii!(- io rrarh any oa* 
or thp mon mofiti«ncd bj rtu 'tb^atrf 
fiwn'rrft on tlir |*1t]dtQM flt tbt late hour 
vlic Ftorr r«DH> in. as they bad ponr to 
• thff country for thr wreELcDd, m It I* 
'■ijii cir-»i!ib' tn mnkc any itn«*Mi or 
ihriiTV (in,- ir.r-i> on to wlial ■ Hruon 
Uhmi l^or«V. Fok Jind lirwi wilL mk* 
*!i*n ''"■:■ lr.-irj'i '■!".'" linvn been called 
oti thr nrfret. ii p'1 tOTknda very f-ci i 
on* and roamlLcatod. bu( it ban been 
aiir txntfftitce the*? rtlinti all *onnd to 
much irorn llian tlivy uaaalty ire. Mr. 
LociF ii-ill prvbAblv set bla sllmmoan 
fop a *#^k from TUPfday. 

Big Week of Opesingi Will Bright- 

en "Bjoaivny— "Enfelea of B*d 

Gap," "Bed Lijfbti/' "Why 

Worry," "Motheri-in-LtT," 

and "The fold Bi£g«n" 

All to Bo Shewn. 


0-BvtcD witi <C«mn. T»Jm 



i' ■• -* 


Ata* Haa 

IrrB Kn«i|[ri) tn Pl*r (>J>D.nwllr Rllto! Drxttr In III* Fldt 

PpiiJucllnn t*r Cr.nrt-AiKT 

. Ktianif O'Brien, who haa ItMn playinf 
dn the Cnaat wit'j iln Thomas Whiflen 
Id ."Stetc/' htN riecided! to Irare tbi> 

m . .-V-osv rii.d pug liji- |..*rt on to )>iriiir ri^u. Thi* rpanoo is an oJTrr from 1 
Jo**pb Sdieitck in pla.v opponlti- X»rm* i 
TrtlmaHs" ii) lin iiF*\r ptcturr, Eup 1 ]]* 
and; Xtfront for rniuy months wcr* je- 

ic liarilM at an ideal Hcrvrti i*oiubiaatJon. 

Itdnu'ii to-daj- tie jtvt letters ttillliui* 
that (hey lip rftiailwl- ■ Mt. IJTMfli ■ 
did rnnhi? oar p{cilOT wilb Him Tal- 
.BMdjb 1 and rli^ bm offlee nee-ipO. 'elai^ | 
by .\*sft^ia;r- ] flrnt National, wlini re- ] 
F"a-*vl « tio pii-iurr-. la tbe pennon fur ihe 
rr-effJiSHTinriit of ihe : inr.i nian. s 
'"filerr," wliiri b.i.* tweo duin^ n bit 
bi'»'iv^-« thmtisbont thr ennnfry. viH 
ci 'iiit.i-' with aiiisifi'M- motion oirturc 
■ • aur in Im< uairsd \Bfrr. Il is iln- atory 
of a -dbi>I:od picturr dtrpclnr, 

Alf C-irnrd lii-rf nrtfl IthLnft, 

•, The parly (ti^eji hy Winfield Ghecrian 

3i bin borne in t'nrl Waxbin^oDi un 

Tlmrwlnj' rflhloc JO Ml lrtab friends tn 

b iw»r rtt'tbe ntKflh nnniTrnuiry of tb* din- 

■' . J eorery of corned b«f and rabbaav as 

Jood Tor the liinnnQ r*<» T wu larje^r al- 

ImdeiJ hy the ifteicrwho bave eauac tn r*- 

ioJw Kt eiloJi 'a «lebration. Jlr. Shre- 

| Mttii ln(1wtion« wet* limited to the [rirfi 

aiad an rnnr urho ftrtjS'd not abnw 100 per 

fe«ni. iri'-ii pircnta^': avaa> i«kM t» par- 

Ijtfuatr En thin OTfitJ 

i Thf deconirioDH icotv jem*i and. while 

*r«" van no nlutmrK'k on hand, it waa 

■t!.w] i lint thin waa the favorite 

nf nl! wht were prtwnt. A 

... to nfnliate »Ftb ihe Ku Kim 

KJari- ivr- i rr^Jtiiiiri-e!. We nhnuM have* 

■tohf ■ inniVn'l <>f nftilime to annihilate. 

AtM It iu i^if'l that Ireland brinKi 

fj>r0i i'tr fireftient race in the world and 1 

tiu|t Aprini-n li ibe *i-eate*t cnutttry. 

A rwtrhjtiwi »)i» paiwed detddinf that if 

CnvfTr-nr Bmitb wented in run for Prtal- 

drnt Mi nat'onriliij' wmiJd land Jiim in 

tnfli Wtlite HoVHf wilhnuc nny irrnibV. 

In fart'. tb"t exery foyal IrlahTnnn would 

it* it kU tlujy U, dn L n little »ap' box 

oriri'nr/ for the finvrrnnr. 

■j Tni* U tbe Bmt time in lh* hhtory fl( 

motion plewrea that rtorrr hne *-rer hiWii 

iti uaeiirbUej^ fl f ff'tm men M Irlph do- 

> iant. ' In f»«t. no one ever ktsow theni 

ii'fre that mony [riahmen in tb? IndiiB- 
try. AnoLlirr race haa herelofore clnifofii 
iii< vrfdlt tor LinVinc put motion plfr 
tari>t nn the tsihij. Not tfliitlne tn s!;lri 
fl r4cr rivt. we will nut IfO i^ilo dldcua- 
diori furtbrr. Aramie tito*e who cnji>y*d 
Mi. Slirnban'n boapitaliiy, n* ihr. Odur- 
i J HJe im',>-rr. Hlwaja.. iBj'. were Measr*. 
Allnn flwan, Ugrtln (JufR.ey. John .Mc 
C**rtli>-. Jnme* fjnirk. .Jimmie 'irniopT. 
Wallet Moiire. Pnuf Moonej, J. &. Mc- 
Cnrtbr. Theodon; hEitchaJl, .fnck Bn?- 
banry and .lAines Hqnlny. 

■ vande One ij»j l n Siw Tnrk. 

Tom Jlii arriTfd in New Tfl** r«- 
ttnii.j, took' one xlani-e aroand the town 
and want "ii to 3|Br*JoM m reneu- hi* 
frinidahip with Jm*k fJ^painJr, Mil in 
af*ompanind by ht* uiie. who nrill he 
remembeted by motion picture f^nn i\* 
\'ir]dnia Fotd. V : t '•>'-• Mdui, an ko-ph 
an h|> li-i-iti-iL that Saraioga waa The 
dftstiualioa ot rhe Sfix family, declared 
n holiday Hnrf went to HaratoRg to tbe 
Dempan.t fiiiartpfa to nee if be hnd bet- 
lay bet hi* bnpkro.1l on th* >world - 9 
rhlOlpion IjeavyivelEfcL WtKi who !■ n 
<-|'.»p |,it.iiii«1 ffiend nT Demjiaey and 
who noir bcrt to ace the DejnpyGy-t.'ar- 
pentfer h»ut two. year* ago, Intbada to 


an down to thr I-'irpn ^ntn|. nt AfLanrie 
Citj - vii that he enn compare tbe two 

W* almnst fni;,.| m My Uiat Tiiojime. 
inn Sfii and Tonnf.thr ponv have Iwn 
l*(i nr hons^. T1i« Ik rhe Hrnt time ihat 
ifre. Mil hn* left hr-r lHt» ilnncbrrr 
aini'r phe ii-fts bur", bin fnther ne^dfl 
n vci-itioQ an.l Nen York is nn blare 
for ji ha by. When (bp .Miicft re-nirn t.. 
lb- rill -hey will ^^ip nt tbn AmbAB- 
anJor Hotel. 

"Th* Girl- Sttta BT. 

Kiiher tin- Mexiina f>nramia*ut in 
firwwiiiK less iionienlar oi pIm First Na- 
tional knuwd how rp. amootb ila faathfr*. 
Inii ji nnjr r«tr " Th* l.lrl of the tiolden 
IVeti;' - hn* aJipped b; (he Jleaienn reu- 
eon vi-tf hmit n itinrmur of prnltat. The 
h'ji-^r NttTional aotrn^ office Eina jnsit 
heard ihe Nsptta of th* affnir. Il aHfaa 
thnt Edwin rurewe. vho iir-Kiuced ihe 
pirtiim, In due er,[ir^e nent e pTint for 
review by ;!,,• SXeffeag DepBrroieni it' 
r'orei^n Ri>!/iiionR. .: form:iIit.? whirh 
the j'riii-iKiti rrtTllrre bofore nny hiir- 
pieioTin oicttire mqv h« M hown below rhe 
Kfo ftratide. The rVpartment, ufter Bee- 
ina the pmdnprio,.. bptlj vnri \ rn Fi m 
National Rranrh Maaajp*r Koclripipji io 
Mexi<T. City that It oniidereil Tli» 
Girl or rtje Colden West" exrfllent f>n- 
t*rtBinmem noil w-mU pofifti ib* proper 
aorhoriticx i:i [he rajHonn Siaten tij Hut 

T4i En^rrtaln' at Luncheon. 

On Mnmlny MaHon Dawlea i« enter- 
tnioinn a few or tfcf ItfWllJapsr wHlem 
at i fie rotqiTo'Itaii atoSloa m luncheon. 
alia* I'n >■)?■:. ivho lum been rt-orkina 
rdfbt an-] d R e «n "Yfinnda." (ind ifh* 
always givot 10O per cent of. bfr time 
wlien ihe in huny on a hia fiprdnetion. 
in raking r. few monToote' rpot ' after 
weekn nr hahd work in- invite the newa- 
paner fnlk to tlit slildirt to *e* itomc ■■-f' 
to-- mcIb whidi are partieuln'rly b*outi- 

SUIdrwd Mirrli Ira tlMUr Pletnl-v. 

The (Jrand-Atilier. r«.mpany la deter- 
mined r« cet arfUhe loose talent nrailnble. 
Wnrd comaii now innt Mildred Uartia a** 
been cnfJtrd In pTay in l^lint Healer 1 * 
nrft prndnction far them. \<vrW haa now 
fc**n Btflrti-ii' under (he direction of II. 
Wlliinm Nfil] nr-f| we aee protnlKed that 
we may h»vr the picture Borne time 3fi 
Fall, llls^ Hnrria haa rtcejitlt complete>] 
a Tsttdeville toot ntid before that ahe wa* 
fepiterrd in "The Fob;," aalnxQratb piny. 
The (firmer Mr*, fnarlea <navlin, who 
■rent through bantTuptty pro*a*din(nt n 
■hort time aj[o, will aofin be ah)» to pay 
the rent araln and keep ihe art!/ from 
i Id' door. 

E.**?** -v Bqalnaaa Trip. 
, Heptemb^r Arthur A. Ijco' belioTM ia 
the time Io takf n bnlirtay," Kn in- hat. 
left the; Ijw-Hradfnrd t'nropin'y of. which 
he- ^j prealdent for n (hfrft weeJo* 1 motor 
iriji throogh the Dejiwtm IVnicr t.ap. 
Toronto and the: MHtdls W*«- /While 
away It fa^ hfl wi"l i-uml ,in ■: 
p'eiBnrt apd bioiJaepa and prrtnit him- 
wlf to get on the. Job. 

In cfer Droit >I»»nr TbeaLlroa. 

An event of imporinnn hcxt week is 

th* arrival of "Hugglpa of Red Uip" at 

the it: ■.■n!i Tbenirc, another Jameo Croao 
iirodiictloji. After '"The Covered Wagon"" 
ftn.rthion that ifr. Cruae cloen in tbe 
futtirc til 1 he w*tehed> vfilll llltei-cut, nnd 
ihiri him \- s.i 'i to be another knorkoiJi. 
UfaeW Torrttrt. whose trumwork mUb 
i'ni,-.f- .in i,ne of ihe big ■-.eiit.H of lane 
recra Elm hiatory. playn Couain rJirbert. 
tklwonl H.irton. a new actor to the 
rirr«=n. «l«ya ih* Lii]e mle. Other im 

i'-'f!.i''|- plfljrr" in IK' Cfl"t Are Lvji 

iVilaon* r«.tsd Ridpeway. f 'horlw Oitl-, 
I.noi«f I 'rcMM-r., Anna Lebr. Thonsns 
licbliNK. Lillian '1 ej^ghtoh. Wi liam Aui. 
Ho nitd mbcrri. Th* navel i» to Harry 
l*m\ Wilson, and tlie ^reep mJuptAti'^ 
«.P* written hy .'Walter Wwida end An- 

llmrij i".,|,|.,- ht '(iy. 

"Red Light*," ndppied frf.m (he piny 
by Edward K. 'Ttone called -The Ktar 
Car.'' in the . Iiivl lilm prodnctioii at ;hc 
rapitnl Theatre next ereet. CIlfQfliC* 
Hadcer In ibe director, and the eaat ia 
e<irniio?cfJ dT Marie tVaVDJaf, Ravmond 
Ui.Jilh, Johony IS'elker, Alief, 
If«n BemhoJr, l>aan>nr Godowaky, 

ienel Be morr* Rj.d olhrrM. 
HflroU Lloyd nlwu.m brings n hill 
bn#e* ii- lire Kirnqd Theatre. 11>iji ia 
oija re«^ ,|j why .Fnseph flnntcti .nlwara 
■ivea him n welcome. l, \V'hj Worry*'" 
hin lste B r, im-tnre w|jltn is play tnc; tn 
•'nil hoiiHes nt ihe firrnnd this "week, (v- 
iTiafnir.- "VTir Wnrry*** inirodiiCoii n new 
I ndiuB iromiin, jobvoa Knlrloa. who. by 
;lie way, did mn Well in Ulfj ft.oi. ib^t 
•ihe wiib pljiiM-*! ni'dfr (aintMet 'by 3Ir. 

.loyd hi I .1 |K-rEa.iii.eril Ir-rrnT* WOTT-nn. 

hnvid Ui-latbcv** phlj. The Oold Di^- 
(,-"«.■ preaarited ] n | lPI pioiiou PiOtur,- 
lertrnn hy Warner Brotbem, eom^H to 
the BlaitO iieit week. Hope Saunptoh 
line the Irinlinp mte, anil «he ib nipporteil 
hy \V%ndhiun Standln" I.nuise rnieri.ln. 
Abi Tt. rmnein. , r ed I'imiitt^ (rertrtjtlc 
Start, .liihnn.v. Barrn-f. Ann i '.■:■.■ n' r ij.=, 
Ijrt»|*e Lh-'.i;.-' t and .ethrra. 

Al Lirlimno'd imtrelt diftcimacd pirinr*. 
■MnrlLrTi'in-Lnw." eoincs io the Cjmcu 
neyt weoit for ite Marnier* on rtr-indwuv. 
Mm VUm A. (Jr«ewel'i. who ia In Nt-* 
York formlnfr 1 H"otbera-in-Law Aiisocia- 

. ha 

irten !o Mr Lichtman reotii. 
m^oninK- Ihf- plerrirc. R r H. Hom, in 
bimklnjr it. hag njite-l Sim. QrXBWA'd'fl 
ro-r,perntinn In uxtfcAtibi the film. 

tV.ef film (tttcjeiimiF. nt the Um^d- 
way ncv.t v wk wi:i be "Thr Hleiciiii 
HrniP." with Kiilrinv M BM)n fln d Char*. , 
Jnn»n in the leaditiK mice, Thin if B 
Fos picture ndapt^l frotn Lineup J, 
tjartrra melodriimn, 

UfKortu §■!■■, 

The (.eviftthnn will rarry nni«iic iiv>> 
pntmciia-rn cbii mnrnin* Irfp iKForest. 
who ia rakiiia- n hu/rled (rip to keep *mn? 
b]::in[rs" OiipniolJimnEH in Londuo nn.i 
['ariN. lie will turn go in (\ir»?Eiiitrttn 
in h-rancc. wlitTe hin faintly [n Hp«ndiiis 

<■' er et'iiyt the Riitera. Whei : 
he retiirna «n September R. he wilt hri , JS ' 
ilirm wiib him. nT-ii wmr plnn.i for tl»' 
PbnhanlDi rmdnctinnn. of whtdi' be i« ■ 
tbe Inventor. He only expecta tn upend [ 
a law days cm the other side, hurryinc 

■ been eHBTaareil by Metro ti 

in Wham TAtr Pamrd By," i 

Ala nvrk In "tf Wliiiei! Co 

hnclc tn pet on the job in ihix counlry aa 
jji'UL as luiKxible. 

H««T Phllhln. nt Worl*. 
Aim Hie work that llary PhJlbtp di a 
in "Tin- Ufrry-CJo-RiiuniJ" th»rc are 
nmnv eye-) tm-iised in Itrr ilinwtion co 
w« if r*liv wi'i t^ntinui- I" fc**£ up her 
toati work, ft'onl fi-otn the f»u*t Knyn 
ll u ■ ii-- i" nniv hcins re!ienr , !( , ri m "*iy 
UftmJa Ito-^r."" founiled nn t)»i*o.Kildart>H 
ii-i'mI Iri'inc riimuii^i* wj!l diivet lnw 
in her lirvt utirriiijt i chicle, which jtive* 
lier a ■.-liunce to njjain jimv.? ber motile. 


HI- ntrtfadNT, 

id, Califorbhl that B»U 

for Auher ^irand oJaaw th fi direction of 
I'niien Tirr. b'rom uai ft ian he ne*h 
yoiinx (.>ntermau is rryinc his wluia «>n 
i lie roast, whi-re the Wnnhbui-n pifturc 
In hein^j; Hlrun 1 

iv Mb irno 

l"li!v f ri,i,i,tj. 

TUli la tbv iiidiik Imlj ttIio la plar 

uppoill* [tnr.iM 

mbtrh Imp, lirrn 

rerrntli .Itfnert 

■•Why Wnrer 

Ii«-M uvi-r ar 
ir«ek. Ihe t 

M |en« IcfBii 
l.loj.l n< fall 


iv I is. MrJ 


isriil IPTidi 


lisrt. ,lr.. ro!ebratfd hip hrst birthday 
on ^cdnwday, rtcinetuhpr li, SfVHh oiil- 
cindli- I'rike out! a p.lvfl Kur.jjr. cup en- 
criived '"in Bay woiidiiin! no.. WiliJiUi 

h. lion. Juatitf. wi bta linn strra^aj, 
Imiii IlH aud atfiwltttnUtB >iad. 
Bill, ,Sr.. waa on t&MUOn ami netat tbc 
tup froai [herp. Llr»I'itr hrr ntalcoiehtg 
recBrdinf lier ileteirhiinntion to Set a 
dlvnn-c. Mr*. Han now aftya that ibe 
doe.i uot -believ* \\i dimni.- where a child 
:t concprned. Mr. |ia>t, it in naid. will 
not forfhe, boiup; u nina who never for- 
te ta- 

llimrn ^«.nrr u tn Tiiwn. 

Kamon NavnrrOi whs plaj * the lefid- 
inir n>3r in "SiaramuUi-lle, ' in in New 
York und will remain for th*" ooeniiif; 
of the pie(ilfe, wbl^h in ihtf Co hive «tP 
premiorc oo ISroadwuy wmv t.;ue ibe lent 
of the month. Wodflwwbjjr n'ghr Mr. 
mid Mra- Blchacd tiirc *at*rittiaed for 
Mir. Navnrro at Ibeir home on Lij;biv- 
clRbtb jtr**t, and .- rinmhrr of well- 
known folk in •.,<•■ Lheatrirni nnd motlaii 
picture world were |.ri->eni 

" tr. (Ln.iiltr F"IJm. 

White we are on rbe ».ohj*-el of -Ponrn- 
monehe H 1 ' 1 Jf- mard K nbel haa been en- 
K*Ked by Metrn to handle the #3prei!*> 
tlon of the piclnir when it nponn to New 
l'ork. Mr. BobeJ. whn h"* been hftndl!nK 
the pnbH'Hty of gLttrta fiOms Je*rf« 
James," ViJl reninn from that Job to tnke 
on Wn new affiliation. Some foU Imve 
n btrrf timo Kettlnjr nny jih. hot Mr, 
Sohel «wn.« to eet thyeo "T foar in s 
hunch. Terhflpi w* TTtat lay that at the 
door of nndertitandfni; l.'r. nrt~. 

£1 Ta f - t.othei-, 

ETrry one in radioing the?e dayn. It 

in ill Ihe fanliion. Now whtj I-nther 

Head, who to?d Jtj."t how tt» write n*e- 

| ttar™ to all lintcne-a-ln on ihe iYJ55 

i HtBtion al Aeolian Hnll lant oItiL iis.-.-- 

i Ing: adapted The ecenario' for "Litttc Old 

; »w York"' and "Whew Knl^tthood Waa 

i la Fiowrr" we w'll my (jti&Uxt efln tell- 

J how Lt'ar done without .half trying;. 

' Dulrrnmn Wttb RrjOnl V* tthliHf;. 

! Toniia- Jark Oatertnan. a eon of Lhe 
!m!c J,- J. 7C ■■-■«■ ij + h r I and KBthrHne 
Onreimatj. l^nth well known 3n the the- 
atrical *-oi,d- fma Itft vaud^illle flal 
to ttfivr- ii tryoiit in nknirea. He ha*i 
. been glveu a n*rt In "Ttt ind. tJet IL" 
j :i picture ftryact Wnnhhurn i« mskiqi; 

L£f«i for Lilian [^ipihroo the*! daj* 
f- rerun to \>? y-.i-.-i <■•--<■ I'arjiuonii: pic- tun 
tftof Kro'thrT. Hffvint flnh-hftd iht rule 
■if ^!a Petriiri.T iti '"l*aiOf*a of lied Gap, ' 
ahe ban eljcted anolher eontruct with 
Jojso I. flaky to play nn iniportant part 
in "The fall ot lhe Canjon. 1 ' wh,lrh 
ia now HtAog Hlmcd in FlugJilatt, kttt, 

rifnrm ni* inn uric- i.tvlng ii Ball, 
Leoree Fitsmnuricr in i::';nj a charity 
oa II for irinht hiTtiired poopl" i**l we#k. 
Thi' film indTintry need not he eir.l(ed 
abnnt it nnd ptnn on tnkin): Oflr best 
etotaes out of Miiiii.-'' beinnnc Ibi* part 
is->nly a part »f "The Kethiia] City." 
Samuel f!oldwyn'a oftiie haw locked lite 
nn olr] ciirio^ity aliop all wbCq., AH the 
old Unman costume* available hate been 
lii-i't ih"-e n:i e^liiliitii'Ti n> ti.v nt.iliin^- 
of ^l/hii.LUM. ,, n-ii, of Italian actfT>iea 
which will ficure an flets. No lean a 
paraon Ihjt Jlirry Koicjcnfrrmk t*lla tt| 
|h fl t society itaelf will he on huad (i 
^enteh the takine if -thin picture. Of 
cournr. U given nn nn Bwftll kick lo know 
ihat Newport In cornhtit to aee how It in 
■■ii.ii- in thr nllnmn. Barbara La UaTC, 
lisrl Lytcll. Lionel liarryinorc. UiHiar.I 
Wonnotl and Montapie Trffff ..-'! il 
he on hand to take part in the affair. 
While irv are. *vn IV subject of 'The 
Btcrnnl City." Samuel ^.oldivyn in nt 
present loOklPR the town over for a llien- 
lr- in wWch to have the Broadway pre- 
mier for 1d*i mi** 1 . 

Dc-ath of Director and Ulneii of 
Gallagher Cause Break in Con- 
tinuity Which Hovel Producer 
to Take Big Lois Bather 
Than Eeleaoc Poor Fio- 
tnre. It Ia Declarod. 


II Cl 


r ji.* pilre. . 


Htao haa lha BradEna famtnlnfi rola 
In "ftad LlBf1lt>>" Whl«* com*' 
to fhf Dapltol for e w<ek.*a bH- 


May Ln 

The producer* do nor alwayM naerlflf> 
art to tbe entnmereial (rod when n quew- 
tion of pnde la ihe irnne r Take William 
Foi. who haa speni $3^1,^0 on 
"Arourid lh^ Toen," the {iallarher nn,l 
fihenn picture, only tn u*fl>P it shrived 
nntil he «Wd det^cmLnp whether tOfl re- 
make the whle thine nr io put it in the 
yunk heap, <*hitrgin£ it tn prnfit and *o*». 

At the time l*«Un«ii«r and Shcan, the 
two famous paawdjiwai wen- enHatfttl !>,' 
Utt Fos hi a nnliry thnt made Theii 
hniilc halnnci' ItelU "p several hn,irpf T 
Bernard J. nunitm; wis hmnplit t>p 
from tho Cnnnc <« direei the nunedy 
purchased (mm L* wie Sher" in f"e ihe 
twn eomrrijaon. Ml went Well itiilil Mr, 
Purnini whs taken with lyplniid (Wi*r 
and hia utt-loii* tftttew and ilratli made 
it neceaaary to coll ii> aoolhcr dirci-ior. 

Whan Mr. .'limine, hud in hiw mind. 

he WU'BFTrr aide In tell hil euere^jn-. 

tbo pew man <-al!rd in tn rake up the 
ragged endn hod Io (trips in the dark 
iiaacniiatntpd with whin Mr. 1 tuning 
bid planned t.i ib>. Then to rap the 
climax CJillr.chrr waa taken nick and 
iinnl'?? to wnrk. to fiel nqr Jonah after 
naotfaer urrm!*[| in fotiow in the wjike 
of thi« piet\irr fron- (In- day It flrM 
went intu work at tin- Fox *l udion. 

Mr. F»s. it in nnid. in diBMJURed with 
the dim and rather ihan rr]eani> n puof 
picture be has deeiried to h helve ihe 
whole thinr. titer a', the 1-os Atudion 
it waa liBpo*Jtihle to ponEi'tn liii* beeaitta 
no one wan wlllii:j[ to tajk, buit it wc* 
admflled liie iiictnre had been (em- 
noi-H.r:1.i shelved and Wolllr] in nil Pfdha- 
nHHy b* mehvH to The West Toaet when 
It VO flnblied. Luey FnS wii» the lead- 
ing womiD in th* ill-fated Mm. 

Helro (.rla Tito JHara. 
Terey Marm^Tl is boHBd to mm In 
for a jrreit deal of BttCStlofl thi.i comliiil 
.vtar heciuae i.if Ihe werk Lhat he did 
n» Mark Kahre in "IT Winter Comes. " 
He ban hern eu^BRed hy ibe Mettxi Film 
Company ID piny i>ne trf the leadiiie role.i 
in "The Man Whom I»lfa Faancd By," pi 
\ ictoc Sielu:rtxinger ]iietnre that in now 
in Hie jirorraa nt ' - :mtnictinni at (be 
Metro HtudinH. CtiHeti Lnndin ha» ol*o 
been i-ri.'.K.:.^ to play in ,ii" Sehertxinger 
pidilrr. which was CFOceiitlly Writ [en fo- 
(he pereen by the director. AeUvjty n t 
the Sttro ntudi.-1-i n-i the WcM Omt 
nlsn €*niej-* arourad "Tbii- Hgmttn Mill." 
A'lnn IVwan"" firsi Metro produrtinn 
which ia arnioiii reavlv for the market. 
ilirdd Show l« ewitTas; (nr Tlie Tule ef- 
Trlonn. " the Williani .1 Lnftka Bo*? 

which will emerge in itn moti"n picttire 

form nn "The Living I'urVt." Vinlrt llnOn, 
who ia thr ninter-tu-lnw »f Harold Shaw, 
hirina; married Edna Fliiftrnrh. in rvdoI 
to araet gh "A«Bcl F^ced Midiy-" 

W* |*w T( With Bai Own Brra. 

Wnlklnaj down Broadway yp.terdar 
Wc nhnojt himiped intn E. ft. tJnlrtstein, 
nnalatant to Carl Lnenuole, }prea4dc , tlt of 

I'lliVfn^l. Mr, r,old>tcil| ivqn ■■ .i :.■■■:■■ :■; 

on lae Pidewalk at the Aa|or Thentre 
wfltcbinc the peopbj ft* ' n 'o nee 'The 
Hupctihnck of Sotrc Hump,'' eonntln^ 
the pcoplr in line who wcta JiayiiiK Hieir 
way In to nee ('nlcr-mal* nmrni fi'iUnre. 

"Look nt that," Aoi-I Mr. (bddstein: 
■ni> other picture in town lining btl*hr*a 
likf tjint." 

Of coiinw. we iniaht have i-nJteil aitfn 
I .on In "The, Covered Wrcnn," hut we 
did DM »rant to Rpell Mr. tJotfJstein'n 
eiithdManni. and w< hpd to BTrrr* o-ilj 
Mm. The report ihat tbe picture [« tW 
injT nelld-nut buniumn aHeTBOOn and even- 
iop Ik not jra idlr :■-•■•■■■■ aReut'ri yurTi. It 
ia tbe innh. and n<ith:nc Inn Uh; tnirii. 
It was Jnterwtlnic to me Ln nee Ihe people 
Hrwrk tn the A»tor Thrntre boMdac it 
hnd heen naiel by- nlAoV people l.ibi nr 
Tine a picture na the "Huni-hbaefc of ?•'(■- 
tee njm-' In, Ii will nAL hnve hoc alnce 
ralne. We wtfi. In our review thai «e 
titlieved that it wan a pimd het fer lhe 
cilllhifnpa. and we like In ptuif* finer in 
a while thnt »c am risbt, 

■orfal Vinr: 

William Vrandt han koo* to Lake Ho 

pateonsT to spend a week-end with hh 

family, inrr-hr niiasinr h. vera I imrKiriani 

eommJtt«e. incrtlnc! 

Hara aalltnai oh l,rv|aihan. 

Will H. Hnja la beiTtts the motion 
pi'"!Hre industry In it™ own deiirrn for 
rhe n--. r riik wwdtc- He in .■i-'irii; rn-day 
on thei I<BfhUfajfB fi, r ■.Varatfna, the lirat 
ecjtl a*- he Itta had since fll|:l, IRn trip 
io EiiroTH' dnepn't men,o a tbiiiff ao far 
;i.; m-nrjerfl pirture pnlitica are eoiieerned. 
Tt la a holiday pure and elm pie. eii-l on" 
he fci'L in n^nilni to ,iim imd »o (Joes 
every ont el»e who knowB anythinp; ahum 
tbe war he ban worked. 


Prftibyterian Board of Chriitian 

Education SUrtl New Department 

of Kistioruary Izutruotioa. 


, Eft. -JfifoW UtA. BoWnMn. actina: 
aeervtary of the dKiaion of ChrUtlan 

'•docation in th' home. HiUreh and com 
anunlir. rrrenrjr eatfbliabiNl a* i part 
w ih* new p'fe*hyu-rian Board of 

. Chriitian 1'ldncatinn, tf-iinj met horiwrl 
' from his ofTieiv. the Wirherapoon But'd- 
biic 1'hJadMpJla, I'ii.. tbe roUowiai: 
tllilemrnt for pirhlieatJon; 

'Tit* Preshywriaa ft^rd of Cbrlaiian 
Kdoratioa haa orffanlted' the new de- 
purttnebt of RiJaalanary ednruriuu antbo- 
ij'id by the rrevbyterian jpnerad. <b- 
•Wmbly, T^ls ^rp&rtaient will take oyer 
Ml* wark of Sia ilrparturOla nf min-inn- 
*ri rrlut-alioo previwunly iTtAlrilained fcy 
(be niienioo boardj) aiid the wort. «f the 

^^_ : 

rreahyteriaa new era nVparUnm 1 of inia-, 
aionary educatioa. .Tbe heddnirteni nf 
the dnpartincot hara just- b*en . rjuafe- 
lirhed at 151 P"iffj nrenue, New' York 


, "ReT. Jolin Bniley Kelly wilt be'gtn-', 
ami flir- e^s-r at the desartmaDE-'. Mr, 
Kelly for soma years baa be*n tnocuttcti 
with Hi- nihsionarj- education work ' of 
the rrwhyrerian Board of Monte StJt- 
alen-i an,] «ltii tho Frmbyterin Now 
!;>i ■" ' ■ [TrlTii. u: of M!-.s:r,i!riry h~c|Lica- 
tbn, of which he wan hci :n;r dllTftor 
duripK B. Carter Milliken* ptblpM on' 
a rUiiBnon of ihe inl M ] OT BfllJ. . 

tai la expecterl rhnt in Ihr near futiira 
it properly nuaMKe.l woman w*B br axwi- 
datH wi'b Mr. Kelly En the work of the 
deiJarUin-nt. An ndrUorj murcll ConBUrt- 
lne of rcprexemutlvea utrpuintrv] by tlm 
Pre*byU>n*n Bmril of l-oreipi a|iaMbu%- 
the ' IVenbyterun II<.nn| of Nniloun Mla- 
p=roD*. and Mm I're*byLerFan Board of 
ChMnn C,!ijc:,:i, i.. bur, bftw enrsati* 
tnleo 1 , ruid w [ n rni>mmpr)d fpfilldea itfltl" 
metftod* ta the drpunmrnT. 

"It It tht fnnclijEi of th.^ new 4rpart- 
DHU to rfevelnp aud promote tij* \;- i'r -<U 
ind* poh'cfej of tniNhiimnry ^liuntinii aa 
aa Intem-al'.pnjrt of th". rli^ireji'" projcrizn 
of (JhrTBlJlp .«diication. It will Blao At- 
relop i!,r. ri-ivc ndaaion aturly through the 
pronifvrlon rjrf apeh w^rk an 

m Mifalos atiidy claaawf.; 

QfT-Cbirrcb acbool* of nilailoiria; 

i^t Coiir*** in mpninnarjF edu^alion In 
J*i-eabjl«ri«^L i Tpuwa>. people'a confetcnteff 


or other J'rcihjtetSan eonfareBee* and 
inatitutea for thr; trallnnj o| laaderybip: 

<8) Xormal acttooli; 
' (Bl Reading cireli"a: nttd « n t«at». 

.■'CorrwpondeaM with vrferance to 
thew npjpai of «dncatini)fll MtMfJ BIAS 
ho eddr#aac(J to Hev. Johp aBlley Kellr, 
Prrs&ylnri'Jn lionr-l "vif rhHatian KdUca- 
tion, IM Fiftlp nvenue. New Tork. X. Y." 


(•B»*ft'» Sciv.l Ilirmr JUtl Wot El- 

cwjh) Ktwi Krom »ir, Fin*. 
■ (abMa| MfaJth m Tti* Hemiaa TainxrapJi r 

YONKEK3, Sent p.— When I'edro 
ArpioiTtcrft, 2A year* old, of While Plains, 
wU arraipTTied in ronkar* Citj Coon to- 
day chnrfcd with fijircijiiij; hh gave aa hh 
eseuse (XiAt bia apenromater rourda by 
art nm#tora ipatepd oj mUf4 jmi! he dii 
nnt Icnna,', ilieri-i'i-tr". finw t r : si i , ;, fiiiiej qj 
hour he waa travallna;. 

I'lWr.rlmaii Aaroe Martin allrBrd that 
th» !JM"f:i-d;ii!t wna ir.-io!!,]^ : \. u ,\ 
tWCntyeifbL nii.ei nn, honr on Ceiiir,!- 
m-eiiiic, Yonkora, .where tweutr-Uiw.-. 
mUta on hour ii (he apeed HmiL The *> 
iVurisnt (i-M .Tndi5" Morria I~ aotenvAB- 
ner that. IwiiifT a C/pbnB, ht bn>i u 
"ipevdomcter bnacil noon Thr metric ajhi- 
tcm. Th* lodp lolrl bbn'he abouhTrV 
miliaiiu binmejf with the milaaae ayja- J 
i™ an*E^DCtJ hl« tlo. .. T : , ,. 


Mary M€l>vig:hlin Says Ecaa Tried 

to Erevont Ear Prom Ooiny 

to New Ya*k. 

I tried Io ke*p he r in. Yookecpi + She aeja 
j nhe had! to coll in Fat™ Urn mi itunaell for 

Erottwtloin. She aaked that a siimraona 
o Uaoed for Ram>. Tbe nummonn 
| chargea Ttapp w:tb turentenlnf; her. The 
j eaue in due (■< ooim heforc Judjte Motria 

1^ RonenHaBAar to^mormw. fc« forhnat 
| enmplalat waa made nitainat Itnpp. who 

wi'l be civen s nhanrr to appear volan- 
I tartly. Minn McLauxhlin, after rnn- 
| f !-■: r~! Iij- ll'lth Judge Iion«nwana|ir :inii mssi 

of Jin- ''!.'--k;;, declared that alte la li'-itin; - 

afraid uf her beau nnd plana to ; r i! b)m. 



[6j*riu i.iapii i is T>e Vomlna Tr'*(nip1i ■> 

YOXKbflS, Sept. T. 

ML-.' M-irj Mt-i.^n-jnii. n;i .-,-;, i.i :>:,]. 
went ta ioakera City Court ••■•■■ ■-»> aiioi 'il of a wou -.< nbu al,e^«a bc- 
i:,i,i-.- iu uudlwly Intei Cdtod i.i her wnfnre 

t.i. ' be I'-n-i.'.d Lit' to gU I '■ >r'-i \^t\i 

i. : ii> oj'-:e.i- tbrcaT of dira eonartiueucex. 
She auuxlJt Court aEd tn i'f, Lliu." 

■M.i:*-' .'■ScLaui.Mliii. »■.■;:,, live., u Hit 
\Yarburtnu avclliie, V"'ii- r^, aahed a 
aiinuriOiui for John lla^p. of J 17 lYnrbnr- 
ton rii-i'iiLi--, Hhe tiild ihe elerk that ha- 
ho-J bteii "ptoetitna; opmpany" with her 
bat ae*me>dl td b# ajetrina; uodoly jemloua. 
Shr- aflvxea that when «he> soiuht to j&o 
to Manhatliin to meei a relative. Uapp 
IrWimr- din truai till. 

HUk charjfiM lt« went to bar home and 

TO 60,000,000 FOR $ 

Hation Motrca Toward Bnhr Ssttla- 

ment ( &a Currency Drops to 

Ho Yalno.^. 

(B7 l>'n-! ■"-• |H TtU at«falD«T*H>«riF4i.) 


Amid a Obsoa: of eraabinfl eirrrlte^, 
thi wa[l of <F*rmiut rr-rtlatnuee to France 
[* i>rtinj'lp!3n|t. , 

The !"'i-:i-l Ke.Wa la ■nthoritatiyeljt 
informed rhnt. the fJonerttnient han oati- 
lirii I'tuvltiud and Itnlj' that Qrilcna they 
(ater .e:ie to effect a ICuhr .■•e'ltlrFnect, 
fj+nnany will pfocred to aeek her nwn 
aertlcmcni dlrrtly with I'runrc 

The rnru tnwnrtl mirrenrJtPr fa belnj: [ 
lakeo. in the list of a eotcMitrophlo itid 
^ " ^^ a ^ tm 

nrn» r.illH-ie.L downward rush ef the 
mark that apparently .cannot be rhceke«f. 

At the end of -a pnub ky ilny in ex. 
ebanjiP^p. the dollar w * officially quorod 
at fjft,0M.0CO marka. iOW^mtnt oui>- 
tatlottnrta- ap to 60,fc:*>,U00. Cheeks 
draifrn for Icasi thao fJO/KXI-, mark» are 
not BcknowletLsed and no ■ i- jH^lte or 
wIlbrfrilw&Ln nre permitted hy (oh banks 
la Fitm* lew than tifty milliona. 

Sm-n haa bees <]-•■ reacliiu to the 
Qtark -l^ k !irl.' \\-.r-.~. i ■■',-,;• itanda in its 
ronTualoa (he mOet c^prrtplve cnpltal ;i 
the world to ]|v* in. FnrTiBnerB ore do- 
atrtlng the city In fc-v»at nUBtbom 


tiird R. Voler.. Ootnmiaaloaer of ri.tb- 
Ul Wautpycj ejeiif telwnimi ywrdttf to 
Otver nor Smith and Lieutenant fjoieraor 
Luna i'T ■■■:>. .\;iis- r ,;•-.'■■:■.•:[ ibr -■•'■ of Htati 1 
Falr in.iiii-i*i'-iri tickulx with coapona at- 
Cached for prlrev, Tha State Fair la to 
be heid Beulembrr Ht at Hyracuae, and 
two autouopilea aa onutE The tajbnm 

"I wiah r to enter mf proteat iffaJnat 
tlie aelltuaT. iiy tbe State Fulr at ;.i- 
clM«», ticketjf foe apening day with lortery!'.; ;itisich,>.J. It la''- l-i 

dr> in neb with private organ (itatlona If 
the Sujr. yftilare* Ita own' law,.. If it 
ii necewarjr to awpptirt Stat* and private 
OTtertJriae* thrPTltn' tetftrira, why ehonld 
til?/ in it be tefaikod aa la Ciilaa, which 
la b'diihiba; to realiso tjirn thia ia il«- 
WOf iti henyLir* ' . ■ ;■ - ■" ■ 




Olort ill 

Managrera TJecide to Lay Over Pro- 

dnoor't Bcsignation Until 

Host Meeting: 

Aettab. on tJt, te*l«u-atLoh n( ArthtiT 
Hammerateln frnm the Producine. Man- 
njcera' Aasoctatio:! will Iwlald nvnr nntil 
the next fneetina. il waa made i-.r-'nm 
ynnierday. . 

Mr, Hammerateln renipned from the. 
nrpanii&ntinR cpo Karitembec o. following 
(be. elortjon Io memberahip of fiiin Ed* 
warda. f>ctward* ■/*! bmuKbt intn ihe 
bodr throuBh the vote of a commlttr* 
and UamnieratHn abjlKtH to rbia. itiy- 
injr that a 1 ! of the mamLjtera ehonld bar*. 
' i. rt = 1 i afly In whi ahonld he uv^ilible for 
nrnnbarship nd ■■■,!... ahotihl not. 

Mr- Kdwarda had )uat tjaanaai mheara- 
ain on bla play. "Sunhonnrt Bbav*' when 
he applt»d for membaraMp* Pro- 
durtng AfaaMtora' AaMpdatloa. Wheu 
informed! of tbe Hdwarda cloetion, Mr 
llptatmerptein aaid that ha andtavorod: '< 
call a pie^tittR hUt rmiM n'jt ito no, . JTi 
aaaert'edi there wit* noUliig per^onaj U 



&?£ horning Eelesrap!) 


. no Elgtila Avsana, 

:."•»" "nnktb street, m tn* nty *r h*w Fnk b*r*sib »f matt 

Kj. 1- ■■ L*wla, PrenJsVarL **6 CliWl AntaM. Uwari ft, TWmu. VJte Pr*elde«-. 
•9* Klgsta. Ave***. J«hq J. ML Jr.. Secretary aid Trutim KM rigala Imw. 

. stake rWt, p*>»bU" to The MernJag Tttafnpk, CO aagatk Aetna*, New Tort. 

Taw Need of 
Gnatar Movie 
Smh4 Abroad. 

■"Debauching pa bile Donti," fii the way hi "kith, ft 

Chin*** paper referred, editorially, **> the foreign fllre* 

being shown lnf*rC»taay. The Chinese National Cbambe* 

of Ccnatm I* nl-1 to Iutc .Lamed a petition Bering ih" 

restriction of motion pictures became of their ■'□orrntin" 

iafinnwe on the people. Ii Li believed that oonsJderablB 

harm ii done through, the depletion of crfaie, burglary, robbery and oilier kind* of 

violence. Tie American 61dm. froin ill account*, ore (be principal offenders. 

TMa Mate of attain exlata not only In the Orient not in various parti of 

:' Edrdpe, where complaints of a similar naliira hate been Issned from time to tlmt, 

-Can, It be ihnf producers look orun the foreign market as a tort of public dumping 

. ground in wbioh to unload their undesirable product a? If other Batiosi are 

behind ui; cinema log? BphlcnTiy speaking, it seems to be no food reason for let 

Hn |> them see us at cur worst. - The fart that Ihrr may not bar* been *a 

VTOfrcamfre, ae we In the mannfutnrt of morita ia no Indication that the* MM* 

discriminate between the rood and tb*. bad. 

Producer* have ben known to expert not onljr eo»* of thflr pooreat fitmi 
bin sO-IM of their very oldest one*, and these bare been presented ai current 
Teleaaep- Bach I short-sighted business policy cannot (ail to injure tb* American 
.market abroad. The producers are fooling no one bo t themsehre*. Many of otlf 
; pictarei are Iodised to trresie falae Impressions. Tie foreigners look upon our 
Wood- and -thondrr Westerns Bi ^presenting: Ufe a* It I* lived in America to-day. 
The same :■ tme or leme of the shameless societv dr*0)H- Unfortunately, odr 
bjotberi irroaa the pond have been gives a false Idea, of our erriliMtinn ihronib 
thee* ten- twenty- thirty, melodramas. * 

It would" be unfortunate if The oatee-m* of It would result in the eidaifoa of 
' AinrritiD filma. After witneiaing inch fare as baa been served to theffl from our 
I picture mills, the foreigner* most bare gran doobts about our leadinf thfe world 
ba the film lodusirT- And their conception of ai it i nation must be a weird and 
dreadfui thlnf If It baa been drawn from onr nwHon pletore likesen. It La to be 
hoped, now that the*'*r norie aeaion f» on, that the producers extend It to 
Europe. Aala. Africa and pouita W-ii. 

Tne chief' Hurra at wlrticlam leveled it mottoa 

njffhiree la their tttlea. Wtrftatfl whobiw their mtnedy on 

W* Btcommend a ^ I | wrteoaufiti a ( , he ripama 8ud the banal., ridiculous 

Campaign for Bet- nmnea fieen to pSdurea ai etadleaa «mgiement. Tb« rro- 

ter Tltlet in the ducera trill take ■ pln-i for wblcbl l*r(e avm of moner 

Mali P* t In- h " '" MIB " pnit ""* rlrB lt * ome * Dcb tltle ■■""* n,e -n«niea 

of DeeLre" or "f>la»n(ented Women. 1 ' therebj hoplfia t 
cluatry. . kaotewi its popular appeal bj a name that will hive loo 

furor of eplce. 
Tain Rimiiarite of tltlei and their cheapneaa hare been tie auhjecta oi rfi- 
'to •ii!'.. articles and uur oUmsaloua. The producers ba«e oe^er had a cbance 
to uplaln T.-fcr * plar ' c,; which many Iharuanda hare been apent la rmic;*r] 
before It reaches, the arreen. It ha* not seemed ■■ if the producers had anj 
defenae ajiinii itua absurd cnitam of reCbKate&ini plaji ind norets u inpn ■< 
ther fall Ento motion picture hands. 

There is a defense, bewsrvr, k ma; seem, and one that Ulrnii 
Lo*"- aiTea as hta reason for Cnlnajinf the name or "Captain Applejack, ' the 
pftptlar piaj. to "Stranfen of the Nifht" About a -rear tto tbe Meiro Companj 
■OQgbl *>-* of Bioadway's moat popular pUj* and made Obe of the fineat pietnres 
tblt mi -••= aD season. Sew fork praised the film, end it did a good bui-nen 
*ben it was shown it one of the large downtown bouse*. After it teft Its hom« 
henitorr »d was afaown La diltrfct* wber* (bP pbrjr had nerer been heard of, it 
Uterallr sUrred to death. The exhibitors esplajped that It eras a na*' picture, 
, but Ibr people slmplj would not came into the tbcntr«k r The aim* was sgaEntt 
\t> liidirulaua, isn't Li]- IVhat had bad a iruecreifui mu In New Tork ma*ftt 
, nntbing In I*odank or CedirviEle. The name did not mifgeac good eutertainment 
>nd the DBtlres of rhc&e rillagea were not wDling to ipend their monej without 
being sere l. her were going to lifee the picture, 

As an argument on the other side, Ur, Loewcalled attention to s produetton 
made about eighteen month!! or two year* ngo. It wai jtiveo a iitl* that smscked 
0/ the te»-t»rent7-thlrrj. Tht crltlcp lu the paperp said the picture was good. tn6 
the title was ridiculous. That title ulnae- enough monr-i for Metro lo stand lae 
loue* ciused by the failure of the produciloD with tbe dignified nsroe. 

Mr. Loew doean't use Ibis as an argument In farur of continuing the •roatnn* 
of chanting names, but he does call attention to the fact that not onl; the pro> 
ductTi but the t beat re-owners hare inresced so much monej that it In Bereaiart 
to jet at touch return ti pAsxiblr. The commercla] aep«ct of films is one that 
- no one Can ifuore. and so long- as (he puMif find* "Filrution of * Braulj" or 
The Brand of Satan" a title to conjure with, the producer ia somewhat hampered. 
Bowrrer, we feci the lime Is not- fax distant when ctch the smalt riElagrs far 
from tbe cities wilt la-aru to reason sod to see that a eensational title doea^ot 
make the picture. If tt an be done without entnUIof too much loss of noser wi 
would be in fsrcir of « campaign to eduraie people in tithes, maklqf tkem"know that 
*bx picture taken from a aueets-ifBl novel a* pis* has a rdwn far keeping Its 
oricdnat name, It seems a pity that a title that does not suggest Bertha U 
Clay cannot sell. While the enmniga La on for better picture* we ad*ontr « 
campaign for better titles. 






£«tifor'r Vole— The motion pktnrc prttM open', srh* Aoe ftem giu>tti *i,i havinr? 
tetorr* aJjeelirtM on loud than nny nfJier hmwon'orinu, ia ci^nViu -ly tifenf wchm it 
oomc* la talking flooaf hiiiraclf. Ut tciU flO i»ln rAdpaedier ni rr hia jlors,' *."-, 
bo-i tmii Ma rvmjiany, bat *« hn* nothing tr, any nhiiit hi* own cdkicremCHts, Thr 
ifornlna Ttlegrnph ho* dcridcrf to run a ncrie* of articltM on rh*4« fnn» trio *in4 

COnuf ulhrr* Thrt iiUlaf/niCIl t Of the fcYiVi it \fllrt\1m fftmorl Bojflon, puhli-Uff 

dirrrtnr a/ ihr f'rei .\ib>.» unit /or i/etro-1/uircr /Vorfurfcoftf 6tt-lKa,Wt*t Cooai, 

Mni«itr-i Rturnt BojImtj,. popularljr known a* "Mike," was born Ln Chicago in 
April, which he rhnrsoterixes as an auspicious ntonth for poete^ pickpockets and 
paupers... HI* prlncipaJ dlitn 'to fame Is bdne the son of Grace Duffle nojlsn, 
iirewidrrit of ihf league of Antrina Penwromen. He was rdurwud (gnder prote«) 
• t Heertl obscare :..i.iiv*™:tie-, ~tyt which there 
seeuw to be no IBitgibLe record. At ■ verr early 
agi he promised hi* mother that be'd n«"er become 
a new-fpflpe-r man. and "Slilie" atys that scores of 
editors ihruogfaoiM the countrr bare eonfratulated 
him on hnrieg pmwl hinweif a man of hi, word. 

Thlt l"n«ung Hero begun nhr career by work- 
log on tbe Mom in p- K.iqmJrfr At Battle Creek. 
Stleh.. at *10 a weeh. The first press 'ag*b|. he 
ercr saw appear™* tit the office nt midnight while 
M-«e was anbatitntlnlE for the night editor, who 
was our for luncheon. The agent, who was .r+pfe- 
srniinc Ilarnum A ItiilryX ncotniccd th« genltiK 
Ln MIL- and aude him his rosbtaiiL, "Of course." 
taid he. "the >ob Is not all fan. Voall have to 
hel|i toe barr-bBek rirhrrs iu sad oat of tbelt cos- 
lumes and act m tMStiaatter at banquets." Mlko 
■cceptnl, and two days lator was bred. Hie n^-ir 
job vu on the Chicago Jpornal. He was eugajte>l 
on the nrr-iiftlt of Inn moilicr"* reputatign, but dti- 
mind in threo days withoot any outside [.iflnence 
bciiis bn>udit to bear. 

A short peH.iit nti the Erenini Fast followed, 
ami theim to Sslt Luhr. where he aerred on the 
TrlOnnc will coiiMiieiiom braverj and wihnety ax a rmiie* wporter. In P-mijiMo 
Jrfnfin, he mndf a t[ie«;ta«ulnr journalistic record. BrgiiTi Motidaj n- a reporter- 
"TVinMiay. city editnr; Wednesday, rannoging ^dito^: Thursday, isabllalier: Friday; 
liTlmclpal crwlltor ond a«iBUnt to tb* sheriff In ntilinp uii tlie d»oi< Loa Ang^lei 
. was the ncit stop in this noted rarecr. Ar rj,e Vim, Cliib one etetiln*- htr met oft* 
Qt hi« liuridlrM who told liim that he'd hed nsi <jffer o( n Jk>h ihst day with L'nKersal 
hut tlint It paid only SM a week and he couldn't be tH>thered with It. 

VKe minute* IrfTer. sconrdlng to 3dlke, p* had the Job. and worked on it unit r 
■UeneTSl IVrahiflx wninoVd tbe call to arm*. H* served fuurmontht in the fro.>r 
■■Hne freiichu at Camp Kearny, and conrlu.ded the teasnrV entertalAmcot at Camp 
V*JL N. ¥. After the artolrtke he trlrd to iulm Waatiijig:on to a realization 
of hi* grniua..bnt finally concluded that he ptererjrd Lrt AnpeUw. and ths,t intar^ 
tolly it pjwterrs-d binr A few mare run at 1 clnml and the Ude torted, Vtaen 
a2Z* ''■ £? lb "* Vfl 1 i l V- r * iI ^ t b T* w *"•** Pf«*dent «1 Louis B. Slayer pro- 
ductioaa. Sliie arratnpanied him with the tyj>ewr.(e», • 

At Jnresrat. r>ed Sihio fa Mllje't fs^otfir diroctor, and EnW Bennett his net 
•Ur. He alert csufeaaea a predLIertloti f« Uatt Mrt>r- »nd Irtat wtiifar H» 
ehem hf« d'^cton to his art wlih a rery rte:ttjr wM#- and two nice- ehUdrea and 
belic^ca that ■■Straagcrs at the Aijga*- (from "Capttla Ap P L*jack"J wUJ W * paol* 



THEH£ hive been so many first 
nighta for the poor morion picture 
exilic that be La daned by all thia 
embimaizjent of rchra and emerging 
(ron the tons of reLlulofd that hare 
swamped hira the psat month, be atapa 
to took hack 00. what he has seen, to' icy 
■nd hold a poit mortero over it For the 
moat part the pictures bars belonged In 
A' class. The/ bare restored the fsitb 
of the blase theatre-goer In the efficacy 1 
of the motion picturo ai an rutirlain- 
tneut, and! lirou b[m reason to look for- 
ward to a nevr cfa in rllm entertainment. 

For many weary montha we have 
beard of the, better and bigger pictures 
without much evidence (hat mi oh a thing 
really ei tiled. Tho output Jonrd along 
much the same old wej with murder, 
pestilenc* and sudden death a* the ruin 
theme L but apparently these days mi* 
gone and we ai f n«w htjlti to really look 
for an imprornneat In uhoUigraphf. di- 
rection and atnry. 

Of the new group, cat aimiloaiug "The 
Corered iVafob." and "l.iLle Old New 
York," which arc sritl anaurpaased aa *u- 
(erttintBtut. wp might mention ■Rosiia" 
a* one of the finest pictures oi tie new 
two-dollar output. "BnaJta" aaj ma to 
SM to be aa-eitciple that directors leas 
akilled than Ernest Lahiueh radgbt do 
wsl| to emulata. A man whose opinion 
we value aod who knows pictures said 
the day following/ the premier, "I get 
your enthusiasm dn alias Piekford 'a act- 
ing and as the direction— but the acory— 
there wa* nothing; to lL How could you 
be so extrsragaat In your prala* whea 
the plot was ab thin 7" 

'. Iiary Not Always taut Thins. 

Ah— that la the thing! Thi- tiory. w* 
adult, is frail and nothing eipecLaltr note- 
worthy, but the sctiagr pictorial qualities 
and Mi-- sheer beauty of the picture is 
enough to mate one sar the story ii un- 
important. Miss Plckford'a friends arc 
gtsd that she baa had this triumph for at 
the time "Uric Lord Fiuntleror" came 
our,, "Robin Hood" was so much bigger 
and better In erery way that comparisons 
were lueTiuble. Her friends now reel 
that L^^glss Fairbanks has never made 
snytbitag that in any way puis "Bosiin" 
in the shade. It cnmparei with "The 
Three Musketeers" and '"Robin Hood." 
which at the titne they were road*, were 
Due contributions to motion picture art. 
But "Ro«ita" In many ways It better 
than either of these pictures. Tbe dlm:> 
liao la better and w are tae phota- 
graphical beauties, 

"If Winter Comes 11 made ita sppetr- 
■nc* at a time when there were ao many 
picture* it was not possible for nx 14 
see it. Now that I have had a tooit at 
it I must sax that I am agrersbly sur- 
prised. 1 bad an idea that A. 3. M. Uuicb- 
inton 1 book woald not lead itself 10 lbs 
sreeen. That was where 1 was wrong 
and William Fox was right, ilr. Fox 
was wise enough not to try to imurove 
an Mr. Hutchinson. Tbo story has boen 
kept intact. All of those peoplo who bf- 
moan tbu Uberticii that niotloa plrturt 
producers rnke can feel that hen- Ja ona 
picture thai bni ht-eu left U It ti wlib> 
out ma nmch as n runucc removed. Perry 
>Um«nt !( ideal 04 Hark Sabr^. Mr. 
Foi might have tearthed tb* land" over 
without fioding a man who so well nn- 
demood the ps.ythounrj *>1 that ihf. 
sweet soul, whose dtffhull.r lay in not 
knowing bow to- face an u nay tops (bcttt 

I 'ant to cnnzratulstr ilr. Fox upon 
this picture because I think he deterre* 
a few bouqnets> We bare given him 
brrk-bats in the past when he his de- 
serred them and now we think it is time 
to give praise where praim* is due. 

Tbe Hunchback of Knfraj Psme" It 
perhaps the moat diacuised of tbe new 
pictures* Victor Hugo 1 sombre story has 
beeu msde into a mot.oa picture with 
some or tbe gruesome horrors eifncted- 
fts settings sre ss ftaj st wp bave ever 
seen on ih screen an? its f*|thfulats to 
historical accuracy it something that tha 
Universal Compsny can I--! proud of. 
Lou Chiney "a n^ffo-r&uarr at we aaid In 
our review, will undoubtedly '." [be sub- 
ject or much dixcutAiiin, hut nu ana will 
deny that it it Interesting and some- 
thing tb at has not ynt been done In mo- 
li-m pictures, tlur adioctives aro rather 
, exhausted in regard to this picture, 
which as we said before, ii a mile atona 
In the r^o«re*s o( motion picture an, 

"Taw U'hK* Slater." 

• "The White Bister" i< auothef MO of 
the new productions that it remarkable 
for its arrnlc beaut*-. Filmed in Italy, it* 
pictorial Qualities are exceeding); lonly- 
Another phase of 'The White flhrtar" 
that will interest the motion picture fans 
is the fact that Lillian GUh PrOrrw that 
she Is not dependent aa L>. W. (irifflth s 
directorial ski;i but she ran naddt* ber 
own canoe and ooutinne to U'r up to her 
reputation of being one of* the finest 
drsanstic actreaaes on the screen. „W« 
fousd fault with thr long. <Jcawn-cut 
ilOfT— but many n*oplc lore that typ, of 
thing. 1- 

W» oavr not yet seen •"The SUeni Com* 
■land" which we understand hta beew 
*ivtrn a fine tribute by the men In the 
Navy, it -r-t-r.-,. rsther bad of -i- 10 hare 
Betieetfld goin? to the Ceotral hut our 
life has been so full of motion picture* 
ihLa but week, we bare had to take time 
to eat and aken. 

"The Green OoddrSi" is continuing to 
hold lia own among;- the Iovor« of the 
tnr-lodrauis and tt I* arjc of thojw plehire* 
whose va'hie incrsas^a with the lengtii 
of its stay. Tb« more people ivlws -,-,• jt 
the mono patrons" It will roniiniin tn get. 

The Word of mouth talc of its Interest 
if bvlldit!f Et up. -Ml tn all, I (kink we 
can .feel that the rnoijoD plcturm hare 
done nobly by the public and that for the 
most part the new groua- of fllma are a 
ered't to the family. 

|jh« i.aH, pLm.w. m rshaa ifca c«ai D*. 

Jens Gaedai knows that she la a-tood 
actress and she at longing . to prom rt 
to anrwjr* who will girt her tl 
(unity aha li Metfa*. After tbe "d 


Fsttf *t fa's Pi*- 
• sdasJis nh* la ■ Gaud Act rest tad Is 5*t Sarvriaea Thai Ike Crltlet 
DlicoT#r*it H, W'Ufi K*r. 1 oa Art tv Urtr Peusn Her Asalt. 

Goddess" made its appearance ou Broad- 
way. Miss Cauda! who played a bit in 
the picture recohed so mnrh attention in 
the newspspers that ererynne expressed 
;".:; lutereitt jn the girl n*hn resterdoy waJ 
unheard of and who to-day it well known 
to oil New York theairogoer*. 

tf'yW tell Mins Coudal alic has talent 
she noka at yon oa IT ynii net* out of 
your mind. Of\ slir* hari tslont- 
Of raamo nhc can act. Of conrac ^he is 
piing to continue* hrr aucoees. Tliesc 
thinca bit as evident an the portion of 
the- Rnck orVVjihrnltnr or the Sphinx of 
Egypt. They are tbern— that's all. And 
there they have been for centnrle*. 

'Whenever n nerrsctrru mslfo* her ap- 
pearance or does something to art herwlf 
in the limclirht. her frlejirl* im toed lately 
besiege Tbe Morning* Telegraph with, re- 
quests for interview* sod pictures. The 
same happened in tbe case of htiaa Gcmj- 
dal. only thi- rime tbe people who tele- 
phoned us were aim folk who had *ecn 
her In The Green Croddesa" and be- j 
soueht ocr interest. I ws« away st the . 
time the picture opened bat npon my , 
return 1 heard bo rnorh abmjl ihi* young 
woman that 1 went to (he II-.rr:i Toea- [ 
tie to hive a look at her. . Her part mm 
the ayah was so infinite asses! that it 
realty hsd no -rest bearing on the stary [ 
but she. e« her rrteudi had said, wan 
lovely and did her part in the finished 
wna Jhat did »horw_,tslent. Then too, 
she has a motion picture foes nitb all 
the pictorial beauty that La so much 
sought after by producers. 

After committing (rtywlf la bellsviir, 
this of her 1 wan urged to lit if? lunebcon 
n-itb her. Wc met nt the Algonquin 
Hotel. She was tlHrtT minutes late. I 
wontdn't wait thirLy minutes for the 
Queeo at Spglnnd or , n busy day but as 
it lispnenrd I was fiftrrn mLnutes late 
myself nnd Burr Price who was to do 
the Introducine looked to o i happy at tbe 
thought of my learing that t atilled thlt 
temperament that will cume up whea I 
hate touch work to do. Just when Mr. 
Price's wile* wer* about to he *ihtnti#d 
and I was going to leave, m swept the 

■** Ttk« i ■ firr oar r**t. 

The QiKen of Sheba. and Cleopatra 
rolled into one. A bixirre bat (rimmed 
in red fignred tnatcri&l tha: matched the 
trimming on her dress, vsry red Una 
earoQijfd ( after the neerett approved 
French fashion, ryea thai are naturally 
\MrtM msde larger be a liberal applica- 
tion of mascara, a akin whose paUur Is 
e-ow tbe rage io Paris, msde' dm alt up 
snd take aottce, 

Jctla Caudal could not be in a room 
five minutes without every pair of eyv* 
being turned tn her dlrectinn. Every- 
one In the hotel lobby looked «i bsr, 
An exodi' crencuro who. looked thorough- 
ly Parish™ he ucaptte her five ysura rrsl- 
' In thia wunLry. Hhe walke<] J»t* 
tttfl tilnii-g ri'iun jisliI .IpumiiilPiL a labifl 
with lltC imperious manner of a ruling 
queen. Tbo seata wrrr all taken but 
George, the affable head waltrr -at the 
Algonquin, vaaurtd her that tbe would 
be taken care of pre*ently-— and ah* wis. 

After the usual social smenitJea. Miss 
Cauda) msde no seeirt of the faet that 
she wants a >>b in Dwlion pleturra and 
one that means nmethlng. 8bc had a 
part in a plaj put an by the- Tl.riitit 
Gniid a few yemra ago and the critic*, 
handed her large »iw bnugnet* that arc 
ont ususUy glyea tu thou who play say- 
thing but stellar rules. Then she did a I 

bit |g the "Bright Sh*wH and again the 
critics were genemoa In Mrlr praise bo 
"hot Mies Gondnl his the right to feel 
that she can act sad tlyit all sbe needs 
it the cbanea. 

She doesn't aanr, *-i believe I could be 
sood/" . She aays, "1 know. I can act 
snd 1 know 1 am an nrtist." and tifsnje- 
■ y enuQHti. 'i'i^p- the Luncheon vkj over, 
I believed her. T realty feel rIic it a 
find for Mini- company ami any producer 
tvlin jiiif' her on a contract will bo do- 
i:;.: a :\i'— ihii:.;. Picturesque, colurful 
am] Lnterejitliig, she w||] moke (Odd, 
adanf all to think well of oneself is no 
great fault, pruvidim; onrwit i* wnrthy 
■i frhis rflf-lare. Some nt nar greoteut 
fltaT*.*mon. hav had eathuviaxtlc opinions 
of their own utility iujJ in most ca(*-'i 
they hare been right. 

BH* Talka AkO-af tt-rirlf. 

Thlt ii no[ tnurl, of an interview 
cause in ta'Ltng to MLaa Condal she has 
arte Bubject that iaternts her dmi find 
that is her own self-adtsnremenL Whst 
other people mn r dn snrj think la a small 
matter to her so loa? as it does not con- 
cern her. Her aloofae** from" the world 
m jeeneral is aosutlng. She will never 
worry about what otbrr people are doing; 
».h> is too much interested in hrr future. 

She may be pardoned, perhaps, for 
mow of fills. At least I felt t ha: way 
after walking .down the street with 
and having every man, womsn and child 
an Fifth Avenue turn for u secant] look- 
We believe that 511** pllllW jftji btjc- 
cecd. We hape she will. Anyone l 
V: = r=ve.i bo tlmroufhlj In th«maelves de- 
cerves to succeed. Too few neopie hofa 
aelf-mnfldeace. hllaa Goudal awesrs aha 
will lire In a garret on a tracker before 
the will take s part In a morion picture 
that will nnt advance her cause. Some- 
how one feels she may reject the offers 
that we hava good reason to know are 
really going ln her direction, bat at the 
same time we feel there will nerer be a 
garret snd a craeket for Mian Cuadal 
One cannot visualise- her In anything lean 
than a anmptuona apartme&t with all tbe 
modern convenience*. Sat just Is not 
made to be poor. Some people Mrt that 
way! Th*y were born to have all good 
things in life and people of that sort 
iT'uajuy en them. Hiaa Ooudal may al- 
ways he found where the celebrities 
nock. She may bLso be found in the 
rajtrtrst rife* *fid in the best shopa. 
She will always hare a speaking *c- 
nualntanee with the r-ecple who gather 
in these pJaceai because' she would not 
bother with --anything that Isn't smart or 
up to tbe miuij>. 

OM* War of l.onV,ina At It. 

We have alwnyn felt ilm arguments 
against the exhibitora' point of view 
vrrt* cxagftfated. A' thestrn owner wo 
happened to meet En the offiea of .-in ex- 
hibitor in in last Friday rlrnon! 
■nnkes hpi believT tin- producer in right 
in placing some of !b« failure of plrtupH 
at tha door of the exhibitors tlonmlves. 
This limn hoppejed to rem art that he 
bad seen "Rotits" the nigbt bsfore snd 
was very. loud In bin prslae of tbe film 
nnd of Miss -PfckfonTa acting. 

"Createat thing Mary has crer done,' 1 
be said. "A wonderful pietqnr. I en- 
;nyed every minute or It. Too bad I 
can't show jt in my bouse.'" 

"And wk T can't yuu tbow it in yuur 
boos*." we naked 1j astonishment, "if 
it !■ Buch a good picture?"" 

"Baranse." nc said, "It will irttsi saonej 
for me, Fcoush want u sc* Mary Vick- 

fjord in curia and they will not gay 
money to as* her in a grown-up part. 

"But hew do yott know/' we asked, 
until the people bare had a chance w 
see the picturar" 

"Because,"; ha repeated, "they won't 
Hke Mary without ber curia." 

Wt tried i-> argue with thts theatre 
owner and told him if a picture ia good 
it It ridiralaus tn assume lt will not fO 
in any theatre. We tried to tell him ha 
ehonla give bis patrons a chance to give 
their own verdict of "-BosHa." But we 
wem licked before wo started- He wbS 
nurt "Rn-fita" woqld not do any bufllnesa 
and there was no argument In the world 
strong enough to cvn vines htm other- 
wlse. Hta peopln liked "Teas of the 
Storm Country and therefore- the? 
were not going In like. "Rostta." Thd 
matter ended rbjbt there 

Another'. Meat. 

A n-ew magatine called Broom lis* 
just come to onr attention- If is a curi- 
ous mixture of the theatre, motion pic- 
tures, poetry and one or two frctioa 
stories. The motion picture article* in 
rather unusual* being couched in an in- 
dividual style that attracted my atteu- 
jon. They amack somewhat of Creen- 
wicb Villaga and when I found :he 
magazine for sale in a book, atore tn 
Washington Square, I thought at nrst It 
was a product of <Jreeuw|ch Village, hut 
1 reamed it had originated ia Italy. 
Under the heading of "Thai \% S- A. 
Cinema," Philippe Soupanlt says: 

"Just when the eyes of Frenchmen 
were [iridic of the eternal drama — 'slfcea 
or life' — iVfaen only the music halls could 
tttueh for a moment our poor hearts dried 
up by poetry, the cinema vu born. 

' bill' soon tbo ChaiUnsionmeiit '.ran 
stronger than one' could have Imagined. 

■tlo rlJms tvera lamatable,' auiguln- 
cant, and boring Ibvy were aot even 
stupid enough to cry over; tbe scenario 
writers wisJtod at all cu-st* to- reach tbe 
people, that public which. La thrilled by 
melodramas and sentimental comedies. 

Coaaeiiiieiitly inLclligeut directors in 

order to vunse teari'to guah forth, plaDt- 
cd little bluo Flowers in the geiatJno of 
the tilcn- 

"Tho result was to be expected- AH 
tho spectator* hesjau to, cry. but of laugh- 
tec. Une «:uv a Uitlc girl stolen by wicted 
eypsies and recovered scddeotslly by her 
family, a pour mother and her doxen 
L-htldren, beaten by a brutal and intoxi- 
cated husband, and rerenged at last by 
the demon rum and delirium tremens. 
As the old sad song has it: "It w*s lovely 
but it *hm sad. the fireman wept Into his 

"All nosatblllties Were exhausted. 

■"The ennnl or evenings which trail like 
the smoke of cigarette* and which stretch 
the arms to sleep took flawcr in the 
ardent life led by the younger people, my 1 
friends. " 

"■■'I't lavaa ihr Day. 

Then iS. fioupaalt goes on to Bay. 
Then all this was changed. 

"The smile of Pearl White appeared -in 
the ifrrcn. that almost, ferocious *mil* 
aanouncing the upheaval of the new 

"We began to understand finally that 
the i-.nras *m not a perfected mechani- 
cal toy, hit! tbe terrible and msgnincent 
flag of life." 

Apparently Tcarl White was only the 
beginning of thia change in tbe French- 
mnn'o Life. II- had not seen Charlie 
Chaplin. Ho saya thot Charlie Chaplin 
has really freed (he motion pictures from 
the morons. * 

'Thia whb easy for him," said M. 
Sounauir, "hrcaUse be Is a poet. 

"Poetry ia ■ more violent add than any 
nther known acid. Ita presence ruins the 
richest, the moat powerful comhinBtions, 
deniBuds intaHy new beginnings.*' 

M. Soupault goes on tr, say, "the films 
of Charlie Chaplin do not escape this rule, 
and we tare the impression trior. ainco-J. 
Doga Life," the most celebrated or aftn 
tel'igmt tllrertora feme only been able to 
mark time or stay |n tbe same place. No 
one has **>»- ra!rly indeed the auperb 
tnck of ChppJin that we paeu call poetry. 
In hi* tint films. Chariot was nothing 
more than n manrHciir sctor. 

""Why not admit (hat these films are 
and will remain the onlj dramas of thia 
dramaiji- Period: Without fear of elat- 
ing a paradoi. how not write that his 
laughter it more tragic, more poisusnt 
than the uperiarb* of death itself? I 
imagine that I have Buffered more from 
laughter than from sorrow, whieb. ia self- 
indulgent, and, aTrer all, consoling." 

W t Tajte s Kaeaptlaa. 
■ & teTPdaysaWwe carried in the daily 
paper an Item in which we sighed that 
another esclusive an(T authentic Sovist 
picture, the only one In caplfTiiy, bad 
been hmughl to this country, Yesterday 
the following letter came from Mast 

"Happened on yourltfjn with regard to 
'With the Movie Camera Throngb the 
R.i-Mim rjolshevllt ReroliitioD,' the thrtu 
reel motion picture which la the first 
official motion pictUro to come out of 
Suss i a. 

Causa t bappauied to bo In (accident- 
allyk on the Drat private showhir at the 
Riallo editing room. Whatever picture* 
thown in tbe past about Russia are pure 
hoeabw*. Tbe above however Is the pic- 
ture, for it contains among- other remark- 
able ahebt tbo fllma taken by John Heed 
the American correspondent. En the edit- 
ing *f which he Hed In Moscow. 

Ku*v* being a mystery to ranat of ns, 
thts nurture 111 vouch, in thi, word* 
spoken by tbo >J. T. Bute Censor Bosrfi 
secretary, sre "the most timeiy and bb> 
teectiting bleturea to be shown on this 
continent How come you to joke at Lis 
expense" 3a,rpris«i at you: 
' "il.ii Robin," 

P. S.— Vie jilil ma;ntai Q that we have 
to have prowf that these ar* all Mr. 
ftobia f'.iiin. for them. We hate to be 
sdiplciout, not really being that way by 
nature, but man yvears reviewing pte- 
tares ant I wrilii* of motion pictures has 
made ua that way, 

Th-mir* Partl*t ■« Ranris, 

There wfll bn theatre partiea galor* 
next week at the Hnrria Theatre when 
"The Often. Cn<l(Jesa" Is holding forth. 
I'll MnndSf night tha Friars will dt> 
honor to thotr fellow Frlofa—clldsciy 
Oleott, director of the picture, who is « 
member M thr> Huh. On Tneadaj after- 
ntkoci OUda Crry is entertsLnlng a then- 
ir-i party jn»t to see if aae Hkes the £lm 
version aa well as tbe play. On Wednes- 
day night the S. Rankin i »r-w nn«r, the 
theatrical unit of the American Lpajam, 
bft* been invited by Arthur a Friend to 
sre the picture apd, they wilt have aa 
crests prominrnt mr-mbrra of tbe organ- 
Ixntlnn of eily and iutt. On Thtarsday 
hiaht the Sixth Battalion ,_.{ NbvuI He- 
aerrea snd their aviation dlriwloo will 
go to tb* pLetars just tn bate a look It 
tbe plana* that fiawJ* in thw reaeve. 
Asid- from thai there -ill ba no partias 
at the Harris nut weak* 


(f ythi hive prtiac to give, com- I 
plaints (a mtkt or iitu to afar." ■ , 
reenter them with the Onlooker. I / - 

' TIl'E, 
The Mfsnxhxl 

ims*o*>tabtt. r 

ifotion Picture EsEtnT, 


A story in hut week's iaane of Tb* 
aforAlnjr Telegraph Interested- bh vwtT 
much. It expmaaed the opinion of aomw 
film magoste a* to the preaext itstua of 
tb« industry. He referred to the one aaat 
two reel cOtrrediai ■■ somethiat that 
would always bare a place on a pwwur* 
program because, aa ha poll it, "thej' 
serve to brighten up tha bi&V I'd, Ufcai 
to agree with the gentleman, but ss A 
nannncr of thu "dear public," I'd lib* to 
go nu record aa aariu* that tha- day has 
passed for the ordinary slaps tLrk, da- 
pendlng on notfalna; bat fumsa and falls 
for I a u grin. 

Tbo moat pulaltng statement of ibl» 
film manufacturer was that ~tha chsr^ 
sclera of stories mtut, b* of the popular 
sort, for," aajsj be, "*we can not an into- - 
wild orgies of tha imagination and ex- 
pea to nlss-a* the average picturw 
goer." If thia is tbe case, then tbe pn- 
ducera aught to have beam pleating tha 
picture patron* for tb* past twenty-firs 
years, because I've never Botieed any 
ismuinatlou coin* to waste. Panola 
want picture* thry =*= underttaod, ae> 
eontlng to this sat*. w ch\ can't peep!* 
understand anything imaginativeT its 
because ot thia absurd kind of reasoning 
that ther* Isn't more urAfrea* made la 
tha film ladusury- 

"Common sens*," saja the ougnata. 
■la the arreatest attrlbnta to succesaful 
pietnres. So it Is. But then why not 
utilli* a little of it in the tasking of 
picture*? intelligence. inTeDtirtnea*. 
Imagination are cjualitlea, the ua* nt 
which would Indicate considerable com- 
mon sense, so It seems to tnc to be Tidlctl- 
lott> for a man to m*a.« a statement 
to (he effect that these ate son-eaaentials 
In the production of film*. That's an 
old, oIJ idea that's been In uae, *»*r 
since thn cinema n, J and It n« 
pro-ved none too practical. Oat of ill 
these announcement* sad statements I 
read every week, it r-rema to ma that 
nobody ever gets a oj where in panlcnbtr, 

Tuur faithful ceader, N 

W. B. it 

Newark, S. I. 

aaDRS ABDfT "JtJLIalT." 
Motion Picture Editor The Morning 

I have read with a great deal of i&» 
tereat tbe argument* pro and con aa to 
who abould be cast to play tbe mlea of 
lii.n-o mil Juliet. A certam nca-spaper 
rives the pabllc the choree of selecting; 
either Norma Talmadge or Mary Pick- 
ford for the part of Juliet. Great ad- 
vertising, but in my estimalinu all stoox. 
Why not select a woman that has been 
praised by pre** and public and called 
the ideal Juliet of our generation? I 
refer to Ulna Jane Cowl. Here we hart 
a great artist, a wonderful neraooallr*, 
a recognised beauty. 

True, as far aa commercial value fas, 
the moving picture magnet is concerned 
■he ma t -not be the box office s I traction 
that MUa Talmadge or Mlss Piekford 
are, bat as a tme-to-tife chsrscterrxa- 
tjern if the part lire me Miss Cowl. I 
also believe that a picture of Shakes- 
peare's "Romeo and Juliet'" should ba 
grWen by a notable cast, not for tha 
beauty of face or the clssskr features of 
(he individusta, bn for their seeing abil- 
ity, aa a 'rdevurs of this nature shculi 
be kept for posterity. 

Why select men like Eugene O'Brien, 
Conway Am Douglas Falrbanki «F 
Rudolph Vakntiho for tho parr, of 
Romeo when Wa *ve blessed with a John. 
Barrymore? Yta, I'll *bfyut it from thd 
rooftop*. Jane Cowl aa Juliet and John 
Berryrnore. aa Romeo? 1 wonder whethax 
the moTir nintniti'« would abend for that- 
UoDratiy, 1 wonder. 

Very traJj jnurs, 

Samuel Stan, 

New Tart CttX 

Motion Picture Editor Th* Momlafl 

Mij I not through your corumn gie* 
vnfee in thr pumaure 1 derive from ml 1 
weekly visits to the Blvuli and Ritlto 
theatrrs? Dr. Hugo Bicsewfeld abould 
be congratulated on the really remark- 
able entertainment he tender* the public. 
Being a lovrr »f music, it is a son re* of 
}«T to me to |:steo to hi* orchratratioa. 
of clascical jaa*. hi* iccidentsj ma at* 
written to fit the action of the pictures 
and the all around courteons treatment 
one geta in both houses Under his man* 
age-men I. 

Flu orehestrntioa of 'The Covered 
Wagon" wae mill, auperb. but to m* hi 
seemnd to earns** anything he baa evei 
done when I atw the opening night pc- 
formanca of 'The Hunchback of Notre 
Dame." lt was really a fin* tateranwi 
tatLoti. Dr. ftiesenfrld Is to be cobp 
[rntiilatrd. xours cntdially, 

■ Marion Bareno> 

New York, 


Motion Picture Ddltor Tha MornlnA 
Telrgrapb : ( 

T have iutt finlihed reading Edwara, 
E. Jenkl&s * letter In yonr paper and 11 
is Bn echo from my heart. I am so vara) 
tired of hearing and teeing tha names) 
of two certain actresses always In tma 
limelight that never haven and never caaj 
compare, with Tbeda Bar*. 

1 came home one hUfht from One of 
her pictures and wrote tho fbllowiaa 1 

There la a picture in my heart; 

Of on* I lore ao dear. 
The same? Tbeda- ia part; 
The rest? \'ou c*n goean, no ftxr, 

I lore her hair, her eyes ao bold. 

Her mouth, to very 
To sea her act ia well I 

A privilege to lay all at her 

Is poor mortals, she la M far abort 

1 wiru you to beware her 
Unless you wlah to fall In love 

With beautiful, ilotioui Tbeda Ban. 

They are not good, but cam* from a, 
heart full of love for her. New I ant 
gning to aak a favor. Couldn't we hav* 
a full page picture: of her some Sunday 
in Tbe Morning Telegraph? I am *nn 
Edward E. Jenkins would appreciate it 
as much aa 1. SlncereJjr, 

P. L, J. 

SQ2 Blxlh avenue, Brooklyn, ^T. T« 

Vntlt rOaVTI ARE BORv. 

afotiou Plrttttw Editor The Morning 
Trketrapb I 
If you can span span somewhere In 
is* page* Of Tbe Morning Telegraph will 
yon let tb* *na|oasd vert* of mine see 
the llghtT And oblige. Your- truly. 
Edward E. Jenkins. 
1.T1T North Thirtieth street, PpnJtts»> 
paia. P a. ■ 


Thwpian'a abet a rang* a* far draaasst 

Tha quastlon warn rstoc-f ; 

Bat -after taueb ditpwea -*i i 

Ail wreed to Wt ^ K^innsfc ^^ 




Will Eective That Honor With 

Chexlei £uin Kennedy and 

Otheri Thli Month. 


BOH viiKroTj, ' laaoaug The! 
nur Vl«*-Frw*|damt Mar- 

shsi!. Will n« HfM. 

. An irnt of csniu] interest to Fret 
ataaenn in toil resntry will be lb* 11:1 
idbuiI meeting of th* Supreme Council. 
Stad degree. SeottLeh R.I* Masons of 
tb* Northern Jurisdiction of tbe United 
Bute*, which »il] V* held ■: tbe 
Fmujlrinbi September l":h to 20th, 
It YU At this aei#ion Of tl* Supreme 
Gonad I that President Harding woold 
have T*r*jvcd his 33rd degree. GruereJ 
Leonard Wood is among tb* 78 esndl- 
date™ dieted tn rrcei** tb* honor, bat 
will be unable to BttrDl. became of hi" 
dull* a in the Fhillipine lalanda. 

- Fir* mrn from Sen York City will 
be mad* honorary 33rd degree Masons, 
Taey are Supreme Court Judge Arthur 
8- Tompkins. Graml Master or tb* Grand 
Lodge of New Vara; Aupir-tur. TbaraaB, 
tb* playwright: Georrr M Bp-d*ll, pur- 
etstatng latent of ib* Famous. Players- 
Lanky Corporation: Charles tUno Ken- 
nedy .author or "Th* Serrant id the 
Hflnn-" and rather plays, and Ed- 
ward P At tin sou active in Biateo I*- 
Upd Masonic affair*. Edward M, Sial- 
ler. th* hot*] an. «BJ also receiv* th* 

Tt La expected thai about SO0 33rd 
degree Masons win br in ttlr-ndanc*. 
among them b*iiw Former Vice-Presi- 
dent Thnmaa R. Mar aba 11. Ei-Go**rnor 
Henry B. Quinby o[ New Hampshire, 
Dr. Frederick W. Hamilton, Wmrmm 
President oj Turt'n College. Supreme 
Court JmLife Jemme L, Cheney of Syra- 
cuse. Fi-LIeutemnl Governor Harry C. 
Walker. CJBiWWH -VI- ln-p*». Bx-iior- 
ernor Charles SL vYhiiman. Colon*! Wln- 
fielr, A. Dorbin. form*r Governor or In- 
diana: ''"Jin Llnjd Thomas, end George 
K Staples of Buffalo, 

Ao cial.nrsic program ha* been ar- 
ranged frr both th* "-■i-ii.i"-- ;:'":•■;■ 

■ rid *nt*ft*\nin*Pi f>n SnndtJ - . fi*pistn- 
btt 1ft. at S P. M- DiTiur ar-rrffwi will 
V k*M Id St. Pmol* Cnip*T. Bm*dwnr 

■ nd FnUon atr**t, thr wnuan h*inf d*- 
fjT*r*d by th* Tlisbt H*". Philip Coot. 
biihT <.f P*lawtr»- 

Tb* mi nf tb*- pcojrtm rnllowa: 
KHriatr. S*pt*mb«r IT. 1030 A. M- 
— Carttnltt*u wili rr#'r in room a ■»■ 

■ ifnrd th*m si tb* Rot*r PrDvt^lTuJa. 
Ttrz^trailon of csntttdftt** ai olfle*- ^f 
WtiMiij ■niiwl VWitJoc l*di*» will b* 
Bwt tr lonl Jjdiea rnmiiaJM*» 1 .or mhicb 
Mm W*lt#r W. GrifTiib i*. chairman. 

CM) P. M. — Tbf nffirmi of th* Sii- 
rr*m* CnuDcil will m**l fir t*b**r*al 
of trnrk in tb* haJlrncm ot th* botrf, 

3 p h M,- Ait*raoon tr* will b* «*rT*d 

Irt !b*- ladi*a st tho Hntj*l r*naaTlTi- 

nii, Nt which aim. I-**>0 if- Abbott will 

act Ji5 hoat*Ha. . v 

Tn*ada;.T. Kept*mh*p 1R. 

10.00 A. 1L— Tb* aaprnrr.* council 
■win b* opened at lb* S«ittLah Rit* 
BaiWinK, a^3 W*»t Tbtrt*-f*nfth atr**t, 
in th* thitrrj-tbinl d>=T*r. *ft*r with 
th* eounrll will tw AfdWH op*n id tb* 
fnoneenth d*gFv* and fraud ***** 
Maaon* "il! b* jdmittnl prior la the 
n*lif*r« of til* illocutinn. Spfdtl carda 
of idmtwion will b* l*»P*d hj th* a*cr*- 
tarr psTt! at httdqurt*'* nr-» a*- 

iOSO A. HV— Antomobil* trip Bfl Cener 
bland for th* ladlaa. ^h.m lan^bfon 
will b* **rr*d at Gaffasli'i* InO at 1 
o'frort Traonnortalloii will b* pro- 
Tid*d to and from Hotel P*Jsniylranii. 

1.00 P. "11.— r«nnrfirO& on roof of Hold 
PnHiaylranla for m*oip*ra of [t* aa- 

prrm^ rrmntil and Candidate*. 

l.Xi P. 'M.— Tb* thtrtj-thiH d*#Tt* 
wl]l b>> mnf*rr«d in the appointed apart- 
ro*nt ErniiDjr dr*»» i» r«ja*at*d; the 
irnrEnc of icvrtlr f>f p**n*nt or past 
MiMrnlf rank U ifcaLribi*. 

flp*dal carda will b* r*qulT*d lot ad' 
nii.!«i.i-i:i. Th*a* will h* laancd br the 
Mcr*tar; (*nrral. at bea<dqilart*j*. to 
TB*tnl»*r* whro r*ci>Unn£ on ■rrlvil. 

MS P- M-— Xliai Ud[« will b* *n- 
t»rtaia*d at t*r Cl*ln» Tfl.*atr*, Rr^l 
waj and Thlrij-mpih. atr**t, where 
•TTildflower" ii ntayiDjt. Tranaiw nation 
will b* pforided to and from Hotel Pra-}- 

WHtir*d*r. Prptpnib*r 1Q. 

fl^W A. M. — The Puprem* MAnf!! will 
t**rml'U ir th* appoint*! apartmmi- P. M. — LuBfbeoD n« roof of 
Hm«! Pe*Ti*y Irani* fof mnshera of th* 
raprcm* *OQ&dl. Th* a>iipr*BW tonncil 
will e*n* npon the romrlrtion of its 


IfpHtc-n m Low-Looked Qowna Art 

■■rrrd Pram Ceaanetaloau 

I »y I'Bltrf Km to Th. NMaWC T«Ipbi»»b.J 

BOMK, S*ptr ft.— Th* campatan of 

th* Vatican aseinjt immnd«(lj dnaaed 

emmeti eontiuaea. 

«■—,»: in I----- •"+ -H and itort-iImM 
f^wn* tn r-i--i'- conmnnloa. 

Th* order followrt th* n*wa duit 
woaaen at barhinjr beachea w*tc attaad- 
fa c cb n rrh 1 1 1 h 1 1 y r tad and *nmet I M 
mrrdT thmwinp a.drewaiag evwn snr 
fheir balhiac ■■jits bj way of nr#pari-' 
ti«i for fourth. 




Ul be broad- 

<-■■! I« 

-Pir»>f »r 



b Ikroiiih 



M-r i. n. 

■a¥*ra^*T ■* 


Atctj Hopvood Picture AmnsinE 

Eaoiifh to Lift Tronhlei tnd 

B&niih Care. 


t la Had* ur T'-laa; E,ir«n. 
Froai r>rlala>l Dl*l#Bree ■** 



Picture it C»pitoI ffirtctrd if Cl»r- 
tna B»d?tr Keeps Too Queu- 
ing From Start to Finish*- 


Harry Leon Wilion'i Story, "Baf- 

elei of Med Gap," Cornea to 

Sorter. With Sotlble Caat. 

SE20VA DA5CEES irakWrm 



Frtd Tlirimton. Univcrial Actor. Lm- 

proTCi After Brain Clot Ii 

Eeraaved in Hoipit&l. 


IB>-r Ul Dtaieal/ka U TB. Mtraimi T. [*»!*»» ■ 

MM ASGELES. Cal.. Sept. P. 

Word that Fted Thomiwip. Initrraa] 
acar, ia on tb* road to r-'o-.---. '..-.lar. 
fellowinc an operafion to local* a r!nt of 
blood which reaultefl frnm a conrtipxriio. 
was carried to Mva- Thompnoti by ih* 
phTiieinTi*. who htrp tb* ran* In ilia re*. 
lln. Tbomion la known ti nt-ro*n fnnfl 
It Frincta Marlon. 

TkonBoa, who jn noted for hi* athletic 
abUJiTf •■ »• ■ T-ietllii nf an nrr-fii-m *imi- 
Lar to that which *rnt Jamei KirWnrrf 
H ibr bOBpital and whkK It a?H r**r*d 
mijrhT rMiili in fbe drnlb of ntnr 
Referal wrrkn *£■■<. tvh-vi prrformlni: 
• riifits before the camera in ennpecrinn 
with The prodnettoq at hie litnt aorial. 
TboiMon »i» thrown Ttuhnftjl fr«ra hla 
bore*- He hii pifli*d up elnnii*>l, bm 
1 reeoi-ered ntpidii- and at* ah|* in nrturn 
to h!a work, apparently none the worw 
for bla experiecc*. 

Bat h* eontinuBlly complained of hav- 
iniipalna in hii h«ad and it wbb deci-ied 
Utat.fa* would have to tunfrra-n tn-itm*nt. 
At fint it wbb f*h thai the *Ur wan «-.*■ 
ferine; from conrueaion nf the brain b^it 
aa. be did nnt rally ucrj^r treat ment the 
operation wbb deoirted upnq. Thomiion 
at firj( refue-eil to rajEaenl tfi the opera- 
tion, eitrjiir thai Sip eon Id nnt ipaee ili- 
titne riflif now (mm lii* picture wnri. 
He mtlapoed qnd waa rimJirrt tn thr? hfta- 


IK* operation wo pcrftrrniml on flat- 
urdar and arter wortmB o»*r Thomaon 
tor. Bereral houra doctor* aajd he waa out 
ot vUnjr^r 

Tb* doctora atalod to-day that they re. 
card hla ifiOndiUon aa encAorafina; and 
th-? predict that he wt)l LSe abl* lo ra> 
tnrn to, work foElowinc b akort r**i. 

TboajBAn haa been noted for ftarihg- 
Teaia bernrr rhr- camera and he ha> 
reiardad aa on+ nf rh* jjiMt eipert ho™*- 
men ia avrtinn pjrtnr* work. He > una 
nf the younger ataci and baa Btrracr*d 
■ ttraiioa beaua* nf hll feariratneaa. 


ropelajai Talevraami So i.ona^r Hit 
II Ml far In Mark*. 

BERUX, Scp-t. 0.— Tbe OavtMn 
GoreroDietil baa ordered thai all foreign 
tel'frams dUpa«h*d milit bti paid fur 
In dvllani.' 

IJU" to tho fart tbat l-u»in-*i in [*!*■ 
cramp for forelm ,-i;i« hae been ;-■■.:■■ 
Uuj,.th* telefrapb horeao h«- hecti k<- 
ina mooej hand orer fitl. Th* h*M« 
tb* bun CMi the biuer it* !■■•■. 

Money haa W*m dmppiqi; «o fast thai 
tbe'hurcaU at the end of lb* we+k, bad 
to* die Into in reaerrea to cat. f; ^ -"-. 
markB "to **j the focnijm t-od nf tie 
TfrQ*. What bad been an adeouate 
cbarfe at Bh tfme of kv-adioa llajjil J 
to d Lrlfl* by the rim* th* foreign bill' 
fell doa. , 


Benefit of Tw devi lie VetenBi tt 

the Colonial Drmwi Great 



The National *Viud*Till* Aaaociation 
Po-t fW>. of tba American I^eaioQ, held 
Ha nonnal benefit l»« nlabt at tb* Co- 
laaial Tnearrennd added to <U aulnten- 
ina fund !-T<«» T . tbe r*c*4pta o( « eold- 
nrt hou-e, The N. X. A. P*at. whfcb 
ia the oab- on* compoaed oaly of rBud*- 
Tillr Bctn+i. bad the pleamre of rnisr 
■Terr acat In tht K*ith theatre occntilcd, 
and hv an eaniu*i*jtic liatener. fot U»a 
rt*p Whlefc alarted with the t1r#t Ti*rn- 
b*r and endured for lb* rert of lb* «** 
njfir, the aiidtenc «-ermina; nftfer to tiro 
of it* enlrrlBinmcQl. 

Th' beneftl waa imiqiie In one particu- 
lar- It i' probably tb* Aral Sunday evan- 
Ine perfnrmanre tat eharftihle purpo**' 
tjat beptBD at the time innonnced before- 
hand. The poatera eatd and at ^ l."> 
on th* dot. Loner HtrteU came on the 
etaay In bla cnpildty U iqaatee of rere- 

iir. HjaVllread ■ 1*1* mm boa) tbe 
a. RaJixla dew Foit which Li duobed 

(o the leriiimate, coniratutatinf the N, 
V, A. Pn»ton th.e r-rening and weaning 
its comrade, the beat of Bueeeaa. 

ttpukfcali riagoar >;-ri 7 . 

Haaide* reidlnff the telegraai. Mr. Ha»^ 
bell prorod he wa* ■ muaSciao ■ ( iajif 
ability. -Wliy, I p[ 4 ,*d when t waa 
three month* old." he aald. "I played! 
on* th* kitchen lindenm" 

After that bitof melody the eTening 
«aa allowed lo run oil aa it nleawd. with 
dAncing and jajg band* leading the 
pared* of *«*. 

The bill read like a lUtof wbo a who 
In lb* vauderill* world. U inrltided 
Tom Patricola. Wad* It»ih. Hihbiir 
UaTl*. Tei McLeod. Mretf A rianafnrd 
t'nok A Cohen. Vi'Ttcrat Lapei r.tid baad 
FWenoe Beady, I>onegan S Hitrgrr 

fWnator Ford. BLlfj (.laann, AI K 
Ball, frank Farnum and company. Beet 
I-**y. Ilenrr Htremni*!. X^rnn A Mark. 
Hmlling Billy Maaon and: AJlre ForreaT. 
Arthur W**t. Adelaide A Hn-ls. « Mar- 
m t'oaioa. IlaHtrtt 4 Pelmar Revue, 
Four Pancing tindcnjin. Artie Mehllnfrr 
Frtnk Fit. W. C. Fieldn. Annn rJinnd. 
lee, H*o Weleh, Al Foi. Ann Bttbn ami 
the Fleminc Katara. 

■The N. T. A, I'o*t waa rrpreeented by 
It* onnimandee, (ilean Condon. Walter 
WiorJiarl, adiotapt, and Sammy Smith, 
chairman nf th* en-rntL-.e «mlttea\ Ray 
Eodgdoa naj.tUac anager. 


Any nne wfLh an injnnwn rrnuch and 
a ptr*'* Bgilnjt the world in crDer*! can 
lift eome of ihene troubles by naitinf i'.i- 
flialtn and taking a look at "The Gold 
Iligj'rt." Alt of the nmurmip Lines with 
which Aiery linrnrogd bofdentd the piny 
when I>*rid ItElaacn presented it n* a 
ataga prodnction lioro ben aliotfed Ui 
remaltc as Btth-iiitlea. Grant Carpenter, 
who wrote tbe M-enario. ahould haT* a 
gnld mrdol for baring the good j«dg 
Lient noi in impr*)* 1 * on. Mr. Hoi'Tf-l • 
dialogue- S*> few title writera cua*td*f 
the author in Lit original «tat* »""b 
efra o bowaog acquaiatanee 

JJavid Kelaacn a*W tho film a t*» 
*ret«. ago »"nJ wnrd came from tb' War- 
ner atttn tbat be bad eipi-eaaed him-elf 
aa beihR p'eaaed with the motion piemre 
reraion. But we thought p^bat'ly Mr- 
BrlnKn ann being kind. Then »* r^ai) 
an extract from KB article written bf 
k Cuaat writer in whicli he said tM 
)V"anirra L-njld anaw*r th* anaattoH «lo' 
ar* Hanirr lifutliertiT hy aimply »njms 
btwanM lh*y bad made "The Ui>Id i 'Ik' 
grrn. ' The fF«tMffl critic celled it \l>" 
beet iIiieik Wnrner nnd erer mad'-. 

B"t fnim lung experience r*rir»niji 
picturen wr ar* ntispicjons hy Battan BAfl 
iih»i]ling tn b*U*w everythinc w* hear, 
Mcring in alwaya beliering and when Al 
bcrt VfwEttff r*<iii*ared that I take a !a»lj 
at Hope Haaaptoa and en- for <•■ ■■ ■■■■ ■ 1 
ar-Crpttd. ernt though 1 bm* •"•-<'■ J 
u>l«bnn mw nil lo work rta S-jniti-. 

1 am glad tbat I did now. for 1 bw* 
Mj-. Belaaco m"i reallj ba\e h**n 
pirated with tb* aeruunt ^ arn*r 
Brotbrr* gave him o( their fir«t Relaani 
picture, and muat baie aaid ail th* plra*- 
ant things that h* is credited wi|h "it 
ing. The film veraion ia a faithTa! i r:. .-;■■■ 
lotion or iir Hopwood'a pity. It dnean't 
tniea a laugb. nor forget a trick. 
WhetheT ibia i« due to the inielliien** 
of Mr. 0*rp* B t*r. th* acennrio wriier. ot 
ta Hnrry Feaomnnr the director, nr fer- 
hf.pi lo lb* inalatrnco of the WilwOpa 
rlL*m»*lvei that th* picture remain tru- 
to th* play, I do not know nnd I do 
not believe It matter* ro lung aa th* n- 
suits are there. 

■Th* tjold r»gitet-s." according In Mr. 
Hopwood'B interpretation, are th* young 
women who dig for gaid in Ihe ihiiir* 
of fur*, lirnouamea, and Jewels, without 
citing a thlni In return. In trying tu 
extract a young nephew from the wll»*a 
nf thee* "diggera'' unci'' falls s TiciitP (■> 
there eharma hlm«*lf- Th* ■«** is all 
s#t for bim and J*rry %M 1'ar *rbn la 
in realiiy a pcrfrctly r**p*eiabl* girl, 
assnme* her b*«I gold digger attitude an 
thai unrk will get dlagu«*d with ne,-. 
forbid hii nephtw to marry h*r. and then 
b* en pi*a»*d wh*n h* seen tb* dotnur* 
Violet who !■ really the choice ..r 
tirphrWp Jmrt. that h* will say Moss 
yon M; children without a moment a hesi- 

Hope rianiplnn as J'rf.r. th* rnle 'na 
Cla.r* hmiight 1" th* uta-e. runs the 
gamtn nf comedy In drflma. and back (» 
liiiTloariur, nLlb an cflie that inclined me 
to think ibe tnuet hrn* been raiacael in 
anm* of her c/irlln- picturea or ela* i* 
Imprnring in her work. In the. scene 
where >be doea a Spanish dance nno 
ngnin wbeo ah* has to pretrnd intotica- 
ttnn -tie is espoelally good, doing me 
done- m a way that males it evident "h* 
would bo good In musical comedy. 
limtnpron does ibr best wort of her ca- 
e**r in 'The Gold Diggers." handiirf 
ifa* enniedy avenea with deftness that re> 
quires a Senras not always necessary ■-* 
ihe heaner draaigiie acenei wher* a 
proUfic tear duct aoinetimea aiillKwa. 

Lonia? r*a«adi. the slapstick qaewn. 
does tho role that Jo-byaa Bowlud 
made eo Dmu»tPa' on tbe stage. ltl*i 
Fa&eoda lack- the Amasonian proporv 
rions or Mln Howlaad. b thins tb* m- 
thor oukra rather imtwrtanl. btcanse 
*he played JJr^MT Knligbtenina the 
World In th* chorus, Tb* title «UiDg 
Attention to ber Amaaoni"n ric-ur* ia not 
omitted bb it annulrt be VreeauK pstoal 
Karenda ia rather small, but w*: mnat 
say sb« ia rery Food and does not over- 
dn on tba alanaticka thing, giving the 
Inlrtesliie thai la In character with Mabel 
th*; e^rremiat. 

Wyndhnm Ntandinr plsys 1 Hate Store 
En a fin* restrained manner that char 
ncterU** bII hi« wurk. snd Johnny Hit- 
rnn. who i* growing M look more ana 
mor* liL* his brother Tlobert *v*ry a*T. 
eiv*« a good acconmi nf himself aa tb* 
locenjck yunng nephew. 

In fact as iiir-rur** go we can reooai- 
mend 'Tb- Cold IHgyera." It U tOodl 
rntrnnSnmro*. and "bat is about the high- 
est praia* oa* isn give a motion pic- 
tnre. Unco Riesenfeld. haa offered a aop- 
T»irmeiitaf.T program chat i» al*o g*>"rf 
j-ntertalncnet A film comedy. RL*aeufcl4's 
■» far famed clsMi«-sl Jan. and a irompet 
«>l*i by Jo»*ph Ak«i s^ippileenent "The 
{•old Dizgera" and give on* *n addi- 
tional reason for vmring the Itialto 'his 


Man Who CLaiMi Right to Title 

Ii Charfred With Defraudine; 

Boardinj Home Keeper. 

Ftw! H.rshreld of Want TbirtJ-foarth 
*tre*:. claiming to tjt related to Cerman 
irrfiiliti sod a baron in bis owv eight, 
wa* BTTngned in YorkT.ll* Court yeaief- 
da* charffd t>y Martha Stardtk*. nro- 
priff'ir of s rooming house In East Tnlf- 
ii fir* 1 srreeT, with baring defrauded 
I** of $3." as i, with which he < u to p^ir 
rhsae her j home In Berlin, wbrfe eh* 
and her mother, who live* in rose*. Ger- 
many, were lo ll»« toaether Magistrate 
lliehard F. McKiQirr b*ld Hirabfeld In 
il.y^i bail for eiamiaaEfcrn t>-day. 

Hirshfrlil. who M t*» KtsMiV* aaya aba 
haa not seen f..r .'■-■: a yrnr, was ar> 
rested B&mdny when a eoUflln of Mia* 
giacdthr, Frnalt Unfrman saw him en. 
trr a pau-nsliop on Third nrfimc. Be 
was nrr*atM by PatrQlmao Loubi Srhon- 
feld and tas*n tn th* station Imusci, where 
he rras Identiried by Mi" Sraedtk*. 

She said that ah* bad learned from 
Berlin rb*t gllrshfeld'a father was a 
banker ther* bef jeo the war, but tbat be 
u HuratageU Lad twpr*. 

Dri-mv*tn Hit** In-plrln* HinaillSp 

of tMBi Ho-rroSenl of S*h*ker»- 

■ arie-" t'ndoe nwvf* Dirsellon. 


Carry Wilaoa hna-eiiccceded In- iT*ttliig 
more concentrated rille^ny into ot* reel* 
nf 'Red Uihla." at th* Capitol, than all 
nur authors combined have crowded into 
th* new Baaaon. Thia adaptation of Kd- 
wnrd E. Hoses pla?. "The Rear Car."' ia 
a riotous delirtnm r-f btoodL thunder and 
■udden death whleb should prov- tr> b* 
mm rf the year's "beat seller"." Pw- 
tnre-goerTi ar* meat Intereawd In having 
their cnriosily atouaed — in hichlr colored 
snd broadtr treal*d narativ* thai, create* 
suspens*. and this nun keep* ynu gueai- 
ing from start to finish. It yi nne auff" 
eesAian of Irkp doors, secrel comparl- 
aients. nry»tfTiniiB hand a. mt throats nud 

The niece is billed na ft "rayatery mrin 
drama," but it is really e. melodraniatic 
rnrc* L In fact it Ciptaine an much Inrr* 
that one cannot quit* dtrCJon whether onrt 
is enjoying fish, or fowl, or good red h*r^ 
rinr- It i* disronceTticg >o be iotrmipt- 
ed in tbe middle of a thrill by a tichlins 
finger it one'a fsba. at I one is norrr ttt- 
Uin bow aallailj this «now combi- 
nation was meant t^ b* taken. Aagauvi 
1*. however. "Red Lights' ia loaded down 
with aa amount *t d*<all aod ir-cideota 
■ hat like the ptJAef *i th* preaugig'tator, 
*e*ms patterned to prevent yoor fo low- 
ing the plotter to" clo**lj- 

S.oj-7 veer aiisrht. 

Of actiiBl -tnrr ibere is little. A mil- 
llnnain- railroad ure'ldent is shn*-n 
"hurry ing W*n m claim his new-found 
daughter, who wnJi kidfiaiipml in child 
hood" The young ff»n«n H in Itwa will, 
Johnnie Blake and gn+si with him in eon- 
suit n "■■erime deftector" annut th* threats ; 
which have been mane on lier lir« »i«e* i 
her Wentiij bas become known Shf is 
bonnnel by a red light art* a "Wk 
huraahifs." - «bt*h warts h*r M .; '*7 •>" ' 
prayrrt and preporr f*' death. »»« [ 
rh* deflector offrrii aj ai a t a n ce he. too, is , 

|i. order fn escape" "these weird atnnga ■ 
of fate" rjeveral o( ib* giri"* rriendt agree | 
m sccompsay hrr East, l-ife no the 
train 1" just on* darned thing trter an* 
other. Nnt™ arrif* warning the heroin* 
that "death i« m*r*'\ n men i» mard*T*d. 
th* body disapnesr-. a hairy ape adds to 
the genera! mrmnil and wh*o ibiogi are 
at lli#ir wont thi- hero «p »nd decLsr" j 
to the rillain. Tis toiot to .iroir-c: Rath 
if T hare tn do it over j."mir dead bodv. 
In ihe mesniime ihe girl's father h« ar- 
rived in lyjj* Aocelei, fnH Biiccerded In 
catching l^e nerond sertinti of (he train 
on which Ins tougher i* hound for the 


In The end. of ewurs*. <h» mj-stcnnun 
'■:■,,:.!.:■■■ n:5';rr La discoverH nnd his mo- 
tive ■Lisclo*»d. Nnt content with having 
madi- his cictltns fll euhjeer* for a bin*- 
tie asvtnm. 'b>- "Id smundrrl tries to 
send ihrm all to their death h-y detach- 
ing Ih* rear car of The train, which 
slid:** down ■ -teep inc'ia* and i* 
wrectrd. Hul fononarely tlio** or. hoard 
ir-ifp safi-lv at tb* hnitnm and arc Mtis' 
factorilv psiarrd f<B AT tb» d"». Thi 
rrrinnpal pari" tr + r*aliied by Marie 
Pievosr. Jnbnni* Walker. Alie* I^te. 
Bavmond flriffiih. i>agm«r riodosrsky 
and Jean H*r*ho!t. who play o.utt* In 
th* apirit of ih* nt*c*, which baa been 
well directed by riarenc* Badgar. 

ripium I* !,**»■ ** Fon- 
"Reri I.ighte.'" like "The I'at and th* 
Canary, 1 " belongs lo that field nf dra- 
matic liter-i'ir* which ia neither dr*- 
matir nor literary. It f» ITie moat wildly 
ImprcbnoK Ulitgiea]. inemierent and g*ii- 
crtlly confusing jumble that or*r irri- 
tated an orderly brain. Wltneaainl th* 
performanrc is rery much like rlaitlng 
the Chamber of Elorrora. or th* Hout* 
of Mirth nr hoth. The picture c*nnnt 
fail of gre>t popularity. It's loti of 
Tan nod •cil wnrtb an hoar of anybody s 
lime and a dniiir or anybody's money. 

fnd*r the dLrectlon of Erne Rape*, tb* 
orohe-tr* gar* sn Insplrin* r*ndttSon of 
th* Isai mnremenl of Rlpisky Korsa- 
kow'i ' ,3cb*harnLad*' - at yeaterila* s 
matioce perfoTO"""**. (Mh*r attricttona 
Lq tbe mnaical wtting ror the new week 
are a ton hy Mm*. HSxta of th* "B*H 
Song" from "TahaWi" and * hnllet of 
Koraakowa "Ssagj of India." "Kol 
Xldre' is MM efferlirely Iry Mr. flnbyn. 
and Mm*, Elsa Siralia. ref*Tised to aa 
"tb* Capitol's f*waos soprano.* 1 nff*r* 
"Thr Song of ih* Soul," far Brail. In 
addition tc the Magaaln*. whieb shows 
pirtur** el Token and Vokohama as 
lb« were, tber- is a wmat atlrartirr 
srnnlo prndiiced hj C. f., Chester called 
"■foIhe Y\- th* lauaaii " It dlsc!o*ea 
anme remarkable views or a calaract in 
the heari of Poiith America, the horse- 
power of wtlch in equalled only by tho 
rootle which scrompaniea it. 


Woman ArtiMi \elahrvejr -n4 He* 


mt 4.iaoLl. 

FelnoloAs. assault charge* wrr* Pre 
fffred in Harlem Co^rt yesterday eawlTjat 
Mra. Btwsle Pol (art, 23 jeara oM. of 
East 106th arrei-r. and her fatber. John 
■ .rOPe «f Best *"■• stceet. b5 Mra. Fan- 
i ,' Panetinto of K*. i ■ l'Hih atrecl. wbo 
alleged that »S* waa aiarkrd with a pair 
of Bciasors and a baseball bat during H 
niuabbn* over children. Income and hii 
■inughter wer* held In Ii/vtsi bail each 
fnr examlnatl »n in-morrow when ar- 
raigned before Magistrate Bernard J. 

Mrs. ranetlnto clnlmed that Mr*. Pol- 
laro alahhcd h*r eight tlniew en The bead, 
far* and body and that Leone struck her 
with th* bat. She waa attended br an 
ftmbiilanca surgeon from Harlem aMh 
pltnl and the arrests were, made by Pa* 
rrolmu James Brady of th* East l'*» 
atrrnt autjon Saliirday blfJtL 

s*ri*a of Banna *t TbU Grnns mt 
Vo-Bar filrta Is Arfiallenllr L.i*ki- 
Td :iit Ds-HBitfwllr rr»i«»(.i. 


' Sflsjadea nf p*d Cap" opened yeater- 
iJus at lb* Biro!! Tbeaire. The mere 
fart that a stnry which haa met with 
•iin-:i wiileapread fame oponn in tnovinc 
pii-ture form L« momeaioua, A'moat every- 
l.udj hfut read the hook— we hadn't, and 
frankly we w*W disappointed In thia 
Roitles ciisp. Thr novel hy tUrrr bem 
\Vilaon has b«?u adapted for the screen 
by Walter Woods and Anthony tJoInV- 
»-Aj. |t mast have been a dijneult job 
iu put chl* tale into vcreen form. Per 
hapa it is in its adaptation that tbe 
story trisrs. for surely if "Huafflea" was 
pot on as a motion picture who no repu- 
tation lo bach it you would, jnst say tbat 
tt in a fairly amuring Utt'e tale. Bui 
when (he name signifies tbat the story la 
Ib* same asva which ha* heen ao popu- 
lar in novel form modi on th* Rag*, and 
Ibai the "llr*flor is Jam** Crnae, you ei- 
pro aomeTbing really marvdona — and 
yum only get aomatblnE mildly amusing. 
S'*s. il tniiJlt bt In th* lfwif trip from 
book to >rrreu that "Rngglra" geta tired 
nnd lost bi« w«.c. 

Tit* hiitnor ia delicate, arrant mhtle, and 
-omcilRrea. it juat Isn't there ar all. \'nu 
L'^cii thinking all the time that it outht 
lo be awfully funny, tint it la a long time 
between Inugbs. 

Tbe ri.-iLr.u rakes na from Ked rTap. a 

frnipering little town aomewberc In the 
'nlied Urates, to Paris, to London and 
hack again. We meet Mrs. KtHe li-oyi-e 
r>r**teTi who is the reader of th* beat f*t 
■n Hed <iap. Then w* were t** hns- 
hand - and w* do laugh, for Coutin. 
Erber!, as h* is la do ecb*r than 
Ernest Torrene*. who** "gentle humor ia 
a thing of beauty and joy for»T*r. If it 
hadn't been for Egbert w* wouldn't have 
cared moch what happened In Had Gap. 
H* recall* the "bringing up father" ear- 
tooitL for his idea of a rood: tim* u 
sneaking off for a qnl*t little gam* of 

Kk*r. or ■ wbiaky and soda with th* 
ret, He like* to ajutodata with too 
K"«n»t- 01-r.wd — the Bohomlana of Bedi 
Gap, who have their own drele and are 
looked at askance by Mra. Xffiie'» set. 

Ma Pettingill ia there, loo. and ehs 
roll* her owti al] lb* way through th* 
ihlrr..i'-i- LlIlLnn IielKbton is amualng in 
tin- role. Finally Mra. EftU take* her 
lnr-orrlffibl* husband abroad, hnplng 
thereby to cultivate his flner taatea. Bg> 
bert la gouche. deli artfully so. and beforr 
he rnurna t» America he nearly aucceeda 
in demoralising a conp!* of Kngllah rarls. 
fie does succeed (n captnriag tb* ralrt of 
tb* Karl of BriBetead. Rnggle* by nam*. 
Biiggl*> la Ibe perfect EngiUh manserv- 
ant, and he find* it s-ery dfBiicvilt tn a*so- 
■iaie with hi* master.** Entrodocep 
him Into Red) flap poeiety as Colonel Kug- 

E!m. and b* is immediately takeo into the 
esf flodely. Rngglea atrnggle* matifutly 
tn cop* with Jk new gocUl position. H« 
open* a r*atanrmnt in IteS town, which 
Hemmes the fashionable rendearoua, Tb* 
Kb r' and th* Hon. Grnrg* com* over from 
Kngland and succeed in capturing turn 
charming Red Gap girl-, but ther belong 
lo tb* Bohemian art. Buggies, to*, get* 
th* proposing fever, and a Inrely winding 
party at bis restaurant rnda the picture 

Edward Horton plays Hugilea. and 
while he has bla momonts. at did not 
think be made all he might hara nut of 
tb* part, Ernest Torrenre-'a perform- 
atiee stands nut— as th* Earl himself 
miffht «*y. 'H* is posiUvidy pTiceleaa." 

I^iji IViiAnrj has little to dn, but does 
That littl* well, and l^iuiae Dreaaer 
look* very smart in a sari** of faahion- 
abt* gosrn*. 

"Rqawla* of Red tia p" wiU neTer 
aet tb* dneisa world on Br*, but It wUL 
aappty a mild giow for a cool Autumn 

A charming aeries of danceaj i- per- 
formed br the 5*ro»n Daacei-a. ■'8ehn- 
heftiana. na the number ia called, has 
be*n ■kllfrjUy lighted, and tbe fire young 
girl* in their fresh pick ballet coatome* 
Bit about- tbe stage tike a handfvil of 

'Kick Out,'" a abort comedy; tbe 
news r**l and Charle* Hart, who slogs 
"Then Ton'II Bememher Me.' complete 
the bill. 



Tnuttea AnnoujiM trie Znmuraraent 
Ot Berye Xottlievittky 

for 132*. 

conductoe sow nr frajtcb 

l>r..|nn. IB War IV*. a F 
nJB Of CDBp.Ht. la R-BtlTB 

, CoBBtrr. 

Bbe 4mi 

Ik.* hm 





■ ■ Jerrjr 



• f 


■ J«..i«i!-o'.i al 





Tvkleb bm-* 




fa* the sn 


Judg* Frederiek P. Cabot, Pra*W«t 
of the TroBiecB cf the Boston Bynphony 
Orchestra, anootjncea the engage meal 

of Serge Kous**rtt*ky aa pondortnr of 
the Bosmn Symphony Orchestra beife- 
Diag witb the autumn of 1924. 

Long Ibr most conaplcvrou* conductor 
in Russia, V> Kouaserllaly baa is the 
last three aeasooa be* naetlce in tVeal- 
em Swrope. In thia time he ha* ba- 
come tbe moat striking fleure and dom- 
inant pecsoiiallty la the orchestral eon- 
certa of London and Psrla. H* ii de- 
acribed art a lender of earn majaeiirvrn 
and forcefulnesa, a* an artlat of Un- 
paaaloned conviciloni. He will be thd 
first BniMiian to l**d the Boston Sym- 
phony Orchestra. Be Is tb* only truly; 
great conductor whom M yet Amtriea 
has not heard. 

Mr. Knnwritiky will directly succeed 
) Pierre MoRteux. whos- pending peaiwirG a* 
conductor of the Ronton Symphony Or- 
chestra trill h* his fifth, one of the 
longer terms m the auccttvion of Boa- 
ton Symphony Orrbeatr* conductors, Tha 
pr*MDt quadties ol tone and enaemhU |u 
th* (TniphonT conccrti ar* attributed t» 
Mr, iloiweui's abi.lri** and bis indefa- 
tigable efforts through four scaaoni, 

■PTilt Helmet. Feoas Frtnew. 

Mr. Mnnleni ia expected to rtrurn frrna 
Franc* in ih* laltrr part of tbla month 
with n number of new score* which h* 
round in Europe during the Summer. Ha 
will then Immediately begin rehearaall 
ir pTcpaTftl.nn Tor th* scarom* opening in 
PytnpKony Hal., Bn*ton, on October 11 
Bis family hava lefT Boston and made 
their home one* more in Pan*, where, 
Mr Monlens will rejoin them at u» t»B- 
tfliwion of th* comlng'seaeon. 


HUo. Lfokadjs rUcmeatotrici 
Briop Prie.l.u IMd, Prewnted Z'ErS^^'f"^ 5. ™ 

to ABAtole Bonnnan. 


taught musie by his parents, and at 

12 conducted! 1-ie orcbestra in th* Muni- 

. iipa! Tbeaire nf bis B*.u*a U>wu- He 

' ETadnat-wl from the Moscow DMMm 

HD5S1A tory, hav-ng mad* a particular anjdy of 

th* rtnuble has*, and it waa as virtU-oati 

— I «r thia instrument that b* bertEse a nieov 

f ber of th* Mo-cow Imperial Opera Or. 
A wa.-*h Of lb* "dvcuelarri ore! two- I phpjtra. aB i Hfcen is* toured Europe. At 
beaded *agl*l bpe. which the iiJialed length he ennc*ntr*ted all his eaerdea 
ruler preaeated od.j to his ravnrii*s. was i «Pon r-ond u etihg. H* organUrf an o*. 
, it- _ i . Tt . . - chestra in Brflin, and, b 1009, a Ear 

hmeght here from U axaaW last V&B* mor , llB p Wtinl r.11* in Moscow. Hera ha 
day by HII*. Lenkadjs Klementnwicx. I ,,,,..1,1^ beat player* Russia if- 
ballei mistress of the Mark Strand Tlirji r fntded: he snhsldired ttirm, that his hand 
(re. Il was n gift 10 Anatok Bftdrmail, tBfetbi be mtlrely rree and hii 'nterpria. 
I entirely nrtiettc. (t was her* that Mr. 
Kousinavittliy first nlensiTrly revealed 
ibe chnrBCi*rl-<HrBj in which he haa *x- 
t-Fllert rver sine* — conatnictir* ability, 
hrilltant L^ndTvnp and disinterested d*- 
rotinn 10 Ih* promulgation of tb* best 
music, both old and n*w. He save ■•ri*( 
of concerts in Mo«i*w and P*troarrad. 
and lrav*l*d "v*r Rii**ia wirh hia orchea- 
hart*r*d a «t»sm*r. and. 

gilts or lied beyond the 'reach of Bol- 
shevik power. 

Among Iboa* who retainn) ■-.-■- 
watches wa a$\nalole Bourman, a ■■;ie- 
cia< fatorire o fthe Ct*T. Bourman went 
to Warsaw at [he outbreak of tb* World 
•.War and left hi* w*Tr- q "wiih his rnotber- 
in-faw preparatory -n an American Jour- 
ney. Othar known artist* who tree*] 
made proud poa-teseora of aimilar gift* 
are Challapio. BtaJtn. Fokin*. Nijm^bi. 
fTaravattr md Cfaecetti. leacber" if Pav- 
lnnra- Fnhni* ia at pres-enr ih* only 
other posseaaor of and. a walfh in Amer- 
ica, for It 11 beHeed 1 that ChaHapla waa 
fdfeed to turn bin oeer 14 gnr Itoasla on 
bla Iibt visit and Huffr, illeged.y keeta 
hia al his tIIU in Italy. 


Clumgei Her Hind After Swallow- 
ing Drug tad CeJLi for 

rteapondVnt, aceoTdipj to the potiea, 
becaoa* of ber inability to find emplny- 
bjbM, Albert* I>owney. 33 year* old. a 
registered nurse, who quh lo this city 
a week ago from Boston, tried to end her 
life yeeirrday by swallowing a quantity 
of add In her room at IHweai Forty- 
fnurlh street- She left several nnten, 
on* addrv>s*ed to Ura. Sarah Newraart, 
lesae* of tbe apart»*nt in which toe 
young woman engaged a room, her'eging 
her forgiraDeaa for the trouble abe 

Mi« Ifownar apparepily regntled her 
action soon (liter swallowing th* polaob 
and she crawled to the dooir of the 
ajummsnt ,airparent(y tn call foe help, 
Neighbor* found ber there and, in ae- 
crirdanor with tbe young woman a direc- 
tion, gave her white of egg to aerra a* 
an antidote. An ambiilanee anrgaon at- 
tended her. btt nbortly after bis de- 
parture ahe lapaed into Dncanaciouan*** 
and an ambulance waa again sent for. 
She waa than tales to. Bdlerue Hos- 

The address) of ber (amity in Boston 
waa not known ra neighbor*. On th* 
cover of one of tbe magadnea in her 
room waa found »h* Inscription. 'TVaren 
Sweetheart Mother, bio* and" 

4et*m rntr **r eiyn iirUa. 

Prayera for the recovery of Mayor 
John F. Hylan were offered yeaterday In 
Ih* Actora* Chapel of *-t. htalachr'a R 
T Phnrch, 245 west 4fitb afreet, by rhr 
Bar. Edward F. Iieonard, paBlor, who 
is a iicrsnnal" friend of 1b* mayor. The 
prayer waa Joined in by a mimhrr of nr- 
rnrs wbo attend tbla ehureb i-rgiilnrl*, 
It beinglocated In ibe hcrcrt of the the- 
atrloal dbirlet. 

Father I.eonsrn haa knnwn tb* mayor 
n number of ywe», baring, met him 
through hi* cousin, Murr*y HenuL 

£r**ident of the Board of A!d*rmaa, who 
1 ■ rrf-Iar coeaaanaleant at the ehurch. 

her hu'band, 1. !■■■!, in- was ballet maatcr 

of th* Imperial Russian Baiirt In l'erir"- 

grai-. Tb* actual valuation n( ihe wBjffa 

to-day h unknown, but It ia presitmahly 

high. becauae of tbe thystrrlniiB dis»|i 

peiranr* nf rite Itussian crowq .eweli 

and oih*r royal treasures, which praert- 

cally makes th* watch on* nf th* -,■■-■■■ 

few tangible/ pieces of royal property in | sailing ib" lenalb of tbe Volga, est tnwn 

exialeac*. j nfl*r town an tnlrnsluctlon tn wytnphnn.r 

The watch had h-vn safely ■--* ct-rf in ' music- Ea<-h Spring he tnstttured festi- 
a hidden vault in the home nf Mil*. Kiein ! > al- 1 in nhicb *aej mnL-ert was derocrd 
tontowica'a mother. Only after ber re- W s -int > r>im»w»er. The compnaera 
cent death wbb its erlafeno* r*r*aled in. I ranged frnm Bach to tb* most modern, 
variouB dicumenta drawing wiu (he disn>> , and in net* aeriea iae|udi-d the coaiplela 
aitlon of bee properly. ' orrhestraJ Brtwfca of Beethoven. Konat*- 

IfcmeiTiatelj afier (he rerolntion BoJ- ' etgaaar hero t.r*t aeonlrrr* bis r*pntatfoR 
ahevik nrdera m ronfiacsl* all Imperial j ■* * rhaaipioii <>f true reniua in th* mnilc 
property and remainj. *ndnn|*r*d eren. of th* day, trhrther haj a Russian or au< 
gifts to subleets. Ofie TnrtakoiT, sq ' otjer C'>mp>-«-r. 
aged baritone who was mad* ihe re- j 

CSpient e( eg* o ftheae few Wfltch*! rnna [ Ktt*«iiraa*rl ( em nosers, 

the L'sar. refused, arenrding ro Mile 1 ... . . », , 
Klementnwics. In give up hia treaau T *d \ He founded a Hnuusn muidcal edlilnn 
gift and consequently met death In front and ran- many Rnsaian cntnDn-nra en- 
o fa ruthless flrinf squad. Other ar- ' 
tista In Huaaia either gav* np their ' 


Voanji Usui lays Motion Elnnri- 

F;m»li>jrf •1«hhrd Hln, 

Alrsander fjalhen, 24 yeara old. of 
314 H.iu! Ii fifth street. BroohJyn, waa 
held la $1,000. bail for esamiTintfon ont 
Pep!. 14 by Maritime Bernard J. Doar- 
!■ In Harlem Court yeaterday ob a 
charge of hiving stabbed Henry Byron, 
23 years old. of IBs 1 . Eaat lWth sireei 

The defendant is an uaber in a mov- 
ing oletur* theatre ro&durted by hia un- 
do al 18S3 Tlbrd avenue and Byron 
claimed fhal they bad bd altercatlen be- 
eauae b* ronld not get a .aeat (a the 
theatre after burton, his ticket. He al- 
lied thai Sallen followed him to the 

tea Burreadeeed ro delect**** Keehman 
and Donovan fibe F>at T04lh street 
at at Ion, 

coiirafiement hy publiihirrB 1 their rrnrka, 
Tbe r*i-nJiiii*-n deprived Knuaardtzky of 
hia orchestra, hut not of his energies;. ha 
wa sa [.pointed (nr a sonfirlerabi* titn* 
rntiductor of th* "(:>■>- Stat* Orchestra 
which siine-rsejed ihe Imperial Oi-ebeltra 
nf th* old regime 

It waa in IIW thai cirrtirnjrtiar** 
took him westward and immediatelj he 
b*came th- antral figiir* of orcbeatrtl 
concerts in Paria and l^ndnn. Jn Parrt 
b* nmanlxed what cam* tn he known 
broadly aa th* "KouauWtxky concert), " 
and which hs has giren for the last thpae 
yean. In London he haa made a bub- 
ilar iv civil! improasion, ntrtlrnlarlr aa 
gneat cotiductor of tb* London Sym- 
phony Orcbeaira. tie has occasionally 
conducted opera. not lQ lj at th* Crand 
Opera in Pari*. His engagement* Tor 
th* coming,.ii will begin in Berlin, 
enend tn Prague, inelud* a aeaeon at 
the Paris Opera and then take him to 
England and "Smtland. 


Hnksr* Vovairsi vr.-im Ltsls* % |gj 
1 lifts. i>»r eeeasi Dan. 

Tbe Minnewaska trt the A;[tr.t!*i 
Transport Line arrived ye-tertlay from 
l^>ucti>n, making a record vpyag* of aaraq 
days, eighteen hoar* and forty-thraa 
minotesL loyeges by uthar boeta be- 
tween the two porta hat* tea en hio* 
days. This ia tb* first boat to make tbta 
trip for many yearn. 

The Miooawaaka )■ Ibe Ont exduajva 
firot-elaaa paawnger boat to roach New- 
York from London In a number of jw§. 
The vessel does not c*j-ty rithar 1 
or thlrd-claaa pasae&gan. 


Student! of Hortewhip Correspond 

ence School Hare Completed 

Joint notion Hctnre Story. 


(ina-j f Dtaewsta t* tas U*r*i*s Ti l iave*- i 
BOB8ETPHIP. N. V., Sept, 0. 

Annonneetneat waa mads here to-day 
that members of the Horsewhip Corre- 
a ponder. &*. 

apopdence Schooil bav* compleml a 
scenario fOT a motion picture that It is 
predicted by the head ouiter *r|l( tre- 
at* a fneore intba acrnaoi world. The 
acanatio Is tho Joint work of the (lire* 
scholar* of lbji acbnol and la unique be- 
cause each' members waa in Lgnnrancu of 
what Hi" other tmdenia warn writing. 
The scenes have- hern fitted together, 
however, and the finished manuscript la 
4e*eribed ka a "bumdinger." 

Arm*d witb. thia m*aier?lec* and with 
a traek eoBtaJBtai 431 other workj trry 

resenting the oiilput of the erhaol far the 
past six months, Headmaater OawaM 
ThiLbphammer will Invade New Tork 
City within a few daya prtroaredi to ac- 
cept of [era for any" or all. 8* baa died 
prices for *-ach * -i-int but It 1a aald tail 
h* probably- will accept a lump- aam if 

Detain, of the acscy of the Joitn cra- 
ativa trorh, wbfefa revived its ntliahltiit 
toucbea from the deft hand of Profenaoc 
Thtnqpharnmrr, hare been withheld, but 
those .who hav* riaminrd It ar* poairiw 
lo their assertion* that nothing Hha It 
baa rer been concelfed fir be screen. 

Thqmph*fiia.*-r h»* itat*d that h* will 
atop at tbc principal New Vork he* el 
and will !■* glad tn receica any of tha 
hla'ber official* of the larger tuotion nl» 
lure produdng cAronanlr* who are *rlL*> 
Ing to tire I bond for a large anm m<. 
*rlng tn« pelted Ihat th* manoaoH-it is 
In their handa- The profesnor say* h* I* 
taking this precaution hecauaa b* t**\* 
that Ibero la ai pnailhllty of iha script 
being lost, which, accordlfar. [n his sa- 
sartloTja, would be a ralamity thil poulrl 
not be nreaaured. 

The pcofataor lj donilng aD mi Wa 
moTemenU In tfctsp aecroCy, 





By LOUELLA O. PARSONS V --..-.:-.——■ 



; lUinoii Court Holdi Hut Coatnote 

; Hide With JunoM Pltyert- 

luky Are If ot Binding in lew 

Combination With Gcldwja, 

Whioh Handlu "little 

OW Sew York." 

*JUtOUS KAXES *1,891,M8 

HE Goldwyn -Cosmopolitan Com- 
pany won first blood In the series 
of Irpnt tiL-tlfn" ThAt the exhibitors 
thrtrntftiiu* to lake ngalft« this com' 
w*usr- in the cue of "Little OW N«w 
larkf and "Enemies of Women," wjich. 
WMC originally contracted through Fa- 

•**»bra'Plajers-La*)ij and then liter were 

f-ilittrlhuted lhra».gh Cold win-Cosmopoli- 
tan (."rropAn.-r. 

A t" ( ctlt was waged ir. Champaign, 

'- ItL, and lost to th* exhibitors by nn opln* 

£ Ion banded down by « Supreme Court 
Judge. It will be witched with Inlereftt 
"by thestro owner* nil over the country. 
Th* Stool m*ri-Fyle Corporation, of 
Cham put B ii made a motW for *n injunc- 
tion ■gainst Galdiryn-CosTOopolitnn. *l 
lecinj: that they were, promised fhr Srat 
"raft on '"EwTnIrt of TVnmen" through 
their Famous Plar*re-L*aky contract. 
The Gold try n Company, they alleged, vio- 
lated itiin contract by giving it to their 
flpj)cnenr H (he OrphenRi, for Brut run 

! showings for ■ Utwr 'Day. . They look 
their trouble* ci ciurt. The- judge before 
whom the motion WBS mode (or in. In- 
junction denied tw exhibitors the injiinr- 
tiin. saying ihsr the CJnldwyn-Ooamopoll- 

. tan bad * perfect rtehi to rent tb« i>ir- 
tnrn to any one they desired, that they 
"were not boiind to the term* of the con- 
tract made by Famous Players- Lanky. 

Nathan Rnrlran. William Randolph 
Bfarf'* rOilnerl, had- charge of the ess* 
and instructed tV lawyer who handled it 
In the Wist on tar necessary procedure. 

- If will be remembered that the Theatre 
Owners' Chamber of Commerce had .a 
Inncheon mini. month* id and: decided 
to appeal to Mr. Hearst and demand tbit 
fld'see that the Famous Playera' too- 
tract on these two pictures waa lived 
no- to. As yet nothing "jan been done. 
Too Champaign decision may make a 
difference In the nctltfn planned by the 
Thfatm Ownera" Chamber of Commcrca. 

r A, letter frabtiahed In America, a 
Caibolk- publication, wlikh cntanjen our 
once a w«k, throws an interwHo* lia^it 
on "Th* Hunchback of Notre "Dame." A 
man from the Mlddh? Weat writca to in* 
quire (f it £r pemjiwii'ble for him td at* 
tin picture, (nassmut* *.* the hook tin 
hmi banned oy tbe Cathotic Chnrch. Hia 
tetter !■ a* follows: 
"T« th* Kdilor of America: 

"Aaarnral rtaitnr toyour Breat mctrop" 
oUs 1 want of ewurae to aee aa many 
alchte a? noi4il>)n daring- a brier sniv. 
In (hat detrirc 1 itn confraAted irjth a 
acmplc. One of tlio eurwut' attraetion* 
U an ell borate production nn tbe screen 
of Victor Hujo a mantelpiece, the pl« 
of which ten i it* about the hlctorEe cathe- 
dfil of the Frmclt rapitat I know r^ry 
well that the adrentnm of Quaslmodn. 
KsmeraMji and Iter Jtoat were lint on the 
index before I was lmm. jw> what la a- 
cortoua yuuiur tourist to do? Can I, or 
tan I not- nilaera (be pliptofraphie ptm- 
eoUtioU of a book Vbich the Sacred Cot- 
■trenti^n decree* it would Ik danjtcto\ia 
to my ffliifi and morala to rudt 

"TTounitilown, Ohio. C. C..C." ' 

The aniner lo ibll letter which MU be 
. of interest ro all pfflplc of Catholic fifth, 
inaamuch a* it aeemj to answer the qur*- 
tinr; of whrtlier or not it is ^o-minidhir 
to n*e t,H* ncreen prr^finmifin of Vic- 
tor Hugo 1 * well, known book ia as fol- 
low*: ' _ ■ 

'.TIlC book refcrrett ta'U nae of the 
two novels of Victor Ihifco that are on 
the indtr. Film Temfcna of coilrao arc 
not put on the (ndci, hut We arc for- 
bidden by the natural law to view fihui 
that offend faith and morala. In the 
caM or the film mentioned we nnderaiand 
that the writer of The Scenario removed 
from the story tho»>> element* that made 
it objectionable and ctuncd the Holy Kre 
to irtrhiil (he fnithful in read, the nook. 
Catholics who rlew the film ahoald rs- 
Sieinbcr that th.* book fi forbidden for 
them.— Editor of America-" 

The I'urVrraal Company waa very 
careful in Hrmfoate anythinir that might 
b* oQeDaJrtt to the Catholic*. In fact 
the ?tory waa chanced with this purpose 
■ in view. It is inierestihtt that a book 
.-which is erpreitaly forbidden those' of 
Catholic faith nhonld be accepbibleia the 
•tchi -|TaLon, 

' Jln»r>c[«,1 m*t*mtDU 

'.' FamfriiE Playirs-Larty'made its atock- 
'holders happy yerterday by taMilo*; a 


rfim.o ne/C. I- HCBIIntT-l 

Appointed AotlDK M»j-or of mn riiy of OosFland* C«l.i on'tloacvastop 

! of i)if openLnsr of the rM<OsUmd Theatre, SsttirtteT, Ancsic 2 ft, 

ina;i. (A> H«s. John 1.. D«v1r, ItTeyor, eJtj- of «aklaiR«l. <D> 

. trmk H t rroffur, (C^ Knnlc CoiboTo., Com BalaaJ oner o'l PwbHo 

HfiMh n nd 9mM*. tl>t "»"■ J- Ms>ijp»sti!«#. ,Comsataa|otie,*.pf H*t*- 

no, ■ad Kicmnt-i-. fE» Jniaea T. Drew, Chief ^'of FqIIcti- ■ 

flnandsE- utatetijeat. We unblisb ti just 
an it came tn us from the Famous rinyera 
ofEoe. lettiftB thctouke the wjpnmihW.Ty 
for the fironcinl language which in si- 
ways Intricate for nnyhody who dtica not 
HtM forth in Wail Street: 

,"The Famous Flaycrn-Lankj Corpora- 
tion in it* canaolidBted Btatement (which 
Include* the earnlBfs of iTibsidlnrr com- 
panies,- owned t"J" per cent or more) re- 
port* -for the *ii months ended Jum> 30. 
' ^23. ff*t oneeatlng profits of S1.S0I.- 
OlAJfi after dedqctitip; Bll.c-hars/ea and ri- 
■erres for Federal income and other 
tfUEW.' ' 

"After aHowins; for payment of divr 
denda on ,tb« preferred, stock, thi flbov^ 
esTnlnaa are at the annual rate nf $13.--f 
on the nmmtin stock: ontstandina. 

■'(In September tit, IWJ3J. the D^arri or 
Directors deelar»id th* jtaulsr quarterly 
i-i-ifiiri of IS.00 par snare on the ni-r<- 
ferred stock, payable ^orcmher 1, lwSS, 
to utttkboldefs of record at the elo« of 
business On October 79^ 1EI33. The bnnb& 

ill not dose." 

Earle Will Fit™ OAladdtn^ t«fcfi.« 
After at] the talk of Ferdinand Pinncy 
Kii-i' and ''Fautt," h* i* not s->mi t" 
(In. that 'picture next after all. At the 
time that Miry Pfekford had an id*i 
It would make a (mod vehicle for her. Mr. 
Earle wrote long articles soring thAt he 
harf planned to do the picrore for many 
years and expressta* hln diaoppointmsnt 
that another would make it first. Now 
eomea the announcement that he will 
film "Aladdin a Lsmp," and rexcarch 
work bss been started' on this picture, 
which will-be endowed with the act title- 
which were so effective in "'OlhJir Kbsy- 

Falrn BeraT* ytfrtn. 
, The " Theatre Owners' Chamber 'of 
Commerce is dolhz little these days. It 
Is, so tn speak, in training for the boutn 
beginning on the 21st, at which" time 
Marcus Loew, William Fox nmj B. 3. 
Moaa arc to be called .on Ihe carpet to 
explain their actions in nfferinc a sepa- 
rate and larger wage increase to the Bfr- 
tion pfctore machine operators in their 
theatre*. The question, it seems. wFll re- 
holva i^acJf inifi whether the titree tii- 
lfged culprits are vaudeville managers or 
picture, theatre owners.' As all three op- 
erate combination hounes In wbieh both, 
acts and pictures sre featured, it is a 
wise nun who can decide on which side 
of the fence they legitimately* befoul. 

' Cohen Back From Cnnau, 
Sydney . 9. Cohen, president of tie 
Motion Picture Theatre turner* of Amer- 
ica, returned yesterday from Montrpjfl. 
where a cOuvCMioa his been in KSRion. it- 
form the Canadian branch of hia exhibi- 
tor organisation, Mr, i "In-]] said that 
the meeting was one of the most serious 
and con*tro,eti*e he has ever attended- 
aad that a statement, of all ilir rr*olu> 
tioDs.p*K**d ntid the officers elected Would 
bo given out at.length at soon as he could 

?et the fids sorted out' and down in 
Macii and white,. 

Ravage fi't* Hia Gofl-l, 
Utibert T-iebcr, prrsident of First Ns- 
tionnl, says that ho CtPie near to nevelop.- 
IhR nn Inferiority complex during hip re- 
cent trip to England. The Britten, he 
i\-rlnri;!.. fHH think of molinii pictures 
hs something the cat dragged in, About 
rvery time h ncwipiper reporter anltCfl an Interview the Gr#t o.nestion. he 
.fired was: ' We I. how long do you think 
this IjiiBiar-s* of yoor* is goipa; to Irtst: 
The result was that Mr. I-iebrr hurried 
bark to this couatry* rnaiitl to the pro* 
jection room and took n IdoV at nont? of 
%\i cicmlng" output- Then he I"lt hltnr, 

Jaek Kd wards With Hedklason. 
.Inck Edwardu Assumed charge yester- 
day of pnhlic'ity for the W. W. Hodkln- 
son Corporation, njccerdlhg neorge B. 
OalLnp, who several weeks ago went over 
lo First Natipna] Picture*. Inc. Ed' 
warns wiU have compleie charge or all 
news relating 16 the feature* ot that re- 
legaiiiR company end under the new ar- 
rangement George Harvey will become 
advertising manager. 

Edward* has bsd s long experience in 
the motion: "picture game and he directed 
the e-cp!oitatioti of several of the lug*, 
frntiii-f-i that jave recently- been releasd. 

"n| 1.*m»t Sails. 
Mr. and lies. So1 Leaser were pasaen- 
cers on the Leviathan on Sstmrdsy, Mrs, 
Ij-ss&r, who looks very young, And who is 
very urctty, would have no trouble in" 
piss'.nc (at n motion picture actress. 
They will remain abroad fur about aix 
week* wbLlp Mr. Letter Oi^rnsses CDIl< 
dldon* on tbe other side. 

Mr, nallwp With' First Wntlnaa.1. 

Ceorgc Gallup, formerly publicity head 
of HodVinnon, hss moved up bag and 
bigxage to the Firat National offices at 
Fnrtj-airth itreet and Madison avenue, 
wLire he has assumed the position of 
Svinerviaor of the Trade Paper Adrer- 

Mr. Gallup was risible yesterday af- 
ternoon, holding quite a reception In 
Ltn* Dcnninn's ronm, where the prevent 
nliicisls of First National welcomed their 
new co-worker. * - 

Boafoa Critle Here. 

Marjory I.. Adams,, who writes of film 
folk and film* for the Boston Globe, 
arrives in onr city to-day. Alias Adams 
is bringing her pencil and pjper along 
for the purpose of [nterriewinjr all the 
motion plcturs star* in New York at the 
present moment. Msrjory says she ha* 
Just finished her seventeenth Interview 
within the last few months and now she 
is after mora material. Her "nddrexs wilt 
he the Commodore while she ur ia Ua 
dry. Attention, press agents. Una 
forms to the right. First come, , first 
served 1 . 

Motion Pietnn Crtttoi An Erueit* 

ftt Party Given by HmrioB Bafieg 

at Oi mo poll tan Stadio, Where, 

Her Tieweit Film It Belftg 

Made— Billy Bitter Still 

Very Mach Alive. 


llnrlon DavlCS «lve« a Partr. 

Vesterday the motion Dtdure critics of 
New Tort City wore takra. ftom their 
typewriters and hnntdrnm existence and 
lifted into the oodcnt days when the 
Duke of Burgundy ^was a figure of Imv 
riorlonce. Ml** D*vie* ifgce a party to 
let these people .meet ibe Dnkij. and hit 
conaor^. Her Royal Jilghness. . First, 
w e were served with a delEeiou* inncheon 
with everything to tetnpc the palate of 
the most'Jaded epicurean. Then ws Wera 
invited dowiL Into -the backyard .of tha 
Cosmonolltflu amdloi. 
' Uaritfl, hi a cunning UttJa jray cos- 
tume wlt!i s rape, flitted h>>re and these, 
A perfect hp^tcKB snj.much-sdmired by 
all the pen pnshers ii'nn had come out to 
find out, HPjt. ■'Volaadi,*' her Heat pic- 
ture, ia all abont . 

Tiiv r.arky..fii of CumopoLitan's is 
worth st the present writing shout 
4&KUU0. The Cgstle of the Bnygundlcn, 
a gorgeoua affair of stone and. brick 
with, a heroic llgurt of a m:m on hotse* 
hack in baa-rejlrf (trres an n back- 
jcrc-un,!. Xhe wcene trnkcri yesterda? 
afternoon was rant of two horsemen in 
helmeth and sbteMa, , who had a nrirale 
battle to settle hetwemi tbemielvea. 

Surrounding the. two horsemen wert 
many figures' In ths i L 4arum<s of lour 
as:o It was a colo+fuliceoe and if ft 
pjoiogi-aph* half ua well la- it Toofca 
to lbs naked, eye U will ba' something 
\iti\ worth aeejas.- 

I.r-nji rOr-o.. who is in Ibe picture and 
who seems Jo. •ba- ■ **iicr4l favorll* 
w-itn oven* one, furnished some Comedy 
an the- .vide;, lines,, l.yn Harding very 
pftmpo-ia iti his .robes .an KinE. received 
a great deal. «f attention,' as did Ralph 
Graven, as w el] a» otiiers who are in 
the, Hoae Danen who is Sirs. 
Genre* Van- Clere, In private life, was 
very much aumlrcd' In a'-Borgeoiin cno- 
tome of green and ailrer. • $heia Marion 
IlavieaV aister and thera. En a strong 
family resemblance. • 

Thla luiieheon.waa * hrt of f un , and 
ae-slnjC a- pictilrc in the TnaKilrr- Is erca 
more fan. but it certainly doea play 
havoc with a day's wori. We Csme 
back to our tTpewrtter with our mlndi 
full nf «» scenes wje fain seen and 
really unable-: to corwntrMO on anything 
as dull al mere motion picture news. 

- hhSLwev :ht«k*e a -Itatosaaat. 

E. Er.Sbauer, assistant treasurer of the 
Fnmons Players-Jjssky Corporation und- 
tfae manwbo is In charge of Paramonnt'ri 
cntlna "foreign department, returned home 
on tha Leviathan , September 7. after a 
vioft'of severs! month a in GHropenri film 
centers. .Mr. Bhauer was accompanied by 
Harold M- Pitman and Ike Blnmentlial, 
both nf whom bclorrs; to [b* t^arnmaunt 
organization', Mr, Pitman ia in the legal 




Fnai*' br li» U Hill. 

SIi*- Wu 

Hosteaa TesterslaT 1* ■ OFOesp ot irewsoseVveT P>lk, Wks fMsn 
in aee "Telsiadw" tn tha Maklaa;, 

Ba Will PUr th* Rala mt p£m ciiv. 

vrin* la "hisrk Oica," 

department and Mr. Blutfltnthal in the 
(.-.fieri orgsniEatioii In Berlin. 

Mr. Khnuer had the following to say 
about busmen* condidoni ibroad: 

At no lime since the war., have the 
prospects for good business been ■> excel- 
lent as they sre to-day. I found a great 
improvement in conditions .over last year 
and, unless all sign* fail. . all branches 
of the industry «r* cortaln to enjoy an 
improver) business during the -coming 
twelve ntnntb*. 

■'PjjiUaua th* outatanding event of the 
now season to date has been the sneceaa 
Bcor*d by The Covered Wagon," on >ta 
opening. September B, at the .London 
-jiviiioxi. The picture is the talk of 
Europe, on nil boat*, train* and in every 
public Catherine nlacC- Everywhere I 
srent. including London Pari*. Ber- 
lin, Copenhagen. Stockholm. AtusterdRin, 
HwltJserland. Prague, liudapeat anil 
V'enna. I hrnrd Jlbout The Covered 
Wagon' and it* g«*t snrcesa In Tsew 
York. L»* Angeles and other American 
rltits. Every one Is eager to see what 
the* call the greot American picture. _ 

"The exploitation campaign which 
launched thin nictate npon London hi* 
been most successful. The Indiana who 
were taken to London for the opening 
have heen the islL of Lnndflti. with sn 
nrm-e orphotogfapher* and newspapfT re- 
porters fo'lowing them wherever they go. 
T*ie principal newspapers ia London have 
given; nf wUBce to th* pTCsenct of the 
American Indians and the opening nf 

'» (Covered lVagftt!,' slid the excitement 
h*a spread to Paris and nther continental 
'!»». The management has been flooded 
With ee()tic*t* for visits from the Indiso*. 
Ati inteiMtio*; feature of the exploitation 
campaign wn* the Insertion of want ad* 
in several 'daily papers otferinc a reward 
of one ih.i titt'l for the 'suggestion of- the 
heat . campaign spot for th* Indians. 
From the r*pHrn received at ih* Pavilion 
I wonid Infer rbat nboot all London ■ 
hir"-d out to lietp solve thii oroblem/" 

"Cshles which T hiv*' received .sineo 
my rrtTirn renort that every seat-liaa 
bee* *old out hn advisee. 

"The London Tn villa n hss been, 
leased for * hvng term and It is rx- 
per^d by flTrtishers that Th* CoTered 
Wubmi' will duplicate In London it* run 
In the TJnitH Plates. Arranjfeuenta will 
be made shortly far the opciiina; of rho 
picture In Pirn, ahd other Eu rones n 
eapltal Htlea vrUI see' It as rapidly as 
preliminary arrsngementii can be com' 

"The leasing Of th* London Pavilion, 
Tivoli. Palace and Empire theatres by 

leading American producers and dia- 
tributor* for first run abowing* of big 
jiirt k re-* marks a new step forward In 
the British film indnstry. More atten- 
tion is heing paid to tha elevation of 
(hit screen to the Important pokltfcn it 
deinnnds in sU artiatlc theatrcal sense, 
nnd it will also bring about a new era 
of exploitation in fUreat Britain, Which 
will have a trexnendoii* effect upon th« 

f:rowtk nf the buain'ras daring the com- 
qb> vears". - 

"Diahribating conditions are becoming 
more nearly norms], with the enmpletion 
of a htimber of new theairce- and before 
tnn year Is over our British release 
afhedule will hi; on about the same 'basis 
m |n the Cnifced States, 

" ''ChiB of th* many iiMprOvemfnts which 
impressed me greatly VH the wonderful 
snlrit 1 found in business circles In the 
Central European countries — Cxecfao- 
Hlovfitis. Austria and Hungary, n-hrrn 
the work of retreneratlon is already well 
underway. The people are cheerful, 
hnainess Is ImproWni: and money' has 
become stabilised. Everywhere In. 
Prague, Vicuna and Budapest I found 
the ]i*ople working with a TciD for the 
rebuilding of their countries." 

Veer agnch AHvi, 

On Hundsy' The 'Morning Telegraph 
carried a story about tha death of BlHy 
Bitser. head cameraman for P. W. Grif- 
fith. This ws* an error on our- part. 
Aa Mark Twain «aid when it wa# re- 
ported that he waa dead, "The report of 
my death i* very ranch exaggerated," so 
it is with Mr. Bitter. 

The deceased ia Cprl BItirr. wblle Bil- 
ly's real name 5.1 George.- Billy BItxer, 
cameraman, ta nna of the pioneers of the 
arreen and, -M him ate see red! ted many 
e'ffocja thst are in use to-day. Ha Is 
aaid to have 'd|*C4Ver«d the fad* fn' and 
frnfe ant, and the soft focps.- Marr Pick- 
ford was one of t'lt fi ret stpra In unfits 
to work before Bitsrr> etntcri. Mr. 
BItxer .is working at w smuU on a new 

Siicture, and hopea to keep r on doing so 
or sohis time, tn cocao, all reportj to. the 
ebatttry n'otwithstandint- 

Ftakelatela ftetarna. 
M. J. FiDkelatein, 'of'tba Arm of 
Rubin. & Kin Kn. hag rttatiiad to 
Mlnnespolta after speqalint a few daya 
in Kow Tnrk on businees with Anociatrd 
First National, of which he is a fran- 
chise, holder. 

film 8o Carefally Prepared That 

It May Be Attended by mUabm 

of the Church, Although Viotor 

■ Huffo't Book Is on the In- 

de*_WiU E. H»yi ud \ 

Amhaaandor Hftrvey. 


JEwr»** Trip AhevftsU , 

While the Hays office hu aaatih anal 
j^ain denied that Will H. Han ***■', 
lerested in polities of that h* has) any 
Idea* of accepting th* chairmanahijahf- 
th* natinnai Ifepublican fstrty for ITOt 
bla viait to Ambaaeador Harvey win 
naturally brine; forth many comments. 

A man cloaa to him *sid that It 1* very 
likely that Ambaaaador Harvey will I re- 
aign and that Mr. Hoys timed hta Hdt 
*o that ho could m*ke the vi*lt whila Ms 
friend is American TeprtKiltatlva at th* 
Court of Bt. James. 

Mr. Hiya has *ald time and time aunira, 
when «jnfmnted hy these rumors that 
be will- head the National Benubliein 
Party during Ita next campaign, that his 
interests laid with the motion pEe*nr* Iti. 
dustry until March 4, lflfld. and that he 
hs« no Intention of leaving them until 
after hi* contract expire*: on that dste. 

-Will Hays, while going abroad on a 
vacation, will naturally be Interested In 
the film- situation abroad. Ha will un- 
doubtedly bring home «n iflteresifng 
analysia of the film aftnatlon nn tha 
other side and will, and con, do m. ffUt 
deal of good for the prodacer* ic England 
If he tiaa the time to go Into the situation 
of th*. eiportatlon of American films. 

. Cimrt? Tearte aa Clavwrtsult 

Th* role if Lee Claverinx. the celeuaa- 
1st in "Black Oxen," ■ character that 
hsa been nvnCh discussed in motion 
uMiiiBit, will be played by Conway 
Ttearle, who has been engaged by Rich- 
ard Rowland far "Blark OleO," ' 

fceelal Hete. 

Martin Qlllgley, the handsome editor 
of the Eahlbltors Herald, is in town. 
Martin W*n at the Marloq Davie* lunch- 
eon yeaierdmy aad had a terrible tims 
side-stepping the casting director, who 
Insisted that he take a Job as MtHahl 
mtn for Coamopolitan pfcdlierJoiia. 

John isnrr Oala. HI* Fletwr* TaVea. 

John Zsnf r. who went to tha Coast st 

tha time the Fox Company opened the 
Oakland Theatre, fas* succeeded in get- 
ting himself Jn the public print. He waa 
appointed acting mayor of the city of 
•Oakland, Cal-, and If you don't bensre 
he looks every inch his job just take ■ 
look at him in the photograph" pubtEahcd 
on th is page. 

Palis- Rath Miller Hck. 
Word nrnea from the Coast that Patsy 
Both Miller, who boa been cast for th* 
loading feminine rol* oppoaite Douglas 
McLean fri his next picture, haa had to 
call a h*,lt because of a had caae of In- 
finenxa wh^eh 1 js keeping her home. Mr. 
McLean i* waiting for aer and the dab- 
tora .assure that (tie will be biefc OB th* 
jnb within a week or tan day*. 

Flynn Rasfaaai t 

John E. Flynn, Eastern division mU- 

ac«r of Ocldwyn-CoamopolltAu, has re- 

slgn«l*bia position. It will he erTeetivs 

Stptvmbcr 15. 

. "Deler" mi the hfrmnd. 

'"Daley,'- Canatance Talskadge't erst 

ErodnerJon ahnc* "K*at I* Wc«. ' will 
aie'it* Broadway premier* at tbcStfftu'd 
The*tre i during the week of September 
1ft, Chicago has already *een thej p|e< 
tore at tha Chicago Theatre, where It had 
its world premiere. 

•Dowa te the lea la nil pi,' rhinrs. 

Before Eiiwsnl Gallup moved his hag- 
gage from the rTodkiison offices hs aaid 
that "Dawn to the Srs in Rhlps" will 
play at Chicago in forty different thta- 
tra*. ,W» did not know th*r« were that 
many theatre* ]n the Windy Cityi hut we 
are wllljog to Take the gentleman's word 
for it. Anyway, it sounds like a dan, 
good story. 

*. Liae oe Two. 

About. 75 per cent, of our little pliy- 
mStea are st home to-risy celebrhtinaT 
New Tear's. Will the Sons of Edn-pleoa* 
.come to the rescue gad give ua some 
newsl W.. wonder it there sre «nn-.:gh 
Irishmen to help *l* c*t out an interest- 
In* colutun- We sre giving our Irish 
fneads a chance. Not*, come «n, let'* 
*e* who Can send, in th* best ttory. 


-The National HairdrcaHra' Aaoocii- 
i started its third annual convention 
. the. Hotel ■ Pcausyltanla yeaterday, 
t Uhm being devoted principally to 
i of welcome and the resting of. 
; Also the session, both morn- 
afternoon, apparently were de* 
to croup diciissions o' a question 
perplexed •evcral or the delegates. 

■ question wo*: 'What's it all 


Effort-, to secure an answer to the 
quest ton rcsaltcd in lengthy discusious oa 
to the relative values .of bobbed hair 
icrsus long tresccs. each ntyle having its 
aupportcra. Nu dedsfon of the argunHDt 
was annaunced and it will be continued!. 
It was predicted daring (be remainder of 
the convention, which i* achedQled to end 
on Thursday. 

Also then evened to be some slight 
tni*und*rwuadEiif regarding th* modebj 
wbd «t« tobe Tised in demons! rating 
what style the members of the assocla^ 
i ion are- going Lo attempt to popularise. 
.Several model* who are. to represent the 
'various dtlen were present, bat inauiry 
dei-chiped tho fact' that apparntely all of 
the models have permanent Now York 
addresses \i not pennojient wave*. X^-> 
Waa construed as a mean slap at other 
aections, for It was felt by aerer*! j^*- 
ent that other ciUce have-some good look, 
log girls who could qualify a* modHs. As 
evidence of this fact, Ir w** pointed out 
.by one dekgstca [hut Mjmi Colaojlbua of 
Ohio l>aa won a beauty contest in At- 
lantic Civ*. 

Two lasiurts of the ■fternoon session 
were psrticnlariy nttraclive to the de!e- 
.ffatoa: nrtertalnmcnr and *oci*hiHty and 
.dJLsfl.is8i(iBH and action -rrgar-dltig matteri 
aRVrting the profession, it wan impos- 
sible for a mere euleohrr to obtain amy 

deflnlta information, regarding juat what 
action was. taken about 'What mitfers 
afftcting the profrssion- 

A ntyaterV lhaC'lhreatcued to require 
the service* of a^dMeeti** arose during; 
the afiemoon session. This waa the 
question a* to where the officers of the 
association' could be found, JT«oni eouEd 
be Located who would admit limt he or 
she. held .an office in the organization, 
bin toe meeting kept moving right along 

"What's. going on in the re T" was asked 1 
one man who said he, it connected with 
■ * New York branch of Che aa*qcja- 
tion. .... . 

oh. is there,' why that's juat a in eat- 
ing of the delegate*, he replied vaguely. 
-yVe reading papers and tblngo, and 
— oh. -yon know It's just a meeting." 

But during the coming sessions action 
haa been promised, for s discussion I* 

Ening to he decided as to what kind of 
lir is to be worn for the mrit vr* r. Tha 
delegate* hart declared in favor of 
American Daly, or rtther that was ih- 
imnrrsotan conveyed by the arguments 
that were held, while It is said that there 
in strong propaganda being carried m il 
behalf nf tbe foreign product. It nay 
be that thla 1* a trifle baay, hue in the 
absenc* of explanation* It waa tbe beat 
that could h* -gathered from a close at- 
tention to the thirteen different people 
who insisted: that thar not only knew 
what the conYcntion'js all about, but also 
why. Tbls waa a question that appeared 
to some to need a great deal of explana- 

By Dse of tbe. telephone from th* r-on- 
Tfntion floor a delegate was finally found 
who aaid thai she knew a great deal 
about the rxrareutiim. 

"But Pm sony that' I can't- b*ti>' ;« 
right nnw, for I have to go *qt an some 
other business. Perhaps after the con- 

vention ia over, »*y about FrldaiK' I will 
he glad to do wbateTer I can3 No. I 
can t give you a picture. I've bad a lot 
made, but the newspapera hark home 
have just insisted uoon having them all," 
was the messaee that w» 8 secured over 
the telephone, The }>iiblic has been in- 
vited tn attend some time or other.' thla 
also appeared to he clouded, -' i 
Yea, there art Some male delegate*. 


Plays Will Be Giv-cu From Voter 
fltaye by ATtuujeineat With 

Jackson Heights Bed Oroii. 
A benefit performance Tor the Atsier- 
irun lied Cross Japan relief f nnd will bt 
giren nn- th* aeenlng of Saturday, H*p- 
tember 1&. under the ansplres of the 
American Red Cross Jsekson Height* 
branch and srill he a performance of th* 
Jitney Players Company of letor*. dK 
reeled by ' Quahnell Cheney; . otdoor* 
from nn auto afag*' sat the Jackson 
Hcighra amphitheatre. 

The ll(t of patraa* and paironesa** 
for tbe three plays which wilt he airen 

Includes Mrs. Arthur Curti.iv James, afra 
t\ Trubre Davtdsoa, Mrs. Harry Hark- 
rieas Flagler, WtUiam Fellow** Mhormn, 
Mraa, J. !i Rockefeller, Jr., sad Mi»» 
Huth MoiiJiTi. 

Ticket* of sdmlssioa are s dollaar and 
are for sale at all lending hotel*., J&rcry 
dollar taken in nili go in r#iie*e »nl- 
feeing Ia Japan. Hr». Marv E, Ma red en, 
rheirmsn « fthe tjjiero's !"i*ss Chapter, 
.larL ion Heights Branch. American Red - 


Forty-three automobiles, carrying lM> 
persons. Including ivomrn and children, 
acme of the women at the whaela, set 
out from Columbu* Circle yesterday for 
a trip acres* th* contiiHant, lb* leader, 
8yt MacD&weJI, hearing letters from 
Acting Mayor Murray Humbert to tha 
Mayors of Los Angeles; and Santa 
Monica, G*L 

The party was to be joined by four au- 
tomobiles In Philadelphia, which they rx- 
pected to reach In four bnnrs, and th* 
entire group comprTse the ar»t American 
cnaot-to-coaat motor caravan to" CaH- 
fert.ll In the history of automonULnr- 

The acting Mayor, whose father was 
one of tho -tQers who msde tne trip Lo 
the Coast in horaeMiranYn vehicle*, waa 
on - hand (o aee the motor caravan oR", 
and< he wished the members success. 
They expect Lo reach Santa Monica, Cal., 
the end of their Journey, about Oc- 
tober 15. 

The acting Mayor compared the nlow 
croas-country trsrel of '40 with the fa- 
cilities afTordcd hy automobllea and Im- 
proved roads to-day, < Ono of the pur- 
poaes of lb* motor carhran Is to adrer- 

lis* «ad apeo new roadg and boom Snnta 

Most of th* automobiles carried Lenta 
and household mendl*. ifae occupants 
planning 10 ratop along the way. Others 
arranged for bote) accommodation* a* 
f*r a* Bt, LeoEo, They also will camp 
the rest of .the reals. 

A large crowd was on h*ad at CotaU' 
bu* Circle 10 «ee the caravan en*. A + de- 
tarhxnent of motorcycle police led the 
,. , -.way north la Fort I** Ferry. The 

Cros* Japan Relief Committee, will be I caravan was arranged under the auspices 
to e.b*n«- of the Sow York American, - ^ 


Bring* Bait Against C. Ycnndte, 

F Eowntuwn Importer, * 

for J16,4K>. 

The Ffttereon National Bank nf Pater- 
■nn, N. ,T.; yesterday began, unit in the 
Supreme" Court ig-ainit C. Yamaior, for- 
merly In the importing business fin War- 
ren street, for Slfi.i.%0. which, accordlag 
to ifae ploJntiET.-wasj obtained from it by 
medna of a forged sight draft pnrportirrg 
to be drawn by the Farmsra' and Mer- 
■:lieniK" Saviafa Bank of Santa Aua, CaL, 
on ibe Cltixens' National Bank of Los 
Angeles. Yamaio. whose first name is 
unknown to the plaintiff, it declared by 
the.pallntiff lo be a fugitlye from jnatiee 
and the/draft ""woHblcsa, mid, a forgwj, ' 
which waa cashed as a result of "acta 
constituting a menace to society," 

On August 1»! the draft, dated August 
11, 1923, was accepted from the def*nd. 
nut. It, la elfea-ed, and a' cgrtlflcate or 
deposit for CIl.OOO. nhU-h was subse- 
qiiently caahed hy the National Bank uf 
Commerw, was Issued to the dofendant, 
wfao*c account wlih thn plaintiff w*> 
credited with ¥500 in cath. Ag-amst tha 
latter amount, the defendant I* alleged 
to have drawn hi- personal check 'for 
F4bQ. The plaintiff denjands iternt from 
August Id hi the full Amount demanded. 

Private detecdvea and operative* from 
a surety enmpany and th* h*ak are de- 
clared In filed papers to hare kept watch 
for days outside e ( vj Warren atrast 
without catching sight ofYaraato. The 
defendant's letter box waa ahm watched 
by detective*, wiLfaOTt-resjnJt/ 


Admiral BecUrei Volnattrr Prohi- 
bition Ig Get ting Hold on 
Sailors and Officer*. 

muck i£S& BRrsxisa . vow 

The British naey In fast going dry. 
The evolution of liquor -in this Stronghold 
of fine port . and good Scotch and soda 
for BO many ganarstiona has brcn na- 
aalled by a temperance w* v* and absteml- 
ovs .wave. The movemenr. Is volnmsiy. 
It comes from the ofacera tbemnclTn and 
not from aoy impooitinn of religions or 
ethlelt propaganda. Such' 1* tht fejyjr- 
mgtion which Rear Admiral W, .J. A'i 
stay, Knight of the Bath and Jostle* of 
tha Peace, who for many yeara waa at- 
tached to ih* admiralty In London, 'and 
who arrived yesterday on tha Cuaard 
liiner L'ajneroula. 

"ft was very different whan. I first be- 
came an. officer,""**]*] the retired Engliih, 
narnl officer. '"Then tber* was heavy 
drinking. Tn-dar It la titilte different- 
At the Last .dinner I attended on one of 
His Msjesiy's boiu on which. I had the 
honor to serve, out of nil the nfaoera pres- 
ent who drank the king:* toast, only two 
took port and the rest drank water. 

"[ do not advocate The impoaltiori of 
prohibition] Ideas aa propaganda. Scot- 
land' perhaps will no[ ever he dry as the 
word la interpreted In America, nor Eng- 
land, but there will be a constant in- 
crease in te rope ranee habit* and that Is 
aa- it ehonid - be. Then - ia much lea* 

drinking in the navy among the sailors 
because of temperance pledges and edu- 
cations! work. 

"Pcsry readied tbe North Pol* on taw 
and Admirndoen reached tbe South Pol* 
on 'tea," said Admiral Anstcy, "TVfcen 
[ a yacht race in to be won the first thing 
la to cut the cr*w down nn anbkfa and 
drink*. When a boxing match is held 
the first thing is to make tha contestants 
free from liquor or amoke*. Whan a 
World War la to he fought, abstinence i* 
invoked. . What ia good ennngh to slghr 
a winning fight seems to ma prooii 
enough to fight the -every day battle ot 

"W* nrr coming to regard (fat drink 
evil in Scotland as something that can 
be beat met by cutting down th* hours 
in which pulilir houses shall operate- It 
I* generally recogniied that liquor eon- 
suntplion is deleterious to health. That 
fa a scientinc and established fact. Than 
too- there is much constmctlTe wotk to 
bring about temperance and abstinence 
by inlelligent work by social workers and 
the ljk*." r 

Tin- retired rear admiral' will flrst go 
to Huntinfton. W. Va. ( when he will 
observe the workings of a new nickel 
rolling, milt ia that locality and from * 
there ho will visit Montreal and hia 
daughter, Mra. E. Bates, who live* in 
the suburbs of Montreal. 

Alec arriving on the Caueronla wu 
Henry N, Saxtoii, a retired importer and 
exporter of London and New York, who 
1* now-residina; In KuoiviUe. Tenn. Mr. 
Beaton is a close personal friend of Sir 
Thomas Liptoft, and ws* his hoc** guest 
at RouLbgate, London, before the famoua 
yachtsman set sail for America. Hpeak- 
inc of Mr Tliom**. Mr. Hatton satd (hat 
Sir Thorn** would moat assuredly chal- 
lenge, for the InteraatJoaaJ. Cup agate in 





Pictnre Ealeaud by Bun Qoldwyn 

BrcaJti Record in Ueweit Theatre 

of Marylmd City— WmMhj- ' 

ten ts See "Scaramouchc." 

Before Hear York 


BALTIMORE ku pinned i medal -n 
"Potash anil IVr'mmt-r " and 
p*tfflitie«J il to break ■ record in 

the new Kmril Theatre in that city, **• 
oordlng to a telegram received at thia 
desk yesterday, Whan (Juy Wonder 
booked tli is picture for Monday there 
Was some fear that it might not do a good 
buaJncH Monday nigbt because of tb<- 
Jewish holiday, *r.<! because there «:> 
many of the population 11 ihiL section 
Pi the town— £bi Bsjtluior* tlrett— who 
would attend rciigkma s-rwoc- 

Bui. despite the holiday ud iu being 
Monday, zonnalij (bt worst daj in the 
weel-, the theatre rii filled to capacity 
Irons '.' o'clock until afar midnigb;, the 
anal fade-oat going on or* hour later 
ihjii ii usual j n [hi* house Th* audi- 
ence, we are teld. stood and spplsuded 
the film. Mr. Wonder tool; advantage of 
tola reception to trank the film for iu- 
other week, *Uhou;li tie l.n heretofore 
refused iu, keep .my :ilm l,-!i £ c r than 
aci-CD ilajs. 

Yhla newt Bill tlin reports from tho*. 
who !■«.■ seen Un; ,,Jcture mitr ne be 
HIM that Samuel Uottwyai hi. i r«i 
picTUtr. He haa spared no expeuie to 
make It rood, and ao tar we ban not 
heard a diateatiai voice on ita merit*. 
/There are, laughs from start to finish, 
with tie necessary tear, the two ingyedj. 

•lit* lb* i ata 

■T* arc -iraaaij to the 

•lec^»« u( « motion picture 

T. h.-i Waikfatt'.* 

"SeentDouche-- win £*„ 4 Waabinj- 
too premien before it opens m New Tort. 
Hex Ingram, who reached! town, on Moc- 
■W» *"*-- a*** hi* film to th* Capital city 
on Saturday for i U jj m Kjdhfti presenta- 
tion. It irlll open hero in New York 
u aooa aa the Forty -fourth .Street Th-a- 
tre la mealed by "The White Slinr." 
whkh •ra midentand j. doj nf , ery WflU 
inrt may eonijoua for aw tJme. ilr, 
Inxram Fhowed ■■Seanaoutba" t> ,l, a 
Metro offitials jeawnUj and (hey wero 
•Jl a* Witiaed tbat . bolidey w.* de^ 
otfad to eelabrale another "Four H«m- 
■»•" nf the Apocalrfiae-." 

»• PtaJaaa* Oaf. a+ t . 

«f^ 2*?9 . dRe °** « beta t« by 
> "Tha iletneal Vlo In 

Kenneth Huiu Ii Kade a 8Ur, 
Followinp Hit ' Work in "The 
Virginian 1 ' fox Al Lichtsun. 
Larry Bemon Spami Slap- 
stick for Straight 


nsL> tj 










(ha Agjalt 

tbc Ideal 

aala far Lvhdm 
Film Turn — |l 


Hake ■ 


Rrat Auflaaki < 

Beaat/fu! fioak Mod*J" bin trip Ess* 
iu uflJj a rumor. Nnw the fiuUeqii 
atory aaya It i* an ectablifhnl tmrt and 
that Mr. Flyw> «fll own* to >>>« V«t 
mth hii whole eoaipany in order to trot 
tome trnticH tU'poodnfss Manliatran 
flaror. Thi*, by the Way, *HII ha Mr. 
Ftynn'a flnt picture in the Eaat, 

ClaJnr to Cfclfiin. 
Albert ■\VamtT has been trytajE Tor a 
week to f- lu Chicnro to attrml in mim 1 
hnaineaa th*n% tut ^Hlh thi> ni>ehitij: of 
The Gold TXarara" and other irauarUnit 
Warner ha^peofna> it haa brei> mims- 
aible for him to leave onr tuvn. Htnr- 
eier. he expert* to leave for in* Windy 
City ot) Thu radar, notbini In tho itnii- 
rime happening t* pwrai thra* plana. 

Caat rar "Dai!dl»* 
'■Dajdiiftt" h> about to x*> infn pmdae- 

the World* and 'When a M IB '« a Man " tion * * n<! Ltl " r ' lt " ,!l r * ,!i * 
taw pair or Prindnal PicinrM which bM ar»UiPK Tot the word "■boqi." Will- 
were ncenily annewaoed by; Sol Iakjt 
« «6ia C otrt troder Flnt jftfltoa] . U1 . 
Pl«e. Thej will, bowerar, t* flrted into 
Uw r*JI irjrt TTbtar acbednle. Both 
prodartUvnr hare b*en compJettd end the 
former haa been pre-rietred In New York 
»od rtiven n wt nin It the- Wt'rfleli 
Theatre fn 9an fraBelpco. 

Haavrt Him Ho>aie. 

All rumor* notwiihatandlnt, Boborc 
T. Kan*, production nmtrr of Famo ji 
Ptar«r»-La*ky, did net brnk the bank 
■t Deeuvilk. Bob. who returned bwe 
Satnrdar, cam proTe it Unt ime. But 
b- iays that it ia true a* fecia !■:*• a 
mUlifti dollar*. biTinjr 'nad a fine rcat is 

"Boy but- stories, or aee any r-icrtirea?" 
w* eak hi-ao. 

"I abdbrd any > r OT." he anawerad. "I 
wa» iirif au a vacation." 

r.<nf»ti»p via ifa r Caaaava.. 
The matnbera of t*e Stoct EicJ»lB|e 
fifured aa mrt in a motion pirtaro last 
' Mundar when a battery of eameraa reg- 
lttend the day'a prDceedlnca. It waa 
not part of a aeene In a film meant far 
e'Btart* lament but an education*.! motion 
picture mode at the reqneat of the *ot- 
etnlej ainhoririra who decided to Jet 
tfce public e^e a nock eiehanze In a.e> 
riei>. Etery pbaac of tridini wu aDint 
by the camtra and who caa *ar tkat 
y*mth who it amhltJeaa to learn 
' waTi .-' tbe Stock Exduace will not 

Katfclrn \flm. i.ll.. 

rXatbieen Nutria, the well known an- 
l*ior, aaStad yeeterriay aa ;•- A^ultaAlU 
for Europe. Just Wore iearin'i hfra, 
Xorria received a wire frera the Coaat 
tnlt tbt Warner ftmthera have eonjplet' 
ed their acreen rertioo of her norel, 
"'tuiffftin Lombard." 

Mra. Sorria aiya Ihar, .he ir goiniT 
to Italy to i el an lnapiratton for a new 
noTal, bat will alao rlatl in Holland 
Ud Franc*. 

«»«■•■ K*»*fli'i a*«dj. 
Uadre Kensedy'a new pietur* T "Three I 
Ulka Out." writtra try the art U ■. Nctm ' 
WeJIejp, 1m qow beina: titled and edited 
and wlM anon be for releaas. Ti 
hi not ebowv at tbla tfame vho will ban- 
dar the distribution. Faaaana P1*j»t»- 
Laahy look ear* of iSJm. Reortedj'i pre- 
trOUB picture, bat that BaaoclatlrNj may 
awt bwU food In tha pteaarnt ease. Il 
ha aaJd that aereral diatifhutlnc orian- 
taationa are Intrrctted la. tha produetinn, 
panleularly alne* Sttna Kennedy'a anc- 
ceaa In "Poppy." Threw Mleta Out" 
waa pot into acenarfn form by John 
Ewcraon and Anita Looa. In Lbg anp- 
norlina; caat nre Barrtaoo. Ford and 
Hare UrDertnetE. 

■rlnanlaiar fewaa-r Biut. 
When we ncbliiJved the turrj that 
"Same, tie 

iam Seider haa been eneaftd: by Warner 
Broa. to direct Mae Uarah. ami ;lv ' ■'■ 
lowint; playrra will auppon her: Mnnte 
Brae. Harry Myers, Wfltod LouJa, 
Clande aUUngawjiter, O f ta d j l Woodthrn'pe, 
Boyre (Vmif). Otto Hoffman. PriKciJa 
Dean Morar. the coijcrtild of I'ria^iMa 
Deon and the dautbler uf Mr. ntnl Mm. 
Irfe Moran; Muriel Uana, and oihera. 
Tho De Briac Iwlha with Kinj KTera 
will play the triplets. This ia the ihlrd 
of Eha Belaaro play* to be filmcl by the 
Wars en aao tare ia bein^ ukpq io •*# 
that it follows the play aa closely a« pos- 

■ swBvawsr Bnrk ■• the rout. 
J. A. Brebaney. who i« belplnc 1"ni- 
Tcrsal prp" to the worEd that "Thr 
Hunchback of Notre Dame" :* .-. «■■■■■( pic- 
ture, returned tt the Coaat ynterd.iT to 
be on hand Tor the openinc; of the [.r;\\rr 
in San FrencUeu «t the Capitol Tlieafre. 
October 7. Mr. Brehaaer waa thr uiily 
film man on Broadway, bo he thnufht yea- 
cerday was aa pwd a <£a? .-« nny Io leave 
town, hence hia drparture on N>tv Vrar'a. 
Tfcw Ptrthsmte.' 

The friendn nf Geoine Arthur firry, 
editor of the Pathc Sma, were yesterday 

Esuaett Pljxn waa to cake ' 

Phaia b T M-rr- * 

ii»r *>|u(nr*i "Tbawar afil 0a n«i," ■■ 
aew a>*ln*j rvealUoeL fws lha 
shtsym. Thsra ■■ owa>ieerwl)l«- 

aper*1allap Is Aim e>lrciie>* *j*j |* 

what, ra-p^, wLU tflaaM It. 

b«»r tandinF bira out cxnrtratulaliotia 
end r*t;injt [fair- J! to rirara and ringer 
tie, Tbo isjaon far all ibi* feetiiitj I* 

toe uriiVi! of n: fttn who will be aMf-.l 
J#en Wrlla tjrey. Tn* youpr wan haa 
already [alien |Knriwwn of the iiouae anri 
announced Ma dictatorship, A dop. by 
nnm- Wane, wlia heretofore w*jt monarch 
or ad he iiu-H-ycd. has announce*!; hit tt>- 
tirrmejit in favur of the new ruler of x\it 
hnuft of f!rey. 

WlM Jleoaa -H.-.OI-- (. Ib.nn. 
A deal which will probably look #".«! 
to fii'" "Hmi" <;ili-.(ji.. film etar. waa ar- 
ranajetl yaataidaj bnween A. G. While. 
repre-eotinr the I plied Bopkinc Unioea, 
and th* 1'niversal Film Company. The 
l*. B. il. baa contracted tn take all of 
SBsHts/a *t*rrinr lebidr* for tbla year 
and rrill Join with Ccf renal In a pub- 
tidty and ezptntution eampaipi IO pcj.- 
ularize lh' Ve^sans) sciot. Accordinf to 
CnirrnaJ orficfafa, riibson'a wort haj 
been so i-iccllert that kit pictiihra bars 
been tttracfisa more and mora notice 
nmonej owners of first rdo theatres, with 
the tnult that tbe proposed eampairn In 
Rlbjjoq> bchaJf WiQ be atarted Id fain 
puhtic recAfuitioii of lib) excel- 
Jencrji. About a year aso" tiibaon waa 
nppearinc In 1'nlveTiel five reel features, 
but recently bna beea nrakinr special 
"Hoot flirjuon" Weatarna.for that eotn- 
v-inT. It la pnaalhle that la the fature 
he may he «r^ tiIm] a place amonj the 
series of Jewel pictures. 

• isiwkel ivj-taaiaf Hie y*t. 
With the Aator Theatre pnuniers- of 
"The Hunchback of Notre Dvnte" out of 
tbe way, II. Elliot; Stuckef. who ia pub- 
iiciiy director ia apwfal ehaxfa of that 
[":-lvit-i] apcciacJe, ]» now con«*arratiPf 
no the opaninaa in be held in Boston and 
rhitadelpbia, sod Msrc LaekDiaa haa 
been designated tn look after the pub- 
licity here in New York. 

t**sr* ll'im.i, fba r.rral. 

Victor Vebapiro, of fa:fir, ha» intited 
ib' L Sim'iciy of .Maiicitna, of which 
(iondini >■, tbe head, to cie-w* the Pathe 
picture, "tn Conan l>oylr Rle;ht?" ' Tha 
profcsKloDBJ pii^AiiT? men. who aajre* 
Ibat psychic pbeiiomena ja "the hunk.'' 
will scarceiy be w*<n ortr by thla offer* 
inr Tor ft deata with fredulebt mewlems 
and Lhrir metfeedt ..,' fooiinx the public, 

T* 4.1. * ntn-Ji, 
The A. M I*. A. haTif offrTed tneir a*** 
vice* to tbe Japan relief orgnntsarlon, 
and will pie a benefit at Oyster Bay, 
where the proceeds o,- a motion pktur* 
eclerta.cnieiii wi.l be ttimtd over to tba 

Get* tiliililrr <iMJtbBrm!. 

Al BanLell, n bu i..:. Jon* coBip;«(e<l 
tbo arreen re>ntsM of "XJghtM OuV ia 
prapatmc to bim Tb* tSeuduJle^ aa hla 
neat UrM«b«lasj ror t: B, u. It Ja s 
drama to Jisrj i'jnsii, nna Is bttinf 
ntfopled tiy Hclmer Jicratnuu ot tje 
J'owcra SL'foanu to-cc. 

-T*. Pipy Mnifhr t.b* racier.. 

Arranrtmtiiu sre beinf mada for -ht 
nlniins; of Tit *iurt In the U-Muain*," 
l.fl-rj Seiu-jn'. flnt picture under his eon- 
tract with M II. ijnf/Dun. Yesterday 
word came that Sir, Semen. wlJl have bis 
own unit and that bis picture, will be 
booked! *1 lj:rj Hemon Pi^urtion*. 

Tbe ni-rt acenoa of Toe U.iri in tha 
Luno-mjw. ' sccortluit to we Inurt Finn 
Company, hsvi: alreadj been started. Mr. 
Semoua eonirorl -mth Vftscrapa bea ai- 
pircdl or will rapire v*tj abortiy and then 
the mmedmn can concentrate ell hi* ej- 
forts on hta new cotitract. 

AlthoDib he made bis scceeaa on ths 
screen in oocemrie eharscteri, he haa de- 
cided to plriy only alrairbt parts In the 
future., leniini Lhei atapaticlC thine for 
aome one else. Uae all men who are 
a<icce#sful In one line or tAina, ha yesms 
u, do somerhina different on the acreen- 
Vl'ell, we ahould be elad that ha qoeob't 
went to do "Hamlet, becsuac "The Girl 
in the limousine" ifrea kha an oppor- 
t unit j to play a M a al dj rola. - 

At Licntman took one hwk at The 
Vi.rfLr.ii::," and said from benee'ortb 
Kenneth Harlan is a star. That exactly 
nJocided with what I't. T. Scholbenc 
thonshi h> ta*r-" waa no cuotrovajrsy orer 
the -oattee. Ft*>b1 henceforth. Mr. B>r- 
Jan will be labeled atsr and his name will 
be Masoned in all the electric lir&ta in 
the thestre*. Mr. Hsrlana first starrinr 
tehiclc-witl b* "Tha White Man.™ to be 
buii'l on a novel by fJe<*ne. Afuew daio- 

•"Ian fi«r» "alia lor Eastland, 
The i-jrwlii. of our niDlian picture atara 
to Europe ae?ma to Increaie. Seena Owen, 
who haa aijfneil a tiln- Jiltle cnotraet all 
for heraeJf with Henry Kolker, aailed 
o» ihe Aquitania r^aterttay to star in an 
Ideal prodnetion |o be made at their 
London et'jdloi under the direction of 
Mr. stalker, who bas now definitely settled 
on tbe other aide. 

f-anl Par** n.i-u. 
f'aol Peres, who sened Irti time in Ha 
srmy durinf lha wit and rim* berk with 
I'lcri iia: wer* affecied !■; cs.'. ha. en- 
tirely recovered from hia recen; illnesdi. 
He went to the l.'nLrarsal company '■ i 
■owitjc hia rliscbtrxe from the army and 
when hia health brnik* ilown and tic waa 
ordered to Surinnc, Cnrl Laemnile a«- 
-.iirvii him that hia deal: would he wuitiije 
for him when he was able to work riejaiii. 
Pnul 1^ back row, WuJor fine snd (eel- 
inn better, he aaya. than he boa Tor four 
■ears. Hia wife and babyart in Franc*. 

!ia-. :;:j p<c.e |o - : *i i L Mrt I'erea a famM.v 
at tbe time Taut wat aUipped lo Saransc. 
h -it he eEpeeta them beck \tr$ aonn sow. 
becaase he aaya he i* entirely cured. He 
certainly looks the part 

RowlanS Res*, ill Pamr, word reeie to tbe W«- Ooaa- 

M.lii of Fjm Natioaal that Hicbard 

Rowland, ceaeral tftaaae>*-, waa on In- 




Ploattr Hotloa Pfrl.n- M.p.f ■ rtat rer. «l< 

t-i.a:;r Cltr. 

r...rr) Afij Noma.y i. 

i.lMl'BI, G0LDH.'Yr>- 
if Brfctwre. "PataaSk ial Perl- 

nii-T," h hiii.* tbe rteori -In 
* Bl-roU Tbeatra la BalUfBaoe* i 
M * n c ■ r . 

way tn California, there w'ta a tare to 
try end ret as many prodprUons ready 
for bim- to af' n possible. By the (ime 
he reached California ht found "Flarnmr. 
Toillli," "PonJoIs." "ThnildsTiaie" and 
Th- Usd Man" all titlod and edited wait- 
ing- Tor hia critical eye. Kndwlnf/ Mr. 
Rnwlaml. we arc.willln*; lo aay he xsvr 
Ii Lei UjJJult opinion without 117 urrnt. 

Uiiirti J, riiinta. Tails ■ 5tory» 

For a-nnr t\fK-;* Ajiifrew I'.alUrhan haa 
been pcuminur a tlory on *ome of bt* ae- 
tlr^ties that arc soon lo be announced-' 
Teaterda? n* tbovibt be inirht be ready 
lo break his atory. beins oat Of tba few 
Iriebmen is ihe 51m business. As usual, 
he pleaded f ailty. ieyivr tbe time wat &ot 
yst ripe to tell his plana. 

"But.'' added Mr. Cel)s|ban, "E know 
a food atoey. which I •rlU tell you." 

We'll lca?e it to our renders whether 
j< la a frKf] atory or not. H«r» it ia : 

"A very well-known exhlbltnr. in one 
of the Middle West'a larj-ely popalated 
dMes was notified oaa day by hia attar-! 
uey that be bad fallen heir to an enute 
■if more that» a million dollar* and, of! 
iiMirar. tbe i>td picture botjse waa Bold 11 
imnreriiately and tbe merry old: road of 
faixn Ufa and phmsnra and tee eeprytkibs; 
that Koee with tha spendtnf of a miDion 
md * half. It was not Louf before the 
old boy waa boated and down and out. 
He picked up another picture house- and 
La th* 4-aurae of a year or ao *-«. sajliaa; 
ijaof nice sad comfortable and eajoyuii 
himself In the old sstne immensely, when 
• ■iddenly hia old Inw-rrr bopped up sod 
Mid: llikf what -do too think? Yna 
hire neon left another lArtvae of orer a 
mllli-iar And Mike asnk In a- chair at 
be abonted. 'Good l»rdr Hare 1 fot to 
do thai a l l orer asiia ?' " 

Mr. CaQsihan. assena that this atory, , 

Or rather thla actual ftct. ss he terms it, 

Is more tban tpropoa to. the preseut'day 
tfisie Hfhl buyers and elhlbttora ata well, 
becauae eo anntter how fabi a sucoeaa the* 
hare ihey never tradt'-to follow it np witk 
nnoLhef tiuccr"* for fear t|ie.» will «w com- 
pelled tp rjo as Mike, rxelniuied, "Have 
I rot to do'that all orer agalnr" 

Pioneen aereember Hiadneti of 

Head of StrtrBf; link la Oil 

General Film Compmj. 

Mad pc Kennedy' j leitefft, 

"Tlireje Milee Ont* 

Sow Heady. 


Slam rba4a«rtrt*e, 
KiTHLrM >ORRla. - 

Well Vnfwa . writer, whw vrn* 
• .•rS'd reatetwle-r laal ■■ aJke 

«■ »1>ooO | n U |l e, (he lq«U 


Tbe paaainc of Fijrnmnri Lnbin. th* 
founder if th* Lubin Film Company, 
and one of the Rrat motion picture pro- 
dncora. hrlnta to mind tbe pfctdresqua 
fi^rir. of Fop I.ubla. aa he «raa af- 
fectionately called by hh bntleeas *»- 
aoclatee. Mr. Lubip belonzed to teat 
era when motion pktiiret we™ ereduatt* 
inr from th* 90-foot tram scene to one- 
reel dramar- With fleorxe K. Spoor, 
of n--eri-v fntnc: fieorjte Kleine. of th* 
Klelne company; W. X. Selif, of th* 
Sells; Polyarope Company: J. Stnart 
Blsektrib, A'hert K. Smith, the , late 
Wiii'-ni oWi(. Char'ee Pethi - end 
Thomas Edison, he waa one of tbe pio- 
neers to blsze the trsjl for other a to 

Many of oar heat known directe-re, 
and players had their bs_-inninsjs in fhs 
Lnbin studios in Philadelphia, sad- any 
of those- who took their fim lesaoaa is 
picinre crsft In these studios here a 
wealth of atorira to tell about old man 
IjU bin's kindnesses, hia ecceetrMtie*. 
anrZ his lore of a j.i-.-. At ^n- (Jnle th* 
l,ubin Company waa looked rrpeu aa b|- 
ina one of the moat flnnruhini; Aim 
atudion In the world. Then came a 
Change in methods, a realization tbst 
the one-rer| drama waa no longer suit* 
■ hi;- entertsfnment for Ibe motion pv- 
tttre patrona — -and a rbance in the entlra 
scbetre of makine plcinrea. Mr. I/nbin 
made bad taresteoenU and lost a lot of 
money. One hi one tho members of the 
oJd Geoeral Ki'm Compaey withdrew, 
eeekios; their pietnre i ntereeta *:»*■■ 
where or Itaeina thr btisLnes* te new 
hands. Mr- Lnbin bid bis own idee*, 
and he never seemed to fit himself lata 
the sew waya of makinr pictures. 

Like nUny ot tar other picture men, 
Sixmund I-ubio became tnternrted ha 
the manqfaetere of motion plctnrea 
threaib hi- knowledce ef tha optician 
basins**. E»a after be became rich 
sod prosper piu> he maintained so 
op-ieinn'a store of supplies, which ha 
owned up to the time nf hi- death- lie 
Lnbln passed away in Atlantic Ofry 
Monday at the ace nf T2. death aaruir 
been cansed by heart disease, from 
which he -.tiffered for somn time. 

Bhplb ial Itrkali. 

If Jsck Btlsber ever blossoms fnto, A 
erreen ehelk and la asked how he got 
hia first opportunity in pictures, halt 
hare an tnlere*tinj( Httie story to re- 
late, according In Louis O. Macloon. di- 
rector of publicity for the CosninnolitaJi 
t'orpormtion. For Jack hsppena m h* 
Macloon 's chief nffice boy. and yesterday 
happened to be TloahHosbotia. Betlut 
»f S-tnit ■■- nriain. Jack saked for ibe holi- 
day, "AH riist." said Mcdooa. "bat 
msi- sure yon fo to the Temp!* and not 
to the ban nu->." 

TesteHaj. when Macloon windrred 
oat oa the *et behind the atudle. whtce 
Marian l^ariea i* ma bint her new pit- 
tar*. "ToUnda." ha diaror*red Jac- 
liooatiftt eround in the fifteenth eenwry 
rath of an extra, 

"T doa'c know whether you 11 eeer 
make a Rodolph Valentino," yalled Heo- 
loon, when he heard that Jack *» m§k' 
iag for tbe day'* work, "bet yea 
certainly aehMuel d**cJop into 4 lT*at pnai. 
ncaa man." 

rjuwv-r '.rllU, r»n,|nt(«lattn.i. 

Hsrrr DBTeji Ihe y«uthhil eianaftv 
of the fttrsnd Thestre. has added a r — 
member to hi* ataff. rttae it a iirl. weigh* 
• irht ponprl* and resehed town on hnoei- 
fli- Mr*. Ditey and daiirhter are do- 
ire well end ao ia the prond fa (h»r. who 
ia busy readfnx 'Tl* Cars and Feedinf of 
ChildreTi,** so as to know what to do 
wberj Gladys Loretta lieains to cry. 

e I In. t,r T— fo. 

We cessioi eey sj how the Irish preset 
sirent* did ao wall for n* jresterdaty. W» 
onlv bod one newa atory cotne tn end 
that wsa lafided by s member nf the 
clan who shoajld bar* been in rh'jrrh— 
and wasn't. 


So Say 1 Dr. Snubel, Lutheran 

Church Heed, After AmTil 

on Moagpli* 


The Rct. I>r. Frederick H. Kouhel* 
president of the In i ted l.uthrran Church 
of the Choanal BnUM and Cauada. who 
cucsed ■.!> n ■■■ -.\ 1.1 ri 1 of a seneatioa eallillE 
for (Jermany recently by Mjhif that the 
morality, of the American air Iwaa at , 
ft* lowest ebb, reiurnnl Imn 'Uermany 
yeaterdty on the Monnolln of the Ameri- 
cen line with the :■;■■:' thai tbe Euro' 
Bean girl ia even worse. 

"The motels of Ihe yourifer irneration 
abroad," he said, 'are simply deplorable. 
Wherever J went prominrnt educator* 
told me of tbe central decadence which 
hii set in since lb* World W«r T 

■There are' dreadful eexoal impurititi 
emon-f the yount and old in ti»naiay- 
Particuliriy diatressinx ia it to find young 
Cirbl laainf their chasiiy before leartnc 
public Bdtoola in Uercneny. In rtie public 
erhool, I wSJ isfn- m% tcBchers Bte 1*11- 
inf pupil* that Hi'-" i* nothing wrong 
la hartng UiepLiima-r- children. " 

Th* minister waa aafce-l (f he knew the 
natna of thia schnol, hut aaltt he could 
pot recalil ohThand. 

"What ia bem* done to cope wish ihii 
diatretialnit aituatlan':" h* waa aekedl. 

"iVell, Tor one thing, fHreacmann-, the 
baw Genneo Cbsticellnr, ordered Ihe dos- 
ing of shows portrsying ih* naked wo- 
man when I was in Germany," Dr. 
Knnbel ssntt 

Outline of this, the aalnistar'a rexaarki 

seemed to Indieete nothing' much waa 
being do&e at all to prevent Immorality^ 

The La therein wot Id .aonfreaa at 
Eiv-nrecb, flennany, which Dr. Knnhel at- 
tended with Dr. John A. Moreheic), di- 
rector of tha United Lutbrran Coniress, 
at 4ST Fifth avenue, who cernrned with 
Mm on tbe Btlip, failed! to take sxy con* 
re-ned action In regard to thi* reported 
« ■:>■ f -1 ■ -. iramoraiity .in Garmany. 

r>r Moreoarad waa one of the six men 
appetDted as. a standing co-amitt*e for 
the rontmninc; ef rehjious gad accleeiaa- 
ticat work Lbronghout th- world. -This 9 
commlttaa waa eJuftn froo 300 dclecatea 
r* presenting tweoiy : lhree- countries yrse- 
ent at the iiinfiiasl , 

Another lotsveetlrte enrirtl on th'- 
Mrmgrlui.waa Dr. R. 8. Huhbard, blo- 
cbrtnitt of .the Clifton Ppringt - Safli- 
toriom, Clifton -Spriogs, N. Y-.-wbo re- 
lumed from a trip abroad, dam* whic'i 
he nltendod the Intern a ti an a I rhralologi- 
cat Conarean al Edi'nlmrch. H*-»it 1 ™ n ri . 

The doctor waa aalted what wa* thr 
most intarestina; 'paper, read at th* con- 
sreas and he replied: "Hals." 

Th* reportera repeated! ttie -)t»estlon 
and he repealed.: "Hat*," The doctor dhl 
not jteem to he peered, ao he wsa asked 
to ciplaiBL' - 

"Wall." he a-:d. "-DT. r»*:ne ot Kgaaiff 
read us s ssest atimnlaring and aheorhin^ 
paper showing that conditioned rsJexcj 
In rata are [ruWifabte. Rats eren unta 
the fifth EtskeraU^n Inherit characteristics 
of their 'arejtf-lxandparrotB. l>r. Paiios 
repofted sua experimenta mad* with ; 
cheese and a hell. It took a ion*; time to j 
educate' the grandpanent rat tbat a tr'l I 
rp*rtoi dmner. srea DHams:. It was only 
after he. had been fed forty-nine timet 
that tnjt rat showed he expected food 
with ths ringnxg of Ike hail. Tha fact is, 
hi* mouth, watered. Bet in the great 
grandchild of trii- rat a bell bed to be. 
rung only on ftt* - oceeaient Hofera the 
rat's month watered.'" • 1 

*Thf exp*rimrnt- showed oncinairely 
that rats fdherlf -the cnarectertatlea of 
thrir great -erandpnrtinta." 

In janrlloon. -|w.ners at tha C(?ngrena 
showed there v/tmld be nnllniited mantai 
future* for the human raee by eugenic 
breeding, be rsporteeL 

Another arrival on tha Mongolia was. 
Keat* Bpaod, managnr aditer of tha Natr 


ContinTjed SapreiotoT of Americea 

Pioturei Briafg Load Fnteita 

From En glut Produceri. 


my Ualta* Ha^l W T5. Mara!4( T.i-*-»e* I 

The mntlnaad anpremacy or Amfriems 
films In the British market has resulted 
in loud sheets oT protest fmnt Engliirt 

While condemninc Atnericar) pktetea, 
the BrirJjhr poblje atlll flicks to tee 

Mow Junn o* I^oadon'a WeekLj, a 
lx>nd'iri poblicatlou. QOJ went out isivi- 
taiioo* tP wsll-knomti nrttnt* finA novcl^ 
lata la express ihrmselTcs on whet Is 

wrong with the .Si>lji' or cha te- 

apjnser lo thi* IfifitaHuu were quite 

I' '!■-■'■■ 


Fcr inaUncn, that of n. O. Waflg, the 

noweJiat end hlatorisn: "The cinema 
people Mem to me to he utterly damned 

Or that of Jeffery Farnol: "Attar 
my experience* with one of my norala 
my epinioca are absoltttaiy iinprintabia.^ 

Fto now ss^eemt. Issding unirersity 
■uthoriaee, co-opsrstlag with English, 
producen whose f«fingi hers beesi 
afctssj by the utterances of man tfks 
Well* and Farnol. have drrided to eon* 
duit a rotind -table ditcutaioD on Aa 
-jueation, gnd have Invited the Bacw 
csiirtie Vrltir* in air their riewn on. srhy 
they hgtr tbe films. 

"Why not a round-table conferenes at 
which author* and producers could dls- 
rusa the whole qn ration ot eej-oneretion. 
both in preparsiioa of the Bcenario sa4 
aawlating during th« dieeetJoe of a uTniT' 
a l**dlng Rriuaii producer etke,- 

"We'ahall never per any further by 
Jnat alii' ( mud at men. other, the 
whole matter will haT* to ha threshed 
out from top to bottom, tad I can think, 
of no better eonmreeement than for 
aa to get together and talk things eeer. 

Tfrfk Sou and tilcbe. wbo was ar*auj- 
psmied hj hie wife and a niece, Florence 
BuBrflL. . " 

ifr. eTn*je4 went abroad for a abort ea- 
CllUJnn, arrivinf la FlyniourJ two dgya 
after tbe rsrptQr* nf be Valet*. To show 
the alow methods irfll in wane in BritUb 
Journaliaxn, Mr. Speed related that he 
era* unable to get a complete account of 
the capture in Hrltteh newepepcra, 4e- 
apite th«. fact that forty-eight hours had 
elapsed atnre tha capture was made,' The 
British papers he did get, Mr. 0nred said. 
had report* so badly written they wmilT 
not have* najaand a copy reader on a coun- 
try newspaper in the I'nLtrd State*. Tbo 
trouble ia, ho etid. that ihr mnn on IU il 
iiili newspaprr* are "Journallata" rnaUBil 
of betng.tiOwspapnr men, The m*n sent 
net on ttoriea inject personal etKntnenta 
lata aocanala of eveeta 1tret**u1 of eceu- 
rat* reports. 

Tha Mongolia brought a tore) of 353 
pea t en gate, Including 12T in^nlarnwtgi 


rail* Owe* nulling af ritih A*w*Jwa> 
"Baui < 

A jerkr alert of a Fifth, annua beuv 
wn*dh b«d halted at Thirry-tUch a tree 1, 
threw Nathan t^oheo, twenty-fiv* year* 
old. 0/ 8 East Ninety -seventh street ore* 
the raiting «n top of the \ekich> to th* 
gtraet. He waa kilted. 

Cohen, was atandlng up. preparatory 
to alighting, aa ihe bus alerted. Woman 
passengers screamed aa be plunged orer 
the rail and tho conductor airrteled Drir- 
er Joaeuh Conty. of Writ 113th street in 
atop. Cohen'* bodj wu carried to th* 
sidewalk, where fa l a identity wag learned 
tbrouab rstrl* in tilt pockeL ' Dr. Re*ck> 
er of New York Hospital waa aummonrd 
and pronounced him riesrl, 

Tralhxr In Fifth avenue wag htll np for 
sereral mlnntra. 







* By fcOUELLA 0. PARSONS " -vt 


Sidney Cohen How H<mdi Two Or- 
gmniutioni. Following' Deetnon 
Of ITeig-bboriny Showmen to 
Aflliata With FTitienfc] Grtnp 
Ren — Flan Another Di- 
vision, in Writ. 


now hu 

'ioiihU responsibilities in hti 
Bhoaluem He is not only pmi- , 
Ami of the Motion Picture Theatre 
Owurrn nr An)*rica, blit he in president 
nf thi Motion Plcrnr* Theatre Ownera 
of Canada* flie meeting was held Sep- 
tember A and T In Montr**!, where rwj^ 
lutk-TI* A( A mill Inn Willi Ihr Motion 
Itctnr* Theatre Oinfn of A in trie* were 
IlilMiiinlj nduptmt- 

IW at ill, these Canadian theatre 
■vmti havre, ■ bosh roll While to* 
xaaaani was ha **aalon rap inul cash ' 
w|f pot ims rh+ tablr i (bint tin: most 
. ktW ttid' Sydney Cohen almost fain; 
wttk wif-pris*. H* caa had tn work *•*• 
hard lO 1TL the Am»rif«ri *lhlbIlDTP >o 

die up that y*ry often, in despsir, he hu 
boon known to go down into hip own 
pockets to aik« op lie tfefirir. Each 
thaotr* Id the new organisation if 
pkldgid tn pij fire, cent* ■ seat an rhar 
th* Treasurr will alway* hr rorrtf<wtably 
filled. About nm hundred mid twenty 
tsrtatfc owner* reprtwotlng tn the neigh- 
borhood nf two hundred ind d-ffy Can- 
adian ' theatre! attended the m*e lines In 
person and participated in the two-diy 

71m Ural aftermath *f (hi* tneeiiot is 
• determination to form * division in 
Western Canada. About twenty-fiT* 
theatre owwn woo »lsf f:rm tbe west- 
ern part »f Canada have ashed Mr. 
Cohen tn meet with »*»**» ia Tnmnlo In* 
,1il|rr part of next month or the first of 
NoTttubrr for |he puTpoa* of forming * 
se c ond division nf ifc* Canadian brines.. 
Ur. C«ben eiplaina lots meeting u a 
aprt or convention whet* the Canadian 
eihfhiiar* ran get together n thriah 
ant their 1 iron hi e*. 

Nwfubfr IS wu unanimously en- 
dowed » Niitimiil Motion Pietar* Dit. 
» dite that -rill b* »l«bnied butli in 
the lnit*d tSate imnrl Canada. The bin- 
tlflm PlrtiiT* Thettr* Oirnm nf Americ* 
wbo went to rawudt tft Ii"]p form t*i# 
bra/irh w*w Sj4n*y 8, CohVu. Harrv 
Da'fa of PepMTivaiitfc C. E. White bunt 
of Marrlind. n, T. W^dhul! of New 
Jei^cr. Howard. Smiih n( Daft**l» and A. 
J. MwU-r. 

The followiftx ilfleeei wrr^ *lfrt*«l: 
P»*id*Tit. C- B. Bti**T»>w of M no I real;. 
i4» ptwldeot, J, C- Br*&j of TVmnto: 
trmainrTr. J. Spfirdakoa nf Montreal : 
exoentirp awrr rta ry. Vtnmt Goald or 
Mntitiral. Thr fcllowiop: boardi of dl- 
renara were eaoaeo : For Qmbrc A. 
Deeni* and Mr. Boudurd; fnr Toronto. 
Harrr Al«*a«>r. Ue. nibmEt » nd Ur. 
filmlrr; for Ontario. F Gnnt, Major 
Cooper nf rtttataTilL- and »It. Coplio : 
for lb* Miririm* Prorlncca. F. f>. Bp-n- 
At «-.^ Ur. H-A-i.-T ; for Manitoba. Mi 
VeSfebnlaa. Mr. Ker-lu*. Mr. H. I. 
Hem, K. r.,.wa* appofot-d Irtal ■dritor 
of ibr- omnixarJoQ 

A ramlation wit paa»M thanking tho 
IMMWr* of the M. P. T. O. A. for am- 
!■# W Canada al ibia Urn*. 

, T» HhOTT rifhl I'lrl.r+t. 

B. R, Mota halterea in taking tioH-br 
■ th# forrlork. Jlr baa arraPgedi for the 
ih'm in of the Uemparr-Flrpa flgbt pio 
tufrt and ronci forwird tn atmoODce 
that the fiTPt ahnwicg nt tb«a# pl*mr«P 
**1I b« heM at B. 8. alowa Broadway 
TaMtt* bepeninr fiatordaT rrraLng. 
rVrtrai&»r IS and conlfnuing for the 
following wark.-' Thr frht picture* witl 
be preaentrd in. addition to ■ prorraia of 
*♦ r> KtHh ntu. 

bTJBl Gw-k*m Will Kmdrrw^m. 

lrrlag <irwn. whs fomnly wrote tb* 
lrrica of the Auc«Uted Exbibltora bap- 
paalnsK. hai tranaf^rred h\w link -n the 
Tb»alT» Owam 1 Pfitribating Corpora- 
tloa-H whrre tie will be (a eharge of pnh- 
llelry and adrertiflng fnr both the An- 
nVrKm FirtDrea CorpoTatfon and th« Tbe- 
' aire Owriera' Diatrlbtillax Corporation. 
Mf- Green, wt bare to admit, la well 

'Be, Touxfaif" II Title of Utrji 
Sunilton Picture, it Grif- 
fith Studio, Which Al JolfOD. 
Quit — Hien Off for Coait 
for the licit Pro- 


Sh* Wltl Tot R-Bfir llrr inn/rifi With VpIitwI, bat TTE11 Fin-m Hrr 
Ow» t«a»iRT, l» ll »■ K.a«wa aa tho Lanrrt Fnaaettaai. 

quailed lo cm; botb tbrae jobt, Imune [ ihr And*raA« PIc-Iudv Cnrpnratlon in an 
hrd eAoVnVrabE* eip*rt«nw In ndrrrtia- j Krativ* capaehy. Hp-t-pi; hrro aptriamrd 
ing add publicity. j m Ut* poallfon **T aH^nant to the preel- 

ripat. Mr. H**iilf*ndrft i» *#lt knawn Iti 

Ala* Jnlm Ailtmn . nm V »n T . 

Annthpr m*mh»r of rhr> t'nri Ander* 
*na Company who recently rlpcted to 
hang hlft hat in thfa nffirr k William 
Woa|f*nden. Mr. Woolfcrdrn haa Joined 

llr n oh hfF war '" ?f*w Voiu tt 
■lay th* Irmlnlpr lend )n ■■jfaanKp* 

lha ■•■vtiral. ctoik Ha4ri." «*• 

.If-r I^b glxeCtloBL "f i;mm*J( 

J'!;, -in.. 

tti" indnairy, haring rwgrjn hln ;>ii-inn- 
pxperirncM iq thr 1 ear'y day* of tha 
Jpws* J. r.iiky (Vrnpuny. Ir ia aaid 
he will he n vcrr vnlnnb1'> addition to th* 

npif r>r.KJjni?.fi.i;'.ii. 

rtrrjan Ilrndril fwr' .* m* rim , 

TJ. Wajne Plenon. h-in wife nnd baby 
are ahnardi th* PrraSdent Jcfferaon, due 
to rrr-ir In Victoria, B. C, on Sunday. 
Mr. Piei-aon waa Id Teltja at tb* time 

Of \hf- rarthfrqakr finrl f ik - bOQIP ris .» fell 

far- wu QfibP-nwr>. H< fit American 
raprea-ntatir* «f ['nitedj Artl*la in Japan 
and br will h* girvti aroHiung welcome 
when he ramra bark. 

T« atanrl Kroclal n^'iir. 
Th' minute Fir»t Xatjooal haa any' 
Ihina; tn i'm with any eotopaiiy or atar 
it tneana a party. Sol L*mt*f «i«n«S a 
contract nHth this corapaoy to dfttribata 
Principal Pirtnras and the flr«f fWI 
we hare |p that * party is beiug riren 
io-ii:(rlii at tbe. Urllrrlalre Golf Ctab for 
the motinn picture critlcp. After feed- 
ing lh« onlmn'p thAj will be fmltetl to 
tbe Bayicldi! Tbeatra to hare a loolt It 
ih> "Meanettt Man In rtm World." which 
Harry Wflaon admita ia n good 
pictarr. It i> the opr fnuDd^l on GMrg« 
M. Cohiu'i play. Bert l.Tiell, fllanrl]* 
Sweat. Bryaat Waahborn and other head 
;i.r-r- are In tbla Blu, whieh »■*-. recentl* 
Eciahed on-tbe Weat Cowl. 

Haratuiia the' Ecllpa*. 

Alfred E. Green, the Paramoant dl- 
rectoiy, ;« aOipQrrDtly trying lo qnallfy aa 
an eOdeory expert. On Monday daring 
the aolar eeJIpK Green. ireordlDf u tilt 
word from Sao FrancMco took fan rom- 
pany. whirl* la nltoini "Woman I'rtraf" 
ariib TL.'mn Melaban. out tn tea and 
nude both dayllgjt and night phato- 
cr?pba dtfring one day. grrtlag hi* oigbt 
ehTeeta tli?ough the kfndiy aid r>f the 
edLpae. Tti nattjna' iway witbthJa bit 
of effldenry he manured] to put Id two 
daTa' work hi 'ifie and ih'onld eam tho 
thankji at the Paramoant financial itiff. 


,- B> *our#rlf" wl'l be th* t!t> or tjkf 
e»D»dy dranut whtrh JLteyd Hamiltoa 
baa juai .-ic.-h*.! at the li If. firtfllih 
atudT* at Mamamoeek. Thia i« the pic- 
tore wftujnk raneed ao oaurb ra'k when 
Al JflfaeJ. ni-igioally ilaled io> aLnr in Ibe 
plctar*. . den>nat.[ratrd thitt he had 
l«arned enough aboui the ■ : >=: draflia 
to rrgiatet an efteeLlJp fadle-niit. by put- 
ting in much ■■( the Ailanitle Ckean t% 
patriblt hclwrea bibnelf ii<ri the Uriffltb 
Btudi». , Wheiher or n^t JuLum'* defec- 
tion liad !in^[|iiii£ r,. .!.. with the election 
nf [lie Mile, "Be Vouraplf," It, not known. 

The pintire m'tU bat he relented n- b 
Griffith prod lie lion, nil bough Mr. GriffitK 
turned ueer hie Btudlo nnA (he fm-iiitiep 
nf hip organisation 10 Hamitton and bin 
technical atojf for Ibe milMfi* of the 
picture. Id fii'i. (I waa. u(an Ihp idra 
that Hutiilton wai oar of Ibe fuoiurp! 
ni! i.-«l i-nmrdiaai that S.i.-! W. Him 
dobi loaned hiai Inr the makint of the 
film. 'Tt will Ve lie mi I tan'* firat fearure 
length- '-onydy and lp adapted from a 
■lory by Arthur Caesar, who wrote 
"Napoleon i Barber." ft ■:■ rumored 
thai, upon pomplerlnti of (be seriej, of | 
ramediea vhich Hatnition ia tn make for 
Edue*.t>aflL be will be, atarrrd. While 
T>»v"jr Arran{ementp bar- n<tr b-f-i 
definite j perfected. It fa reported |bB( 
tbe plrtur^ will be dlatribnred br 
either Carted Art lata or, First Karional. 

Jail** Klrcrr Palli. 

Among she paipenurx on the Paril 
■-«-er.:ie.T ■■.i. Jm' : j» >: »x- -. who had a 
bupy_t:me dodging ■rp'meTa.a and imer- 
taeway He will ppcnd two monthn on ihe 
other =':H". !ran-arr : rsg bnaineafl for Ibe 
Wnila'jD Foi ■" Company. Mr. St^jcr'n 
title la direcior grarral of produ'ii^o*. 
■i « iMuar bEa h ;«;--■. a-jil bare to 
do wi:h ifcc pradadion end of roe film 

telBBlcit ir«tirt. Aaaaaaaac Dm-. 
ETerj few. day* Tt «: word tbit th" 
rVUxlcfa company baa oought a nenr y. - 
i jfe. ■ The? peem to !-,■> doing' b6r*ine« 
at the old atand and In he acqqjrjng n*v 
flLnu. T> lattat w-r-rrl of ihat kind can- 
cerni the nietuie «l ! ed "iJefyfng l>ei- 
tlnjr/* whieh^ teeoMilng tn Htrid" Blytb. 
hoi been pdrrha.W by thia company. 
Monte Uhif- .and Trene RLeh hare tin- 
pHncipal parti- Lous.* bi_tflt 




DniTeiul Bttr, Contract Expired, 

Decides to Mftfce Picture, an Her 

Own— "Nellie, the Seiotiful 

Clrak Mode:" CompftBT Ex 

EoL'.e for Few York 


: seizfici sTAaTs itew btoit 


rr I'm Hi-rn DiinieH to "■• TjHiraelf." 

ilfraon* Miehle. While we are on the 
Mihi^et of £e)Emdc. Myron t?ebmich risn 

lo atalp that he ba* appointed James 
Tiient aa tha Weat C«m*l repreaeniatire. 
Alan thai "CnoM for DitOiTe/* th( Hum 
Pierker nrodnctioti. wMl make it* ap- 
pearance la fteptemh'rvr. The raat in thi* 
Sieture inclod«> Frttil Bmi'Tie. C.t.m 
iul*r Charles Clary. H>te»e Lynch. 
Pat 'O'Mallpy. Peter Burke. E- M, Ktm- 
hall and Clwve Moore* brother of Col- 
leen Moore. 

Hoick Doe* HI- "inlT. 

TIfll Tlnnch. who aometlmea mnirea n 
fwmedy^ had bin innings before the wEsle 
wnrld laat night when be ipokp uver 
llix radio at atation WO!l and Infonned 
! ■ hearer?! that the funmakcni ate the 
moet import tct on ihe .whole list of 
aereen pefMlticTion*- Mr. Roach baaed bri 
arg:imenta on The neceaalty of coastant- 
' rerrnitina; new fana from the growing 
generatfeniB to fill tbe prrrwn theatrep. 
and nlfcrrd the opinion that pwvl come 
diea do more to drhw chl'drrn tn the the- 
atre and gire them tbe film hablE thnn 
any other form of pcreeo en terra ineaenL 

Aadrnofl M»*t» F.iliihli^n. 

FeoDi out oa th* Cot at fomca word 
that l^arl Anderson, head of the new 
A.ii>--i.f. Dtttrlhaiing trompany which 
wilt handle the wmrca of the Theatre 
Ownera" njBtribgring Cowttitny, waa ten- 
dered a liioeheon "yesterday hy tie The- 
atre Owners, »f (Southern California fi m rl 
Arlioaa. ffmn rloae P3innilhai)un 4inp of 
t'«e members of this new orjttnJiBtion 
ildmitted that seTeral Meting hsd beeu 
luirebaard. hut na yet they art not ready 
to make public their choke. Mr. Andpr- 
*."» ip going out on the Caaet \q ar- 
range fur the pnrrbaae nf none produc- 
tions. He w|l] also Interview director* 
and nt*T- with ibe purpose of making 
arraiiirfairjit* to- flltti srrrral storiea ih-t 
be baa In r^'nd 

'"•'■■h and Ttr\moitrr «i linnj, 

Following tbe 'word i l.i -poUah and 

Perlmutier" had broken lb« reeo-il at 

ItalUmorr, the Strand Theatre calls at- 

■( notsarmuBK. t*ntIon to the U« tbac ' thlfl pieturc 

iteger. cnmei "» N ""l 5>4 ««itemher 23 for 

a run. The nrvt tfa^a eoo [ word waa 
M» -.iirej 7 r.-r-r.i., B . ike rarii. followed op by onother TeJejTItll ftocn 
aaamtfaa* , rjny Wonder, who announced the wc- 
fcwalaaa* irlp, eoverlnr .(«rr.i , llM d day had egepevVil the a™, nf Mon- 
""i""*" mla«ion- r„ r Willi., day, n fact (hat made H-iuueL Goldwyn 
- fm »* to out "nil buy iflotbrf tee i?ream"»od* 

and 1 tarry K"iriienbacl! indulgo Li 
freab package of Patina rigarettea. 

liJiji llie milr Irt.l In 
in*«1 Itan la. 


«lilrh prJII 

ehon-l«Br lo 





PHaeilla I>ean. who -rafted with ihs 
Cnireraal f'ompany at *1» a week and 
within a abort spoe* of a few years haa 
become Otie or tbe highest salaried atari 
In the hiiainsea, (a about tn do a Utile 
independent producing. Mips TJean b con- 
tract will Cnlrersal expired September 
0. ticH beeaure abe has dennite Idena I ha t 
""she wanta to put Imp Torce. sbn h*e de- 
cided nut w renew her contrraet. She 
Trill form bee own company. 

Horry CanlBeld. her businew nunsger, 
has e«mp!eied plana for independent 
Priscill* Daan fearttrea ondrr the trad* 
name of Lanret Peodnctlora. Th*-new 
company will operate ia Hollywortd ud. 
altbodgb tje firat story, the director and 
the details incidental t« its production 
bare not yet been made public. It N 
belEared work will be started twf ehortLy. 

Wheeler Oahman, the bu-b«nd «f Mlaa 
Dean, and nae of the popular young Ju- 
venile leading men. will undoubtedly ap- 
pear In the Ilraft prodllCtfoa*, he hsrlng; 
played opposite his wife In n number 
of her Cnlrersal pirttlrer. . 

oft* T-'sn lini nmde eome of O* most 
puccesufu) of ih» 1'nlTenial plcturea from 
a bnx-omre ilatidpoinl. Phr hda a largT 
foilnwlog. and everything ha« been done 
to give her the sort nf Tehlcie lo wbicb 
she best ia Piiitrd. Her most recent 
picture waa "fMfting," wbi'b played at 
the Capitol a few weeks ago. TCJUa thi* 
was by no mvans her best work. inas< 
n- ;r-h an she did not seem to drraa or look 
the parr, h ia n pinnre that wil] nn- 
dniihredlv make ronney, "The Virgin of 
Stamhonl, ' the ;i enr* that canaed Vol' 
rersal to r»|ae her aaHry from that of 
an ordinary arlreia tn a star, was her 
fir-t big lureems. "Cnd*f T«to flags" 
ia another picture which |a regarded hy 
financial experts oa a money maker. 

Hlera Goes Weat. 
Walter Hlera, who haa been cast Eg 
George Melfoid'M next Carainoiint nir 
lure. "Flkmlbg Barrltirn." is now on all, 
way from Atlanta in HdlywfoJ. Slilca 
leaeing California iaat July tbn actor 
has bren nuking personal appearoces (o 
eonoectiOTi with hii tern latent produc- 
. tlooa, "Ur. BiHlnga Spendi Hit EHmV 
ud Fixij Oata an Hour." 

Jahai n*T-rrnn>if Da*. 
Aceoydlna: ro the eTpectailotia af the 
Warner Brothers. John BarrrnioT* is due 
ro reach California pot later than nexx 
Toeadiy to begin work ofl tbn acrean 
rcrsion of "Beau BrammeJ. " tut the ej- 
act srher?ahotiia of the aashsP remain* n 
myyi^ry. Mr. Birrymoir baa h*»n nsrna-l 
for eome trme. but no word nf hEs aaiMnv 
rrnm thsother ■id- has been meeireil, 
nor lias he actually arrivrd "in America, 
unles* this has been accomplished with a 
great deal <.f ■eerevy. The nnlvral in- 
r>Tencn t* *ha^ he la somewhere out on 
the Atlantic, but that Word if bin move- 
ment* hap Tur nnmr reaion been over- 
looked, ■ . 

On Thrlr War Mere. 

Emmeit FljfflU nnd liia rompiny, ae- 
eorditur tu a telegram from the Coasl. or* 
on IhHr way to New Ypy* [o produr- 
"Neule tbe BeoutUnl Clnak UedeE." In 
the party lesrinx l.<« Angele* on Tues- 
day nre CUlre Windaor. Kdmnnd Lawe 
acd I^w Cody. Thi* melodrama, whic:i 
brlooirn to ibe 10-£3*EJ variety, hub! 
have, a \*w York w.mmphrrr. hence th* 
flndua if Ihe Fiyoa company to Man- 
hattan anil, 

A i in- or Two. 
Clarie* O'Reilly ealebfated tbe two 
h-olidays. T«epnkiy tad WrdDCtday. Aad 
now every one j» wonderlne: on what Moybr it hj hU frienUfthln Tor 
\\ jlllftru llraodt. Or hi* aajaeiallun with 
the film buaipcaa. 


Bits E« Clunb-d W&ter Pi^g to 
Keep Trygt and bit Wiia : 't . > 



painted, slid hack down the water pipe*. GALLO TO CONDUCT 

Without hesitating. Goodman i-ma-M 

. Lorrd by the elainn nf a beautiful 
woman beckoning from a second floor 
rear .-a imlow. 1-en GoOdnisn. 31 rear* 
..!•( of MA West Fifty-fifth street, 
clitnlw] a wattr pipe aed euteved a 
atrpjbge house early to^lsj Bod more 
things " happened lo bin immediately 
-aftefwari than he thought rould befall 
a»y nan. be expIaE&H to Ungistrale 
*fa«m«* lleAndreara in Weat Side Conn. 
^Jl»r Cnly rraaon he could tbink of for hb 
Afljow*. Goodvaah. said, waa that br hod 
bom drinking: arlpr_ Charged with 
basrtlary. he waa held in Jl.CJOu bail for 
auBaaDinatwu Uonday, 

floodaian said be bad been tryiag lo 
fM hem* to his roon aftee drinking the 
•rtn* hot becaJD* lost In Ibr hark yard of 
Eka- bouae nest dooe, at 34.'! Writ Fifty- 
MTtk sUeet. ' Lnokifrg skyward to get his 
ttetrin**, he aaw the phinEgia Udjr, her 
goLdtn bsfr nnd £Laiy drapery snrramnded 
nj an aumra of lights leaning far oat nf 
pr second floor wlnd/iw and leainilag out 
the, water pipe by which be euuld nac*nd- 
to her. tioodman vent up Ihe iiipc and 
"lllio the srindosr, hgt inatead of the ladr j 
ba found hinwlf In the h-dr(«.ni oT Will- , 
Lisa Fisher, a aalnmaH. Pitber aliooted J 
rsr h*Jp sad Goodman, deeply diaap- wgre ootificd. 

the yard and went over the bsek feace 
lato ths f*-ar »f 328 Wrfr" l-ifij-rtilh 
aire*!, deciding, be said, to Ami a iitreet. 
if noaaihle get oriented* and make a new 
■tart toward his roam. 

No . fttlcys being i at bind, he weatf'" 
tbrougJl a ground floor wisutow and 
found hiaoaeir ir> the apsrttment of" E, A- j 
Ilamilioa, cbemiat, 32h Wrst Kifty- 
■iirh atneg. SULrtlrd out of hi* -.lum- 
ber, Hamilton demanded an .explanation 
of Gaodmui"* preaeDce. tW^lman ex- 
plained wu tooking (or the land- 
lJdy of the place, anil betng aetommo- 
datjltt, HJunillon trrul t<» ttlid (be land- 
lady for him. WhrreujMin GoudalBJi, 
being au badly frightened that lie fimnil | 
BtaiKtlng op ^HjTii-liIi. climbed : ,n" [ 
Hsmiftun s bed widiihut slunplng oven to I 

Hamilton, thr landlady oJ .CS Weat [ 
Flfty-alxtb street, and. KlaJivr, Who had I 


Impresario of S*d Carlo Company 

Will Appear at Field Gamei ' 

With Tamahd Hmra. 

The apecial mnegral procrui for noil ; 
Saturday's Police FieU I*ay. Jacnafea 
Hare Track, will 1^ in cbarg* of Fostuaa 

i rail.!, i ed (.!-'»■ r .. of Ibe San Carlo Grand 
Opera Compaaj. Rectmlly when, Mr, 
Ciallo learned that the Police Field. Days 
were m bed tiled f«r Hepreoibef ft mni i">. 
Juat st ihe time WBes his operB afara 
are nrriwriB back in New Verb from all 
pninta of the enmpnaa for ihe annual Han 
Carlo prison of graud opera at the Cen- 
tury Theatre, he made In- oaita) enurle- 
mia offer lu the dr j*art me ct. ptirlng e*y- 
erjl hlah-priee.i opera aotirLirda at Ita 

, diapoaal for thr Field Dsjtsl, anrl lLli yeor- 
laatily drevmJ and ulwiii ■ Uoodman. , . , . , , 

tnond him there fwliog rpiirvLg out of> lb * ** tu «» tth " "" ■» i*a*r«n.b pittlr- 
l»l it* bttl foo iliscO.Un0,l*ta Ij coMibiie hia | iparmg, Uiniugfa Mr, t^alla'a arra-je- 
-■r. h Jut h.;. L,m-n imgs m , T*jeg called . Beat*. rnJt be heard in a apodal program 

bs arrea l l„* m a ciwrge -f aaaaawSS j nrtt STS ^^" 

rnnduu until F'iaher rxiilainad aUrat J Tomaki fcliura. lie celebrated Jap- 
• •'■hlRun rlimtdng tbe Hater pi|>r intu i aoe^v priana i.'<niu, wiF- rmg the Jap- 
bu*ra£r' Ba * TtK t,M,^S, WJ * li ™ "** ' "■ '« ojilbem In commoration of her, 
I cotiDtryBtru *',-■■■• loot their livea in the re* 

>*tt < karat* tfiinii ■"■■Hll"- Dnair. 
Cliarged with -'im pat ring the maraSa of 
rai:inr" uli Eiie fiimpUint of the Society 
for the Prevention of Cnle'jy to Cbililrrn, 
taWbg Marbinvivb uml bin wifp, llary, 
of TmI tireciinit-h stmt, wni held Id 
H^Otj bin tmt ogjtmlaadiia Monday hi thn I of tbe Kan ' ilia, w-i Idling no aria from 

jerfenreii .Marin Court rattrdfer. The 

couple wer- arre-iej nnd lurked "tip ln*t 
olght when a Children** Soe-jrty moat 
rfaHed their l...rne and allegd thai he 

fpnnd n PtiJi (berr. FrJejiJ mUjuritiae praiit'. will aing,aii aria from "La 
acopmpanjad cy «hrnor Sc:a reiu , 

Cent Nipponese disaster, and will follow { 
this with an aria from her favorite o|<ers, . 
Msdsia* liiitrerfly."' Mme. Ul-ira >-=H ' 
be aofonipatited at the piano by jlneptni 
.\i ;■■■ Fraiirbetll, San r-ir'.n miislcaf con- 

Mitiu#l flaliior, lendiDs; dramatic tsuor 

the t.p-.Ta '*l*ggllaeci," aceoippariieJ _. 
the piano by the relrbrited pianiat, ,\i- 
hertn Sciarotti. 

K\-"r \'i>: Fnri. S»n ''arlo dramarir to 


After serins' Mrs. Asbstori Rihori. fait 
rear* ■ ohl. nf ?econd" avenue. roDiictad 
of ahopliftinj; and rnaandrd to the Tomba 
pending inrearigaiiAn yeat#riliy, two iin- 
er pv'.tc".. Mtr; I 'hiaga, of East Four- 
teen atirfrt and nisry Uamene. ef K.ipC 
Serenteenth street, o1«o cliarged. with 
tbopllftrn"". left ^pocini aepai'irni •••-•'■ n 
room sad warn their mm were called » 
few minutea lo'rr they could not be found 
In (he Criminal Courts hwildina. Their 
bail of *.V«i rmfi wis declared foTfeitcd 
atld ir-i'ucli Vnrrauls oere onlered iaine I 
for their (""'. The »rder was niads bf 
.luntin^ Ibfluiel V. Murphy. A. V. H. 
Veorhe-r* nnd ticorc- J. Keefe. 

William t llutphy, elivr investigator 
for th* tftoree' XnltiPl Protreine Ap*b- 
pfsjtj m. te«ti6ed I hail he *rr--l»-.j ".!:«. 
Jiihuri llay 2& H a West TOirtf-fourta 
Ptrert department sgasM, He said ebe had 
i.i her trfttaewMnn a ■!»-•* valued tt f-,T :;>. 
wbtcli l.e (liaiinod ahe had stolen fruni a 
Wert Thlny tourtli etreei siofe. Ha 
aaid 'she al - -" had in her pMieiPion bie 
odier dreeaea *i n-:, he said had hem 
stolen from a Fifth nvrone Btore. 

Mim-hy aaid that ha believed thai tbfl 
two women who f'.r!..-,.| their bail had 
■ tolen tb« riirvi>>- raiLi mnted i T iem nrer 
to Mr*. Rlbori, wb" rejftiatacl oiitaidr 
of [be ssat*H while the thefts were bring 

Sh,. xutimed in court Ihtl tbe drrmrs 
had IrJ-rn given in her to hnl-! by s mrs' 
-'■nirrr boy w(io -.mi lir- .-. i. ■. il he bark fur 
them' in a few mimiii-e. Hhe denJad aha 
ktieiv the.otbnr two n-omen. 

Thr two wJinse 1i,i t | win furfc-jted trr 
rbsrged with, drilling j« dress valued al 
|*fl Mny 2fl from a West Thlrty-fourib 
street at ore. 

Ure. Utbori Hill by srnrsucod Heiitem- 
ber 11. 


Mams* Mil Held «w Conld-lalnt of 

G trl'i j p.pfni, 

Admitting acevrdlog to the ■police, that 
be lured In-year-oki Ha«et Titus from 
her borne Ln Weatbury, L! L, I^eopold 
Noaaret. JO. yeert oEd. of 7 Rooseralt iff* 
J nne, «'t^; : -L. I., was Lovfged up. in jv 
'ice headqnartera earlg yesterdaw charged 
with chrfuetion: He. told ihe poller. ( r 
cordlm ro their story, rbtt he wna with 
the gjrl from the time ak# left her home, 
on RejpL B, tmeif she left him In N'ew 
York last -Sunday, toying *be Wta fning 
back fn her parent*. 

Naxnrett said he waa emplnved as n 
chauffeur liv Urn. Arlnlf Ladenhung. 
Meadon-brnnk Virb. Wemhury. L. L Hn 
Was arrealed when tbe Tim* girl's uar- 
*ntP aceuaod him of nb'drriinn htfnre 
Juiiit nT tbe Pence Arnold Kohfer, wlu 
l^niied a warrant for lu r.rreat. Th* 
girl a parenta atld she ]is» noi retnnird 
*>*!"■. Naxarett. tbe no Ice declared, tin 
a wife and chit I In the I'onuu hom<- r 
where he was arracted by Deteetire K>n- 
ne.i of the Mining Persons Bareau, las; 


fiiuiig Grand Theatre in Darknea* 

a» Managtr and Field Man 

Fail to Appear. 


PVawd Artsrf- riarhi with r»»». 
'In motioB of Hyman Hu>bel T cvnasel 
for Richard L- Alrn'dl, 22. of If*} film I 

iffmir. ("ie Bmoi. and Feank aVntlco, 
-4 of Jjp^ni aacnue, .n.-re»[,-,! July 10 
on suspicion of aaaauU after lu. auto- 
mobile In which tficy ware riding rol- 
lide.l wlrh a Police l*eparrrurfit ajita- 
moblle and led to an argument | s ..which 
two paurolmin. were abot andLa Iriiiher 
nf Aritico was killed, worn ycaicr-day dip- 
charged h>- ilagiptratr Williain A. 
Bw««taot in Washington Heights Cn«rt, 
Htmhsl said hnllbnr of rhe tn ,, men held 
had done an.r pbootlhg, snd Aesiatant 
DfgirlEt Attorney .lames Ls» oDTering 
hjecTkitiP the motion for lh«dr dix- 
" wo* granted. 

lipHlal !■,.-•■■ f loTba X n< r,<. -<t I'-" *$■■ ' 

AirBCRX. K. Y., BepL 12. 
The Rurtia (1 rand Theatre In tlili eltj i* 
to-day dark.. The theatre wna leased hy tbr 
Mi Ro Amuhorjient Company of Akron. 
Ohio, aovrral"weeka ago and opened on 
tnhor l>aj. Si'urc then a field man left 
town with several hundred dollars, and 
lb* regular mimrr bait not shown op, 

' ao the asBswa »** «kased: ynslerdaj. 

' The |»olsre and Diatrin Attorney were 
asked ycairrday to try aad. locate the m»u 
rrprrrraring the firm and bring theta 
back to thia e*ty, A one-ynr theatre 
lease amnnoting to S 1.000, aalariea 
amnnnting lo around 11.000. salaries of 
the Itcn r^oriBg musical stiww, about 
J-ilil, *nd advrrtjahif bills, smouHting to 
f2fKI arc nuuaUI. There nre also other 
bill*' nriiuiid ihe city which wil) total 

Harold Xfurg. who aigned thr tbeatre 
lenar, with D. Kdwln French, ndiog for 
the lluriir estate, i* all* ei il lo save been 
nor of Iho lead men' of tbe Ml-Ro Amuse, 
mrnt Compaaf. Klax Landuu -f Weat 
18*m!i atre«. Ne* Yfrek t'lij. uained aa 
msnsV"" '*f the tlirJtrr. ha* not yet shown 
up. William DowdeO, director of pub- 

Udty who waa faere earUrr in the month, 
wired five day* ago that a manager u. 
on the way with money n^h which to 
pa; help. Bui h« -arid not show up 

Jlr. Bnyg chimed that the Mi-Ro com- 
pany bad a chain of thirty-one beautiful 
aan»e* ia two Hurt*, flbin pud Prtinayl 
vBOia. Anrenrnlans inleeeaterl in trylnj 
to find out Just where these ibratre* av ' 
loaned. An effort wi» be mtfe then to 
eolhsct Ibe money which 1* due them. 


C*»eronla Leare* and Tyn-hanl* 

Will Hot Depart Until 


The drpjrtilrcB nf the CuhaH liner 
Tyreokupi* and the Con ard- Anchor liner 
CamcranJa. h»th sxbadoled lo ul| at noon 
ynAterdu, wer* delayed owing to the |rn-' 
inigraata ahonrd J»orh vobbwh waiting to 
be t*k«a to Kliis Island.. 

Th* 097. immigrant* aboard the 
CiDimll .will n* trar.ilerred thla after 
noon to the TrtTbaoola. where thay will 
be *;uarnrrotl amoaxg th* 1.219 immigranta 
already aboard tb* Tyrrhexmia, maklna 
a total of ".',1.1*1 Iramiaraata who. Bra IOj 
b* takea to Ellis Island for oxamlaarlon 
tbe latter part of th* week. 

Tb*- CaDKraoiai deparUd from her W«at 
Fonrteeotb strcwf piar last yesterday, 
while thr Tyrrhenes will not sail until 
Friday. Th* hoof, of tho latt«3r ahLp'a da- 
mirtac* U qnaettled sa yet. Many of the 
u*-7 LwswinfH aboard tbe Cnmeronla w';i 
has* bean qnsrter*d on four aaipa before 
they ar* finally admitted to Klli* ta'aad. 

ApproifmBtaiy exo of the HOT alianp 
srrifrd on rhe Aqultgnia and were trana- 
firml from that veswel before ihe dt- 
parted Teaterdiy. The remaiader arrived 
no |be Kaionla. hut w*r* trins±>rretl to 
the Aojuitanu floliirday and wen shifted 
with ua* otbar* J«ard*J, ■ 



■■■— —•■■— 






Organization Sends Delegation Here 

to Confer With Will Hayi'i 

Office on Unfairness of Efl- 

Releasing Non-Theatricil 

Films Prematurely to In- 

gtitntiona, Schools. Etc. 


THE* Michigan delegation, wWteUrlt 
Of W. S. McLaren, president of 
the Michigan Theatre Gwnrrsi 
^H. 11. rtttchey. eieculive. secretary; Phi' 
'' .Uieichman. Claude Cady. Girnn Gora 
.and Fred '.Jitdogtttcr. all member* o* 
tba Michigan "HiibiEors" organisation, 
bad a busy rlajr yc.Hte.rds'j. TltBj are 
■lite for ftio purpose of eon(wrta* with 
the Will H. Hays edflw ">b the. subject 
r of Mon-thrftlrical films and at lie same 
'lime lo discuss organization with, wi 
" New lorL Slntr Theatre Owners 

Yesterday rooming was ap*at in cuu- 
fereue* with ConnUnii Smith, win rep- 
JTOBt* Will II. Hots white the latter 
".-ill "in Europe. Tbe grievance i>f the 
Vj'MfcIiJfian turn i* thai V ; M. C. A. 
-.iScbools and :~Ku: l ur^ obtain films and 
-, : *how [htm before they are released to 
the theatres. Thus* mutino p-icture* 
■coat the religions organisations virtu- 
al v nothing si ml,, inasmuch as the the- 
• aire,' owncTj" pay it large 
W**\ theit right- 
' uldeTstfan. 
. According ifl the Michigan men, the 
rittKUiou in Detroit is a serious one. 
' Loup before they are sbe tu obtain' cer- 
tain- films Ac churches, ojid utheT or- 
Canizaiiunfl have ttiem hooke,! and show 
thrtai, hu rha( when ihej reach the thr>- 
.nirw there is no ijiten-st in them. The 
: Haya office wi!l be asked to co-operato 
-with them in adjusting tbi». " 

iiiilrr.iuy wax Ibf sVrek-J SUn^bton of 

■■■tho TJrafre tinner*' Chamber, of Com- 

mervr. The Michigan meo. wept ro the 

- Alter Hotel for a few momenta and 
inaJe a. nan cement* lo meet Willium 

. Br*n It, Chacir* O'Reilly and some i -f 
:thft- leading lights a little later in tbe 
day- 'Miry will dUcum nv« gnd moans 

j&ffdc Rgbtin- the admiimion tkx and oho 

j thr peiaibility offsetting; toprthrr w\th 

' the Sew York dicd hi somn *tu'l nf ft 

, of iiinlim! ii>i'n;l:'. 

a Tlic Dctroft exhibitors lia^r Mjini'd np 

^ "Priij ihc. Hearst paper in-Uiat city iu 
*'ii titTtreatiox adTeriiittn^ fthaiu^ that 

■.'" brmtrs $33,000 into [be treasury. Each 
day t!i-? thrmrr- io Detroit arr ■elver- 
twed in the Hearat newipap^r, ^rinp 
thr: seme of the hnui* not I tb» title of 
the plctUrt ftHftftti rJirrr. Tbat niKhf ■ 

- itlJtfe I« run in Ibr- lb*4<rp* MtyinJ:, "Thin 
thcafto and rWs prodnetinu i?i Adrcrtiaol 
In Ih'' Hrirnt paper." for thin "ervitc 
thr oxhlbjtor* pit; ?ii. which i.* rnrorrt 
orer to ihr fund of the HicbEgait Tbe- 
atrr Utyircrr. crratitiE n p'taajinT h(tl.e 
ArtimiMt In iho treasury. .Vroordlng lo 
T?tf llivhisan representative* it has 
'•viiirkpi Hk« a charm and jr^'rn them 
both money and reimlia. A nart nf mu- 
ttiM'adrertininjr acttcnir, *a it ware." 

While in New York, the men from the 
WrTvprior Slnte will s unit the D«mp**T- 
Flrpn ilrljt, In fart. Lt i- aaid thin i* 
o»o or the main rraaont for thdr com- 
inj here at thJa. tim-. 

nvCamlnar Horn* Wednradar. 

!.u:iT!i Clarke. ; :>r (-diior «f Cinema, a 
Brltith film publkflliott. whft baa bren 
In Amr-rica ^ttllrf R neracnal alant on 
Amerioan wadF motion picture*, rrtnro* 
hotnp npsr WfJne^day. Mita Clsrtfl \ 
d«f not Fharo Fnnt: Tillay'ii aplnicm on l 
.Vmrri'tn mad^ motion picture*. Bhe ht- 
lfcjrcn tberr ia n little hone ahead f«r the 
einenia. Thank cnrsririp.^ one Bng-Eian 
nerwrn is ^b:e to rittf plcturea in a' sane 

E -Tarn .Mix Saw*. Them Both. 

j . Tom Mix. whn baa ticen atndying both 

Pempmy *rrl Firpo in thftr. raapettTe 

, ^>flaapK. ratnrned to S'ew York TcCtprdaj. 

» Mr. Mix «■■** only in town one djay when 

| he betook htmMlfto Slralora. to nee it 

S*ek Unaptfj is in r.i pwd form as Ibf 

sport ».*ritprB say. Then lie- went io At- 

fsnti'.- City tn apend two day« watf/blna; 

Tirpo, ami after tbtm p*^*on«I {nnpectioa 

■ Ji* **jr that he ia nlHina; (d* L« that 

Dempaej- will win bwfore the fonrth 

rtrTivi. While her Idtd and nuiater waa 

■tjltin* the Fanguage 9 fthe "Sqnarnd 

; t-inile." to borrow ond own Sam Taab'a 
,reniaai|*r. Mr*. His mi Tlailiba (he 
RhorM and tpendlnjr a Jlwle of Tom'a 
hard earned money. " She happened ia 
"S2i? nn **' ttlp whnna *rhcn n trnnk from 

. . -ParU with the r-natont aeal Mill on ar- 
med. She wan there *,t the oppntag; bq 
tn apeak, iod. bnucht hereeK three Pari- 
fwa eown* . She in coin rto tell the 
. to Tom hrra^f to-day, » wbr 
^rnju!d -le.aooil hf» bolirlay? Hra 'Mtr 
fM formerly Victfltl* Ford, the ler-U* 
known owfton pleture actlrtia. and Tom 
'hnsa «o wen of her I hit he dfirtn'l earn 

, It she rloea Fpend.all lila money. 

JMneiti- 3a^untt44%lfama ' wltli Fa*. 

'■The Warrens nf Tirfjnia.'Vbr Booth 

- .Tarfcingmn, nf ,d prodnceri by David 3*- 
■Jaaeo Mime rear* ajm aa a atage pity, 
Jft* pone Into prodnctiop at eh* For 
Film KtmHoi. Aftor swraring the cmui- 
Jry for n leading lady the choice baa 

- TinjEly fatten- on Martha MtiwrlelJ, who 

1MB ^hoaen. It is aaifl by the power* 

■ VIP ™fc b * c * n « of her wortr- iq '^Phe 

Silent rommdnd. Elmer Clifton, n*o 

arerna to be under contract to t\a Pbi 

- wmpainy, faaa been glrtn the ' direction 


«■&« \v*« lOel'rdPr EnimBcd >r 1 be Wlllfana P«a Xftvifanr to Play 
■ ' '- ■ " Ibc Lealllnar nole^ In "Thu W»mm otllrflili," 

*f- this' picture, which: n41l be -booked 
mm a |2 apeclai^atrd wbieb, we naffer 
Ktnrt.1.- la b^i nc made with conairlirnblc 
mre as , to" detail.' This U prohaTily .the 
bigeear. role'tlidt Miftf ; Mari*f|fild liii 
erer .had .nPd. har.irienih arc w"nb!»i[r 
Ker all ■orT* : rif' (food thirjp* I«-ifli..js", 
aa^one 1 ot -them' np; "Who caji t-il? 
It raayjhe tha turning point in Jirr u.i- 
Tear"." ■-■■...;<—•- 

Hon I-lnar Huh ('rndui-rrii- 

Every ini-ruoinK ham brine" an I'.u :■ 
liahuan or two who wntit^ to j(. nrn how 
it la done ia this country. The Jlomeric 
OH Wednesday bmught Egyrton L. Win- 
throp and J. M. Tuckpr. ■rba arrive I to 
eompletc plftns- for t\w production M 
BrLtiab films to be shown throughout 


SfeiavWIIl' B« ^»» i : t "The I.lvinv 

P«»t." at WMtroi FrodnetiBB. 

Europe. TVy (TeeJared that tb^ prejl- 
Bnt njeihoda of producing filfng in Eng- 
land have praved Umntecelutful and ihey 
Jjnpe tn produce fibsa which will at lenat 

-iiiii]iinf favorahlj' with American fUmi 
abroad. 'Tbey -admitted that the ' ma- 
jority of film* in" En^nd «■(»!.] iri not 
compare wkh' Americftci production audi 
ndded that the l.rfnrion motion picture 
theatre* showed 00 per cent, of Ameri- 
can ftlmn, the balance being British nro- 

Br**Jr l.vvr Ba<k at F#x. 
IJartnif lie™ with tlie Fox. Film Com- 
pany for many mo;ni'« it is like returnlnfr 
home to Rcseie Litre to get another Fox 
nsxijinimeni. WoTd earae ye*tenKy from 
the '.'•■jij-t chat this alignment f> the 
lrA-diOR role in "GenUc Julia," the Booth 
Tatkingtflti atOfj which the Fox Com- 
pany lift" bought to r-til oo the screen, 
tfarold tjoodwin, wl>o baa flayed iu^enilo 
roles in many Fox plotOrci, baa i>nen 
choten to play opposite her. 

Goldwrn riarlna; In Bad i.ack. 
There Kema to he a jinx -on "Wild 
Orange*," Jo»ph He r^eah aimer's story 
which, foddwyn fa making:. First James 
Kirkwood waa ao severely injured thm 
h« had tn ha replaced by Frank Mayo 
in liii.'i picture and all the scenea in 
nh[cb he appeared retaken. Word came 
Testerdaai that Charles Poet, th« giant 
who plays the riDsin, had fallen ani 
hroben his rib* apd that tha pic tit re 
now is brld up pending Post's recovcry- 
Thc whole company will be relieved 
when the picture is finished. There 
hare been a enccciffion of mishaps ever 
since it atartcd. 

9pm ■"■»■ »t«r<llii OB. Trip, 

Katnin-i J3(>rinan will leave New 1'ork 
City early next week on' a trip up State.. 
Are«rapanyini[ Mr. Beiman o'n hit trip 
will he an insurance' expert who will 
takn np insurance *ituatK>pj with ex- 
lii&itom Waited, and a prolection expert 
wbo will examinei the various machinea 
if. the different theatre*. Both of thseo 
aer-'ieef will -be. free 1« members of the 
Motjod Pienireit Theatre Owners of i.N*w 
York Bute. The trip will be made by 
p.u(onir>bl1e and will cover everj town in 
New Sprat RUte. 

Allppn Frimgrla C«U Job. 

A Eleeu Prinze ha« been cbcaeD for lb*' 
role of the Princess in Elinor QIjrrTt fa- 
mous story, "Three Weeks." Tike a 
look at the lady and see if ahe looka 
snythlnc like the original vamp. If wan 
the bonk that hrought the word "fam;>" 
in to being; and. nalnrally, the public wi5 
he Interested tn see If the actyea* chosen 
to plnj ths role looks the part Work; 
he gi m ou the picture next wetk- 

Dae aepVeaabee' SB. ■ 

The last word from Betty Blyths 
brings the information Ihst nbe may. be 
eipected to rejeh -New York September 
2Tt. after harlng >petit several months in 
Austria, Qcraatiy, France, and Knglard 
making plctnref. According ' to hliim 
Lllljan Clarke, editor of Chiema* -Eng-- 
lam] i« erpeciing bi* things .from VChU- 
Cbin-tXow." the picture- Mlat Elytlm 
made for :ni Engliih company. 

E. W> Griffith BoTtnaU Morn of HU 

P,1»jh forCtVett Piotme, Dtpict- 

isf xUroLntioiuiry Dsyi— Deni- 

gon Clitt Coming Bacit After Laurel* in 



ChtrJif Mack, who ia another member 
of the Griffith caat now at work nt the 
Marnaroaock ettidloa, has -a part tone- 
thing lik« that played by Mac Uar»h in 
"The Bledth of a yattorj.", It 1b one 
of the tnojt sympatheclc roles in the pic- 
ture. Although J?. W, Griffith, bought 
ihe film rights of "The Jlw'^onim:.' 
Robert ChamherVi. novel, it lg said that 
otiEy ona^ character in the whole atory will 
figure in tht' Orltflth. pieture. Itobext 
W. Chambers, Anthony Kelly and Sir. 
PHI, the man wbo Ei reaponslbie for zhe> 
stnry of ^B^wn to the ^sa (n Bhlpn." 
are alt colktborating -with Mr.' Griffith 
on the »tory.' Reread ealling It tenta- 
tively" "Th'e'Spirlt of "id." whVch wilt 1-e 
discarded as aoon bk tbe picture reaches 
the Bcreeb.for the reason that it bss been 
tised before, Mr. Griffith ha* not given 
the new proi|nctiorj a name. Work ia 
going t>o £ie4dil_r with many of the bis- 
torinal ftLcidapiJ at the time of the Revo* 
lutionary War ataritog with, .the Boston 
Tra Party beina- pnt Into Tea9ineH for 
fil.iiiiiC: ■ . * t^i» 

Af lieri iirey. the ma&aret of the Grif- 
fith organ I cation, -baa had a chance to 
he an icto'r. H* has been flff#red the Joft 
of Washington, hut he withdrew" tn fav^r 
of Frank Mi-Ciynn because, he aajs, he 
knewc McGlynh _'t'an - act and he isn't 
turn that be can. He . sty* fee would 
rather i nanrtge Mr. Qriffith^s b^aineaa 
than act for him. Ynti can take It any- 
way you.' pleaae T ' 

l^nlmn X'litt Cuming flacti. 

Utviiaoni'ciift. formerly aMoeiatedsFith 
tha FaataklarPlay'era and Fuk ■ Srcuario 
IVepsrtrienU has oovered hlmsetf Vith 
glijry'tn Ell rojiean field- nitti ic now com- 
ing back'to reap the harveat a( . thee * 
forebja aciven I nrea. 'Mr,' C-lift ; Infn 
London September 2T for Paris. Vienna, 
Venice fed Athena and. »3U tr*fel- by 
way of I^gypt. Palcatine, IndEa, China 
and Japan to rniifornia" Thuj encirclioc 
rhe world. Thij. trip," having been" ac- 
complii'hed. he will get himself a Job 
un (be coast And try settling down |n tit- 
tle fflri Amcrira O^sm. 

During the three yeara Mr. Cliff htn. 
been iu London. ' he hat diatjnfulahed 
hjmaejf us one of the foremost directors 
In London- Among hia film achievement]! 
sre -l A Womsn *f No importance^" "A 
Bill of Divorcement," which *as pur- 
chiird by Annocialed Exhibitors and 
'Tuia Freedom" bought by William Fuor, 
for drcttlntion ia this countr?-. Mr. 
("lift haaitiiU completed a historical pro- 
duction of "Mae*. Queen of Soots" iind 
has spent many month? in France and 
In fimtlanrj. iijuhiT the Chateau of Chan- 
tllly. historic SterHng Cattle, Er^Uirffh 
Csstle. Ho'yrood Palace av<\ other his- 
torical backgrounds for hts film. \n- 
nrlirr Hi.«Tlnrtioa that came to I.' lift while 
tin th» other g$fZa wsp tbo honor of be- 
ing ebftsen by King Georje to photograph 
Pnncesa Mary's weddJng prenenia in St. 
^':<nioj. Palace. The only (im* that a 
camera was ever allowed within shi: do- 
main of the rrvrni palace. 

CaPpany Cet* Here. 
Emmeti Flynn timed bis arrival from 
the Coaet after the holidays. Up knew 
if be got here before, ycaterday there 
would not be o garment shop open in the 
city, and fa* rfo« has to hare the right 
sort nf a background for "Nellls, tte 
Beantlfnl Ciast Model/' With him yea- 

''npniii: rtalo !■> Ffiji 

i.fiw copV> 

Who arrlTcd filrrdKy io pluj sHI 
Ol.the tc*d Infer MM tn '\plJlf, 
(h f Rf* K ti(iti CImbe Model*" 



WW. Be Ktpotitorr 'or ¥uj HU- 
tsrinl Filna. With SputaUf 
, Comtruclcii VatlU «nd t Pro- 
jecting Bocm — Form&r ?re»i- ' 
dtllt Ofttn Target for the ■ 
Photofrtpher. . J 


■■■■ ■ ■ "" 









far Ike Rale 

' "Three 

*f ihe I'rln 

Wf»kl." '* 





iprilny came ]>|f three players, Claire 
WndKod. p LeW Cody and. Edmund Lowe. 

Tba Awthorahlp ol "DHPiii'd." 

Cbcrr ilp. boTJ* and girls, the aecret Is 
out! The identity of the attLior of the 
nnonymons: noTfl "Dftmntd,"' the sensn- 
tional'book of life bwond the grave, has 
heen revealed. The hook for which Cri- 
rersa] ilm Compsny ia reported to hare 
paid S-'.".i»X> aa a ncreen property ia b>' 
Mrs. Ethel Smith DorrBm'e. Mrs, Dot- 
ranee lias [written a numlwr of novels, 
mostly talea of adrcnture and a tangr list 
of other work sppearing in many iimzn- 
tinea, but ■'Damned"' i^ »o unlike ber 
other work tiist few people nxiapectatE 
her of beine the author. The book is on 
the Hubjccc of reud and his aex theories 
in which the heroine dies and much nf 
the action takes place In " IDanteaquo 
Hell. It i* said there *ii k*---n eornpe- 
tirJon for ton picture righto. I'nivpr**! 
now rjwin thpm but when The production 
will be released Is not yet known. 

rat-tr a C the Harris Theatre. 

Dast night the Xnvnl Rejprve, aviation 
atudents from the Fort rlBmiltnh air ata- 
tioti had ji thcnti^ party at thr Sam H. 
Harris Theatre to aee the "Green God-: 
dean." The detail was in cbnrge of Lieu- 
tenant J. W. .-iJ--n:.nn and Bn«ign lun- 
ula O. VaudFrwater. In the party waa 
Chief Aviation Mechanic Smoky Rose, 
who .was engineer, at the NC-ft when It. 
crossed: the Atlantic. According to Well a 
Hawks the aeroplane epiaode in "The 
Green Goddess" j* ,,„ j t should be, but 
who ever 'expected that Mr/ Hawks weuld 
aay anything else. ?- , 

Un< ntnehari ta'lH Jaelda. 

Even MB"r5J..HoberlB Blnehart.hai fall- 
en a" victim to :iie i-nflrm of fawki-- Cdo- 
gan. So much so that ahai* very eager 
to let" "TJotia; Xlv* tk* Klnf," her story, 
which is perh'haa the moat pretentirius 
thing that the young man baa ever made, 
Mre. Rinehart la Mow' in'Nsv York at 
the. Waldorf- Astoria conferrinjc-.'with.ner 
publlnbera. After abe Anianea tier hue- 
new berc she will p on ta tba-. Coast 
fo sea Ibe pfctnta. We understand: it wi^i 
he given a aped B I premiere in Iioe An- 
gelrs. and n;hnt could - be more fitting 
than to -have tha author right there to 
share honors with' -Jackie.- _ 

Metro fieiB T«ra PUjpn, 
The Metro -Company haa been mora 
than btuy out en' tba Cdait slrnina-np 
everybody Available. Yewerday word wu 
Dashed iiver the . wire that Miry "Alien 
at^d flarrinon F^rd w!H play the Jead- 
Ing roles In t'Thre Living Past," which is 
now btint; pat on the »ereeh by Harold 
Soft*. This la the first tlmo that Misa 

Alden haa played a part that is* not a 
mother in a lotig time. - 

Hipb Se-njietl l.lkfi tlir I'iciiir*. 
B. P. Bchulberg f*v* q private show- 
ing af 'The Virginian" In California. 
Mack Hennett was among the gucBIs and 
he JLked the- picture se well that he 
weot ha^k lo tell Mr. ricbulberjr three nt 
four times what he thought of It, Tt 
fires And lircatheft reality." xald >Ir. 
Sennett, and everyooe agreeai that Mr. 
riennetl should know, 

In WaahlnattoB. 

Jamea hi. Loughborough, demon preen 
agent haa bceti relegated Xt> the j.ii. nr 
exploitating; "Mearmouebe," in Washing- 
ton. Everybody kn^wa that t-noe Jimmy 
makes up his mind to put over anything 
It la as good as done. 

Jut Got* te Slurry. 

Either Jay Gove is married or is about 
to take unto hlmaelf a wife. The lady 
is Ines Fnrc-ala. th« ulstci- of Dario Far- 
rsl, the well-known lit™ mat). It vf*s 
rumored yeaxerdar thnr .lay had already 
taken the vital step, bnr at Firrtt Na- 
tional it woji said be may no; have ynt 
taken the plnngr hut if he hat not, be 
may be expected io *sy "I .in" next 
wrett, when he goe^ on hie vavatten, Mr. 
Gove ia one of (be heat known rilni men 
in the burinees'and we think he might 
hare told ua *-i that wf could have sent 
a telegram of good winbee. Tlics-r him 
people-are very quiet when It eotnea to 
talkina abopt their own affairs. 

JACKInJ 'CtiGGAIV. ,'.-'■ 
M«r r nm>fT( ( niathsri "ill- fo to 
Ih* Ceamt in br ine*ea1 a.t the 
peeaaierr «t •■J.ijBaf Mve that 

'_ lilne," J«cklr i:«»|*|!'« en>i jrr. 
trntloii ai*Uon j»lrl*r* prnrfDC- 
Uoo, ';■,■' 

The lire! motion pictUM llbrgry J U- 
abont to be Installed In permanent qnar- 
tera, atartlng aometJIng that will-reatiTt. 
ir. tha ^ceatrralKiH bf biatorleal ■ data^ 
With fhr opening; of HoosTelt flM«»'n 
28 But Twentleih rtrtet On October 27* 
tha date of Colonel Rooserelt'a blrtkday, 
this biographical film libtirS will "he 
Dpenedj a reference for riiinTe.hLatoriina 
and scholars. Any one in the totura'.'vhd. 
wants to write a sketch MM n crteai 
American or »n any big event bar only 
to gV.lnto Cie archive* of RooBorglt 
Ho.uae to get hi* material apd to' know 
thit It is correct. ' i , 

It Is the Intention nf the founder*; of 
the-Roc-aerelt Memorial Aaaociatlop -;to 
make Roosevelt House something; like 
Mount Vernon. Monticello and the Ken- 
tucky lo< cabin of Lincoln, a ahriptJfor 
patriotic' American citizen*, and It'ib in- 
toreatinc Tor those who hare the welfare 
of the; motion picture industry at hea^rt 
to know that motion pictures wi!l bet no 
unAll. part of fala hiatorlcal honae, ^hi' 
Krst pLare ni this kind to give recognition 
to motion pleiures. 

There will he a motion picture theatre 
with projectrns; onrfil and film vnitlte. 
Into rbete i*aulta the Roosevelt Memorial 
Aaaociation purposee: to gather every fdpt 
nf Roogereft negatire it can . acquire 
cither by donation of purchase. The «K- 
5eei of »o doine; is to mahe ReoeeTtait 
House a renfral wnree of a'l .T, R. m^ 
tk>n pictures araLiahle, and prBcticall/ 
free to every one wishing printa for edn-' 
oational. pitriiriJK. and eramarjc pne- 

jww. , ;■*■ , . ; , , _' 

When the ^oman'n RooWveJt 
rtfll AsMciatloti planned tbe rejtoradpBi 
of Rnjjserelt houao ae an ejBrt replica 
of Theodore Rooaerelt's birthpleee. ■btK 
gelher with an annei for faeadq'natreTti, 
library, meeting rooms and mniMtn, too 
organjiatjgn made the btiifding flnrhfoe^ 
so that the collcctibn of films, includlnf 
ifrn^e of Theodore Roosevelt in sd.1 anglea 
of bia rnany-jided career, cotiM be taken, 
care of. A starch for every oefastrt; haa 
been on tor six months under the leader- 
abftr of Col. William Bma Thomnaoii, 
who is presltteiit of the Memorial Aaa'o- 

An- Intereeting thing about thi* flit 
rn i«n tha" teafch revealed that, whtia 
Theodnre Itoosevelr had ebtKined fara4 
oeforc the motion plttnrC was perfected, 
ha waa one of the moet frequently phot**' 
graphed subjects among public men, Thi 
flret pracKcnl move to obtain Roos>re)t 
iieggilve was tn enlist thr cn-optntjop. 
rtf rhe lentil nr- motion picture producers. 
Thin project was launched at a luncheon 
given in tbe Harvard Club on Anfcnst 3i 
by Wilt H. Hays. At this luncheon a 
Film Keaeai-eh Committee was appoint- 
ed consisting; p| Will. H. 'Hay». chair- 
man: J, Stuart. Biaekton of Vlr«|Taph 
end Elmer IVartftn of Pathe From, 
vice chairmen.: E. W. HamniODB of JMn- 
eattonai Flms, George McC. Beynae ot 
KLnoETAma'anri Edwin Hill of FoxNewa. 

Some of ibr- larger prodocera mad* ■ 
notable outrixht dnpatlnns. Commerdore 
Btackton. one of the ptoneera »f fhr 
cinema and an oln friend nf Coltrae'l 
RcHHtevclt. gave the flrst big impetus By 
Offering every bit qf Roaaevelr negative 
to be found in the VitBgraph vaiirls, 
which he nrdertd searched: Pathe ran- 
sacked their American vaults, and whil* 
nmauuel Cohen, editor of Patbe »wa. 
wai in Paris this Summer a aaarch waa 
made of the Concern's Enrepean store' 
bouee. Other notable Acquisition a have 
been nromiaed hy ths hare* prodttcers. 
^srhe bavn felt ih* appeal to their patriot- 
Lom and who have. reaHxed the practical 
vnluA to the entire industry In censeaai- 
tratlng the iloosei-elt negative' in njf« 
hands for the uxe of a!'i 

ftrokera and dealtTR in nld, ^tinkad «n,. 
obeoletc IiItd have been invited to Jojp 
In making tbe Roosevelt collection com- 
plete. The appeal haa hern aent eat to 
the host of independent caenerasjiap— - 
footage men, aa they are railed in the 
news -re") world — to look over t heip ceoa 
for- any Roosevelt subjects they may 
hjTP. ft In thr hope, nf th« RoopeveEt 
Memorial AajiecIailoD "to rtUact, ff poo- „. 
aihle, film hhowing Theodore Sooanrejt 
as a aoldler. Governor;' Vice rreaidant, 
i£reaiiient and lending pub-Heat of his 
f rreip. so that the pieaent .and Coming 
; grneration* may 'hare him presented ha 
the most lifelike manner. . t 

U. n. Matblfei Dim 

W. J>, Mathia. father nf .fiine Mathi*, 
died on Wedn-eeday. nlfht fOllMxng^^A 
stroke of tpopleiy'oa J^aturriar.^ a 
did not rrgflinVt^nacJoaaneaa. H« h 
aunTeTfd * fimi atroae two veara ago. hut 
had • lowly recorefad nuUl tMn tn go 


A letter of thanks from Mm. WilHam 
Randolph Hrant, chairman of the 
. Mayor'* Committer of Women haodliopj 
the »w. i"ork Milk Fund, to Carl 
Ljirmmle. preaidnit of UnlTeraal. ex- 
jirt'eKin? deep appreciation for thi funds 
; obtain Mi threuuph the UnircTaal reioisa 
and rfirnj-ihiition abroad of the New York 
Mill Fund frght .pictures haa jnst been 
Bjade pnblic by UqjverHl. i( 
: The fights, which were filmed exclu- 
sively i.y the Internationa] News and 
jiclcajyH hy rnivere*] in New Tork State 
and abroad, drew large cgeiwdji trhrree'er 
■hawn. and" prored to he a bl( money 
ntaher for the Milk Fund, Return*, from 
Eom]ie came in only r«uently r and Mrs. 
, He#r>l s latter ia in response to the check 
wpraaentiniE tbe Charily * a partictpgtlon 
la the focwrt rijthta. 

The Eiuopcan salts of the nletur* 

netted -JetfpOO for the Mlik Fnnd". Jlre. 
Hedrete l«trr is as. followii: ■ 

"My. dear Mr, larqim^ — I with tn 
thank yoti moat einuerely fnr tfic rhrclr 
which xqbj ijent me for tbe Milk Fund. 
This' check being the procreda from the 
exhibition or tbe Milk Fund fight pie- 
turen Abrond." H waa ^.if bind of A)M 
to take ro ranch trouble T at)d 1 deeply 
appreciate yo«r interest. 

"Through the klndneaa of m^ny peo- 
ple like yourself I have been abir to 
erect eight mltk boethn In Greabrr Mftiv 
V«rk and distribute r,.m-:> -n]-'. ,,f mltk 
each day to the ebildren of tha needy, in 
addition to Ihe l"i(h> quart* o'f nrlth de- 
livered nt the homes <jf poor families. £o 
yon aer why 1 era urtxio^e to collect nil 
the money prtseib-lf lo keep up (hi* tfowl 
work- fl ith rencwrd tfaanka, berlore me, 
T«in very fiftrrrrty. . . 
"Miluceot Hearst" 


Pa*s« *2,OCO,000 Mark. With Con- 
stant Stream of Small Contribu- 
tions Coming; Is, 


With more than $2£K)0JJQ0 already 
auhecribed (o tbe. Red f?*Q** .Fapaneso 
quake relief fup'ct. Now York continnea 
to ponr a stream of gold Into the baoda 
of co]tceti»-»- 

It may be that the drive will rinse to- 
nmrrow. if It doe* the city will have 
more Uan doubled ft* iUOUu If H con- 
tinuett'lhronKb n«t neck tbe quota may 
fee rripled, 

N*o (arge contribution" reached thr Rod 
Cjrosai headquarters at 5W Madison 
orenqa veiHi-nlnj. Moat of the important 
firms have already mode, gifts of Jarfn 

srountB and the rcturna from ir.« I- 1 " in- 
dustrial organiiftimia now : collecting '■■ 
quotas hai» not yet conimenced to come 
In. Chairmen in charge of cnllerting these 
quotas hstn been reneetedly urged to 
w'jiip up members of their grodpc no- that , 
all fnqda can he accountea for not later 
than Saturday, -. . 

Advice U expected from the Waahing- ; 
ton Rrti Cross headquHrtcrs regarding 
the length of lime tbe drive for retiei' 
fund* us to continue, aecording |f> Morti- : 
iner N. Bnekorj- of the »«■ l"i>rk Trust 
Company, who hatT been ChairDian 
l^wlght W. Miit-row"*: mo*t actire aid In 
collecting the relief mopey. 

Attention hns been rrtll'-il to the fart 
that 1 relief money hae proved of value to 
the Red Cms.* in almost exact prepar- 
Hon ss It was sp - ..y iianaminrd to 
|hern + For that dsotl speed! In cot- - 
Jecting Ihe r^liijf fund lian^bceu urged 
daJfy by \V. R, MrSord, Red Croee of- in chance of dfreetinc the work, of 
collection among iln- industrlii] orgsntta- 

Contributions from approxinuitery fiO 
pee rent of tho employees of the Cod- 
aolldated ' Ons Com|iany and' nffHiatrd 
gag and electric conapatiieE reached a ■ 
total of $ r .,". 17 r.-hm Frank W* Siiijrh. [ 
rtce-nrealdcot of (be Uqffttf Kteotric i 
Light, and Power Company turned) io a 
third remluaDce of ii.ffrg. Farther 
aubscrlprioiui are expected, { 


A urn- trial for Ahrahniu Rrr-kt-r, 919 
East 150th street, the Jjmns. nbw await' 
ing' electrocuiiop. at Sing Sing Tor the 
mrjrder of his wife. T enufe..oa b vacant 
lot at 14oth e:rref and rtnthcrn Boala- 
vard f-a,r]T on tbe -momlnc of April 
7. ii>22, wai denied yesterday afternoon 
\v Judge, i .iniii, V. Glbba In the Hr.?n\ 
County t .""■-. i s r i . 

Xho eppllcatlOin waa made by Alex- 
ander P. Mayper on the grounds of new- 
ly diJtcovenod evidence. ' V 

The appeal in the case ef Becker and 
his nccompUce In th crim^ Tlrubin Nor- 
kin. la to Or argued Id She CoutI of Ap- 
peale, October n. 

OKborne ttaaetiea retina 
Fmfeaaor Henry . Fiirtie'id Osborne,' 
preaidrnt -of tha~ Americall Hu«eum at 
\nTi^-.i! History, and ,hia wife, hsve 

reaehed Fekln, according to a cablegram 
irner-ived yesterday by tne muaeiim. The 
messoce was aent from X'okfn by Bay- 

Chapman AvdrcwB, leader of tba third 
Asiatic expedition of the oran plastron. 
The entire party, of.wbirh both Profes- 
sor Osborne and Mt. Andrew* are mem- 
bers, wtil start from Mongntia next Tues- 
day, tbe museum waa informed. 


K«w York Womaii Loudest in. Ac- 
clHim of Royal Fox -trotter 
■' at Quebec. 


4Br ISJISI fr 4 sra la T*> H«niu TategrspJi.l 
• QUEBEC, Bept. 13. 
.Not Only la djgficing one of the favorite 
pastimes nf the Prince of Wrhv, but he 
iO audi an- aCVomyt-hCil maelrr cf that 
art that hie partners must aCsr into 
eupcrlnflvea to ej press their mpprccia.-' 
tloa. | 

Whatever the Prinre'n statua as s 
traveler." there ia nothing incognito aboot 
his duncfaf, " .- ■ 

"The Prince raveabi great iudiudual- 
ity in his dgD.cne;:,he is estremelj moai- 
cal hod had a ttue eanre of rhxthm." 

That was the vafdlct of Mrs, I. M. 
BoQmerj wlfe'nf the director .of tba Wei- 




dorf and filler New Tirk hotels, sftee 

she had danced with His Royal Highness 

in the mirrored ballroom of the Chateau 

i b'rnntenad bis first snil only .night hen. 

Limi Renrrdw sat out the flriL dsnee. ' 
But his. inlpatieace .to dtl OH the Oohe 
ruddenfy converted hi™ into the Ptia'c* ■ 
of Wale*, a familiar figure, of London'* 
smartest tance rfuh*. Beginning with the ■ 
anrobd number, th* foya! foxtrottar na* 
fixated pradirsUy tbe cflrii prnjtam. 

Hi* partner in his first dance was Miss 
rhylue. BnretaL). daughter or the wealthy 
international, lumber' merchant. John 
BuretslU The Prinrr had remmbervd 
Mute Bvathlt ns o«e of hid dan ring; part- 
nera of hia 1B11* *isiL Hii next unesj 
.*»• with Mrs. Btomer. 

"-There n re no words in our language . 
to desitnate (he chartnibs; personality *( 
I^ord Renfrew.'; Kt*. BoCmtr said is) 
'amplifying her appreciation Of the Prince 
Bn a dancing mate. 

Another round of golf occupied a aharsj 

of the Prince's time to-day. In the aft- ; 

erneen tbe heir to the nritlab throa* 

1 left for the West, spending half an boil . 

ra rente it afaatreaJL: 

. : :'-v;;.^ 






Astor Artivti mi Xtonituii Alter 

VnomtioE of Six Honlhi in Europe. 

Will Appeir ia 5hak«tpr.»ri«n 

Flays ud One by John 

' u Soon n Screen 

Work Ii Done. 



W J 

breathe n sigh of relief. John 
BarrymoTe. H hack in tois 
oo'aatr.* ready to atart for California it 
we*, where lit will take the leading rale 
*n""Bef.n Broajnrrt." Mr, BirrTwe 
arrived yesterday on the Msnretanja 
ftfons a air. months' vacation spent in 
Rutope. and he announced blojself "s 
ready M jo to work. He leaves to-day 
tiiffii Century for the Coast. 
. l*jr wort Sir. BarryTaore does nor 
mean motion pictures alone. As soon as 
■ be ' iriibf^ "Beau . Brimmer be will 
eojnB back to New York to appear fit 
"Btjnlet," "Kiehard the Third" ■.nil an- 
other oesc. PlBI written e«p*o;slly for 
jtlip by Michael Strange, L"n fortunately 
motion pictures wltl nt>* get any oT there, 
tit atf liirm beStifr destined for stage pro- 
rtarticn. Although there in ■ tatfitc 
that 'com* dap Mr. Barrymore may bring 
■'"Hamlet." which is his taroiite, into 
motion picture*. He admitted yearerdn? 
nooVr crnos-eiaminnliou that he would 
rathe- ulay Hamlet than anything; elac. 

"If yon keep- on acting Hamlet lonrfi 
cnouxii fow. may bo able to play !l home 
Urne." Mr. BarrynMre. slid. "Bin I 
don't, expert to see it properly iila>rs! 
until 1 *m IK) rears aid and pains >o 
the theatre in ■ whcel-cialr. Nothing 
TOCOfccIW one 14 ranch to p'ayin,,- o co- 
I m-i'i*!} mi plsying In scriou* parts, aU 
thc^ng-h one sometime* achieves comedy 
In the most serious of play*." 

Ht rove this Istler remark ji* nn 

Mr. Bairynwre as+d ibst he disliked 
hu part In "The Jeat" more than auy- 
:hinr; h<- ind eve? done. "I disliked ft, 
but I stuck to the part anyway." he 
laid. OtliT ihint- that had nothing In 
do wirh the motion picture?, hut which 
irs lfitrr<"iiri£ to hit admirer* wm ebc 
ftiwer^on 'hat the reputation for tern- 
pwumto^ is * valuable a^tiurftjn», i!j.i 
his arlniiradon nf Rleonora Duie. 

Acd hj- tho by. we undrrKInnd that 
Mm*. Ei»no*m Uase bs.s brpn oftfrtxl a 
fKbtilncij ntLTD to mskft s picture tTter 
fih>» iwarbt* America. Whether or not 
■h? wiil neecpl ilii.ii.-t another thing. Mr. 
Ba^iTttOrp H-btn jaked to rommeat on 
Affl(i«na« Phi*' Midi th« be era* ferr 
-Utblll^irL'c -nvfr tbc r«--[ that febe id j 
boa'nf to Amertcm, but ho matte nu 
toieni-nt *n the moeie-n flirtuje^effer-, 

Plarenoe Uiile. wjo m.* alto nn the 
lfaurrtflpia <xiih her bAuband', Vljuc! 
Thdrxip.-o^. ^are a perfoTiniiiire on i"i:n-,i 
tlir "I^v on lier woj ots.-, and lir. Bar- 



Tltr rir»I I icht Fir [Bra. 

TV |MB£nff or Sipno^d I.ubin and th- 
Fi-i? ■f-'.-'ir.'O igit put Ahv Elnat«ln in 
a remLui -«.'tnt jmnj vfitcrduy. lie. i-in- 
■tfej'.i nm< m New Voi-b to attend tlic 
BCht and tfrpptd 1 [11 at t Jii otEi-a foe a 
fbat. Ccjaitn^ from I'hiladctpltb. Ii" Ih 
Cdiaillar «rir"j o'tE mem. Tjaitin's cnli.r- 

|i-iv'- H |j!iiL f.iiLiiri-r :iiiU lUDHUiK. Ilr 
ibM alnuL ihc Mi>';irr! FitxttoiniutiK-liiDi 1 ^ 

3-.'ff:-ie.i UsEtt which rm\ place before I sir 

x-jitJL' of muLir>n pictinvii wax cNtai'Ei»hi.'d. 
: llr. Lnhin wun yitf ansioU« t„ SP t iln 
flplt pittuM 1 ! nf lliese two paxilistx. Wi!- 
!|*f.n A. Iir:vJv who wai :;'i' ,v«t In- 
trreateJ iij motion pk-tliJTi. neomi-it uii;. 
orehtutiM. Xu (me elte woalil linlwi 1 1 
. Mr. Labia's rp)ue«t thnl he be tu'roiiticu 
Uf iiiin tii-idiAmpIoD?. Fitiii^ in .ileijiulr 
be f Bfajnd Bi!!v Le^don to piiy tlrn part 
of Fit£xinMiicin< ami Jauk Uctonnick nf 
Chirjuf' to ji'fl.v (he |ijrl o( Jeffrie *l*li- 
tratoer anauri itrd wifli the I'eal bint pal 
theau twtf p<H*iidt> tliJitirn Ljiriiu>:.i iln-ir 
iweei and aftrr tin- film «%it takeu it 
Waa raleaaed with tie eaptlqh ■■Jlepru- 
iloceJ I'Vnm the KiLuimm^im-Jeffrii''* 
HC No use eonkl find anj J rmiil 
Mththiji became Mr, T.o-jJvi wdh itot trj- 
jnjr to aoMi hh ma'tce-lHtlieve it^J.i oiT af 
fbt jckI thing. 

Here far the ri|.ki. 
Aaruo Joftetf. Itiium;,. '* famaiim \\\>-.u- 
tic#l magnate, li in (own. Thii time be 
i!M jioi f-'mr to liu>- piehires cr ta£k 
»hop + hut eame to wv tht pnteflg^t' and 
Tclth Ilebett Kane he pne nf the in- 
t«re»t:d ■pertiter* of Ilat 'nigkl'a bocl. 

j Direciora' Association and If. P. T.. 

I 0. A. Ajflin Talkinj of Arraaginy 

Beleaics Direct lo Owners cf 

Theatre*, trot Plana Arc in 

the Air— To Film "The s 

fftxt Cotmi." 


Ite r*ttrn»d Tratrrda-j- fr.ui 
? H* «»l k=j to <Iie h. ii.i*t 

rjj stufr pbotornphfi 
ii e spent the Snmi«" 
nriietiiiLfl" for Warne' 


The T'ird that the Motion Picture i>l«- 
rriburorV been talliinf 
bjeitubasi with (h« .Theatre Owners' Ui»- 
rri'ii..i.i^ Corporation brings ina hack CO 
the itarliur. iinii'it of the eThildtora 1 dew 
'-cortwrititfTi- A* lung ego as the Wash- 
ington convention the' Motion Ticturc 
Direciora' A>ioeintion of ..on Angele.i 
sent David Hartford to eonfer with the 
SI. r. T. O. A. for the purpose, of or- 
ranging ■«nf' Rort of plan for distribu- 
tion d.rtvft to the exhibitor. Then came 
a series of confcrtnixa in which the dv* 
TTrtori I'xprmiica incm^riti-i ns irnntine 
to have the theatre otnreirt (okc n hslif] 
in tijutribmipn and isow that the distribu- 
tion organisation is an .irnniiihlishf-il fact 

tt 1% nn)f i.amru], Ud .Jiif cf ffce'. 

.;i:ri. tbot the directors and tbc exhibi- 
tors shindi! work together. 

The pltM 0( the ft*W Theatre Own en* 
DlotTibutinjr orgAniiation are too uncer- 
i:iih yet t.i pennit u.iy.tjinK flifiuflr. but 
wo htor from a Tcry reliable wuifi. (hat 
one. of th<> heat known, sibta in the lirai- 
tirsa ii now talking iboji t a [he Ul -r.- Also lettera Einvf in-rn ex- 
changed lietweeu the diutrihutiug eoni- 
ponj and. some enT the higgc^t ilirectnt-" 
in the business, but, as nae nf the men 
said jesterdfly when naked to conHrm iSV- 
report that within o few weekt. definkt* 
ajinoaneemenit. will he", it in irn|t«u- 
sihLc to cii-fir... a contract when it has 
nut «;; yc-i !:.■■-.. feigned. 

1" addition to the stare and directors, 
we understand. onteni have been mode ror 
Revetil |.i(.luri'.. that are nlrr-inJi com- 
pleted and for the rizhta of oVefOT more I 
well known j.J.-ijn »nd ikivHf. One tlifiifi [ 
that is certain Ik that the* Mniton Pit- I 
turc Directnn* AjnoeiatEon j . jn tlnjEy j 
tnueh with Uu> TJirntrr Owners,' Ufhtrib- i 
utihg Corporation ahd will mnke jnVrurf* I 
with a view tn relenairiii them iJiTfet I 
! to the UteatjT ownsrE. ■ fy \„ ^„; r | that 
j backing fortlienrtilna- and i 
[ that some nf oor big dLreeton in the nn- I 
anelatinn will war. up tn wM-k nn Kpeciala [ 
to ho wloiiRMl through the T. l>. D. t'. 









-Up Bnle lis J. stnen nin 
\VK(eh I* Srliinluleil foe 

■ n 

..I.-H "Oi-i the asnki 
]-:«rlj Iteleaae. 


The film people never ini>r. nnvtliing tiki, 
thin and there were enough motion pic- 
ture people on band iatt night to go n 
lonz ivn.v toward pajinK the nir.uun. of 
money paid to pngULats. 

Sain Wood, havimg fininhed. votii 
on "His Children's Cliiidrcn,*' Arthur 
Train's book, in now read y to tackle an- 
other job. Thii job will he "Th* Next 
Corner." whieh hns been boiiE'it by ^tH • 
Jordan and will verve its a Famous PJay- 

er-Laskj product ion_ fie has gene to 
The .''.!..:<! to make t*ie pictarc, 

Nell .t.-rnrthT In Toern. 
Neil MrCartbj, who In to til* film fnlk 
out an the Oust what Nitliun 
is in New York, i*i in town on business. 
Mr. McCarthy, as one might infer bjr 
litis, is oiio of our leading motion ph> 
Uye lawyen. ■ 

An.iiFKT rrii:rnr.ii trareler of interest 
ta the motinn. pLeiure indnstry ft Ctp- 
taiit J. Potter, who catnc back on the 
Mnuretnnia yeaterdBy after managing 
"■Little. Old NewTork" and ■'Enemieit of 
Women" In the Empire Theatre Ln, fjon- 
ili.ii- While abroad Captain Potter '.li 
nin. ."I Hrlneeiis Mnry to act aa the spo-n- 
nor fur "Eneoiien of Women," Captain 
Potter will return to Charles DLUtngliara, 
n|ii l.-in!Fi! him tu the llearst cirganiifa- 

wlib Scene, 

n-rmitr (a apeak to fne 'I". O. C- ("- 

Fur the- t"«nr h^inK nt least tiie fselgthTy 
pnrhlems nt the Thmtre Owner* ChtiTn- 
btr pf Commnrre T^iTI hr fnrj?itt"n whij? 
the member* linErn tn IVter J. Pratty 
tell a few factn ahnut iniiii-irt niet..rri> 
nii'i about the new Federaticui Bdjik trf 
New York Cltf. Mr. Hrady w t&egtiust 
of honor n*»t Tnenday at the lutmhiHin 
and he will talk t« ttm theatre. owners 
immediately after the luncheon. 

until to-day. With her am all daughter 
Patricia and her mo-ther, Mioa Owen 
will be n passenger no. the liompri; to- 
day. u'liiisf tn London, whortt she witl 
].lny. ihe lending role in a prodnctlon 
td be made bj the Ideal Films, Ltd. The 
interiors will be made In London and 
The exteriors, in the, south of Franine 
cnnrAtite^l to fiivc ftlinost the tMimt qual- 
ity Hi" Kimaliine or cur own California, 
Menry Colgate will direct her. 

n-f.Biiiv«.r Tfavalres. 
The CapiTAl this week lias a picture It 
believes will he of internet to a largo 
percentage iff the ?*t>w York popn'iilion. 
Kliniir filynn, who is rCnd by the butch- 
er, thr baker and .the candlestick maker, 
is Cho author of "Six Day," the leading 
film production nt this theatre next 
week. Charlc* Brahin, who, in addition 
I* beinn the huaband of Tbeda Dura, b 
Me., where llie cxteriora nf the [rictmn! | flu * ppoduerr i.f ^Utlvcu,' 1 one of last 
season's ancceaciiMi, is the director of "Six 
3 'ii L v". ,: In addition to this tiotdwjn be- 
lieiea it hsn a east it c«n do n little 

AI Kaufman Conilfit: Here. 

A] Kaufman, who has hecn npftointerl 
as business manager for the Thomas 
Meighan Company, is coming lo New 
York to b« on hand for (he filming of the 
next Thomas hfeiglian pirtnre. Jle will 
go with Mr. Heigh wh, l!^oth Torkingtnn 
and ThnmaH l.erahtj tv Kennebunkport. 
Me., where the --- 
will be filmed. 


aha i-»i>r. t,. fate llrari nrxi week 

la '■IJ«ilcj-," f h«r Ir(f>( iiL..[lcn 

pfetar*. Inltrlf 

The giant dirigible XH-1 pauaed on its 
trirtl trip tivkt the eas'lic Ki-ene of "Yo- 
UdiIa.'' At that iiartit-ular momeut Itob- 
erl >'igO(ila «nJa direeling fl aceue in front 
of the castle uf Duke CharEes. tba Bold, 
of Burgundr,. '"ontrasL between the sil- 
ver sky boat, the Intt degree of twen- 
tieth century ingeauity and the mediaral . 
taatle with itif ■iirT4uadinx moat was re- | 
mnrkel by many people- For the moment 
twentieth' eentury progress interfered , 
with the filming of a t s =..- scene ami work | 
was sti*Mii.rJ until ihe . dirigible pawed ( 
by. Mnroin llavles who happeued lo : 
he mi the set at the lime, got one of the j 
suiivenlr leaflets llini fell from the j 
ueriitl ship. 

Rata tit Michigan, rvmrentlosi. 

II. SI. HiLrhey. Ihe good-looking young j 
executive m .-n ■ i :■ r.v of the Michigan The- j 
lire Owner*, mid yoatptitsy (hat the date [ 
uf the Michiesn n-onveutiuii has bteti 
i-!ii;ir V .-.i tn October In anil IT. lie n- ' 
teiidx n ivumi fcivitatiuii to all Nea* York- ' 
r-rs to coIUe tu hiH city ami tnke n look flt 
ii..- MU'blgav film men !« uelioa, Mr. . 
Ititehey ivrnmeati-d if|| the pnalileui of the . 
non-theatrii-al situattun hy aaying;: . "In ■ 
MJi-higan we realhc^ that the ■ iiun-ln-". ■. 
T. SL (', A- and the- rehovls ure very ' 
tleiiiiiie (■.:.< t'n,v.\ a.i education forces, and ; 
ere liave nn thuiigUt of doing anything 
j to chiuigp ihls. bvil Wb do think there 
\lnudd be K'-jjj.i-ii,' pfrtureK rrleased t" 
thf rnnrfhe«. Out tmen are very Irich 
mid diiv rentJilw ore rery high and it doe* 
not seem fair that we fhont.1 hare to 
have the c»mpe|iiinft of tie*- ■■lnirchrs and 
(he nrhortlii. We hellbM (be i m porta at* . 
v( hhrtwing edncatiuiisl pietttrts and ntt ! 
'■iiiii that this is being done, hut Wf be- : 
}'.—-.•■■ there shoUhl he n sharp distitietinu . thr. tbr«trie»' and non-tkcalricfll ■ 
He'd of eiitiTtainmenl." J 

Sib* Sill. To-day. 

Srena Owen was supposed to hive 

vailed on the AquiUhia Inst Ttieaday, hut 

TDe.inr a woman ihe had the rlg'-it to 

change her mind, m «h«- is not sailing 


|W the eampaigrt for raothers-tn- 
was being waged, continues at 'the 

• :IjUI11.i. N TV AN* OX. 

> tmt -y.-i/.t. .■■ Miri hf jji s ii j. tu he 
Ibe best thine she ta.Mw rv*r ritur, 
Is ihe attraction »i iL.r ftt.oM 
Theatre mis ranalnar »"l^ 

bragging about. Curinne G-riffith and 
"■Tank Mnyo are the co-fentured stars. 
In their support are Myrtle Sredmnn, 
Claude King, Maude Cienrgr, Snottis- 
wood Aiken, Charle^ Clary and Evelyn 
Walsh Hal. fluids I4erp:rc is r^spon- i 
siblc for the sdapzati^n. 

T« the Rivoli tbla week comen «nc of 
Pa ratnouiit'a widely diseuueed pfcUkr**, 
i "Zu±a." In addition to havini; Gloria ' 
- KivnbMun as the star attention it eallcd ■ 
I in Ihe fact that it is an Allan liwni! 
| prodnetLon, wbk-h meoiie that this aen- I 
| il'-sniiri in !---.- !■■ ri i « J !■ -.- f4jr th^ direeilon. ■ 
1 The Hrjeeu play ofbh written by Albert j 
ShcIby^Levine end is frym the. play hy , 
Hferre I)ict«on and Charle.i Simon. Jn ; 
the £ast k "tiu parting Mis^j Swao^m are i 
! Lucille Ln Verne, Slsry Thurmnn. Riley ' 
. IJaleh. Rogers Lytton nntl Itbii Linow. ! 
| H, Jt. Wfiru.Pi- plays Ihe lead opposite 
: Miss Kwansoii. 

I "[>ulcy t " (he lady of mniiT brnmiden 
I and [ilntitudes, comes In the Strand next \ 
[ week. ConntanLi- Talmadite it ereating 
i for the aortea the enitanr that Lynn 
i FontainL- did so much far in ibm atage 
vera'ntK The play, hy llfivnt Kaufman 
j and Mnrc (Vtnnel!>-. wan anopted for the 
: screen hy Juhn Bmtiatitn and Anita Looa 
I ii nd Siiftiey A. Frunlilin has directed it 
j for F-'irwi Xati'»unl. "JJuky>" aiTpp<irt- 
! nig cant includes Jank Mulhall, flKiul" 
i OHHninratet 1 ,, May vVIlsoi), John Har- 
\ ton, Ann I?ornwalF, Andre de Beranger. 
1 fiilbert UnuglaH m«I M.Ui DaVUporT, 
] TJi'- i-hicr .iiiifiir.iii at the Illaltn thin 
L-oming wee.t will he ^llltAm de MiHe's 
I nrflBtlKien, "Tbe S^Hrringe Maker," with 
| Agnes Ayrei nnd Jm-k Holt in the lesd- 
i iug mien. They are suiiported by 
fharle- de Hnche, Mnrj Aatar and Rob- 
ert Aa-nrw, "Tlie. Afarriage Maker'' is 
r adc^lrii from Kiluard Knobioek'n [day. 
I "The Faun." in which William FsWtt- 
shnm m-ured n nraga KOceetts same aea- 
aoraa agu. 1'lnra Berauger, who lis* wrii- 
1 ten the tediti for all WUIfnui de Milled 
J reeent plirture.a, wrote the scenario. 

•"Sltilliei's-Iii.ivaw." which I ueeiued Lo 
hare Sanded mi Broadway just about^the 

Uv. _ 

Cameo for another week, llaston Ola^s, 
Until Clifford. Kdith Yorke and Juaepb 
Hwlchrtrd hnve ibe leadi&g rofes. 

The "notable production at B. 8- Sloss'fl 
ilr^adway Theatre next wrek will be the 
official pictures taken of the' I-Jenipae.t- 
Flrpo eiiompionsiiip bout. A bill oT B, 
F. Keith saudevitle will also he pre- 

I'realdfiht lo life PJetBTe. 

So fat President Coo! i tig* has not 
evinced very much interest In picturea. 
So it is af interest to hem- (bat a eom- 
mittee from the Nntional Preaa Club nt 
Washington lias notified William For 
thnt "The Silent Command" v-ill l.e 
nhnwn to-ulght for the entertainment of 
the President and nther guests nf army 
and navy officers: and national officials. 

CnMed KlnKdiiTii Ueti floiorr*. 

While we are on the suirjeet of the 
fight pictures, "word came to us yester- 
day iliat Arthur Jjerty, who only recently 
came'to ibU country after aeeerol yeara' 
stay in Europe, hns just dotted n eon- 
ir;jr[ for the Cniicil Kingdom for the 
]>emps**-Firpo hght. pieturea. Mr. 
Lereyjs assorialed with the rathe-Fre- 
res Film (Jomn.any In Paris 

Film* of OccDpatioTr Keach United 
Statei ftut Two Wtebs After the 
Event and Are Being; Distrib- 
uted: to Key Cities by Aero- 
plane—Will Be Shown 
Here To-dmy. • 


Without, wishing to brif or anything. 
Paths News ndtqita a beat in picture* 
of the Italian occupation of Corfu, 

On September 1, acting upon Musso- 
lini's ultimatum, the Italian. tfoOPf 
tihe^ed tie lowq. landed from Ita!ia» 
warship*. And r>eeupie<l Corfu. Greece, 
Tbi-ongh a fortunate chain of eireaia- 
ataneea. an'l of counjo at the risk of hl» 
life — ita alwayn that way ifl fftradom— 
a Pathe \ewn t^imeraraan got ' aboard 
an Italian warship vritb the troop* and 
landed at Brind]*', near Corfu. 

The. Pethe pictures ahow neenes of 
the; landing of the troops and tfan Reii' 
nr* of (be Town by tie JiaHnp marines. 
Additional sbnls are shown of the 
Vrecfred huildinga and the dereitatloa 
t>f the Italian bombardment. 
. After inking, thr^e pictures were 
malted back to Italy fram Corfu; from 
Italy to for!.', and there placed npun rlic 
flrat ontgoia* ateaSHT, arriving in New 
Yoeb the alternoon of Frii|jy t Septetn- 
ber U. They wUl he ajkofrn in the New 
York Iheatrr-s far matinees to-day. 

Just two irreEcs elapsed from tfce day 
of the- occupation to tli- day of fba 
aliowina; on Broadway. 

Prints of this exrlush-e story are be- 
ing, rushed to the nearby key eJtles hy 
BiTiiplane and other fast ronreyaDrvs;, 
and the first-run hmises all over the 
country w;il he served In /his ninnner 
in irt-s than Two days. This Spfw^T ser- 
Vtea nf world-wide news is the result 
of TCmnnuel Cohen's eerent trip m 
t'.iirope. where he effeeted a wore 
deft rite eo-opetrHtion tietween Pathe 
News correspondents nn the contlneaL 

.Hadfje Rtosi (;t«ws Up. 
When "The Bnnks of tha Wnbash,'* 
the production directed hy Jt, ettnart 
Blackton, mokes It appearance there will 
he no one in the east of more interest 
than litrb- Madge Kvana. The little 
girl, who has been one of the best knoirn 
child ictreanea on the screen, hu Oud- 
flenly ferown up and will now he aee.ii foe 
the first time as. a ynung woman. Mias 
Madge has fulfilled all her ftarller prom- 
| (ses Af beauty atid" she Joelcs a little Ilka 
"Sola Ferguson in her beydny. 

""•I iTTl^g; fammlufi', T*ieior«. 
After having rome a!t the way from 
Los Angeles srith "Broken Hearts," an 
Irvinjj Curomings jiriwiuetiott, Mr. Cum- 
mings was gm[ifie<l that followiac 'the 
premier^ of the picture at the Criterion 
Thearrt. in Atlantic City, it has been 
linefeed by the fttnnler Theatre in Pii'ila 
delphid. it has nlKp played at the FinkEq- 
stein ft Hubin bouses in Minneapolis and 
St. Paul and received tcry favorabla en- 
Kngenient* frnoi wimc of Par best known 
motion: iiirthre eircuiut Having entered 
the mdependeni field, Sir. Cumminea will 
eontinn.e to produce, n sej-iea of inde- 
IfTitmnt pictures to )i» soJd on the 8tat»- 
right market. In "Broken Hearts'" he 
nffera thr following player* In Mi cist: 
Tolleen Sfoar*. Jnlmriji Walker. Allee 
i.ske. Tulle .Marshall, Kate Price and 
C reign t mi Hale. 

A astral l« IJItti the I'leiore. 
A eshi*. reeeircd rarJ'- In the week 
[ frw. ,lohn W. Hiekn, Famous Playera- 
i Lasky rep resent ati re in Australia, indi- 
I cntes rkal this couutry in going to follow 
in line with hbtt ont else and take "Tha 
t ^vpred Wagon ' to its heart. The pre- 
mier <Kr<.-iirreil Saturday, September & at 
the Auditorium Theatre at Meibonrnc, 

■ AuxTralia. and, aeoording ti> the cable* 

■ reeeived by E. E.- Khauer, it was well 
re e:n-fi. Before the Slelpniime OlJenlhg 

. "The (.orered Wagon" was screened 
prjvately inr members of the >> w aouth 
I Worn* and Victorian i^rlinmenti. Ar- 
I raiigemcnta Jiav* been '■ompbted for tb* 
; Sydney openinc early in October and it 
| " hoped that too Melbourne suceess wtt* 
i he duplteateri. aa "The Coveral Wagon" 
i ia reported to be One of the moat talked 
; of plot urea ever shown in Australia. 


Ht rrlurnfil jcilrnlrt/ Iruoi LOR- 

dati, plKr matiasrliiK: "l.mif 0-ld 
VeiT York" nd "Knenilr. - «f 

*'»"»•" . 1 1& 

The i ful.i ■■ n nii-al. 

IasI night the OOwtar nf the radio wahj 

) ap:-areut to the motion piemre theatre 

j «WHM*u Mesft of the theatres did a very 

fH*» luisine**' du n i-. the fact chat eVerj- 

*de who had a radio at access f ana 

liHtcned iu mi the Bght. The announcer 

wck so goad that it wns pottsil^e to 5ft- 

[ kuutpe roiinii by roynd and realixine tbl». 

the (jiihli<- Ueserttd the moiiun f)U-tuyt"< 

[ to gel Rrtt hand news of ihe Dempaef- 

, Firpe fittht, -Rut aa one of (he theAtrs 

( tncu -..i-l 'TriH- liglita don't bapnon 

I every nyjbl and we arc not letting thU 

, uiie vrom ns. When the fight pictures 

sr& ready they ivilt more than pay for 

« one eveoing - » lou of huaines*." 


Pull ?lue of John Flina and An- 

nouncet He'll Takr Vacation 


rati. secrisUiey: Arthur M. Ilrilant. trea- 

P. A. I'anons, Herbert Crook.r, 
Thomaa IL Wllej. Waller Klurlmrrit, 
-TerOmi! Ik-alty. Jofrn l-'I'uB, IFoivnnI 
I lift?, Harry Tlslehenbaeh and '■-!' 
Yearalee sre iht> board of directors, and 
A. L. JSciir. dianoaaor V, s. i.hsmbtT 
Of Commerce. 




TIcTOt ShapiL-o. immediately after 
beiftff elected preaidant of the Associated' 

In the nrf»-j'i-i: of the oiit£oin£ pres- 
ident. -John Hina. ™bo \t in Kur.ijw. 
the year'a activitiet were reviewed hj 
llr. Hhnjiiro. He said: 

"In tie firs: ptafC* it is couepded that 
Ihe barker -y^u-M; JDHtinHH by iti-"- 
President, llr. Fiinn, has bceu MiCrexA- 
ful. Besiriu gleing greater opportunity 
for nbrijiking violets to appear Jrefoee 
'■<■■!■. it Rltnirllh'p.i Mir method of 

ercry one | 

. with no treat- 

fur [tattC, nuil we belie 
n^M't-N H niiihii il lie ctt-itie 

Thirdlj..thi- Nnked Tr'tli 0}aq#r. from : 
ihe Ktnndpoint nf urgauif-i'lr.:! ehlrivm-y ' 
and entertnnmetit jifTorded. rdnks high i i . 
thr: list uf ftijicriuns sm:ei>sfiillT carried 
run by r|te A. M. P. A We brUYve Ibat | 
not liPlf etimisEi credit 'ha* been given to : 
Mr. BoLsTord. upon ivli.ise shotl'ders : 
restpi the -;r« ." restaorislbilliy of Ibflt j 
dinner. ■ 

The Xakoii Truth Dlnni-r n;andn.onc fli 1 . 
an urganisatiuii event, heL-mise nb.nil j of ih>- bflrkcrsi in makiiiT Ills job "to eaay 

tiJajjer : p ri ■ I bettac hurt 
er ittJniiinioii fJuirgej. 

J'.Se.eiuii. in a - nin eh is.* nieiiihernbiLi 
toe iirgati:Eatimi it beins aon^bt with 

auonbl'la eaivrul'y hivra*-g5ed. and i arc | KY WIN I rlfj flAlf llrll 

'h-i'-i lK*ex-r.H^d in miikiii^ iiroaptfllVa ■* J ■* ■«-* "- 1 * VinilUI-ll 

meinl^rs fiel tiisL if its worth belpnnjne , ' , 

tn in worth waiting I" be fang '"■ l'««i* i ^ 

vii-.- -li-.-.-Ms.-iii wbmaBj lo thiink all (bos* T_;_«,*t:__ t. c.^-li. j_ x?.j _i 

.ih., helped i- mike tha uieeiirir« n«»re Injittction Ii Sought -in Federal 

itTartivv ami for Hi' Co* ro-operatinn Court tn "Praoent Sinirer Wnric- 

, u( th- hflrivm in makiiiT bis job to *»* ! LDIiri I0 "" ' " " 

t4O0 was ttirtted in lo the [reasup as a I '""« ihe nftieers flM bonrd af ditrctor- 
j.i.iiii. from the dinner. * i ojajd eOuiBlltt<*ei he espieseea 'his sincere 

llmisfci for Ihe'r Utltan^tl .:n-operat'on. 

*i. I'lipld" IB Irramr-. . ■ 


ing for Dillingham. 

iary to coufer Federal jur- 
■ a Maine 



Marion Pictura. Adrertlarra for the - haniil'i.- ■ ,-,;- 

year lB2a-l924 at the meeting heW On ! the mP rrnK 

'Jhunday aamouncad: i nr * uiatt*. ' 

-"In trying to ro.osai the foots ieps , - tt - P belim ibnl thi,- idea should he 

af h BJ prederraacT Ur . Urnji, 1 ^ttaat to j eoaHuiiH. with 'his added *«g K osHon: 

tdl I jou fellow* that 1 m leariw neal i Thn .ice nr(,«i(ieat, bimeelf make up the 

week for the Coast and 111 be. gone fair |j st of barken*; rhnt I'jey b.- published 

"■V*Ti°" " ... L . as far in advance a* powllil* iu the . - 

Tn« concensus of opinion was that the nnlite*. ami if any mr-m.1ier wlabeci to- be ' • il,i '' tw a '' miuilters. 

ortr preaUent bad a vacation eomiu-ic placed upoa the li< r>( faarkefa ifaut - I'irth. the year tdM> 

to Win! dnrlrn- thi« lo« yewe bo has | he get in touch wllli ihe vice president. 

''■Wan *Ice president and avtiog president | "Seeondl.f, auothr:- cvinstiiictfve »trp 

a 2»3l deai of the time to boot, . that has made far rlie belter morale of 

.Other officer* cleenH were: A. M, nrteimfl* U lh" (B>!leet|on ^f dollar for 

Botafofd, -rica president ; C. W, Bar I the meal at the door. This plan, speaks 

Fourthly, this ,ear j- mur^ed h, a j MRS. BARNES'S WILL FILED, 

Krrut,r (♦uriiluR iu th, tf&wtxj llian 

herrtoforp. Th*: factfl ,o«l (irure, lini-fl i The wlil of Mr.. VrjiB^ SI. Bam,,, wh.i j 

bccii m»U« iJain in -He crM.iir.r-. r.- I dini nn Annul M, «■„ (ilril for orounsr A|1 , rtj „'„' j, ai WQn broushl In tnullj 
pon. Jfonijrniore. it i. nor.- po,,jb|, . feiitnlw in =ht SirrojiMn', V""" »r I ;,, ;,,„ ,.„,,-,, Slnl0 „ ri[mtel Cou „ „,. 
for ptj JW1 n ? rj memlcr In ki,.,n- Ih, I tirl-m. & Ihu-d ol C Ricbaatr 1 In-*. | „, r lv ,„,„ Alston (.'ominnj i-Jlimf 

i_S* .^rfio.;',;/;; 1 , vs^Jt ; *•■< ^™. t w* B ™* « »w. 

ntueitu end bonds, vjlued nt ^J30*h t™ pniiestini ihe sig^luK Up of the tWfetid- 
he- husband. WiLUa JJncnes nf Weit [ ant wiili Charles n. Ilillingbam ami aab- 
I02rd atrecr. ^*|e^ renini-. « one- I f tnjm-ctlon pendini the auir 

tlnnl. valued ot S3S0QQ\ m I'll lo He. en , . .. ' , ' - , " 

K. Hanaer. a:»Ter-'n-law. i '" *"' ' Bflda f" 1 " 1 lKl tc,Bl - IWW**pM 

Tlier* are neverul minor bequest * tn j Mi>s tJreeile from performihil for any 
relit! ire*, and friends:. The value nf the theatrical eoarrrn oilier limn the com- 
«,.,. m*m,>° *J w V«^|jpW..»t Wnr, A«u. ; I, Vto. Tb, 
J amount involved la alleged 

(3,000 net 
indict ion. 

The i"oiniilaibuiit declare* if. i 
eornorarion, but arLUi iheatre* 
elty nrd eljwWlicre In the eountry tnd 
that Miss llreeae ix n residrut of Xea 
i'urk. Then it alleges that a ouptr*ct : 
ftfl* made tn .\;igvun, M90, wl%h Mfai 
tjrtriiL' autl In t husband, Jnmes [:.■:': v. 
(or one year at '¥300 n week. There la, 
as the bill -.'.■-. an Opliou i^-hrrehy Ihe ' Lanher and 3lorrUon In Aassrae 

Winter (iardeti Company ran rene» iV j ca>ar*« «f naaftaoilsng Police Dair, 
oontJu^t Trom lime tn lime and thne | ,.■ ; ,, ■,,.,-» t. ' * «. 

ret«;n rbe aervioea >.<t the ewupta. ' I »««*««■ '^Tid > , Lftmbart and Wil- 

11 ins il.icii. \i act : ll:ll>l '■■ Morrison, who have been Under 
inpenslon since July 3 on t ■.'harca of 

while In Cuhngo playing an engagement 
iu the eomplaiHant's behalf,- Miss UraOns 
ivalkad out and. lias since refused to air. 
pear in any theatre where the eom.ii lain- 
ant has directed! her to appear. Hence 
the vumpnny setks to prei-ant tha singer 
from nerfon-niD-c for anybody etae ud 
thut damneos may lis ascertained and 
givanled the complainant. 


status ftf our finances ur dii> lime, liy 
f>iihli-f!i?jg of the Iraasiirtr'a reports In 
tha Riiilctin sad by the publication nf 
all enromittec reports tu wliicli rannOy Is 
[-rJfl, This iiifnrmatio ajj m.irle nviil- 

. arku n departure. 
Reiclienbdih, "Vearkler end JIe H n» wpa 
have been celebrated. 

blub, ;;■■■ ftppuintnieiii qf n i !■ 

jni>. .t'.-i compoaedi of Herbert' Hoover 
Cruoker and Clenn Alrfne has meant 

petition; ia -ulae»d 
personal property. 


Tbe bill d.-s.-iir-- ■ 
oa a sipflias a»Jt "nuve!. unique and es- 

ira ordinary." It soyu her maniierisnu, ,;„i n _ tu * tt ij-n— jimu _- ,i,. -.-i;-. Vm , 
liaHini, »oicc ami case of manner make C,T ' D * ™ tWl!SOt,) ar ,hr nD ''" boot- 
ber a prime farnrite wiih the and I '-I iJJmury being conducted by Judge- 
render her, aeiTit-w Invaluable to the . Thomas T. C. Craiu; were summoned io 
e. f mpl«i B aat It say- many other ni.e -| p ,j f , rtn f[fp w „ IftOB y and rein- " 
itiiitga about her. even ileelannr lier nrr , . , . , * , * ... 

would eo well in nuy miwi.-al comedy. ! ,,tat « ™ r "« "tnutei, so that an add<- 

Thcre wii no rift in the relations be- (j 1 enfll m* 1 "!* co, « d bfl preferred ag*ln«t 
tw«n tbe^liarcics, says the HU, natil Mr. tn r™' t. . . : . ,~ .« 

Hlyfey- fell 111 abnilt a year ago. nnd re- Tt l r ntK fnarga ia neglect of daty. 'in 
tired from tb* act. Then, it says, tha I tbar ihty atoiped an auirvoaobiit ronuln- 
contraet— rii'l with The optional clause— ' 'hg alleged Uuuor an W«i Thirty^seMntb nmilflrd to hive Mis, tirwne ap- *tree[ and railed- hi bring to tb* sratioa 
rtaj*r atone, lint at tESO n week. Tope op I »ud P'" iin*ler arrest the person or per- 
May "i», ltr-J.1. acordintr to llpe bill the ! son* iTnusiMiviinc -he alleged hnuor; and 
rn-n tract pis renewed fur anuther year ; denmnded ami rwe'.ierl (2 iW6 fur falling 
from August 1 last. to talon e said pernon,, or peraoaa under 

'e bill declares, arred.'' 




nrvLiSHBD cmi bxkdat. 

; Pabllcnrd b-r TrtE utwin «;ra,isHi?.T, roiiPAsr, at Na. 8» BUMa Av*nu». 
roar Fiftieth Street. In liis City ot Now York, fforoggh of hUnhattan. 
".W. T. Lewi*. Pr~l*>nl, BBS HAtb Avenue. Kdward H T Thames. Vie* FtisUent. | 
ft Elfbcb Arena*. J*bn J. Jfell, Jr., Setntary and Treasurer, BSO Elehfh Arena*. , 

T*l*SBe**, S4**j Cirri*. 

last* eB*ek* pijihr-: to To* Xctnlnf Telegraph, S» Efgbtk Avenue, S**" Tor*. 

f -' Tie raising of Stgmuod Lobin brings back * wealth 

V* Bow Chn- Head of HB ,o toBfnefi lo thll p i 00 „ rB i D th* motion pietur* 
Memory- <*f StfF- buaineia. 'Top" Labia, is be was called by faE* em- 
LsjfcJn, PifH plojeea, bii busbies* ***oeiai** *nd even strantera, to 
— - p r ^ whom a* w»v Only i'buof, wm on* Of the f*«t to dls»v*i 

the portftiUiie* of the morion picture *■ an entertainment- 
Formerly an optician of modest bum, be became a mli- 
p and built up what was probably the Urgest film producing plant In tin 
I States at the time. Located In Philadelphia, the studios were pointed oat 
t of th* abow plaws of the Quaker Citj. A monument to indultry and an 
mtarprta* of which the whole town was proud. 

1 Then cAlne a change, Tht neimarioa written by the street ear conductor sod 
atwotblaek were no loafer popular with the motion picture rwtrona. They de- 
I of hbyher Mental qualification. Well-known writer* were tn- 
I ta eoatrfbut*. High prices war* being paid for novels and pJay*. The whole 
, of Him production waa rmduill? undergoing i rftaogo. Mr. Lubln, who 
bs*a a*dt hie money at a time when there waa little rompetlms and when be and 
other members of the Patents Company hart had a monopoly of th*. distribution, 
0#lti picture, did not meet with thai change. He continued in tit old way. and 
leartaad af a paying business he began to lose money, lie competition of new 
blood with MW Idea* waa too much ""for him and, with many of the other men who 
war* really tb*' pioneer* of the motion picture bnsiue**, be withdrew In favor of 
' th* arw dement, 

Thoss who ware closest to Mr. Lubtn ne-d that hi* financial leasee and bis 
liatinrij lii n«el the new conditions broke hia heart. The motion ptetanr* bnaineaa 
| w*t hi* chUd and when gradnally It a1ipp«d thxoagh hie handi it waa Hke losing 
. mu aw near and dear. 

tftnoanyof thoa* men wboblaied the trill an^hollt a foundation foe what was 

dajgtfalftd to be on* of ih* nroat important industrl« In the world, Sigmond Luhin 

' awlTTll grtit credit. He built a monument to hluaclf that will dctce he f->r R o! 

taa and to hi* [wiling til* moUnn picture indoatry baa loit I man who haa c*o- 

taftoted ■abftfi.ntlally to the BdTanceiqjnit and progresa of the clnenia. There aro 

new facta, new bltwd and new Ideas and new ldeala, but none of these fasro glren 

tnr mora to the ultimate welfare than the man who first saw in the strips of 

celluloid and In the morinf picture camera the possibilities for entertainment^ 

ag with many others who bare oceaifoB to remember Blgmond Lobin and 

■ first zecelTtd their Icitructious In the waking of motion pictures from thla 

> old mas'; we pause and how due bead In respect to the memory that will 

[ after he baa gone. 

In the neat ten years, who can aay what new forces wlU be at work to relegate 

I preHBt leader* into the background! We lire In-* day of change*, Tn a time 

t BflV*n«R*nt takes head of no man We' bat* to bow to the. inevitable. This 

i ore of tb* tragedies that -come* into the Irres of many men who bare nestedi 

t industrial eirclei, ar4 or literatnre. 


5 Motion Picture 

> BWsnWS* 

Another sign of the times — organEzatlon. Ijp to (he 
present M per ctnL of the people or the United Stales 
haTfl organised themselves into blocs, clnhs, unions and 
whatnot*, and the other 1 per cent, htre bc.<m eihlhitors, 
But tber* 1* hope, and the Canadian men are showing 
the way. 



The ^beacra owners of thla country hare in the past 

fflonrtrated ItUls appreciation of the benefit* of getting together. There hare 

t eoirrollHons, hut at *bnost all of the** affair* of national scope (actlopal 

l peraoiuil flgbt* hare been preferred to fraternal action. 

HofrsTCE. the old order aeemi to be changing. Canada haa oignlaed and 

'ormed tb« Brit InterDationil alttance Of picture theapn men, Tba;sbjnrflcance 

f the Cao*diBri marement sfemg to lie En the tact that they h*Te merged them- 

tWts completely with the American organisation. They have not. a* njight-Kftys 

fieea eir>cted. cum* to a loose ngreement with their American colleagues. So 

r is their belief in tlaae Mganixatlon that they have preferred to lose their 

own Identity to a certain extent and bare taken tba ultimate step in founding 

* 'Cajwdtan division of the Motion Picture Theatre Ownera" of America, A* an 

-antaunm of submerging personal identity for the cause of the general group there 

It .her* a good leiaon for the exhibitors helow the border. 

-.At the *ani« time even a eaaoal obscrrer of exhibitor currents would be afita. 
*a notice a general letdown In the old Antagonisms between the several American 
bodies. Daring the past week aome of Michiinn's "radicals" Hb*« been In New 
York conferring with the State and city unit* on the best menu* of firbllwr the 
admission tax. When it came CCj a showdown with the machine operators the 
Cohen organiaatiottiCtbe Chamber of Commerce and the Brandt group were dis- 
covered sitting amicably around foe same table. 

In fact optimistic persons in the film industry are saying that the next year. 
Or at uott two, will aee a -real alliance of 'all the exhibitors In the country. 
fltrangcr thing* have happened, but not much. 

wgjs n THE UNSUNG 





IDIIf III IHIUlMltl! lUIUBJIIIIf IIHIIIIU lUllllflllllltllll lltllllll! Illllf lirillltll ttflialllltlMat 

Editor** JFotP^T** s*o(i«a. p*ot|ir« flres* ajewt, v/lo %at Ucn juried a* kat^n j 
, ajwra eSjsclhft «• hand tAaw any other .kit-man Txiitf, it cvri«usfv silewl iSAsn, it 
; Winn to falhwip afiowJ himrtlf, U* V*& ac into rkmpwdiet over hit atari, \it' 
apj a and Jm> spiipcny, but he hut noth\*g fo soy of Mi Pint acMevcmnntt, Th# 
Stoning Telegraph hat decided to run a serin of articles on. thcie men uAa tin<t 
wAcmt otkert. T\it niitattmrnt of the teHet it Joiepk Jvckum, president of the 
"Wcttern. ilatien Picture -AtMrtiterf Aiatniution. and manager of studio pubifci/y 
for Ooldisyn. *~ 

- Although tram KcotDcky, Joseph A. Jackaon, msnager of the Ooldwyn Coast 

•tadio* pQUidty and president of the Western Motion Picture Advertisers, uses 

''Mb dialect Only when bis angry passions are aroused, which, of course, being lathe 

. picture business,, j* very rare indeed. Be wa* born 

la -Winchester, Ey., on the eUh of .June, l&M, and 

as he put* it "of poor, but fairly honest parents." 

While in high achool the yonth'v father steered 

Mm Into a job a* reporter on the Winchester Sun, 

*n fll-Bihiasd more, says Joe, because It made him 

"What be Is to-daj- 

At th« *g* of 19, having been graduated from 
Wealeyan Collert, In the Bine Grass State, with a 
B. S. degree, he beeinie editor of the home town 
paper. In addition to this rn viable post, h* was 
wrrespondent for aeveral metropoljtaiei dalUea.and 
made It bis busiuesa to call the attention of the 
world to the live-wire boy editor in Winchester. 
When be felt that he had done all he could for 
hia home town editorially; he sought the bright 
li){bta Id oar big city. After two yean tu the 
Pulitur Prise 3e*ool of JoaroalUm,. at CohtDbta 
.University, where ha earned a degree, Joe con- 
tributed masterpiece* to tbe ?Tew York World until 
the war intervened. 

Aecordiag to his own report he served Unci* 
Sam quite ioglorionslr se chief yeoman, in the 
■ or to* Nivai I&teJligence. after which ha returned 
to eh* World is assistant dramatic editor. For one year he helped tedl |4aywrfjbt* 
how to writ* plays, and when the teak seemed quits hopeless, h* desparred of erer 
.(DBTindng them and tnmed bis attention to Hollywood nod -the silent drama. Is 
."off hours" Joe has written And produced three One-act plays, "The lie-Take," "A*k 
Dad, He Knows" and "The Iron Judge," and he has a trunk full of other* which 
tuy be foisted on an unsuspecting pub!tc on* of these daya. Toning off play* ha* 
fwoora* * habit with Liim, He just tan't itup. 

. Th# cieJuas to fame of Joaeph Jackson are many. He bts b**n referred to as 
.- ^tt* world's handaosoest press agent." He acquired «mie notoriety by spending 
^aura* dan In a Los Angeka Jail for speeding. He owns s u overcoat cut from the 
***** bolt a* the blanket of Yom Mix's boras. The garment is known fn Hollywood 
a* "Joseph's «a£ of many color*." HI* plaited trtmaen and hit daxallog neckwear 
lit known from coast la coast, and they do say he's a panic a* an after-dinner 
*" ~ ..yR* oWt know. We've aorerheard hinv 

IK spite of Frank Tiller's cdltorlsls In 
th* London Cinema tograpb, and En 
spite of the many bitter dennncta- 
tlona that have been written against th* 
American films, their- cheapness* their 
falae idealism and their inability to fur- 
nish adequate entertainment. .Ilka the o!d- 
fuhloned Caatoria, th* English people 
continuft to cry for them. LTtghty-fiv* per 
cent, of the pictures shown In Britain 
bear the stamp of an American film 
manufacturer- Sren the most antl- 
Aaierican wlU have to ndro?t tbo tnlth of- 
this; alto that the electric light *hrns 
along Piccadilly show an overwhelming 
majority of American stare. . 

Th* British producers, alarmed at th* 
popularity of time foreign players, have 
tried to introduce propafinda' of a pa- 
triotic nature, urging that English people 
pntrooisa EngHlh pictures. Th* peopl* 
hare failed to see the point la this and 
condmio w spend their money wher* the 
American "favorite* ar*. shown. The ths- 
atn owners who have been approached 
on the subject hare comoont and flatly 
announced the English pictures are 
shown at a loss, wbilo a good American 
picture with a well-known star always 
does bUslncst- 

Money i» beine spent to bring over 
some of thcaa AmericAa favorites, but *o 
far these film* h*va been only fair. The 
climate is so aasinat fibn production and 
the technical equipment fall* ao far she. it 
of oar studio mechanics that np to tb* 
present tima we have had very few Eus- 
llab productions that could ba classed 
even with the average American picture. 

People wko LLt* In IUslp* H*«h- 

America has ei pressed a wilUnaneaa to 
show tbcio English picture* as- soon as 
something that will appeal "to the people 
Is sent over. In fact, wo rather think 
the American distributor* will stretch * 
point to show any foreign film In orflcr 
to keep the good will of the film market 
on the other side. British writers on mo- 
tion pictures never inem to taho this into 
consideration, but continue to rave 
against our sidfv sentimental films that 
arc unfit for man or beast. 

Elgat out of ten American* will agree 
with this diagnosis hi many respects, but 
.they will likowiae fael indlutd to aay 
leben some of these busy writers cilale 
QzrVtha horron of the American film*: 

"What about jour oWu wales'? Peo- 
ple who live in glass bousen aaould not 
throw ■tones." 

1 have met nearly every IjfrallahjnaB 
who came to- this country with the Im- 
portant mission of studying the American 
dims, asd ao far 1 have met very few who 
did not feel they should expound their 
theories on the wioniu with every "■Til- 
Itun" m*d* In the U. K. A. "How this 
sbould be orcrcouM and that chanced, 
and this little thing dud," so that 
finally instead of a cheap' motion picture 
we shall have a Hue work of art. 

I always like to listen to people's short-- 
comings, add I am alwiys interested in 
w*ya snd means of improving the motiou 
pictures, but when an Englishman begins 
Cm our had picture* I e*:1 bewildfred and 
wonder. If be knows (tlltheife defects why 
he doe«a r t remedy them st home, where 
every' one agree* they are much more 
needed than in tbb country. 

Tiller An/alu.. 

air. Tilley it one qf thoia worthy Bcula 
Who lovo lo And the mote fn hi* brother's 
eye. He baa had enough material on the 
American motion picture lo supply him 
with meat for editorials for the next year. 
One of his most recent editorial* was on 
"Little Old New Xtrg." He said noth- 
ing of the virtues of the film, hut aaid 
plenty on the hick of Idealism la tne 

Maw one doesn't mind constructive 
criticism, bat when * writer base* his 
entire objection to a picture on soma of 
the characters it ia.too much. He ssys 
the plctoring of John Jacob Astor and 
Cornelius heroic figures ft 
characteriarle of America because it 
■hows two .very rich men whose treat 
wealth have made them, heroes of the 
American, people. Mr. Til ley did not 
take into consideration a atory of early 
New York could nut very well be' told 
without these two men. 

'One of the Enellah paper* came out 
and suggested ar clearing house foe for- 
eign dims, so that nil of the American 
product that did not com* up to standard 
cnnld be sent back. But the peOpfc F who 
are the ones to be consulted, demand 
American, pictures and **k why they 
should] be forced to see nn inferior clan* 
of pictarea when those with tba American 
trademark are so much better ind are 
avail a bio. 

Wetia Hat Bometblnar to ■**»» 

. Even. those who arc loud in condemn- 
ing our American film* still flock to see 
them. John o* London* Weeklfi a Lob? 
don publication, has joined In tho cam- 
paign by sending Out Invitations to 
weH-known artists umi novelists asking 
them to express lh camel vps on what bi 
wrong; with the 91ms. The response*, 
as retailed to us via the United News, 
an;s some of the response* are most cut- 
ring. For instance, II. < I. Welis, the 
novelist and historian, say*: "The cinem* 
people iMin to me to be utterly damned 

Or that of Jester Fsrnoj: "After my 
experiences with one of my novels my 
opinion* are absolutely unprintable,'' 

So sow several leading university 
authorities, co-opcratlng wnJi English 
producer* whose feeUngs have been, 
piqued b? the utterance* of men Like 
Weill *nj F*rnoJ r have decided to con- 
duct a rau&d-tabEe diteueelon ou the 
question, and have in vised the mora. 
e*u*fcfc critic* t» nJr their views oa-why 
they hate the films, ' 

"Why not a round>labEc conference at 
which, author* and producers could dis- 
ciis* the whole question -of co-opcratim, 
both In preparation of the scenario and 
asalstJHg during the direction of a film":" 
a leading British producer asks. 

■\Ve shall never ge£ any farther by 
)ast allagLfig mud nt each other. ' The 
whole uuatter will have to be threshed 
oat from top to bottom, and 1 ran* think 
of no beater commencement than for 
us to gat together and talk thing* over." 

The auswei to at] this Seems fas be 
the motion picture field is open to' all 
who make good picture*. > , 

A -MirrHuup gel. 

SurtietiJHi') 1 think tho motion picture 
indiisrqrhi too proas to us* arUectlvea. 
We speak ao lightly of * thing being 
magniiicieutj marvelous, remarkable, gi- 
gantic and .'gorgeous, ' that when' some- 
tblng looms up that Is really out of the 
ordinary we are hcgnsred for terms ade- 
quate to describe tfae new tienvstiou, 

I thought of thla titer seeing the castle 
Of the I>uk* at B-uraitody at th* Cosmo- 


Clarke tbEnki .onr menus are curious 
thinKS; sod she say* half the time "he 
is afrsfd to order. I could bot *r*>ie 
with her on (bat score for I do think 
English food, i* about the beat in the 
world,- even when l^riaUn culinary art* 
figure in tha" race. I its to much In 
London, I put on eighteen extra pouodj, 
and baving had an English houaeitceper 
for ten ye*» — 1 could not be disloyal 
enough to diaagreA on that point. 

Next .Wednesday, this afltn country 

fee Isn't Baying 

Thla TSKBug -rvoBSPin l« the eAltor u( 
ItcattLasv isl ak« lima ronif lo 
eatna arc ■• kt*d K* Frank Till 
(h*r atnMPk*r*. At »v r*«B 
to wy. 

fB*tn fcy CJlShdi l!*rrl». 

The CIrbirib. m. ledhlna; itrit inii poii- 
ibl* country to ftnd «nl It Ani + rl- 
■y ■»T"- 11 rr i cnlipi m ■ j hrlp di-nr 

w-c are pnbtuhinr w tin t ahe llJU 

politan studio* last Aloadaj. Marlon 
■Uavte* gave a luncheon to the motion 
picture critics to enable them to ace the 
set erected in the buck, yard ior "lo- 
Janda," her u«t picture- Seeing a mam- 
moLi castle on tns screen never means 
Very mucn In the uvea of the motion 
picture critics, but to actually «ce this 
castle built of real stone one Is impressed 
to what length* tbe motion picture p'u- 
dncers go to get effects. The castle, ar. 
enormous building, medieval in Us archi- 
tecture and splendid in Its proportions, 
■haws what one may expect in thbt 

The color of the costumes Is another 
thing that caught the eye that cannot be 
transferred to the screen. It. seems al- 
most too bad (bat this vivid effect cannot 
be filmed. There was every color In the 
rainbow. Mibji Llavles spends, her lit* 
with lUt? per cent sttencion to the pic- 
ture that she Is making. . She was CI' 
aetly llko the proud inocher of an outy 
child over this act lectures to her *r* 
Something more limn mere /ilium*, tin* 
goes to" every motion picture premiere and 
studies the 'production from every angle. 
9ametiiaes 1 chink that ;e why sbe Is 
becoming on* of our great screen ac- 
m*ae*- Mary Pickford has the same 
Characterisation, An intimate knowl- 
edge of everything that roe* into the 
making of motion pictures from th* moat 
Involved technical phase to the moat ar- 
tistic anglo of production. 

Tbe motion picture ptaycr who concen- 
trate* his entire energy on hia owii part 
of motion picture making never achieves 
the success of tba actor who la interested 
in alt that goes into the making of a 

This picture maklne. game of ours is 
more than appear* on the surface.. Of 
that we arc more convinced every dai 
that we live. 

Leaser io Ouy v\*y. 

Sol Leaser sailed OQ lha Leviathan last 
week and 1* cow in London. He said 
just before leaving that ht had gooe 
over to transact bueiaees Connected with 
the distribution of Principal Picture* and 
also to try and' buy aome British and 
ffreSffa "motion Wctara ninyi. Mr, Leaser 
made it clear that he d£d not care only 
about buying novels mnd pbV|s, but that 
he" would also be interested, ia' nay sce- 
ntrio* written hy well-known BuKllnh and 
French novelist* and playwrights. If*" 
■vrill be gone about six weeks. 

AnofbVr KnarJUh Editor Talks. 
After Frank TUlay came to tb* United 

States to tell the world ho v to ituiuK 
lus safety against Am erica n -ma dn mo- 
tion pictanes, th* Olnrmn magmxlue,' an- 
other British pnbtiestlpa devoted to mo- 
tion pictures, decided io send Lillian 
Clark* here to get a personal report, 
Just to see bow much the dnematro- 
graph editor Invented and how much ia 
really true. In addition W'Mf. Tilley'a 
livrtif speeches berei ho h*s been iiir- 

niiiif burr in*- editorials od the cbeaD 
neas M- f 


p the AmerEcaa "iilltnn" in 

ueing n woman, It is not likely Miss 
Clarke would ma- to th* radical fan- 
atlclsm thit characterise* TUley. 
Women, if we do say it a* shouldn't, are 
aeLdom. as one-sided in iliflr opinions as 
men. But, being essentially Llaguih. It 
iocs without saying that she has W 
own ideas on what Is wrong with tha 
American picture*. W© atway* like to 
bur these viewpoints, so when aha tele- 
phoned to Ray that she wanted to hav* 
luncheon we- accepted' at-once* , 

Miss Cbarke In her own home territory 
I* q young person of considerabla Im- 
portance. Bne Is an editor qf the Cln- 
imn and, ia addition to boasina 1 **ven- 
twu men, which you wil] admit Is some 
job, she is a member of the board of 

direr torn uf the magaxine company, and 
is instrumental la deciding oa the pol- 
icy of her paper. . 

"What is your particular neU'vanco 
against our films/' I anked her. 

"I do not know that I have nuy," sh* 
replied. Our English pictures hflve fO 
many things tho matter with llicm. — I 
hesitate to call attention to another 
Country's film shortcoming.*' 

Title* Srcii GbsmcinsT. 

After being urged to tell what I'.nz- 
land find the moat dihrplcovinc; io the 
Amerieaa films. Mis* -Clarke reluctantiiy 
said our titles, 1 was smutted over bcr 
hesitation — apparently she had no vrish 
to follow jn friend TilWs footEtepB. 

"Vi.iir title* *ro so confusing," she 
«akl. "It Is not that we object to 
alang, but thnt we find It dlthcult. to un- 
derstand. Many times pictures that 
fundamentally arc rather sood, receive 
a very cold reception because of these 
InconirniOUB titles." 

Another fault MUa f'liirki- found Is 
the hute In which nil screca heroine* 
marry. "In England," said she, "it 
lakes a long time for people ^to go 
through the furuiality of eettiuc; mar- 
ried, and we cannot understand' how 
two people can throw ea into 
each other's arm* a fetv minute* after 
meeting una agree to spend the rest of 
their lives together. 

"Tell me," she said seriously, <'do 
Americans marry Just like phut?" 

I told! her msrria(res were not always 
made in Heaven in this Country, bec&Utte 
Hea'cn could not always keep up with 
tba apeed necessary in aomc of the llght- 
Dlng-chani:^ matrimonial plan.". Some- 
times, I told her. a man and woman, 
were known tn-love at first- slaht sad 
go In search of a' marriage lirenae^ with- 
out losing nny timS, but that is the 
exception rather than the rule. 

"I think matt Of tho fault wo have 
An find -Kith American filmsr'* Miss 
Clarke ffijiI. "la because the two coun- 
triM rsrc m very differenf. Your cus- 
tatn* axa illffrrcni, .your viewpoints snd 
your mannerisms, and Boturnlly nil this 
la reflccterl on the screen." 

Although Mia* Clarke is a very nollti 
yonng WoanajL, bfrflthlna; efflcienrr evert 
to the point of knowiug when to talk 
and when not to talk, It Is easy to see 
there are some' thing* about American 
life that are vet? confusing to ber. Sho 
thinks our hats are a tvorlE of art fear- 
ful mi.! terrible, she thiuks our noise i4 
suggestive of whar tbe lower regions 
might be. and she .thinks our ,ievitv is 
something which no English person 
could exactly understand^ But with, it 
all she like* American people. 

TbluU. We Ku.h TOO Mveh. ' 

"How can I help It," sKeTsBked, over 
her Creomed ^hlekeo.^^when everyone 
hns been so kind to mto't" 

"You know," aba said, "you Ameri- 
cans i"" really ernsiliiK, thll war •■■•" 
go in search of , ■pleasure Continually. 
In 'England we are much more quiet and 
cans-errs tive." S "I 

That may be. but wa woria alao. And 
right tnero sad then cbsoed an argUmeut 
on whether she or I do tbe most vork. 
We might still be' bavinic a debate If I 
had not had an engsgement and had to 
mail to keep It. .Sue looked at me with 
aomethlhi that was akin to horror at 
the wjiy I bolted in)- food, which con- 
•Jated of a very slim luncheon, a part 
of my diet reaimo; " 

"Do you always harry like iliu!>" *be 
aaked. I totd her only when 1 bad an 
engagement with (he little girl who 
Uvea at my bnua*,''' who in the on* pcr- 
aoo wiih whom- 1 alware manage to be 

Our talk of "hinryuig at meal rime 
brought about a discussion at food- Mis* 

editor nails for home, 
whet she is coins; to write, but one thing 
in certaltn, she tq not going to emulate 
"Frank Tillcy, becaniM she thinks ho was 
a very poor sport Bnd n-paid Anwrican 
hospitality shockingly by rewrpilug home 
and writing in such a bitter strain. 

"You American* have It all your own. 
way now," said Midi Clarice as we were 
leaving to go, "but wait until 'Woman 
to Woman*, and Chn Chin Ctnf come 
out. We ire Very proud! of them and 
1 think you will agree with. me, that 
r.hfj- will to a icmg way to advance the 
caoee of British motion pictares." 

£.9 Mi** -Clarke turned to go t pon- 
dered on some of the thing* she had 
said. ' She seemed! to find our high spir- 
its and our .optimism eomcthing to be 

"I supP-oae. the reason you Americana 
laujth so much and find Ht* Anoh an 
amusing thlnjr ]* hi cause America u so 
young. We are olrhv and mure staid. 
Ton are lifer tha Parisian*, you bid* 
your pain, whilo wo flaunt ours to the 
world and never soem to forget tbe 
thlngn that tqawer*U sad and serious." 

I wanted to tell her that is what ia 
wrong with English pictures, but she had 
been no polite about Americans, could I 
he loss polite? 

TkftM Who W*r* at th* F-lgrht. 

. The motion picture tudbstry both male 
and female were writ represented at the 
Dempsey-Flrpo fight. A look over tho 
grand stand revealed about 7s per cent, 
of tha industry bent on Bering the bai- 
ili-, ~snd spending their time Mrtjng on 
the results. Soma of them net the wrong 
11-jlv but wbat'a money between, friend* 
except when 01*7*71 exhibitors? Samuel 
GnhTwyn was there with Barbara La 
Marr." George FitmiBurice. Ouida Bergere 
and Bert Lytril: Adolph Znkor with 
Aaron Jones of Chicago; William Fox, 
Wii.ticld Sheehan. Mr. and Mrs. Tom 
Mix, Hope Hampton and. Jules Broola- 
tour, llsrry Relchenhnch, Robert Ktme, 
Paul Mooney, Martin Qnigley, Cbarlira 
Hii.vninri. I^ouis B. Mayer. Dorothy Dai- 
ton, E. V. Richard*. Joseph Bnale, 
Harry Sclnvnllie. H. Itobert Itubln, 
and James Grainger were others who 
were glimnaed at the Polo Ground*. 

GebldtHw la Da "Tha Pool." 

Although- the production of Cbannlng 
Pollock's play, "The Fool/' will not be 
Btarted for some weeks, William Fox is 
laying all hia plan* for bringing it to th* 
screen. Edmund Goutdlng has been en- 
EAjWd tu write tliR eceisaVia, and Harry 
hllllarde will be in charee of the direct- 
ing. Gobbling and Millarde are now 
holding; conforenecfl on the screen atlapta- 
tlon which "ill follow the piny as closer 
ly as iiossiblr, tbat is If Mr GoaJding 
fiillinvii the instructions laid down hy 
William Fox, 

The J" Mm Gb»i ■ 7a*m«. ' 

Most of tbe F>. W. Griffith films go 
nameless through (he process of their 
construction, bat Mr. Griffith U gnlng 
to deviate fromj this custom in his his- 
torical film founded on (he Revolutionary 
War hy Colling it "Ameria." What 
could be- a better name? As tha^motion 
picture of the Daughters. of the Ameri- 
can Revolution nam* will go a long 
way toward establishing tbe film in tha 
hearts of the American public. , 

Boapmult Tnkr. ■ WtLmck ■* Ceriauan 

In a current issue of Broom, the 
mBgasiue of which, we spoke last week, 
Snupault has the following comment to 
mftke on "The Cabinet of Dr. Culfgnri, 1 " 
which waa- accorded the blue ribbon by 
manj of our best critic*. M. Soupault 
•dye: -& 

"It mnat be stated tba.t at the present 
tinw t tho "U. 8. A.'- einem's, although ft 
haa preBcrcrd nil it* charm, ha* made no 
further progress. It remains itself, but 
at the same stage. We can. no longer bu 
astonished and ft is difficult to dis^n- 
gulsb the nviva] of th" 1020 produetiona 
from those of 1823. This la no causa fo r 
dLslllurioamenit. But neither must we 
deceiva ourselvea. ■ Amaricuis quick of 
comprehension have accorded great sne- 
ceaa to the Qennan film, 'The Cabinet of 
Lector Calig arM^ Without doubt this 
film I* very diflrwht frorfi preceding i>ro- 
dnction*, but though it bewildered for a 
moment, it marks a decisive move back- 
word*. Tb* Lo* Angeles directors above 
all need take Icasona - from no one 
Whatever may be said, tbay'are greater 
than the author of The Cabinet of Doc- 
tor Callgari,* wbb really employed' all the 
ptOMBsaj of the); theatre. j 

"The worst ft|m of Charles Ray or of 
JAf\ Pickford in much superior to The 
Cabinet of Ttoctor Culigari.' 

"Tho most important thEog Is not to 
go neck, on- one'* tracks and look at 
tiling* the wrong way. The theatre 
which will revive some day Is as far 
from the cinema as poetry from music. 
Everything in n« place, everything Id its 
time, says the motto. The movies must 
not go sgronnd on the rock* Tf 'art' and 
of an antiquated novelty. After eufh 
on effort It is natural and right that for 
several months or even yest-a. the T s. 
A." cinema take* recognisance of the 
grosnd it bos covered. 

"In reality I believe that »t (be pres- 
ent tima we can only ask Lo» Augetes to 
continue to be the city of ainerjltr dreams 
and of tormenting realities. 

"Th* J TJ. 3. A.' rinama, renuCnB and 
will remain the 'biggest In the world," 
aa we aay In French." 

Sar *"lilldren VJm* io Hrad. 
X copy of an article nn the necessity 
of children's motion picture aotertain- 
ment being censored is on my desk. One 
part of the articlo eapeeially Intrigues as 
it *ay*: : 

. "In. the day* when young people' read 
book* pireata used tu feel themselves 
obliged to watch over and direct the 
reading of their children. Today, when 
the motion picture b*a unhappily simost 
<rii*j[»lac*d the ho.nL. parent* will rrcogniiD 
a Jiijiiilur obUsation to guard thetr youug 
licopie from tbe influe&ce of tbe improper 
film, the effect of which may sometimes 
be worse thau the effect of the improper 
book." f 

We bar* no fault, to find with tbe 
article excepting the pest tense la sneak- 
ing of young people reading books. Tbs 
Tittle girl who live* at my bouse is such 
an inveterate bookworm w* have to taku 
a book away from her every night, to gel 
ber to go to sleep. All net associates 
read at least four book* a week, as 
against goio* to a motion picture once 
o week. We believe there is room Lore 
for an argument. 


If you have praise to give, com- 
plaints tpi .maic or ideas to sir, 
register them 'With the Onlooker. 

CEJftOfVuiC thi: CENSORS. ' - 
Motion Pictthhs^Editor, . 

The Morning Tflogranh.. 

Fpe''m*™o*rahlp la tout "GatTerr *» - 
L'nsujtg- JIeroes H I would like to nomi- 
nate the men who *re in charge of mo- 
tion picture affair* in Chicago; When 
It pomes to turnip*: tbe other cheelt. one 
Wlndy*TSty eseeuti*** and esfeibitora 
deserve honogahi* mention. 

Jjtt Dl take, for Instance,' the vltst 
question of ccusorsbip. In Chicago cen-^ 
Bdrsblp I* a mysterious thing, an opera- 
tion potformed by a .board concerning 
which the general public knewa little or 
nothbg. Owing Itj e-xintence to an ordi' 
nance passed hy the rity council, and 
acting' Under direct "order* from .th« 
chief of police, tb* censor bonrd goes 
merrily on it* v»ty with nary ft protest 
froffi tl>e fibn men of this city. The dis- 
tributor get* his price from the exhibitor, 
tin latter atinga bla natrons, and the un- 
enlightened fan* lay the blame for the 
mutjhjted celluloid directly at th* dooe 
of the producer. Tbe situation Star b* 
aumuxodl up Very nicely in th* words of 
s film man who jolted me In this, nutn- 
tier: "Why ahould we look for trouble 
when ererythlnfr is going HinooiblyT*' 

I happened to be nmong those present 
St tbe opening performance in DUO of 
daiCB-gOi** leading picture theatres. Seat' 
tered amonf the andlence were at least 
GOO children. The feature film was later 
shown in three tbentrea owned by th« 
same firm before It wss offered for (*□• 
eral release, and It was shown at those, 
boose* with ncj restriction* of any kind. 
Imagine my snrpriso when, sccompanied 
by a friend and his If^yoar-old bay, I 
wen: to * neighborhood theatre and *r*a 
confronted by the* sign: "No Children 
Admitted '" It takes * film cenaor to 
figure OilC^by it U all right for • child 
to see a picture in a downtown thentlw 
and *U wrong for other children to gal* 
on th* sam? film in an'outljlng honse. 

With independent pictures practically 
barred from tbe screeni of the fitnt-run. 
theatres, a little thing like. censorship la 
not bothering the men who dominate tha 
Chicago film idtnatloh. The distributing 
and esblblling end* of the framo ar* *e- 
ourely in their grasp, and their attitude ' 
toward tbe censors is found In these few 
words.'. "We- ain't took in' for troublnl" 

John D. CahQl, 
2101 West Monro* !?t, 

CbJcAfo, ITL 

Motion 1'ictLire Editor, Tb* Morxflntf 


Lately there ba* been mucb dl*cu**Iotf 
asto tbe nctresa who --on Id best portray 
tbe beautiful character, JnJIet. in my 
opinion Mary Pickford will not doat HL 
ene should; ntick to portrayals suitable to 
her personality. 

Many bright careers have been injured 
or ruined by not heeding this age-old ad- 
monition, "Let well enongb alone." 

Tbcda' Bara is naturalty fitted for such. 
a portrajal. Sho has a fine presence. 
She la h brunette, and no blonde can ever 
make, the good and lasting Impression a 
brunette can. 

I sew the divine B&ra'a portrayal of 
Juliet. It was -besutKuL Will you 
plea*? giro the tncloeed verses s placs 
somewhere on a page of (he Sunday *dl' 
tirm of The Morning Telegraph. Tb* 
Morning Telegraph is like a. bright iter 
shedding light everywhere on the nioom* 
icst day. 

Edward E. Jenkins. 

1&37 N, SOth 8t„ Philadelphia, Pa.-^ 

(T]ied* Bar*.) 

O God, muat siicb beauty ever die, 
That glorious peine; in. the tomb to Het 
Death, may we not ransom her? 

Could my ljfe jiec doagh deter, M 

Eternnl parting it can ne%-pr be. 
In some dbftant port, I'll follow thee; 
My bark will anchor with drooping -sail. 
Our tears,- our piaycrs, they will avail, 

■Bhi? is the star my heart bns set. 
Her Bweet presence I will ne'er forget, 
Soiacwbern behind that black niebt, 

1 shall frect heriu the newer light- 

Must Death Iny his cold htnd. 

And r.-nd-' ftfciiinliT dear afTection'jt band) , 

For my beloved. Transition, another 

Wc may not hold our treasnre here. 

V.Xr-r at tiiy fhrine Lit worship thae. 
Beyond that border land, we shall he free, 
Never shall I forget thy smile, 
We may love on some enchanted- lata. 
.— Hdward E, Jenkins. 


, "BHHTHA" (T) 

Motion Picture Editor. The Morning 


I aaw by .The Morning Telegraph that 
many of the old tth-tweaty-lhirly .moio* 
dramas are going to reach the screen. 
Soma of them I thin*: have already been 
done, but I believe "No Mother To Geld* 
Her" and "Berth* the Sewing Machine 
Girt" "ire under way, t quppoae th*. pro- 
ducers are rawing this old "hoke" stuff 
sestouslf, but it occurred to nra that 
4 aure way to make a success of thenv 
would be to burlesque (hem. For ei*nv 

£le can you imagine Ethel Barrymor* as 
Fertha. or Nits Xaldi as the heroin* og 
"No Mother to Gud Her"? 
Juat a thought from 

A Faithful Beaden 
Cleveland, Ohio. I 

Motion PLcture Eultor. TbB Mner=1i»s» 

.I'm a great admirer of Polft Negri,- 
I' think *be '19 the greatest artist on th* 
screen to-duy and I felt this long br.for* 
uli' 1 came to this country. While I was 
glad to see bee come to America, wher* 
she would hnvo certain advsnUges that 
were Impossible ou'th* other side, at the 
asme time I wondered whether after sha 
was here for a little while *n* wouldn't 
become just a Bte^oryped picture atar. 

1 saw ber in "Bella Donua," and whii* 
J didn't car* mucb for fhe picture J an* 
Joyed her work. Last night I saw her in 
"The Cheat," aud there is ever? indi- 
cation that site will £<Hn thc.gtent army 
of sttncUed star*, ft hat a pity! Hen* 
a woman with temperament, with beauty, 
intelligence, -dramatic ability, all the 
qnsMficaiioTis which should go to make 
up a Buoceasful aCtresa, but all tbhj la in 
th* way of beiig auhmerited an that Bbs- 
may "wear dothra pretty/^, Csu't some* 
on* save her? Perhaps Herbert rlrw 
on iviil bo the Ufe-BBvce. I am Anxiously 
AWaltina; hlsprod^^tjon of 'The HpaoLU 
Dancer with my fola. 

"> Xoun efmeatly, 

_^ - • - ' ^_ ^_L_ i 

■■■■■ ' '■' : - 



-- ' - ■!_...' . »■ ■ — rrrr. 




TUiiftii Body InTitei Hew Twk, 

Wiicftiuin. Vichigin ta ^ Korth 

Carolina to Join in Meet in j at 

iFre-aeh Lick Spris|i. Where 

Plan 1i to Be Dr*wn Up. 


TV BvtlJu fftetttt ideal m u^n*r» of | 
lUtfiitLfl ii*'..- bftafd a b*H »» ib* iii"-"!" : 
AitntTf »if ^r* loth. WWewiMft, Mlehl- ] 
n'i and Ni'ib Carolina tu cam*- "to t 
Freneh I.i<* and allrad - mprtiliig r» be ! 
htld ft* MM taiep Ba * t>f orgaiiitiai ' n ■•> t 
f«| lb' B'[-iiw*' Fo4 to rponeor 

*y« bill Ig4i«*t I'd- :i. r-i, .!,:..■ :i::" | 

In •h'Jir. r* late VmapmfHtiB C llWW 

Metire^ur'-- ^ursF-rton and im'io n* * 

trjrht. , I 

r It irill In* reoirjabrrrd --i rht lime nf | 

"the CLieng* Mremi Hira-iia *■* mm 

inlft **-. fn-:!vji *. -nit \rjji j •ilppoCTM ' 
[h* rational uti,-«nirj!n.iTi and it» preaeni i 
r-girn - -«d tli» atie.- arl.i'-h w*a openly ; 
en-ward I* i!it war ibr twH»JrlIa*1 waa. ] 
held, rltboorb no wore i« withdraw frotu 
lh* n*t*on*l (irgjnrraiii.ii. The r n || In 
■ naj if Vint -»--'"! by nbal latter HP" I 


Will. am ljrsndi. prraJaVm of tb^ Xrar j 
York: Notion fii-tiit^ THmiTt.' Otiwi, 
when iaj*ni*»ed nttnAur ■bawl EM I 
FrencM Lm-k meeting. *aid ll>*i S** ' 
York *|oM lnil«iH»l» Mil' twlM c n | 
nghlina !-.e idmf»Lv? I**, r.-r tbftl it .• ; 
mot teteriit-d in «' e*I T ibii»j s.rfilrc*. j 
'■ "I/," riW lit. ftr^wlt. "the mr-iing I 
10 Ffi-li U<V in bell (u ]inM' i fi^dt j 

IBC XKf- Wi" «*, <• A Stftt/. read* to i|lp j 

our abarr. \X> bi¥p been ««rkint (or j 
twill In In- da AverTlhin= in 0BT pOTW tn 
*Ilt( ibU «niff- but **■ Iut* h«-i-n vwt | 
oirriul than! mr pqblieiry brcMBir wr 
hire bun ■D*M wubliuitT vmTh linn 
rtuT fdiur "t Tljis lirr.f." 

IJIinwIi is tirin; to raikf Hi'- J-'r*u**Ii 
liicik ■W'iin a tiBfiftitl fvi*nr. ir-cl sinrf 
[bv JtLiin [ o>i<ir c*x l* ib« mast iaiiwrljnt 
Ihln* In t>t* Mtp<i uf i-TftT thMtti* o^-n^r 
h tl» l.'nltr*) Sini"*, tlrtr ■*•■ Rtroeeed. 
Kn*rdl>** of lyilhiu ind pirtf AVTiiiD- , 
iJcm. rvrj- •iliibitor f*»l» It hi' ilntr !■> 
trifm * Wttlr •(•/.n*: tbi* ]h«*bh1 *tl- < 
aii»v«n "Thkri liKs Tb#^»b iTBrtruDrniitil in ] 

biiifin; * rnuij fbartHl Vtrn«r» t«j the j — ■ — ^^ ■ ■ * ■~" 

wmSI dnrinc tt* p*^ yw r j *, :f | iht pr«dufci of "T«i WKk ft Kick." 

' -i *- -«-rrt j mtrrird i- '.::■■»;■■. Ancust 
] JT Inil Tli" »frr*1 (lid TK-t !*nk 0111 ttniil 

Aftfr WMri K>1t"fth'^ t^jai irvuhd *i Mr. lEfttp^r^n rrtnmM i« l.-« At-'L-« 
to ii* >ilita^ ef tb* pnWic. NwmS Tit- i wilft ti* brirtr. Thp hrid» vwtt l«d 

r^tiS .*' FIT*!/?*" »' Sa-^Si STK^'Et^ «'ii!i 

fttM bjctMK lo rb* tonf U« of JnKei,. Ami ^pijnn^ Ia lrt ft, r htt haiinnt] In in.r 
>l i*f**tit It nr^n«ni rl»*t J»w?b Sc-fciW- < pfaducuofl* Uut Si* wiU rtntr In ihr 
tr»o< nuj- plij u^vo-ii:- Iit ia ibd yir ' fn 'HH-. Afprtotnt Ihr hridf ind (room 
,ffto^. A»i««lf tbi h»tt> a5 r.,..- . ■"■ ■» l"""* 1 i» I?« Ainjrifi 

cwLlk- roc h»- oot rc*c; d/dn^irl*- 
riij*,. ■» i»nT»: £"-ar!t . U L^> 
w*o-r'< cbhrf AV^>trQri :n In* ■ bkm n.< 


H* WIN Tl*T HoBI*o 1. 

■A *■ .rsllri. 

1 Feter B Kyoe Starti Snit for 

9iOO,COO Agiinsf FimoLj Plij. 

ers-Ltaky. Chtre^Bff Dlmafe to 

Hit Eipataiion ti Writer in 

FiJm. ' Homeward Bc-und." 


i'AEBHIUB fiJIInn [.d.k v -IiiiljI.I l.p iHf.l 

j lu !n-.T mum |hT thK limi-. t3np rnnr« of 

I !r*a in I&eir Ii '•■ -■■■■!: nni mif unv 

I Ittiji "if »Irf|i, Thrrr Ii ilmii «titnp iit- 

f (l«ir nr iciiff «r ril4inll*r ^ : in a griri 

! nut* w\.<- tr*h [Ji:n ili- unly i. ii-- [a 

J tilt wuriA. " Nuw tiinw-A T>r^r It. Kjn<", 

i ATlicr »r *fa --.■!,! m :,.,! i]ic frfitdr df 

< ' '*|jp» KickF. win- lu*. liLi.Eriic'i<-l ]ilk ai 

i furtii-yti I* nw ill* ! ; im6H( niJfr*T*TOj 

I CottQtMtt&t for fMt l.Uld. rbtrriDE dllA- 

■ ■£» I" lli< r-[.,T[;ii|"|- Al A '■ MIT. 

; Tin- Jimauh. ■rt-unlitij v> Sir. -Kjnf. 

I !■ itiflM-ting \, i vhcrK JJurj. "TU* 

' in f.nwKjd," in itar motion pirtur^ called 
^liom^VAnl Ilniifn] ' Mr. Hjvr ■ lm 

j (■"■■* »*.* f*r Tnor* runrtbl* i ■ i - ■ .' r ■ 

' ARn HW| Ibr HlOSR l»r Mid it *m* 

! "n!.r Trt f»r mor^ru. 

"Udf »rpninr." ni.| ilr. ki u* "t 

1 (In-ntuHl intn t t!-nm lu ifr Ikh Ih-tn* 
wird Poind pituiir*- b*rAn*F- Sn Auilinr- 
■liip bad b?^n rmiilH T4J ic*. 1 had W" 

'CO'll^-tliilt vt li.ilitt Urltl^LL »m = -:- A ■ 

• fury tad «di Bjildtr niriouv laiApm 1 
I *nir Am**en*Jir wjitn 1 fnund thil flic 
pirtar* had b*n timptnl ttoM mjr wmrt I 

Ta» l-dirkr to [,.■.-■ ird.' <id A4 lifetfrallv t 

hid it :.- a i .j.if | fnilciL in 

"frtt n wihiiiu of ibe t-rifinat *lnrr. 

, Tm to- rY*«IU(Mi wjih rbU hicinr* -la "» l 

■li^tiUfi .jtijajr/ to m*. It j* tnif flu; j 

. I fAT-rFjuao-ji Fiajfrn-J.aAkr i— rani^ [ 

pimi tn me#t ibr FiaehAnlrol ^Jtipfucief u 1 | 
i mutign jiictnrf ii.nxltrniun, hut U* eaWrti 

! I'ii" held ibftl Wiicb nrn>lin:linri dp'i riot : 

; miiYiry Tb* rfjlit.lo produw t\ nlorr llmi J 

ftotil not fotlow tlie p«iirrnl ronn and [ 
j -|iirit of th* riMJK 

Klplt -7ollTI l.-ii.ivi;h. CCBrrnl i-T-n.-ir-l, i 

1 *nt\ ivinurer nT FftmniT^ I'J*3 n«. Aild ' 
I irlieii told nt* ihr ihif rtrurcl mil: 'L'r- 
I jni'mttlne J'fiini^" 

1 Mr. Kth> hit nfiilnnmil - + -i«T»iK-*> 
i anltiAl Faidouw to Hi» !i:nc nf Il,S0f>. a 
! ■»l( that b* bAA alrmdlT rntrrfdl A B* lout 
Jew T* Moirf'i rb«! amount of irhlrh 
I hv '^Imi h> dilr hiA on a rttfttrarf In 
|. wrift fbc rtJOtipiMlF And tillftt frr.'TtK" 

^^ j l»ijrjit to Ibr ^ward." Kfflr **?■ itr 

» it** r'rrn W oppiniiiiltT w *rrft* ihftn. i 
u,n» rran api f AHJwrnrh Vfa-, K T a* »a qnj»tftj AA b«^ j . tlrtvrimw 

Tt-h«ri. waa -,n; I io _ ^y B( . ha . ; n tAnirt*d bit utrmv**. I J * ■ "" Iuru *- T - 



; Latter H«i Wot Beu DeJoitelj De- 

| cined Ob for the Part, WUcfc 

May Oo tft Conway Tearle. 

Will Rival Fairbanks-Pick - 

ford Prediction of Same. 


WhO Will Br teooi 

"rloaaoe ami Jallrt." Wllh Jootph >rhi!0kraot 
ill i.ikrlfaood riarln* MoatCHf. 

Viola oaaa 1» llarv Pi«»ir Vietaraw 
Vinla Dcoo. •io afts mDaiftnllj 

an> at 

hone (inrcbaml lftrr ihnr nurriafe. Thf 
n>manr«'fl jvarp n«'... wb#n [I:t.- 
T-rrr al Vcjt', Jark lfccn|r>rv ' 

r^cp*- wit ibtnl i-n ■ nr-rat tntinz «0«i*^ 
J Imajcatrd .ft/ A**ociaw! Fir if 1 NatVMial , 

fw tbo HMat po?'jtar diolcc far l;-,n- -h. 
- It- b'Takwath-ir- uibi ",ir toav be il»* o: ': V 

HiandrrcDtarr i.lwkikrtor. 

■-a-*. his-..':c in- 

th*- motion pietur* BnwbMR to 

I 9l.'a» li-Aunetli'. vim ta iT'll knonn ma 
' A tlftiii-iT. lt*!i» n moooliyhL did th# rnt 
1 and now *T*rj on* V* Wpinj tbat thrr 

A peculiar taint abaat eU prodnctioEi j 
ut "iti/raro «ad Jul In"* ' 

i nrflt lirf beppCb; *rcr »(ter. 

\ <■■. W* Date 


ktlbat tier wwr 

■ AMai to corny* alftetT. Ba?k in IDIIj or 

tOU lift™ put op" «. flln'mrina »f chi » rou.wnt to tnon-.anjibinr ibour 

tJJiaicMTwa r*f romanrr. vlth FrancEa X. lUc rlgoni uf riu.v i»k l_\ F. 7Aurl Mr. 

DOBhniJti natt iifrprij 1 Jlanra [a fpe *tftr- I ~~ — * — 

ring (nwlilcii't. atid aj Ibr' uaph> itme 1\M+ j 

lisni >\i.f ;iiil forth ft *Uhil*i Citvn. " I C 1 a j 
'■ Thi^Jr. 11:f[i l'-'iitun-il. Bflili, ar. » ■■ p - 

mfjiib*i". n-rr Mtrcmrly wcevli al- | 
" tb03fb rt;miio* co*"-urrrctlr, TTn-n + \mn 

/f*r. Kihf>; llArrritiPT^ and] Joiic Ouvrl ! 
. wrirt ntit\ Jc lm li niro7i1Ull*(H*.f Hnrnl- ' 

Jt*T "tax 1 " rerado'ii*. A"^ "in*", whil" | 

No. -..:-.. i - r 'i-.|,rf Lu h'-rti axJiLinK nb b<r ■ 

ralini. rnnMrj rn- in tke mtt thai K*fj 

Pl^ford tin] ■ lijntlaE fc"*1rliin>-» Bi-f avVi- 

•Mndj torKidVpiiT offrrlna- a acrr^B ranuo^i J 

"t x'»v p\ >t •■t\i\ thai two of tacta appejr- : 

'"£ su ttf i "fti*kir -"[«'. «. 

Itoarer-?, ji-ji-il^.- ur nut tbr; rid: ford- ! 

F*ir!*ank-i riai'jiiiJiioa e-.zfrx Ihjf l:«r». I 

iELj TAl'aaflsT in 50:01 lb-ad nilk a-f | 

plaju ifl ™ .L-! ■ h'-Li'i and ajiinnMi» 

)Wrfart«9tk« *!»irb. ioe bepr*. vill lw J 

lli- rr;itt.iji'i nt Lrr ndlnliiKf ftTf- 

A >"a! :'.■::■ j-.I iibmonFSfin !,i» ju^i in- j 

r^j m-d 11. i>nt I(r,i-]^. a«d J-'!i/ j ' ' . . j 
*ari 1 »+d proa tltnri to dale a* htvtii I 

■Mterri*. In b I9jn Paihe tora*d out a J 

faro-rtel T*ninn. ao i^Ttr*TagAii7-» ,;» ■ 

iboAM dara. an<t in 1^14 Trkrsz-anL rap- < 

*r*»«d the whoU affilr fnlo WXi rit-r. * 

fttKi 1 ■■nil' r'm lAtj^nf Fax nod .'i! ^.-. ir-- ' 

irTpi^tatiui*. an.] -n?I Uttr FM^rntiioHai. I 

frTHBl «ud Star hroqjhl «nt abfrtrr ' 

f ihc "aid b* baa Lnt»ntH#d,aiA attnrqi-TK 
j tn par «uft for MOO.flnft FanovB F(a,Tii_-i 
, baa hroi-4 notbiiur «f Inr aOiU and cine* 

M- K>n* ■.-:'•"-". OTcr lTn> BOtion pie- 
I hurt risbt* of hi'* AtorT,wllb pttTnuwiPH . 

j In mtb **rtAJa nen^«arr tMAjap. ibj-.r I k*P* nr» tb* atftndard nf food bu irnVe 
! do not irrir_ r*r* L rOiirh irTrriH out ! rpfpipt- far laan.r ni-intli* i_o abont to I*" 

hLa wratb. I rrn-ftrdn) by .M*rrtu I^»«r.' Jliw Dtu 

ntnd of matin: ibr prograin rtpe of 

An tL- \>- .fi + Urnr \iu?< Talmadg? i« 
mai-iu; a 'i'-.->--\ . jl'.d ''Iroat u' ttr- t 
atrt,"' n-itb KcblMLTjnt playiBe riuii»it", I 
Inr the praliBtlijai-T trtu^ of lb* jJI 1 ;*].!- i 
*Bctj.r; i. Ji.-fi will b* AlnTtnl ar <m» ; in j 
OTlfer that ttm -Ear tuajr ltfjrilL ^rtV:.-,- lite ' 

Saw** n- tmfli *w thr" i-urrrnt riwfwt Ion ' 

T*a <>t I. tl.t «1 Ihr !!.«:. 

: AH lb' m-.iaTR** {11 VJetof UtJpfHn'i t 

j Hi* tf But n ■i-i. , :;.i;.i pfet3TT<e<. Tl" rr 
hi A T ! ;(li' :-l Ui t)M;i 111"-, .'■-../ ^liti-; 1 

■ to 1 di«Uitt!i from iu« doa*t: Ur, Jlal- ' 
ptrtn, ibe brid of HjI: -^it; I'.-, ...-l. :!■■■.:- | 

?".itt'l Tuilf a Aunf 

ca«rd "Urtt* ft 1-aj-V 

bf Kin Tanjmar. '■'•'brn WniEam F"i 

'■niTii'' I'm orfrh a pirnirc fpartirinB Ifiipn 

I^arapton tn thr aacc titJr Mr. 7.1ttrl. 

r-*inc a cv-l huainrffii man, ai imrr rt'm- 

iiiitniraT.i! vita, his itiitrnrjt. 

"Yo« barrel" t a cfaanr+ ia Mir worlJ." 
.aaid liia laajrn. "TbT* it 110 rtjji - ,- 
hflit on tiilr*. IF ih*r had writtrn a | 
■one arttii tW «nw Bunaa .r«'U ronild aaaV ] WorlAUr Go***- la a Haaakrrrailar. 

I«1, |>Ht it i* llifir ]iriii"r?r to mii. n 1 

RHitlmi jifcflawi and ai-r |W .»mr mmr." I J. J. MHwif-T r*i*HTr*J a lalecTam 

Not «l^.fi(-d with hU Uwrrra *f'in- ' i^>rril}' fwm S--JM|i fr.^i: Wirnr I'iir- 

inn Mr g atM .-ommnniratr,! nilh Idak ■ ^ wl]n ws , in ToVj-o at (be Cuif of 

kaaraartafaX a rou-i puiiliahtr «ho bad T . .. . ., „, _ ,. 

broobt m hi. ^r^ nad ba rtrtHrrd lb* lh ** *"t h 'V* i »-' »» rS"**" ■«*»! blt- 
wlrtr vtnlirt n- lh* lun-jfri had EiTrn laia and *«* All bi« IMfaa> foodn HM 
him. Artinc >ui thin rolnablr tip Mr. la a hftedkarcbiaf. f rirndi ramr to Ibr 
Klttrl madf a pjrtUrr calkjd pfak Wr wfl|c „ u j, T<; hinj ftnn hit „, h ln[i 
liar" Nn Rannirflx. KdnifKioanl bad 1 , _■ ■ __„ _i. „| ,. ,_ , . , , fJ _ ., . 
agrwd lo dlatribntr ibr ftlm. All *-» W W •''•tblw to h P .n blm tide 
roine alons m-rrily omit Uir aamr JawM * r « tn * "*ra until ifcrj rfAcb Xrw 

J-rra W*Ht* Mt. Stittnl a liHiar najinf | -• ' 

lliat lir baal rlnlrn ibn Tlllo friiui ,i popU- 1 
Ini wx nod iL:.i-v hmL bwii inxtrurttd 
hf Ibrir rticnta (o MWt, Mr. Kittnl 

J nt '■!!■■'■■ ■■■ !■' '<-■■■ liii'r: nod -;u-l tbm h* 
did not Mf bur hi* hiaccara coabj rrp- 
i-fiHfcit miutbrr Hirni mid tfaofad tbrlr 

\ If-ltir on "Uo+a 11 V*r." Thr Imr- 

j Trra bail tioiliio-: in dn bin crnrrfnlly 
rr-ttrr from Lbo aaaa. Hut Lentil Hrnt- 
afrin, tha tnnair ]iuhli^hrd, wbo wnt *l-n 

I th* pnbHabar at ftaat Wr Mar* R>) 

! HaiiAnna," .(ill innaUn] tlmr Mr Zittrl 

; rottat par CfOjOOQ for |br pritUrir or 
uainx thr tiiK Kdurailnnal iiiraiia-Wlr 

' rtfiiwtr,] to reaHWr :'.,»■ jik-firF- oati) it 

I n-ft* ffiT-n ^ c'rar tii*V ' ! iTEan to 

t look ft* if M^. SHttH <t«H liar* to fork 

I orcr lb» Slr.'-ai. Bnt Q#ne 1* lvhafp thr 
p)n[ thirteen^ All'! ihr rtmry rbamrv 

I 1 l,i<i. Bern>t^in dnirir.] in i>'i» aa ia- 
trrrat in thr picturr ond a«w hr an-ea 
half ot "Yrt WV [lair Xm Etanaaaa" 
a-bbzh Jlr /Jtlri B'lmila [a |fa P world", 
•rorat in ibr a-*j of tnmibn plrlDrr^, 

Tori:, fr !« fiiwptrd lb«j anil e*t brrv 

THOali rn.;vr)jr. 

Kfuu Mailtlaa I* idnr. 
Tbooua l>i.'ii'.. urll tit.'-ia umiu^iI | 
'-■wpoaar. has !^ft Ibr land of mn^iriarn ■ 
In hwaiDf an acftbA Hit as» brfor*' 
In- tuftdr- A mnn- f'ir hkIU4rlf ht tbr . 
niiuii aj h'l] lu dt't vi.m- i,-(inc Hot I 
he found bia nen* ■ tdTe ■" [irolitabtr thai 

I.- iiri-jr ihoi'L^li* - r of hrllrg NB in Tn: ' 

■tutil an lilpay "' th^ thratrrj itr»i'i j "l J 
Lh'ir ori-hrxCftn. Tbrti hr wfni< uwr I" t 
■■all on £e*aj J. l-i-t? Bnd-aald br «WU | 
likr lii try mntuiu pi,t-lurrr. He ■■■. .v 
rtran 11 koiaII rntri iu "Ilin rbililt^ii'n I 
t'hUilrrii" ami did *-.• n«ihlr. Crnrcr Fil* 
I ilanru-i- i.-nrt hiui In ■s"Thr Elf-iial 
I <"itj." S )w hr nay* h*. Jri Jn nOlioti ; 
pfi'SWaa for life and if aujrunr dora nol 

! think hr can. art hr ha* imly tn mm- ' 
munirfttr wilb Hrorfta Fits SEutlricT ami [ 
Hani Wood. * J 

mftdr. biroaplf -m iodiapaii^ftMA BQ onr 
rhink* of TBa]friac ■ film a-ilhout citing 
■■ihi the job,' 

A *.ror.l nf Hr. nar4la|, 
Th* Fn ■Fiim Carvcrathtn hu At 
praafnt in '* rauKa a hit nf rentrn- 
rKirftrT r.L«:or.r. wldch hip racordtd ra- 
--r^ tlr_ but. VT ii*^rr br, shoarc. In 
roaltins "Thr BOrat Command"* Ibr com- 
pany draimi apTo* irVtira of the irada- 
.irinc oarrctaaa at. AnDftpolla and 'nr 
lb"fr purpoA* fio( urn' aulbuvttir pja. 
tnrra a Tthat rrrpt, at ahirti t'rraiii'ist 
Hardin; prraided:, &* • nuittrr of frond 
taaatft tiiat portioa of tbt film tvia 
rilmlnmtrdi fnr ihr pudIIc prtanurittft. 
1 ri, pravuniBblT fttlll in tha Fox ar- 
rhtvri, hut will nrji. t-c tlina-Q unlesi the 
prapt-r oneaalon "af 

1 inn nA"< *. 

1 is-l la id taatc taora awtr aa>«nt 
■ ■n bar BJ-odarllftaa akVAT « ram- 
pa'c- tttlli ani«| bar. 

piclurr Ib*1 *hr- tip*- niarf,. fn tW p ».i 
aill bin mo" 1 rxprHAtTO productioiu. 
In fa-i. It might br anid that h*T pk- 
torn will be f*arrr and "wltrr. 

Thia near reginir atavta with "Thr 
Roar Jinan: of a ThotUdtid Voara Ago.*" 
hj Mftbal Wapanalla. (Jror K r If. Baker. 
arhoi dir*-i*d NBiIntnir* In "RcvaUdoa," 
probftbla thr 1 -?.! thing aO frrr did, 
Trill dirrrt IIIaa llnna. Tbi« picturr, it 
M riprr-ttd. ... ,il ( „. r |Jir*r tintca Aft 
mar* ba anj of thf p mt o BM Vk"a Dana 
HlBis. The pJnn i-. aa ar undrratBni! 'f, 
{■'. mfllto ,Vinhi Flniia at big aa ajij- atar 
in thr- 1110! i.ii plrluro orhii. The lort 
Of n reward of niprlr fur hr|nic popuTftr 
irith tbrrmotloii pletttre oihltillor". 

Brcaon to Do »■#!'- Nrri. 
Aftrr tba '"Spanivh riapc*r.'' Tumraltj 
fltrhm itrroou could not get *mt of di- 
rrrtio!- fola Nrgri in brr next if p* 
wantod to. That pirtorr i< alrtadr bnr- 
Ing a i&vaital aror- prrparrd for it prrp. 
IrAtoTF for crttiftg it rradr for • road 
aboa-iB£ VtVIl. aVva-a.r. Urrhcrt Eraiioo 1 
i* baa** in aaaTaa^rWa -d b"1« a brirf ««i 
CMlii.r in Nrar \ aT y gfc i hjb, BKt aa- 
KigaTnrilt la "Mi Mao.- in «hicb Uaaa 
?j*atn trill be plarrrd. ("Todactimi b -- tha 
BBTtura arjD. he -lartrd nrxi njoath. ' 

r*art llaa la llcdar*. 
Word i-ocara from I'aria that P'Brl 
Whitr j* H i MjiritDTuAd arorktng hard in 
ft rid of trn rsfr*, poneda. The** 
uonada a'tra gaJnrd abilr ibr W4ft ril 
ing in a Conreni in Francr and, Vh"Jr 
rrtrr ■<-' knoa-a l|in* $r* brcomiiiE lo 
bcr. they are not a walonmr addition f.u 
Ihr Bart of *hmr« ULia Wkilr baa to |» 
In h^r pictnrei. Al awn aa aftc Reta liil 
of Jirr;).- aroidupoJa nlin rrili 
lirsin wurk in PhtIb undar thr dJrtc- 

ti it Kda-anl Joac, "frfa wlih MUt> 

Whit--, haa hizimJ a eoatrftft wjtb n 

•■■ j-ih-'i film .Lh-iit-ii-iiTlris .-.n,|i in v hcadtd 

I'f A. rilinann and KriSttild Fari. FpJJi 1 WILa-lAM' I'OIM M. 

'►rman baa arrivr-d lu Paris to write tb- I Wk« n.. ««• with th* Lmw a-ri T 

a-Jorj. FaHr, ft a-*n*, haa baeofae Clw j -« rJiiafcar, r* opa. lab Al*la. 

j,.[:ii.. ;i .| . ,.i, h iij;;.» of 1mim>;«\ nanag I j baa.(r*. \ 

Noe n-iahinc to run ibr dia^cc of bnT> 
lac all hrr tild onr-rrrl fi'-tiiro foiatcrl 
on Ihr puldfr. Watt Pickfo*d ha« boligiit 
tip Ibr rntlr-f lot of Blngriph ene-raaJtr^, 
Many of ihr-ar aran directod bf D. W 

Orifrta mad iiirSndrd in tha cut nth 

arrll-knaara r'Ia*rn ftft. Artbcr Jobnian. 
Robcrl llirryo Llonai Barr^tnvfc, riot- 
rnr* Turner, Flarrftca Ijarirn^e. Ka:- 
Prira and albrTa. A->> frtm triahiBs 
to haap Ibcar aU-tioser* fpan tha *t raa-i. 
Mj<* Pickfard wkm ragar to add to h*r 
wJlrruoD uf motion p'ctDr* hrgalirr« 
gjEppir for paraoDftE rrason* 

rabllrltr Mam itritca a Baak. 

The tioldavrn Film Conipanr have in 
author m (hair ihiu-t. Ht fi noca atfaar 
than I>i>b#na If. >"jwUr!l, m*]io »■ .i> 
chjrgr ■•( Iraitc paprT rMtblidtjr for tioll 
«rrn. He ha* juat written a book cal'dl 
"llara. Tri^ha, He"*. 1 ™ whkb tha Can- 
tttr* " '"L.r^iir 1 bringing •■■■•-+. Tb' 
book, wr wndarttaiid. wakra an Weil book 
for t>o»a and girl... yonns and old, whn 
Iibvo crar Imd a dog or who have artr 
ioagad for our. fhia U not Mr. MitcbnUV 
Hi-i: wort tn thr Mtrrarr tirld. . Ha ut 
thr mil 101 uf 'Thr Cirma CqohTM In 
Tnwn" and "Bobhr in Sfarrh of a Birth 
day." IJ'jiiii' Mr. Mitohrll'l anrrajaa i< 
■n author b* la HtJdtbif no the joh at 
Cotdarrn writing rpit-a tbt ihr t-arfoaa 
trad* publfcutlonft, 

Oa Iba lorw Parsr. 
Plttabnrg fa baring a treat, Ud 
nigbt tha A^dtdr Tbeetrr, rr-mlr At 
qnlrad b» Mbhtia T*fw, opened, Ibd air, 
]^v a . not wiahing to rfarat Piltahtirr 
out of iti dttr. rook t paVtj- of atari 
thrrr for (ba formal opaning of ai* 
fi'* bona*. In (ha parte aren- L*w Od* 
W1D MnrrlaaT l,nrr Foe, Clairr Win4- 
aor t -Mr. a nd Mr- " " Bi'lj g|naa«. 
FTr'rn Varti^ f'srai r 'radoavbj. Bd- 
mond. Law*, LUrna Ta'ahroaR and othera, 

Mil 1« • faaardj. 
Aflrr having bpfearad is Cbiiln 
Ray"* rcunaara. "*?h* tiirt 1 Lora*." ind 
UBfatrfaTa drama "The Hanehfaaek of 
Noira Iraio*.'* Pativ Both hnilrr h noaj 
rrvrrtlnc rn cofriedy. JUa ha. b**a «. n - 
raird for thr trading role appoaita Poog 
la* HacLcan In thr ociwcn arfiaT'* ldap> 
titiow of Ha^moad Mitcbrork'- fqrmcr 
ataga TahklB "Th aTaml(aa CowitiL" 

Ta BaHtaU a.t Chaaaawa or r<iaaa-*rrr 
- The fitaat of Iwnor t«~daa _ at tbr 
wrctily rn>*tlng of Ihc Theatre OrrpaTA" 
CT h aW a aar of ( '0 dun area k P-tr r J. J)tad>. 
hho bad heen Inritrd tdaddrraa th- thna 
tra owner* an Ibe.Fodrratlnn Bank aad 

Th*r Ar* All Daina II. 

Bociata haa aiucpltnhad. to the lure of 

the raotioo rrictora, and li 14 an BTrra- 


»"eV j 

day ore n t * & «!■' now for aocrt- r^rial 
ritT to^grt a fob I'Ujriog a ;.,-,r. t*%aar - / 
Tha racvr*. Tlw Ifttrat m tr^-nhrr ihcar ^J 
aJlegfanra 10 to* wlaat 'dnoa h Uh. j 
Qagnod l'afl and h-r t«v, niinr»D Pel." 
Thrr barr Meh laAaa ■ Btnall plrt In 
'■The tlemai Oiaf Ud m a wrj 
Idaiaad with tor Uf- nf aj rondor. jrteturv 
aetor— thi* mat h* nn| r the bcElpiiPl 
for thfta. 

Hajr 41*- l*< fl aaaf a. 

t> DaAlilf ,'. tt [faaH naoo vtt-a 
UCrUrnt inrhoritr. nny go to Kusai : 
fthorflj to lalir faction pltfiflrrt, H-, 
piM* ara «iiU indaTmlrj, bbt hr „ cw- 
■idrring feoaU tu the Porie: ctirnarT amj 
haa diarnu-J tb* pmacIhlJte of tbr iri 
wfTh rf In. dtm. friend^ 

A 1.1 n*. »r Tar*. 

Aba Waru-r a p«nt two w«atj (p 

BronWjn one nugliL Ian *trk and wliL.- 

tCudying thr liga Loardi Ida Aye* fell 

I uport iij- jtfclr '-T*-' Uawanted tfiildj" -- 

j tH.ii* being the nanM *f g ik»v put gju 

j by a Btavk company thrrc, H* e^djH 

tha tiilf! and in pov ready lo do ImAjnrr* 

I with an 7 Him prftdnerr lAo ih-rLj * geu- 

aatiunjil nntne f*r h]a baXt. thrtAet, 

1 • 



Taauitic Story. Well Dit-ie£«a* by 
- Williaa dcMille. Sacoeedi in 
leu; 3iffe rea: de rocbx AS FAUK 

By D010THT DAT. 

The I-IUfjaiaJ acr aLoarn ij.. [.. b* « eoUl- 

h'nodrd race for fair in "Flu- M^rr.j^r 

l!«k*T," *Wih aurted «:■ tias-tusnl 

Ml Iht- Itialto .'Tke*lTf 0:1 Sntdar. f.o.d 

( . Hroiik'irr IbMa 'forty tbonaaud |amnd* 

; *( th? rarrtrkek, bjiH [•! Acidly ord'r* h'a 

t.n-rii r- to hri u- AC hi: [llaitCel an (Lit li* 

ni«y twit uiit e>f .paying bi* dtTiiit in u 
f>rrf>-cliy grpttrnjaplj inai:n«r. Tb- 
hitler fi**hwi the -treA^uir *m,'. w|ji\- h> 
iiatri (w ^rrjJi lurd'heoTlirJ- ha hI-.-hi i!L-; ■ 
' a tat>recve l>«forp J1I1 u-^ir ifthr* bltu- 
■rhr oa*^ ,Tb-n Alexandra Vpncr, thr 
hrroZ»r. ■ u.i" ' bi. -'nt-rr,-- what If 
aLoui jo faka plarr. anil |oea i'»» 
witbant ^rea aofgeatiuF that there aight 
lia'tanv other way »;U. l*;d Slovhiirr 
raAat up bJa [>.«!"' Io 4a away with him- 
.a*H ha ranch the -a.-ji* taaJiatr aa he 
fu : gji" take Dp t 1 -' pen t* write- a uole. 
The ffluJPOr* will atBIld 'for tHJ liltj. 
»e*Bjlrta>ci'. Ifka Ihia, hot when fhe 
/aitAitte part *t the atary eaair la thtrr 

were murmpcr *f f>aar>, dpgiirtlBg." ■*>. 
Aa a amirrt »f fan. m'i-i.'. ibr faciu- 
J^a tuaai in the atory. i» <;ii)fr ibr iun-i 
iMIraaacTau^jKUra.. at Iraat In »ur upiiiLik. 

This :■ j:: ■d*;-; + Lip J n ul lldrrrrl 

j KuUd.1V r lay. "Tor FaoH." aiul hjh*i 
he lahm a* a fanta-y — uufonnuairlj. 
toe IBBMaaaj tabled cniqnd >a at thr Hi- 
■ lu jrifrnlor tftte Ihrlr •'.'nrofn* rtrioii*- 

, ty, x»i e n l flV i aerm u ilm».i th-jo 

ia^TPA ml,. M, tj. 1.,! r ,f |jp fftU at all. 
Paaa ! m.-.r,, | a f|*l4a. 

. A' avlbi fatinlikr. n»u caVurla lji th# 
j MM n-iih antral dnnriug uuiuf u -. 
Br ,o»-iTheara Ltird a^«ttha» tel( the, 
i'-:i>. :'■■» that In- rn,i«t many In mon'-y 
I anil itol tbr girl he bjvew, The r#indiU 
I y:i- *"/-r. tr> tflvc lairti li r >p bit (he faftW 
•» thai be may makr a f'tViuue mid 
fnarrv Ihr bIt! uf Ipiw rhoii-i . IwirdHton 
Inirj atwppQi bi* itfficr. auJ Uic fauali> 
onr b dmnnj: U) i in diu(i.-r p) .ihr j by 
■ thr p ■„ ■, ,^; l.rtlrt-. , '.'. 1^... .::.--. 

RtM i ]>M .r unHatiiral to ihia rraaturt- 
I 0; tfa wandja, «pd n* poikla Vul b> alt 
j tbr l.nij:j*f,. m lii, pirtiirr, h«-« fwlUh 
I tbrf are lu lirr tap* atl nrtiffidal iifr. 
Whri, he adjure rr.-ryihiaf U bit lik- 
ing, ]<airin; vft ibe Tariow* cojple* ai- 
1 t-Mfdinr fo ,i,e aatiafadioa of all, L» 
1 daeidra tbftt hr eaa i.Jrfal, ih>> ibain- 

i-erity uf rifiliuiioniwi lunger, aa ahrdd- 
JBg hi. Hofhaa, be up* in dnn« tbr £ i»t 
■■kin 'miOir .■ aCU I-'-i'ird -I.J-. i and 
lr*.|« Eat 1: to Li* «-«afre>r>. *f ilir wikhIj 


A <j-j''-*ir emcrit, Ihia. dlld but .'j.> 
i-raiiar titan a Cmd: i>al wf llw »mf yon 
get in ".ii mr.i i-i !■:•■-* |*r« P jiV ai- 
h.alii* l» rkftnr'' l^'lr d>t 'warier. "M-f 
gel aafia a "rn:" *™ ti> «j.-**, *.. li in a 
■Jaa atT aal whrl**I Ti:r Mjrrijge Mak-r" ' 
aill W alloj-Itrr -sh-l, *,ful. 

labaaTBI ale Ruvlia Uaaal ta aaanaai 

Candidly, we k"ke : 1!. I'artiniUn* 1 
did are Itb l"heriw * lt«.ha" Wr 1 
'jHaaaaaoa of thr faun. II- La a big matt 
and It t* »ut r.i-'jr Un *iic'j a atAlurc t - 
(ft fealitnc mIh-ut,. rftt <w.K*. ...s..'>- j 
Tafrra and ibt- l:>. )>u: Mr. de TEiH-kc. al- ' 
I bon it It lint [larti'-Ji'frij gneiafiil. dur 1 ! 
rfie uii impah nnd elftCoj jierftirniiiiu-i'. i 
We (uve«;a n =noilly elth*f ■.( eomedy l»r»i . 
lii* rul». jiud .* the in ■" ■ pnt 'hf life In 
tlin film. .lark Broil i- Jn-t ade^lwU- j 
I^iril rfifj-nbjry. mid Agneji Asm did mi j 
look her brii by a htag a,jf,i (h,r lu tl.- 
Ckiae-upv either) hut t>rr'i!ip- tneM idai- 
rra ,who have afKfd Cbfajj g-oif wink -ti 
[tirm-r ih- a i'.il.». «»rr -i ■' i = u ;■ -i i t"."J run- 
t-eruit-: ibe utw.-rrd::i2* nf t^e l*>ni ap 
acre aotoe nifUibrr* «f irir ainiiema, de 
llncne. Iteireai-r. Vnew * hr war abrnf. 
ft?id Sftie- ■ jierformaace irf an iiniixunl 
role to that i' w«" amnd mil in aaaaal 
inruii.ry , 

Tber* U »oifia luTeljr |vi>-: ^.a^iliy ri 
1 tip i«"i^u-r and a eto-nv aid -*bt- aithl 
irrP'-. at' p*r:iitilarly cAWthe. The , 
AgMra of ib«' faun romliu hm a .high , 
tAtwra wa!U at ailhoieued 1 gaiivt n J 

accnr of VetJenr *piri--.n.--. »■»■■■. ■ .1- \ pir- 
liir-*n»ir ivimr>a*inii|i«. ^ti-| lg r l.-n 
Tighlrd Ami phutotr.Tplw.l etSrdTurr 

A Tat4»*et*$4 i|oart-i; ■ p --.'vi «".fh c 
arh-rt^j "iaie SruJa , f.:Ii ■ G.I I •< 
Poar*. - ia,| [j_ wTer.nn t-i.a-t-'j al ar- 
aa et jaai , ' fir-pm "| nhaliji In ~ 

AH laana ».,.. may '... ■ i'r^-a *JL-i_-- 
Ifuint- 1 b; rllr ■l*lli;i«li •»■' I'jv (ea.til^T 
lilm f-mi il^- ifrti utrj ■« b|W «■" pactVac 
e.rui-1 if" a-iv in ■» i- s" ■ (pittraj 

af **!ur>i '.MiiM - v "Tb- lnai'jjaiil *" 
WlBt. thra a ta#j tt*«:h>i 1. - L ■■ i li f — «h.. 
tb"i:g'j,t ii tsir .tj;tr^s..;j Ht>l ciuii-*- 
y*m tit: i-.v f.vf r".a * ;■■ --ti'-'rEdlu'ii, 1-ai 
t-+ee tl,- nSggHt k n. U»"J in. ibr w«r|-| ( 
wo-tlil End d d;3h*ii * li -'l f 'hr-mgh t&l* | 

ilOt* aHtaa-n rt '->-t iBjpbJBtbJ , 
Jia f d ism |j ; i. 

I nnj er llrnp. Mr*jri. 

Kiifeiir l"n| -IT yaara "hi. \r# l-knmvu 
patHI biryer nf "j H«ftar a:r-rt. *':ou'itd' 
f>:d ?*ia*-tlagp tn CttBihlfll (.!i>iir;. BniJffJ 
ii.C arer h« ZiniJ teen lnT!'*tifg|rt| an a 
I'jmrp- «r uithb'iMltiK *|/i>ai fhi-ji 
Kmaru-I l>iTfdi«f i| T UVai riTtli ^tr-r: 
Had Hainvte] VVelniti-benk nf !J',i\ ifi7,u 
rTrrri. lli^hmiajid HiFI. 




r.i Ovrn T»t, araarh l.llrrarr. 
I'nMh- «-jteK(?»* « h'I he ii> .1 11 I'oe 
rarii. I!i"_ f ! bjit-'I *nd VaJeniLnt areane. 
ibr Bwaftyg, Sfttyrday afi-fiioon, m ctle- 
brp-tr ibe fmrual o,tciiinr o' the 1'iirdhatn 
l-ran,-h ad" itu.- Xew York iMibli-- I.Kwary- 
t>ne of the teaiar*-! ail) baa (dio-iiB tr.31- 
imaed of more than iOAXJU ri.ii<J-vn Of nil 
aefaaob in th* Iftirar.i diatricl. - - . , • 

Man Held in ComntctioD With thi 

ScbotUkapf labbr ry Ii Toani 
Gail'.v of Ha*inj HeToWeri. 

Kusana .M-.ra.r. »•> yaam i.U. arhp ba* 
h*n ii the. TamhA *in,r Jitlr '£{ 1a«i 
-,nder ha ,3 bf Jim).**' for hi* alltgad 
■ aa a aa rrJ aal with. Hir t^»)U>f Jewel rab- 
jiery i.f Un, Iren* S- r.i. ■-!».«. r 1 -" laat \>w j 
Trir"*. - 3 . ..-.■,-■« 1 -ii yearerday In tic 
I'ourl of Hr**->at Mviioaa trf Tl-ylarJn* 
.■* Snl'tTan bin- by haring in hia poa- 
ie'-'i"n tw.» rftaataMi .lu*: T rv* Daniel 1 
a*. Murnby. A. D. VaaanWa aotf tj-orae 
'. PfCetfe : -ri.-n.Jr-,! Mvrai, to the 
iVniJ* f*vr LiiTeatigitioM and teutence tin 
Saptanao**- «*Jf 

tloi^tire Ohrl'tl?. tit Poih'e lleid- 
iiuarter*. "--nBel thai Uitrau •(»* bt- 
i-,;-i 11:1 .luna 11 nt l-'ii Watt flcirenra 
fn'rrl »i ■■'■"«■! and lh*e n %ry to au s,iart- 
niniJ- on Weal X^irtyBTTt'Jith *'r^ei 
• li fjiinil III Lit. jrOp-aM-ashpli. T'-'-t drtev 
Tive aaid that 'Monti tuld him'thjn he 
t\if<\ jn. ihr Vtaftr aarriila jtrreL apart- 
iiinil. apd when inaailigfttfaii •*■■*• mwlf 
lbs-fa Bdr -■..!■?'.!>■ waa fuiuiii in a bnratu 
drarww and an,»tbar in a ^alfar. 

R«f«rr nn tJipgfi ninrnuion, aaid ?ft 
La*] brrtt - w<\ by Mo.-ftn. waa ;. :■ In 
etidrpt-e. M+r*u !««, thi Wiloaaa aland 
rrd drdarH he la-i ,*jgued ' i. ]. .a. ;-- ^ 
afre* tlir polli.-*- had etiraed btni and 
ihrtaiene-I tu t^ot bi^i .nrrr Ibe head with 
oor of (lie |*a]*4f*a*Vi 11a iUiii-j ibaE he 
tired ai (he Xinety-serentb .:*.■*■; (tpart- 
ti ■•. h,i: a-lnii.irri L,r had routed thr 
ai-anin-at and iha ba inratdrd L* a»r F 
ijpra the nui day. 

Director Wilt Tike Own Unit to 

the ReAlart 6-tnJii. ud Releaae 

ThToOf a ParamOnnt, It U U.A 


is^a a: mpui* i*iaaIawaLi?«ia*iflr>*k.,. 
HOLl.TWtXrtl, S,|d. IT, 

Hollywood' heifere* that I'eeil B. 
JJaMi!!e and FiaiM*. Iiayert-[j5ky are 
at ibe parting of rbr wa.y>. 

Prediet ion ■ ". «■ tkt t .-. in ■•■- ' director 

«U1 laar* bb. aint tn Real Art »tudi"< 
after 'Trlaainb** >aa taaaaL roBpTete 1 

I meet with na .denial from eithef ..' bh* 

j -"».: t aakrtfam. 

Lt la aaid har* (bait eitagrerniru'^ 

! bare arhuHi -,.», tha big-* coat ad !*■ 
J '- M'.Iie fruduci -jra »*4 that in Ibe (a- 

, hara iha dtr<rt'*r will d* hia oatn hnane- 

- ■:.- aaid relaaae thrronih Pgraamnr. 
It i« aaaarad thai Jfm hfill* Will pri>- 
■itee "TVaaAtib" at tha Laaky atudW, 
b it 1*0 fuethi-r. blaat for worh thate hat* 

"irrji .r,;n.-.j-;.--.:l.. 

While .Taaaa L. Utky waa lrnul io fa'. 

pratar. of 'The Tn t'ooalouidnMnU.' 
quaaliooad rvararptng; the raflsor 


be rillad attatitios tu tb"e fact that 

tf" M-,.!i- La under roatrart tn ParamAuat. 


Hon of Clothes Tom Off by Nail, 

Btoby Finerow Qoei 

After Youtk 

Ai-curdkig lo Mra. BecVy Finr-row, 
wboar'.bnalHind i* iLr proprtt-tor of * 
jewelry atnre 'at- ITS Beat H04M011 

■Ifeel, thr r«l*M nf ufe'a rOtuJltMn ul 

draaa iir iinijraai ■natl«-r« u -thirj when' 

f&* faf *«l»>rcg 4 tattf. When ft |t-jl(>. 

•ofl-aaaakaa yauth «iler*d. lae *atall 4» t . 

lair yraterday ar>rnooa. frahbed fJ.Ot'O 
wonb' of .'i.iii. ■■.>■! rijiga ont of Backi'a 
lrand and ran tw Ibe atreer, aba faliawM 
Tim in.-ti middeauaaa that ahe abcotin- 
irted a nail on a workman'a hearh iltd 
bat « aaaajnat pari, of her tjothing. 

(Jrdlnarily baafafiil. Mis. Finai«w (or- 
i.--: r.ll ubiiii her Bppearavee and dt.hrd 
into thr atrect "aa it," thnrtfiig for aaajie 
one to "atop Ibe lairf." The aight of lhi> 
■1 aniiljM- 1 .ii| wamaa chaalng thr youth 
aronawJ the whole flrigbbWbood- and lu 
an I rial aa l folly a thouaaad peraoaa war* 
in piirault of th* being man. 

The dftr^BB- larlef dartaaT in; a a :r-e- 
sent in Orchard afreet *ad tan to Ihr 
ei^d", Mr. Fltiemw aid the rrowd /*i- 
l'*nl UtK when rbe; <rgd|«d the r—*t 

I ih" thief had daMppeared.. B*rty put 
haaae again without a fctrrei. 










Bradford Merrill u[ the American, isaucd the following Mtutcment on behalf at 
tbV newspaper t>wner*,-a.ib4ert to nflicnftJiig or correction HE fl-'neerBig to be held at 
HM o'clock in the WairtsTf-AhiiiriJ. 

The stateroom. foUyWH : « 

Tlif Arrr.|inp*r rwifBe™'" SiriW. 

Tilt prtortntu'fisiiflojfil on oil the morning and evening iietYsDapeTS, member* 
Of the Publishers' A*«MlKkin of New York, stoned nri -*itllfl»" atrilce soon _aTter 
tnidnlflut ye«t*ltl«r. The strike wn* ordered, nreortttng to a rttatenufint issued later 
in the day by (ieorg:e L, Brrry^ proaa'cut of the International Printing I^eaamen and 
AsafatantV rninn.Et n nJtatlhf oE "lew than four huhdVod members or the union out 

nf more thnn two thmiMind." ,_ - v _, v _j, 

. President Berry pffLdnlt? rtnted. further tlmt "the action of the Nut lot* 
nniuii ii in violation of intern nticmal law. No ramrtlon of sucli nciion wo* retueateil 
by Web Pwasnwtf* Union Nil 25 nr New Yortt Cltsyrnw given by the boart of 
ilireclOTs of thr inteinatlonni - , Jn (nldiiinn, the atriae notion is In violation of * 
rnwliuiou inwwd hy Now York Vulon No, 2G giving tlie bourn of directors of toe 
interrmtlunDl UnhWi Authority to determine pant* to be aubmiltecl to arbitration. 

The, nepjtintions between the newspaper publishers cud Proaident Berry flild 
but international bonrd of/directors of till ternm of a 0** contract left* progressing 
favorably. Tlie unfon mid the piibllHher* aj^eed only loat work on important amend- 
ment of the working Jmum in favor of the men, (Jn teftrntttg of toil ndjustmenl, 
J'reaident Berry WHitr - lo [life publishers September 11. 

■T *m delighted to learn ftf ibi* final adjustment, wblrli Is ■ cnmpJijnent to 
both the representatives of the piituinberti nnd tlie Inl*faatl4Pal Union and on *n* 
dorsrutrnl of tbe prifcetm of i-opi. 1 Illation." 

PJaJMCrit B«rry n>Veu: fornnoihcr meeting with the owners of It* New \or* 
-nefrapriperA to inke till otber tflrtftlbi of Ihe rantrnrt. TTm" owner* immediattlj 
afjeda to bl» Mtimtfan amt they vvn walling Mr. Werrr'n jemrn l<> the ettjjf ofl 
Mniidfly j tpjinl[3 iltn roDfermce. -' 

irLin oo timt Dlfht J W local nnlna, without fnrthap 


notlc* to lhe>>BbTi*lierBi.i?p to' IVvfidrnt Berrj-. lo vlitfm they had .-onuuitifd ibe 
Mitlre fbarcp of <(helr nrprotintViDW. Kti-m-i:, . . , . ,„..,■' 

Thla "outlaw 1 : atrike in the firct Btrikf nf niiy f>f the iirlntlnjc nuti puUUhhin* 
OnlooH emploj4*l by Ihe' tie Weill per* fw wiflre thnn .thirty rear*.' (Jontmrli bav« 
al*ayit b**n Jteltlrd amJcabrr fcy -nex^iaOon lad woHliatJan ttt br arbitratloa. _ 

I'WeSrltnt Befrj- 4n.Vr of&ctal nnth* ii>_thc iacjil anion y*«[etday that the strike 
of ih* New Vurknnta'ti In Hlejtal horiftue- 

*r r 

be mnitiiaiwd and Ihe' prjpciple of nnllrctive bBrxalldn^ u brtwem rroph>) - «r*('-jrn..l 
rmplojtfts' oeRaniiatiorw be upbelil." 

r- t'iidpr tic OOTUrtitntloni tbr board «r dir^-tni^ of tlie IiHrrnntinTird fnion Ua* 
power, to.rwuke Ml* chart^r"nf tin: New York urtl<m And •■•uHlflw 1 " all >»f It* member* 
■fur T-io]ftttun of their nirrrwnrnt. ■ 

rFenincoil Hrrry box nntlfird David Bttnaiw, the ntwafUttPt «f tl>.- New \ort 
union, th« h^ wmild bn very n-luctunt Iw 'tikr *"i«;li OfetWi, but tbflt unli-tr. "ilie 

Swvberahlp ImmwlJatnIy rrttiriw to *rorfc,' ft jwflld be neccwarj- to cnnl the charter 
ittrw York Wfb Pr«*inei>'» T7ni«ii ,^a. 2S. 1 ? 
The JtJefral *trlkt tirrTentiid all »r the tnorhlajr ife i^vmfiiR new?pa[>rra fr*nn 
^juuinfc reiiilar rdltionn yi^ti-nlay. Thvy ire Printline joint uml.ra Uiin rmirutiiz eon- 
tuintnx co-ndrni'ed niwn anqlHarins tin; tftb-brad «f nil tlie inaminAjjapfTfl. ' 

Tbv Tiewsptiper nwncrx had eonNentetl lant week to sJiortvr hoLr/R for the priw* 
ineni liotb. dny ntid ujjht. TJiey urr now^. iind ure willing to Continue, to paj, 
tlic aLtbrsI vrnaw void, in. the United Btiiten to newspaper ^k^aiuvu. 


JUJI IL'lIAJUtU T«EATBti— : -TmlM »>•- 
-'ftW'tfltJT 1» t*W *fl« "5" " ,nl( 

bd UllhtU^ . 


]Mb*u* Wwi« t . 

Juim *e,"iP»B:. 

JtMl4 «W0ttt.rV 

Till iWS.. v 

P«M Wp«t«.. 

John fnaWP- •'! 

Hiarr Vfcw*n4 

Patil VaBUia 

Tin BollW-.V. -.."■!- 
WiiiL*ia IIi.Hl*.-...-- 
Thi P*tt» Ofltt",., 



•JtB SUbPk 
.(.id'.l'i Aail!i-" 
.,..,Ho(» Dr«""l 
, Vr>nk KMMn ; 

, UljJ* V*f1D I 

.....rrpil HMlf? I 
..YihttHd-LTfU I 
i.-i. W. ..BVhilfti i 

...'Till n«ta!! 
...A. ft. Ihfta 


- LKXTN6T0N, Ky. h Sent.- Itf, 
' MakiH( bis second start at i1k> meetiiif , 
.ActMrj, h 4-jrear-iild aon of Dick VjnnelE 
and A lie*- Baird,. ecrrriqc the coloni nf 
n, EE. Anderwon.fccftjTtd.a ruaawiy vic- 
tory oier n an all.. .field; Ju iht Mtindj'a 
Landing: Pin-- -.n one Hiite, which w«j 
thv reutiire:) ufferiiiE ai the y>c-t i.;' tbr 
KtWQtfiy AaciMrdatfun riiin afiernuoii, 
II"1» t j >-v wbh Kfi-nii^j mid 'J'cndtrr- ^vth 
tblra. I 

---. Hepucl got tljc Ande-rmn «dT «wi)f 

■ ' '-' — ' . , - It'j il (lying ^n*Jrt Wnd opening up n (ood 

Sam U- Ha'rrif prwente4 Prank ' ndvalltafie. nu tho*Htj[ tarn Acruarj i-..(- 
" n* i hm ilAEvta I "% ft *" 1 '" 4 «Pl*eitinn fcafe sm1 pauud 
Ui( judtef tbree it'iiji N.« in (he gooo n ith 
tkiB 7ni-i- loublue bkek. HoitfteKB, whirh 


■ v 'Bpiclil Dlavaich loTil Korill»»T«1ilT#rt,) 

Ha^'RE df, rjBAbk, M4: Sept is 

The Kail ni-nion of racinc In Maryland 
will lie unhered In tomorrow with the 
Openioa- of the (en-day irteetinc of the 
UarYnrd Ag-rlecliiirml ofld Br*ed*r» A*~ 
hOCiuliwi ;l; Him. il- Once. DnrlnR 
vhr ini-ii.HV >.r-wii:n three flO,000 pump 
v.iM bv given; thr Eutern Shore Handi- 
cap, for iwojear-oidM: The- Fotomac 
nanriieo|<, for ilufr-,. .-ar-Mt^ and Urn 
Have Je_ tlr^^e Htndlcftp for " tbree- 
yfur-olris and upward. Tire Euiern 
Hilars IJniiflirjiii ,around which tb> Op<n- 
•Juyt im^Tiiui haa bcMi budt bn< 

Siranye Persons in Truck onj 
Chappaqua Road Who Spirited 
Away Violim on Night of Mur- 
der Brought Into Case as 
Part of Defense of MiHWrmire 
Accused in White Plaint Court. 


Grand Jury Begins Investigating 
Alleged Conspiracy of Defend- 
ant's Relative* to Defeat Jus- 
tice— Slain Man's Parents, 

Kept in 

Seclusion, Later to 


dTatrn 2! 'tVplnnu. There lire- jflfojn I twioita ponona who UtM *long tbe 
MUfctM 1or the lVtomac and eighty for *■.■.____.,-- __j K i-a*«*t«ii vk. k~^ 
■. .r ,....—. .i_ .i .......I.—.. MiL-^st t.btppiqi** road, netj. which tbe bony 

ipi dc- Ljrttca Handicap. Sfy.'-' 
ehaatng will Ivt feoiurad ax the me»t|iTg. 
mill each at theao t-i*;»t« carriea a ufirm.- 
nf $2.t'lK). -faapM Kowc nrriT«d wit'i 
twenty of Hizrf PlJW Whttney'a string 
•.-"kLi-i-iIii; . Other Mtabha an tJac uruundv 
Ate tbo«e Pf \Y. J. SaJovra, ». T. Wll- 
mjii, K. B. Mcl*eon, J. S. t'eaden. Sternal 
Boan, Kalubria Stable Tbr Cltin Hid- 
die t'urrn, A. II. Slofrijt. Hatl L'nrr. M- 
,J, Ileiilp. F. Whitney, itrteatJj* fltobk, 
WIHla Sharpe KHmer, Wi Martin, Ne- 
vada Htock I'ana. W. K. Harflngton, J. 
B. Shiaker, G. C. Winftey, A. S. Winks 
and Kdward Tlbtier. ' 

The Hwenh* Stable got in.froni f.lan- 
adq Hiindoy nvghi. while Trolfflr ia.hcra 

*r Thi >:.i niejr, 

\V1UTE PLAJNiW. T.. Kept. IS. 
Vigorously ttiincierjna; •-*■«;.■ it, iur 
teaTltttod? of tbe . wttneiK* for ihe Stale, 
Altan A. Campbell, jifcpef ' for TValwr 
M. ITard, ' to-day indicated (hat part cf 
the defense of the tnA.fft tbi- udllloeabrer 
banker would be t mi flic body or Clar- 
ence Peter* bad b**H awred by two mya- 

and John Pinga*. loaRipir better than 
nftcr Ins long siege of lllnaw. li nleo 
on the grounds with -a string ot rae-r-i. 

A". G. WajgtWi oane down (rtitt fiav- 
fltogn with the Tbomaa t'lyde liorw*. 
Others here air E»B»r Hhaw. J. W, Bean. 
Klmbnll peiteraon, L. Y. Harroaker, O, 
\Y. Foreman, VOliSA Hall, K. TraemnD- 
M. J. Kelly, F\ Bmlthaon. -T. H. Stotler. 
,1 A. Coburn. John Pnrrt.ll, Kenton Sta 
ble W. M. -FiffonK R- t Miliars Tn-I 
MUlor. 1* Eoseabers. C. H- riuahes. I- 
K. Dry*pn- Jan'tit Arthur. J- t. Mor- 
tlUJTT and P. Hi Bmlth- 

Filili-' Crnwford, who rated a «ring on 
the New YorS: tracks during the .emrly 
oart of the «eoBon.. I" ronfined in the I e*t 
linwiitate UtwpHfil »t Ne* York.- Uw 
roaditi»n i^ aald to b* neriuiw. 

The (ime set for the running of vie 
fin.1 r*t* rrety day ia iM. The off 1C ri] 
funilv ii the jrame oa.tlie Spnag m«et- 
ime with' th* eiception that Jlartm 
Nathnnsnn [» filUnc th* position oTrflc- 
in* Ki-crotlirj- In place of .Insepb HcLfn- 
nan, who remain**, in Canada to Hbaa 
bn> th*- season there- 



AMierboa l-m-j* " 
ClUl-i.. Won, r,o»t. rrrC"V 

.\>W Tart. - ^ « ■»' 

Mt; Laid* ■ f* ?; "■TS, 

«:bleu;r- .- Sl'VS ■**; 

Hpitftr, -JH & 1 ..-«» 

gallant l.r»*nr. 
,-i U l„ Wiwi. l-«t. PerCeti^ 

htppaqua road, 
waa found in a truck. 

While the attorney waji closely quea> 
tinning the irUnenca Uir> accused uinu 
nerVontly shifted In Hfr chilr, at times 
closely watching tbe Jorora and m*5a- 
riMtaJlj elanejDf gn at Siipnint Court 
Joatlen Bobert P. Wagner, who frc- 
quetitly Wss called apon ru rnte regard- 
ing the admftaion of nupstirn* m.l an- 
aVar*. In her anuftomedi place direct" 
ly is the rear of Ward, sat Mrs. Bjryl 
Curtis Ward, her brad h*v*rt>d end for 
tbe most part gazing tij tent ly at the l-twr.. 





On Contract Made With 


counsel for Film company to stand Riviera Stable's Fleet ffltimus Juvenile Outsphnts 

Good Field in Belkrose Selling Event— Tommy 
McTaggart's Triple Is Riding Feature. 



Peter B, Krnc'n Utile Int^rvldW pnr>- 
linhed in The Slonjinc Telegraph yester- 
day TOOTnlng. (n wiiii h be tbreab>ned to 
■it(! Kainouy Plo.rers-I.ahky for $I00.WK> 
herauae of ehanxn made In " Homeward 
Bonn']," fonndedi on hi- atwRF, "Th" 
Iiigbt to Jivaward." trrodght^ forth r*> 
liunr roumenfa from those ",-ttliiu and 

wltfaOUt llie infl.iJtln that tern thODgbt It 
Wan realty (oO bad not to ba>n noinctbiiuT, 
mora from Fantoaa Plnyitrs-Msky «trl 
.thai? Ktdf of the argmmeat. 

After t£etaDing to atoecy-nlne cpiaions. 
many ttt wUrh.were roicrd in faror nf 
Ihe fiim company, we railed on Kick 
Jolin .IjDdvfgb. ooUaerl of jVambuj Play- 
cra-ljiakv, . nnil tried to , grt him to 
• mpWfT bin ttrsr laUTrTlew o! the day 

trtw. 4t wJi;hrtiiFhr ft> Mr. ___ 
i'mi>'* uttMrlim that Mr. Kyae bad uttt 
that ha .bar- gieen Knman> Floyers per 
mis*i>n 10 make Aitch ihsucn pr Ti-eri 
needed to meet the meehsuriesl eJtfgenclej 
*ettliig in n ' rno>ion ptctare protjiirtjon. hut fast 
*. —4* A ctt,u^ nit i ««_ * a ^* r - fry 11 " flnimed that Famous Pltier* 
touch with the White Plains poUec i«d hi(1 nft ^J g produce s ■Horr that 
nf the rtanfliUon of the -dead man. .Ho»e-| doe^ not follow tV general form sod 
■was followed by Harry Greene, a former ! "fii'lf of thp ■/rigina!. 

atate tspoper/wbo pow ro>idei ia Unajta*- j J***? 6 !}* 1 ? %$ ^'V™*? S ] " 

■ trtfi muto of i p,ii]ni|opher to rntcn into 

ile» at this vharacter, 'but 

ri3lr. " , ■*' . 

fnuuetlUlclT afT-f Ihe rnorning sea- 
ntoa opened fonn«r Judge leaf c N- Milli. 
of. mu.ii»el for Ward, moved for tbe re- 
.!(!«'' \un of the i-harjte In tfee .Jnflfctment 
from flint decree tqurder to a Jes«r de- 
gta«i ■ "■ 

'Eh* refnial of J«*tk* Wtjjnet- ip re- 
dnce the charge was regarded aa.lhe nnt 
• cviniti btotr n! t!ie iefonae. for -jt .had 
heeii felt by .eotiDJcl for Ward that the 
rlinrce wonld be made maoalaugbtur. 

Watr, in tellrng </f finding-tqe body, raid 
that it lay with (he feet toward the Chap- I fight to Q*e-\th* 
parjtla Ho*d. Tbi* «- 8 * lit th> jKHCtion i threeof, '^ 
or Cliappaqua Road aait Uebnta Lane, j *'u*i™ 

>i* sahj that tbe Vent waa bnttoh«d. bltt J t" rtpose. add to a«ri auhtrace from tbe 
linii tbe no^t. which' the formrr Muinc 
vote was, open aBd. ha waa .able to «ee j 
dgarette ease and a peae'E]' in (be i<_.-t 
pocket. . ■■" 

"Tn« 31 ;*lrrlas> U<n, ■ 

Imally, after a lot of mixing, be agreed 
to let >ne we Wie ongfua] conl^art lie- 
r*ecn Fantous I'las-ers-I^aikT mid Peter 
B. Ksatf. The rtatasraph relatinjr it 
*h* qji.initfh. j:i the. nririnat utory ftf "Th* 
IJgtit to Leeward," after it had become 
"uoroesrarcl Bound" on the screen, nrc 
.ii fnlhiw«: 

■The owner doe* hereby glrr. g/ant, 
«r*si, rt.iijr.Ti and tranafer to fli- pro- 
ducer, the sole and etcloaiTf right to 
make moriun pictnre veratona of the 
siid atory entitled "The T^ight to Ij 

Miii t>ninino. fleet 


itaoeliter of UltE- 

II fcf 


mu)>"and Mm. Olasae, rontifine* oil 
wionlpa; way. TIir blunde fdly regiati 
her second stFaight *ince remrnHif from 
the Spn when she calloped tiff with Ibe 
Bellerose Selling ^I'-ike?. pitnetpll si- 
traction of Trsfrrtny"* racing at Aqne- 
duct. This f.-vi'-fn flung jnnnt attracted 
nine juvenile*, with the Hivirra Stable 
representative always' baring tbe situa- 
tion well in hand. 

' -Victor Vfv*uuVitL proprietor nf (lie 
■Blylera Stable,- always haa been a liberal 
pOTchaaer "nf thonMigbbred "cine mn- 
teriaL Mdinr of TTfineir Fredi Taral a 
aetectiufl* bn the yearling market have 
' been apt on#*. Pur Instance, Kbaj 
Domfno. Thinwss'a $2^200 jrarling In 
the Spa, nates rirtc a year bach. . Though j 

«Ment perfotmaTiceiv 1 eatenlay s Belle* 
r.^r added -Vt/iUi to- her r.roin^, arj [ 
It la anfe to tayabr is valnnl srelt aboff 1 
her original pun*ai»e prire. 

The nofeb or this dnah ont of ihe ohu(.«> 
was a good one, with Ml** Itomf»n Jnet 
clear of Baby V*iir. Back of tbr win- 
nar bet- three aUcnrisnl* were ctowly [ 
lappod. thlrrT honor" Bolne (o the fast 
<;10simg IluTDorette. while Noou Hre was I 
a tiring fdnrth. 

H|» Dvmltti> All the 

Turner bjtoke Miss Dnmino-off in front j 
and she outaprinteA her lOpposltinTi to j 
the rlbow. Aft^r the brat furlong ahe j 
always was In the clear, ln-.t right at the ■ 
end she had to tre hustled along lo with- , 
■ttand the bid of &shy Lane. The letter ' 

as hampered b> IJ. T. Waters m che 


rintT kack. 

ton fait. :i to 1 alratsbl, evi 
lilnri- ■nd ] || t ■*»«, WSM 

fl tone j«k, s rn i .tealchf. 9 

1 place 1 snd K to R chow, ■• 

Cape cksT. T to tt atpailtffet, 

» B »Mc« ami l to I aha> 


Ttrpnr»tloii 1 O ia f ■trnl«ht, 
I" 1 )>laww m.i,a * im II aha 

Kins AlbWel, 7 (i. I .trailjclM, 

to I plare inU ft' to fi astar 
■rrtkartU - 

Sspsnarfo, A to 1 siraiant. ** est 

Plsnssi l to 2 «sj*«r 3W '- 


R pita*- 

Hsiunffift, ii in i Biealathi, b lo 

3 *laee aitsl fl to «'• "hi"", third. 


1'atleeiln Paeh, IN tt t smtlaVIa 
ll*S pEaaee Jivd 3 t* • 

1* B. n(»1 


HrHin. .-, In 1 ■traljajkt 

place and T to i"> m.ttt 

I.*eky \iil"lnr, U I -j- ( Ii ulralrhti 

• sia>i* r 


saj M atfa 

>d i to 4 «ai*w, ! 


9 to ft plaee ns4 1 la ■ i 

i a tta i nniiiii, .-. ; 
sn«l * t*> ■ sbb«K 

Tosh < iai«l'l> 

t« ■ plna-e 


tier, to L Biratatbl. 3 4a 1 place 
»4 earest -hfurr. thlt-.I. 

nn-nr..l, t '- 1 itnlshi, g t* 9 

jilmr nnil a tt» S |tj 

MTCy running tms dnaeil in determined \ \ T*™J* J* *o > • 1 . 1 ™"- *- 

faahioo when clear. Ii may he tbr HM 
horse in Jhi* erent ftnished third. BtUM- 

._ and also of a I! the motion picture \ rette, after leading a trlfla sjowlr. was 
rights, rhertio, and the sole and eicJuatTP 1 pocketed along Ihe rail until the laat 

' Siternth. She c^oaed with • good burst 

of speed when itfear. 

Noon FLre. pnkittvT hi* flrs: aiipeiraiire 
aince Jnly racing at Empire Cily. turned 
In a good rac*- He mid* hLa run: 4 -lUJ 

IO i. L W t'!P tit T- ill 

', logethtV *ith tlie 
rlfht to'oidapt. ar 1 

tit'e and Ibe Ihema 

ao'e and n- 

range, rhange, 

Keenati in "Petir We** 11 ' 
Theatre last nlgbt- The pbiy Ii in Tour 
arta'anrt la,tLo mUff'tit Jftank-Diue^ancl 
Leljgb^O" Osmun. t\ ' '"'' 

"Peter Weartoo.'* hi not new to the 
stage, it baling been presented at tin- 
Uarria Theatre' in Chieafo for fourteen 
vtetD&f In?: scatoD. This t» the firtt play 
Lu ivbich Sir. Keeotn baa V*n aeen.-dnr 
Ug the liat fouryeir*, he having lieen. 
oi-udpufd ' in ■' (ho rnnking u( pictiirea id 
California during the :intetvei!jii£ time- 
lil- la*t iivpeariiui-" oh thp New Vork 

wan rCKHr'fcil *m the favorllv's atro&gest 
i-ivjif. mud? a K.i iiw eiTort, bui wat r:».ir!.v 
outmatdLed. lie-raced it* kccojiiI ixntddfi 
nnd nearing the th re<> >i pole -i.-ru-'i 
to mute u-p- hot the winner drew away in 
tin? t*ttel*rn wiujinift' pny KppurcilL v^urL 
1 i-irle-i bad mi great dimotiity m bcac- 
inif Tender Sutlt lor the plax,e. - 

oEajdu utiOwcft just preceding and dar- 
ing ftt ruflpfnff j>r (ho- first two rates 
wirrf tv .make the- track a trifle alow. 
"Hit! go*Ti& howevar, iiiii a hriu tondnE 
uitd enaned the witin?r>> to hvtog up fair- 
. t.v' good ilrnr. Auothei- cikuJ" crowd wan 

«iag* waa as ta^t^iis in Lb« aU.ita.r case ( , n h|1 nj to vlrB - lU „ KJ £n* 

o£ -Julrua Cacaat L H ' . tiallahcr UrotBern' Chllboww, pi colt 

The story of ■"Petef AVaatoii w that j hv BaTbtvf Boarbrtn Lmba. Joomed np #* a 

or a gelf'HiBdc )rt*& who. hariiig pcoom- tltlkely winners tn*e>lie Hreedera'' Wihtr.'t; 

plishcd so much hi t« indwatrial. way. ; whi'ij he wured-art finpteaslve rictory over 

py-Hevea that h* hi the greatest power on ;1 tusknrt. band or juveniles In. the dxth 

c-srth, tdia egollsnj ia oi-yj-* helming. rUre and i» doiie m •■uiiniled Jrtin Uask^ 

'Snocraa at any «i#t haK been.Na hfe;a track vecord of r.Ot, ^-3 for five atul one- 

motto and he has negUwted eveTythT,iag ha>f furlorujs. 

to pot it tbroiisjh, - ' ,./ ■ ■ ■ 

Finally ' lie over readies, and coJlidea 

uith those Miini> in life that'uo nmu 

aa cooqilcr and the con fiber ia a bitter 

uili". Throiigbuut the play the figure tif 

Peter ■■Weston iJomirstc' \» :■ atery. 

rtmagly human and t'vejjcolor by an- 

ijitto*!! lovo rtvcf- '_' ■ i Jlrnnoaut 

The auppovting cast jiuln<fcs Judith j Cnllo^B 

Anderson, Clyde North. Milliceat llan- ritmldi 

St. U"iil«- X £ . 

nttqa »"■ S "■ 

fhllailelpbU .■.£ •- W J - 


.iBirlM" l*af*' 

.Mr, Campbell, coiidurtrng the. rross-ei- 

aniiwalirm, .jSjrarionrd llie 'wkiifa, i:!nsfiT 

feffardlug a ■inn-K Mnitaiuiti;' two men, 
which, the defena* Ibtlfofted, It would 
claim had passed before Bow (Hirm-, n- 1 j f. 
j tb* body. It rrs* evidently the .Tittntl->i 
ill" C*m;ih.\i lo attempt itff - prove tJist 
tLicse men 4 had arranged Petera'a body in 
tfie neat mannrc in .wnich^he w|tum» 
de«cribcil having foiin-rl in 

M>.--: of tbr- day was taken "i> w_il'i 
llie yaeanionini; by bo*b ifffense and Sfitt 
.'T <ift<mf. th» former treoper. Ei-:L-;;-.-,: 
from Qreeae's teatim v ny b*for« the f.TM 
(JTand -In T-j- and also qUutJiia bit tr>li- 
mony _ before Atte~iia.v Ueneral Curl Hht 

said atorjr nud the tii'e thereof, in mcU 
trttPiit a* ihe producer deem i'Tpedieni.' 1 
Mr. Ludvfrli wimn aiaked wherhee T n, 
viaj** of Mr, Kmft'a contention, th-nt this 
wbi ciot autflcient authority for i-hang- 
inc the iinrr. lie wonliJ change Mfl farm 
of eontraet. said oo. lie thought hr woiiht 
let it eo as It tiaar stands. 

*»* Waesiee \« lifii^. 

> Warner, wlm ■«■« i^-noved to iht> 

. Rill hpspita) on Mondar iiiJT>-r- 

ith typhoid fever. *-n* reported to 

by about tbe dame t/esicrday Bflerno«n, 

Flu rH-nlher Sam Ims been .ent Tor. and 

bfa si-ifer Jirs. Harry CSsina*. of Cf»r«- 

land. has atrcady *-e*--htd lierc. JFii 

runstitntion i| Taiif.h ]u hi* fori 


r-v'-ii )a*E Spring. Csmpbell attemvted to 
h»w that at the pren-pi trf»l tea v-i'- 
WH made many <-'hanxeh hrHh direct er- 

,. Jay . *iann.i. Hone urov __. 
Kvorton. Fred Jlotriey. tJeorgij Vr*. Bar- 
i:u.hi and A. 0. Ihihn. . 


i'layi'lig the moat briUiaiit fofpnAv* j 
Jtame that h*n been soen 'in the inter-? 
mm)-, iriitcliei hrtwrMi t;r«Mi lthian ■ 
j"ud Ubl Cnirihi. fltji'teh. the Amfrtran * 
four played the nritix'i/ itmrtMie lo H j 
-iKIld-till. wiunii.-.'luTiLdilr. It} fH t. on 
tbe picador Btpok fidd. : 

Napoo., ii-nii! slii- iijrijJi' '•'. WiJIlami 
Bros., .and ridden hyJr.'l'grte, wan hack-d 
Snto -stont Ini^orititm in Ike. .opening con- 
test and sjfter* be had taken tlir E9 JJeai1 
nlwrtlj- after tSz start Inrjnav^ebyrr tti* 
ii-wili En-doubt. - 

Clarenee, jr geldlua by Light Brl;au>-*. 

, rfrryiag the cafors df-' I. N. 

led itnme a li"hi tit juvenile 

n tha- semnjd race Oarser kept 

j the wbiuer within atiiklnx dintuncc of tu*_ 

pacemakers in the Ulna* eighth, where he 

nrj.-1-n bin*, aud the gelding* ahWiug good 

j.j.j-F(i 1 oierJiaoltd Beau Butter ami leu. 

] Inn In tbe Imtlew jitinp«. 

. ' . ;-; — - 

te irwperaiaa-ei. 

t:. It. K. 

.n7iv Vara ,Hfl^««iM 

- Lafteiles— tthautr *'"t *Lf,*&\ shswkpj-. 
I'lpits* »n>i rttliang.. 

■ At l»illaa\etpLla-(nn| (rsnp t >-- 

f"i"u'.iphte « mi ti ti i n p t-eiiu a 

Hattrii™— liollnway and nawler; lioni- 
lawl KeJIy soil I'rrUtai. Bruggr- 

Iirii-i.l- .".. l.o 1 4 >— BOB 1 

r'-iillkd'-tpblj ;...i oft " l w 7 e t—iu H j 
sl'.ii.-r.™*i\ii- WJUteaiU. r:i*rk, JBtin- 
von and Jlsis'-er. lluorlriH; Hsrrtl. Iltttj. 
Uoainiel aai! 1'n-to*,": - . 

Of&iao i » 4 n o t ii O.sVf* J *J 

JlUSIDfl tm.U » I* I ti » J— - *> * 

- rtj.iti-rh-i ]!tiBkeu*bl|) »na - tvraqae; 
rjniDu. Hone. KletBFB iml I'n^blvUr , 

Ai Waush{bgtoa—{ First UbiupI^- 

W. Louis .-, o a l)« 1 "ftp a— fa m 1 

Wainiupau u (Hi u Q 0- P J— I P a 

BatU-rles— DsnfoFKi anil FAcvereU; 
Cadihsry. «:<i ■■'■■■'■! and r.-.-.r. 
i.Sr-i'uiril tJamei — 
ftt. r.unls j.o u 0,0 41 1 n li ifcM * n 

Vi-aia}ilis«tau .-.11(101 I i> *— 3 Itl U 

UatU-r)e»— Kolp ana SeTerclu: Zaliiila^r 
anq Burl. j-- 

flioir ill! 
BWH mat 
ami nation 

b S , I took re'nge behihd the aaswer. "I do:i - t 
j „ =" recall." although tlie attoriay did get 

NallBnsI Leagae, 

At Is, Louis— _Ja R.3l,E. 

N>w York ......IE a 4 &TH-- 10 Jfl * 

flt LoolN ,......**« 00 I i on;'- 4 fi A 

lin ii-rSri - ^«-tif (latlOTi arm Howdy : 
Hahi™. X'asfaat *pfl '"temone. 

At mtlsbnrg— * 

nsstton ....looifuioi*--: a ;' 

PlMsuurjt 3 3 33001 i^tS 17 ■> \ -.-■■■ 

■ ntierre*.- Barfl-B. Oes-plwr.- ntlfnglm ! J"™." 1 " re , ln 5*5 , « B . , . lu * ,">■ 
nrf ansilnr llorrlte-n .,■ r c y-h-^-.m 

r>>:i;.'M|iJii.i nnd riurlmistf ganit calbd ■ _ . 

o(f-. ■«>*»» - - - ■ tial taet 

T»iii**a r* to AaUansr. 

hi!" phyHleJans anmil fhat 
"i twry sick man they "believe. Ji- - 
he able to weather Hie storm. There i. 
0'i mote po^pnilhr man In Lh* «tfre mv- 
tion pietrre Indnaii-/ than. Abe Wjinier. 
■■hose qojat hrmor aiitl good dispo*ition 
hfj endeared him to a large efw3fi of 

>lr. Warner took aild last week, lie 
!*Uyedl in hia rooin» «t th» Altnr belie r- 
ItLjr, as ell hit Menda did. that Lt was 
Hilly a alight fnditposltion. Rut SI.,:- 
i*j be took a audden tarn for the WQdca 
and it wsa ile-aded t*« more him la n 
honpitnl where he Mold have eansert ci» 

ter mile, out and onlr ran at the -ad as if 
r- trifle abort, H* iwrriod J'£: pouna* 
and waa ejoal high-Weight with H V 
Waters. Tbe latter had enough after 
cotiut a balif mile: Bhal was done early 
while All In 'AJl ran better than tbe 
eharts would "indicate. 

The winner coivred ibe five Enrt9H«ta 
in 1.01 over ground that appeared dee;i 
sod dtppy. - 

Tlie FJunhing Bav Pttta*. a mile ™udj- 
tion affair which frll In J. K, 1>stw'i 
lUparalion. *as the «i»y « best dislartva 
racing number* Thi" ensbledl Tommy 
MiTaggart Co ioaiigumie bis riding 
triple, a foralii nation thai wm>i-oaiiAcre*i 
by the tfewfea "f Vftlrain Park and 
i BliBsfii). The veleran .rhirr put forth 

award, Marie Martin, after being ahuiTlrd. 
Iwck at the start, failed to develop kxf 
nana I: sprint. 

Cam *ah 1,*b«1b Sprlntaea. 

Old Cum ftab continues to shake a. 
mor-> nimbfe fa>ot than mang - ft( sDus:, 
younger compftitcirs. The aged. Burgo- 
master geldiag, whn . rscex for J. I,. 
Priee, alwaya ha* ehnwti a liking for tli-i 
«i>ft traeV- at A«|Ue4wct, in the open- 
iiif sit-nsd-a-harf-fiirlong claimjug imm 
Iter In- ilft^bt'd, away fcom the gate Uhc- 
a .1-year-oM and only Lreeked «■ l\ > 
cAtupany for the- eotit* triv. 8evHi ap- 
peared, "i* ti.U frLfsTKr top slid luitt-- . 
affair > and (he mnre- of fum Hah wd 
clean cut. • 

Jamev Butler* Stone Jna 1 . after 
iliicgixh ix'giipQtng. i-anie alpilg witU 

.This hi*t effort aiurld* Baparatinn •_Mnd | n^] .print En ik>- ulreicb t^ take tlta 



v«-'»i tsj S|>w Vasrk. 

Spoor. tu-inTeni^r of rlie 

ilii* tiraiiight a driving vietoiry over King 

Heparans Ha**al ojt r««?«. 

tomb 1 Stonjr hail the nueed tif the party, 
sod when .McTagaan realised this be 
eaaed his us.^i :■: bm-k o-ilf t'c- H !.'■.<■ k Jee 
far gsldiug. f i" rrserved Beparatiun iln- 
(it lurninx for home, and then^d -..■■ 
^nivklj to race down the leader. r,i 

final farloiijr therr »bs *tw»thec i 

King Albeit made his ran, "bcir. Mr 

Taggitt tjover relaxed rigilanee m»: kept 
at bis mount, to win by three part* of a I 
length. SupexvsVffOs rai>inj; eat, hi* awn 

,,, m r .1 v„, »>„«,, Plj .id,„. -„ . Sw , „,,„„„,„ of ■ I jg-e- *-« . -^ 1^ . «»» I 

wfto prrfonneil the autupty on Peters new fhrre-dimenslon prclnres which he | !i remained for tbr rinal fir.- fulft 
bodv. w#s the last isi'.nfH mailed at iht-A rssasiillr put nn rifr for The firm time ' lo ruimd out the MiTagjsrr irin'e. 

in OWCtge, isr arrivinc in New York to- | ibi» dash he had the mount *.n ftii-^rn^. 
dav and will >tay at t^s Biltmor* Hotel. I and «ftt llutt miss away from ihe gal* 
What is canaing Mi-. Shoot's daft ia nut I ** stviitlr that ahe was able hi orerrttaift 
lui^wu. put )t fa pwdble that he msy ! the disari-'B'Utage of No. I* oo*l p.«itio,r. 
mate a first-hand aprtoaneer^tat ft f i. L ., J The improvetneni In BOtcfpl - waa M 
nlans. TLa new process, uppn Vhirl> ' msrki-d **i 10 n. '.ninn some fdmn«nt. 
Mr, Suri'ts- has been working for a onm' [ Hei 1 last rai-e was a dull otic. 
1W of year*, en I la for bis almost rrfrn- I Yesterday sli* had th" s|n-i-ri lo .npeti 
plele uphenvaf lu the pr*<aeat metliod- 1 up a H»ar lead la tlie Bpefnl to the r'bomf 
luceil in taking motioji nholagrBplis, ui>l Not until a l- -■. .-.5 ■■- s:i- Tiirlone in!" .i!1 ^e 
Mr. Snoot is now gattlne; read? to re- shorten stride, and then .HcTavgari vent 
open the old Bailor Btndioa In Chicago her along to make ai'dfttj ^-xtaiii. Toliaia 
HnA »ak« screen produttlons In ihe new ehaned the pace *l\ tb* n'ay. nh|Te BfeaV. 
way on a large acalf. I ftji Bell nrpt well ta> *-*tu ih*. minor 

pl*ia« frvtn the tiring Cape Clear. 
latter had bis epeed for liveeigEitha. Imc 
tired atendily thereafter. Beaaie f^ilt- 
iim wpiiI f*»r!y eclb while t>aydur. iiev«^ 
cottld keep pace with tbe fcadcra. 

Tbi- ih? ilivialons .if the $l..V>..i top 
ni>t hrxir^m id aiming affair at una mil*- J 
btiiiight our. a rtiuap-uU nf liflo^lriTErd The fine twi want to the Bin-- 
Star Wt*b|f» VulcsuR Park who w*n 
nvakiug his tint -isrt ainca Jtilv rviuu? 
r>t flmpire t T lty, Hi* atwre alsti hrougit 
■n-i-i.i! p_ The **conrt half was raaj ft*r 
N i. i- .■■:■,-'.> I.n-ky Antui 

trial and-ryurt adjtiqnaadi at th« ee-u- 
elusion of hlri flireet festlimony. Di told 
i'f examining the' bullet hveund and iif 
tracing (he eonnto of tUe-btiliet. v»hich 
bs said entered the chest* paaaed llironab 
the hi-an ea^lty anif r/ul tbroagh the 
iin"i,: besring out i'e ci>ntentJun of Wxrd 
that Paten ti-u fa^inp htm when be tired. 
Petera w« fating hitp wbea he firtil. 
Thefact Ihe.i, a ta — bullet took a downward 
cfiurae also waa regarded as faroring the 
defendant. , 

It became known that Mr, and Mi>, 
Kl bridge Peter* of BtverbtlU' lh»-. 

fiDi-etiis of i Li; dead man. are being held 
n seclusion by tbe State for appearance 
later In the we-k* 

The dtranrdtnary ijlrand Jury, which j | 
foand Eiir indtatmejit againat W'arA held ■ I 
a aerret srjwlon to-day, the first witness . 
inJled being .IHm .1, ■Cuiuiiiiftham, " 

J learned. It i* said tlist 

the' Urxnil ' 
allcured plot ■ 

rhe-Hrt of Ward'a relatives' to defeat [ 
Ibe *«d-<-of- Jiij.tle#.-.% oyuetaliiif eafttn. | 






!:■■* ror Vnlrislii Faeh< 
i Vnltaiin^l l ark t froa) a good licgbm 
?■* I went, to the front with a cueh- nukicttf 
11 ■ the heiid into tlie ttrttcb. McTaa 
burrletl him atoiitf until wrM hititfe Ht' r 
• liisrter reitlr. Then *\ilb everything 
drieing hard bebimi rum he. took th© 
:< LHins: in hand, to win breeaing by.; it ■ 
wide ■pateb of doyiigbc t>ld ijattvB^ 
liafe- handled faia !JJ pound impost, we'l 
Add mndi' thp running f?r flvr forispags, 
IEe hung «n well mider the whin in tr*- . 
drive ihrou^li the kmg "treicli. Krat-i. 
tsji a rapid Si>ing ihiru. 
" Lueky Antftltie was decidedly feat N 
bis diviaioTi. He broke alertly and n: . 
tendoil the pa<>- of '■>* until rarniag ftje 
home. Then h* woved ap fait to di>- 

!'!■>■.- of that gadding in •■■■■■■ quiokaprinSi 
n the 1**H cUiBfC^r he ivrtilled away ftwii 
tita --\'\- ■■■■■!: l.-si to win i'i a enmtnoit can- 
ter. . 

'i'om t'a».id.v. far out of it <Ar"y. pAmi 
■villi a Eri'af rn*h tprengb the, str*tc> 
■ in put asvft.r ibis lirinc-tiex. The lait r.- 
«iftfi- Uinc aivay from llie r(H*-t f-> - 
ii-iirv iha-wppd siwtt' early font to iot 
rhe pin** -'or tiso (urtonj;*. The '-fftrr' 
limy key him up io Ivrtrr tbinr 8 - 'frit 
iiifnit hi -a c"*t effi.ri atl' r i-rioc. nwnj- 
tV"'-*^-' ^ 





By LOUELLA O. PAHSONS .lij^j.0. . - — - 

— Mim tr pi-» brgutn 


Vat ft Single Exhibitor Appedn to 
Testify A^liatt Prodnctn ftt 
One-Dwj Seiwon of fruit Hear- 
ing- ia Ohia City— Abe War- 
ner Reported to Bi 


THE Cleveland inveatupitioH of the 
Federal Trade* ^nminiM 
agminat riTMU r!*Ten Ln»k* 
Occupied one day. and ■■■ remarkable for 
the rtiinn that not ■ ainaie exhibitor tes- 
HAtd again*? tbe Aim company, all of 
them announcing ihrr bad t" complaints 
■* to makr. On* point of in tere-r wa* **- 
ixhliihed when It heramr known that 
there la an affiliation l»tww« FamoP* 
PUycre-Laskj add LAew'BOhioThaair**, 
a nrruii controlling all nf tb* f.-"-''ii' 
Jim ruh morion picture theatre* at Citre- 

J. n. Hawkins cnmtricted ih* InrfjclUr 
HflR fnr the Government, valla Famous 
Playera-Leaky Corporation *^aa reure- 
aentedi bj Attorney* Bruce Bromley. C 
r. I'Ui ti and Ralph Kobe. Became th* 
txhrhhon in the Dale territory had no 
Wmpfjiin? to mike of oflfslr treatment 
tor Cleveland ininirr hinged solely en 
tb* relation* between the producing ' or- 
ganlxntirm ami Ijoew'* Ohio Thejitrr*. 

Edgar A. Flalui of 'the liv firm of 
Main:. Utmney. IjotntT A Krougb, Clare- 
land, .and ode of the lacrrtariea of tbe 
Cleveland exhibiting orjanlxalion, 

the flm wJlhres tilW. Habn «ubmjlted 
■ Hat of theatre* controlled by Loei 
Ohio Theatre* and their ofneer*-* Tb* 
theatre* in th-- StJHnan, Allen, State a»l 
Park, given ti the moot important fltet 
ran motion picture hnoae* in Cleveland. 
Officers of'i Ohio Theatre* fm 
■inn «■ llimii Iw«, trrestdrnf; Nkii- 
eta* M- Senear!, aecTetarr: TUrid Bert- 
atefn, treasurer: Leopold Friedman, ai 
*i«tant secretary; Jeaa* JIIJU. New York, 
aatirtaat secretary: Dark*, Lo*w ■ nd An 
» tknr Iyww ftf Xear Tark. aa*[atant tnaa- 
,nfr». The» offlectm. T'ilh E. r 
Fird IVibwr, E-dar Daonat and E Man- 
dVlbaani «J CltTcUad. rontliMta tbe 
ooard) of fllrtcion Haba ttafifirt that 
Famoua Pltynra. owst atoek in Irtcw'a 
Oblo TJiratrM, lac-, nut that it ft not 
repmfoted bt) the bAtrd of rlirottflni, and 
tnftt It hat rmthinc to nay aooat tbe pnr- 
«a*ae of any n£etnra akoarn in my of tb« 
tb«atm operated by Lwh'j ObLo Tbe- 
atrf ■. Too. 

, Hain van aakfd to gitr ■ finanrill 
atateamt ffsardiBK Lotrw'a Ofafo Tbc- 
acra*. Inr. Thii brotulit oqt ifc-* fact 
that raaaHHia Plarcra-Laaky Corliotatlon 
•**a a anuU block of itoott is tb* Or- 
liniiKi^. rnt to exCrrd 13 par mL 
of tbo «a&r* ■nntcHpttoo. UafrOa 
Lo*"-> intmat la IS per cant, of the 
atock Uasa, and th* teat la divided 
■ mn^jT i be ofneera and t^oard af dlrectAra. 
FanHug, FUrota-LAaky CorooratlDa ■! ■ 
ao la intamted In th* Euclid Eaat 17th 
Atnoc Conpta'y, l mbridlary etnnpany 
ot lioewa Ohio Toeatrta, Inc. aecoTd- 
' ln K to li^trh'n te*fim>nr. lo the extent 
of linTing aubaorlbcd to |ino,<XiO worth 
at aacottd nierfaraar Sondi In tfcia con- 
pany. The filfe eomnnojr, lnwrur nirnp 
Ho at>ck in the Euclid Scat 17th atrev-t 
Company, which mi fermH to bnj 
leaxcbnldj on prop+rtiea on arhieh th* 
I>o*v tbeatna atud. Later qveadonina; 
by Brur* BromJey aboarad that Famwia 
FlayeravLaaky did not pa( any money 
into th* Eadid Ear lTtfa Svntl Com- 
paaty. bat took iti aaCOJd taortaaiH hoo'dn 
la pweat for. plrnm* that had bers 
pl*£*d af thoatrea eprnLted by Laanr'a 
Oblo Ttaatra a , 

Habo roTthcT teatioVd that Fanona 
Pla: era l-a,?kj Corp lfadon haa no 5 Hin- 
di! iDtcroat Id any Af tba othar rtnn- 
nani-i lubaidinry to Loew'a Oblo Tbe> 
fttrea, Tate. ■ t 

The control of tbe .thtatnei in Clera- 
land operated by IrOfw'a Ohio Theatre*, 
foe, accordlfttf t> OaVtllnOBy Of Hahn. 
renta aimoct entirety with faereland Dten. 
It **a "hnwn. that all booUnf of pie- 
CttrH for these theatre* la In tfaa handa 
of Fred Daabertr of Crereland. ernenl 
■usaaer of the cr?ac.!iatl«i. Tba pol- 
icy or 1 he hxiaea is laiaT dowti la dera. 
land- the pre*pntation» «ja> all arpeked 
•at In OfTetiB-i. Fanaeu Playara-L**- 
fcy Carpoeadoa haa n4 ««iea la !ha con- 
dnrt of any of theae theatRB operated 
by Ljff't OMa TVatroa*^ Tot Jt haa 
nothfai to aay aboat th* hoaarina: neater 
•f the orraniiAiioa l( Lu as nf>*- 
a«olatu» on lla board of direccra, '■■','■ 
. Fred Deabcnt. feoeral maoaaar of 
- Leewi Ohio Theatera, int., w«j the next 
wltMaa called. He edbtnlttad a Uat o| 
all pietoraa played at aay af the faouaoa 
nader hla KninifMBent dorlna; The Beaton 
of 1022^23, statin ■■ the amonnte paid for 
■m. Tb* list ahtfted tka aOmber of 
Fanmcp Players- lj*/!cr film aboirn waa 
approiiBUtrly 2.fTT0. 

Dtabtrf tanalfted that h« had. ao flnan- 
dal fiirreat an Tajnooa rUyoti-Laaly 
Corpatatlon. He ale* eoeoboTated the 
autasnaait of Eaurar Kaon that FaaaDoi 
Flajen baa crthicf whaterer to do arfth 
tba' ope Jaii o a of the eUar L4«fr meatres. 
O, L. PaaTCT, aaaaaaer of the CleTe- 
laad aaTkifl of tba W. W. Hodklnana 
CorpotoUaa; aUnriea Safior. district 
aaaBactr for Uattad Artiots, and J. E. 
Bark, nannjar of the Clofdand Vita- 
graph #i chanr*. arm callad. Bach teaii- 
Bed that the SaTUaaan, Allan, *ut* and 
f*ark theatrea. operated b r I-j**'i Onio 
Thaatrea, inc., are the leadJar motion 
pjettttT thaatrea to Clereland: oait a fltat 
run in these theatrea is a harp la than in 
aallirja- rhtfr pictures In the flald, «j>d 
that thej bare aJwayt racalred fair, 
e«ttltablc and eaart^oap lreatmeat at the 
ha ads «f repreeentatlrea af X^ev'a Ohio 
Tbearraa, tar. 

Tka m al m war QMrad to PkOadaL- 

phia. vrbero tho exarAiDatJon «ai ooo- 
turned yesterday. 

Caataai Glaaa Vladlcatad. 

Gaatoo Glaaa. erho has rrrtiieri to re- 
turn tfl tbe Prererred Picture told nntil 
he area ricdlcaied at the cbiTf* of dip- 
oederly conduct. hai< xonr lurk lo that 
company for th« leadini: male role In 
"PoiaoDed Paradiie." .Mr tilaia waa 
acquitted yeaterdar if ih* rharf of dCe- 
orderly condoct brOPfbt acaln*t him 
Ifime monthn *?o. Hie >u.-y was out all 
BiKht and finally reported iliat they 
atood eleven to oae far soiail la] At liie 
one roan van held out admlited irt the 
Court that he had made up bi* mind 
before oaf rOd'tuce «s? presented, the 
city prosecutor annooaced. that be will 
dirmjaa' thaeharxe. l^onk Oaanlev, who 
waa arrested with Sir. Vilata and hrld 
en the aatpa ehtrce. will lw dUmuUed 
without trial. 

As aooa as R P. Kehnlbere; learned 
Of GLaaaa r indication he anooiraeed that 
be had aaaln el^ned Glaaa and wrmld 
put him to work in the lradioa role of 
"Pafaoned Parndiae" id bo prodoeod by 

Ab* n : irn*r Baltair. 
ft'ord -from the learner effVes yester- 
day [a that Abe VTanier In n llttla better, 
althonrh not nut Of dancer- HI* bmtber 
Sam has alarled for New York, and Har- 
ry fharnaa, hja broth tr-in daw, It' already 
here, barinr come on from CleTeland 
*b*o word of Mr- Wtmer'a eotloaa ni- 
ne* reached him. It haa been neces- 
Mfs-tft tnotaTI an ar,tea telepjoae to taka 
cara of the eatur that bare come In aik- 
toj for the rich man'a exarr enodltEon. If 
jrood thouxhla mean any thin a;. Abe War- 
par will aooo be not of the hospital, Tor 
etery one ia bo! din f a mod tcooftt for 

■Carsw lie I a* i h e Caaaab* 
HarTJ rUichenbach, wbo i» eradited; 

with morfl arhriaal Sdeaa than any preaa, 
aront in coptirtty. hu deeddtd; thar. al- 
though them haa been a strike. New York 
need, not to" newaleea, and eatabllthed a 
Toero', Crier on' the atroet on Monday. 
We should have aaid aixtr town crier*. 
They were all dreeaed In tJe rostnm* 
of the Tlerclyrintiary period, and. aa wis 
the onatom In the day* 'before w« bad 
diBy newipapen, cried the ne*s from 

Photo br HotT*r. 
Vhp F with h*r •liitr, Era. Hnr4 
■ "■«!«« in a)iar. an. taapprtaat 
rale im -^euj Sf. B Wfcaa. Ltr. 
Paeea* *r" 

ifl the lendinc afreet corner*. The news 
ahouted *n aometblnx like thii: 
"Uarnr Uylan tmproTerf.■ , 
"Vanka lose I* CJerelud.' 1 
"MardaJ law declared in Oklahoma." 
"Greete apoloejan to-ltaly," 
"Potash and Perlniutter" opena at the 
Strand. Harry aura the latter am far 
renaon for estahllnblna bis crtTrn criara. 
Sew York almply had 'to know that Bjaa> 
Qel Goldwyn had a new picture on Broad- 

Clab tm Olra Ball, 
The Loeiv.JietfO Hub. wbleti, as tnichl 
he jttleeaed by a keen obeerrer, ia made 
np of employee* of th* Lo*w tod Mctm 
fjffipe", ia fiLanninf a morion picrnra 
ball m be held on Norecnber 1 lo tba 
erand baUroom or ihn Jicdei Astor. Th* 
members intend la rusks it a bit affahr 
and a nOmher nf lietro n^m, as vrrll aa 
ouer promlnant pltyeia in Krw York at 
the time, wrfll be lorlted taVuend^ Af> 
ranermenta err n6v d*!tif mtdt by com- 
mittees of the elub. wbka as yet only 
include emplDTees of the New Tork 
braaehen or (he t*a oefoaimiioaa, but 
which will be extended tn Include all em- 
p'oyeea throaehont the coontry. The 
present offlceTK of the dab are:' Harcus 
Loew. Col, J. K. RrnriT.. Darld Loew, 
Boae Quuiby, Uarid Blum and Cbarlea 

Kakar Prataoa riirbinb*, Jr, 
That Fajnooi Plajeea-Laaky ezpeetf 
yodna; J>ru(lai Fairbanks. Jr.. to he a 
good bet In motion picture* waa dtirlnaifl 
Honda v night ut the Rita by Adolpb 
Znkor, who spoke of him aa oaa of th* 
freauot poaalbiliilea Paramount haa bad 
In a Ions; tim?. 

At the time the coatrtct waa aiined 
by lira, Jiran Erana, hia mother, aa 
yonac Danfiaa la ttill uadtr tar. b* van 
eoosldeted a saluabie addition pecanae of 
the weight bla teaOarV nasne carriaa in 
motion ptetore ctreJes. Net mncb atten- 
tion wis paid to bis ability, the fans. 
Paramount ricuml. would be eager to at* 
the acn of Donglu, Sr., and that alone 
rraa a reason for ilgnlna/ulm np. But 
now that "Stephen fetena. Oat" 1* Dn- 
lahed and ready for reloaae, tbe nanre of 
the your, g man u only r a annaH part of 
hla.vaJna aa a aoraan tHraerJn. Bo 
rata act. he ho charm and*he. ahowa rjn- 
mi*tah*ble talent. 

He was aurrogaderl by a fine otat and 
.given a story by Biehard Harding; Davia 
that lands Itself to the aeroen and which 
la tbt right aort of a vehicle for a lad 
of young Doug - a year*, kfr. Zgkor k who 
aan the boV*. father a chance awn* 
years ago. ia p-rsoaatlr in Ureal ed In hia 
aoccev. and apoke at the dinner of doing 
ererrtMng poa^le to "pet him orar-"* 
"Tb* district managvt wera ad>lawd of 
the boy'a ability and told to get buary and 
plan the exploitation of "Stenban Stop* 
Out" In their territory. Th* dinner, w« 
nfanat' forffofc^to aay r was giteii to the 
(listrrct roanaeer* who are her* attending 
a convention held by Famooa Players- 
fj-aaka under th* leaaVTahb of Sidney R 
Kent. * 

Farm- -\u„. m Www C**«aw*l. 

Farina haa darided to atich: to bar lrt| 
lore and remain a Hal He* eh *Ur. al- 
tboegh. she waa ilnmt orrrwhelned with 
otfera from oib^r prodaeera n-ho a*w in 
this black ■= diamond great ■rrrm poaai- 
bilitiea- But F*jHb* la loyaL Shr 
know* tbat H*l Roach mad? he«- and In 
her oar* picturesque UuaTuna* mi: 

"Ah Is wedded to tnah art and Ah b*> 
lierea Ah can make th* beat pietore* 
with Mr. Boacb. Beaidta be made m* 
what Ah mbi today." - ,- 

Mr. Boach mlfbt not hare thought of 
sJffnbigr Farina on thla long term contract 
if he had not heard that other motion 
picture producer* ivrre angijng for hi* 
priw. Aa Boon aa w&rd Came t« liini. he he must have pnimpl action for 
he knew, that Farina was to "Our Gang" 
Comedira what Geraldine Vnmr Wt* 10 
Ua« MetropcJitsji Opera Company- ia bar 

Adolph Zkkor Cftlli Ihraffftg FaJr- 

btais. Jr., Oftt of .the Grtateit 

PoHibilitic i ParaiDDant H*j 

Had in ji Lobb; Time— Will 

Do Erery thing Poulblo to 

■"Pat Him Oter.*' 



heyday. Of cauraa. Farina, beinar only 
tare year* old. eij rvolg on her «gr*e- 
mtBt. She may *v when called In court, 

"'Good morning. Jattg*. Ah signed be- 
fore Ah waa of age, Mah contract I* 

But Fsrinaa mm and pa now own an 
automobile, ao why ahoatd they bother 
about anything in the world except th* 
art of their daughter, pardon me— We 
meant eon, becauae Farina La a boy. 

Praia* sad reiMFlaaa, 
TtU Will H. Haj* office liaa instituted 

■ new aerrice for mntign picture pra- 
dneera In the form of a rclirint of edi- 
torial comment on motion pictures taken 
from nen-apapfr* and uingaxiji?* all orer 
Ihe United Stale*. At mifbt be riuect- 
e>l, aomr or these editorial* take lurry 
frrchaaded ir*llo|<i at the screen but in 
the majority of case* tbe writer* are in- 
clined to be more Jenjept and ev*n to 
hand out tid-bit* of ,>raiv\ Sdanr phase* 
of the induatry are [nudird on bat mast 
of the editor* teem to sgm that while 
tbete j* toata- for impro^rmeut. motion 
plctanea actually are getting berter and 

Von ntawhelaa f!*ii> Another Job, 
A man nei'tr kniiwa bow veraatile He 
[* until he i- railed upon to do soma 
work. Erie Yon Strnbciui. molJou j«k- 
ton director, iwih on locntiun at the Big 
Hipprr mine above Colfax, Arix., whr-n 
he and all the iiiaie meiubrf* of hit, 
company were pressed inl« aerrice to 
figbl a forest fire ■veeping ibrough that 
aection of Uie rouLtr.i- Aa abandoned 
mining town near this guld mine ha* ; 
been deatroyed and the kurroonding 
coanlrj ia ia fUmea. The firt ia tlowlr 

■ reeping; down, the Big iJippcr Canyon 
4>i'J the Big Dipper mine ia threatened 
ao that the fire fighting ia being done 
along a fifteen mile 'front. 

tkaplro id tin in tfcc Coaal. 

'■ ■-'■■,(■-, the popular publicity 
repreientaiive ai the P*the film L'olu- 
imny and president «f the Aeaocisied 
Uoiion Picture Adrertiaera, left for the 
Coail on Wfdnradnj. He [iromiocd to 
write to u* aud «rnd uh ine^Aagra, no 
thai lr this departjncni li better, it will 
be because Mr, Shapiro bait kert b>a 
word and acnd» u* Rome reel new*. 

rk'tiala* RMiin is t'i*j Hoaaso. 

Liougla* Fairuanfc* wants it known 
once for ail [bat he wi.t not play Borneo 
'■ any one'a Juliet, not even to Itary 
rirkford'a. He >*r* [bat he ia entirely 
unaulted to the character and that h* 
Berer d.d like Homeu a outlook on lcfc, 
«=.v*-3j. 8o tbtl a thai, and If Our 
II* rj does play Juliet, ahe will bare to 
get aomeane elae lo [.1st Bumeo. 

Km( tioln* to Ihe Ceaat. 
Sidney H. Kent, g*oer*l manager of 
i« leaving for the Coast October 1. He 
will accompany laaac Biumentbal, Par- 
amount's Continental manager of for- 
eign production. Mr. Blu menth*! ia 
going te Hollywood la -iuii.v motion pic* 
torn at the Biudio ud Mr. Kent ia alao 
going on matter* relating to production. 

W**TR*r llarlui la-lth Roach. 
Rob Wagner, w*D known aa a writer 
on morion picture matters, ha* signed a 
contract with Hal Roacb to direct two 
reel eumedine. He *tart*d! work Last 

Un«Ji«n ■xk,1t>lt»ra Has*. 
G- B. SnajTrow, pKffMent uf tJe Mo- 
tion Picture Theatre Owner* of .Canada, 
and Vincent Gould, secretary -of the 
aame arganUatinn, arrlred In New York 
yeefcruaj to couJcr with . Sydney S. 
Cohen. They are here to arrange the de- 
tail* for the national Motion Picture Day 
to be held November 111 and to make 
pig** for furthering their, organjaalion. 
Another meeting in Toronto In October 
waa discussed and plant mgde for thla. 
They will be here, for only a few* days 

Crttlnin Add** to ■<**>. 
James A- Crcelmao, wjo'sraa asso- 
ciated with Glenn Hcnter In the Film 

He «■■ Br»i YladlcatsaT br a J"*rr 
dael. aTraraatbt Aawlauit Hla* a 

rwia bj wnaai. 
os th* duarsy* af Dlsorderir fou- 
nd Gaaalse aasaa Ttsae Aay*. 

feat* lr <■'■ amiu Cer4a*r. 
I'hoiM. A*t«}ph Jltfcor oall* *■* o 
.th* beat hat*- la rk. P*nm«*h 

Pl»7*rs-La»k 7 *r*n>nl*«U«au 

Guild and who e«Ub1i*bcd himself aa 
sometbinc of a acenario eipert when be 
adapted -^rniiin" Theougb. n baa joined 
ihe ■eraarie staff ar the Paremuatnt Lena; 
Island atndlo and wilt write the acenario 
far -.r.-iiz Hunters rett picture. What 
it wf|] be, jow*Tet. ■* not khowu, an 
either Famnna ia keeping it * deep dark 
■ecret or it i* not yet known. 

4-hanara Till*. 
"Bo YaunK-uT" a* a title ha* been put 
fn the Junk heap and *'HI* Darker cVlf" 
luhstitoled for tbs Uoyd Hamilton film, 
not bteaiiae the titia la not cood, but 
Wcaiiiw an*vtfaer or»:aoi*BUon tbonrht of 
It hnt. The' picture ia now in the cut- 
ting; room and when It la ready for re- 
lease it will be put out either by United 
Artist* or by First National.' Coualder- 
abla Intereat aurroundl rJN picture, 
which waa made, at the Grifrltb atudioa 
In llsmaroneck becauee of the A] Jolaon 
diaapnearincact. Hamilton renraa to 
the Coast tali .week *ccomp*nitd by 
Huab Ka.T and Lloyd, Bacon where he 
will resume the comedy series wbicb be 
la under contract to make for Educa- 
tional release. "■ 

Hlsl*ra In . Heel Lir*. 

Jane and .-Era Novak ar* dot only; 
alatan tn real life, but Victor Scfaertx- 
ingrr has made them eiatara on the 
acreen. They ba*r been signed by afttro 
to play Important roles In "The Man 
Who Life Paaaad by.** Percy Harmont 
and Cutlen LandW bat* the priaefpai 
male rol**, ~? 

afauajdelateanaa near haa ■■**. 
Vaientifi Uan^sJatainns think* so wall 
of New York that he la back hero again. 
He era* here In June when be a*r*ed 
as ihe French delegate, to the Interna - 
ttoaal CgncTeas of Motion Pktnre Aft* 
brld at th* Waldorf under the auapic** 
of Famona Playera-lJiahy. Mr, Man- 
delatamm, who ia an author of couauier- 
nble. r*|mt*unn In' hla own counirj. will 
remain in New Yoriq tix or eight weeka 
and then gv on to tba Weat Coaat to 
seek his fortune In motion picture*. 

Mil JTaldt Gel* Biota. 
, Ufa for NU* Naldi tbeie iaya ia one 
long railroad Journey. She la either 
golngr to or coming from th* Coa.*t, Tba 
leteat word cotjceming tbe lady la to tha 
effect that a be haa been cho*en by Will- 
iam d> aUHe U One *d tb* featured play 
era in "Everyday Lore," his next pic- 
ture. For those who do not know the 
waya of motion picture*, we might say 
that '"BBTerjdaj I<ov*" i* "Rita Coeen- 
try," by Julian Street. Miae N'aldi will 
leave tfala week, inaamueb ** thla pictare ' 
goes Into production to day. 

Carlo* .Kit n itwla*. ' 

Abrabun Carina hag iTTived in New 
York bearigf ' the r flr*t-p'rihta of "The 
Unknown Pnrple," directed by- Roland 
Weat froni bi* tiagc -p!ay, and of the 
Initial Richard Talnjadge release of a' 1 
new aerie* called "Fast Kreigj; : ' While 
here Mr. Carlo* win deTot* much of bit 
time to Hleeting puya and *tor1e* whkm. 
ran be made into pieturea by hi* pro- 
duciac unite. He ha* sow nader eon- 
ibleratkm a scare piece on which a de- ] 
riaion will be reached, and alao ia look' 
ing for, pTota. for three mere Richard 
Talmadge Ttbrdea. 

Tba v m.<n All Here, 

Eismat t'ljnn baa now gathered about 

him licrp the pZayera who will form the 
nuclcua pf h(* Goldwyn prmlgrtion of 
VKdila. th* .Beautiful . Cloak Model/' 
Flynn cum'W 3**t Week with Claire 
Wlnaenr, Edmoud Low* and L*w Cody, 
and haa (loco been joined by Hofaart 
Boeworth and RajBkond OrilBtb.: Pr r p 
aratinu for tba actual Olating ar* new 

under way and work wili probably b*> 
started by the end or the week, 

■ - L*iir**L**i ■ Bawkrapl. 
Henry I.. Lrbnnau. -vrhu ftgured* *o 
prominently in the Fatty Arbockle c*ae 
a i the (lance of Virginia rtappe, ha* 
flleJ. a petition v> bankruptcy, woich ■■•■ ii 1 
be of interest to his creditor*, vht art 
aatd 'to be maa^i 1 1 ■■■- liabilities are Hated 
at more than |4tt,UtK> and bia aMet*' at 
fa^HX>. ' Boere r>nr aUKCrstrd f lint Ihe 
reason for hiii iiucuruii iraub!e mi that 
be had not "been aa successful in hi* tin- 
; in" picture wwrk aiace the Arbtlckle c**e 
as h* was bsfare . 

a>l*«tn atari* East, 

On tb* train boaeerhera between j., rt 
*nd CalifnmU Mr. arid Mr*. llwnM* 
Meighan are speeding: to New York, WLtfa 
tbesi are' Mr- and Mrs- Alfred Green- 
Mr. Meighae la romiat Eaat to Una 
T/arklotton"* J *P1.ed Piper of Ualone,** 
and will begin work *s soon a* he r*athe* 

Ban*r4> in Cblvaatv. 
. "Down tn the Sea in Ship*" la con- 
tinuing to dn tiaslnrw Bll over the coun- 
try. JlCk JSdetnrd*. the new direrilor of 
publicity for the W- W- HodkJnaon Cor- 
poratiop^ went to Chk*g» Monday to *u-' 
pervine the sfmu lie neoua ahowing In that 
city of this .whaling picture .In fjftt-.fre 
tndiridaal theatrea. The fiig aenaah atarta 

Hiatkb«ck 0*eaa la Bmi*b. 
"T|i* Hiinrhbaek of Notre, liirtle* 1 
opened In Boaton Monday night at Tre- 
hioot Temple and J«me* Bryiaoeu who 
weat or*r to dn the boinrrs for Cnlreraal. 
raj'Orta that Hoetoo gave It a g»>d re- 
ceriLin.i- Mr. Rryaoa wia In aucb 
hurry to get to the Cnireraa; ofBca the 
morning after be returned bo tell tba good 
new* that whan hia car broke down at 
Ninety-ali th atraet be left It stranded and 
jumped In the subway. What 1* Ma 
gutomoblln'.' betweeo- friend*, anyway, 

One Member of Fuel, Who Hold* 

Out for Conviction on r>uwHerlj 

Conduct Chary e, Admiti Pin* 

jvdgmcBt and Prctecution 

Dropi Cftae AwaiBjt 

Film Actor. 



ha haa •leiii at da»ttr*e« **it B 

Hat ■**** fee * t-ea levsa ■■*) 

tbwewf*-** «vt saw* t 9 ■fb*r 

when there i* a good report on a motion 
nictntrr tv ,b* g*v*nT 

A Lin* tr Two, 
E. 3J. fbanrr. who recently returned 
from a European trip, tella an nrniiiiiir 
yarn ahpitl a French prorlnclal exhibitor. 
Thia exhibitor had been .efting pro- 
gram attractions, and he iient a letter 
to :i;.- t' cxcbaiurc ioanagar in 
Paris complaining- tiiai hi* Ult aaaort- 
me&t of Alms bsd only weighed 1* kilo* 
while the our t.efore bad weighed 10 
kilo*. He felt he bad been cheated two 

Monn* «■■■■" H < Hlwl. 

'The Silent t'oouBand'' leave* the Ce*.- 
Iral Soadaj niaht to make room for 
"Mode: a Vapaa," acbeduled to open on 
Mrtiday afteruoon, Uaetcriuick'a nhay, 
which aerred Georgette Jy Blanc. Mary 
Garden and Bertha Kaiisb as Tehicle*. 
1* a foreign made iiroduetion. baridg been 
anjdired by Willfani Fox some month* 
sgu. The :ir>: rhnvrina nn Monday la 
at I nVlock. and It will be pITaeufed 
contfniion,*ly at the Central following thi» 

Harrs 1 Cotan Man-lea. 

Harry Cobn, the well-known producer 
of motion [>icturea. wa* married on Toe* 
day, affording to a diapateh tejcaiTeo; % 
jcsi^rd*.'. Mr. Cohn married Bar- 
ker f ranm-pEl. the dlrorcedi wife of Job* 
Howard Cromwell, whose divotee re- 
ceived cvciidetable apace seme month* 
ago when Mr. Cohn waa named) aa co 
reaDondcat. Mr. Cromwell i* a wealthy 
buatnet* man of White Plain*. N. I« 
»m; years cider than hla wife. 

irreattbei-ar a a. the Job. 

That young prudacer. Hunt Stroan- 
bcra:. who mad* hla debat Into th* Innar 
circle* of motion pictures when he pro- 
duced the Bull Montana apecial* 1* arsin 
to make bia bow to the public- Thla time 
the youthful Hunt offers a lix-ret] melo- 
dramatic production to be called *'Th* 
Fire Patrol." Work itarte tn-diy on 
what in destined tn be on offering foi 
the Independent market- 
Fox Bseklstar Croak. 

Dn the prciumptiofl that he is in New 
York,. Alexander Gordon, wire triekataa 
of women and My bon rirajU of Lovdo*, 
Tari* and Berlin. 1* bring sought by th* 
police "■' reapUiat of the Fox Fiim 
Corporation. ) 

Gordon, alia* Bharne, allaa Brooba\ 
married Mr*. Aire* Shed de n, a weaibdha 
American widow, in Lomdon. He left 
her at the Savoy Hotel, taking Jesretr* 
valued at * tbouaand rxnind*. In Berlin 
be was heard from later, posing aj gen- 
eral manager of the Fog Film Corpora- 
tion, li Bernera atrre-t. 

According tn Berlin police, Gordon waa 
a liberal apender, uauslly baring Ameri- 
ca." money. He wm Mid to bnr* prom- 
uH marriage tn tbe d*Ufihter ot * high 
arhool prntea*or \n Berlin, then took 
fllahl to Vienna. There, It wa* mid h* 
met anotHer wealthy woman and induced 
her to part with cocaiderahie caah before 
be dlaappeared. 

European police lost trace or Gordon 
and beiieee tbat be took paaaage on a 
recent Uner boUad for New York Tb* 

Erirvance or th* Fog Company ia eaiued 
y Mr. Gordon* fake represent* tipn of 
hie aaaoeiatlon with the Fox Cocnp*ay. 

Faeainiwain* Kelaa Twareaillasw 
The diatrlct nntnnzer* of Paranaount 
met tn -convention during the week 
at the Fifth, even** offlcea of Fantona 
Player*. Monday'* iraatnji. wfij, g, g_ 
Eant in the chair, was deeoted. to a dla- 
coaaion of plan* for the promulgation of 
the new aalea nolky recently inaugurated. 
whereby exhlbLtore are not naked to book- 
picture* until they- have been ahawa (a 
ten key cltle*. . After * abort bnafnesf 
aeaaloo Tneeday morning th? entire con- 
vention moved to' th* Criterion Theatre. 
where an advance tfaowlng of Herbert 
Brenana production, "The SpOjiiah 
D*ncer." etarrlnc Pbla Negri, and at 
"Hla Children'* Children,'' 8am Wood** 
moet recent picture, waa held for the edi- 
fication or all preeent- 

After all of the miftager* had aa- 
aembled h th* Km of the Criterion 
ineaire and o. ft. Kent reacted no*** to 
be em* thty were all prevent, a ailver 
loving cun wa*- preteijced to Herman 
Webber. TmeiSe Coaat diatriot man bate 
in reeogtiltion of hi* work in cthrW Of 
thaParagooBni ireek sale* drle*. 

Tceertaj night Adolua Zukor w*a boet 
at a iiunn at th* Hfts-Carlton t*. tb* 
rtsitiag eirhaage manager*, and 'tis **ld 
a g-GO dtim* era* had by all. and. a* they 
aay in tbe Podunk Oaaette. ampla juattoa 
WM done to the Bits whom. 

Among tboee nttendfpg tb* conrantio*. 
ware Georg* J„ Sehaefer of Boston. H. H, 

PhludHphin. H. A. Rof. of Detroit, R. 
C.U Bonn of Kanaa/Citr. T. F. &*•■ 
T ■' ?J, A, '" B *i. Leal* M*rcn* of Salt 
I^ake Cltr. Herman Webber of Ban Fr*n + 
ctAco, Philip ReUmnn of Mlnneaeolui 
and t**ll* jr. ■ Wn*lan. Ell M, Orowlt* 
and Rdb*>!| B, Moon, exploitation r**re- 
5El" ^ j T ^ ^p, P* e,J " , J , *t Waaluaapntn. 
PUinderpT?: u d NewBin*. ^^ 

A *T*w t ealt agj l^a T - 
Georg* Behan baa engaged Heie* 
Wjnn Holcomb, atatar of tb* earikattnJ* 
I*t and daugfat*F of tba dramacSst, a* 
leadinr. lady In Ma new picture. gSjpa*| 
to aa naa a dj The aim of the Roar." with 
which he baa h**n looriag; the eanntye 
for aarveral —*■«"? pa*t Aa waa the 
case In "The Sign of tba Hose." Bebaa 
wilt do about foor reel* tn Sua and 
then appear In person with a am alt com- 
pany to ptay the big scene of th* drama. 
Mis* Holcomb 1* a dramatic actrea* at- 
both tba stage and (be eereon. Sh* 
played wltb Nance O'Neil and in "The 
Poor last fctaaon. Hbe also appeared in 
Gcortr Aril**" nicturlaation of 'T»iararli" 
ar.-l with Alfred i.i.iu In hia late*! reki, 

nk. Ml** ffo|™ml> wili support Mr. 









; "School' for Scandal, 1 * "Daniel D«~ 

j rand*" and "Tha SfaTe Weman" 

Arcong Half. Do»n Bonffht 

Gatrigrht or Contracted For 

Abroad for Speedy FrEduc- 

"tion in Thii Con-try. 



SIG SCHFjAGER returned from 
abroad a week ago Sridsy, but h* 
lias been so busy nursing a mid 
that ho bos not had lirar to talk. ' Xea- 
terdij. under eroaa-ejea ml nation, ha ad- 
mitted that he had bought aix pictures In 
, fc'uropf. Three, or them be own* outright 
;" and &be other three, are now being held 
until the contract* nr* actually elgued. 

Uf the first three, probably the moat 
Imp^rtaT 1 ■" the "School for Scandal," 
an English -made production, Id which 
QlltflUfe Palmer and Sydney PaXton, 
neii-known hluslisu players, are atamd. 
-Jjauisi Deronaa.' 1 baaed on Lie novel by 
George Eliot, is another ' BogUvh- naiad's 
hJm that Mr. Bcblager purchased- "'The 
blmt U omHii" he picked up Id tfttmin^, 
and if it la aa food aa be says it ia Berlin 
wiJJ have another good pictnra on iter 
lhit The three, for which final negotle- 
tiona an to be made, will arrive e-n 'the 
lScrcnsana. One of thefe. we under- 
atand. is "The Prodigal Hon," a Sir Os- 
wald Stall picture wDlcb bad an Ameri- 
can allowing aouia tlltta :ibd. 
' Mr. Schlatter Bald that b* had a Una 
time in Europe, but lie la very (lad to 
get, hone, where the climate (a livable. 
He lella the Btory of having bad the pack 
numbers of the Issues of The Morning 
Telegraph for three months delivered to 
hit r fro ti at the Sovoe Mote) In l^ndou 
, and staying up nil night to road the 
American news, the ti rut which he bid 
bad. It La & pretty story whether it ia 
true or not Yvr cannot Imagine anytfiiug 
of leaf canaequeDce than reading news 
three- montha old, Hut perhaps .that U 
because we hare never had to mad what 
happened three months ago. 

I'hiJnd-iphi. Tnit.ii-r iTnlaitamttis*. 
Tbe Famous Playera-Lasky Federal tu- 
. Trstigallcn, which waa scheduled to take 
place on Thursday, hut which wis post- 
pone:] beca dh of the Jewish holiday, wrs 
Continued in Philadelphia yesterday. The 
testimony was uneventful and: brought 
forth nothing mil? Re*-. The bookera 
of the Stanley Film Company testified 
and what they had to say waa more fa- 
rornbla to the nQhnil Players-Lssky 
cause than otherwise. The Philadelphia 
esse was merely » continuation of the 
case Chat waa tried there before. 

ATbSFkle Pletarc- Barr*r1. 

We had thought the Arbucklc. case waa 
buried once and for ftlf and that we. would 
hear Do more about tbe filmn made by 
the erstwbile comedian. But according 
to a dlapateh received from Trenton, 
' N. J,, there ia Ffi'l trouble brewing:, 

Pictures of Fatty, Arbaekte. who M 
the world know* figured in the Virginia 
Bnnpc ctfe. cannot be shown In Trenton 
Trader a rulfnr by I>irector of Public 
Safety fiaortv: B. Ln Barre. Mr. la 
Bam refused a representative of a mo- 
tion picture prodndbg rompsay the 
Sirirlleg* of dlanlflylag ft" picture contaiB- 
ng >JY. Arbuchlc an tbe screen during a 
vaudeville neTfoniiSttrt Bt the Moose 
Amliifiri'im in Trenton. The DlrectoT'of 
Pnblie SiT-err declared that he w«uM 
' also revoke the license of aftj roorlon 
pfctnTe thestre In TrcBtoti showing n 
film in which Arhockle appears and that 
n-ritJier would he permit th* personal up- 
pesrnnc* of Arbuckle in that citr. 

The declaration wan made br Ml 1 . La 
Barr* that hi* -decision was not to b» 
. constrn^d as An *tpresilan of vlfwi aa to 
flte gK*lt or Innocence of Arinw+>- woo 
ttm*t b* pre*nmei1 Ia be Innocent in tjsw 
«f the fort rfcot h# waa potcotirirtrf hr 
p iurt which tried him, bnt thet he did 
riot fe*l thstthe entire ca"e e'hotild be 
reTired in TretltOh by prrTflltFini. the ap- 
pearance oT *hx fnrflw h-orion picture 
actor In the New .Tersey -dty. 

Watting to Hear- 
The 'membership nurd" of the Theatre 
Owner* Chamber of Commerce at p~e*- 
eut in the p^aarasion of Marcus Lorw, 
T\"iircm Fot and B: S, Mb« are eihlbit- 
lDB-«trelni! an«alness. Their fate, hanjia 
1n the balance, arid, the three proprietor* 

| mm 





.;".., i- -. 

'-'■' ife '' 


m, t ,. 

.'■ V-. 1 J 

£>: . -^g 





'■ ■ - ."■■ 

ii.mki. 1 it- 




gaar^gal LawK W A 

gwy^Jgaaai gaaw JaBBBxaaaB 




Loew, Fox and Moh Igaore Sum- 
mom Of T. 0, C, C. to Explain 
Way Separate Settlements 
Were Vide With Machine 
Operators 'in Violation 
of Eetalution. 


Who Hn ArrlTuI to Piny an Important Fmrt la w|T a U| fet t'htr Baawtlfwl 
C3oa.k afodal ;*» whU-h la Batna Hade bj (inldwju, 

Beam pnwflllBg W help tbeia ont. A meet- 
ing of the T. O. C. C. was held behind 
ctoned sod barred doors early In the 
week, but the ! sad nowa haa aifted 
through, that neither Loew, For or Mo** 
bn answered the chambers SDonriona to 

i ! *i*r*^%. ■'" 




i'-')v- ..-./' 



'"V L' 1 ■'$ \:~" 

\* ' : " J ..'. 


'''-•■ t^^fai 

laaai^awiii^uaaw^uuiNig.ij.i.L..' ....BBaaji atnj 

'_ ' nijco b r Ira Ului Bluafa. 

**r plajn one of (ln> IrnJli.u roJrS 
In "Pifi.a and rvrimaltcr," c<rn>- 
*wJT t" t">e afit vc*fc» , ' 

appear and explain why they made 
separate settlements with the mae'-iine 
Operators' union In defiance of a. resolu- 
tion forbidding suchj action. - 

Each day th msJ[ of tbe eundlbet- baa 
been gone oVec earefully la tbt bop* of 
tinrilnc a mlsalTp from at leaat oaa of 
the Alleged culprits signifying b wflllag- 
ne»s to come Oetorc the board, but to 
data complete disappointment has re- 
eulted. • . . 

At (he time the summons was Issued 
It was declared .that Loew. Fox and 
Mobs were to be examined at Interval* 
nf on.-' week and pi the order named, and 
that should any or all of th«nvleno-e 
i '"i!" ball they would probably be auto 
maticalEy dropped from the membership 
muter. After the meeting of this week 
one of the .chamber membwre isld that 
iviKrhful waiting was still tbe order and 
that It waa not 1 definitely known what 
action will he taken If the axhlbllor- 
lOBJifuttifs .maintain their present, silence. 
It wts Intimated tbst the final decision 
would be mode by the board of directors. 

Ah* W«Trt*r AboHt th« Hs.«a«. 
Abe ■1r , »mer J who has ^eeu critically 
-II with typhoid fever at the Lenox Bill 
Hospital, remain* about tbe same. Kil 
brother, Ram, who waa sent for when 
his condition became, critical, will arrive 
to-day. Bam Warner was delayed fifteen 
hours because at a wtshont in _\>iv 
Mexico- There probably will. not be any 
Stoat cbauKca In Mr. Warner's conditio]] 
because the fever will hare: to' rutt its 
course. 'There eontinbe4 to be. constant 
Inquiries at the Warner office and every 
odp (•lneeleJy hopes Mr. Warner will 
soon be well and himself again. ' 

John*an tomlnt: 0>«. 

, Kmor-i- Johnson, tthi u looked upon by 
F. B. O. us being one of their best, bets 
bi the directorial line, la expected in Xe* 
Tl>rk" within a feir weeks- Site, Emily. 
Jahnnon, the author of many of .his 
Rtoriea, jind h i**. wif«\ Ella Hall, who has 
played in maoy of bis preitnctidnn, will 
Hccomparjy blm. The Jobnitoa produc- 
tions, we should aay, are certainly family 
sfTsirx, irjssnqur/b as thny sro written, 
dlrrt-ted snd. acted by Johnsons. Ella 
Hall retired from the screes for a time 

after bar marriage* but she is coming 
pack in F. B. 0. films w« are told. 

Tii HSflsmae Dinky Desm pletnn. 

Dinky Qean, the young man with prob- 
ably the greatest success to his credit 
of nnr child actor since tbb dar Jackie 
Coogan 9r>t appeared on th« horizon, 
t1I| soon be sto in "A PrLuCe of 'ft 
Kinc," his first auirriat: vehicle, which, 
bus been acquired by the Sclanick Film 
Company and wbieh will be released by 
them + 

fUsMa o» "■■» K*«rW" gatilafl. 

We heard some time ago that Frauk 
Lloyd negotiated for the screen rightn to 
"The Sea Hawk," by Rafael Sabatinl. to 
be made Into bis next picture. Word has 
just come? front tha Coast that the nego- 
tiations hsve finally bcflfl complctcd- 
Riehard A. Rowlrind. general manager of 
First National, acted as nov*vtivenp_ 
At the prefcr-Bt time, Mr. L!oyd is malripg 
a film rerslon of "Black Oxen," Ger- 
trude AthrrWs brut seller of the cur- 
rent season. An soon as this is finished 
It is probable that h" will begin on the 
Sabatinl fftory. '■Scaramouche," tlno by 
Sabatin], Is ahout tf> appear on the 
screen as n Metro production, mode hy 
•Her InBTSjn. It will be Interesting to 
sea another of this Italian suCh^r's works 
made by another director. An may be 
remembered, "The Sea Hawk" deals with 
s man kidnaped 1 on a pirate's ship and 
ha* some, of Its locale on a .desert island. 
It is good old-feahlnncri melodrama end 
should take naturally to the scrcen-- 

"HomswaBOuqhe" in Htihinpton- 
Tlio Belasco ..Theatre it> Tvashlngton, 
I>. C, has been doing an enormous bueL- 
neaj with "S caramon che," Hex Ingram'! 
latest motion picture production.' Word 
come* from the'capital that all telephone 
reservation will be dLaeontlnued Irecanee 
of the line that ban been standing in 
froDt of the theatre since the picture 
opened. It baa Ueen necessary to ndd 
extra men to the bof office staff be- 
catuw of the Interest the WsBhingion pub- 
lic his sbemn In Sanasinis stor.v. A pri' 
vatr "showing will be given PreflLdc&t and 
rMrt. ,CeoJI(lge at the White House some 
time next week, the .^rranremest having 


"Potash and Forbnntter" to Han 

IU First Showing at the Strand 

With Bernard and Carr ia 

Their Gnat Stage Roles 

Trfljuformed to 

the Screen. 



■ rheu br Evin". 

Hi> nlara tb.« IvrOIb* rol« Ib "Th* 
Call Of tkr WHO." ivbJrb 
to fke C«in«n B»t KHM, 

Vkee* Conattlon RansaJsui iiirli«nird. 

been made tn show the picture at any 
time they can eee It. E Scaramouchc M 
opens- here very shortly. "The Whita 
Biatrr," which !s now- occupying tbu 
FoTiv-fmirth Street Theatre ,1s doing 
very fair busineaa and becanse of toil,, 
it |a said, it wit] b* remousd to apotber 
liouBS after "Scaramouch*" takes poa- 
sessEon of the Forty-fourth Street Thea- 

rio'a Hiitt o«fa AnOlhrr Joh 
That jiflpuitr young flapper, dara 
Bniv. aerms (q have Landed with both 
feet on the CoasL As soon as aha fin- 
ished "Mnytime," Fcsck: Lloyd borron-ed 
her for the leading flapper role in 
"Dlsck fltrn" As aoon as ahe fJnlshea 
"Black Oxen" she wfl] return to B. P, 
Rchulhcrg to plsy the leading feminine 
role in "Poison Paradise." We alwn-n 
said on™ Clara got started thefa vTaW 
he no stopping her, and. having been her 
original booster, we feet Tery happy over 
the young lady's sneers*. 

Join I'lmn Conpaar, 
The latest airlvala to -Join, the : Kmmett 
Fl.yui? company are Mae Btiach-and Ray 
raond Griffith. They reached bere yea- 
terday and reported for work at ones. 
Miss Bnsch has 004 of the leading fem* 
Inine roles. Mr. Flynn, who Is maldnr 
n pictilrS for Goldwyn. will only take 
(•stciia-rK in Xf iv York. Among the thrill- 
ing scenes in Manhattan la a head-on col' 
liaion of tbe elevated railway. Any one 
who would like a Joh — apply to Howard 
-DeLtx- He ia In on Sundays. 

GIvea Bairrrmore. 


John Barrymore. aceordlog to dls- 
pBtohns receWcil Trom the Coast, wax 
glren a big ■ reception when he reached 
Warner Brothefs' studioa on tha Coast. 
He has started work on "Bean Brnm- 
rr.tfl" and will remain in California until 
It ia finished. 

At tiia Bmdmr Tliaavaws, 
The Strand 'for next week belierea ft 
hss a I'ictnre that will keep them 
atanding in Hoe, ■ Rfimuf! .Qoldwyn'a (lr«t 
independent production, ' "Pot«elt and 
Perlautter," -founded on the famous 
Story by Mpntogne Olass, la that ^ctnrs. 
Those wbo'have bad s pre-view ssy It la 
full of fun and it is us. good *■ the orfs> 
nal pixy was when Barney Bernard and 
Alexander -Cart- cams Into' fame.' Both 

these actors play the roles they created 
on the stagre." In tbe, motion picture. 
Clarence Badger Is tbe director and io 
tbe cast are Vera Gordon, Martha Mrnis- 
h>ld, Hope Sutherland. !>■■ Sacls Mooers, 
Ben Lyon and Kduards Durand. Joseph 
Pinnkett ka* given "Fotath ami Purl- 
mutter" as. interesting supplementary 
(<ixzrs.!p. both musical and film. 

Thote Wbo failed to See "AshcB . of 
\>rjgeariee"'iehen It played attwo-dollnr 
prices nl the Apollo Theafre will see it 
at the regular Broadway price* ai the 

S1.LA HAM,, 
Wkv.ll rrtiirnlm tn (hr WIHD )■ 

k*r ksubLaad'a j>rodacii6n« to b« 
' misr (ob> V. B, O* . 


Rlvoll Theatre, where it wfl] occupy tha 
house as the chief film attraction' this 
coming irMk', Morma TalmAilfe Is the 
featured star arid Conway Tearie playi 
the leading role opposite bee while otheri 
In the cast include Courtney Feote, Wsl- 
lace Beery, -Josephine OroweU, Betty 
Frflflsicn, Claire ^FcDowell 1 Borveat 
Robinson, James Colley, Andre de Be- 
rsnger, Boyd Irwin. Winter Hall, WIB- 
imu Clifford, Murdock McQuarrie, Hec- 
lor V. Snrno, Ear! Schenck, Lnty Be*Q- 
mont and others. The story was written 
bj-'H, B. Somervllle, and lh* 91m pro- 
ductien was personalty directed by Frank 
Lloyd. Hugo Rwaenfeld, who feala 
elated over having been able to get this 
picture, is giving It a special muaieftl 

"Six pay*," founded on Elinor Glyn'g 
well-known •mr;. did such a good busi- 
ness at the Capitol this week that 8. U 
Rothafel has found It necessary to hold 
ft another week. Carinas Griffith has 
the leading role in thla picture, and 
Frnnk Mayo plays opposite her. S. L. 
Rothaftl Is preparing aeveral new num- 
bers on the musical program, which will 
supplfiuCnT... the second weeks run of 
the picture. 

Gloria Kwanson in "Zand" remains 
on Broadway for AOOther weeJt and per- 
haps Ipuger If due it to judge from the 
number of poog'c w ho bare seen her DOx' 
form In rho Ailsp Dwsn production. It 
mores from lbe Klvnll to the R 1*1 to. 
where it will be the chief film production. 
£iu|)iMirtins- Mis* BKOMHl in the cast 
nre H, B. Warner. Ferdinand Gottschalk, 
Lueillc La Verne. Mary Tburman. Riler 
Hatch, Hoger I. niton and others. 

The Cameo Theatre, beginning tr>mor- 
eow, wifl have the first New York, show 
inr of Jack Lnndnn'n adventure Itory, 
"The Coll of tbe Wild." This Is relelaed 
by Pathe, and 1* s srtnry of a dog. Jack 
ilulbsll plays the hero and Walter Lopf 
the mrtn, who, feared by the doc, i* anally 
killed by him to average bis master. An 
pxtra sttrnction at the Cameo will h» 
the official pictures of ton Dempaey-Flrpo 

rtfSt -1«*1ob«1 Do. 

Baal M aS. 

First N'stlonal has disposed of ths 
rhinr..,- L-i::fi!^ of a group of nfty-fiv« 
productions to china - Tbeatrei, Ltd., of 
Tlenstln, Chfna. Tbe territory covers; 
China, Macao, Hongkonf: and Vutdlros- 
tok. Other ffllrs npone^ by the foreign 
department are: A serip* of twelve Mack 
Bennett comedies to Ralph Mind en of 
AiflHtrrHnm for Holland. "Daddy" and 
"Cirens Days" foe 3paln, apannjh Mo- 
rocco, Csuary inlands. Portugal and Pof- 
tngeuAC East and West African cofonfea 
to Campania Cinematograaca HEapaon 
nf Madrid, Spain, and "The Virtuous 
Vamp" and "The Voles From tbe MEc- 
■•' t. ~ 

Webb to Dtrcet. • 

Conenrrrnl' with the annauneement- by 
Pathe of the release on October. "T of 
■"Columbus," 1 the first of its "Chronicled 
of America." series, comes the ne*s.of 
the engagement of Kenneth Webb to di- 
rect .1 number of the productions brtarur- 
ine to this group of historical romance*. 

Mr. Webb'a first picture In tbe scrleg 
will be tbat dealing with tha ewer of 
the between, the French and tha 
English' for posseaslnn of the ajortbraaU 
em portion of America. The production 
will to aiado under the title of "Wolf 
and Montcalm." 

A. I.ln, Br Tito. 

Tbe Pathe Company recently an- 
nounced a drtee for "all Patha daya" In 
as many theatres as possible. Somehow 
i!n- idea got around' that trii. was 'a 
clangs In their usunl policy of aelic- 
tivc bonking, Lbe exhibitors seeming to 
think that the Pathe slogan meant 7 All 
or notblog." and The puhHdty staff Is 
now running Itaelf ragged to- offset tha 
erroneous Impression. t , 

$2,500, SAYS FATHER 

Bnt Bnnrogate O'Brien Issues Cita- 
tions to Show Ccuie Why Allow- 
ance Should Not he- Increased. 
Sorrogate Joba P. C'Drien yesterday 
laaued citBtlons to eboweantewb^ the 
allowance of.lS^SOO- for the malatdnanee 
of George I. Tyarin. yean old, who 

; resides with hi* fsther. John H. Tyson 
of Yacht Club road BlveTside, Ct-, 
should not be Lnrnessrd to (4,000 .per 
anncm from the funds of an estate of 
which the boy Is beneficiary. 

Tha boy's father, wbo it hi* guardian, 
says, althcush be Is Lilcng In a botts* 
Which cost him *1S0JK». the "upkeep of 
which i* very large." be is -not engaged 
in any 'business and is dependent on an 
income he" reeeJvea from an estate which, 
be declare*. Ia 'not aoffldrnt to enable 
him to maintain hia hoy in a atrie and 
manner be brUeriw his son la entitled to. 
Since Christmas last, he keys, the boy 
has had whooping scaghr, bronchial 
pneumonia, trouble "With his ears, typhoid 
fever, which has left him with a weak 
heart, making: H nKessttry to take ths 
lad to tbe South for hts- Winter. 

Rose NadimvT, lrt years old, irhoa« 
parents are dead. Sod wfio reaidf* with 
a cousin. Bell* Bart, -wao.ia her arairdian, 
at "40 West End avonus, aska Surrogate 

i O'Bfieo to allow her. out of a anu.ll astate 
she i* a lecatce to* HOC irhh wbleh to 
■sty several doctors' bills. The girl says 
abs left acfeool bo take a position at #12 
pet eraek In April last, tmt after two 
months had ta gii-e It up becsus* of ill 


ihieat.of Sonor at Luncheon Cou- 
rt noted by American -En ";ii ah 
SpeaJcing Union. * 

SaT.Phillrj JFatditcb P 1L I*. .of. England, 
dud Preeidciit C. A. buniwoy of tbe l.'ni- 
verajty of CoIoraUo, were guests at nn 
informal lunrJjeon at I'ii-o Kectj* Club, 
Wl Broadway, yesterday giv en by- ttie 
officeTn of thtt EnclJaii-SpciiLiiif: Cnlou 
of the Cultec! "States; sir 1'hiJip, who 
' is vjsUrng America mth Ills' sou, is chair- 
man of imnonant r«.H«mentiH-y. lad Jnco; 
arrrernment pnmminecs, (IeaHns 1 csuedal' 
If vltli esonomic conditions. 

Presidsnt Duniwny will sail, for Eng> 
land today to become director of "the 
American t'uirenity Union in Grest 

'Among thrae present at .the luncheon 
were John W. Davis, formerly American 
Ambassador, to Ureat Britain- nud now 
president' of the EngSisti-Spoaking "-rniou* 
Major tJeofgc Hsteh Potnsm, Charle* 
C. Goodrich, Robert Juhneon, or fct. 

I^OLliw; JV0bSrt F. Willirrfrhl-Cf. G*0m 1'- 

Me'lici, Robert Howard Gamble, H. J- 
Fuhec r Charies P. Howland, Jerome D. 
Greene, rJenuyler X. Wnrren Jr.. and 
John Daniels, executive secretary nf the 
union. ■ * T- 


S««reh for Silt Filli. 

A week "■ aeardi for thisrea who. awl* 
a truolcioad of silk Ian Monday bos failed 
to reveal tbetr whereabouts, It' was 
learned yesterday, whaP new* pf ths 100* 
li-nken: out. Tlif silk, packed in twenty- 
two cases, waa consigned from L. 1. Fil- 
bert A Co. of Philadelphia to two Brook- 
lyn Arms. According... to the story told 
by th«* truck drtrcr and hi* assistant to 
detect ires nf the Beach atreet station, 
the true 1 * on which the matcriaE had been 
driven from the Pennsylvania city was 
"kfi" from In front of a restaurant at 
arffi Canst street, where the man w djarre 
J fflJJJj lBIWft - T" 8 ■"* ^u .valoed at" 

Twcnty-f.Tc -Pound Piece of Metal 

Strike i Han at Erop.dway and 

Cortlandt Street, '$ 

Part of a heavy Iron 'carnioe of' tha 
buildlhS ct lTl Broadway, crumbled a&u 
fell ' six fiopra to , tie \ irjeet /yesterday, 
cruahina to death and alightJy 
injujiosi a sreond. ,- ' 

■ Brosdwby at Corttandt, street 4 wga 
jammed with noon-bour crowds when 
the Iron plunfed' to the abjewalk, Frag- 
meats dew sercna] feel in aU directlops 
cnilaiigerJaj; pastersby, hatppered! Ijy 
rsinroarj. and with Uiiir View cut- off 
by umbrellas. ' . ■'« ij" ' t ' 

■ Tbe deaa man was Losrsn Philips, ¥f 
years old, s rirlliao attached '. to the 
Army iBngineorLng Bureau at 30 White- 
ball street His skull was cm sued by 
tlif'fiil.irip Iron. Mm Grossman, of lol 

.Sistj -flrnt street, Brooklyfl. teas cot and 
bruised tfbout ih? legs. riot;-, men "«=,-,■ 
treated by Dr. Preace of Broad' Street 
Hospital, but Philips died as he waa 
btlnjr lifted into, an ambulance. 
■ Tac mass of iron waa damaged, by 
corrojlon wblch loosened I? from tbe - 
anchor bolts, it Is believed. It weighed 
g-bout twenty-five pounds. - ■" v 

At the Army BuUrJinc, 37 Wbiteiiali 
street, It sras acid that .Philips has been 
attached to the -Army Enguieiriag Corp* 
as a rivtiian i "junior, engineer" - ibec 
i:Xl" His body was talten to the Old 
Slip police statiob, wfaors it was identi- 
flfedby Waller N. Harper, a civil engi- 
neer, also employed In the Army Btirsan. 
1'hilibBK home was at lid Ocean avenue. 
Bay Bhora, L. 1. 

Grossman wua s*nt home after treat- 



Grand-Aiher Star to Beg-in Work 

on Hew Film, With rTorman 

K^rry Opposite. 

Mabel Forrest will be gutted in a 
Ren Wilson production rntitled '"The 
Satin- Girl," aceordmg to Samuel V. 
Grand, president -nf Graud-Ailicr, ivho 
will release the picture. 

" lam. satisfied," said Mr, Grand, 
•"that 'ilabel Fofrriit bis eTCTythlng that 
is ■-'■qnirr-3 to nstisfy th' most exacting 
andtener. for *ho la not only. x''t?ii 
ilmmattcally. but possesses i* well, a 
keen sen*e of humor .sincerity fti.d ust. 

Xormin Kerry has liren engagej to 
p!sy the lend opposite Miss Forrest. 



Now PJevn 

Arasand Da 

Lappltr*. SJira Coat. 

Plrrre-Annand Brdard. ,who*e parent* 
were Mr. and ICral Joseph 4. Bedard, ti 
Lynn". Mass., wuerv be was born on May 
23, ISftS, will, throogb *n order granted 
yesterday, be* Plcrre-Annand Bednrd do 
Lapieniere od and :t:er October 80." 

Mr. Bernrd, v^lri requested Sunreme 
Court tanctioQ for his; propiwed cheingri 
of cognomen through Athirn-yn Wblce 
sod Case, reside* at 08 West Fifrytbird 
atroft H« »e( forti, ]o hla petition that 
he "Is an American ritisen." and tbgt 
"bla great grandmother"' (he ooes not 
state which of the four) hore the name 
Bednrd d< Lspierricra, the latter part of 
it dying with her. as "the fast of her 
.line. ' Hence hi* desire to sasume it, 

>Mr. Bedard'i fatJer owned the foil 
came of Joieph Amand Bedard. aud his 
mother that of Rose Louise vsJIauet Be- 

Mrs. Elisabeth Berry Found Stran- 
gled and Skull Cmshtd— Police 
EelieTe Sailor Assailant 

A great deal of myatery aurrounda the 

death 'of Mrii..EUxabeth Berry) a widow 

I of No. r. St. Merfc* place, Brooklyn. 

! Mr*- BerTJ, wh'o Via B3 yesni old, was 

j found straqglerl to death yeaterdayL in 

the back- of j her Utile .candy o»r*,- hy 

Fred Qoppe, also 'of 6L Marks place, 

! Hnppe, who bnd'beeji accustomed to 

! bnv tnbacon In Mr*. Berry's ator^ was 

I surprised to see that the pgad woman 

1 was not in fh* shop when h,e entered. 

Ho tailed her name, but thsre was tio 

reanon**. He ivnlijcd t« (h« back, of the 

store and lifted a pariler* that separates 

the stare from Mrs. Reery'a Wring quary 

tars. Me saw the old woman lying oh 

her left side, and found that the apron 

which had worn bad bean lorn Into 

shreds and the strips had -oeen need to 

choke inr sun! tie ber hands, behind her 

back. Her skull had been crushed in 

v.-iili some hint it Instrument. 

Hnppe notilie dtho police. ■ sod Inspec- 
tors Conboy an'! Sullivan were Among 
the fltst to Strive nt the aeeue of the 
murdar. A host of New York dMec- 
tivea aeeompanled the, InBpectors. The 
motive of ihe slaying eoard naot be for 
money, because Mrs, Berry M* known 
jiiht to msks ft it3* re existence out of her 
tiny stor*, and o*ly fnrty-8ve cents were 
found in the cash drawer. Indications 
showed tbal the murder had been com- 
mitted by a degenerate because no ner- 
soii of sound mind could commit Suen a 
crueBotflC mnrder, the me-lieal wjainlnev 

The condition of the final I room, 
shoued that Mrs. Berry had -pat up i 
struggle fot ber life. No weapon could 
ha found other, than the small stove 
poker, but thnt *Hd not ha#o any blood 
stains on It Tbe r^ghhovs ^ald thsy 
had seen no one around th* store at tha 


of Mai , 

Clark.' .Jr.. Aaai»«n< f United, State* Dis- 
trict Attorney, in charge of the prosecu- 
tion of Emanuel IT. Keaeler, called by 
Federal 'offirinla the "Kinj; of I lie Boot- 
lfggert,* and' twenty-three otbwrB in- 
dicted- for. tiro Blleged'loqti'ifi of tba He-' 
Jiublic , Warabouea, 'ril West Xblrty- 
ourtA. street of 4,900 cases of. Scutch 
whlfky and 200 esse* of cbampBRnc Mat 
year. Judge Charles .*-L Hougn, nf the 
United States drcfait Cotirt of Appaals. 
yesterday Issued warrants forS the arrest 
of Edward Ward, s former prohibition 
agent,, and Robert Keller-born, a saloon 
keeper, ax material witnesses in the 
Kesfllcr, cs*e. which la expected to bs 
brought to trial in October. 

Ward and] Kk1 lei-hom, after being 
Taken inn* : ptiatady, were' arraigned yes- 
terday before "Judge Joseph C. BLutchc- 

aon, who fixed ball for their appearance 
at the coming trial. Ward, who Uvea 
ii-! West Tnlrty-fonrth atreejt, wua ra- 
leased OO. a surety boad for $000, and 
Kcltnrbom, wbo in \a business at- D64 
Sixth avenue, furnished a similar band 
for *1.000. 

Ward, whn two week* ago reafgned 
bla position' as a - prohibition agent to 
return to his trade as a printer, waa 
fraatly aorprlsed at being tikrn lnij> 
custody on the fur that he might leava 
tba jurisdictJon- before the rleaaler trial. 
Be cay* he wis the nun that discovered 
the looting, of the Republic Warehouse 
and furnish"'! the information which led 
to- the^ recoYtfy of moat of ths liquor, 
which was hTudeD. in a sealed cellar on 
East Forty-third street. 

Kelterbom, according to ths authari* 
tlea> beugbt some of the whisky taken 
by ihe alleged conspirstora, vho i "" 
the R*puhlio Warehouse. 

time of the murder, but the police be- 
lieve that a men described as n^naflor 
nf the mercii-ant ma ripe, who was lurk- 1 
ing near the store about fl o'clock yes- 
terday mnmipg, la responsible for Mrs. 
Berry's death, 

■ parlor*)' ta t«« "rh*»t*-*oarli," 

Commander E, R. Bpafford. newly 
elected head of the New "York Bute 
American Legion, will make bla first ef- 
h'cial appearance aa a vommaniier whea 
be will oecwpy a bog st^he Johjon The- 
atre Sunday evening, where, LarouBb. tbe 
courtesy nf F. Ray-Lomstock and Morris 
Oeat. and of Irfe Sbuhert, who la do- 
nating the ubh) of his theatre, a speriai 
Su-formanca of Batlcffa "Clivn--- 
ourla" will i>e preawited for f.\v benefit 
of the V>terHim' M onniaiii" I "amvi P/inv 
It U dnooanced that a large delegation 
of Itgionnslres from the metropolitsa 
posts will attend. . . < . ; 


The Uner America departed for? 
rfaplea and Genoa yesterday carrying 1 
among her forty-one cabin psssannrs, 
eight Francisco and divinity atndeau 
en Coutfl. to Home, where they will spend 
■flvr years completing their theological 
etudles at the Internationale- Collesio 
fierpnop. They will be ordained in IflGfl. 
They recently finished ihc'i-r novitiate it 
Jft. rrancl* College, Athai-SprlBga, N, 
Y + , and were accompanied to the pier 
by their Father Superior, Rev. Cyril 

Siu, a m. c 

Among other paaaengEra who departed 
on tho Amerira were Mr. and Mrs. %i- 
aon Orendl, of Detroit. Mr. Crrenell is 
Kuropean correapondeat for the l>etroit 
Fiee-Prrsw, He will atay In Italy la- 
defioitely. - 

Ths liner carried sixty-four cabin pas- 
sengers and four licportarx. 




• FoMlsbtd br THE LEWIS rinj.lBKJ^O COMTAXT. at KO. Rn ftlfhth *T»afl«, 

;j': -."■ ^Wi «.* Lewit. President, rt» Elstitl-. Avenue.* Sdward «. Tfeomsa,; vie* president, 
■M Eighth Awnw ■ Jofcn J. Nell. Jr.. Secretary ■■4 Tmn>«, 8*0 Big bib Arena*. - f 
'.\- ,: Wi rtM i. h*i CtwK 

Make checks psssnle toTti*, Morning Tclrmrapb. 830 Eighth Avenue?, N«W Toils. 

Mp^ien ^tnresi' nfc an aid to cieilixotion and the rt- 
Tb> FiSrn as a spfitisihilltj they entail a* such ia the subject of an notorial 
Mwtage to Un- ir - America*.'* Oitliolic. mrraii-ie. The Mm, this r*iit(*flfcl 

civilized Countries * < %^ w^** "» f " r *rwter mcssege pf tfriiieathmthao 

K _ the boo*: *nd the magazine' for tte rtftnon "ttur entfr a**** 

Mwt Be Carefully Am hoBBV the ma|W zW„id tbe paper in d«*ed ^tunittnne*. 

Chosen. To the word* of the writer; 

* fc^.f "Ton may scarier ■ million Bible* up- and dawn lb? 

South -Sets, but yon cannot rciiar-antci^ iSat they r/JJI be read. It ■* tna~h differem. 

however, with, the movie. Let the machine begin tb cBck ntoW 'th* Wljnj' waters 

■ that "Melville has, made classic and. tbe happy islonnera will rtB*e their aport'a anil 

, listen to the modern -"meassge of Wester^ etffluwrtftal Tb*r need nor. BajarMaKd 

- the words thai, are ptmctuatinE the xraduAtinji of tba film story. Indeed, It la 1 a. 

jbo4 Borioina thee do.not, far th* am fie* 1 paragraph is generally bad literature and 

often poor grammar. Bit the s4v«gt err cw read the pktUTB mMiajt' "GeaAir*. 

facial- expression, pantomime farm-thc real world lans/napr fbnt isJndrpendcnt of 

lflngue and ten*.™ ■ "' "■ ''■._.-. *.! 

"' And beelruae of thla *w*y nf. the film In tb« !i«tbeii addnbriaf the raaral ton?!. 
.tb» Anwrica HdKaxiae believrs. nbvuld, b> hljb and (be aUbjact matVar forrart. The 
JedifiD corraaipdDj^nt of the Lnndnn Tlmfii llkrarlsa niaJtes s plea far a. bfttar 
Claw at films En th* Far Kaat. H* wrftea of India: 

"In InHIa fir&bably n3nc-tentha of the nopntattoq ,artt JIIIom-AIk. Tb* natlTf 

>mT tenia to irrow up m*nta)Ir and the nrenge ' audfrnix at tJ)f» p]<MUT* tbra- 

tzex in. thi-fcforo, «nij>os«I of rhotf who are suture In bn-dy apd Immature In mlod. 

' ' To 1 1: mh art exhibited aex almi made in American studios and films |n wbicb riO'tenn 

.tt th- main Ibinff- With tbe» may be aandwlcbed a comic: film ajjowtna; a while man 

■rarrviiif; aui b brtifti of rrdiculnna antir.i. TH* rr-Mitt ia IntTftabl*. Snob dlaiB are 

harmful, hut t bee nne otbera that do a fiea.t amount of Jnaidu«ua dama^." 

■ ' The London Tfmen nuturnllj cali* attention to tbe fact that tbe» £lipi ajr* 

Amerlren made, and ntjcxntn as a rented]- n nlm lenane of naiinns wiser* r^rrain 

tufRibri'.; of tl.c indu.K) r.v could unit* and routjot tbe txrtiaxift of filma. Wbal seeisi 

To arc-rrf the Ttm«A lh« tnO*t U that Elic ptctatlaBtlon of t'et KnaUfhutan ci. the 

' POTeen vlll canse Ibe natlre to Lose hia reapeet for tbe white? race. 

What the .America Magazine aaja U worthy of .ruieti tints. IllaeHvlnation Rhauid 

br eirrciMd in neniJlnf; films to countrieti whrir thtri Ifl no civiHaoLiori. Wlie're t.ho 

mot ino nii-l U3-L? ii i oediuai of dii»raieatinsj knaTrledfie the subject n ahown nhould be 

,'wlecterl wiiii *\iriv '-^.t-\ It la arronf to iriit .(Mm peon1r> n fulur Idea of life imd 

tc enn ace how euch a thing is posxIb> tbroacb motion picfares", hat we tliinU the 

tjoadon Times article -wna probabtj arrUten frnm nnMbrr viewpoint tftan ttttt of the 

A laagriz'.iii*. The titaouolj that the Americsn Hint tins La a urmrce at continual <!!»- 

comfort to the EmOLrbmen, n-ho tierer fnili In find some fault, with the American 

motion pEternre industry. If ther* were a fl?ro' league, of nations vt abould bnrr 

. EnfjUnd rtfviis (off lo admit any American fllnx in nn .«■ foreii^i coanhfy. 

-. ' ■ Before aueh a Flep Is tqtceii we cjefm it.adnsabEe for the Araerioan nrodueqr 

'to. keep arj^eit on, the film* a*at to fotaiew cotBMrlen no .that he netd not come In 

far any future rxittcLBm an th* deirrading infineace of hla warpw, Thr rrcrnt film< 

■ iiiado by flu- reputable prodnceT* contain' isone of thoso tilings riiauntlnned In the 

tontton Timea editorial. The films ihow-ii [n India mutt aitber be "rery oW cr of tlie 

. iejld cat brand, aarrecrjenla«t in thla country. 

Eu-linh proflpclnl cinecia mnnnjr.?r- are. it npprari, 
Englffh Exhibitor j y^ eJMpeiMd wer (be faUnre of certain membrta vt 
Ttreaten Mcinbera. the Ilouae of ComraonB to farther ■ meivure lor tbe 
of Parliament few alx,,|t i on *' tBt entertain pent 'tax. It arrears n*a» thil 

Negfecring to Fur. 

xreal excitement baa been caused by tb* union nf . J. K. 

. Oemer, SI. P.. and Captain Berkeley. -3J. r„ vfao bare 

fter Abo] i don of Jn nde public letters re«i*ed by thatn from the enteTJaln- 

T»jc. raent Csx eommjttes, said letien itrntatnlnr ihreala to 

pl!lory them on. Tbe**pretrn for their faliare to carry ont 

ante-electton promlaea to fiyht lot ibr abojltfoa-of th« tax. ** '" 

It It claimed that at the 1 eat cnferalr citation pledces were aaked for and 
adTen by orer 400 membeira of the pseaant JpPausc- d^-Coimaoat Co the support 
of aucfr a meaaure. Now, imvfv-r, and a^icc.lhe matter ha# been under debate, 
ttuiby if not moat of the .M. T.'i haTc anpa&ipd.' to be somewhat apathftli- in ibe 
matter. Thla laiwbat hoa ant-ered 'the ihe/itre. manueerr. who have for thla ren- 
son threatened repTlsala in the form of screen publicity and nbAtofrapba of the 
F4e*]~lt|-pBt rirmber:; of the H&u*e to be di-jdnved bff^r^ ft snppo?edly Jnditnanl 
pitbiic. There a[-[iraT as many in* . end, onts in the master of netting 
cfifectrr* lepalaitiDii for Eisgliab ammemeTit purveyor* and ajorV*, IjoVercr, in 
Id our own America, for one Sir. tfuininerdV M. r.. -who Keronded'RD amendm<?at 
ffjr the nboisiion '■( the mu(-h*discua'td tax. was nnoted as liayittg he did not be- 
lieve rim t the "whole benefit of the abolition nf the tax would' be. ziren to tbo. 
playgoer for some time lo come," while Sir Alfred Butt and Sir IV. da Freece 
(buahstKl oT Eh*, inirnitable Veaca Tilleyt disagreed wiih this point nf view and 
oplootl ojitimlstir-.'Lliv tbnt-fbe ptiUre would' at oni-e receive the benefit it ibe 
reduction— and .there you Aral . ;. . . ...,.- 

Ivsk went good cap be had from eipoxing by means of the. cine hi it th"*" 
"SI. IV- wiio.biuf* not-Toted In accordance with the wifebts- oi mp** theatre mru- 
ifem ta ool f ifl^lJ- clear. The public i* .strangely, or one Bttght aay reasonably 
jpa'.he'LL- sbou; political Mnwbb!?-, and ev'rn though their tntereflt la at stake. 
(IniibHrstf wotiM be more intere«ted, r»s due English "paper slflrms, in aec-ng 
Valesliao or Chaplin on the screen than in baring: to aaxe at' tbe uninter^itia^ 
fraturen af the Si. V, who ia op the ant* witt the theatre tnanager. The acme 
nMvflpniirr addl thftt 1q tiienuitwo -of. tbofte member* of the Houae, of ('iininions 
. whoba-ya. appeared not to be keepinj .their before-elac-IIoni phUinJaes, It mnstba 
admitted f that niany of them werw "pledged raetely to support tie .abolition oi 
tbe in nt thr earliest: pafa.iblr Inomejjt coejrlatent with the finaseial-noflttlou of 
tin! r try, anil they snpnort the view nf the G ^remanent rbic that momrdt 
has jnot'-yft arrired." . ' _ . ... fc . ..;; i - . ,.-_- 






" Editor- 1 jiiots — M^MOtfcnpwts-fl tretf^tttit. ■»0*o Ada arm qvvtai «V faring' 
tK-<rr ttJ?;rcliT* wf ami iAArt tiny afAer finm-m Aelsp, f$ cttrioiuly tiifnt saJlan it 
tome* m to -talking abost -himtrif. He trill gg intn rh^p/to^a orer his iiaca. W^ 
lv„ ,md A** ebMpaig, but U hfljr writing ta tay of fiU oicn aehittvMgn.t». The 
7ff4trtti*o 'telegraph hgt, J«eJ4M fo-rvrt a strit* Of artietet on these not vAo twur 
abOkt atken. Thtm iaitoibttmt of tse irKeeta -refer* 0rt?M,£sK «*<, a . Jl«d o> 
ua oirn aarraK, Aandlra pmbacitu for MriotM prodtfenrs and. rfart; 
'-. I'etf^t'ridipy. Smith hegaji. hi career ia the movies as photoaiuly editor and 
eWflc *f The -Hinboard. A Wgoiy laudatory review.- of *■HJl»critea■' in wbkh ha 
pnnred blmself a pait master Ip t he si-e of mip> H utiven, won .for hlffl tho nosjtitm aa 
press ssentwith a picture ryjmpnnx. . Ilk early trrtiniti C «H; received uinter the 
piidance of one Harrj SWichenhach. Ia spite -of 
lii," inttrc*T in bis itew work, deep within the' so«l> 
'.* 1'eter Wmi:!i there lorhtd a longing to:be«mfl a 
jjis crturt. In r-rY-liourx he divided bis time be- 
tncrji wntirii; popular (?) songs and being * trap 
drummer In an amateur' orchestra. s " - 

\V*hca tbt Fatndus FLiyrn-Laaky decided- tu 
focn jwifrsidiftrj- codpnn'ea, .Mr. Smith was iilje^l 
In pharsje of the Ancruft branch, where he handled 
publicity for t&*rj HekfnnJ, iJoiistna Fairbattts. 
ilill Hart and E'sie Perjruson. Later %-neh he 
won for' himself the pnsltiaii of "rlirectnr of pub- 
licity" for Fstiou* Playtrs. he settletl down in what 
be docribes a« "a hindwnae privste olBra n-ith 
some forty iteople. mpondinfc ta his push button." 
After five years with this ntsabisatton. he Kbyncd 
on the dotted line to serve MarahaM JSeilsm in 4 
similar capadftV; and went Wast to bondie his nt* I 
Job. • ■■[ ft' "" - 

When Pouclaa Fairbanks needled some one. to 
exploit tfae'road ■haarsf of *e?flb1n Hood" hw pre- 
Tsilcd upon Mr. Netlga tv fee *■*« do the work. 
. , and it fa saH that tbe athletic star attrihrtte^ tin* 
sitccess of hia picture to .none othar than Petsr O- 
«mlth bltikfelf. At any rate this experftnee taujlit the ambitious young; preaa agent 
that. variety is theatric* of life, and on his return to Hollywood he divided ta- start 
hU i owtr company, 

Uc tlow cnodctrta a. publicity end exploitation bureau with nlHtea in the United 
ttliiditM in Culver City, und In addition to Mr. Neilan's productions, he hopes to reil 
th* world that Jha be*t being made are fho»e btarlnc 1 tbe trademark of Tourteur and 
yirtmr Ktsher.- And Kvsljn ftrent. Helen* t^hadwlck, Jlar>orIe Daw, Lloyd Hashes 
And HEsnchei Htreet are his ides of the last word ia cinema arttsta. , 

■: \A\i* moat of the member* if rktureflllr, Pete owns tn-o hoaa*? and a number 
of Choice: Itrtn in IloUysMiod, He la flO yeac« obi and up to the present time ha« 
never had aiifficlept ewiraarj to hnre-hls pirfPTe takrn — thus the smkouette on yonr 
left. He -Trait born and raised on Broadway, in New York snd la ihe 'father of a 
hjreaMild «ntt. Ijouglas. ntmed for tb" w. .k. Falrhnnks. Before bceominr a writer 
Be *a( attrnrted bf the Idee of a career mi a stenDgrapliri'. bnt when the Pltmai) 
' slettKid faliiTd aa an mitlet far bis geulu.i, ha et ones bccnnie ctitle tor The Player 
. published; by tbe While Bat*. ' 

Br Q*a> Rowp 

\ i '""TAKA''- is shout ihe.hrjrt example 
. JF . 1 ' innws at public- opiaion- 
■-.'■* ' |I . versus the preaa> The eriti- 
. j clams bnndedV £hc ' fnotfoD pie- 
lure veraion of Mrs. JLeaHe Carter's piny 
w*ee riot exactly what'onu ,'coBld call 
Mtn pllmc-ntary. t'riticis™ snaa-' aimed at 
the np-to-date ending of the sicry, with 
the roartifurr thrown Itt for food measure 
.whan by every" -token "Ea*a" should 
have cone to the grave mnumins Dar- 
frcFne. ' Probahlj ( tho critlca are right. 
Thaw liberties aye a Mt^hleb bat the 
motion picture public finds no' fault with 
"""5aia" > " opportuTiity- to wear a wedding 
ring. The picture aa it standa suits 
thent'down t» the ground — so who are 
y-'c to pick flaws. 

I went to see f *Zaa*" on Thuradny 
aj'tcraoon. Every aeac «u filled and 
there were many' people standings Tell 
me whan.auch a -condition ha« prevsiled 
ill any of the Broadway theatres at an 
early afternoon performance. Mast of 
the motion picture honse* feel tbey are 
doing good business if tbe theatres are 
comfortably filled In- the, afternoon. Did 
the public .find fault with' tbe obvious 
motion picture additions? It did not. 
The very things we found fault witii — 
they enjoyed.. 

Want brought . tfaesa men and women 
into tb« thtatrt during the busy after- 
noon? The story? Partly— *Q tori a S-H-an- 
soa possibly, Allan Dwau perhaps. All 
three bad something to do with this rush 
for tickets. 

"Essa" Jta I.i>m*r N**CfclT- 
Qefore the dsy when Hnvelock Ellis, 
D. H. Lawrence and other sophisticated 
writers wrote frankly nnd unabashed, of 
the lavs between tbe sexes, 4 'Zaxn," wis 
considered detlcinusly naughty. An sc- 
|rees fall* in lov.fl'.witb a nuirtied man 
and lives with him until she learns there 
i* a wife and child wb& will "ilPer from 
bar wrong-doing. Then tbe gives him 
up^-maklng s supreme sacrifice that the 
romantically inclined have ndored ?in'ce 
the day when Mrs. Leslie Carter gave 
the stage the bewiteblnr "Kasa." Many 
waters have gone under ths bridge sinca 
i'-o-T doys and "Zoxn" Is no longer con- 
sidered Immoral nr improper. Stilt its 
rcpiitatiov hfla 11 Fed on , and that may be 
one rcaaou why so many pcopfa bave 
flocked to the H^soU Theatre this past 

Another may be hecaua* An Allan 
Dwsn production Was adrertised. Past 
experiences with Mr. Dtv.iii have pmeed 
that he can bo depended upon to furnish 
Invlsb sets, marTelous costumes nnd n 
bt=nrre uotc (hnt makri lilm aa popular 
with the unppera and their nldcr aister, 
as Hoberr Chambers wait i;.i the days 
trhen liis books weer listed among our 
best eelieTSk. Nuw Mr. 1)wbd will nrub- 
ably nnt like te hear iWin. He would 
ni'ueti TBlhcr have a foltawin|' heatuse'^bT 
tbe'deep serfoUa drumatEe vrork ho brings 
r,a'>!ie'»crcen — but it he did he wnuld not 
be.'ss vnltuhle to rTajnoiu Plsyers-Laskjr 
bb a 'director n» be" is to-day. He is 
valuable Lccausc his picturos scli. N'o 
matter wbut the critics and the inteHi- 
ffcnnk Aay Allan Divan Is a sure box 
olhce winner. No Allan Dwan produc- 
tion Trill Joss money, The cibibitora 
knew their pnllic will rot Hive All of 
the DwSn pJcUircs. From the stand- 
pa|nt of a KUod production. "Lawful 
Lareijrjy" was pretty bad. Samuel Ship- 
man's play was murdered, but xs Sammj 
hitnaeir said the other nEght. "What can 
I uy wjien It is breaking r<-cord» all 
over. The country ." It is one nf lite, best 
money makers FATnous Ptayert-Lnsky has 
had in i long time. 

. Now about uifiTJa Svsi>jou. "7,mA™ 
Ir the best thibg aha has ever done. Tn- 
dty '■ Miss Bwanson Is tbo best bet Fn- 
moUa has. ss a woman star. l>u.rlnj! 
some of her noor pictiucs 1 llmuglit thnr 
sh^ was overrated. Bus- I changed dbjt 
mind last Thursday. Gloria Swanson 
gives! a performance that Is artistic from 
the standpoint of character creation., M 
the one. who went with mc aajd. She Is 
like Bernhardt In soma of f|i-r scenes. 
Aa a atrect gamin, a sort 'of glorified 
"Kiki," there tirp times when Mis* Strtm- 
son ia too much to the slarnHrk. But 
In her charneterfintion nf the ixnpuMve 
loving, hoydenlab Prcoch girl she has to 
bars Ijpp moments of Louiicfuscxidaing. 

Does Her' Heat IVofIc In '.'Zisa/' 

One of bur writers on motion picture 
hAppcaLnga remarked that It Glada 
S*«-nns»n were some new one and sud- 
denly appeared ss "Zsxa" sbe n-ould be 
a sensation. 1 believe Sfhotorer popu- 
larity- Miss Swspson bss lost with some 
of her poor pictures, sbe has regained' 
and mors in ■Zbm." There an pm'b- 
sbly Gloria JSwanson fatin now rhere 
(here nevor were before. . 

' So Mite ejwai-iBQji ia one reo^p why 
the nivoll Is doing neb a good business. 
And now— whSt 'wo are wondering -why 
famous Players did this and tiiat with 
tbe aiorj 1 , nud why they married ''Ztuta** 
when,. she sbnutd have repented -for her 
sins In sack cloth and aahes to her dying 
day, let . us tise the bralni that werr 
■Vrea oe. - As . Peter Weston aafd. "Cod 
Rave , me. brains s ml iherr I iv.-,|f hlni 
one 00^0? and. used them." If God ssi-e 
un brains let i:s lisa them. If he didn't 
let '.is try and reason anyway. 

The public has proved concluajreiy It 
adores the Allnu Lya-an type «f pletnrr. 
it proves that "Kaxa" is to the gooil so 
fnr as our tbentregoerii ate Concerned. 
Now we ask tan Adnlnh Eukox and 
Jesae Ijirfsy sfford.lo Ignore, thst puhlle. 
IT the fans want a married "Znn" and 
nre witling to psy for It. by all means 
Jet j tiicta have one. Artistic preitch- 
meits are all very we!! bm Its n^meier- 
cl*} salve Unit both exhibitor and pro- 
ducer are 1 after and as much aa we 
would like to *e* these films' improvwi 
we are forced In aay. "The public he— 
not damned, but satisfied." 

It Is a Tact that many of the picturea 
lnnded by tbe erltio bate starred! to 
death, wnilt 1 othem psnned havc> lired 
and flourished and died s ripe old age 
nftee rnnny months of ns-fulness. 

Aa TO "Zaaa" wb an- not Insensible 
lo Its iven i< points, neither are we l> Ind 
lo Gloria Swwnson. who apnearn . hi a 
new light and redeems herself for what- 
ever faults *he may have hsd in the past. 

Adveatoren of Tom Tsrvtsa. 

A talk with Tom Teniss these days 
amarks nf niarrrrotia tmieai that are net 
tuxllfce the famrms Arabian nights, enly 
the stories tall Mr. Terriet telh are true, 
and the adventures really happened to 
bun. although be aaye new it acema like 


HIh AdVfBtnri't In Vm*»t at'fke Tlnse ia«>a>ja\b..of K1»B iTataakastK 
Wss Opens-4 Soapids .Like a Falro Fraas the A ra via a Wlscfata. 

a dream. -Ve* Vosk and twentieth cen- 
tury dvillKalimi are too far rt&ared 
from EryP 1 flDd tlieeiillbratlon o( tombs 
ta hriTfi any association. 

^hlji ftini jvrrlaft first went to the 
Japd ofylje~P(ttjn"Tbs he did not- know 
that hoVTVJis to/become a member of. uje 
late Lord Carrftctvou'a party, but beiog 
»» Engltibmnu he w*s reeeived Into The 1 
bosom nf the-family sad was entertained 
at the Mo*!cm House, hullt by Lord 
Carnarvon's partner, Harry Carter, al- 
nlo*t ni booti n.i be reached Egypt, 

After Sir. Terrbra related bis p'.ans 
for" filming "l-'ires of Fate," the story 
by Sir Conan De?te, Mr. Caftrr Invited 
him. to be one of- the twenry-fonr who 
were, present at the opening; of Kiaz 
TutnaKbotocti's tomb. The- . Qumi or 
Belgium na* a!no It this caelusirc party 
«hlc4 sill no down In history* ha bacljBK 

: l»r-an the fict expedition of this k'md 
ever planned; The death of I^irfl iCarnar- 

•von. said, hr 'the e.uper.*titlona, to he 
raiicd ov bis bifrfcrencp witli -the last 
sleep Of Kins; ' Tulankh milieu ; any pre- 
vent other excuraloba. iltbflilgtl Mr. T*r- 
riss itos loud in" ate assertion that l^lr 1 
CsMiiirron/f danth could not have beep 
ansed lij* anythljiB but nnlurar cansrs. 
"Tell mh aometaln/ of your sensation 
when the tomb was opened," T apfced 
Mt. Trrrlsfc 

Aetna] 'sarconaaBna Snrr Opesrsa. 

"The actual san-ophsSTis containing 
the body was. never really Opened," he 
mid'. "But I will ssy . the'excaVfltion 
of the tomb was tbo most thrilling, ex- 
perience- I bare. eTer hrul. The tappins 
gf the liniamers 03 .the wall was like 
some nnenrthly noise, it rang Q\\t so 
l.i;:illv in tlLst <]uiet room where not a 
word was spoken- We atoojin a huge 
room which led up to the actual burial 
place of Kino; Tnlatikhamon. We had 
"XpCvti i tv *Jnd another huge- room lu- 
i«tfui-l cf llint the ssrrr pljucns vu rlgnt 
up agstast the wall. A cold blast- of- nil* 
that followed the; casing In.oMhc wall 
was" the weirdest' sensation I -bad ever 
experienced. It was exactly aa If soma 
one had turned L on n faucet of ice cold 
water down our . baehbonea This ear- 
eophngus," went on- Mr- Terries, : ",w*a 
never- opened because Lard Carnarvon 
took sick- and dlasT." 

"Weren't yon 'auper»titlo*jg? r 1 aakad 
him. 'And weren't yon afraid that yon 
would get Jletr' - . ■ • 

"Wull, <T hare been Jtich," said Mr. 
Terrfsip. ' *"I fl*vt had malaria at soma 
dam ^lIInf , ever sinr* I came home, but 
X axn. not in the Icajt'aapeearltloiik" 

That Oldear of Then AH.. 

Mr. Terras bad an esperUnca wbkh 
be eontldcn more tliHiiina- than the 
opening nf King Tuts ukha men's temh.' 
Sottie French explorers discovered a 
tomb said to bo seven thousand years old. 
It was aa old that the body burled there 

was not c-vi-si mummified. — it list* ins beea 
buried befoJc tnutumiee were In fashJon, 
"I Wos incited to he on band whan the 
tomb wns opened, and amir at 3 In the 
morniiig not : to mien the gre*t event. 
T/hrs body had, of course, crumbled to 
duat. Tbe akotl was removed from the body 
and nre were all amaxed 1 to ace the black 
beard stilt on tbh-ehlobone. I asked per- 
mission to taxva'ti thla skull .mri wm the 

first tTiAh'tn tOUcb- It. I thought 'HoFa 

am I, Tarn Tcrriu, a motion picture -di- 
rector in the year 1SZS, tnnehing the 
body of a man who lived more than 
T.OOO year* ago/ It n-as something to 
think abont." 

Oi coarse we can think ef many things 
mnch more etrllins; than, touching a 
■hull. In fan !■ na eamirsEon nn Mr. 
Trrriae, descril uilld not appeal to us 

at all. Bttt IpVse ia no accoiintinjr for 

The tales that t>rfell tbU Intrepid mo- 
tion ptctorc uiQii and hia ccupan./ cca- 

silting 'of Wanda Hawley and XijfH llar- 
ri B *od others will never he fdrgotteu. 
Pfobsbiy when their gnind^tldren gath- 
er aronatl their kpeea tln-y will hear of 
the rilruiTic. of "Fires of Fata", and all 
the trouble it caused, both physical and 
mental, iu getting itsrlf' trannferrorl to 
I lie s river #.lsrr't - A f CW of these Bttle 

difBcultlcf were told by Mr. Terrlaa. 
■idi All BBukalne. - 

Bometimoa they would be held, up a 
week at- a timn by. rain nnri Uien ngaht 
the mieiiae: heat would cuke them ill. 
The files' were thicker than "thieves and 
Mia lluwk-;. and Mr. Burria couataDtly 
CuDiptsined that it Wjuh dittaeult to make 
!i.\v villi tiivH vraivllfig' up their bands, 
csra isntj cJotLi.--.. -There wero roillioe* 
cud miUlons ot these Hies arouiul i.kmt 
-n;il It was Jieccvaarr to bavf seversl men 
Aith fly wbiska tanning Che nren ourslda 
the picture k\< iliat tbey (sould get. the 
scene without tbeso'trnub.esoma insects 
trying to v rest the honors away irons tbe 
stun. ..-.' 

Mr. Tarries believes, that liir< picture 
Is BWtttiprObt ail but one aceae aisd that 
jh snaps "shot*" thar. 'he mv** abto Uy %*t 
at itfBe faiiuikaJ dacciti^ dervishr** 
rhene tji- n«uvH of Egypt whof-b re- 
llfiran totnpefs them to' smfej-. aad- this 
they iliu tu mi extent that made Miaa 
Hawley faint and- caused. Air. .Terriss, 
wJk. hover batted AD eyelash Whph be ex- 
plored the daith," dlrti tombs vi xh-- uu- 
livsii kiugs. lo uimo.'-L'iig^s vi 'the 
ptetural Ci 

1 -Th's!ie dervishes," said Mr. Terriss, 
"whirl themaelvec to and fro to (he music 
of theb. weird mttiumantv" Many" of,-n v.-iij|( ihey danced picreed ' their 
cBeekJ "iiii luajti wieacd-lao^ine; akewers 
until tbe blood poured, others -bit Jive 
scorpions in half pnd atu them, atni others 
tore the akin from live enakw and twal- 
Eoived Them A few other pleasant Utile 
meraocts of thla ptrty brote glan with 
their teeth, and ate It. Not satisfied with 
tbl* pastime, some of thurn danced upon 
spikes and sharp nails with' their naked 
lent while droning. their moupfQnOua in- 
cantations. Ntft ^-tTlDx eaough ptin from 
this, they hit each other over the top of 
The head with Inng'.woodea poles." Mr. 
Terrlaa said that although be was able 
to get these scenes, they are. so horrible 
he may never show them on the sereea 
even though the censors do feel that their 
educational value wonld mtiiie them per- 
miasJble. - 

I naa relieved when . Mr. Terrias told 
me that their trip to EfTpt bad iti -pleas- 
ant rhuments. that the country was very 
beatitifiil «nd that they were able- (a eat 
some -lovaly scenic epacu. Hjght now 
he Is showing '".Firea of Fate" to sevatal 
intereated. dlatributan. aed he expeeta 
an.y_dsjr'te mak« hie decision on'hla'te- 
leasiDg . plana. Peuwonally, ■ I - am very 
anxious lo see this picture marie right on 
tbe place. where tbe^Spblnx growa tad 
smiles its inscrutable .smile year ' after 
year. * 

One of the wpadarfBl thiuya about the to be able tn see the pyramids, 
tbe desert ajitl'gH that "land near Cairo, 
Alexandria and Luxor without going 
then. We' are swing to look for all the 
pleasant tbiogs in the picture and forget 
all ths hectic ndveJntures,'hnt I think ws 
should take into rvHiaideration name of 
the hardships tovolred in getting these 
Exy-jitfsu scenes. Then- fa much mora 
that Mr. Trrrfcw wanted to tell me, tjut 
I was afraid if I took ■ any more thus 
away from my wOrk I wouldn't be able 
to writ* ciffv-rlftv motion picture stun*. 
I'd he thfnkLag of tnnjb* of ancient kings 
and: tbe treasures left there by these 
roler" of Ions; aa*. -- • 

Bnme dar I hope tnatpmble npoe some 
treaaurea either In a tomb or on a desert, 
inland, I think I prefer the desert Island. 
It at least, [a right and nliv*. 

Besea Draws Jm P>l«r. 
Pretty Hope. Drown, the heroine In 
'"Hollywood." who simply' cooia riot get 
• job la the movie*, although all bey 
family had a chance, to Set on tbe screen* 
(g proving to the world that she CAQ 
get a J lib on the stage. She plays the 
part of the maid In "Peter Wanton" and 
Ik as pretty otf as she I* on th*'»Cr«en. 

Wee Dffiwa had ambitions to go on the 
stake, and, although she did play the 
leading role on the aeteen, she did not 
let that atop her when she. had s chsnee 
to do a bit on the stage. She took ber 
small fart and' believes she is going to 
prose ihat Hope Drown befor* tbe faot- 
Ukhta win be notiiSM like tbe girl Jn the 
picture. We hope sale will eticceed. 

' rnib fii7<» Cs«*jrJaiBifaa- 

Frtrik.I>sj-ton. formerly en Betofwlth 
the Ksaotiay film Company, eonttibtiten 
tbe> follawuisj ' 'versee foonded on th* 
I>en)ps*y-Firro flgbt: 

r BLBPF." 

"Under' the shadow of Cnoffsn'i Bluff, an 

a cool September olsnti. 
T»s men of Prawn, soil courage, mat In 

,tbe : «reatest fUjrnt 
Seeufpr cemecstlons. by s crowd thst ruen 

lata break the ehtar shsll ot Utngs and 
■ Rt rightist the meat" r . 

""'Tie not of the hewUD* taiilutud-, tola 

picture we shall draw. 
H'a of the srestesr prlsegsgbt we a say 

we ever aaw. 
Of blows rbat-laabed one heart csiorda. 

thst we'll oercr feel again. 

"W>sw*i* frensled wit* eacllema«t *" 

tost for blood wis bad. 
Intensely dmah our eealtags. w* were 

. ravtBf;, howling mad. 
A -id alt for what? A titular Rgbi by 

a. prsclona crown. 

"■PriM 'Ball or tbe- raffip"".' *l*b th* 

. atntagth nf caveaun hltlerp. 
Was one on whom grow shsgey hs<r iii« 

that npoo- s^riuaa, , 

Tbe other, every wait ns strong:, whou 

pennant there unfarled. 
Trbcuilmed tbat ha waa 't'bnmploo Flffb^ 

Ing Wdndar et the World. 

"Thr goog la rang, the flgbt Is on, we're 

hreathlsss. not asonao, 
Except the crssk- of floret -to head and 

body ta rough too round. 
And then— su Inaianl'a Vision Ot nedly 

shsllered hopes, - 
An s punch, or push, seat frrmpeer er.ish- 
i lug Useiwstd tbrsugh the ropes. 

As nenpaej- traDtied ■ ths »wer rope aud: 
Isnded-jn ta* ring. , 

A clinch, and Frrpo lost his rhonre to win. 
th* cnaaplanVcrawn. 

For Decanter's bio-wa, just aa»sn times, 
bsd hnocaed the Angel down. 


lit palled, hi* aluktuK.bcdr up snd wndsd 

In for mors. 
And PemptsJ. took *om* fearful Mo-fcrs. 

.which, showed tht: might? taronsi 
Hi was name, or ctae he'd never lasted 
' till tbe joes. 

"Id fiflv-strea "steonda of (be fiaal jecood 

round. ,"--■.. . . ■ ■ 
Tbli msrii-i fight wss-eBded- end I'empsej 

otlll ta envaei 
A left ii> 'solar plraua' and a rlgbt to 

l.n'r"s }tw. 
A count or ten. a howling nam; tor Lutt 

nil waa o'er. 

'Along, tbe mad In fatace reara, niien 

we're Jeer and eld. 
We'll tell the cresinc story of a scrap 

that's ever toM. 
Wbtts every out conceded thorn waa never 

aacB t Oght, - v- 
As witnessed st tbe Polo Ground* Lbst 

cool September nlgnL" „ 

■ *" :• Fmrlsia Msnsa. ,. 

No' story In recent jfan has banded 
the K"ew Tort motion picture pe^nle audi 
c iic» as the item flashed from Lea An- 
geles that Farina, ths little Pathe pick- 
aninny, had aimed a contract for * long 
term sHtn Hai Kotch.- jcarma U ouiy 
'«' j«n old niliI he l* at husch as thu 
ace oi spuaeiB, it souada ao- awkward to 
aay "he' - because Farina im* aJivnys !^i?.i' 
so^poved to be a giei. Mr. hoaen rea- 
Jlsetl what her popularity la and how Im- 
portant the is to- "tJtir (Jong 1 " comedies 
and be lost no time in tying her up. 
t-nrfnas fatally has profited smutty -by 
thla popularity. They now OWu an nuto- 
mobNc ftbd are the envy of all the other 
colored families in i lolly wood. Tbia mo- 
tion plcturo bueifiass It ODiualn j- Heru 
is this Uttle colored child earning a big 
salary Snd not taowtog wtrnt lis ill 
about- . 

" saaujUrv as The us It Vtsdsvllli. 

Uraen Rlmptley, who furnishes colnmns 
of news for the morioD plcturo people ot 
boa'Aafelea tbrough the medium of tbo 
Times "in that city, aays that when Lsuriy 
Semoa Ampler** hia Lsat 'two-reelex for 
Vliagraph he will take a- filer in raude- 
vUie -before, - be ItesinB on hit contract 
With M. II. Hoflman. Just what the 
aei will be Is not durtlofcedv hut Miss 
rUngajey any* chat ncgoUuciona are un. 
Slit Also stated that Carte* de Hgreu 
nnd his wife, Ftofea Carter de Haven, 
are Ulnwisa plaunlna to return to the 
two-a-day. - Madame ^aximara'iB already 
tn vsiidcvillf, having been' booked iu a 
new act, "Colluaion." Hut Ii liolaml baa 
proredi th* aurprlae of the vaudeville sea- 
son, as; arcording to reports from the 
Coast, she la a, veritable Bensation. Sbe 
does a singing, set which ia perhapa hat- 
ter for her than her motion picture work. 
Theodore Roberts la another on« who hai 
been makinc money In vaudevillo. Huth 
Htrjiohousr has BleO depertad tfae'Bcreen 
to nlay in a sketch called "Be Yourself." 
This lis not Miss Sttmehonse'* first ex- 
perience In vaudeville, she hiving played 
In Chicago aon» year* «fn. 

fkom the QtMonin 


If you-' .have pralta to five, com- 
plsints to make or ideij tc- air, 
register ti^em wiflf ta< Ofllooker^ 

"tag «"'■ Ovemted. 
Mjtiin Plccore Dditor, The Morcload 
Tdegngph: ' 
I was perfectly thnmhrratiiick n-hani 
about a week ago 1 read iUar r ih* men 
who write the jokes foe the motion pic- 
ture aubtitJe* get from .|Q00 to SI ,330 
a week, and that the/ don't demand auehj 
aalarics, bnt ths; rbe producrrn airs it 
to them cheerfully^ To" mc tbey do. the) 
cimediesj more harm thaa-cood, I don't 
'■tiiiuli the worst Blapvtiick that ever was* 
made wuld be put ovsr with a lot of 
farced and afupld jokes, auH belleva tne, 
some of them are unt^.. ruble. It'a true 
that while there are plenty of sc-tom and 
dlrectOra and technical experts, "gaa) 
nttd" <u they all them) are icsurce. 
Yea, I should say they an scarce, and 
with tlie exception of the ones who -writ!* 
Harold Lloyd's " lilies. I don't thlbk 
they're worth a dollar and a half a week, 
much less «1 T S00. Mack Sennott's, too, 
ar«. sometimes very good, but I don't 
know bow tbey get awJiy with the aver- 
age tw>-reel atrocity they call a comedxi 
Wfant boobs, tbe producers moat think 
we ire! 

Yenrsi for, bigger and better two* 
refllors. • W. B. Johnson. 

N'ew Y'drk City. 


Ttaeda_taat "Tot aa Jallet. 


"W*lt* itatrt 1 " itWT* ' 

, ■r**iilsvay> 

Although "'Searaaiencha'' la destined to 
opes at. the sTortJ^<nnrtli Street Theatre 
on Csctaber H, it is said that "The White 
Sister" wi'i not leare 'Broadiway, Lll- 
lldn (ilsh's Ttalian-mada film has gnus 
much hlRter than any one npected and 
la doing sucha'aood business that in- 
spiration feela jnstifled In taking another 
theatre, juirt wb«ro It will be removed 
we do not know, bat we understand 
that negp nation* have been .on for the 
removal of thla picture to another plij- 
houw. • 

-. J-nIJ n*nn«l In Oitt. 

EnldJ Bennett maiiegea to keep busy 
these i asya. Th* latest word from, the 
Coast ptacea her in' the, east of "The Lir- 
ing Fast," which Metro is making from 
the novel by William f*. Lochs, Harold 
Shaw ia directing .her, ' -Mr. Shaw Is the 
brother-in-law of Viol* Dana and aiilr- 
Iry Mtus and tbe husband of Edna 
■nog* rib- 

ri> Otv* VttKMsr ralrinaUis Bigr Vast. 

We hear it whrnpered tbat Famous 
Flayera-Laaky hare made big prepar*- 
tlonafor yodnf Dotulaa Fatrbahts,- Jr., 
and that ttl* next picture will be a ape- 
Hal. Of eoorae. It la rather difficult to 
get vehicle* for thla young man became 
hia we make* anythlpg' hut H*b1 com- 
edy dramas prohibitive. He la aaid to 
have Inherited M* fameua faiher'e mtUa 
and to be a great a— It to motion pic- 
tore*, at Iwat that's what Famous Is 
lajthV " " * ' 

Motion Plctura Editor, the MorninaT 

In spies of the fact that the thought 
of Tbeda Bars ns Juliet drove KHivard 
E. Jenkins to writa verse. ' 1 am obliged 
to take issue with him as ti Miss Barn a* 
a selecria-n for 'the role. I can't iiiii.ier- 
stind how he coild believe her to be 
"nBturally fitted for the pan of Juliet- 
To mo ahe hasn't the first iinnJin'.stion. 
I anw her "once * v Juliet, and! once w»s 
enougb. There arc many things that 
Mi;* Bar* can plaj'. 1 kind of mia* 
seeing her those davs. I used to gat 
man? a laugh out of those heavy vamp) 
plctnrcs. But bow any one eon see- her 
aa. Juliet is- treymd me. Anil by tbe 
same tofieD. Nnriiiu Talmadcn i.i not my 
Ideit of *n ideal Juliet- I think the right 
one is still to he cbdeen. 

One of four renders luggcutetl trans- 
ferrin^ Jane Cowl's pirtrayal to tbe; 
screen: Wby uotT Pin.- Is really Ideal. 
A number of years ago she wha in a 
pk-tiii-e and aha .didn't piioto^ruph very 
well, but I think that wan mere Urn 
fs'ilt-of. the cOmenmun than of Miss 
Cond. If it Is true that the camera, 
doean'4 '''"■ > tnen ^^™ : '" 11 ' o>iKht t ? bo 
s nensatlon as Juliet on iN--- ftpreati far 
there in no denying her beauty. When. 
Mac Murray lint went into picture* she 
photxojranhed ■ hideously, too. Although 
she has developed un eecemrb- style and 
behaves, like a lack-ln-ihe-box now, ab« 
does "screen" ft-ell. 

Let us have Tiieds aa Cnmllle or'Lo> 
cretin Borgia, but not as Juliet. 
. Thine. aa ever, 
C, B> tu 'A Faithful Kclder. 

Pe*ksidi\t. y. Y. | 

What Cfha : the Pe«i- Blrl Dht 

iloii >n "Picture Bditor, The Morning! 

, I saw by your piper lelit Sunday that 
many' people 'are diasatiafisd w(th swX 
PJckford'a nc»r picture because she ha* 
her hulr done ap on' top of her Iread. 
I never heard of such a stupid point ■ot 
view. A whils,aj£o thev were complaln-> 
InsT because eh'e continued to play th* 
titti? ? rogjTedy-Aml psrtt. There waa 
<-oosjde'rtble comment about th* fact that 
it vrn time sba began to play arown- 
Up psrts. In the review* of "Fauntle- 
tot" many of the critics npoke of how 
much better'eue was oa the mother than 
as the child. 

Now she produces i really heantifui 
picture ■■Rositn." in which aba not 
only gives a aplendld performance, hut 
la Bupported by a rurdeniarly eapabl* 
east, engagca the bervicea of 'Srnst 
Lirbitsch to direct it and certainly 
there's nobody ■ directing in, hia csaaa, and 
just because Mary haehev hair tip. ex- 
hibitors feel that the people won'C g.» 
to see her. I think "Hoaita" ia rhe'-hest 
directed ptctnre 1 ver aaw, ud I rh'iot 
In It Man- Pickfrtrd does her best woA. 
It's i credit 'to her, whether the morooi 
think so or n at 

Faithfully youra. 

3, R, Goodman. '. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Motion Picture Editor The Morning 
Will yon please give apac* in Ths 
Morning Telegraph to tbe enclosed verses 
and greatly pleue a motion picture *p- 
thuslaatT oHncerely, 

Edward E. Jsahiiuh. 
(Beta DiniijU.) 

Lovelj Nancy, La It fair 
Not to tell from where? 
Your adtnirera with hearts elate. 
Waiting at every atatfon gate. 

Have you far to fo? 

Wt will make your journey ahrw^ 
Our long remembered joyous day 
When yoU pained litis way, 

Oh. conductor of hs'incy'a train, 
Bring, rli, bring her back attlnt T 

Kite we stand at every gate. 
Her admirers with hearts dlsconaoEsta. 
- —Edward E, Jenkins. 
1SBT North Thirtieth street, Pbiladal- 

Q1TB rjg siDHK LIKE "BILL. 1 * 

Motion Piptnre , Editor, Tbe Mnrr.iug 


I'm not u movie Ian, lu fact I usually 
detest pictures, but when I really ace 
something worth while I like t to talk 
about It. Last week at the EtlBlto 'Thea- 
tre 1 went to tee the screen version of 
a once very popular play,' "Stlomy 
Jane," and waa * hit -disappointed in 
the picture. To my aurpriso they 
showed nn *dd«l attraction. The pic- 
ture was called "Bill" and 1 believe waa 
taken from the atory, 'OranquebiJIV 
by Anatoli* Fvancp. > t 

I *Isei noted this picture waa spon- 
*ored.A T J>r. lingo RtF-seafcld. It wn* 
dciiKhrfiil, not with lt>t njasslve ae«nev r 
«r ' whirlwind action, but Its true to lit* 
portrsyal of human nature and iU excep- 
tlonBllr flue sCtlng. PluiK, Ur. liieMP- 
feid. pick h->i:i'- more films of thbj .kind 
and T know you'll make' movie faus of 
a vbole lot of people who are tired of 
(be stereotyped plctiiri'ii one aees now- 
adays. Olve us pictures that am Ufa 
studies, (live ua some more pictures; Ilk* 
"BUI-" Yottra'trnly, 

Philip Banlaoa. 

K«y 1'ork. >...■. >S 








Proud en.: of How York Motion 
Ffotoro Ownen Compiling That 
Film j Required bj Big Thea- 
tre! An Hot to Bo Hid- it 

'.it Si thief e i. 




* By LOUELXA 0, PAS809B- 

HEBE ll a valuahla lip for inde- 
pendent prtdiinii with wires to 
-, i«U. Hirry Brandt, * brother 
of Wausjn Brandt. protJdent of the New 
Ym» Motion Picture O*ro*r*. complain" 
that be I* hada* put difficulty get'log 
ouih flha* for th* eix hmmci in which 
he i* in (crested. 

1 birr appealed "gain «"■■ *=*'■" t0 
A' Olio exchange* only " be told there 
isn't anything on hand."" **5d Mf. 
Brandt. Tp* situation is serious — hero 
we bar* alx henae* waiting for attrac- 
tions. 1 cannot understand *tv the P' 6, 
tarn ere bring held up. Our haiine* are 
sat the only one* i Km e art anfferin*, bnt 
Other riJlbjt^Tf are" making the **tt)» 

WTHiani Brandt, the owner flf thine 
adz [nausea, rtrebn*^ whit hia brother 

-This b ibe imkb," aaid Willi* m 
Brandt, 'when oar patron* npoct apodal 
mttractit.nii. After Labor Day *» usually 
com* out with a l?i: anuah and our 
people expect It. Tilt J«ar alt the bU? 
attraction in playing en Broadway and 
we dM not hare ■ food picture available 
to put ib OUr theatre*. Wj are niacin; 
mnan rather ihlo take ut rial or 
thowiar nrdiocrc ftlma. The- ajtsetion, 
a* toy brother aal*. 1* worth conpideT*- 
lion. U we do Dot get some, relief T 
do "BOl know what will happen*" 

"Mr. Rntdr said that enm* of to* bV> 
turn that are beiBjr, -hn#o at the J«ri- 
mnte boiuwa are being run at a Eoaa 
■whfE If the t ■xhlbiliTH could art them 
faey would make money for both the, 
producer and tbr exhibitor, i 

■a alt Aftae ~fLu Ytui. 

The fatted calf wn* killed owt at tba 
Vltajrapb atadioa la Brooklra j«teTdaj 
afimwui to C(4«brat« th* nrum of ir.r 
mrDdlxal. toe U:?r oclbe UaTiid Smns. 
brstber-of Albert E. Smith. pnaideBt of 
the ecraptnj, arho baa arrived in X?v. 
Totb On bla flnt riiit to htcd ream. In 
11H4 Davkd west to California to join 
tka ccodndot; .Timlt at tba atadioa, aad 
Kat bad bla no*e to (he jfriadarMie e«r 
tinct. He In here now for a Ticalioii. 
tnat-ftrUJ alio taka op tbe aobjart of ram- 
Itf pkmrtf witb t±c Vtiamph oddaia. 
Jim brfon romiajt ElJE Mr. SmitD wrote 
*"*.nw" tn bla acrtwa prodnrtTlon of iJ Ta* 
Mms Frato Brodot-T'*." Uk» mm tht 
Gaorint Bmrr 'HcCntcbrno noret. 
; Vfr. Smith bcto that be twll>CT« tha 
notfoa pLctare public wtDta the nneit 
thina> of Htcrahire and dratin and pt>4trr 
aerwetd, bat he f*ror« tho prodaction of 
Wf. modcTD atorieaaa wfll •■ thnafi of 
ottn- ffnpritinn" 

Ton Boot FJctono From Foist of 
Tttnr of the Box Otfite, at Com- 
- piled by.Uoitei STfwa, Bhov 

■"Simian Wmciagt'' to Bo ' 
l>Hiwiitf Bie^eat Crowds. 





m ikine. . This will, no^doubt. bo a arrat 
dJaappoiotinaiit to rliftara who jw to tie 
Coaat with one purpose tn view,' that of 
treiiia/ filniB hting. nude.' CoaLwa/ TsarSt, 
M ben laiarTewad on th« nhiacL aaid 
tt»t h* ThfiJiht It wu Ufa tlma acma 
on* put * atop to twTToittina; people to 
all at tha ttudioi at any Urne of too 
daj. B* #ald tntt- darloe the dm* 
"Ashed of Vieaeaaaoa" ivaa baTna mademt 
Irait 4CS,000 waa loat frhraufS viaitora 
bncauaa aceaaa were stopped ao that nmt 
i.lni" could In- l&tttdw-edrto Ib« callcn. 
M C. l*ter, . prcBidrin of ! nlted 
ShuJLoav, In talklna; otit tba mitie-T, 
■rreed with Mr Taarte and said that In 
htaoptnJon at J«Bst $100 was tott every 
tkoa a viator toured a aiudio. 


"T*)a C«T«raid "WaBjaa." 

> --• In Hill. 

mtwrnert vrl|Bi FAImdD« Plarrn-!n; r <(1iH»: Mikl ul 
IV to lfc» Cmmmi to M#aj '■ FTrtm*» f* f Thr«. 

J. D. WflUkHi H*aa«. 

' J. D. WlUlaau la horn* from what ha 
. ebarantrj** hia meat a aa jtas anta l WtjM- 
aTD trip. Ha caeir lo lata Saturday 
Brarntng: and* was an boay yeatcrdaj it 
ara* Imnqaaible w art la totteh with bin. 
, There i« no doubt that Mr. WilHama 
tawnucted aowj^ IrapArtant tranlDOH 
ajolle k* tii nut of trwn. bnt It waa 
tmpiossihle to art any Information from 
hlav, and iin<f we bate to print nubOta; 
art ar* not airlcut even no ni'nch aa ■ 
tdZLt of ".---if of ibr neva that wax whia- 
V>nd leqnd town yratrfdar. fjaerf* 
Klrirr .treamtrrr of tb* Jilts Cariton 
COenpany and -fc airman of th# burd of 
dire^tni*. In doa la town Wedaeadar 
f nlfht. whrn we bof* lo art mnt nd&- 
donil newa from thi* eomnany. 

Btttr ConpHa 4* Harrv. 

On* of tha Britlaa llni ns*a.nin*-i 
wbkh trili nl th" happenltiam at nkotlea 
prrtore atara a«ya that Betty Conrpaon 
VOl nrarry Sir Charlea HlnfoL Jfiaa 
C^apnon wmi abroad to maaw a picture 
eaOod iTwuir to Woauat,** and ab« waa 
padd noavthtni l ; t- (WIOOO aq bar eon- 
tnet. Aprarfmlj tbey did wot ihlb* 
this waa ton nmch money la Enflasd. for 
•he .!■ to make twn mora plrture* there 
ftrr the Still mmpaDT- Tt la amid that 
an* it i treat flvnrfte on* the otbef side 

. and thai Sir Charlea met fier and fell In 
Jew with her at Sret night VTe!l. a lot 

J of aarr >uae retebritiea hare married 
tarda, why nat soar ■■•■{ oar eaotEon pae- 

. bare people? 

■ ^ rK wfw Lm Sf»rr n*t.n.«. 

The Cantttry yeaterday raMrd a great 
■unylntfrta'dng peop]" On board waa 
Barbara Lo Warr and her new hua- 
bond. Jmdt Doothwrty. Mi-j Ln'Marr 
If to acart work on "The Shnotin.' of l tan 
hlcGraw" aa aovQ ai »b- reachra Hnlly- 
iraod- She U nuking thia for Kawjer 
■■4 Lobio, Other' people on the (Yn- 
Oary were Edgar Salwyn aild W*»lirr 
Wanjer. who went to Cbifato «n hn t i 
. asaaa. Walter Waajptf. who Ln ertab- 
Sahed a repetition in London am m mnn- 
agar of BHtloD pictnrn •heatrei, ia lq 
ton eocn try for a brief rtalt, 

' Tba tab beat pfctarga from tha atand- 
polnt of aoUIng value a*«a brrn compiled 
by L'njM >>w«. Mind yon. these era 
not thf beat pictures from the eritirj" 
ataDdpdtat, hot from tha b«z oQLea. 
TJalterJ Nf « i La i-:dcr this lut ut> aaeb 
aaosHh. aad it ia latereatlrig W Vote that 
tha beat arflrra ant J«4red by ataKtDeats 
aaT exhibitors in all parti of tha country. 
"Hdajas Wrtrsage,' 1 Mrs. Wifiin 
He^a aati-aarcotlc propaganda pkttrrt. 
waa th* hast sainxuj pktairt last B»asn.h. 

the figurea com [Tiied, hr the exhibitors 
ibsw, "The Spofleri" ernwded '"Maio 
Pttreet'' and "The Briabt Ehatvl" from 
the list of teat aellera for the prerJona 
month and took Its place among the ten 
best. The statement furnished, niirr n 
canraa of exhlbltora throlighoot the coun- 
try gavt tbe folfnwing ten as the ^t*t 
money makers of tbis Inst month; "Hu- 
man Wreefcsee," "Ssf*TT Last." "The 
Sboiien." "Enemies of "tVenni," '"Bohin 
Hood,"* "Paddy. 1 ' - Within tbe Law." 
"^Vfan Knighthood Waa in Flower.'' 
-Dr. J»ck- ud "Down to tba So la 

aiVSia rinrnlhj- MirKpll. 

Dorothy MeekgU, who more and mora 
is beginning' to be 0J)e ut lie favorites 
among: leadlas; trvsaes In matisB pktarci. 
has ji:at siirnl a contract With Famo** 
risyers-Liiky. She karri for the Coast 
Ortober 2 to play the leading rote in a 
picture, for Ps\raiikofant. She may .maxa 
another, the film company baring retained 
an option on her services. Just now she 
in hurrytng to finish tome eitettofs lo 
"The -Tlft*tipt Blade,"' Richard Bnrthel- 
mesa 1 ! Hgt picture, hut., at cottrae, aha Is 

pretty much e idled ore; going to tha 

C.o«-* 1.1 (bo ABtutuliir, 

"The White Siiter" baa dona a much 
bettet business than any one expected 
and an it will more, to the Ambaaaador 
Theatre next Bandar night to' eontlnne ita 
Broadway career. "Staritnoiiehe." -the 
Metro production made by Bex Thrrmm 
and which hka been doing aiich * good 
htfalaeaa In Waihlnatoo. ctkea pOMesaion 
of the rofty-fcMirth atrtet Theatre Sep- 
tatober 30. In other words, it foJlowa 
"The While SUter" aa tba attraction at 
this playhouse. It probably opens a Ut- 
ile bit sooner than any one expected be- 
cause the Inspiration, company' did nnl 
want to run the risk 'of losing the Am- 
harasdor, and so (be thoatrn wsa-eJagagad 
* wr^ sooner than. tbe Lillian Cish pie- 
tore was acbadoledllo lea re ita j isa a o t 
iocs tic n Sow both picture* b*T* Broad- 
way theatres, and aO erery one la happy 

t To Bar Tlaitaasv '—> 

A recant ruling hak'nooe int^ effect 
wbereh/ motion picture "atudloa Will not 
allow risltora while 'pictures '* ire In. tha 

Win Rogers w|l) awie "Tha CoTerH 
Wagon" tn hi* Daxt pictnre. Of cotrrae, 
ll Is a badeaqufe on the Famous "Corered 
Wagon." end will- hare all nf the high 
apots of the fatDatK hUtorleal fllxu eptc 
In ita comedy wCenea. Wojk hna already 
been - began: by Hal Hoach, who'if task* 
Ins a j»erlnaof Will Bonre nlcttires 
under the direction of Bob Wagner. 
Rogers .»* ntidrrstaBd, Is ai>lng lo play 
r«n roles, a barieaqjne on the one played 
hy J. W. Kerrigan and the one played 
by Ernest Torrence. The idea is original 
with Mr. Sogers. A. H. Girbler ia WJftt- 
i«f th* aceaarlo. Hade MosqnLnl will 
(writsoqe tha rota played by Lois Wilson. 

Tha Chaalln Of*n("|. 
A wortd premiere of exceeding interest 
which la being denLed New York in favor 
of Lo* Ahgelea Ja that of Charles Chsp- 
1 m « n ret' efforts at a lerlaui prodacer. 
"A Woman of Paris." which opens lo- 
tporron- sight at the Criterion Theatre 
In tba California dty. The affair if 
doubly Impottaat as it Introduces tbe 
old Klucma Theaic* in its transformed 
and remade coedltion an a apodal wp-a- 
day" kranae to be known henceforth and 
forever nure aa the Criterion. It la 
probable that aa brilliant an audfrnee of 
nrreen notables as aver gathered in one 
biiildXagwUI ha present to paaa on Chap- 
lin'a chiei d'oeuvrr. 

Tom ntlikaa Arrive*. 
Thorns a Mclghso and his rllrrctor. Al- 
fred £ (!n-fn, got into town yeitorday 
aftarnooa. They will not linger here, 
but will i+ai> for Kannehnnanort Me., 
where aeenea for "Pied f^lper llilooe" 
will be made under the persons! ■wpervi- 
aion nf Booth Tarkington. rractically 
all of the exterior wrV will he done ia 
Krone bunk port and its immediate Vir 
clnltT, ahvrti't rhree weeks being eailmated 
at the rime It wall take tn gee what Is 
required. Tom 4>ersghty, tha productiorr 
manager of Mr. Aleutian's: Puramaunt 
unit, in already on th" fcerre and m||| 
hare all the preliminaries ready for the 
arrival of 'the ttae'sad the director 

Howlaal .tlio HeV. 
Blchsrd A- Rowland else arrived in 
New York yeatrrdaj. followuir a short 
vfait to First National'* itpdloa In Bolly- 
wood T where ha looked over minutely the 
company's next picture oa the. new tea- 
son* program. AccordiEg to Mr. Row* 
land, tbe prodJnHSon, department Is fif 
ahead of schedule, in spite of the flct 
that rreeter care in every department Is 
bclnr taken than rvrr ebfor*. Thin he 
ascrloea to the rood oriranixaUon of tbe 
ttodlo. He declire xlbat the offednei 
wbleb he t-.\ ware in al rrspocta up to ex- 
pectations an.] tpedfieatiotia 

XaUaa: Pinnre at Colrosi Pallia.*' 

The Griffith Company baa movaj froin 
Msnmronedt to Collon Falls, where s 
big set has been erected ftjr "America." 
the Griffith hlatoHcal picture.' There 
la aboot a week's work out there, after 


naaW' r T-Sasi 



Sj ¥ ^H 


•r^ V 


aft . . \ 

k*. aB 

IhaVs/''-" 1 

W±.y Am 


■ : --' A 

V-^Sw^ aaa! 

K '1 Am\ 

1 " * A 

' "aaB 

I m\\\\\\\\\\\\A 

tktiriDri il In Cadi B. De SOU* 

Preductioa t4 B« TtfAt «t Holij- 

vood ud EjttrioTi Is Stw 

Tort— Dircc ion" Ii 





HAlv bj C. Halchiin Unnraa- 
«'""> Alvlvea Vnlrrdir fa Visit Hia Hrntfu-r. 4lb»i •frnlUi, \ttrr m-a 
Aaaewoa of Is'vsa Voava at tae Vit- K v-[>!r StaOJfMi ■>■ rbe Waat toaat.. 


whEch the eompany will com* back home 
and make aojne exterfora. Tbey nrt 
wndcinjc hard to get the green trees in 
before the froer, cornea. 

Boilt la T.iLr a UmI. 
S. L. Roihafel is to hare a rest. Now 
doo't get exdtM- Hia ttat path con- 
stat* of a twenty- lour hour trip to 
Greenwood Lnke, where he Is gning t» 
get. nwny from tba nocaea .of the big 
dty. -'He- will bo accompanied by 
Thomsa Doud. hi* iMe anlstant. w^ra 
wEH heap tradi'of all the Han rhst hia 
chief earchea. We have -mid* arrangc- 
mantr to -R«t .Mr, Doad to tell the num- 
ber of fish- an that we' can count them 
up when , if r. Bcrherel gets 'to t-Qbag 
fish atbrien. 

If, FtaaKow Gate Job. 
The latest morion picture job gnea to 
Dr. Thntna* FInegan, former Commla- 
aloner Of Penney] rani a. He hat been 
appointed chairman of the motion pictnre 
committee of "the National Association 
of Visual Krlueafl'm Ohl>" M. Jnnra, 
recently dected praaident of This organ- 
ization, handed I>r Finegan the invlta- 
tioo to eerre, aad now that be has ac- 
e*Btad eTery. one-la happy. This com- 
mittee, wa art told, will continoe ro er> 
nperate wiUi tbe Will Haye organuui- 
tfon. as it dfd when Dr. Charlea H. 
Judd wae chairman, Dr. Flnagan har- 
Inf been appointed to fill the Tenancy 
left vacant by Dr. Judd's naaTnadon. 

Bm.-ti lo D* Hsurla. 

Thomas Bendls takes bla pen In hand- 
to tell ns that lha acriBg career, haj 
been cut abort. He hia been Invited to 
direct the otei>eatra of ^Bcaramoucbe" 

and we ask yau. could any nTuaHan n- 
aint that opportunity. We ijjlok not. 

Among thoat engaged la tha ran for 
the Mtie diamine cbamphraablp the 

nnl-f-rrn CraVoratien aeema to be well 

tip In the Belli. This company t* now 
making aa adaptation of Frank Iaaa> 
rise ">f(?Tengtie" and win release, tt 
under the name of "Greed." Balxac't 
novel, '-The Magic 3t\n." ha* been fln- 
tshed, but will see th* tight of the movla 
dsr a* "tilavw ot [lesire." However, ^'" 
II.ill Cainen "Maaler of Man"' holds tha 
record to data. Tht*.{,waa ataneil under 
the original title, but rcMntJy wa* 
chapged to "The Judge and th* Woman." 
Since then another thlft ha#. been mad* 
and fhe retrtn tjaxialatJon at the pres- 
ent writiBB; ttapas *■ H Nsme the Man.* 1 

Tp* ■•! . Dllt* *t#ej. 

When It waa annmiaced uut vraek that 
S. lVBothaGrl vii keeping : the (Joldwyai 
production irf "Shr Daya" for '% iecona 
week It ,waa Indaer auapect*d ttJat bntl- 
neaa wan good. Since, that timi the ex- 
act fixnrra .hare boen ubnlated, and 
Ooldwyn exe«n.tire» "ara wearlaf an air 
of satisfaetiDsv." Hire b toe atorf: "Tiix 
Dsya" raade .WS.rtI7.4a.ia, sortfi dayr. 
Even wltbont lbr « frsti. lha racelpta 
are not very far below the record for th* 

H* w*»t» innitrr. - 
Ntt Rothatein nf F. B. 0. wan (a "it an- 
DOurfted that *n yfllai man w btf^wi'l or- 
a*ntl* nne Or more Ipreferably mtir*) 
mode goir toumcmtntii and pu up somo 
nice p rites will earn hia eternal grati- 
tii*hj. A few day* ago Wt. Rothataln 
stepped out and led homo a field of ltt) 
goTfert at tha'Belleclafre Cooatr* Club- 
at Baystde r, I. n> tuned in the low 
tet sr-ore. (beraby walking away with tha 
Renben Eamnela trophy, and abo won 
a Itg on the FDm DaUy trophy. The only 
Lrowbla with the film in dm try, Mr xloth- 
ateln, baliesca ,1a that ther* -are not 
'nonah ao'f touroamenta to make it 
worth irhllB, 

That his next Paramonnt plcaaf*. 
■Trinmph" will he a commnrlog pro- 
duction la Indicated hy Cedl B. DeMIH*. 
Preaeat plan* are tbnt Interioea wttl h* 
made at the Hollywood Paramount 
ftudio, while for exterlora tha rtBxpany 
will V bronirht to Sew Tor*. 

In all probabiJttJ the Sew Torn trtp 
wQl be *o timed that Mr. DeMiile will 
h* worhiBa- there no 'TriunFph" at th* 
time whea "The Ten Commandment*'"' 
wUI hara it* New York oneatnf.- 

Ajtd while we are on the anbjoet of 
Mr. DrMII'e, we hear a sweeping v«- 
orgnnlsation of hia producing unit has 
been effected, by no lean a personage than 
Cecil himsel'. Lonia M, Goodatadt, tor 
seven years ran tins- dL'ector. baa been 
apnoiated to the podtion of boaLaes* 
maaagfr to lb* i Veil I.*eM-l> unit, Pwnl 
Idba, who has been the DsStill* ait dk- 
rectAr. becomes asaiaUot director, ci 
Pan. Fetron assaaaes th* job of pro- 
dacdon manager, la short, it hwka aa tt 
Cecil DeMiile is building himself a 
joup- orgtaiaat"oa all hia own. 

flnrlnl II a I*. 

In ■n't* of the threatening weathar 
more than 200 membem of the Parunomut 
Pep Club attended th* dub a inaaal owt- 
tng at' Aahary Park S*mrd*j + Tha party 
Tefi ny boat at West Forty<**cond atraet 
at A-49 A- M.. going to Atlandc High 
Uads. from which point the Journey waa 
continued to Aabnry Park by special 

The headquarter* of the dab war* at 
the Beach Arcade, where the afternoon, 
n'nji spent In dsnrinr, and swimming. 
Lttncbtoo end dinner were served tt the 
Plaxa Hotel Grill, Following dinner 
ther* wu dancing until &A0. whan tba 
party returned by special train, aJridag 
la New York at 10 o'clock. 

Xeaiberi of th« club wbo were lnttr- 
e*tod En golf wrre extended the courteaLes 
-.' th* .Aabory Park Golf Clnb a*t*T wit- 
nessed a thrilling march between (ran* 
Btratea and Walter Hafen, in which tha 
former, winning by 2 up. act a new ceoraa 
record or 70. three under par. la a dria* 
xllng rain. 

Paq] Morgan, aa chairman of th* get»- 
rr«l comteittte, had charge of th* aur- 
rangCnteate f°r U" outing. 

A Llw* wr Two. 

"FrecfcTr*"' Diet* say* in the fnrar* 
h* will appreciate It tr we will make hi* 
offlffl hour* from midnight to A o'clock 
in th* motning. He aaya, "Tonr not* in. 
the paper Saturday allowed tba power of 
The Morning Tefegraph. Yon aaid. 'Any 
one who w-oolrl like a job, apply to How- 
ard JJIeta. He la in on. rkoicatft. 1 W*tl h 
I cam* to the ofnre reaterday for a nultt 
day's work aad airing* men bothered the 
elevator man all day wanting lo ajaj me. 
Next tire* will you pleaae tell yonr read- 
ers that my office hnnra are from midnight 
to 8 In the morning. That!) fire me, m 
fair chance" 


WIN B> Raid Rear I ad* ** I ealv, 

Liwytn Unr. 

Hearinrt in the contempt of^ynnyt 
procasidlaga egalnat Attorney William J. 
Falkm in the ault of Mildred Adana 
Jame* against Col. Samuel L. Jamah, 
aportaman and racetrack hand] capper, 
which were to have been laaiiiiial /aa*- 
terdajr before Referee 'Tertac* Farfary, 
30 Pin* street, hart bcea ladefinitaly 
poerponed by arTanaTement b ct waa u at- 
tomeya. , 

Failoji we* orderM to ahow caaa*: why 
b* should not be punished for contempt 
of court fnr all«*ad failure to coeiSly 
with an order of Supreme Court .fustic* 
Lydob directing bla to torn or*g to I. 
Gslnannrg. couasr) fur Miss Adam* cer- 
tale papera In Ma >o— e asl on at th* tbxt* 
he n pre tented her in art action against 
Colonel Jametv Among tha nepert waa 
allefed to have been a marriax* evrO'H- 
catr, upon which Mia* Adams daima ah* 
■■■eat through a marrtace cerezaeay with 
Cf'one] James, . < 

Itefere* Fader waa designated to tab* 
evidence on Falioa'a claim that he waa 
una-ble to comply with the order on th* 
ground that the papers had been stahjeu 



Aarutst aad Willlaa* Cedlar In 

at tM r-aiioa t»m tn 

eel ixi f oiiiir' 1 

rmeu "■■■!(( inaHa 

vliti** of i»aav' wn«k 

Zliie Janii, Imn Cobb and Box 

Bodwh Aaoag Lamiaariei 

Eiptctcd to Attend. 

A remhfnatlan of stars will be the at- 
traction at th* In-lngton Street I'Jttr at 
Irciutton On Ilud»OM Sepi ember 2T, SS 
ana 30. 

Flsla Janla baa promised to appear and 
It-Tin Cobl and Rex Beacb h*»e agreed 
to *(Uud sue, *e**laa and entertain an 
audience by auctioning off some desirable 
article. Beach will a*** auction off a 
speech, which would b* worth the pries 
of arfmUalon *nd fumiah real entertain- 

Plan* fiavp beam made to hold II tt- 
hihltfo nbout between two flghltra, an 
far uaDamofL Tax Richard agreed to 
fumlab th* fighters. However, some ol 
(hi rovuber* object to th* fiaht. wbQe 
the younger radhnala are a* insistent that 
it b* held. 

The pnamotara do tut expect the gat* 
will b* *a large at the Dtmpaey-Flrpo 
engagement, bnt they reellsa that a aure 
way to get money 1a to pat a pair of 
heavy -eight fjgrtar* Into the rlna' with | 



Maeterlinck's Tref-eij Great Film 

Specteeio u Preierted at fhe 

Centra! Thofttr*;. 


To Richard "Sichbext belongs the rredhc 
for whatever sun-ess may be achieved hy 
tha ftlm version of Maurice lUetrrlinck'i 
"Mona Vansa." which William I'm pre- 
sented at the Central Theatre last night. 
Tba director, unknown In America, U 
a moat able maker of apecttcle on a 
large *e*Je, and the picture iffordu him 
an opportunity to Una up with men Ilk* 
Lubltsch and Griffith and to psvjr* hlffl- 
#el fthdr peer- Tha chief fault with 
tbe jiroductjon It In the poor onntlnuit* 
and iltles, both of which may be u- 
tribnted to dmngea mad* la this covntry 
— or may poaauSly have he«a iniported 
with It, 

On th* other hand, lha usual car* 
ibeel correctaea* of eoatame- ao natlce- 
*b!o la German plctnr** nsay o«ca nwee i 
It commanded Id "hlonna ". aana," while I 
_ th* lig htlfif Is especially fiae. Let Carry 1 
to. tha Utli tola la daaaically , beanUfaL | 

Paul Wegener, who Waa ft*** a*r* U 
th*. "Golem" la entnttted with tha hoary 
part aad Olaf F>nid, a go^-loabtng D*w- 
romer. plays Ihr romantic lover to the 
aatj-Uvtioft «f the fans 

OUCfa pfctliren at "Monna V sima"* 
should be encoorsged brrt'iae they Brina, 
beild*H a story whlrb ahoulri he 
faminar to audiences In dnema hoqa**, 
an edueitiantl enllgblenment a* to llf*. 
In medlaeral lime*. Old Ttaly la r*~ 
alored In hta days of splendor sad *ti of 
forgrcna pageantry una intriguing nobU*. 
tud »i'r, tbe dulttet fan mast perforce 
learn something nf p/realer rata* than, ha 
wUL derive rroaa The ilaaatkh ud 
asuuget of his ntiial fee*. 

The story of "Mooni \'anna™ la bdgfly 
that of ItaVr great .acrtficB to raise the 
slcft of Pita, hy whleB the dty baa 
fallen Into the benda of Vltelli. 

The conqueror, n-'ho has long held a 
grudge igafnal lha Duke. atYtrn to allow 
th« bringing of food Into tbe beleaguered - 
city, where tha Inhabitant* are reduced 
to «tarv»tion, provided Ihe. pnkt'fe brtd* 
iMi'tina Vennat will visit his tent at anid- 
n1ght~ and ab>DK clad only la a closjg. 

Nbl unlike the ■hcri'lce of the (aiaoca 
Oedtra ta that nf The Italian nnhla- 
woman, who accept* the ehalleaga aad " 
savea the situation as well aa her honor, 
for la the dhn "n»n t'itelli and* by 
jnaaJag her nn houeat vomaa. ard after 
they gre married tkey rwte togetehr, the 
oheisele of a huaband hartas; Tfari— hfj* 
haea ranaoaajdL -' . 







•■ '"'W:"! 

;■;■■ ;■■•■: i,?:-r r , 



Film Tr*g?dienne to Belize Life* 

Long AmbitioTi to PHj the 

lUid of Oileui*— Will Be 

Hide Ln France, Follow- 

:r.g the Completion of 



¥ TIJJA>' GISH li «ofn* t<» realixe 
I ■ life-long ■mbirlen when she 

*—? bring* Jeanne d'Art to the screen. 
Although *' rreal mnoj- people have tri* 
t .eperSoftde her i C iiD»i playing Ho 
Maid d'Orleana, argtrinJI that Jeanne «*■ 
■ hardy peasant girl, while Mini Gleb. 
1, fragii« and ether**] lookluf. "he 1* 
cemsinced rhdc rhis ■■ ■ gree tpart for 


Just U Kun u she Eicuhr- "Romoli" 
In Italy the will take i whole company 
1st oFtpjk* to film Mark Tnla'i 
famous awry ° f "The Ufe of Jrnnao 
aTArt" Thia la On* of the firtt Amer- 
PT pictures that !m" r*rr been cad* 
in Frew* ud, although Mim Gtah will 
bar* sotn* American players «h« will re- 
cruit pert of her talent from Jeana* 
d"Arr ■ OWU rtSMrJ 

Th> m I for IWty about Lbs 
C'PtS of October. Their coin* bft* been 
postponed irsln Jtarf again bwiuip Min 
"Gleb wbb not willing to u!l until all 
of hrr eostnnjej for Cnrp Eliot's 
"" were' completed. Pnipothy, 
who will he restored In h«r sliler's oic- 
tore .went to Chicago yiitfriij t* faring 
heme 'Mr*. G:sh The friend* of the, 
Giao« will be rejoiced to beer 'hit lin. 
■Qlsh hea ** f«- recovered her health 
tkil ahe -!■ able ( on abroad with the 
glruj. She bat been oat on the Coast 
far *omr months god i* nosr id better 
health than (he hu ben for lenw rein. 

Kh»H •« Do 'Trntmr WnHii." 

A cbanee meeting with Frank £eenan 
to our mutual bank yesterday, ibr Coh- 
■MRjal Treat Company (net a paid odv.j. 
brtraght fiorti some :BT«?rwiJ!!i iplDnna- 
tiaq.' Mr. Kenan. It appears, is goibC 
to pfll ■■P*4*t Wtatoa'' In jnotlop pic- 
Urea. Ob— not riabt *»ij, because 
F«t«r la balding bji own at the Sam Har- 
rii Theatre, w&ere It apetied a Vnk. aeo 
.Tadadbr nlKbt. but in boaA U the pla> 
Iutm Brotdwaj' tt will probeblT oa pat 
labs pictures, becaaae it bsa been en Lie 
ajU a loni lieu — right months In Chi- 
e**Q and a Vonj dmv o- tbr Meat- Mr. 
Keaaan thlcti- be bw a dlactmrr Ld 
H*H Drosm, the U:\\- «Jrl wha plajed 
the tend In -eXeLl.rarod-" ETbc is the 
dauthttr of Cjirfnw I>roana, the theatK- 
«J bus, ud at Freak Keaaaa Pa pu an j 
If, site eu b»ni to (ba stafe. It asemi 
Uhetr ah* srill h*ie a p*rt in the jiietore. 
Jodith Aaderaon, who baa bean hailed bj 
the eri:ie* u ■ toode Bernhardt, hu the 
laadiax fandnlne roJe and ft la probable 
that she a-ft bare' the bud la the picture 
If aba does not bar* otbrr plaaa. We 
bear it nrbitpered on nil *ld*» that the 
state prodnccra are looking ni hat' with 
a ealcaiattng eye- Mr. Krrma a nil', prob 
nil* pnt "Peter TTeaton" on i n depend enl- 
1/ and then witl arrance in dnrtribnte it 
ttoeofh tone *eU ytiotrn 41m company. 

■*B«ra With >>rr. 
Cbariea Bocera, enal haAwn Aim cnati, 
has joined forces with C. C. Bnrr. While 
Mr. Bur looks aftar the predoctioa tsd. 
fee bnetaf decided to coneeniratc bit ef- 
forts la ' JbJi particular Oar. ChtrlH 
IT msi i wtli drpm cp trade amona the u> 
hibunra. We a)] fcrin* [hie ftb4BJd meaa 
■VoMthina; La the life of lm- Burr organi- 
Hti° D becaaae Chnrlir ia the rnr vbo pat 
the ade in salesmanship 

Tk. J»r6». fiorm, IwpnrarenT, 
HftUrwood and. la fact, i].i ibe mo- 
. taesj pSetare iddnttrj wtrt *h wW Tn - 
trrd*7 wben 'It wat lemurd that tb« 

Kuui Eifiibitora fet Con*emtioii 

Cotuder JoiftiSf Wnett Fool to 

Supply Seed to Farmer*. 

Frank Keenm to So ■ 

"Peter Veltoa" on 



3hr Will *I*k* 

1'jcntin.a D*Ar*. 
b r staple T-» 

# rt«* sj a«rfi- 
1 BLsard on ■ Tly Llf* r.r Juasf D'Ar«i* 
., Paltowlnc "■•■sal*," 

nurriase of Mr. and Mr*. Jcromr Stor«. 
irhicb was r+sa«Jcd ■§ a!) a* ob* u( ibe 
Tc w happy msTriiaea'.baa Jailed. Hr. 
Ptorm left' ale -wife aod tlitlt |$4Bontfas. 
old iDD.ifUli a final letter. Mnjfioe bn 
wan taking the step knnu he found 
that inarried life interfere- i wHh bin 
*rork. I!c baa returned to bm mother'i 

Warm lnierrie-nTd bj a Thn MnrninK 
Teleffraph reporter oa the Cm?( ritorm 
had PoCbing to hst, and Mr*. Storm 
said that she had no placi or thought 
«f dlraree. It b staled tber- it no third 
part >Ib' the af/sir, only Storm's' Inter- 
eat fn bi* work as a drrertor. THa ii 
hi asrcaad marrisge. He was divorced 
from yiorence. Adams Storm .in letrria. 
In 1D10 and he married the present M« 
Storm, who *ru hii flim cutler at Lhe 
Ince itDdios, sbartlr aftervanl. Storm 
eras largely reapoDatble for the loecrHni 
of tbt Charles Hay picture* and li one 
of [hi* most capable directors In the busi- 
ness. Apparently the doe did sot re- 
main An the roeebpdi for turn, ber-lime 
be felt that domesticity *nd a career did 
not go together. 

Wnlthall Wltb Fir.t Nation-!. 

Henry B. Wsttball. Of "Birth of a 
Nation" fame, ia 1 ear In rlbc tlnse to 
play an Important role In. 3. K. hlc< 
Donalds »>*t pterbre, urnporarlly liilcj 

FkataVr PibI nr***Mui- 
who la iMklas; fa* ■■■tlWf JgaM 
Isvi-auitRt, VaTlnn worn all 1b« 
vrlaow'ts »■• 1**1 one ffVU by 
Ur din InAmatrr. 

* 4 Muuaderat«od." In this pletnr* Wa* 
thai!, who nai all ready to go en ihe 
rand in a dramatic raadeTille ikrich. 
plnjB tbv part of a traetc. TPt commnn 
LTD* of father .one too old and ton ^"ny 
to pa ysny attention to bl« children. 
Biwith Torklngton li the ajthnr. 

Dfl*cra On* Th«maa!Dg Doitar ma*. 
".Vibra nf Vengranee," which pliya st 
the Bivnli thh w«k «nd which, w* tin- 
dentand. bsotcs to Lbe Riaho pest week, 
carries with it a prize of $1,000 for (he 
"':"«= best reviews on Norma Talmadse'i 
pirture- The first prw* tIH ba «JO0, 
tbo lecoad *£00. the third, fourth and 
till prises, |100 each. For the tweHF 
:".t- rerlews whleh arc considered nell 
i- order of merit aa prise- wins Lug re- 
views, the Dubllahen will pvt eermp-i- 
mentary copies of U;>. book, sDEograpbed 
by the author and Miss Taltnadgt- Those 
who will act as judges for (hi* innpi-irf 
event are: James Hrasch CabJe. aulhor 
of "Jergen"; Thyra Hamter Wids1»w. 
aotbor of "Pteture Framei" : II. B, 
SotncrrlUe, author of "Ashes or Venge- 
Bnce t " and Norma TslmBdie and Robert 
M. Mt-l'.r !')'-, pubHiiher o( Lbs book, J l'lnr 
conteat opcn« Oaiaotr I and close* U«- 
uentber ai. Awards will be made Feb- 
ruary 1, lirJI. it ia a (ree-for-ail and 
open li iirfi An? except those eoao,ect- 
4d with the Talmsrige nrgsultBtion. Ho 
any on* who ntwsy* rhod K bt he'eaold 
write an Inierriew c*n take adrintafs 
of this opportunity. 

Tirltr Omtm I.'f- 
Mate A. Taylor, *t the pnbllrity de- 
psrtjaenl of Associated First National 
warn not pissing tennis left bis desk yes- 
terday at noon. He was prcsarini far in 
ordeal. The ordeal [a held to-day, whan 
he promise* to lot*, honor and obey MIbh 
Marion Baiter, nf lit. Vernon, N. Y. 
The w<edding will take place In 9 Ml. 
Vernon, after which the bnde and Broom 
\ wiil go nway on • honeymoon of tww 
week*. Later they will return to Hva la 
ML Vernon and Sir. Taylor will reanma 
liin desk St First National. 

Kbit pabllcltr Han, 

Lewis Levanton, formerly aaecdattid 
with the Movie Weekly and witb the 
Pbotoplay Jouraaf, has been appointed by 
Inspiration to btndle publicity, lit- 
Lereason wilt be in charge of all tha> ad* 
rertisinc and publicity that emanates 
from this ntfin- and wc bone we wit Iget 
some- good oews now. 

■ pivrs Frtmf CT*rw 
Abe Carlos reached New Tork sevenil 
days ago and Uondsy alght he rise a 
prriiew of his picture, "The Unknown 
Purple." One of our little playmate*, a . 
msn who is very particular about h-la 
■notion picnirr miertainment, »ajn that 
Carina baa a good picture. U c bopa it'l 

Acrefding to b report seat from tViefii- 
ta. the jnoboii pletarc theatre r-wners of 
Kansas who are holding their fifth an- 
nual eonventtod are making pinna to go 
Into ihe wheat^growinf business. A »B- 
mittn ha* been appointed by B. U. Ug- 
gru, president of the motion picture thea- 
tre owners of 'Kaaaaa, to report on 
whether the organisation sboald loin the 
fvanaas pool to help supply seed whost 
io Ksnsas farmers whose crops were !ost 
because of Sood*. 

It mi proposed that erery member of 
the organisation gtv* on« days, receipt* 
from bis theatre to tha pool. If the 
wheat crop Ea raised next year, those par- 
ticipating in- the pool will get dbe-Qftb 
of the crop sad if 00 crop is raised, par- 
ticipants are out the amount of ch* spsc- 

The music tax ill tin for consideration 
and Sim A. Hardy, attorney for the ex- 
hibitors' nrgsniaatlon, reported that set- 
rrsJ cases to teat the *siidi ty cl the tnosle 
us will be on the docket of the United 
fltacea District Court next ftwnfa. Th* 
repal of tit* 10 per cent, tu law ii nlao 
being considered and petition* are being 
i <* and will be poatnd in e«trr thea- 
tn- la t-T-p»*" for signatures of patrons 
aikiag that tha war tu on admissions be 
removed- ' Tp* nTsnaa* convention ended 
with a banquet last night at wbich Henry 
J. Allen, fanner GoTcrnar of Kansas, was 
the principal ipeakrr 

VtlfBilnn Hawier. 

Count aayday yttrrly gode to stnaih 
n-fann there ia not a rumor of one iort 
or another 'about motion pictures. The 
hottest rumor that hu come our way 
In many s day Is one that J. DL WU- 
lisnis hu arranged with Joseph Scoepck 
to have Bodolpb Vileptlna. play UomeO 
in Norma Telmadgts "Bonn* *ad J u ' 
llet." and tiat Famous' Flayers- La iky 
had mads M mwtlctUr adjustment of 
dUTIenHies »herebj Mr. Vales tnu rn 
giren pernUistoo If play the fsmou* 
torer. Aside fr™cn ibe fact that l-elu 
F. Feist, speaking for Joseph Schenck. 
*ald that the story wll uqtnle; that Ar- 
thur Jame*. talking: for J. J>. Williams, 
loudly denied it. and That nt<er at £■■- 
mons Flsyers-Lasky thej said they did 
not know anything about ii, the story 
may tie true. 

Harry Br«*J(l I)** Aaaloi. 

A tribute to the showmanship of 
Harry tUkhenbacb. f«n after a lapse 
of yean, and at the aams ttm wmfwhit 
of * joke on th* AmBiieao Mmin'. 






paramount OiftnfHtioiL 0<ti Pie- 

tnm of CiUstrophe Hen ia 

Eeeord »«•— fcllw Eipeuti 

Eeeli by nuniir— Bnmor ■ 

V»Ieiti«o MlT n»T B*n«o 

in Talmidg'e Veriion. 



HaTlfe, riHlMlfec, "M.grlln*." .h. !■ 
I. !.«w Y.rtc r«r ■ Lltcl. VI. n. 


Ttatre Bud WiB4 AppIkawWith 

ItaicriptiTe /Tojairtr ia "Streeti , 

of Mew Tork." 


BonKtUos in ran way of an arebastrm 
tonoration is-Vinr introduced at I-mw* 
Binte Theatre thia week la a medlsy of 
popular tuoes of ancient aad modern 
data wikb opens the program. As the 
familiar melodies are played the name* 
•of certain New Cork offset* are flashed 
QpOn tbt-enrtajn, for example: "Slde- 
waika of New Terk" is played to Mol- 
Wiij aim I a Tfddlah taae te Delancey 
stntt. a Cbtn«*e *lr tar IV li atreat, .an 
est ta*th street and Oriagtoa iT«sne 
■ad. aff fat- TVe wind op 1* * tneJody 
paonicvlsrly applicable to Teeth arenas 
Walk accoaSpacyiog pieta] ttots. police 
whistls. -(h« riaag.of aa ae^mlaacs and 
gt th* end the d+wen' rrj nf "Eitrs; 
All abntt t&* hefrislt aiuTd«r This 
fsatgr* brings a* mart appkttac a* any 
*rt cm the bill. 

Tk*n are henral feituree nf aaot* 
thM aaual merit oa tti<r program this 
weak- W. C.;. Fir Ids'a Family Fnrd is 
* l*Ugk -prod deer from start to ' ftnlafc. 
PwfeBpi other motorists hare had tbe 
mass ax**l<wac«* with their car* that 
■pmpe" baa with hb aky-bkie "Liaue. " 
amt Mt all within tbe apace of flfteea or 
tw«a*> miaates. Be. with the other torn 
•f th* car, aWag with tbs 

car. Itself are In* total itite of collapae 
when the curtaJa gnei-dswn, 

A drlichtful bit of mi"ir.i! comrdj i* 
furnished la the Fallon and MarltR 
Reme.iwhieb opens with the song. 
" ha Bed,' and Include* in Its 
action Cb!nr*e, American and Greenrrlrb 
Village arts abd prerty girl dwrnses with 
one diismng yodnf man to offset fsmi- 
aiae ehanav 

'An iateoaaly hnmorous ssace i-n the 
bill Is lll«d by Bnrt ft Itoardale, wha 
get a great detl of fan for tJemiflTe* 
aad their audjencea 0>«t of a |>>aao and 
tat* aad a, wcli-eonsmirted line of pat- 
csr acd scc*nrrlc danc±i?. 

Bent * CUrre. two preuy girls repre- 
aeallng bioade and brunette i'!"r enm- 
olbea little of ererythinf Ln tnrlr work. 
Opentug wi(h'*0Bg* aad doling with dru- 
ms tie hnrlaeqije. With dialoaue bililL 
on mom anoslantisl lines, thry might 
easily brcn ah- a riof. 

Tn a:tnrab)lng eet-of h.Uh merit, Toney 
A George prove that mncb tbought aft 
writ as miiKcle has been spent on Ibelr 
wnrK.Bud i.'omn ft Thr<mpjinii, i«-» 
cc-Jerrd'borr **th eceentrii- dsorr sterM, 
finish. rhr> rbndrrilJe bill. F'ola Negri in 
"The Cheat" Is shown as the featured 
film. . . / 


l.r«-r« on I.lnr Bfrff«irli J1n«od 
1 ar < hrriMiri nnd So* tha ■< j> !■■ , 

^The Canard liner Bereagana aailed 
raat^rday for Ckerboarz and Sonihamp- 
ton. cwrrying amtmg other parwrnBcrs 
Mrs, r.sorgv J. Genld, Cap: Eddie fi:.-k- 
enhickrr F noted antomobile racer. Icav 
iag lr> ipcnd scvtral noath* In Knglin-I 
and Frtiner; Waller Ilauner. of the 
Etri'Uin department, Metropolitan Mu- 
seum of Art. who. will he present in eu 
official capacity at th.£ reopening of the 
tomb of the king. Attt-Ankh-Anten; Karl 
H Vnfi Wirgand, notrd nnripapeTmqn'. 
Albert Clarke. Fumpean manager of the 
Victor Talking hl*ebiue L'ompaoy, and 
kfrs. CUrke, and Commodor* Bothaa. 
of lb*. British Bnyal NeTj. 


Dancer and Lure Compiay Preeent 

Zlebomte Act tt Proctoi 



A divertlBrd prottani comprioins; nM' 
sic, dancing, tinging, a bit of minstrelsy, 
a bieyde art, Japanese fencing and Jiu- 
jitsu and in-. i:. m picturtH are included In 
tbe offering at Froctor's -Fifth AvenUt 
Theatre fgr I lie first half of th« week. 

Headline im^itinii ii jirnn, 1c I 
Ford it, CocnpaDy, composed of an excel- 
lent Jaxx orchestra and firr dancers— obo 
man and fovr eJrlB. UIh Ford, who 
wears most attractire cosouaaa, cSoas * 
Spanish dance and up- to- the- mi nuts dog. 
Krhibitloui of tbe Apaebe danee, the 
Bowery twirl asd all modern form* of 
terpvenoreen art are also «hO*a Id tail 
act, wbich Is * show lb Itself, and tae 
drummer is not the least Important num- 
ber of the company. 

Haynes & Beck, gn exaggerated Sapper 
and smart young man, manage to produce 
injiumerable La tight with a little bit o! 
daacina. Irs* ■Inglo| «pd a great deal of 
word twitting. It ia not a* ranch what 
they do bet the way they do it that tn*k*s 
them farorites wherever they go. 

Rom Polo'npriow A Company present * 
high clsm muslrfil act with two eloMnl 
and pifeno, M1m 1'olonatiow |p a rlolinist 
uf tinit water and Ihii trio sffnrd* a. real 
treat to music Invcrn. Chopin, Tartitil, 

Fiaber at Hurst have a sketchy aklt 
with a millinery ahop for back around In 
which thry famish aamplea of <wn songs, 
hokum and e*ff*l dLslogu*. 

Bobbf "IA*" Htaanaw with hU Ck* 
let*, lmitatfoBs of narrois, dartasta. 

crowi, callape, 'llBwalian «t«*l guitar and 
n-oodnesu kuowa irbot, to ■*/ nothing of 
tliB pretty girl with * cornet who assists 
him as an 'encore/' holds his audience as 

Two black -face artist*. Fectnn «c FfrM. 
do some liTriy stepping, ping ■ few songt 
and talk a lot. One Carries a yard stock 
M * c*ne which, he says, arwyaya tells 
him how long he is goae. 

The Tamaii t>no in a display of fenc- 
ing biuI jni-jltsn. ihow sstoanding feats 
of skill. Ben Byee ride- * pecnllsr j 
bkrele made of a barrel and queer tire*. 
rides erery portion of it singly' and coi- 
leetnely snd tbe Dempsey-FLrpo Sgbt snd 
ether pictures are shown. 

appears In the October liado of (hut pub- 
lication. ./ 

It will be remembered that tereral 
years ago Goldwya was about to bring 
mt * ptetuiv rs'lrd "The R«enrn nf 
Tarua." and engngrd Harry Beichen- 
baek to explotl iu New Vt-.rW premiere. 
Not long after that a man rer-iterrd at 
a N>w Fork hotel under the name of 
T. R. Kisn. and had ronreyed to bis 
rooms a bags and myatrriaes box. Be- 
fore many aJnutea n bclthoy was anm- 
raonrd. ooly to da»h to Ur d>tak with ibe 
tlarlllng information Ifast * tloo we* 
parading around the room. A horrified 
tnenagotoent - ejpemiuUted <wiih Mr. 

Kann, who explained that t|:i« !.+■*■ was 
his pet .and furtbt?rmore [Oiled, to »ee 
what ell the excitement wan ihouL. After 
much argument nrb and con. the Board 
of , li-(jli[i vvaa summoned and orderad 
I'n- llnn'a imrnedlate removal, Nor were, 
the dally papers especially pluMh]. after 
prlatina;. nepira storiea. Lnlerrlewa and Ul- 
timate photoffrsphi of the linn, ta find 
tist'T. IL Zann «■«" ,;3 HgnMbt of 
Iteichenbaca • lmsgiuatiou, 'and tbe 
whole performance an expUlation stunt 
for "TarBaa." 

Now. spaprentiv. the America a Magx- 
ti"' baa fallen. It prints in article en 
HtranAV pen; written by a big dealer $p 
birds and' animals, ami profuarly illu*- 
trated with cnta. Annrnr th* photo- 
graphs £a one of a tordly lion caged in 
th' corner of a room: with fbrer children 
standing beetde the rt.xr. *nd ifbdemeatfa 
It tbli ca prion ■ "This photograph was 
nasppad inside a New York botrf room. 
Into Wbtcb *JhnJ ft pet lion brZnniinf to 
loomai R. ' ZanS, of Trfaeenworth, 
TV ash., hid been brought In a ranvai- 
corered cage. The strange four-footed 

gurit win discovered by a ehamhtrtnald, 
who rushed with wild ej"*k to the man- 
agement. An hour Later the Board of 
Health decreed "Jir.i a' remefal," 



*t Km ■ For Hilf swig 'Sit — ton 
■ ' Wan" At* "rfr. ' 

It wgs recently announced that H-l'-i 
If s-Kfllar ivould he hisrrrd this season 
by A. 11. WooHs in a B«w play by WLl- 
tarel Mack, entitled "I Am for Sale," *nd 
a sufanequoat announcement was msrie 
that she would appear in "Mission 
Mary" by 'the aaffle snthnr. 

For th* edilieatlou nf the reading pub- 
lic, it may be remarked that these, two 
ptsya are oae aed^ihe unr. rrrhrirtenrd 
fbr the present, but subject to change 
before pwdecrJon. 


Aataaug' «« Dietrtet aiteraert T-a- 

(4-illai, loifrnr, ;■ C*mB«|*<. 
(■Baslil 3i*iuk BTWV<n<j|Tita|n|k.l 

ALBANY, N. Y-, fisnt. 2S.— - Gorernor 
Smith to-day commuted to life imprLsoa 
m*at Frank Fehrola. conTicted in West> 
chest*; ceonty of murder In the first de- 
gree end lenteneed to pay tbe death pen- 

The District Attorney of Wrachfatat 
cantnty rs*pnjin* tided the action be taken 
by the Governor fnr the rrsaon that an 
other man had beets Indicted with Feb- 
roll, believed to be equally gnlky of th* 
crime. He was Messed, the Court of Ap- 
peals rerersing tbe mnrtetlon. In the 
eteeef FebroEe th* Cottrt sf Appeals 

Screen fit* Appear* in Edju Allu 

Wootf i Intertiting Sketch, 

"Amenca. " 





Vera Gordon, eeraen snd atage itar, ii 
th- si traction or ihr frtri it H, F. 
Keltfa'i Orpheum Tbantn. Th*! mother 
or 'Ilnmnreaque': ii Been (it eootler play- 
let from Edgar Allan Woolfs pen, this 
time, " America. " ' . 

Her Doat recant plctare role,- Mr*- Pot- 
ash in "Potash and Pertain.! trr." In wbich 
sbe La co-starred -ait* Barney Bernard 
and Alex. Carr, has added ap^reciablj to 
her prestige and ahoqld help »narderabiy 
at the box office. 

In 'America" lbs portrsya a human 
Yiddish mother who pours oat b*r low 
upon % blind son, indpadtatsd La -the 
World War. Th* action take*- place at 
EI!li Island and afford* Mia* Gordon am- 
ide nr. port unities far emotional acting, 
and ike pieyi nnon the heart string* of 
her with no tpparent effort. 

Tb* supporting prOfran is on* of ex- 
ceptional loteresL thix begini to assert 
itanlf In the InftiaJ exhibit of the Medinaa, 
wh'iso act has novelty In Its laeor. 

Harvey Jt Denis Dn For, cms of the 
ffmtriett male daocera in vatbdenlle. con- 
(rlhnte, a specialty dominated by unusual 
striping and punctuated by a. bit of ling- 
lag sQ(f dialogue. 

Alba Tlberlo. a pretty Italian girl, 
makes her Anerlcan debut. Miss Ti- 
berio is ao exponent nf versatility. Her 
aoompllakmecttr Include Lightning ehsagft, 
mneieaJ InstnjmeritBli sfl^ru L* variety, 
staflmi, daneieg, sharp - eh^ftiag and 

BJiTtnilr WALTHA1,L, 

V'tiii 'baa ttTf-n up m l<ui- a 
vnulfiltl* ifBce tu m*k* i 
fan rov rirat \ ZTattoaal. 

Tbe patron* of the Blvoli and Rislte 
thratres wUl hare a chance to sen tn- 
day the picture* of the Japanese earth- 
qngke. Hushed arrOM the continent try 
aeroplane from uhlpboard at Victoria, 
B. C^ thPie pictures were taken by Tom ' 
D. Cochran and R. E. Melntyr*. 
Paramount: managere, who war* la 
Tokyo at tbe time of the disaster. Tha/ 
V* the |rst to' reach New York. 

'Tbii b the first lime Famous Playerl 
has ever handled any picturea of this 
kind, Bnt the opaprtunlty tu to* 
great to be lott aod became Cochran end 
Mclntyra were on tJe grotrad at tbe 
time th* terrible catastrophe happened 1 , 
they were able In get 2^500 feet of 'film 
showinr Yokohama and Tokyo after 
both ritie* had been rased by fire and 
earthouftke, Tha film was rurbad by 
aeroplane to Kobe to catch the EaV 

free* of Anstrafia of the CanBdlaa and 
'aciftc Line* oohr to find that the ship 
had ssited several hours before. Tbrougc 
the assistance of the Japanese official* 
the picture* ware taken bj *c*pl»ne and 
put aboard toe re**el at a point TOO 
miles off Kobe. Th* Empress of Aus- 
tralia arrived at nnarsntlne at Victoria, 
B. C Snoday attemoon and the film 
wan mshrd b.v seaplane to Seattle, 
Wash., and sent on hi long jotrroey to 
New York. As soon *a the nlms reached 
here they were vmfto t!ie isbarato^y 
at Famous Ptayen-Laiky to be put in 
readia**! to he ahown at tbe Broadway 
hou*e#, Rome of th* news reel* rOCfl- 
p*niea claimed to hats uken picture* Of 
the cocflssratj&a and destruction of the 
buildintps. bnt ao far noae of them hire 
reach eH the rtty. Fathe expects to hare 
some of th* qctaka films here on Thurs- 

Ta ftawe * hawing;. 

Pathri screen expose of fake m*- 
diams, titled "Ii Conan Doyle Right?' 
will be giveo a ipecinl ahcrwlng; it fh* 
Pttace Theatre at 11.30 A. M oft Tuea- 
day, Octubcr 2. White the allowing will 
be in the Bits** nf a trade showing for 
esbibilom, the performance will take 0* 
the aspect n( b aeml-pTibllc prr-mlerek 

"is Conm Doyle Bight?" trilled) deals 

with the ffaitdHlent precrjeca of the 
great army nf faks mediums, ivhn cap 1 
itallxe on the crrdtttity of the public [n 
the name nf aplrlttulbm. baa already 
Brnoned conslderaUr potlre onriffifr the 
icda^trr. especially In scientific circle*, 
because n f It" coonr-ctirto vritb r-rtnin 
nha*e* oT i he ■ r'rit mi ! ■ t> mtvennetil. 
Reprew-rjts'lre* nf the ei( T gf)v e rnlB*nt 
biv# been invited as welt as welT.kne.WB 
pertp** ia (*>/ ™or 1 d nf sdenr*. inclfldifig 
memhers flf the Rorietr of Psychle Be- 
search. It i* ntanned to hare lorn- of 
the F^wrbir Feeear-h meroiVrs addresl 
the body no the sohjeet of spiritoslism 

Hat Hotbitsta Cata Oltn. 
Tt is reported *E the office of F, B. O, 
that Nat Rnthatrin the <vnrid's rhsm- 
plon golC pliver. sraa bnvy yesterday 
tnrniuc down offers that were mid* him 
to eimf'tr in the National n lf Tourna- 
ment, riiifir.irii, Rays he believes it is a 
pre ii na»nt*« duty to fires* ngent Mi 
morion piotur** and not talk about him- 
self bs n gi-M player. 

■TetiH Yrestcart FimirrrJ. 
Am3.ftl in j? in thf Los Ansel*!" papers, 
Netta WTestcott. th* young ^.^EqgU-b 
act j ess who has an Erapurtant x n} -'. '■' 
"M^rtitEe." and who wa*. selected uy AJ 
Tiebtman hecsuke It wa* said abroad 
that ahe had the most eiassiesJ feituree 
nf any unr-n on the other side, is said 
to be in team. As yet we have not seen 

I RacUl not*. 
CTere Adams, who Is the Kansas City 
sales manager for the Universal Film 
Company, has arrived In New Tnrk ind 
experts to p=|m>™ I * few days and a conpt* 
of weeks' iftlary in the trig city. 


* ' ■ I •__ 

Motion 'pictures of the Japanaae eartbi 
Owake, raahed *cra«* the continent from 
Tlowria, B. C^ by airplane, arrived la 
New York late yesterday and wilt be 
shown in Broadway, nssupa pactore theo.- 
tre* to-d*y. Ba^reseots lives of the 
American. Canadian and Japanese go*- 
emments co-operated with the Ftn-.rm* 
Playere-Laaky Corporati'on. producers of 
the Ann. to aroaah *11 spend f*corda |n 
uringing the pictures from the rain* of 
TVVto tn Broadwey. 

The pictures, which itww the hnlkllpgff 
of Tokyo and Yokohama awaying and 
crumhMrtg 10 (he ground while lt)e people 
tu ■ bed for safety, wore prcdoced by Rob- 
nrt F. Maclntyr* and Tom ■[ '. Cochrane, 
repreaentatives of Poramoont HctarsA In 
Japan. Idclntyre and Oochrans had the 
ORturea taken by airplane (o Kobe, where 
it was found that the 'Empress of Aus- 

tralia had sailed srrersi hoars - 

The picture* wer* taken by eeepUne end 

put aboard the tssbcI at * point 100 

ciilea off Kobe. 

The Ehnprees of Australis arrlead Bt 
QuBTsntic;*, Vtotnria. B. C at noon, Bon- 
day-. There a aeapLane picked up ibe Sli* 
and rsrrted It to *eatc<*. ^VasL, where 
anntber plane, piloted by Ni<-k Namer, 
took It to Great Falta. Mont. Another 
hieh-speeci birplaiie. driven by Eddie Rtla- 
■"n of Tretroit. bronrht it directly froa 
(■rent Falli to hlineola. whene* th* nega- 
tive was rallied to (he Paramount tabora- 
lorT at lying Island City. Prints war* 
made far Immediata Hiirrir.n1 ion all OTtr 
the dty T 

It i- expected the picture will prove 
of rreat bdp In stlmnleting rebtribodaita 
to the American Red Crw* Relief Fund 
for J*p*n. 

crayon, sketch**- Each of h*r feats ia 
BccompUahed with a precision that might 
only b* espeefed if she apecialiiadi In anr 
on* nf tbem. Sbe piiys tbe concertina 
particularly well. She displayi no ostan- 
tation. work* speedily and effectlrely. and 
revsef* * delightful personality. Ifer*i is 
alcogetber a fwatnre attrwcTion worlby of 
the beat. 

"Butter" Ssbto* and Jar*jLjr "Mary 
J*n*" Hayes . offer sparkling eulerriLu- 
ramL Tfcelf songs and csper-cut ti ng fait 
the Brook'ynlre* where thay respond mo*i 
redily and forcibly. 

Frank Fsmum Is' th* star -of a pre* 
tsntioua danc* production embredELg over 
a down pcinem* tncluditig the personable 
and talented fttuart Hiaten and • JBSS 
orcbrslrs. Fannm uhleva* an cicnlient. 
tnsrk with a dificult nuinhpr, solo* and 
do*Ci with r*oVothy Woods. 

Rabb vVilroo la a droll eomedLsn from 
th* ivjndon hello. He eesaji th* ro'e -or 
a Cockney w*m c*r*» ter a ertaw d** 
uotiftg efcacy will* tbs hes> sUrth U 


E*tia Tatls>f»*w fa ■* saasi Wltb 

He email- Trevor Thl* l"»ns. 

Edith- TatieferTo. Percy YVtrrnm, 
CTh*rlott* *;r.irn Lllr. Uobi Kihfsley dnd 
Marjory Cbard have, bean enfaged far 
the three- let comedy drama, "A I*n** 
Scirelftl." with Nurmari. Trevor. 

Amand Robl is *!s*io; the play, which 
la scheduled for a New Tors, showing 
aadly next ueoth. 

absent.' All hh ktunr* of the i . ,.. . 
ia that everything atast be entered In "tfa* 
boAh." HI* cross txaminatiga of a a»lf- 
coafeaaad ertmlnal fplaied by Florene* 
Palmer! la amtuiog- This sc*»* Is few- 
fxred by a hunwroos toag caHsd "TH 
and If »-"' 

Bart Fataaiblom. In bia nut boo**bm 
that never fails of its mark, cooclndas 

The morning telegraph, Thursday, September 27, 1923. 




Baldw7H-CoimopolituL and Gothsun 

Amaiament Company Heads Come 

to Agreement in Diipnt* Oral 

Change in DUtribntinE. 

Mabel Fornuutd't "Sitra 

Qirl" a Hit 


THE temporary injunction obtained 
hy the Gotham Amuaen-,enl,Con-i' 
pany te prevent tin" Washington 
rTheBT-r from showing "Kurdies "t 
I TTobwii." whleh hud preFlonsly been r*m 
trectnJ tor through Famou" FUj«-ta- 
i.aaky for the ijnrhiim Theatre.. hb» vn 
'eated by Judge Philip J. MeCoek a xbori 
rim? nfter it was grunted through en 
adjust mciiE i-f differences. 
'^-Tfcia Injunction ohtsiDed by the 
Gotham Amnacueepl ■Tmnpsnj was 
KTanteri before either William Randolph 
Hear*-, l.ioldwyn or Cosmopolitan hnd 
any idea thiit an Injunction hod been ip- 
';MM for. Tht easr «»" to h*- argued In 
TOT «to»e C«m yesterday morning, 

,'Wt hVlOTf the «l»c eotm- up It WSS 

dropped, Nathan liurknn. attorney for 
"William JUondolph \UunV. K*ul Rod-er*. 
'""' -aiWrUey for Fos, and SpnatoT James J. 
Walker, coun-wl tar tin* Theatre Owners", 
Chamber of Cnmm«T#, having reached 
■' an agree mi: nt- 
■' This in the srennd rase To be wnged 
afainat Willins. Rrndulph Ueai-st by nn 
. exhibitor-' The flrst Anc was m appli- 
cation for- uii injunetinn against a thea- 
tre fn Champaign. [I!., to prnrrnt iSir 
showing of "Enemies «r Wptpm." In 
th 1* ease Mf. HrtPl came ni|C victorious, 
' the Jndg* holding that the contract nude 
by Famons Players- La sky For Coatrfo- 
polltan's output before th* consolidatiu-h 
of (stoldwyn and C»-,mopQlltnn »rrr iwl 

1 The case brought by th-? tiotham 
Axaucsmoni Company in lbs lint one to 
materlallne >r; New York City, although 
there U(|vb betrn mmy threat* (a Ink* 
•CtlOD, Tfte (Sot ham AmuafTOfDt Com- 
pany belongs tu the Theatre Owners" 1 
Chamber of fominHw, and it wan this i 
MlnbltiH irho hrouKBt nuit tecaus* \ 
thr Phonnii Amusement t'onmapy. op- 
rntoTH f>f Fox'b Wnabinctnn Th^aire at i 
Amatrrdam avpinir and 14flth atr^pi. had . 
Attained "Enemie* of Women" from ] 
Go3d*yTi-CoRmn^K>]itan. irliiif tlic Q»A- ] 
Jim »■«.* nLkpfrf to hare ■ contract niiii 
Faanu* I'layirx-Laiiky for thr aimv pir- 
Uif*. Tbe Th«t« Ownen' Chnrabtr -tt \ 
(ViTiicTifTPr. tvhn arr wifinjC thr battle, I 
wert cncferaful In jjcitiujt a tpdi>nmri- 
injnTj'Ti"i> againat Ooldnyn, tyir.% np . 
thr liirdirr fur a fr>w hnun. 

Tfi" picture Li now playing at (lie | 
Wasli'iMfttnh Thoatft. 

.Jt Vtut IqjCHjsHblc m reach Senator 1 
James J. WalVer.' whn rrprea^nred thn 
Thentrp Oirnera' Ch«n*h#T ts^ C^nmfrc^, . 
OT. Jfharl" O'Rpilly. prealdent of the T. 
O' f, C, bai Hamucl Uorout. ca«nllv* 
eeeretary. aaM thnre kooIA h* n ata.C»- 
&»TiL foTtheomfni ro-day. ' i 

I The GottiAAi Amuaeoipnt Coinnany ah- 
taliied 'M irijirHrtfoD nn Tuopday- befnro 
Jttaticr Isidore WawBTTiiget. iiwt (t wm I 
Tctiirnnhla yciterday bttbre Jpatice Mc- i 
Coot'. b»: after Che prlncinaja in thr- cmt i 
retcitrtl flri rjdjitft'rnent it m* itn>aprd 
•lid the lenipnniry injunction diEfWMM ot. 

>1«:>*I Heaiva a ([11. 

■ That- iitinv private trire nf ount fn 
Holly *-chmI aayii th/it Mabel £«WiMBIM 
'tntft—Th* E«M OSrX" hid: a pila 
Jiinp at Senneti'q. Mistioit "Thearre rm 
:day n s— hi.. All o: UoSTywofKl ir ]!■; 
Wb anrl tucker tarnrd nnt (o jri" 
Mabel: a hand. 0e(pfte the slow action 
"1 (hie irtory, we at* told Mnbel drlfvetw 
.je (ooria. R:it tliat la no nurpriu. We 
| i&iew ihc would. 

tl*r1 Lr**l| Wltk I'lrtTt*. 

Erl<rin Tarewe in exneetfd in town on. 
J*rjday. nioppiBB here for a brieT time 
is RVt in mtUBeaa in proceed In Als1f»P 
(i-aere hr- wjS film "Thp Son of Sahara. 1 " 
JSo-k, Hum jrirlj imd boye — hrrr la the 
fcn.e± of, the atory— C«r*wv ha* aimird 
•erf Iiftrll by wire fnr the lentiinB; role. 
Uy'.p:! will to to Aljirrm 

' ■ ^ C'li.irlLp rbai>lln. Use To-day. 

; Charlie Chaplin [a comins tn New 
"*Ta In nerltrn to aee how New Ynrk 

Itn tlit nnraiir nf his flra: Berioim ;Sr.i- i 

itic product Os. "A Woman of Paris." i 

unrea to-Jaj-.and, a la David Grif- i 

, wifl mak? all the pemAttal nrrnnie- J 

.ita for the opening of bj» picture in I 

londajr nltht. October 1. Mr. Chaplin j 

■i En the iniilii of prodndns hie neat j 

imedy. hut the New York ahawlai; w.i« | 

iportant rnoojch tn induce him to drop i 

^_jr5*ctirities and crime here tn put the j 
fSaiuihlijgj louthca on the prceentatiotiB 


' r7r ^ ? 


> ^ . v ^ 

•: ■ 





r *^aal 

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Baby Peygy Coming £art on Per- 

■anil Appearance Tour, Tinder 

Auapicei of Either UniTertml or 

Principal Pictures — Brandt 

Bayi Another Theatre in 



We know ha Baby Peje? la coming 
F,ant. tnil wh.ethe.r It la with UnlTeraal 
or Prlnn'pai Picturce wb shall 1st our 
rescera decide- Universal elalnu that 
the child wonder wil come to New York 
<9 make appeaiancea in top ahopa, meet 
tht children ihd. do acme of the Jackie 
Coogan pet atuntc. Irring U- Ijceear 
■aid! yearerday that Habj Peggy Mont- 
gomery will not come to New York for 
may producing companj except Principal 
Plerurea Corporation. Thoae are TrTing'a 
ciact wordi. U'e h»n* they don't sound 
too harsh. Ho also aaya the starlet's 
present contract with ["nirereal expiree 
nest month, at which time she will Im- 
mediately enter Into woik under the 
terma of hei new three-yar contract with 
Principal. Both Unirertal and Principal 
are agreed ol on (hlntr, and that la that 
tbta is Baby Peggy's flrat visit to New 
York. Aside from that we are neutral 

To Ball ok Stmnldj'. 

Rei Ingram **Jd his wife, AJi« Terrj, 

will sail for Europe, on Saturday. They 

aFe going fthr-osid to film the exterior* 

of The World's lilustoo." .which wlIJ 

! he Ingram 'e next picture. 

Hiiiklcian to Relrastr P*ciore. 
j 'Shifting Sand*," Si K Scbla»«r's pro- 
1 Juctioti mud-- by Fred Uraavtiie and 
starring Peggy Hyland, ivill makn ir." 
| bow tho ftrtt of neit month. W. W. 
j Hodkinaon, who la releasing Mr 
I Hchlagcr'i pfetare, wiil gire. It Its 
remise at»mit thr aecond week In Oto- 
^t- "Meanw^lh; Mr. 'Schiagcr. we under- 
stand:, has interesting deals up 
his aleet-e, but he in as allent ns lb*' 
well'knovrn Bphinx an ihvi linn io nilk 
for publiciitlon. Our Sherlock Hoimea 
reports, hewewj .that the youthful pro- 
ducer will noon announce the arquinftloi 
rrf a picture that will set X 





Lichtman OlfUUX&tion Ec-clareJ 
Diitrilnttng CoiMni Has Stolra 
Prints of "BhAiigwi" — Inspir- 
ation Offers $50(0 Pn£e for 
Suggestion* on Suitable 
Stories for Its Stars, 


fll'lio bf Wllxkl. 
woRnllr tile Prrralf" of Hia 
bin l,TTttr Jtnndsr NEahi- 

1 Iin-iiii 

ew tm 

aai* hm riPi-n 

i'"p;rnr!i t> r Own* miliars K>-s..-r 
nine RolV In ;■"(« Bn>«hfr, 

■a pisr"*-L«sVr. 

that are atyfu his picture, v 
Edna r*tHm»w»- ajjtl i^hitJr 
anil dircctrd by liiuiTr|f r 

Hair wiiii iirtynr. 

Harinc deride+1 that N>w York is the 
place to ],v-e h J. A + l>aly. fmrneriy cnii- 
neeted with tbe Bnrovml PtcLuro» C«r- 
poratlon In riiiln^ilphifl. baa moved tn 
the J bij{ tiiwn. He liax bc-cn apftolntcd 

hjch etajfl 
U ivritten 


rriiresrntatiirr of all rhr- Louii 

|Tsiiiin'fir,ni. tiiCcsrrfijIj; R. 

who n-ceiHty refigncil. 



Mttn-HKli FlAHiiis. 
Wkat baa li'cn Aapg ■ d T -i J I |i i h'or 
Film I'nnpinr In pl B j tie lf>Pd- 

ln« TMtn /in- .Vatba4*wra .of tfc* 

■iae(C. M 

.ip«'ir I'nnnBl Vlallsj Thrarr*. 

Th^ .l:i-i!iFif;.- Cnnmjl nnd his otnff 
■lied the [llnlio Thpntra lint nljrtit io 
rinw rhr JnpnneAe rarthquak^ rilrtuTea. 
The* »ot» tfa mrs,(a .f Hr J5i.ii.-o Ueis- 
nifpld, Thp picnir>?n arc crcetiiLX Totsc-ti 
inmrr-fit pinonR Jill Lhos*e -tvlL-n hare read 
uf rj)b) h«rrihle disftfter. And! when w* 
say Amend; rhn*u> who have read we 
prrth-nbly menn BTerj flS*i because there 
ajy very f«w pAople who hart not read 
jf Japan's rragedr. 

[iiTlmtlnh tn llajmi-f. r«rl f . 

"Any 3C«jas York mition lecture critic 
■nho dcnircs to diir into motioii pictures | 
can have that chaare on Fridn i , erhftll j 
a liayrock pnny. wh.irli id n. Troture of | 
Glron Hunt.Tr'ft tpsi picture "West of 
the Water Tower. - tvill he ftlrar-d with 
all the hijrh lights in ihe ntory, sich na 
the "corner druKB:torp , ■ and ither well- 
known 'Mnin Stroec" tioints that chor- 
act^rixrj Homer Croy'H famons story. . 

•^ 9ign% Wtth tnlvemaal. 

That* youi]R Engli^hniaTJ, CeoTgc K- 
Arthvr, who came to rJiiacoun'trr obotit 
sir mphths sijztt and rrllrd st ilii« "rticf- 
armed irithlnariy crt?deritla[is-'anii letters 
of KComrncndaTioi]. hrtn been prabb^Miji 
by Univeraal. Yodiik Arthur crcmed th_e 
ni!« of Kipp* In the ntory. by H. (i. 
Wells, and to well did he please the aU- 
th-nr anil all liia fri«?ndji that't;e ivos niw- 
name-Kriiinw. He was F. B- 
<.)., but for fluon- re«nt>b.birl plana *ltb 
this company tutvaf reached tlm FrreaTi- 
inR ntaRc. In fad, «:r underHtnntl bla 
contract wai purchae«?d fmm liim. where- 
upon TJni>crui1. who bad b^eu rager [0 
awt sonv comedianB, 'flLgned him, at one*. 
■Young Arthnr, who serppd in 'the war, 
wa« liocvrateil f"r special hravrry. and], 
brsidcB beinp a nij fine actor, FremB to 
iinvc pll the frienils in the wortd. At 
least, it aeemed to na we received mora 
letters - about him than any visitor to 
these ahorrs In a long time. 

lUrann .".btpfto With HniTf, 

Rnmnii N'oTarro hss been engaged hy 
Pred Sibii to, play the leading male role 
in "Thj XnrdA Ta Waman," the play in 
which Mary Nash starred on the stage. 
Barbara La SElrT playg the n»re crpatrd 
'".-■ Miss Nash and i: !* an Interesting 
fart that both of tTiesft players will bo 
reunited afrata, each of them having had 
the lending roles in "T^Lfling Women." 
William Mong plays Pedro, the part 
taken by Miaa Nash's husband, Jose 
Rubin, on th*; stage. 

of these playera has only to get in touch 
rrith Vriapii-rilion. 

Helena Caadn i*-U ia Qatt Film". 
I Most women talk more' than thry 
i a'hould and say thing* thej don't mean, 
tw it le pomtble that Helene Chadwick 
'■vrn not aerions when abo annoniteed ia 
!.'•■* Angeles a few days ago that she la 
through with rnntion pictures as aoon aa 
sb* flnlshes her cojitratt with. OtttittifU. 
Miss Ohadwick nays she Is golne into 
th# real rstate busineaa^ becanae th-re 
is surh B big chance to and r round Holly- 
wood to buy and sell property. 

Winifred Allen 

After an absence 

tbe Cast. 


TVho has anrptcd an InrltMtloH. 

Ipobb p.iliTin Caik-vwe | D (D abrnaal 

la V lnr the l*maln* rote. In "The 

Snn at the Sahara, 1 - nhirk will 

I b« fllrrird In Altftc-n. 

aererttl yeata 
Winifred Allen, who was formerly well 
known In Triangli> Ptcntres, bna re- 
turned to motinn picture work fn "Big 
i Brother," B*i Bench's stOTj so* beint 
directed hy Allan Dwnn. She will hare 
the ro| B of Kitty Cojtcllo, the lending 
feminine rule, and will jilnj<9 
Tom Moore, sharitif honors wkh bim. 
Others in the mat are Raymond Hatton, 
Joe King and llickey IJ--aHett. 

V'llBsgrapb Sttidlaa Brln*; HninTi(«i 

When J. Stuart Btackton utattn work 
on "Let No Mnn Put Apunder.'' he La 
going t» hare a completely renovated 
Bturtio. New couipment is being estab- 
lished At thn Brooklyn -ti:'!ins and eTery- 
thing being put in read{nees for the new 
picture, Thiji action on the psr-t of the 
rilm r-.-iniji.iiii- leads i'u- tn naaiiine that 
perhaps SOme of the western L'rotiuctiona 
may he made In lb o Eaut. 

riiiJi1l-n(lon OlTrr. Prlae. 

The Inspiration Company makea. no 
secret of Ita eagerness to get snltnble 
nncela and play* for it* rtara. Lilllsn 
aad Dorothy Giab' and Richard BartheL- 
meM, They - are '«o eager to get these 
j[<>rijii that a prlae of fGOO in cash has 
twrn olfe.rdjd tn anyniie who can suggest 
a favorite 'norel. or plsy for the Kreen 
that might be uaed for any of Ipsipira- 
tlon slara. Nn mizgestlon irSI be re- 
ceived after l(areb 1, i 1924; and tba 
Prliea wlU be awarded not later than 
neccniher 31, 1024. An.conr 'who be-, 
llarea he baa the tight ttotT for Bfiy 


IV'lifl will pjsr the leading nl» 

,J Ttn- Donnieranv" for Prefiri 


The pirating o-f motion p.eture nrinrs 
in apparently going on in Cohp. A3 L.ebt> 
man. preeidrtit o[ Preferred Picture! 
Cot-poratJHVO. mad^ this discovery *b&3 
ha leamed that ■ 1 Kh*d«*(" la' now being 
ahown in Cuba under nuapirfs other tuna 
thort.B.rrEBSwl for b) - I'referred Picturrt. 
Ma, iJehtmin iaaiied the rollowins sta| v - 
ment yesterdiry concerning the fkatlcg 
of "Shadows." whi^li i« seLr-eipLfiiiatory: 

"The dim dfHtrihuttuK rompany <'tr\ 
rera y Motlsoa. locatett in Hararux. CqbaL 
have pgblishied uu adTcrtisetnetit in itin 
Cohan trade paper, Civilixactoc. oj the 
Preferred l*irture, "Hhadows.' sUrrinii 
Leo Chaney. under ihe till" 'El 'V'elo oV 
It Conctcpcw." Varrer* j Medina claim 
that they have cirltijivp distribution 
rights in Cuha on iliis production. 

"This -jjiLfmi'in in absolutely false. 
Carrerg y Medina hare qo rights what- 
erei for the diF-tribution rtT "Shadows'" or 
any other Preferred Pictures- Th* sole 
distributor* f^r tuba for 'Sha'dowy gr* 
the ' Metis I Film Company, who 
rim handle ■Rich Aim"* Wires and 'Pooi 
Men 'a WiirV 

"Carrers y Medina have no rlKhtr Ha 
the pofsessliin of any prints of 'Shadow? 1 
or any other Preferrea Pictures, and anj 
pHntft they hoM have come into their. pos- 
session hy means unknown to us nnd 
rtuWni our autttirity. 

"Ijcfitl Bte&e hpfc been taken [o pre- 
vent the illicit dierrihutinn of art of our 
Eictarea, and we -!! not stop ::ntil we 
BTfl obtained! thr i^onrlctlnc of itnj firm 
or Individual w-ho can he shnwn to b? 
In possession of stolen prints: or nr?a 
tires, or who can be ahown to have ntnten 

(Signed) "Al Lichmtso.'' 

Ethf) SrjdQTirin K^Ta ■ Rq|«, 

F'.fjiel Sbnunon aeema to be a fixture 
with Preferred! Picture*, She gets most 
of the delectable rnlee la the po*rr nf 
this company, and word cornea dow that 
ibr has Men named for the, leading rota 
In "The Boomerang," the David Belasco 
play by Wlnrfieli Smith and Victor 
Ma pes. It ta to be directed hy Victor 

McCarthj- Itewefs-ca Cable, 

A e*ble received yeatarday hy J. J, 
VcCaitny from LpouIr Nethersole tn Lon- 
don advices that on Sunday Genera] Sir 
Robt. Baden-Powell, the founder and 
heart of the Bny .Scout movement in Eng- 
land, tosethrr with 1,000 prronlnent boy 
scout offitdals entertained CoL T. J. Mc- 
Coy and bis band of North American In- 
dians ngn' appearing in liondop with 
■"Th" OOTered wi^ob" with a jamboree 
held In '.ilrwei! Park, Epplng Forest, 
fn hntiar of the ^iBitors Oenersi Sir 
Baden -Powell -.vorv thi? full dreta uriifomi 
of n ^st^ee chief, having bad this, honor 
conferred upon bim by the Canadian lp- 
dlan tribe when he visited the Dominion 

'Shadows of the East,'' by E. M. HuB, 
the author n( the far-famed "Sheik," hM 
now gone into productina Ht the Pot 
Btndio* on the Cnest, with Geoi-ge Ar- 
rhnjnbaud hanrfiinp the me HA phone Tbe 
rights nf this story hnvlng been purchased 
more than a yenr ^igo, it is naturally in* 
tereeting newg to bear that at last the 
Fox company i« about to bring It to the 
tei-een. Xfildred Harris plays top leading 
feminine role. 

Rranrtl Dora Tbs-atn-. 

W Lilians Brandt, wlio buys theatrea 
for ejcerc.Be when he has nothing else re* 
do, ba< recently ncttflLred a new house. 
It It called! the I ■ ■ ■ ft i = 1 t nnd ia located 
at DnRield atreet. Brooklyn. s^ 

A I.loc or Two. 
What'a in a name} Shakespeare d*Ta 
not Tery much, but there certainly is 
ennugh where 'Ifnrliia i* eoncerned. XVoe- 
comes a story saying that nw teat name 
[m i-;\\--_t Clay T-IiMkinR. A few w«elfa 
ago we had a .report from the Coast say- 
ing thgj; "hia" nam-e. wn* Alfred Clay 
HoaklnB. Which bj it— girl or hoy? In 
tbls c+ae WfJ think to paraphraie Mr. 
Shakespeare — -i--hnt> In a name? Wrl!-- 


Ifcrat Gommifjaiontr Harrmtm Will 

M*Jte Fntontatrlon to Winner of 
Horning Telegraph Context 



Big doing at Ebbrt'-i Field on Sunday, 
- Zaak Wheal, star outAetdey of the 

Dodger*, is r io be preteBted with the 
' Btephens motat car. the prise he won 

w-Ke-H he wu voted the most popular 
■' pi*?*/ on the New York major league 

Utuni recently in the contest held under 

tsw: ; atwpicp« of The Morning Telegraph. 

Pork Commissioner. Harmon of Brook- 

. l^n, now a candidate for Sheriff,, will 

' uufce ilie pL-eatntation^apeerh, John H. 

SieCoory, [retaocraUc leader of Kings 

■ ■ J t'tHBJtj 1 ' wiH.^bo th* BaaateT of ceremohie* 

The Mulgers wi"sj play the PaliMea that 

elVrriooii. The Brooklyn Baseball Cluh 

lata designaicd (he. day as "Whett ay." 1 

J**/ Dlkiar t" Whr.t, 

^TltV Mlehael J. Regan Aa^ocuulpx, 
' whieh made the wjnaias'0<at.u> Wheal's 
behalf in the. popularity contest, hag jnir- 
■bfttad 1,000 aeata for the gana*. 

On Saturday night at the Klk« Club 
>f- Brooklyn. lodp Sft. 22, the, Mlptael 
■' Ji : Bcaaf Aasodaeini will tender a beef- 
«Uak dinner to Wheat. The entire Brook* 
If* leans will be pHee-nt. *nd coi-crs **Jfl 
bar: laid for V<< 
' grrapJde Frisch of the Gla&tc who 
*raa runnat-up to Wheat in the voting 
,. .- -■ 

i*»Utest, has\ bc-eh invited to attend the 
dinger with his frienfltt. 

The! prr-.f-niruLrit. nf the motor' car tr> 
/.r.i-k U heat will be made just before Lie 
ball game begirt*. Wheat has been snf- 
ferlng froanr- a broken brine in one of his. 
, feet: iV th" put ah weeks, and: haa not 
f n*en able ta fl»- r , , 

rJelN gOiiig..ini make an eaTort to start 
In Sunday's contest, howeret. if he 
find* that ihi- |n not feanible he will at 
least go In as a pinch hitter some time 
during the afternoon. 

From' the letters reccivedl at titln - of- 
fice It ia apparent that ntl Hmoklrr. is 
rej-oidnf at Wheat's victory Ip The 
Murnini; TeJegrnpa'CotttesJ, There wlil 
no e, big. outpouring' of fane on 
-Sunday at Ehbet s Fi'-ld. trs pay tribute 
to the rnd.ii wb* arey. the sweep- of fifteen 
yasrs. of play with the Podge™, baa aerer 
foiled to wire. ^Ls best or tailed to make 
that beat mean aomething, , 




Assiataat Geptraj llcnr^-t Edward 
Zlegler of the Sfetmrwlitan Opera Com* 
pany, who arrived fmm Europe yester- 
day u i! iv; ii rip? r I the engageanent «C twA 
n<-w nrtists, ginif. tCarin BranxeJl, , 
riry.-ui aOpraho, and Arnold Caber, ban- 
t » ne. 

Mnv\ Bi-aoaell i* Siv-- .tub, Lnvim 
commenred her career at the lioynl 
Onera, Stockholm. At praaent she ia an 
important member of the fltatn Opera. 
Berlin. She arill J<rin the Metropolitan 
io January. Bier repertnite Include* li- 
the Wagnerian mruta rolea, aa well as 
anch. Italian and French roles as Atn- 
nerLK Axilrenn- and DelJIa. Mr. rjnt-or 
lg a Bnngnrian well known in Biidsuesi 
and also in Bei-lln and Misnicb. where 
He ha* aaUflrw mt& popularity, He 
■tndied sinefng for atiTent years in ItallT, 
nnd ita. said in he equally effeet.lre^ln Iwl' I 
ran and GermBij Opera.. H* will be arttb j 
the company the entire season. 

Theatrical Attorney Who Died 111 
July- Left. No 
Wilt 1ft, * 

Lieon I.sir'ki; theatrical attorney, who 
dled on July 18,, left three children of a 
deceased hsif-ibter and Qve bmihers, wbn 
nr- entitles! to shnre in th* earate, ae- 
cordiag to T-: m ■ I Laskl, brother of the 
decedent, in his amended petition for 
letters of adminiairatioti upon the prop 
crty, carrying the three additional names 
be heirs nt law, which" was granted to 
him by Sui-tdKatp CVRrieH yesterday. 

Claiming: Lhat his brother, who waa 49 
years old, had failed (n leave s wilt and 
that be bad left only dve bnytherVai 
heir* nt law, Emil Laaki. who resides at 
1-tfl Weee 118th street, had himself re> 
ren'ly appo-nted D(iminii.tratur of the de- 
cedent's property, which he said woul'J 
not exceed J?2.",r».s'. 

Intaia finie-siHsTi yetninn for Mi,- admin- 
tstration letters Kmll I.nski rtniH that at 
the time of maklh K [Ilp tlrst petition it 
had slipped his mind ibai lie hud a half- 
sister, Caroline Hehnrr, who EliorJ about 
four yBBfa.ago. leaving three rhildren, 
Rebeccn WJeaenbcrg, -Hi. of L,y, Weat 
12i'«li atreet; Mortimer Schwan, 1X0. and 
Ceoe.ia Boss, 37, both of ■!•>■', Wert ill'fth 

Beeacte of Hie decedent's iailur« in 
leave a will, his net property pasties owr 
to his dvr brothers and (he three children 
of the- half-sister, the t<*-n niaata and 
nephew taking equally their r>iot fur's in- 
tended share, or oUa sixth of the proneety 



-Hiianovji" B ( (>, - r-.T-r.irr., 

Lowall Si prrr ar* nflsra ia Bin pnntii-e; Diir*I 
In tha pr^fii el(«t -r iha iul In BUKk. Boni« 
HI bl| nvnt fqrcM«M ui; 'Kurptta," ElUsUts: 

'*rb>* Vimr-n wnain." Etcibstt "Tt» eeo 1 ." 

Tlmaa Igus-,; 'Tti Hill Kama." Is>t>ubl1a 

' "Wnr,i= 1 d !\ » i , i ir ' and ' - T h » Bt Kg AS ::.m 

Kai'urifi- Cnmali— Brtra Ib BafUl-i : urwlalstd 
far -rrr.rj. .umn *|U> Irf.m BoQiMtla; sUb-Jt 

lb Bj'?i:-i vltFi hEh Bob 

■latla. Pla-wl In 


BlUtiB-Mre.- TSs Hid 

Win ■Tim* Sack.' 


Enrh*-5i^1 On'Tu.i 1 ' as 

"L1tUa Womai 

."" IP 


liii-.l'. TfltJIflll— Dsbut 

D VbiBlrtlll* WlUI 


Ann ds-'aiimu. ntjad 

n 'Wtlq Oata 


ELmadhunit "LaJlaa' SilhL h ' kltlasa. aaa hs* 

:■'*!= UsHKlSLeS *!'..:. V.-.-r, '!;:.»- mil E-Jth 


irrio:; ai Uia Fmpu». 

"BtltHta at 1*33" at the Fnltvb. 

Sfej*l &f ■ Oii iii tin Sail \.+ :* CHj. Pl«r*d 

la "Tla -■-,.-. :'>-,. i, ■■ !:-;-..,, :. r~ii}at a*r- 
iia r a Bsrur,- Kf-mbi*-- . up la Utter* noosi '' 

r'.!i!!i^r_ — m» OepuUEla,' Km 't + rl,*l.*: . TJu 

Lin-la rija'- im Tha Pink :*<■• it ths Sf*w 

WlUlun Colli a»— PT*rid fart "My*lc l»i R*m*, hr 
Uu*;.- Sou Tlu Eiu.n-r.ii-.i. - C II Wlllj" aHlll Rs- 
*"."' -SaT*r S*» TM-.-' aaa. J Tll» Plflaiar," 

f-i-rs p«i-iudarf-n rf d in; si,,.ir hcm Bswatv** 

vi.»;- boi-. '-Bt EhUls -I Hand e<n>tr{ r " "Nw::,- 
a Hfra"- ■.:-! -Tbe JUrti Mr. Hostel taainMr," 

tb* Little 

■ J ( lil-rkser* Bread," 


>'■-■'■' > AnMIS— BjUrtfd la a r ■■■-W rom-MBr I 
Una. I hi itH i'li:.c! In: T:-. r.r Ii.irn 
r»t)wr Tlir* turi; Adtra sal .-"■-,■ -run 
Tear." "VaHain ud Dews' aaa 



Former Assistant District Attorney 

tu Jerome Taken to Mtddle- 

towti, Ct., Institution. 

(gMclbl biaputh \f Tha Jtfrndnt ralagrapb. ) 

G-RBENW1CH, Ct, "Sept 36. 

Hnr'ord T. llarFfheH, for many years 
one n[ the leatllnf lawyers ia New York 
City end former flr«t AaaisrtBnt Dlatriot 
Attorney to Dlatrict Attorney William 
T. Jem me, waa committed last Saturday 
by Jndae Stephen L. Badrbrd *o the In- 
Bane asylum at Middleto*n, Ct., and waa to the innTitLitirin on Monday, The 
oppHioarion Wbs mad* by his wife, who r 
with 'her husband, baa been stoppling at 
the SilliVk cottage on tup. Steamboat road 
near the Indian Harbor Vp.t-ht Club. 

Dra. A. E, Aubud .'mi A. F. Hanloa 
were aptmjjited: by Judge Hadfotvl to ea- 
amlne Mr, Maniball unrl their report 
showed that he waa a suitable peraon to 
be. confined in an insane aayloin of in 
Btiturion for car* *B'd treanneeiL Me. 
Marshal) tn 54 yean- of age. He tae no 
children- He Iiaa been under obacrvs-. 
tion at hotb the (livens and Bamea sani- 
tariums In Btamford. 


Drllirra I'siinl Tirade A|>!r,n 

Those 11* t'BlIS Ufa Ku-mlri, 

'Srj-r- ml !>'i-i*: -H t«, Tba HSrclai TatomsJi I 

rjORTLAN'D, N. Y. ( Sept. S6>— 1TII- 
tiam H. Anderson, State Supertatendeti.t 
of the ABd-fiflloon Irfagnf, *pok«t here 
to-night- before- the Central New Vor. 
A'lsiiiiil Conference of ttqe Methodist 
Kplseepal Caurch. He deliverer! his 
usual tirade ■.■ainat those he terms "his 
enemies^' in, lie same greit tenffhi fhat 
he- always toot. The. seonfereuM -as brjld 
In the linmet Avenue Church, 

Ihuliei Ee-STime Own Features With 
Exception of lB'Pnge Limita- 
tion in Sire. . 


N-Bw York nerripapera appear tills 
morning minus the >--ompoaite heading, 
according to. an agreement announced last 
night. The publications will run gfgtecn- 
page P)!!tirni3 add restore nil indl 
-ridualatity with' the nxceptian of the six- 
teen-page limitation, 

The aupply of newsprint paper n«ured 
Into thr newspaper plants yesterojti*. 
More than eightyloada nf newsprint pa- 
per, n-ere tran^puTted by trucks of the 
united States Trucking. Corporation.. It 
was Bald that ihe total supply ol paper 
rewived by tie Aewnpapers yesterday was 
MO tons. 

At 15 Naeeau street, tba newly eatab- 
liahed offie^a of .the lntej-naitonal Presa- 
men's Inson, It was sa<" some ]*res>u-uan 
came from ont of town rntezdaj',. end 
that some former menuberB "{ Local No. 
I'-t tnadca pplicatiuzi lar Jntetnational 
Cnlou. working -mp:. 

StrlL.ts who wan assembleel 'about 
Beethoven Halt, ^10 East Fifth street, 
yesterday aftemooni said Lhey expert- to 
be bucJc to work hy tn-tJay. Th^F/wttM 
thn i ■ - . r-i 1 1 : -i j -!. e : . of. prena Fovemen nrt it.- 
rempting to nr-aj^tiatc a emt hod whereby 
the men ean : - ■ back to work In a body 
"ami exact mut.c B nrt of a- promlae from 
their internutlonal nntcera that after they 
get hack to work thry wU-1 be rriAvtatet? 
aa a local union, with tWir irwitrance and 
other b-t-nenNi Tent«re*i. " 

Pre**meii f¥d-m othr-r eiftetr aye <0Q- 
tf&uing to come: In to take the place, of 
th* slrikLua pre.Bmen vt New Yorky ac- 

cording to a statement given cot at the 
lntrmatloaal Preaamen'a Union. 

Major George L. Beryy, presiednt of 
the InternAtfunBl, receLscd! assurance* 
yesterday, he aaliK that', according to hi* 
instructions, all of thn paper handlers 
arr back at work. Tboniaa P. Silt, presi- 
de tifot the Xew York Paper Handlers 
Union Nr> 1,-sent the following tetegrgm 
to Major Berry yeaterday: 

L 'T net! lnforxnlng you that in accord- 
ance with the InBtrurtlona contained in 
your tetter of Hcntember 22, li>°4, the 
man are all back In their reaoeellva po- 
alti^QB. Aleo that there ha* been nd> 
strikn of our meDabera.' 1 

Tbls reply waa baaed on (hie mwcago 
eent early yeanarday bj/ Major Berry to 
the paper.-bandlt-ra- 

"Lnder date September 28 I caused t» 
bar*, delivered tn yon a letter through 
Alex Hayes. Tbls letter required an 
ananer. Von will pleaaa giee ma oafore 
fi o'clttdt fo day a definite assurance, and 
.insiv«-r of compliance tu every nspect 
r.ith the letter In queition. tvhldi waa 
aereed i>p4n you aa president and upon 
Mr. George- Travera aa seeretary ef 
Paper Handlers' Union N"- 1. It this 
answer ia not glv-nt and compliance with 
the letter Is uot fulfiHed by yoii and 
your officers In every respect 1 ahall 
reeiiramend summary action be taken by 
the- unlernationiU board of dlrwtnra." 

This reply to ■Berry's tittimatum waa 
rereived before noon yeslefday. 


Sarah AloVieker, a chaygewr i 

died In neLlsvue Hospital yesterday att- 
e/inxur, (oM»wing up opcration for intra- 
li-ia'i infection. She was 73 ..■•!,. «ld. 
Miss .HcVIcker was the widow of fames 
T ■ ■fiiiilen. who died seven yean age.' 

Her laet appearance was in ' Angel 
|Pa*er Ib*)I rear, Previeiuair .-he had 
hee;i tn "The Telephone (IlrV '■Shy- 
Farm." Tlir Traveling Saleamin. lp gadj 
otbei iilAys. 







flout of the Film 

Scene* is "A Woman of M," 

He Say*, but Jnjt Ererydsy 

People Doine ETerydny 

Tiling in in Erery- 

Jty Way. 



**-"■■ hj 

lAftLlE CHAPLIN brliereB lh*t 
picture habitues nr* sick 10 death 
marble swimming pools end 
, finer lingerie; of villains -— i*h wicked 
mustache* ruining innocent girls In black 
and «U the "tber em-ond-drierf ideas that 

enatinur tf, irJtir forth from W>e BB*»Ps*l 

picture stencil machine In hia new pte- 
c«re, "A Wdpu of Paris." which h* 
■nu end directed, and which opmi *l 
the Lyric Theatre on Moud*i night, be 
hu tried to trl eway from the conven- 
•.innaJ 1ml wprrevrr possible* to avoid 
tba uruel thinj- J* *"** flUI ambition 
Co reproduce on thf mws life u it is 
- actnalli I ■ ' !. n»i as it ia portrayed 10 
lie avenge movie. He huprwiiUd hia 
■tory «tlli «■ few ml" u possible, cut 
out all unnrwary derail and concen- 
trated in ito aeruat drama. 

la hia suite nl the Ritx-Cartlno jm- 
terdsy afternoon" Mr. Chaplin *ejd that 
be dido t iuitf knnw what UTt of ■ m 
eeption the public would five bit picture, 
but It was one of tlio*e things ihat aim- 
j.!j- J-.n-3 in ha don p. He explained 
lie bid hr«cL the tiin In mind fnr a 
InnK time and had finally reached the 
point where In- hml 10 "express himself.'' 
The (act ihnL b* baa alirnja been *a*o- 
riirrrf mill nlapuicks and tbat people 
look upon liim -■ "a jamming clown." ** 
be put it, actmx 10 create ■ little doubt 
In his mind aa tn whether Lhey will ac- 
cept a more serious effort. But accord- 
l*g to reports from the** who bare aeen 
tba tk!m then nted to no doubt aa to 
Ita reception. 

"W# ti^Tr be hero, no -rfiialn. no 
bvrolne, as they are popularly known." 
mid Mr. Caipiin. *"Oon U just a sim- 
pte aturj it ordinarj. ererj-daj people 
lt-Illi human pA*piiD» im| efflolion*. a»d 
I barf tried 1» make tbem do and aaj 
(be thinfb the? would aetuallj do and 
a** nr.drr :h' same tirCtuBatuera fn 
nal liir."" Re uid quite medeaUT rhu 
BUEtj people nn tbe Coast had likened 
Ua purr tn IWn and !'>» MBDpaaaant r 
and bad eren aone so fir ai ta aajr It 
wool] r*To]utionIir the fndaitrr. "I 
don't know jiut how inch rejoin tlonla- 
lat it HI! it". 1 " added ise rQmadr kinjc, 
"but If It £■ f.KiTinJi;] I thick It ma/ 
point the tv*j toward a. new method of 
ee-fM-n narration." 

sir. Chaplin f«tla tfatt (oll^winr the 
band vnsoa in one of tbe i-rvateat draw- 
baeka In tbe rtnenn. WrftSow continue 
to make plrrurea from a etareotrrrM 
formula. Tbrr oiake puppeu of their 
pertpV Inttud or ralraclerialns; thnn. 
Tb ej all pluf follow -the-] eader. Th e 
retnlt in tbat if ftnj one denarts from 
tbe conrentional faia effort la looked Upon 
*:i!i lomt akeptieiirm 'jt hb brotJters 
with the one-track minds. Thin it t^uifij 
true of the theatre. If mdodramaa am 
(M T*f»e, woe tinto Wia who trica lo 

In 4 null Western minina; tow the 
inlDiUabU Cbarll- showed "A Woman 
of Paris," and onefa to hi* surprise tbe 
tobstro rhrwiBi; ipectntora w*n> entbn- 
s(uD> shout the film, bnt « scenario 
writer wbo wan present cane Co tba 
comedian with Domerons tnscrationi Tor 
ebanaea which wonld astr tba pictara 
just like all tbe others. "Bnt whj don't 

Cf frinr tbem tocetber at tbe *r.dT" 
.sired tb* K*BJrio writnr. The brins;- 
them tatetber tn tbe end itnff [a n- 
actlr what sir. Chsnlin baa tried to 
i avoid. N'ot nbat be tpprorea of n-- 
onriiT tftdiikn. jkfaaUaaa he doews't. 
a loaieal radint does appca! to bim, and 
this la what he baa u#ed in "A Woman 
of Parti." Tor wbfeb we thank him. 

The jirtndpal Opn in bla itnrj la 
Marie St. Clair, a deml-mondane., tad 
after living unf leaminf ronsiderahla 
about life and experteoeuif manr rfcla- 
Pitudfi in Paril. she romea to tba eon- 

Ctrl Aiderun Ectnnu After Trip 
to Gout, Where Arnnfcmajiti 
Were Hade :o Sclcue Fictnret 

fOT Jchi J- Glavey Through 

K. P. Theatrea Distributing 



eJuslon tbat the oolj reailr impnrtatii 
thinr In life is onr eaparilr to help 
odren. And w the. end of rh' pienire 
flails her devctisf her time to the care 
of war orpbaue. While dririnr, dawn a 
coutllrT road with one of the ebildn-n. 
ber former lover whiaka bj jh a .hi-:."l- 
oua SAOtor laquirina; of bin rompanion. 
"What arer became of Marie St. Clair?" 
Aa the^ paAs each is una war* of tbe 
otber's presenre. Sbe ha.i choaen one 
4irrctipn, be anolber. Certainlv there 
could be no more isliifj-ipj mjlqi than 

"If the picture teJches iiajthinj; ie 
all," ftftiri Mf. Chsplin. ~Lt n toierance." 
But I didn't male It with an Idea of 
iearhinj; mjtbinf in particular, nor "f 
appearinf birbbrow. I + m not lilrb- 
brow, and J don't want to be, I enjnjr 
making <omediesi and as hood m "The 
Woman or Piris" \* tm ber way rejoic- 
inr or othtrwiae, I » B nt to mnbe Lhe. 
)ol)ir-ft alaii-ktics; I ever made, I know 





> 1 -T ,i . 



AniT«a To-day- on. II 
. tinli, 

that In these I'm fretforntlr a tittle ml 
far, but I- like 1l I ean't telp if." eon 
tinued Mr. Chaplin with a twinkle Lit hu 

It took Mr. Tbsptin eiebl months t" 
make thw new pictnre. inrt after heaiine 
about it from htm yu feel it wan tim» 
wpII epenl. for this jianj mane forium- 
baa nut been tnaxle inh a hoi. a etirb 
and n funnj pair of ihoes. Fle' a a *lu- 
d*nt„ a thinker, and to mMt bim i* 10 
In" ibe create*.! admiration and rcsnrct 
for hi* icenlas. ( 

M'wphl. Elxlnr UifllTnUr- 

MriBDbia, Ttnn + , it appears, ta bar- 
i;:fi trouble of Eta own on Snndaj rloa- 
Ir.s The rrolestanl Pastor* AaanrLa- 
tioa of S.[«o]pbU hare eombiaed to clone 
every motion picture tueatro in the 
Stale of Tenuea*w. 

Tbe FiiindDr oprniog trouble hn* hren 
net hotly vontcvlrd that It baa now 
rearhrd the Chancery CWOrt, aitrl it 
will be tried. Tb* prrcedent ontnh- 
lifbeil Ijy n dnciaion rendered ■■ lo the 
i"ni>si!i=iri»iin!iiv of tba Sunday ftaiina; 
law will £ffet-[ cr*rj State Id the Viilon 
Ud nuij h^ tlir baa]j| for the aiiii-mminn 
pkiur* people tr> hiv. L nlmllar i«Kialation 
uilroduced into rech and VH&$ Btale In 
the rjiinn in bh effort hi clo^o ihe tuo- 
tioa picture tbraore* nn Sundaf. 

The theatre ownen were zranled a 
temporary Inianctfon lm Saturday re~ 
itriininc (be police from lairrferine 
with tbr operation at moiioo picuira 
tbratrea En Memphis niitu a hearlnf bad 
bern held oa ibi* petitKra ot a perma- 
C-Bt injunction 

No permaDent d'eisioc hai v^t been 
rendered and it ia hoped that ih'e eaotlan 
pictore people *U1 win dui a* the clos- 
Inj of ibe (beatret in M^mphia will 
mean that e«rj other lawn in Tea- 
Beflsee wilL suffer timilarly. 

r.lorlH *wini ou 1b %imrt FlqCBr*. 

Just aa pood as Clnris Swutson rele 
* leadiojt man for *Thp nummlni Bird" 
work win be «Urted at Famous Ftaytn- 
Lesky Lnoi; laland studios. Hun Swan- 
eon, wbo carhe to io»n for the opeolnf 
Of "Cawinuv*" and ipefit a few daja 
with Mrs. Bylviri Ashton, «p n t back lo 
ber borne in Bayaidr yenterday. Her 
baby. Gloria 2nd, nmr to Town with 
her mother and, aitboucb nh* enjoyed 
tnt hotel, ah* win csjrer to (et bade to 
her peui in The country. r 

Carl Anderson, president of Anderson 
ricture Corporation, and tbe man wbo 
will handle the product marje by* the lio- 
tinn Picture; TheAtrei' Dlstrlbutini; Com- 
pany, b back from * three, weeks' trip 
To >Lca Anajeles. Mr. Aadetsoti while in 
the West wna a gUcst of honor at butn- 
berleiSB exhibitor affairs, and at the same 
time be maimed to- transact couid crobJe 
bvalnaas. He paid yeelerday:. 

■■While toy trip was Hot eutlrelj on 
matters porUlnina; lo prodBct fot rcteaao 
by Anderson Pictnrei Corporation, 1 did 
arrance for the distribution cf a few 
series of pictures. Tbt first 'to bt an- 
conaced .» a contract closed with John 
J. Glarey of HcJJywood Etrterprtsea, who 
will make a series of foer productions, 
the fealorH player pejinc Eddie GribboB. 
Another prodnrtion nnlt. which will like- 
wtae operate on ■ series basil, will be 
I annonnced atxt week. 

"Reiardiof oar .whole plan u it refen 
to product, if ja our poUoy to deal with 
independent producers wvtVInc lo inde- 
pendent units. By this .method we be- 
lieve it is potaible to obtain a hlsber 
degree of quality and a more careful eon- 
-ideration of onr rt*iuirera,enbi tbsn ootild 
be obtained from an orB/antnation which 
works on a quantity basLs, all pictures 
heina; made on Ihr nmr fot snoy under 
[hi- same head. This is In direct in-.e 
with our policy of nnlt hnndllng," 

A wire from the. Const containa tho 
irtforms'tion that John Barrjmore baa 
Marted work on '"Beau BrnmUJeV' 'he 
iiroduction he in lo make far Wimrr 
Brethers. In the cast snpporlinn; Mr. 
Bsrrjmore, in iddltioa to Mary Aiwr 
and Carrael Myers, who bare aJreadj 
been wim mini-rH. are Irrnc Rich, iiics- 
srd Ttrcbcr,, AIiy (".-»-■■-.*. '"-';.:■- 
HiimpbrieV Templar Sale. WULtrd 
Louia and otbers. 

Lrw Brie* Haia tipfftninb. 
Lew Brict whose claim to fame ia 
tbat he is the brother nf (br famone 
Fanny Brier and a enmedian for the Fox 
Film Company, c aaJd tn bave b«d tbe 
tune kind of operation Ibst bia sister 
hsd on her note. A Chicago aurteon 
who turned Fannie'a oflendlDR nose into 
a beastiful elaaale leature. Is paid lo bace 






• a 



— -- Jt 

performed a n:m!lar operation on Lew 
Erire, bo thai now the Brice family will 
Ro tbraucb '■■•■!'• wkb noses. 

Who la expeeted to ArrlTe l^\pw 
Vnrfc October 10 wlih her beaik- 

rr-ln-l*T>. j™r P K Jlrlienrk. a.n4 
ber irmiliiT. .ii r., Mitairtl Tul- 


Jn«pi S'Sieneb: I'talnf En'- 
AJ] those who are holdlna; stories in 
■ser" waiuar foT Josapb Srhenck to 
get her^ Co look at tbem for Norma and 
Constance Taimadee * ill he in terra ted to 
heir that hp will be In town around Octo- 
ber 10. With him will be Mn. Margaret 
Taimadee and tVnaunee. The women in 
tbe party are enminf to abop and Mr. 
Scheneh lo transact ■>»■ hu^fnru. Mrs. 
Scnenck. or nerb*j» ■* ahould aay Normfl 
Tsimadire- afnee rhii is the name by 
which every one huowi her, is nut cosn- 
iiift with her husband. It ullt be neoea- 
xar.r [or ber Ie alay on tbe Cokst and 
finish the pictnre which una la now work- 
ing on. "Lniat of tUsare." As soon sa 
■he finishes thia wfirk will be atarted on 
"Romeo and Juliet." with Joseph Scbild- 
kraut as Romeo, deipltr all reports to 
tbe contrary. 

Aba Wuriirr luprorlaM. 
Word has t»hi* rrnni thn Warner 
offieea that Abo Wsnie r Is ImprnTlnB 
CTcr/ d*y- His fever has gone down 
considerably and he h Vjnnninc lo show 
an Jnlereiit in life, FJj« frienda are areal- 
ly reHereri that bo la making such a 
aplrndid recovery. 

Twit Herw. 

Before Ttiehard We. It mi Tully starts 
work on "Flowing «o1d."' its next oput 
he feela (he nercsrity for hsving a talk 
Wtth Rex fleaeh. |Uaqtb«r. DO he ha* 
eome East to copfcr with Mr. Brarii- 
He ■rtiwd j*sterd*y and after hearing 
from Mr Beach jost whsr places in 
Texss he bad U mind when he wrote 
so Braphkmlly of tb<- Texas nil wells 
Mr. Tully will m '0 Unluu tod other 
places in. tbe Soo'bwrss tn ae* far bi&i- 
•elf Jnst where the exterfora should be 
filmed. 'The Bird r>f Paradise" Mr. 
Tully brUevw, will b* hl» ti»H piet»r* 
followins. "Flowing QtHT It wiQ to 
produced in (ha Hawaiian IaLanda. 

A Flqnor. 

There li a peralatent r-.imir tbat ws 
hear every dsy alona; Ine Rialto and 
whlcb refusei to to quieted, that one of 
the biggest producing companies in the 
bua'nnas la loon tb have n rhange of bead. 
The head of this cooipaJiy. who bus a 
contract, will be Uiroufib iiilhin a few 

months, and It la said bin contract will 
not. In all Jtkellbond, to renewed: tbat 
another producer vtfj to named to take, 
bis place. Of course, many tices sucb 
slorien are made out of whole cleih ami 
it ]s unfair lo priot tbem. This may 
be Just one- of those things- Both men 
are excellent eiK-utim and liave the re- 
spect oflhe indnatry. 

Brirlf and Oromn, Whop- Honey- 

moon Wat Intempted 07 Acri- 

dest, Will Start New Profac- 

tlon With Tbohibj fi. Inae 

After Actor* Quick 

Recovery . 




■ TtBMi: fin H. "s^, 

"■111 nl"J>l SIB \mpnrdn1 pHWl 
"RrBal n r bhsj n* I V Joba Ilnrr>- 
irv'e nfclBrw Fi.r Warner Brolh- 

Janee Klrkwnod baa made such a mar- 
relrrna recovery that he ia almost read/ to 
return to work, a thing that la tec aided 
|n Hollywood aa nothing abort of a Dalr- 
acie, HU wife, T,ila Lee, who baa Seen 
under contract wtth Famous PUftn- 
Laaky for the !s*t Ave years, is not re- 
newing ber contract, which gave Thomas 
H. 'Inee ibe brilliant idea of eo-atarrinf 
tbe bride and brldearoom. All the srorid 
lores a Imf and be retlieed their ease 
w*a 00 exception. 

"Tbe Painted Woman" ia the proono- 
tion rbosen to "tar (he Kirkwoods. It 
has been srrflten by Bruce MitchaU add 
are understand that be will direct lbs 
picture for Mr. lncr. A stroag caat has 
been chosen to eupport Mr. Kirgwood 
and Mit" Lee in their urat co-Btarruaf 
prodTictloo. Wnllcce Beery a_nd Matt 
Moore are nacned aa members of tbo east 
and it la said Mr. luce plans to maka 
this a most pretentious produCtion- 

Mr, Kirkwooj] had Kigned a contract 
with the (So)dwyn crunpany at the time 
he met with hie painful accident. !■[# 
THI playlntt llic Icsd in ■'Wild Or*n(es" 
and tir-.BLine Ida condition aeeman very 
erlticsl st the tJroo Frank Mnjn wsa 
rluinea lo take liia place. Wbcthcr LbU 
Jmd anythlag to du with ble 3-*vini 
Uoldwyn in not linawn, as he had a con- 
tract with them which waj as id lo ha 
for a Long Irrui at the time be was 
thrown from lm borse- He Is notta- 
turnmx to Uoldwyn and that ia all ws 

tWrl Lac bid* It Daa Tu-day. 

The I'niirrsal employee* were all eat 

time tbU axrning. and there wu not 

one nf ihefo ft ho did not punch tbe time- 

| rtnrk in the nirb Of l>me. The reasens 

I ia that Carl Lannmie is expspned home 

\ in-day on the Aqoitania- Mr Laemmlt 

utll to acmmpanied by his dnuihttr 

Hu^abeLle and his son Julius and Mini 

!!-■' jh Cohen, n friend of his. daughter. 

I'lidoublcdly the ^rst place he goes will 

ha '•.,!» 11 to lite Antpr to see th« buai- 

newi tbat "The Hunchback of Sotra 

fiam*" |a doing. We Dsyp» pa*s tbera 

williniit ai-eirp P. IK Cochran. E. H. 

Ciildatein or pome other CnlFersal i fP.- 

■.-ial tosming ni Ibe H M io front of th* 

huuae. Well, wt can't «c aa how wi 

Etta HdJU them. 

Ilulna ■ Lltlje Eegnmnr. 
B lib bee liieturea si) made and ready 
lu. telrj^p. AI 1-icblman. nrbo is oothinf 
If tint a good business man. has decided 
In cut down expenses. He Tjss applied 
Ihia economy to the ["referred PirlurrJ 
Corporation by letting out a few people*. 
Tbia atarted a rumor yesterday tbat the 
whole company, from Mr Ijcbiman 
j dotm 10 the aftoa hoy. had iianed a 
Htrikn and Itor*- undid be no more work 
at the Preferred nfhVn. Aside from be- 
ing ih.' I - 1 r. i, . Jerome Bestty aid the 
atoey n n- fonllKb cnou/b 10 be ilaased 
among tb* tea most Hatftlkrtla yarns of 
the y**r. 

n*l*nleb BSSUto Anmhrr Hup 

The SelxBlck mmpany eeems to to de- 
inf bnaineu f ,n the old Hand, acrcrding 
I to news Uitl comes from ihefr oAcea) 
[ every few day*. The laieM acquisition la 
the new Finis Fox production, "Bsg ens] 
Baggage," i n nhi.-h UJoria Ctray playi 
the lend. Si..- will he sup)«irted by a cast 
which includrn l>ruieliu 'leraghtJ. John 
Roche, Paul iVeigel, Adele Farrlogton, 
Arthur Ktnart Hull, Fred Kelm, HetT/ 
1 iniiLi!! .,.■>,. M [1. Maclean and Dor*Ca i 
Tumer. "Bag and narEflge" will be ra- 
leased nt a very early date. 


Conductor of Cincinnati Symphony 
Omhtitn and Hit Wife Back 
Prom Ldng Taeatioii Abroad, 




Frits Reiner, cobddrtor of the Cla- 
eaaoati Bymphony Orchestra, returned 
"from a fovf-moDtbt' tour of Europe yfs- 
[*eday oa tbe Conte Boaao of the Lloyd 
fiabaudo liar, and immediately began 
aoditiona 10 til the rs»k* of bis OrcheS- 

.The 1 -Una for ibe Cincinnati aymnbony 
Organlsatiop were, iherefore. discussed 
st iatmela totwe-a toAringa. and lo 
the accompaniment of occasional low 
xooaxa from wood and braaa instruments 
and) the lUfllflg of eioltna or. i ■ecflos; 

"The programs will, of roumc. be 
' built around the ciaealca of Brethoeen, 
Bach and Bribmsr" said Reiner. llm 
there will be aeyeral coaipONers intro- 
duced "born Cincinnati ban not hesrd 

"Among Ibasje will be Scbtirnbach, 
Rarfok. UenpigUi. AlfflnO. Brh^linf. 
Leefflrr and GrTffle, l^erc will alao be 
the 'Srcret due Printempe' of fitravlnakyj 
Cvttav Mabler'a 'Dons; of- tbe Kanh' 
and Coaella'i "Puppautrfti." which. I f>e 
Here, bswe not been pLaytd Chore before. 

"Tip Cincinnati Symphony will noi *[•- 
peer In New York ibis season, bacsnie 
of rouflirtine; dates for the available halls. 
Pat El ia combu Eaat, and tieit year, 
atircjy. will iUy belt. 

"Gertsaay ia bwpetsna, mneically. just 
now," be added. "On acertfnt of sro 
ttacnlc.eandttiona the tost mosaciaba are 
leering tbt eonoifj aa faat aa they ,is. 
Many ate eoenioe to this ewuBtTT, othera 
are (otug to Spain, Sotrth Anseriea. Hol- 
t*Bt) — anywhere ia fact, owl of Cm una T- 

"Aad eftoditions caancc gam l»- 
1 « least «*rn 

pfOV« atllil « 

us Urtog, - 

ealaHea do hot keep pace srHh the de- 
i>reciauon of money." 

ASniange to Teanafer Lifcswer. 

During the time the conductor and 
itrs. rtriner were abroad rjetv riaitrd 
tbe r«iaie in Italy which came lo tbera 
firoa* Mrs. JVtaers mother, Eielfca <Jer- 
ater. They also attended to ih r break 
ing up nf the apartment th»-y bad main- 
tained m Dresden, toiether with tto hgl 
valoahle muaicol library, which onre *cj 
fctelka 'jcrster's. 

It «u after ihf reeolntion in Cer- 
"tany oi^rlhrew ibe roval family of Hag- 
ooy that tbe Reinera first iboggtal of 
At p-wsiblliilea of leaving l»reso>u. Mrs. 
Reiner admitted. The pa«t of condnetor 
of the JtuT-aJ tJpera. wnicll Reinrr held, 
sraa a life inoaiiien, but it su m4intaincd 
by ibe King'a brirate purae. 

Reiner bad been ennducting In other 
European capital*. h U i| |.|,, aucrenfeea 
broaghl him u> the att<-ntion of Mra. 
Charlei P. Taft In Cincinnati When 
tmuble dereloped in the runka nf th'- 
tiyrapboay Orchvatra. and that orKamia 
lion won casting atout for n new direc- 
tor. Mrs. Taft wanted Iteiner brought 
there. - 

Wll» nsiain HelOrr to Klatea. 

Her first' attempta did not persuade 
Relnet IS accept the post. Finally she 
sent. • cable to his Italian ratAlea be- 
tween Florence and alilait, making a oJ- 
r*et offer. 

Reiner wag at that tirne on vacation 
on tto Irland of MallorM. In the Mch- 
tefraHeap. Efforts of Mrs. Reiner, wbo 
bad received the cable, to get In toueh 
with him were unavailing, and one ac- 
cepted Ihe offer for bim. It was not un- 
til be resonted from hi* holiday tbat he 
toexme aware that he bad agreed to 
spend* the next fire year* (jj ("inr in oari 
In the Tnfted States of America 

One year of that time baa pasaed. and 
tto aenind season of Friii Qeijier** 
regime will togsa when the nreheatrx goei 
into rehramsl Jah October R. The drat 
concert will barren. 00 Octooet CT. 


if j C*!tad Ken r- Th» Man\OM Tiri'i f»i J 

WTERPOOL, England, Sept. 2T. 

Human nature has a reiirse gegr which 
will enable mankind 10 re-lsie the past 
In arm 3'! throbbing contact with the i-aat 
event* ia the n ror re aa of. the nnlrerse 
from the time of cbsos to the prtaeDL 

Thi> information wax exunmnoicaced to- 
day in a graEely »*:Jer.ii5r raMAcr to a 
conrlaTc uf Rated Bntisb ecienliit* by 
Cnptaio tl. ' Pape, a yonag csrottlah 
searcher in the uyateriea of human 
psycbologj. And although the gather- 
ing wai not to be described ' as eggrrlr 
credulous, the pole ma young ScoIchmaVs 
theory wti to earueslly expouDdesl and 
waa lUpported by snch srspincdocumciita 
tbnl aome nf hia bearers deemed it worth 
inquiry at JessL 

The "reverse gear" theory, has the vir- 
tu* of novelty at any rate. Many hare 
claimed) ability to projccL tbaotaetrea Into 
the future and bitn Ji.-ir.-ii rtalma and lu 
reaili live tbtreln. Inn the paat biia Ir-mi 
resanled in abandoned land hardly worth 
scientific mltli'iirJeD. 

Tbe subject of «'ji|i|-.ilji Pape'P dis- 
course tnv*. ik> intimatiuii or the aurpriso 
he was abont to hurl Ltito the ueetina. 
Tbe program had him down for. a talk 
on "It There a New Race Type"** 

It was only n few mlnulea, "howejTtr. 
unjil fie waa declaring lo kjiut of th* 
most learned minda of Pritain. that cay. 
tain men new living c»:> artually return 
to the past, lire in events of the re- 
motest anEinulty and, upon returning to 
resume step witii current life, brine with 
[bam valuable Information of a acirnune 
and historic nature. Tbeae claim* hsd 
beaw tested and proven, he **usL tm a 
Kkool of thought and experiment in <'!**- 
r - 

"It I* no picinra which pa**** before 
the visiott of the isr**rtigar*r~ aaid Cap- 


tana Pape. "No panorama unveil* iixelf 
as on a atsg*. One actually Here in the I 

East. Ihxa one «, iab tn- nee the earth 
efore Eta crott sOJidinedf Then be Ikes ' 
a million yegn ago and around bin \s it- ; 
earth, with ita seething roolten mei*I». 1 
One can waicb waat la bappeninr: hear I 
the explosion* and fee! the best and nres- 

"This Is no dream condition: it is Juat j 
like going fni* a hsxy thoroushfire and ] 
bearing the roar of traffic, ,f 

A* evidenee the captain abowerT pbntn- , 
praeba of worJd mapa. Including noe wbleh 
PDrported to -how ihe earth J(»00f>0fxl 
year* *go_ The« were drawn, to said, 
bj men who had * powerful rerers* gear 
1 — who conH Ml In etep edlh Caesar** 
lep-inna. wbo could treed 'V h*avfng 
decks of NelponV "hips nt Trafalpar. nr 
turn chumh- dosm on the Airtyra In 
the Collsenni. 


John (1. npnrlim, lp|„r ( tall Wo win, 
Ra Ifepkewa <:** Rqmat shar^. 

The first nnd final accounting of (he 
eeiate left by Jn'm Cr, Rparba. vaude- 
ville actor, made by flodfrey J. Coetcllo. 
nephew. n> administrator. Bled In ito 
KlngR County Surrogate's Court, *howfl 
en follow*; 

Tba decedent, who wae 72 ytxn old. 
died on May ?.. 1922, at the Cbney Island 
Hospital, leaving fire nepbewa and 
niece*, who, because of bia failure :n 
Irnre a will, are entitled to ahare finally 
ti tife estate. In hi* afcnutiilne the «ri- 
miniatrator charged bjniaelf will) fT,- 
<!7W Acainat tbia h* credited bim^'f 
with V\345M. Tbe nanmee. tt 472.M. 
"if- ia holding fee further diatriunrjon. t«b- 
lect, bosrerej. tret to thj dWucti^us of 
bis roeamisvionp and tb* expense* of the 

Famoni Opera at {Jentary Given 

. Second Time Toil Seaion — Ta- 

maki Minra in Title Fart. 

For the eerrmd time this sexuon 
"Midama Butterfly" was given bn ihe 
San I'jrlo Grand Ofwra Omniny M the 
I'enturr Theatre laat evening with Mm;. 
Ta # mali Mlura la the Title part and a 
caat comprising ilmr*. Pbggi and Lang 
and Meesra, Chiappial, Vail*. Caret, 
Ccrri and tiahugbrr. 

The Puccini opera era* followei by 
o JapanMC EubL "The Legend of the 
Sun.'' given by (be Parley Oukralnaky 
Ballet. With appropriate and Brrkdc 
sattings, tbe story w*a cold in terpal- 
cjorean psntorr,itr>e of a golden age 
when the son reigned aunremr and all 
was peace 00 eertb until one dsy *& 
ev|| 101141 la (he form of a dragon ap- 
peared. Tula -so illaplegafil the sun that 
ahe (.-ailed dpen her butterflies 'tr*. form 
a web bwtsreen ber end tbe cnrlb, pine- 
tag the latter In datkneu. Then 1 priest 
came forth and' mused the people in 
maVe a loud poise nnd the sun. being 
curlona. looked out again. 

Tbe story wna toauiifiillj ti-.rn hy a. 
<-ait Ixac-hirl Lji-c ScTge Ookrainak}-, Mile, 
Dogmara. Mil*. MUsr. M. Easier, M. 
Cxtoa and memtors of tbe hnUnl. 


Film Mutual Benefit Buruu En- 
joys BLg Theatre Party at 
Etmriu^ of Motion Picture. 





iF. Valla* Hen s . T> . Ilt-i-i :. .|-,.-r , 
MlST.dLA. I- U Sept. 2T. 
l>eaih whsged more Swiftly Lbsn man's 
taatrst ffiglit to-day. when E«*jhp J. 
Darp*. who had raced through tba air 
bsif way act*** th* continent foe a bun> 
word with hi* dying wife, arrived bar* 

Tto Film Mutual Benefit Bureau, an 
orgauisAtiofl- rf«roE*dJ to tto encourage- 
maot of better motion picture*, and 
which Gamer* extensive pbi'antbrnpice 
through telling ihr cetBtrn of merator* 
far "loi-atioos" for picture nrodocer*. 
enjoytd -a big party- at but nicbCa 
preventdUon nf •■JT-nna Vnnna" at ihe 
Central Theatre. 

Attjooe those w;m enjoyed the ?•«/ 
were: Sir*. T. Tower Bel**. Mr*. Er. 
neat C- Brortcf, Mr*- Robert S- Brew 
eter, Mra. Franklin Q. BrowA, Mm. A. 
A. Cater, Otl* \\, Caldwell, Mm, JJraeM 
<i. Carter. Charles M. Chapln. Mias 
Mary P. Cbnppell, Mra, George >>". Clau- 
sen, MI11 Aln-e Kldrid^e, Mr*. J, p, 
tlrace, .Mrs. Hdward II. Grgvea Mis* 
Kmelvn «. HartrMpft, Mrn.'Thomaa II, 
Lecnlnl. Mrs llafvey ■ K. LliieH. Mrs. 
Edwin a Malrs. Mimn A. il 
Mn. ntflrk MelJen. Mrt. Paul M'oore, 
Mrs. StoWe^Phrlps, Mra. Harmnn Smith 

for tbe fir nl tip of bia Journey r>nly to 
Irani that Mra. ] >*r.d had died while bo 
Hew Eaatward. 

Word readied liarid t*(« Wednesday 
at Bt. LauL*. where he Is engaged in 
aviation wnrk, that bis wife waa dying 
at ■Lowell. Uaae. He eao|*jt a tdbne foe 
the Bgbr in tbt Missouri city, but R4b* 
was avallahie tor a night Journey. -After 
gashing srTUgemenJa tj have a machine 
meet him at rjayuin. Oetio. ba horrjed to 
that city by train Bear to CrereisBd, 
where he boarded sa ap-mr nlaoe. 

Meanwhile. M™ i%vid bad died due- 
lag aha morsJug IT 

Hf, a ml Mr*. F. A. fieamon. Miss An- 
tnlnrlfp Q. rkodder, Mrs. F. A. Vender- 
U11 and Mra. tlowarri S. Gxnx, Mian 
EllEatolh Perkins. Mis* Mabel Choatt. 
Mra. Gordon Knox P»U. Judge Charlea 
C Nott. Mi«s Atrne Morgan, Jin. Mere- 
dith Hare. Mn. John Oorbin. Mis* Mir- 
Jorle Itoet, Mrs. IV. W. .Boawarth, Mm, 
Harris Oild*. Mi** V. P*. H. Furman, 
Mi-v Enid Vandell and Mias Soph!* 
Smith' eouatirjHte the eifuiirt commlx- 
tee of the/ body, which enjoy* a uakju* 
noaiclon in nmiin.i picture actlelUea tn 
S>w York Fundi far philanthropta 
pnrno*ea are created through itraating 
Ihe use of ibe esUtes of member* aa 
"location*" for making motion pietnra 
nroductlona deemed hy tbe coaxmiltae to 
be worth while. One of Cat ttnrrA 
cbaritira Is tbe Maternity Center Aa*s- 
ciatlon of New York. A aid* from 1ta 
philanthropl-* piirpoeee, the orfnnisarJoa 
undertake* in improve the rbatmcter of. 
luotlon picture release* hy giving OKtral 
support tn those of the belter aoet. 

One of the largaat theatre parties of 
''.," aesjum will be given tbia afternoon 
>viien Mra. Jach Loeb, prominent la 
women'a clnh B>'livltLes. will entertain 
tto officrra of tn* Now Enrlc City Fed- 
■entlon of Women'a Clubs and tba presi- 
dent nf each Of the conptiniont rJuna at 
A rrfAjientailoft of "If Winter Comes 1 * at 
lb* Time* "bpare Theatre. 

eigne*! to the .flight because of the emer* 

Sency, ahniost equalled tbe Cleveland* 
lineoU raeord, trawrsjag the distance 
in 4 lioiir-J ID minaiea. 

When Pavid landed at Curtis* Field 
tort, h* changed hi* plans, which bad] 
orovlded for *n slrflsne dapb 4hrou|h 
th* ftask'to hi* wife's hedaide. 'satead, 
be deparftd for Bostop by train, rwng 
thence to LowdL ll^uJ be obtained a m*- 
ctifl* at fli. Lcula.'h* would hare cachrdi 
tot in tits*. At ririeLiad ncwa of Mf* 
David's d**th rsarbed tto dying to hi 
cilcnteep asiaute* alter her husband had 
takaa est. 





■• By LOUELLA O. PAKSONS . ______^_ 


Entire Picture to Bs Side AtirMd 
ud Tint Q»up of GoldwTB Ex* 
eentirei Will Take Prelim- 
inary Btept Before Cut 
Ij Aucmtaled in 





THE b-iweet plum in the gift of 
the Goldwyn Company— the joh 
of dlresrting -Ban-Hur'— ba» 
been given to Charlea Brabin- He will 
fa abroad. Bailing this morning on the 
Leviathan, to make th* pietnre at lialy 
Aocompasying blm trill b* EH* arti 
Bowes, ii« president of the Lioldwy* 
'Company, ami June Mathis. a-fc-o will be 
1b charge or the editorial directorship ul 
the prod^rtior, The] will be inin^ hj 
■ technical ilea", which is sow en rout* 
U New Tora from it* Goldwyn studio* 
ih Cahir C>v. 

While F J. Godsol 4=1 A. I- m* 
laager announced ifM'riif T_hs: Charles 
Br* bis will direct General Lew WaJ- 
laca'l story. e-?i a word fjs said as to 
the actor who will play ijte role of Ban' 
Her. However, our private wire from 
taw Cout tips ill oB it-lit lb* informa- 
tion tbit George Walsh is the tain '-hi 
haa bt*n fhoaeir, A guery Imn'i .Morn- 
tDc Telegraph reporter brought neither 
a confirmation nor dental, but we are 
■o inn tbit Gntotffl Walsh, fan been 
diMtp Ihit we [eel nq hesitancy in 
printing It. 

The actual facts concerning ubt filra- 
Loe of "Hci\ Hur" bare been acid tip *4 
king that (ho picture bu been inrround- 
I ad -«• Mb a mystery that baa been given 
tow picture*. A few weeks ago it wbb 
rumored luui Klup Vidor won id 
the megaphone ano a few month* before 
- it «■■• Hid tbat Marshall Neihtn bad 
derided to take ■ company abroad aw* 
do Ota picture. Mr. Nellen, it ivbi uid 
yesterday by the Goldwyn Company, had 
originallj U'j offered the wasi»iO!i to 
direct thn picture, bat when it wn de- 
rided to oltn the entire production 
abroad. Sir. Nation decided tbat be ■pre- 
ferred to continue to produce in tba 
L'nltrd Hutea, and did not wish to un- 
deruke to do tbli aaaifament abroad. ■ 
In i i*w nt the fact that the oral three | 
nuotha will be ipeni by Ur. Bowes, i!r. 
Brubfa and >Ii«« Matbi* and their teeb- 
S^caJ ataff in preparing the aroucidvork, 
ctniraetinf far location* and builditi a 
audium for tie ». k. chariot race. 
Geoffe Wabb will probably not join 
the company for a few weeba. 

Mh. Bowai. the wife of Edwafd 
Bowe*. iiice previdexit -of the Goldwyn I 
Company, whp la Uirnret lUinalon. the 

■wrj^tn-i- ■:. ny.rr-.'r. baUi JlJ?f. uudercona 

■ rrry teric>aa opera rian, to that it U 
not llhety fii»t ibe win be 'able |n ^*i[ 
to-day. She will probably join Mr. 
Bowei aa aoon aa ab* la well enotif b to 
tabe the trip. 

Charlea Hrabirt, tbfl directorial cbolca 
of Goldwyn, la ihr men who marl- 
"Driren" and "Sii Days." Twn auch 
•fie plctutea tbat Goldwyn. certain haa 
rciaon for tbla choice. Whether or not 
Tbeda Bart, who if Mr*. Charle* Brnbin 
In private Ufa, will AccompaiDy ber hui- 
band U not known. 

Kbit Ovt La Hirr. 

Richard Rowlaod haa not neen idle 
h/ 1 apy means alnce h* returned to New 
VorL. \\-> underatand th>t b» haa beta 
l>i!«j" ;*tl.inr an option on the 1, r , ".«« 
of Barbara La Hlrr with a view to 
ata^dni ber In a aeriea of Aj>pociated 
Fir*: National pietnrea. At leaat, that 
la the atcfy that fanae la tbU dnk frr-m 
toch an aatbenlic aonrc* that we bare 
bo- -braitancy in pristinx it. 

Howerer. wben he telephoard to Rich- 
ajd itowlaud nod a iked him to admit 
the trulfa of the atory be said: 

"1 fca'e no cotamept tn make. I fin- 
Ttflt deny or affirm the atory." 

Bn( whethrr be deoirs or roallrma it 
we are roinj- le say that ar have heard 
It is rrne (bat Uiaa 1^ Man- Ea aerieualr 
ramtdrrine ■ with Firal \atioaai. 
Then- U en donhi that abe is one of 
lb* best di-jwinjr carda o D the arreen 
tn-day, and ba» had more offers than 
ah* contd poeviMr aecept. 

Miaa J*. Marr E> at the preaent pta> 
Dust under contract to Sawyer i. La- 
tiin and aince thli company baa dona 
coB,slderaMr> hnslne** «■ ii c h Firm Xa- 
tiinil aid |a now releiaiAT aoore of their 
plciurei throurb thta ohauae], -thera 
abould lie no (rouble with the La Marr 

CLaxlie diaptin Will T*Jk to Bavdio 

FiBi Wednetdatj Night From 

Station WOB.. Under Auspices 

of The MonLinf Telegnpb. 

AudienCB Will Be 





The Morning Telegraph U rery bsppy 

ft) nnriinjiin- [hat CbsHea S|ji n*.-t'r fTbap- 

Iiil "ill talk o-Trr the radio on Weilnet<- 
■ lA.r :vii!!i; Hi !) n'rlock, }fr ,■ iii an- 
pMf under t!ic «uF>plcea of The MnrnLng 
Telegraph at L. Bimberrer A Cmn- 
pany'i radio itaijon, WtHt. The radio 
■>'<<' -'i dr> ■ rnihiDr btniAras that nlgbt. 
Tor Lbe luilliona of fana whn know ihe 
star from hia i p aM M eppearascca. will 
weJmme thia cban« to hear hia. Tolre. 
Ut will talk an ImpartO nation a. Al- 
though Mr Chaplin baa been besieged 
wiib loritationa to make «q at>pr*r«iiT* 
bin first in (be East will W the one 
" -urh baa been arraniced tor nezt 
Wednesday. Chaplin, who ia T-lsltinj 
New York in connection with th* show- 
ing of "A Woman of I'aria.** which fcp 
nrote audi directed and which ia sched- 
uled to opes at the I-yrir Theatre neit 
Monday fvp Q i D g. haa bfwM rery boay 
■inre he arrtrcd getting ibe preseDtltton 
of hia picture in readinese far ihr liijt 
aproer. J fit were anythinc hut the 
radio for nest Wcdnearfiijr algbt we 
■■>-.-..::<) . a -r — r - : . nrlj and ayold the rneb | 
—hot we all can bear Chaplin, talk irufc- ' 
out anj of tbla adt-snre effort. 

RD-akoft to Pllan "Dial*.'*' 

"Ilixie," an old »tary n( (be N- -■::-. [ 
has h*en chosen by Al and H.iy itorkrir 
to follow The liraimilc Life of Atirn 
ham Lincoln/ 1 ivhirh Thev have recently 
finished*. George A. Hillings and Ruth. 
riifiorrr, who play the i-olea of Al-ruham 
Lincoln «nd Ahnr- Rurlrdge, hare, beta] 
chnaen for the "I'iiie" film. Nr^r 
itrleans, Memphis, t'bsrleaton, l^iuiii- 

who flalla to Plroel 

or the Goldwrm arm* Casspaaj. 

eyintraci. Mias La Marr will turt work 

b tin 

on "The SbootiaK of Daa McGtcw" «■ 
toon aa ahe reachra th" Coast, and it 
eeeaa rery liketr that [hi* will lie re- 
leased through Metro nnce ibe Sawyer- 
Luhln Compwoy have a contract with 
Metro Tor tbii particular pirtnrr. As 
•Ann as abe finiaben thi* >hr will atari 
nuking "Tny Name i* Woman" lor 
l^ula B. Majtr. who diride* hw re- 
iMtea between Meirn and First Ns- 

Mr nowland did nj anf thing when 
cmss-elsmlnH n^r tae iclephone and 
that waa that 'The Sea Hswk,' which 
we. nononnced unrrip naya ni». *l.l hr 
directed by Krauk Llo.vd. It h In l>e 
a big lpect*ci)l«r ^roduMion^rtne nf the 
biggrtt FirK Nftti^pal b«4 ever made. 

Ai (lip Broadway Thui".. 

"pntash and Perlmutter" of conrne rr- 
mriinn at thr Strand for annthrr week 
It mold not be otherwise. Every nne 
whn mw T5arney Bernard and Aleiander 
C'gtr In Uaftr rolea of Abe nnd MawruaN 
will warn to go back and g«t ft aerond 
look at them ruid it Vera Gordon aa 
RMde. Wr arnndor if an^rher week will 
aofflce i« Intereai (be public, which haa 
found Montague Clash's story k cnter- 
talnlnf. The nthcr members of the caat 
whd contribute to the »im>**** of this 
comedy ■ are - Unpe Sutherland, Ben 
iTfir.i. Martha Mansfield and t*t 9a«la 

8.-1*. Rethafel hM bnrriftj bach from 
a ftw dllyl TftCStlon al Greenwood Lake. 
to pat the finishing touchea in the pro- 
gram, he baa arranged tn ■upTletarnt 
Muthal I »ttaa"s itnrj, -Die Eternal 
Tafcr." Tex. this i« the l<-adlnx film at- 
iralcion at tbe Cariitol fri men w*ek. 
tn ' addition to the fact tbat Marshall 
S'eflcn is the director, and that is aiiffi- 
Cttnt gugtanlee thst it hta s large 
amount of pntertains>ent. the eaat o>n» 
tain a aoch pliyera as Claire Wtariitnr. 
Bsrmopii (Iriffith. Bessie 2.^e. Cwrfr 
Cooper, Tom Gallery. Uelrn Lynch* A3<t: 
r-raBcla. William Orlaraond. Charles H., 
Weat Vtciory Duteman, Lillian Lrigii- 
ton. Fetches Jackson and ntb<rs, 

Neit weak "Ashen of Vcns entire," 
Norma Talmadgc'a picture, which hnn 


held firth at the Bitoli Theatre, will , 
mote to the EisJlo so that ihntr wbjn [ 
did not get a chamre ia see rh* film 
which Jos. Sohroeit admita ia the most 
cosily erreea advejiture of hia life, will : 
bare a chance to see It- The storr «as 
written by H. B. Srvmerrille and ibe ! 
dirrrtion by Prank Lloyd. The -■-■ aup- 
pnrtinf Min Tatmadge is beaded by Con- 
way Tenrfr. 

The coal include* Wntlftce raters, 
Ji*eplune Crowetl. Betty Franciacn. 
Cls£re WclbrwrlL CoMQlHn FtHHit, For- 
rest RoblrLiin-n, .Tansea t'oolev. Andre di" 
Itemngrr, ttnyd Invin. VVmi-r tlsll, 
WiNijura Clifford Uurdwk McQuBrrie. 
Heetnr V. Sar r e. F.nrl Sche n ek. I.nry 
neniimnui. Jeanne Carpenter. Mary Mr- 
AllUtcr, Howard Truesdrll, Kenneth 
flibsnn, C&rmMi riillllpt, Rush Hughe* 
and Frnnk Leigh. 

ReeauB* n! the length of th* picture 
there will be no mmicnl prricrnm. 

Tur lintt lenture lenEth roineiy to he 
tnadr by Buater Keat^n. "The Tliree 
Ages." cornea tn [hr ItUoli sell week. 
This in thr pirture in which Msrsnrrt 
Leahy, the ExgHa'i heanly, plays the 
frmininn lead, and incidienMilh ihr Irri 
nlrture that abe ever enade fo^nwiag ber 
wlnniax oT the heaoty pritr In London 
from Norma Talmadge. In the mat are 
Wallace Beery n • the twmfcgHg TiUbm. 
Joe Baherte, Lillian I^Bm-rence tad 
Rnrao Mnnrgan. Metro j» releasing the 

Eirfire. which wu directed Kr Keaton 
inuelf apd Eddie Clin* from a edorr 
writlrn hy Jean Ha era, Joe Mitrhejl 
and Hyde Brnchman. Mr Rren-nfeld 
i* giving ta« laaanaM a special musical 
pro gram. 

The Cameo will keep ■*!>* Till n ( the 
WwT fn- snntber week. Tola La .th- 
Js^k LoodiOii picture msde hy Pnthe In 
"-hlcb Jack MnTbaJl plays the hem, and 
Waller I^iok the man. who. feared Ky 
the df*gj» ia nnnlly LJHH ' by him To 
areiige hia mjfller. 

The featnrr rwctitre at the RmsaVsy 
n«-it wi-pX: will be The Spoilers" 1 with 
>HIC»n Sil's. BnTbsrit Bedford. Anna Q, 
Vflavsn nQ d Wallace B^ry. Ar^mpanr- 
Sng thh will lie n bill rf B F rt»fh 
rinidfTille s ig ii^i. nl in this 0, & 
Most honae. 


FuiBBgeri of De Lax* Specitl 
Given fioyil Keceptitm by 

Fortlnud Topalau. 





>> :, T*MST W ll-1 

SALKM. Or^. Sept, 38- 
The BUUMre -p-.*. de faux train au> 
fired, tn Portland early Wednesday, hav- 
ing mads the trip Irotn Nut York City 
with Hop-Oyers ■■ U»ntreal, OiUwa, 
Wlanipeg, Edmonton, Jsrv-ar Park, Van< 
couvrr ami Seattle. Jb Portlsnd the 
dlisena* coonmittee, composed nf Mayor 
Georga Baher, Frank E Am ? **,. w. 
XL Boid, J. C. AJnswcrrtb anil Thief at 
Police Jcnkipa mat the delegation of 
Haw York and New EqfUnd hotel ;.-■ r= 
at tto depot. 

The tgaJjk arrirrd a,t 7 A- M nnd ibe 
, Portlgad enamtittaB wan right on hand 
with a auli-coBiiwitte* of 100 to escort 
Ike hotel delegation and tahlr gurata la 
■aw Mtilinnmsh Hotel for hraakrsei, 
after which a dance was aUged for lbs 
■arty. Following the dance, motor cars 
took the entire daargatioa to a trip ovtt 
«V CobuibU Krrtr Higbsray, America's 
rat. owned eernir? driv*. A atop was IsaaVs 
■ liuJtBonisa Fifli, one of the famous 
htaaty spota of tbe world. 

Tbere a saroptQoos lonejuun was 
aaajlid after wbicb the entire party was 
qabcfi b*esj to the railway station aad 
•bant oa taarjr way to nan rrscmaeo. The 
pass- Yorkers and the entire ovtflt war* 
treated rwyaHy by the 1 
i rortlaad- 


Sou of Brooilyn BasebaH Club 

Pmident Fined $1Q by Kigfi- 

trate Sweetaer. 

Inlercedtrig m behalf of m \nil ch.itif- 

fene who h* helleved nrn being unjuat'y 

treated hj a traffic patrolminrewiiUcd in 

[ lie arraignmeat jesterday in ForkriUt 

Uinad by the Federatioii for tbe Support * court of Charl** E. Ehbeta. Jr.. sen 

of Jewish PhDantbronic Sftdetiee. po-t- ?' **? p r ,l t, n ,i of . J* B "»«J?o National 
1 iragfte I iprMJl club. 

Voong Etrbeta wbo'nld he tsaa aai.'U - 

Oold Kedali to Be Avtrded by 
' Hebrew Fhilanthropie 

The Urrt annual field day for the 
three hundred ban andtr tbe paperrirlon 
of hbt Jawikb Board of Gcrardiana main- 

of Jewlsb PhBanthmpic Societies, po-t 
poned last Sundiy because of rain, niil 
take plane to-morrow at Pel j am Bay: 
Park, It was ptimounced hy Mra. Sidney 
C- Borg, chairman of the Committee on 
Outside ActJritfr*. 

Hntv Franklin IX Hoyl. or the Cbll- 
rlraa'a Court, and Hon, Morris Koenlg 
of the Court of Cencral SeasJons, will be 
tbe Judge* nf the ■eajtapta, Eugene C P 
Glbnty of the Board of Edncation, wilt 
be hnnonry referee, and Mortimer i-. 
Kcbiff. prtsfderii ofthe Jewisb Board of 
Muardlana, will he bonorary chairman of 
the iltyV program. 

Tjrpuffh Jamefl A. Mulhii-lland auper- 
. itT nf rocrraiion of the rtepartmsTit ol 
Parka, the boys have been roarhed- ty 
athletic directors In the Jiimpbg, run- 
ning and racing events. Gold, sllrrr and 
hrnnze iii - d:ii- will he awarded to win' 
"■-em in each e-rent. 

A!? hov" undrr (he care of the Jewish 
Hnni-fi nf CuarHianfl for delinquency or 
'rihrr heliavioiir rcannna. inrludlng Ihoso 
gr^Tiped under the Jewish RJg BrotJers 
snd pupUa of the Han-Ihorne Hrhool. will 
atretid rhe field day and pfenlc. » 

fi-.lp-nr rallBR CuiKmH ClH. 

TKa heanng in the crwitempt d*-tiOti 
again*! J. Pa linn, criminal lawyer In con- 
ne^tinti with th» BUit ft Mildred Adams- 
JatCoi Arii".: Col Samuel L. James, 
whu4 *t* to have been held before Hef- 
trw Tetencf Earhry. 3S Pine street, was 
noatponed tn fUtorday. October fl, at 10 
A, M The sdjoummant was because 
Fillofi did not know th* hrsrinj sti 
at* S c al ed add cooid o« ^ ptraent. 

tary of the club gav, hia eddraaa «* SH'J 
Sterling Place. Broknivn lie was lined 
1)0 hv Magiatrate William X. flweetser 
and not having thia »ata on band was 
obliged (o "rait until friend* egnte to hia 

Totta,* EhbciA said he emerged from 
the enhway at <7rand Cenlrol station laat 
evening when he caught eight of Patrol- 
ninn Joaeph R Schefder fi( Traffli- B 
i)iLCnE|Anlug a taii chanffeur, The pa- 
trol res n told th» court that the tasl 
cliaufreuy bad 'ut nut tn fmcit of n trol- 
ley car and noticing ihat hia cbanffeDr'a 
license waa nnt plnnerl In Its (iroptr placo 
atOfiptd to ouestion him. When the na- 
tjoitnin told the cbautfriir ha n< under 
arrest young Ehheta stepped up and ■■>[- 
reretl the ehgtifTeny hia card Ba/lng he 
coutd call on hini mm a wltnem A gfowd 
collected delaying irgfflc and mi ronse- 
■iiietife the frnfflc patrolman arrested 
Ebbets wfth Ibr rlisliiTriir, ij unlug him 
with disorderly wtduct 

'.- -. * 

'. ■ • ".--T75 




BBBBBBV ■.*:•..-■'' 

' • -aa 

Befluslai ' Saf»'' 



m 4& ' 


- r3aaal 


-■ i 






hw.< by Wtust 
■ tar cos Associated n™i 

I vilV and other old famous dti*s, will be 
\ used, aa it||] rhe Misaissippq Rirrr, which 
I p!ij« auch so impnrtsnt part in the his- 
tory of the old and new South. 

"In'nrp Wot*. 

A> J result of the auroea* nf the whal- 
iap picture, "Dnwii to tba Sea In Ships." 
Ihe hoard nf directors of the Whaling 
Film Corporation hare declared n caib 
ilivldend nf VJ .V n share, payable Im- 
mndintr-ly on nil tbi Hock of the cor- 

Back <« 


Slater/' whieJt wo nndersluid U doing 
eery good bntlnta. mores on tbat day 

ni th iii r rorin. 
t'ao plsya the lead to "Dial*,' 1 a 
ptctan to b* mside by Al and 
Kwy Rockett. 


DPianbBiTd Tratcblnr 'Us ChMdren to 
MrlrtL Alcoholic De-eormaea. 

Mrs. Fyancea V. fUmoS, mother of 
three children, ranging from less than 
four to seren years old. t?aterdsy filed a 
separation quit complaint in which aha 
cbBcged her husband, Andreaa V. RimM. 
aerced with copies of ibe papers at 11 
£aat LfDth atreet. with learning tba 
'kiddies" to drink. 

The plaintiff, after atgtlng that ajnea 
10t5 tbe defendant ha* heen "■ bibliual 
drurfkard." and has repeatedly If: cruel 
lo ber and their children, rmre threaten- 
ing her with a pistol Snd on another oc- 
casion "s-'.riking and threatening to take 
j her life." proceed*; 

"The defendant baa acted reward the 
1 chlhtren in an Immoral and improper 
manner in that he made a r.-inic of 
teaching them to drink alcoholic Bever- 

In conchiaion .Mra. Rimoa aaya that 
it was. iiy reason nt "foregoing facts." 
become nn-FJifi" and improper to live with 
the defoadant 

I si the caption of the complaint, the 
defendant is described an "Andrein \. 
Baraoa, nlao kno?n an Atidrea Vdiurro. ' 
Plaintiff and defendant wtw married on 
October T. 1014. and their tbree children 
ai-e Jnfcn. born July EL iniri: Frank, 
Uirn Anguat 2)t, 1!)I8, And fieiirge, Viorn 
December 10. ItilU. 

Peter b[i|ne, th* wrfler nf mntioc. pic- 
ture people and I'luna* ia hack frtiro the 
wicked city nf rlnliywood. We have 
□ it i-fn the young man yet. hut we ore 
told by his friends Ibnt he bss not let 
Hollywood street him. 

Print r*BB plated. 

The Warners yasterdsy rrceivsd word 
from the Coast thaE the latest Johnny [ 
Hioes picture. ■"Coudnctor 14!r2." has 
bees finiihed. and will arrive here 
FDortly. BapvOrting Mr. Ilines In this 
picture arn Doria May *.--:>. !.»«-, Masos. 

If Vow W*wt4 Her!-n 

Those who have felt lUelr life was in- 
complete without having iren Lillian 
fii?11 need nuL die with their wisb unful- 
filled. She has promised ill tboH who 
*-■ to the Amhaaaador Sunday List they 
ms.j see her. U«r picture, "Tin Whita 

\W\\/'-^- ' | 

- -R 

;■ Vk • 1 

aaaal U 


\ ' 

* V 

. i i aa*-- 

Eieiird Enwlia d Hepcrted to H*n 
Eo^fed SUr for 3*riti of Pic- 
ture*, bat Refntes to Cainra 
or D*«7 tit Story— "Dm 
McfirsW Her Sext 


■>?*■'(- I '!:■■- 'i HiuS* 4 T'.t 
w»o will saaika her tint at 
axes oa thta screen oa lint 
the Rival I. 

from the Forty^fourth Street Theatre fcr 
the Ambsasgdor to continue its run. 

ri"t»lt to AafFesLa-. 
George Fasreett, reteran of the Haga 
and screen, will mike a personal anpaar- 
anee at (he RKolf Theatre on Suodar 
arening, when M saner BieaeofieM pre- 
asmu tbe tlm nf bli aeries or "Oallery of 
Lieiig Portrilts." Fawcert Ii the *ob- 
ject of the "gallery.'' and present a blm 
in aonat of the great ecanea in which the 
actor ho appeared on rhe srecen — ~San- 
timenisl Tommy." "I"et»T Tbhetsoa," 
"Ebjv Tide." "aaOMO Jape," -Han- 
alaughter." "Born 'Em L T p. aarnea," 
1 The ETope Chest" and otJCn, 

u ■'■ raisae. neks-" Oven* To-saorrvw. 

Those few llngerina' memherg of the 
Induatry wbo are still In tbe country 
will put on their soup snd nab and 
hurry ( to town lo-morrow night. The 
reaaen la "Rcaramaucbe," the Etex In- 
gram picture opens ud erery one wanta 
to see whst Mr. Ingram. did with Sahg- 
tinJ'a story. Metro ia pJeaaed, at leiat 
erery one at the Metro offlceB la r*j- 
-Inf M, / 

Kajoy in Raysiaa. 

The motion piciure crlTiCri of Sew 
York were giren 1 ■ ride [hrongh Plftii 
arrnue by Farenua Ptiyera-Lasky yes- 
terday aa -a part of the cgploitadoaj af 
"Weal of the Water Power." Glenn 
Hunter's nrat picture for Famous. Wi 
do hear as bow a fine time waa had. 
Agnes Smith reports the hot dog and 
doughnuts io the lunch wagon were fine. 
(the la reporting It on paper for Tib* 
Sunday Telegraph, and what ahe aaya 
makes us - -h wr had Dot bean too btuy 
to go. Order ynnr Strnday papers early; 
Iff i good atory. 

Hotker aaal Ins. 

One of the frw cbbcs in pictures- where 
a mother frerraently plays in productiona 
with ber own son is tbat of Myrtle Stad- 
man and Lincoln Htedman. 

bfettt* S[nim«n is yonng looking 
enough and bbvide and daring enough to 
portray the most vemplih of rnrnpirca. 
Lincoln apnarently did nnt take after 
his moihrr In any way except in bit 
aridity as a Trouper. Hia girth fall tre- 
mendous. He outweighs Firpo by aboot 
fifty pounds. 

Mr*. $t*dman recently completed work 
in the production nf "Filming Tooth." 
In whieb she plays Mona, the youthful 
mother. Lrncohi did not gpp«ar with 
fafa mother In this production, but haa 
been cast fe-r the part of t*nnny in the 
new production, "Black Oxen." 

1m Ike wild. «| Detroit. 
Word comes use Bahert Edgar Long 
has left th* motion picture hudnstry high 
a&d dry and gn Pr Into the lesatimaie. 
He la now In Detroit gpubig crerrtiiiag 
in preparation '■» the airiral of OrJ* 
Skinner, wjn t>]Hin there lo "Saneh* 
Panao" In a few weeks. 

A Line or Two-, 
If Charley Chaplin accepts all the 
theatrics! Invilatinna tbat come hbi way 
he will have to do about flee a night. 
Every good press agent Inriteg him 10 
lend hia presence at hia particular shew. 
He will be at the Chaure-Soaria to-night 
Tep, the p. a. told us. 

desk rii-ari Wnnnn'i II r] ■ i Irri 

New Tork notice were yrelerday asked 

to locate relatl'ees of Mrs, Anna Dago 

WEfha. who died recrntjy In PirUhurg. 

Pa. A te'egram fr-->m Ch'.vt of Pollen 

f^::l> 11. TWf of that city read: "L» 

calo neorge I'*can. Fourth sleet. Bmok- 

lya. or Mra. Joaephiae Wright. Cbe - ^ 

strWt Brooklyn. Notify thero Mr*. 

Anna Dean Wick*, daughter of George 

Peas,. rjh»d here. Wife of i^eorge LVaa 

killed by autoinobiJe In Broohlyn four 

or flee .'ears ngn; may iotrate r>ran froD 

I coroiters' or coort records/' The Brook* 

■ lya Petartlre fioreau sfarted search for 

•> the dead wcman'l rtlatieea. ' . 


Load NoIssf snd BasOks Owaaed On- 
loclirr ft. Call Plea tte-p**ta»ii(, 

A crowd bTodted traffic at Fortieth 
itrret and Sixth arenas yeaterday tnanl- 
ing whan a aoathbound Slgrb arent» 
rroUey,'>arrying abcut forty paaaengers, 
stallsd gt th* corner of Fortieth street 
amid eotemes of Smoke and a krad sis- 
sling noUe canard by a short circuit Ea 
the front coatrdileT box. Sonte one on 
the curb parted the ure4Mi oa the r cT- 
ner. bat before the Ire apparatus arrived 
the mourman, Willlsas Cuisaido. shot 
ot! the current by palling a fuse plug 
unedr the car and cxiiftgniabed a small 
blare with sgnd. 
{ The car had to he puahad io Fourth 
sire** and put In the Car oama for re- 
pairs- It re4oired the polie* fT.M 
from the Wrat Tbrrtlefh agrett atatioa 
to diaperte the crowd. 


Slit to Eeliere Temion trf Sheath 
Skirt Latitat Weapcn <yf 
the Vamp j. , 



t'klld ralla 

rn Wtmnnw. 

Two-yea rold Joseph Reck, of 4532 
Park arersce. is In Fnrdham Hospital in 
serious condition as a result of a f*U 
\ from a windoM- of his borne ytatrrdav. 
The boy climbed on the window ledge 
whllr bis mother was In another room- 
lopplrd [bro«g)i a *er*efi gad rdyng+rl 
fire floors to the sereet. Pstrolman CHto 
Ortnber, of tbe Bronx Park citation, wbo 
waa passing, comandeered an Automobile 
and rushed him to tba bospilal, where 
hat was attended by Dr. Loo. Joseph's 
atit thick aad skull warn sracturad, 


Grmad Jnrr Will Probekly Re.ek 
rjaelale^ by Hnstsy. 

"The Septemher ' Federal Grand Jory 
recessed yesterday afternoon until Moh- 
■lay without handing up further Indict- 
ments in the E- M- Fuller eV Company 
buckrtsbnp cane, as bad been espect-'d- 
The Grand Juron were not dircharsed. 
however, despite Ihe fact that this Is 
the laat court day of September. 

Got WHueiD Hayward. T'plled Smrea 
Aitornpy, when lake dif the Grand Jury | 
wo-uJd be eontiDued to complete unfin- 
lahed work, said be had not dccf-Jcd 
whether to as kibe court 10 routlnae the 
body. The Grausd Jurors will probably 
raaka a prrscrtmefit on Monday, and. If 
Its work la completed wfll fa* s*!a- 

i.»T falaas Ne»a w Tl* Marsta* T«Twns* 
CHICAGO, Sept. 21 
Mary haa a Utile calf, 

Ir> juRt aa white at snow; 

She's slit her shirt a foot and a half. 

And that hj how 1 know. 

Briefly, Ihl els the laumt derelbpineut 
in the whirligig of eshrtcc h feminine 
fsahioB,. except thit In most cases Mary 
"sears a dainty silk casing, which, per- 
force, must be, silk mM the way. Tbia la 
no forecaar, but a aUtement of a fact 
being noted 'now for th* nrat time by 
obserTsnt rif ligjia un the. principal prom- 
enades of ibr. bigger baUlvrlckB. Id ■ 
few moooa u ■come It will doubtless pro- 
duce much boa and hry from tbe 
1 Whitbtr-ara-wr-drirting?" element. 

Leading ciodlstes and deaigner? knew 
It was coming, but are expressing sur- 
prise to ase the leoftb lo which it hirf 
gone, as tbsy had prescribed bat a few 
lQ«faes nf alit. whereas moat-of the new 
skirts — goodness only knows whether by 
accident or design— are hoond to <fi\t tba 
wearers wntsr oa Lbs knee on a rainy 

It remaned for Madame Rose, a 
modist* and a widely -quoted authority on 
gown,, to tall the Unksd News bow this 
catna abont 

He ia ■ i sry yonng man indeed srbo 
■ doe* not rcuienibtr that a year «r ao ago, 

the abort, full Bkirt which just tickled 
the kDea waa One of the first things upon 
which the ship news reporters In New 
Tork naked «Tery dlatingnished liiitiog 
fjirelgner his views. And evcrj-tvhere th* 
di*tinguiatieil gavat went afterward, he 
waa unfailingly asked, all over agsla. 

Now .It I'Ffni. accordlog to Uadama 
Rase . that the abort skins wave net 
| lengthened mrrsly because tbe girls 
rbanght the anew ts-I tired of tbria or 
bennae there was rr?Mri> anything In 
th ranting of the rv-fn>mcT!>. but merely 
because the dreaamskers bad pointed) oat 
an ween after* Intriguing method of at- 
t rafting masculine interest — namely tbe 
slim silhouette type of gown, which is 
now being used hy the erstwhile flipper 
to *-asnp from the knees up laataad of 
fro rathe kneea down. 

Th* ruggestlcn- of th* rntbre figure, 
which la perhaps more- than a iaggea< 
tieo with the eorregt tight skirts, ia 
much more potent In arousing male is- 
tereet .according to Madame Roisa, tbaa 
th» calves snd ankles of yeat e ryassr 

"But." Madame Roae continued naive- 
ly to eiplafa, "this ■•tc-cso meahotf nf 
Temping bad Its drawback*, f-n- tba 
skirts becstni* so rUrht as to permit of 
lit iio movement of the nether Itmha. and 
rrslly, sir. a girl rmui wafk. W* ctraldn't 
make these *}|m «Hbrrti«tte skirts ahorter 
or we'd h* half-atked. ThBL the lilt 
w*s tbe only way oat, and then yon 
turn it 

"The original v ampins: Intent, nnt 
aes. baa ct.w PecOine double-barrelled, 
and tbo men may well hewere." 

Madsnii- Roar 1 ! aiin-ins; and weD- 
chosen word* ellmlnste sll doubt that 
rh* above truatraln abouT Mary's calf 
has completely wiped from th* Msrds 
tboee wels-known, but no^ old- fashioned, 
linee'vf tender memory wbEcb went: 
"The Devil sends the wicked w|pd. - 

"That blows nur skirts kaee-hlgh. 
Bu' God Is good and he sends, the duet. 

"To blow In th* bad man's eye." 

caver. Jesuetswe ieesltisl. 

Captain Hnbert J. Jennings, who. laht 

Jane, took Ruth Smtvloig on a txh* te- 

WaahlarlAB. was aeanofttad lata yeetsr- 

day after hia trial • aa charge cf kka- 



a_~^ — ■., — : -. ---. [, -~~~^m^^^ 


r ru BL UB ED KV K * r . SIN ii A V, 

FabHaaed br TJHS UCWie, Ft' m. mm K»" roifvABT, iiJ», «« Eighth AranOs. 
■Orber Fiftieth Street. In the CUy of New Tor*. Borough orKanaaltsn. 
- W. K. IrfwH. lV»MT«r. fi» Bight h Arenas. . B*.«ara R. J WffftfcJflASSS? 1 " 
S3u Eighth Attune. Join J. SeM. Jr« SecrcEaey ind Tseaiurtr; BTO Elajhthi Artnnt. 
Tetepta.***, Use Clrrls. 

Mtki Cheese SMjtbU » Th* Worming Teltgrnpfc, 5=0 Might* 1«»* S ew Tort. 

. A dispatch, from the Went awV-tbnt she- motion ple- 
Ln Aiding the ture theatre owner* *( Kansas srs considering coming 
Farroen the E*> l * Ib,: •*! " •*-" **« termers". " Thw •« 1" ■>«»« ■ *J* 

1-t.u- -* IT rcwi^i to tbr t"rrrhaw of *heal seed to r*pUm : Q* 

rubrtoc* ot [vmm* mpt dt-tJ0JK j lWi Jttr bf f:Mdi . ir tbt »«( «■»■■ 

Aft Betting on ft humt is aneveaafal, the eabibltora profit *i 

. Son Thnif . . ■* •: ihe •>*»;■ ^ it *» **»'= * ''"• *« «M»itora *ftftft 

"are e-Dt 1 mull amount of money, but tner Iff .in lb* 
good wlll-of the fanners. Either way. they-eaa't' low. 

Thia is the sort of thin* that ail exhibitor orfanbutiooe ahonhl do. What- 
ever the personal attitude of the Mhlbllor, fat* theatre I* * pnbljc JnifltoffepiBa. 
.km prosperity and popularity bound up with th* general welfare, af.thni: aeettoa 
of the public from which It draws its patronage, the 'Endatr*. owW-^buld, anil 
in rainy eases do**. rake ft lea din j part Ln community activity. The man who 
.pint a motion picture theatre sutomalienlly assumes a freater rtipoEBtflttitr »o 
the community thin merely providing entertainment. 

In the «ae or ihe Ktsui exhibitors the step f> necptlonjillj **■)! taken. 
■Their welfare li Indtsaolubly bound up with that of the farmer*. and ln> gyring 
substantial a'.A wbrn ft j« mont nredrd tbw M* Bat only lainbr the 'gT»tllna> of 
lh«Ir parliculir rublle. but at tb* Mme tEme Int«tlnf moofj athlph cannot f*1 
to pa j Wft finandsl dlTidendn in the lcmia*d DToaperltT of the dl»tritt. 

Thr mmblini* within tbi IndptJtyof * alonmj y*ir 
wf,-n Ihe tbratre owner* of th« oountrf and ibe pro- 
dBHn and tbe distributor (Hflm to h* Uttl* -morir than 
irii- mrre- *rho of nafCttfttod fporlb cir^ulsifil at Uswa 
I print and niwlly thronfh pernOU) t«l!<lp. There wan 
tint Ihe dEipute about the tlroailwaf. thowini«..ihe talk of 
Fliminnlinf ilie adranc^ xirflafntttlona ni l^ritlmate th#- 
i morr fo th« natal, the botri tbent prir^fl that were 
. betDE aakedl hj diarHbutoTK for bis ptetnree). ' ] . . . ; 

Biir iv many rrm/a ih* producer* thenqrlrea, bT\Bctu'il)j Jobai .the unbe!ierf- 
nblr— id wit. uakins ciub; pinnrei that deaerra to br called bij — bate hroticbt 
th* ritunlion back t. Liiranlin-. Formerly a!'. &a dlatributorl bad Din p]««in( 
I'ttlle program picturea for m1», and thry demanded] hlj p-rires for each of them 
' br talkinj exploilatiod. Tb« they didn't J«' Ihe nrieea : i* hijJorj-. . To-cpy wlen 
the pleturfs arr bit rnonrh to merit m mCcnifireat restaur, tha chftacet of ctttls* 
. this tktt armont oa difficult fta 'before- Competition annma; the bis pEctnreJ baa 
rairde thia altnitlon. *■ 

rnetioilly all of the blj prodawra ba**- already released a ar-iiip of a doitn 
picturea, «nd ptayinj datea on 1 moot nt (b«a« were delayed whll* »nleamen inU 
renter* were Jockfj-:na back and forth for jm'rrbaae prwra. Meanwhile the die- 
tribntora h*»e been worrjint, aho4t thelt eollertlonit, and trith'the ner«M'iy let 
ffoodtnf thenjarket with their neweat produetloe* tbr p>*wpert of idea^hiuneta?? 
rullratloti U faat fadbif. and thej are ririnr: the bll pltrturVa to th* ejchiKton Tr 
miuiy eaaea at prkta that forOieily w*t« paM for proitam prtrfartimiM. It item* 
jtfcht if all ; thp ptriturea art - bia;j oDe.diatribUitoe haa nb real. nd>abtiiEii J €iV*r Ibe 
"I'tjih^r'jBBd the aupply «i»d demand' wfO keep Hn old proport-'oos. *^ 

niimiiif nmni uiisiiriniriiJii i»jiiiiJiui]iiimiEiiiiiiiiininiriiTi:*ii in mi iiiirmifiii 11^ 

Products ■ Really 
Delivering 'Big 
P i c t a r e a Th«y 
Talked About, 

; itrea, and then, ivhul 


By LCrUBiLA O. P Ak&Q*f5 




fi'dftofj Xtrtc—Tfr-t oiftfwa pirlur* prfj* ffgeu*. w.V> Affjr b>etLf«of«J ct hoefKp 
. »offf odieciirea P« AeaJ floV'-oair olarr hirma-n W*>', % etrrionritf nitrnl tplej. il 
Cpmea to talking, oboaJ fclweeff^ ffc. Kitf. *e falirha^Modfaa^orer JKul.ttor*, W* 
OOIP QHlf hir.Oteapa"!,, tw.1 f\C h^t nothing fi> *a u df kit atCa nchicvcm**ti. .. T}ie 
ilorniHB Tdiwpl ^' **&#& ■l+* r * H »' 1F*H «i *rnWe*-«f Ifjo-t »*f«.«Ao *S*g 
mbwt vllurt. tfrUtiurlailmmt.of t*q ttrict i* Batinif ffitwn, who |«»3m^VHW 
/or tAfl f/fiifod '8(ira*ea. Or».*»*<?oaj(. ', ' *•"' - - '. :.^ ' 

Every now and then-.. -In ihia r*l)«y of "notablea," there ipp*nr* thepam*. 

of a -wocnan who i» earryrriE on the awd wori of "sinting Mher:p»jlc>.jnrMaiaL" 

-,The fenile *H of -preaeVjencyhJ by no rneapa without lt» "Unauiii ,HeT6iTie* f " and 1 

one of tie beat known of tbe wemeu representatives on die Coa*t in r4oninU AX'tufbn," 

who bolda forth at the United Stodw. Sbe wai 

* born in a tnidiuic enmp la Northern: , -Callfbrain. 

Caniinwd thit dbe waa dealined tc paint the- 

wbrnfa E"ntett' maaterpiece, Mi™ Wljlwu nought 

opportunity and n career (n^NeW TotltN 

' Aftnr what ihe (lereribei ns o very rhllly 
Winter in the TMttopolitan city— llferfllty and fig- 
urative); ppealtinfi-an'l n >-enr at the Art Stu* 
denti' Leafwevahe decided that her Ideaa of htrvlf 
aa a^ pBidtcT ""w*r* . arMnewhat eiaijprreJedj and 
tufi*l to newapapcr work qa a por*IbrC nfaBarj^ 
which to eipreaa Itttielf. A .brief experience on 
ihe Etrnine; World proved a *erj jJeMafltone/and 
it xeivc ber a chance to aare sulflcient monej with 
wliirlb to reti)Tn"ia her native heath, 'F*r, -while 
ahe hail grown to feel more rarombly toward the 
Beat, she onntlaoed. to prefer California, and the 
rrreTtrion, ape rwiMvl pn brr return to the OoTden 
ijtDte waa aa Warm -o» the f^atrm one bad been 
cool. So she" decided* to >tay there.^ 

■ Acting un tbc ndvice that an editor on the 
WisrM iihd air-i*n Iist to "keep noving,** the yoil nt 
woman, aftrr. ft rtborl time Ml tlif Ran Frauri«-> 
1'hronic'r n>oi'ed iD In « I ■ =-- l-nivr l'r>«f. nnrf noon "after eitabliahing r?onneHtoi)ii 
wjih tbiJi iiihlicfltion waj ahmblg atoile*,-' Ijitrr" ahe rrtvrldped ft tauto tor feaiiire 
Wfltlna anit nfocefrted to let ^eniua bnrm hi behalf nf- ihe Sefl+t 1 * eltnr fur many 
. nfinlJlt. nfiee whWf *he did Tlie name thing Jar the I^nn Ananlea T^mra. ■ 

At jnni iilijui! fbis jwiint in the cnlrrr of, evert rwwtipaper person, a-loop came» 
the puhllrlty bng. Bonnie VTiLaon waa no eiceptioh. 'After a taate or thia work 
nt n^^sf juir dirertor of 'Western pu.Miriry for the NnVtnnal War -iVnrk Coundl or 
the V. ST.- L". A., dad handling pdblieitr and advTtiniiie for the F'airmonnt and 
Pnliirc lipiri? in Nan Franeipco. Miea Wilaon jm'cwm'fied lo/tbr turr at rhj.arrrfai. 
Aboar «x niontlu ago ahc joined tti" forcea ;,f the JoirH Ifimdioj rtod ir, nddrlion 
to flrting n* Tiremi rg>rewrtativc for th* rfunlo, handled Ihe ' publicity for Maurice 
TViunwnT'r: "Ule titXtnt Afeipa," J '.'..-- -" 

■ ■ Mim "ft'itwm hair errb -tiSgher ambit'ofl" than pefpg a prr«, a*ent, . . She ia 
aaxiowK to bemme a; aoejcnaafui ahort ktnry Writer*. She boa done ennaldenble 
magaaine work In the past J«ar and hopee: to 'keep right at it, Her great hobby., 
and favorite antdtar ap*.rt ia "flying,"' She even ptefen it tc» writfng f «traBge 
aa Ihnt mrry #etm. ■ .....,; 



CALDWELL BACK OH COAST. 'cenifaw*-*'* 1** «"-*>* **^t«r*-l 

LOS ANGEiEtt. Slrt. ^5,— WUfcthe 

iKhiac of Milton, ftilla, Wallace Mac 

'"Jtttt-ili iJcWitt Jenulnga, Bertram 
Ujwby, Matllwfw Bctta and, titttrtsJc., 
t'lo-ire, llctni lis* 'caropltlf*'. the coat 
which wIU tnpiwrl V'lnEa Dana ^ln her 
rrcM Rtarrtng neMe^e, "Angel TTace Mn*- 
Ig," a-atory writteu by Fred Kennedr 
WylMi n*W being adapted fnr ftllai 

DpnaV uxe by.Tbomfl-f J, H'opklno. it 
will be dirtirteil by Oscar Apfel. whofc 
•election waa prtvtousiy auncunced- 

TJiia, will be the ace»ad picwre In 
which Mr.- Sills has .playejd with Mhrs 
Dana, 'liio/nf-t was' ^Dongereu* to 
Men,'' produced "by . MeJtm -b-jvctsI year* 
aao. .KaTurta'-wera made, at egrioua timei 
tr, ,-;,-, t. Mr. Bilk in support of Mia< 
H4na In other picture* hot nntil "AngeJ 
r?n<* >Iolly" Mr, ."*«■"* pHe* ennaei!- 
mcntji intttfered- , ' 

;^*WBHace MacDonsJd Tecantly com- 
parted- lending roles In "The >l»i->«n-" and 
lit "Jlaytiow 1 ' aiid ]>aM'U* J««]nin«s 
hold-- the duilinction of. hating pujed. 

- ajasrv ilelccti-e part* on the ■taga'and 
aerecn tb*n> a'niml any other aetor- '-We 
6n»'d p-ilf-e 'detective role in "Aafei 

"'JftieO iitrflr.' 1 ~r — _ . 

M*.s CdMIwI in fl ff l«t„ <:»«»Ji«* 
TtirasuKt( laJ*»lci4,; ' 

1Sf«rl-,J -CflTWpstiLlvKa 1t,« M<trnU>-J Tilncir".! 

. . IJM . AXfira-irJ. Cat. 'Sept. ,34. 
-^Fred f aldweU. pfoQncer o" '"Night 
Jj'fe'ln Uolh-woid, ' baa' joat r rrtwrned 
from. 3Cew ¥»rir; .ivaar* he conic'uded g 
relccbdnsr contract With the nVbnirs; -Be- 
ieaaipg Cor-nntlaii. •» *ite d£strih«tip(i 
16 his entire ourimt of-TcuCHre'ctjtnedJe* 
for,t^s y««T. each, to Jhavp i tliitjnct Hol- 
lywood 1 theme.- ' 

, The can bract waa agetir^d nn^prodjif- 
tions which. itr,Ca]dw«V hla «.mpl«fedl 
from, orininnt ntorle» froni'' the p*u of 
J. Stewart Woodhonae. 

Tb> fltst four pfctiiTe* Tvfficb "will start 
relcabea Noeeiaber 1, Bre,H*-TbB EJite of 
IIidlrwoM.'' ""The l.'reani of Hoilywood. 1 ' 
"The Bishop of Uollj-wood, ' »ihd "Tha 
fthjjk of Ifolljwixid " 

Tbese faaturwcumed'ea iiidwde in their 
ra*t* f.-heyttfConkllB, Victor Patei, Alice 
Howell, f!ail TEwnrj. Iinjmontj Cannon 
t'harie« Afftct, Violet Fchram. '"Hurlal 
Ite/uolifa and CnorJe-i r>»1e. Fiortuclloti 
will be thwugA ftaBtadfntdy ir- rufthcr- 
ance of tUe eopirart. 

. is. J; Rmjlnr wtih Fatha. ' 

Svl--.?, -71 ^ ■ w * rU ""**» in -iomhrrn 
and Middle He*u*n trade circlet, ha* 
been appointed: an mftjuger of i'athr'a 
New t lirteanr .eichaag*, Jlr, B*vJey 
iftoaer to Pithe from Astoria ted j/iLnt 
"vaUooal Pirfnre*. with whoiB he had 
b**n aaeoc4ated for the U*t y*tr pi the 
brandt manaictr o* (h« Pallns oftlee. Sir. 
B#yW ba. luu] expa/icne* in both jhs 
wp>*ttre nud exchange brauche* of the in 

SAMTJEE GOt.DSV.TS need not fear 
the 'approaeaj ot the 1 wol( tit pov- 
erty, iitiroT nrrd be worry aboBt 
Spending money on. makirnr pic- 
tures, "]f*"Wtaah and ftrlnMtter"' does 
not reUD-FC "nil of thbH worries from his 
mind, (hen th** ciiher producers better 
■top' tasking plctdrca. "PdUoh 1 and Perl- 
mutter" kept ti,e pattofuj of tHe'Htrand 
Tbeoltre in paroijUms of laughter laat 
Sunday afteraoon with a aurreptJtioai 
tear ot two for good measure la tha eyea 
of those who neter Ok* to mhs an op- 
port unity to .crj when a film permits. 

Tea* "Potash and PerlmnUtr" is that 
kind of a pldnrr. A Uaffa nnd a tear 
so cloie together h> . difficult lo My 
»hen one irtarts and the other end*. It's 
the heal entertainment since "The Kid," 
snd a* fnnay aa Charlie Chaplin at his 
funniest Why som* one did not nail 
Barney Bernard oWn to a contract long 
btloni Bamuel Goldwyn aaw hi* poaai- 
bi.Htifa I do not know. The producers 
cry for material — and here Montagu* 
Glass's famous Jewhia stories bate been 
on the market for aetertl years, to my 
certain knowledge, with the producers 
afraid th* Jewiab comedy would not go 
on the acree^i. 

It's m fanny a* it was on the arajer 
and that la saying BometbltvT, Mr. Gtdd- 
« yn had the good **nae tn let Mr. Glass 
write tbo titles, and it tbej- do not make 
tf&rf ooe who sees the picture laarh, 
then those. few grouches are ready for 
the old folk's home, 

"T*otasb sad Perhutirter"' ahauld K *ke 
a million dollars. Any picture that af- 
fects « blase Jiew York audience »? thia 
baa nil week ia the real thin* Toe *i- 
hibilori who believe Abe and Mnwruas 
are atage propertiea and ansultablc (or 
tl»- ncreen better Uke a IopW at 'heM 
iwo. gsademen sud tc crtnvlticed btfurs 
some other exhibitor giabs them. The 
orouainE part— a large. percentaf; of the 
nqdienw: at Uw Strand last week were 
Jowlab. and they lauihed lourtt thsu 
any one tassh,^ Who knows how many of 
th*a. have a Boaif In. their fau>lJy. Vera 
Gordon known just how Rosio' would be- 
hove, and aha does as much for the- pic- 
ture aa Mri Bernard (tad Alexander 
Cam The pinochle gamo ia a tW. 

Samuel Goldwyn, who. frankly said 
that ho "ahot ybje^workB" Into making 
bla two ptctorea^ can.- fee| he made no 
miatote. He hM'ecMrgttl frrtm Ills (iret 
attempt with n royal. Oaah. and if "The 
Eternal CUy".* ia.bnlt .i* food as "Vq- 
Igsh," he wjircotne OBt a winner. "'Po- 
raah'-' «ntlae*s up that it ia not the big. 
iportacclar fiiltt: V£»% ""le of the oU 
bcatt intereat with sonw honest -10-8000:- 
npKH lipman emulloaa. that .count. 

\Vr congrntuUte Satnnel Poldwyn on 
bia flrat "nidf neodent prwIiwtioiiH . Hn 
has act a nrc*j l«igh atnndatd that wtfi 
t* difficult to follow. Bat we wish him 
lack' In hV attempt. "Potash" » W* 
■■TlnrsKldiVit only happen* on<T in a. 
long lime.' If there wet" aw "Kip*** 
and taort "Poiaih and Pcilmuttrnf mo- 
tion picture-pilnE would ft*««r **" threat- 
ened aa a lost art. U would In- a piymtf 
inetitutiOtt bi lon| as the world goes on. 

Stony Cel*»rltles T&rr«'. _ t 
The > opening of "Casanova" at the 
Empire Thcn'tm l»*t Wednesday flight 
trangbt forth a great ftalaij of Celchrt- 
tira not the leai-t -f when, were well- 
koown motioq picture Wk, Tiore is 
noTer any Kew Vork oprnim of, any 
eonsequefte* n-ithoiit tnarlon pictnns 
people. ' AmooS thosf * hn - m ^ TC 
gllmpMd between tbq arm and after 
the theatre were Mr and Mn.. Ado^ph 
Znkor. >V«- S&uYo* lookrrt re-y rfiarm- 
iDi In s white -(kneb. Hh* 1 '" "• www 
^ookiDX tha' 't W ■■1 T, '*F" difficult W 
rpnlhw ahc i» | arandraother. (ilorja 
Bfraneon - was there, harinr como in 
frovn Ihe rOunt?y eipeciallJ■ for the open- 
ing. 'Kbo aatd allbmigb b'jp was only ha 
fa? the night she had brought ber baby 
iritb lier. rtlta W>iman, looking i"ery 
well sincr. her .trip abrt?al. win amoflg 
the celebrities present. Itohert Kaie, I. 
Bliiwenthjl, Jetta CfOudaJ, Ilex ingriihi, 
Bentah' rJ^Eng*to9 ""d many others well 
know* in ibe.-pioture induatry were seen: 
'■Ca*"offl" +; lB beautifully plrtorial, but' 
We «a!d aot *ce fc motion pletore ptay 
l D it. There Were thow who ooilld sea- 
one. however, and spoke of screen pow 
BihlliHea in no WDCrrtain toues. After.' 
a j|i, lootinn plctnro matirrial ia a matter 
of'oplalon. What ia a pictufa to on a 
ipia la aomethltig .else to another. Speak- 
lug of B«: Ingram, ho sailed yesterday 
lor Europe, where he wiil look for lo- 
cations tor "The Arab," which is to be, 
bbr nest pteture'after ail and not "The 
-World's, inesloo" a 5 we reported a few 
dars flgfi. Mr. Ingram and hla r wife. 
wbo Jo'jied him after the performance^ 
were member* of a Mltle party a^rea 
by Mr. aod Mrs. 7,«kor. . 

Glorlsi Acta sm OowssoMms". 

.Take a good^TooU, girl* and boys, at 
Byliil Ashton,'hiioiher. extraordiaify of 
the "fllibDM^,.becaiiac«h'e. will no mora, 
give the' silent drama the air of reapect- 
iibiiiiy that hf' presence •OsaeBbw al- 
wajs implies. Erring aona ran no naorc 
ery on her capacious bosom and dapgh- 
t>ri "■HI not rcceite her blessing; when 
■Ufty step (or tk Inio-tbc wicked world, 
because Ml** Aahton. h*D left Hollywood 
aed motion picture*, 
l-r it it bllth and .dry, 

■^No,' the didn't leave becauae she bod 
I'pwdl acalnat' any o«e to the Biovia 
c-rluov. but because she wanted to seek \ 
her 'JfoTtone in the big city. Her for-. [ 
tun-:. ;■"! inay be sure' after looking- at \ 
her. won pretty deflriilehr planned lie- 
[pra- she ever set foot In our town. She 
tn*w what ahe was going to do and when. 
She ko*w* that she waa falrig to ttut 
a tea e.7onr In Manhattan and feed the 
kuftary mob iFeeding people la iutt like 
gettii^JBaneT from heme tn her. Oat 
in HoJ.yn-oni. when ahe wasn't answer- 
ing lh«' call of the camera, the waa keep- 
inp n !iii^ nli-n k h-ni-a' tot -the Ironirlew^ ■ 
*dU tbey aay- that anjboo^w Ly «vi-r ha4 


ai ' Given Up Ma 

oco of hccmcnhi nevcr'failcd to rehiirD. 
for^ an encett'; 

"I'ro had ttie idea for fl lotig time." 
naid Miaa^ABhtoii,,,- , >vb'?n -r-bappetied to. 
meet hPt"on'ThiiT*dny vrl'th Ulorla biwati- 
sou. "I *a*cil my montj untlli. I bad 
euonsh tn -come Most, and etatt, tbh sort' 
of tea roD'm-r bclietp thia town neeils.' 
I do riot inrrtid to act. again wilean 'I 
loj^e all my money, and then, at course, 
I'll bote to." 

ClorloL Snd fl*f O.M1 ' CO l-« t- 

"Bbe served bet fimc on the stage and 
Bereert-";ndfrl T (ildrlB ; "'tJBe nu oii'the' 
ftrngn many jtbm ar.n acid lifl-i biH*n Id 
pMmB foe a long time. I believe when 
people get an LJeir if It la possible and 
right, they shooM do, everything thejr iran 
to fulfil 'H. Ttlat'Ta wby I am glnd 
MmJirr Aabton ia- Ro[og to hate her cun* 
nfftn little. j-caUurarit" ■ 
""■fjloria has been martolniiB," «aid Mra. 
AsbtoTi. "She never fsiled to site nn: all 
the cBconrageni^nt in the ^torld, aod now 
she linH even gii'VQ mv a namo for my tea. 
room. Wc art going to call it the Oold- 
en' Bod." J ' 

"1 onfy aiiggcs.teil the name and helped 
fhoi>se it." aafd <iloria. "It'ecemed to 
mc to loud Ltself to lliat port of thing." 
I Thia <f .-Find took place in Mrs. Aih- 
ton> aulto at the Chatham- (iloria I12H 
invltrd me' to mm* and aeo tiioria -<\. 

"'She ia Intely," nuid the young ladj'a 
mother, "'and yon will juat lore hit." 

At the time I arTivcdT&lorlji was bring 
urged to eat so (hat she'f-otid bane a 
tempting dish ot Ire cream that -waited 
for her. Her nunc and Sylria. Aahton 
were doing luetr beet to cOOX Ml*i Gloria 
to tn&te a little auni) o'v adme of vthe v-ep- 
ful<>e. Bdt she rcfuatrd. And it waa 
only when her mother paid, the .word that 
flu- ate a quarter of an tacti.of ft Siring 

"She never cat*." a«id' GforU H". 1 
despairing'?. ''She docaa't^cnt cnouSh to 
keep a blpd.nnve.'' "■ r '■ •■ 

"Oh, that's all right," I- told her. "The 
little "gitl \t my hours" 'wsed.^o be the 
same way and noff :*he eats. |12o a farm- 
hand." '(1 liope the ).. G. A"H r "'d6es"n.ot 
Mt* th&, because if 'ah* "■rtbeaf < am kyt 
to be hoMeleaa.) - • 1 ■ * - ■ -■ 

Hativ Uiorca waa^.eleopy'and-wantod a 
cap at weltaa her Ire' crcanl.''and after 
she had beefl-fedaha^inajllr w'a». per- 
'suaded to go to tlecp, Wjt ttia she refused 


ff you hsve praise tO.(rve, tom- 
pfilnts to rhakc or ideai to . mr, 

register I htm with thcOntpcker. 


(ftpvcftl t«Tt«>«o«W« Soralna ■tt , Jc™^- : ' 
LOH,ANtiriLEg,:i(ept-r? J - 
The topical comedy, 00* »«*« ot l 
some "rtirre&t haptraniur; or uraae^of 
note, is tlie nJgat 'sneewnrfu! jlu'thro 
Comedy to-day. occordiuir to Vonimy 
(Irey, s«|«r\Tsor of.roplcdy production 
gt Cnlirrsal City, faltowwip a to--ir ot 
the oouiitiT that took -n.|[B ta hw 
Vorfc. ChrcBsi'. -ana n»»y other eitieJ. 
where he iiilerttewed ewliangr wldtnalj 
and DxhTWtorit, to ascertftli* the moat 
dislrsiblc fftnn of eonaadllea ' f runt tat 
seller's fctfllidpolat. _„ 

''Gplnjona wore ■ widely divergent, 
ha asja- -^oDMciiies -prefer one cd*«t 
dlan, mm another, Wtt oat of It • I 
arrired at a xott of Bverage contlusion 
ihBt 1 think It enlightening.' ' 

•Topical eomedifp— that"- "»*n«wa 
based; on widsly known bflppentties or 
new ei-aara— s*™ 1 tflhe the beat *el;era. 
" ,"A* to comedis rw f ■ lay 'trip has 
tailgbtxne that *c must rsske more of 
the Chuck Eeiu*er t-otS'ediaa : bur Drat 
aeries. 'The Pencil Pokhera^ la which 
bla adventure* a* n newspaper repiVner 
are shown,; are In demand, The Bert 
Boavb eonVediea art il»o In d-mtud. 
hut since llert Vvl#»atlon to hig fpa- 
inrrs 1 don't know wfaetbM 
able. M get him. again. '. .' , 

"The oW-"lyle of corrtedy- ehasaa 
"-and mlabap* has ps**ed: lha day. af 
yth* cuatsrH pt# in pirtoref -\# gaae 
WiifiYii TTiilrlnl sWVTrl air hffs *" 

to do until her mother coxae La and taw 
her aafelylu bed, ,. 

H|b r Ccfi Ktr 1« tre«m. 

Tie an"*? might d.o tvfj well for 
Gloria rlwanaon's' daughter. t"it when 
her lively mother w^s present t bo none 
did not count. In many en sea I havcacen 
the mother' a figurehead, tke ehld pre* 
feirina; the nurse to Ita own parent. But 
nothing. like thia in the caae of young 
Olorii Bwanson Somliom. She'll take 
ber mother any; day in the. week, And 
hellere aia she obeya ber mother. 'At the 
pgd of three she knows whea ti-i mother 
aaya do' she means it. Of courxe It was 
pretty' hard with alt of us pulling for 
youn? H'rlf-ris to get that ice cream und 
her mother hcins forced to -play tha rola^ 
nf tin ■ rttoni parent. Bnt'a little thing like 
four peoplo nsbyinr.: "Oh Come on. let her 
have he? ire cream." did not inllarpee 
■Gloria. She made (li-r- ^-'j i I il cut that 
([iiarter of an irn-h of etring hefln before 
she 'v-oiilii let her hoT>< ntn- taste of the 
fast-meltlnK l« cream. 

The baby looks a lot like her mother. 
The same eyes- and mutub atid smile. 
She Is tcit like Gloria waa at Id be- 
fore- the world gave her so many reasons 
to know That' life La not nil a bed pf 
roses. True, she has reached the top 
of fie ledaci- of fatoe and success and all 
thlnn that go to make supposed hnppl^ 
m ■ i. hut Et has not hrought happiness IO 
her. "ft bka brouRht her heart -aches. 
It liaa brdttgLlt her mauy unhappy bonra' 
that people can and will eay tblngi tb«.t 
:iri- vnitrLii; Just to x<-i 11 good story. 

i-Qbltc Oettfthla in (.u«.lp. 
Whea- Gloria- waa lo the hospital, 
weak from an operation, a photographer 
ml one of .the daily papers' tried to- gain 
arfmittahce to the room ta-fet a picture 
of her In tied. 1 threatening to divulge 'a 
wandcl that never existed it he dltl-'riot 
gpt the photograph. This and . the 
kimwh-dgr' thitt even the ■Implnt thing 
in the lif-fl- nf a'spcacsafui motipn pletore 
stor, is dlotorted t« look^llkd. a natuia- 
lional -acoiidal la' on* of ■ the. penairW 
that ev_tTT famout iputlon- picture star 
baa to pay.- Il has come hard for tiioria 
because ehe*la/ sensitive,, 'and 1 'she takes 
to heart tbeae tolhga. IL eeems' too bad 
that sqcceaa has to be dQed with so much 
bitterness, thai ir brings wiili ii ao many 
lieirracfct*, and iw irsiny - 

Siimfiircw wr woxiuf>r why -the public 
takea tnch a malicious delight m reading 
ovary xi.i>,-j that la said about any nifr 
■t|on pletore ■jlaaer. -A £ Juicy -morsel 
eVftn tiia aixapteat happening^ becomes 
when It ' cojterhs . a atai^ Ifit itfn 
ceriKd iiny oiifj else, it miphi br psM-aed 
ni] ui Dwintcreotjog and unimportant. 
But whan It relarea to tbose who' axe in 
the public; eye giwaya decorated, 
ti'.lhul to and made inrpgrutlt. , . - 

Son-, ihl.N 1j d-i >t spppoeod- to: be aa 
interview-- with Gloria eJwanaon,'; I .'vrent 
over" to. jt'ea her baby, "bat. tJloria is' aj. 
ways good copy, oho is s>icb a aorge- 
oua creatiire ' aad Is- ehvajt in* 
teresting. .- Per hi pa loo reasoD I have 
•mcb a soft spot m my. heart for ber. i ( 
thai, alibough 1 knew her whsa ahe was 
Just *. little eitro girl, 'she ^haa not 
chatigod one bit. . She is Juat the' same 
strai*httor¥.«rd, ombitttjns girlVho nn- 
aonsced that nhe .wo*- going to make 
good, and went out and did it. 

We hope Mother Aahtoii will likewise 
make Booa an'-wir teal' room. 8be has 
choaen V loeatloti near the Plain, and we 
tor one - nrfitbiee to F* there -when we arc 
hiintr*. ' '-;.'.■ * . 

^npidtHB p. naar ..Man. 
•■The, BeauUlttl City,", ftdmuad ^euid- 
Ing'a orlglbal story, has. been bought by 
Hkhard- Baelhelnipss, a Jsti Wblcli ' must 
make &tr, Uouldiog tery. happy, because 

he bad yOBBf Barthelmeaa hi mind when 
be wrote the awry. If »here ia any one 
who ae*09xpliabes any more w>rk thon 
this Gouying person, we bate not met 
Win, Hf tetni «hray 8 lo be aetUam 
something or. engaging himsctt f»r aome 
pjaj or other. The day that he sold 
T3ie JJeantLfnl City" wa learacd that 
he had also arranged with Dodd Mead 
at Coi.'!* brinf out hla book "Shadow 
Lane" In the*. Fall, aad, while be was 
negotistiag for his kcenario and hla hook, 
ha w« deep fn writing a aeenario of 
"TAe Fool"* for TTtlllam Fox. Not con : 
tent with this, he apenda : hit odd mo- 
ments working on '"Dancing Uolhrrs,' a 
pUy which he and Edgar fielwyn expect 
to bring out acme time neat year- Has- 
la( seen Edmuad Gouldiag around the 
Algonn.uin?aL luncheon tfsta and dinner 
time so often- 1 asked him hc-w he n)an- 
sged to get all thia work done. He 
Htya he eondacta hia hualnesi like any 
btfaer basiiesB mkn F going lo work in 
the morning jnd wTTtbii at rcfular hours 
until he' fiajahea. 

■Ib^O th* Dag C«.»*. 

Ihare learned more about dogs the 
last tour day* than 1 ever knew th my 
1 ife and, toclnaniatiy, about people. I 
have cl»r«T*-red that human nature It 
divided inlo ' two classes. Those ' who 
like dogt and tboia who do not. The 
dog rhat csuie to our bo«ae la an Irish 
Itrrler, age eight: werko, and the moat 
engaging puppy Id taptlTity. lie wouhl 
njake a fine motion picture actor, be- 
cause he "never forgets to r»se and look 
his beat. 

'At a party -the other evening a man 
who I hare admired, in aplteof the ac- j 
euaalion of bis friends that he la a 
colossal egotist, sard, when I asked blm 
if he knew anything about doga, "No" 
and._lnrned on hia heel and walked away. 
"What an Impossible person,"' aald the 
man I was with, not knowing tost he 
referred to one of New York't leadins 
literary llghta. ' 

If it had not been tor the dog, I 
might never bote known juat what aOrl 
of a peraon t bid admired 83 long. Talk 
about Jdoli baring clay feet? — we can 
only think of Ibis rather hromldic rem- 
pariaon. Anyway, I am gratefal to the 
dog for letting me see Toy erstwhile 
friend st many others, hare seen him.- 

FertlinBnd is arte SVftI Do, ' T*n*t." 
Ferlir-and Pinaey Bttrll haa not aban- 
doned -Tenant," snd he writes to say 
that ' we imve unwittintly 'lonr blm a. 
seriouj damagr in bo stating. Mr, Gsrla 
lays that ■ he haa fotn players In Holly- 
wood makms; "Faaat" In hEn atudio, nnd 
.be." has not abandoned plana for "Aiau- 
din." 1 He says: 

■'Sins*. September 20. 1921. I hafe had 
constantly from three to six pcmo&a in 
Hollywood preparing tbe. picture. While 
1 was In Ne>w York Mrs, Eerie carried 
on the snnertislnn of the work; I feel 
ccjnfldent thit yon will correct this -falsa 
and absolutely unfounded report with 
sufficient prominence to protect our in- 
tereeta." He aald: "At some future 
date I may bate the pleasure of making 
'Aladdin," but fit the present time I am 
not identified -with any 'Aladdin' propo- 
sition snd am dAotiug all my time to> 
'Fftust' " 

Mr. Earn* inrltea us to come and call 
at his studio end see for ouraelf that 
"Faust'' la in the making. California 
Ls too far away, but we will take Mr. 
Sarie'a word for it. and regret exceed- 
ingly that ws pnbljahed. a story that 
gate him ao much uneasiness. 

Mmtx naie in rtetare. 
Alan Hale, Frank Lloyd beJIeves, will 
make an Ideal Prince ttohenhauer in 
"Black Oxen." This waa 
reached after making acreen testa of 
many well-known characters and inter- 
rfewing a dozen or more. 8a Mr, Hale 
gets the job and will be seen aa the 
Auatrifttt Prince. 

Kldftlar 4h« Te-aebor, 

Tii- 1'n: vena! press department tokta 
occaaion to aond out a atory aaylng that 
the Uyont of motion picture Critics now 
repoaib-s in the Amor lobby was taken 
by thrsa women the cast of "The 
Hunchback of Notre Dibm.1i 

"Muat bar a great east," aald ana of 
the women, pointing to Alan Dal*. Har- 
rLatte U nderhuT and Bofoert'rlherwooiL. 

,"J»'a agree with yod." aoaweted her 
frienda with an eye on Roben Welch, 
I>on Allen, Quin Martin, and the rest of 
th* film writers who are represented in 
the layouts Much better than "The 
Changling." . Some an* "page the p. a. 
of the Deary Millar show. 

BABRiTTfj visrroas savbs 


iSpMlnl CQcr uw drnvTbi atoniUii T*t>pTi F h^ 

LOS AXGKLKii, Bept.< ^4. 
- The recent mb'ng. of Ebe motion 

Clctare Bttidioa here lo bar nil Tiiitera 
aa disappointed ntaoy vjnrieu, bnt, 
BfcordiftK to virion* Jim people, has 
ah-andy. sated the Industry a small 

M. -C-- I>*Tee, president of the 
Vntted Siudtoa, In talking on the 
nutter, pli^ped the estimate of aver- 
age tola canied by the Interruption 
Ofeacti. vlalior at ?100. 

Conway Tearlc, the aclor^ dedams 
that while he W«e appearing wlta 
Norma Talmadge In M Aahea of 
Vengeance." »25,000 was loat 10 the 
prodncer through permitting rurltors 
on tha lot. On some occaslona when 
hurh-ealarird players and many eitraa 
In the nnob aeenea were held up 
while a rtaHpr was introduced to the 
star. th« lov waa sometimes aa high 
aa Jir-O a minbU. -■'- 

While the mlf againAt lh« p"h- 
lir TisitiivK the alvdlos fa not popu- 
lar with Ihe alfhtaeers. It In naUty 

n be 

.luceer on tine p|i. ... 
and the i*mc amount apent In getting 
better production ralnr on nnothrr. 
niernrea m*d* e*ch season «bould 
materlallr J M In crcatag better pic- 

WKV TMK fOBTRt t -, 

Motion Picinre Kdiii^r The ofoiwiajf 
Telegraph : 
On glancing through, yotir Onloeker'sr i 
Column for the past few weeks T find at 
man dgning Ma nam* ■* Jenkins wUifr 
Ing the prslse . of Theda Bart both 
through letter* end what he. apparently 
, consider* "uofltry." "t wander if he i# 
really aeriooa atnnt thai verse . eaf - 
whether he'a trying to pot Bemetklnf 
over on ns. I can't understand why you 
should print such ratings unless to giro 
as a laugh or to show as, how the anoTtaw 
affect certain people. Perhaps the pain* 
fijl verse may give Theda Ban a thrill, 
but It fails to intereat thia reader, 

Inspect full;,-. , 1 

fhraalil Ueigluuk, '■ 
Hotel Lucerne, New Tork. J ■: 

TRIBUTE FI10.M ft BAffeA FA.*. 1 
Motion Pletnre Editor Tha Morning; 

After reading about Theda Bare id, 
your Ontookar'a Column for the past 
Berera] weeks, I wish I might hare noma* 
thing to say about thia great woman* 
To my mind, she la the screen's greatest 
artlBt, with the poestble exception oj 
Mary Flckford. 

hlisa Sara baa a beauty that laata- 
tuuch longer than beauty of face. Such 
grace and carriage of person no one elan 
ort the acreen has. N'o one can wear 
aianntog clothes better than ahe does, 
and as for .-chsrm, whoever aald Pout 
Negri baa any? Why, aha can't hold a 
match to our Theda. Theda Barn look* 
the well-bred, refined and artlatlo 
woman. ,.' 

The screen can ill afford to lone a* 
artist, a real nrtkt of Mine Bsrta ahii* 
Ity. Bar return will .be mighty welcome* 
and may it be aopn, too, Here'a bdptBf 
ahe gets the atoriea her great talent de- 
•erves, which is more than my other fa* 
vottles do. And they are Anita Btewart, 
a real beauty and * flpa attresa If given 
half a chance, and Tommy Mctehan, the 
moat natural player on the screen. [ 
wish all three ntuch s u c c e ss and popu- 
larity, particularly Theda Bar*, becauisi 
It Isn't an easy thine to' coma back to 
the ecreen after a tone absenee sj baa 
been proved a number of timet. 
Sincerely, : . 

Theodora Ottananch. 

Ttshwsy, N, J- 


Motion Picture Editor The Mornins; 

Aecordini -to yeaterdaj'a (Sunday} 
papers, Johnny nines end BetaLe Lota 
are in thai blhuful stata. Two hOuJb with 
hut a slngfe thought, two hearta lha* 
beat bs one/ 

I don't kaow mucb «bou( Johnny: bu| 
T know inn: Bessie is a dear liti'e, aWett 
little flrl. acijrATsUbrly sweet. I an 
onq nf her fond -adrntren. 

rsxft, yoo pteaae flta- tptcsj' to thin 
trlbiife 10 Bessie* 


Kdwnrd E, Jenktoa. ■ 
1337 N". Tbirtirth street Philadelphia 
* (Bcsaie l>m.) 
Tour Bmitea of angel lore "noBBesaed, 
Upon onr hearia impressed, 
O, Allah. Than knoweat none ao welL 
Can portray sweet "Little NelL"-. 
Bannle May our tore cObfeaacd. 

Sunbeama shning on Ihe dew. '" 
Rosebud lotelinetj beyond cpn^paraj 
Tour cheeks' like bhsah-roaa fair. 
In our hearts is erer new, . • "1 

Foud love for yon. « 1 

ICdsrard E Jenkins. 

B4IUr Till Wornlnt T.l«v*p»i: 

Lettsrs or* hebg constantly written 
to th* newspapers declaring thlt New 
York Is a tcry lonesome city and that, 
either on acennnt of being recent arrival* 
or ateaBgera, the- wrltera find It r«f 
difficult to gwt acquainted with other 
people, arthougb , longing for anitihh> 

Aoy one who Is "cribbed. nbtnH or 
confined" in a dreary hall rodm or hoard-' 
ing house has no longer any for 
not meeting with a congenial ceterl*. 
F.teey Bttnday afternoon the National - 
FeUowslilp Club (fornieeby Th* Lone- 
some Club) meets at C o'clock at £&ql 
Weat Forty-oighth: stteet. Manhattan, 
and extends a cordial Invitation to all 
who are lonely to join Its make. It kr' 
strictly non-acctariaa aad f'.iti nembera 
meet together and listen to pramtnen* 
Bpaskers and reuHcis.ns. ptay nny\ 
tlgf. organbse .theatre nartlea, dance, go 
ba hikes and picnics aad in-dubm tn other 
splendid anrujtcalcnta that tenl to rnak* 
lito more 'ajeatnnt and agreeable for th« 
lonely dweller ia this great city. Its 
dranititfc branch was a great auccese 
tan Winter. / - 

Frederick T. De* Brirny, 

New York, Sent 23. ' Becretary. ' 



W»™« WTfl(b*ra Witt He(4.tB Ori- 

flnsLt TKtt of Kniaitveaj'XforCta'a 

N«»l toe Their PI el we*. 

The announcement cornea from H.. M. 
Warner thai the title »f the forthcombi 
Warner picture wlU nmaia^''Lneraxia 
Lombard," rather than "Loveleaa Mtr* 
riagea," mb waa announced previously. 
The picture Ib a filmiastlon of Ihe novel 
"Lnrretia' Lombard.' < by Kathleen Xor- 
tI*l and the first change in litlr waa made 
becauBC "Lncretig r^ombard" tuggeated 1 
costnmi! ph7ture. Han,«vte, the title waa 
changed back, as "Loveless Marrisgra" 
was deemed inappropriate, and the bhc- 
^itM of the novel with the resding pub- 
lic lends Itself to-etpleLtetlon. 

The production 1b now rapidly nearins; 
eompletlon at ihe Warner ■siudtoa. un- 
der the" direction of Jack L'ontray. Motile 
Blue and. Irene llii-li ore starred and 
ate" surrounded by algtr McUermojl, 
Alee ii, Frftncji, lAaf Ucsii»en; r Norma 
Bkeartr, John ftoche aad- Oil* lionTmu, 


^4Ll that is news W the World of mo t i on pictures 






Xu Gn f Anacnncen Picture Which I 

Will 3Urk Debnl of Fimom i 

.Tarini in the Silent Drama, j 

Wod Chan** Thieiijh Merit 

in afnai-i] Comedy, "Te-p- 

17 and Sn." 



TTJE Duaean Bitter*, who hnr« 
da&<*d and nOf iSfir *rar into 
fame, to a« foler tn 'rt " B * r 
laurela remain on ihr ipeakinr, 
■ate- They are tvtfl* is hare " "T « r 
the, aUent drama, if"* Graf, rhe _nro- 
diMf, fc»f booked thrta la ■plat 'Tne 
^ttaanaly Twin*." a frame* film b* pur- 
mea. tniiss. b*arrf on ih» n««| by 
Sarah Graad. 

When Ml Gn( learned 'bit ihr Oiid^ 
ran S «T*r* wet* pUyinf in Han Fr«0« 
riaco da "Topty and Eta." *■ rn«wral 
c ta ttedj production ot "t'liclc Tom'a 
Latin/' hr beinoh binteell lo tbil nelih- 
hyricx eily (he Heat ifl t-w IHW 
and raii;-'l them then an.! Hit* (or tM 
leadinj rolen in 'The tleiTenly Taflni." 

* bCOk tUjt was popular * £*-iirrs!inii or 

The r>iuico.ini--Bf'^itn fl'iiJ Vivian to 
' their friendl whcti ibrit frlendi ji» iMr 
fti tall wbkb I- F.w'rft and which i* 
VnJhn — <■*■** inln conetderable faine a 
few -r*!*n'ft[n when rbe PHm* «f Wale* 
VPI'wfid dP hive i n.rlnd [hem otit add 
Hjiflced with them all erejilnav lalrr re- 
MHOajr ibptilhej If inrlteil. » ■ PMff 
jlfin for hiiu In our iff (he mujt «x> 
rlu-j'fr home-, lu X"w York. 
■.■ Tb.^ Interest, «*.« ii>niiuiiftrt nbmicl. 
when both the Prim* "ud K^iir Al]ibnTie<- 
at Spain ihowrTrd al>ntluii cm m iwti 

i-ctvfjJ in (he coftltB<*t '■a*>\? Ik-iwwii 
>]n|f HKd (!>■■ i*iu» iii iml ktinwu. bur 
Vt undr:iljj;<l it u jill>at,r. 

■ FlchC i-'Hui. RinklBS K*«fT< 

SimKpl BenUft cculd n-m -i|iC f. NM 
cvllfld "Oh ^oH: n<vw tbr H«nn Itulli 
Jjf," Bb m>t' worriH. cfiitb' nentlpr". It 
>x n.c frum Uh (tun jyii] h» i!^ >"*■» 
iKfVl motinii |>:riutT Ihiiittr aiTMWft bill 
.f-ftn tio f£fet iiwlun* whk'i Ur. (t*r- 
J 3- > hiUdlitix f«r jwfc I^fpiiwr. Th.« 
- + he»iri' ^»'s»n n)t »«r N>w V--rk Htitc 
.-■r- ■-3fj: l ii;£ r;« fcni) N '■> art in->li-:'i^ 
'-■•>:? Binary tobn llier 1'iir «ii j.t,j |>lr- 
. :"ieTr» Vi t*9 jra^*. fft 1)9 rvui riar* 

V-,"^ to [ufn it ha: iJtr })n?Dtvru» uf 

C* iftt ^ietnrM wQI xftraa lu Xhjc \"nrk 
:'-.:■. i:>:rL>*r do wr (Jnrr prnpnf^v whvt 
>^> tihibilors of tin' SttCf wfU Uikr in. 
If— ««m rci4«iir u.rEpi*U itrr a wijr *f 

ral likv in ht. in ihp ptwitJeu uf nii^inr 
«T> [rirnda )vi* utinr (bin ibrj tbould 

It L" rjmorr-i rh# Karajtrftn richu will 
•tit fvt mtOfl/K>- riduhiv* df iii* moiiry 
nidi Hi tfci* i«irtn. Ha fnr ihc i-u-- 
Tarn hirr not turn ■b««M> »Bntwr 1 in 
the rnh«d Hui** Mtslil* 1 rf Xew York 
Stm*-, bat tb* nrniK Iran th» nor 
Mtnte U tr.o^tb tA kt*[> :'■- 1MB - . : r 
t^Oifl ii* door. 
1 Tbtn**r-Fir["> ifiLnia orr now 
hfinx rclnLtrd to vrtrr vzhihitar- Tbrj 
■x+rt tbuwiL flnt * ic|u»iitlj in Lb' H. S. 
Uo« tkfitrw li* diT "ft*r ike fimoim 
pent tank plnor. Mi. Bcraun. in ft 
pitiniDC r^CMtdjij, uid Ibit It Wli i-nl.i 
rUht tfint Hr- M«j thoaW bin thr 
first frock it tit iimt, Iwiuh hi oon- 
troned far Ibeja witkoat kJiowIbC 
*rWth* rtbi BtJat vauJdl lut ah round 
dt 1* ■ nfte*n-raTiD<i battle lie did not 
kxow whether th*n wdqW bt ■~-t ihrftU 
fit it nr vat. bnt ftjrtanH'Ij fur ill coc- 
t*mfd, then wc_r* Htannri tnrilli In makf' 
t»* mietviw T*Ic*b V. 

J* - j tuiht JI«rw- 

I*oi» G»iai*r. tkr dinetw. nrrirwJ t« 
K*w Tflrit THtrrtuij' Ui mtAln for a 
Bin baatntM Eail li. of «nm. 

Irene Caiils'i SewetftnutiTe An- 

nooncei She Will 0q BscV to 

Filsu m* Scon u Trewt Eg 

BlgtTLCat Is CoBclnd*d. 

Fi^ht Fibm An Hihihc 



Sil Scblipr Li nflSdtJ *Im r»prwt*m* 
:it- for lersr Cntlle *nd h»,»bftcW knfl* 
wbnt hfif Bsotios pFetorv pJjntTa?*. Ho, 
when h^ H)d jrtterdny tut vbra Miw 
!!■:■> 5-LibM hrr tnr nba will ta all 
likelihood mnk«- nnotifrr. picwrt. V* *■- 
• ■■•it* Mr. 8ehUl«T saw* itiiw f ha 

Mini Cnitle U al'tb* pr***=t tima oh 
robr, (ivlliK l a entrrtainofat limilir to 
■ -,- ob# P*rlf)-"i bis tcidr fanBOtta,' &h* 
.--.** ji daincinc nn'mbrr na part of ■ 
r^ititnr rbmt; JLobert Tremaint. h^r 
nnrirLt and ** updaniand thit 
Mi«i <.'**''- i» *ti:s ncrrlrd vkh 'two 
monthn nxrra to mnk* uv hrrr mind -.« 
[1 whetbrr an* »i*5« to tuj ded-nn 
•aatriaaoatilfj *p*iltJi:i,. ii Jiar Auumivr 

Mr. SehJafft; in in Aatft ^it a.11 of the 
pun DerfBrmanori of M u Cmmtlt. Un, 
l! :-;. Bartle1t> of the SrUncv cn.^it, 
mil* lo-dn* 6n tha AjjuliniiLa 14 Inok: 
»firr aomr Kn»p*a,ii Inrtrentp, • 

To DlJtrlbmt* Pijro.rilan. * 

N"*it TfK^ bciai; Fire ^reTcaiian 
\\>*k. ji pforlalnKl bj -Pr^nident Ccnl- 
ifliB and' tn* rariom . UoTrrnora and 
llajora. W. K. Atkitmn' oE Metro hai 
irrancxd ta dJntrlblitr-'The Krtntnb'v" 
a wp^ial 'firr "prerentioB film ip"u*or*d 
bT the NttfuDil Board of Ffrc I'nJer- 
TrritOjT!. ThjatPM ft)l nrer. ih«;™«mtnr 
will b* lj"|iwafp rn thcier tlie pic;tnrf 
ihTOufiboPt The* weak. 

The Yjtlr CI»h l(i Kfl1if<»1n, 

I'tHiliT *BJ 'litrrt.licTiirnt lh« Y«!e 
<"lub fiiM would Pol rue*h nnyiblnf In 
lli^ world of motion pkmrrl- \ But Ihi 
pr'-mirw *howinj of ."Columbna," [ha 
fi^M o( th* YnJe UEitferlR? Pera* f "hrnn- 
ii-lei of America pbotft-nhu 1 ", is Hfiaie- 
iltinj; of sti'in- than psmlpf Inierent to 
lb' motion rwtu" Industry. On TtfttTI* 
ildr BTtnlH, Octolicr 4, ibe ffril BtH' 

--»■ 7 -hTL. -lr i,f lli* Iml n( tail IBfifl of 

hlaioilcal rbroeiklri wfl] be h*ld nt thr 





I'hn llmr Hrce KdiiiiifJ u-t >i ■ 1 urof 1.. Wir ih» ],r n ,ii„ B Hoici 
"The HrHTvatr-T^rlB-." Which ftr Will ■> - f>»l«ff l-ndwctfun 

lurrd Jilirrr in. ■ oomin* ln<T wmswl.r 

I'lnrddctivB, (tee «iider»rai"i it i* i* h* 
■TJaiJofjnj |rW7* Tbi» aJthbpT imaie i=- 

"rixiftil wiib ibr mption ajMljUt HB< 
it bdtiBK oeu-n .ndapt«l frow Prank 

Adangra Ftorj- Priitid iti'if*." \yhj ib'- 

■•haqce aT irtlt. w* do nut know. W- , 
tinrr'knhw "why .the Dim people rfannxr 

Ilm Hraiiiti Itllrat. 

IxioiiaiL whirh waa reported mm brlnE 
••oMiiJernJiIj iteameit up orer the advent 

with P 

1 Pre&trwJ PJe^tltfa*. "i be nai to 

tmlit wirlt Al Utrhtaans. An aooa aa he 
ftaia>*a hi »itl ntura Waat to «Urt t>ro- 
dsctlon on "Ptuaon Pnrndlae." which li 
bb Hit aim. Enfof* he left the Coast 
"MtTtifte" had bam eenpleteit, ao w« 
tni; lo*k for It itrr ahwrtV. 

r J^a«lM rn-o-Cn WH» !■>*•. 

Ij»ui*« Fuaii haa mf and raait a 
runtwet with TTi otn ji 3nre nt tbt fH- 

nf Will H. rJajt. n IpecMni? nlai*-l >s | 
iniu iy furm* twit, She tlMM '"f l 
rUa i« tbu Mr. Umj» bw 1 jaV^-tfiwly ; 
M-fn-i I tn do or 'i jativihibf; nf .■ trnn- 
llnc nnturr. Ijnndon Man eoiij-ily *-i31- " 
inc o in 1 rlectztfldC, but \\n aapHrjnan 
art***] Mndr i*fn«r- l<> piny djnninu. 

J»r. Up?" Ijt l(\-inp ^inietly si lltr Vvh j 
■■ -»i itfjf' ji.^h*' cir^il «f ^™bi*?.™'lor ; 
Hnrrej. Be nil baen [iniiH lo ud^rr** 
itir Hritiah n^itiun pwCKPP Mustqi M 
a i-ii .*■?.- •■■> nad naa l-~ . thr !...-- •'. 
attack bj munawraKtr rrpunerv wUn; 
intrriif-n-!-. hilt Mr. lfnT« rriuainK altent. ' 
rsplninJnt: tbtL tii* atny iti tendon n . 
al khan dnratlnu pqd ibnl b* wonbl ■ 
therefore prrfrr t« it\^<[ *n.uhtii; in ibe 1 
nnturr of a pnbiir fdtittion >nd is nr-' . 
prepnrrd In divrtt** Klin sit*iT*M wiili 
nCwpAper repremtttiveft- VThmt be d«n 
pr&pw i« rid. liowi.-r !• lat Libip pri- - 
vaie (livinHiu* wiil. llif h^wTa of tNr ' 
three brancheri o| ihr InrbiMf?. 

l.aackraa I'i^.nl ^arala. 
The rrprnlnr week)* Inncheon at [be 
Theatre Uwfler*' Cbaaber r-f Com raw re 
hn been nhfMil ihr nnrt jrnrulir iMnf | 
ahtor Ttrflidarar litr-lr. H'Ltmr nn : 
whether tt will br Lrehl or nnt ia'alainat | 

whvi aarn plan hie .^o a <-o.oarr meal j 
■ t the Altar in-dir Inif. Ttierr'n ",me 
H rtr>f n bnliilai or relrbra'lon ,*aut 
nnd Lhe mating :■«> bern pal i.rrr until j 
neat n+*k. !!■*■!• - 1 — 
■in ibe ponibiltiv n 


"Th* JlhOrk" n--l.-f! 

Ea hah Am 

Labia lo 




Official* of ifa* bookiac drpariiurai at 
t'oierrtal *p* :h«r. a a a result of tbc . 
Jnnaneae earihqiiak'. there ba» beea a 1 
tintJi-«a]>l* r"rl»»l fff reqarila for "The j 
Shock." i' !-■!■ 1 'iiii-i aietodraina rr- 1 
TeaaeH T*a( *»min. Th" hijr,b lifhti "f j 
th* picture are built aroaO'l en "aria- | 
nnaki- uU fh? i!*riir:i*-ili-n of a nl| cirr, 
arirh bu.ildiai.1 r-rnijibliiir nnil ibe rtri- I 
■>ri.< nn flfibf. frum the '-nil ■■ n 1- .- 1. : (Ire. 
P*rt ot Ibe Irwraarr! (Irbi'ml ia alift [ 
alw'ribed to th" pubTWtj wbii* l,m [ 

rk.rcf »f Ckflr rhjnt'V iin-- r J iT.'i >faraafll I.:, VOrk 

•ht. I in "The Huncbhifk r>f Votre Datne." j 



ihr 1 

rail 1 a k 
ihr 1 

in "1 W>autai^> Varta 

Tk«aipe;laWl *Cra;1p'<. 



Inspiration. Annonncej That Film 

iighti to Story Kh^e Be™ &*' 

cured and It Will Be Dae u 

&Mn u Actor Eu Fin uhed 

ITlthnn Hl't" — 3ridT 

Prtwiioed fttace Tertian. 




After aplrttrd biddlaf on the part of 
MMmr- i/r-i ■;■!—?«. iBaplrallaa haa ralrird 
off the nwtlnti plernrei rljhta ta The En- 
chaated Cottafe. " tt will be •■■<■: j 
RicbanJ B«nhlrajteaa 'a next produclioo, 
foOowlBa" "Nathan Hale."" nad we qnier- 
■land it natr rrm be. IPJde before the 
hiitorfral "\mtan ktale." 

"Tla Kneh anted Cottaie." produ**d 
bf VC. A. Bradj atrd jUaTtd hr K'Ml- 
lan A. Bradr. Jr.. wai aar of -the mail 
rharmlqj of thr ttai*. pllji of 1*« aen- 
aoa. Written by Sir ■ Arthur W!n| 
Ptnera. it haa all the whituiral beiDTT 
of a Sir Jamec Banie plav. Whether 
or not It will Tif pd-aJble t^- z<t tbi* orer 
oa (he trreen m tnotirf qneation. But 
ataee .Vim Ilohertxon bt to dirert Mr 
Barihlrnreni. nnd he ia the man wfaa , 
produced •'Si'! Tchsidt/* t do 
sot beilp*e «w need bave aa^ fear on 
tbnt arore^ 

• lilb-rt Kmnrt plajed ibe part of the 
blind -nJdier tad Catherine Onrrli the 
part a/ thf platin sirl who mart^ti the 
wiHinded aoJdlrT. Barrhletnein win 
probe b! j pl*y tlifciimer part. 


TiIhi ■ta*i<l. 

Yalr n»b tnr Ihr MWL*>sn BjU-fwH and. 
drnTrnrJcetiiK-aOf JuwSm Ciiji Aut 

Sk-lure tBwi Yaie'rnir^rAlr.i' aBapanra i« 
ouud 10 be iiKerj-jiiior and: theaebara 
no aaHed inter«t -n -n^ i**i-t .Uai -ney 
afaaa' ih<* h>xli liaiil* «f Aaierii'in ,hi»- 

Kdaratfoaal « ■ tcrleaaJ- Plaiwr*. ' 

".Herreta o! ijfr." tire niicrp-?w r nt 61m " 
ntnde br Louia Tolhant. *iin '1 Kol I,--- * 
aer iciradored al ibe Tnwn Hall a frw 
w*fcj ato and whlrb bn* ituiuM cOO- 

ii'irr.ihli" i-.-i-iilJi'-i:: i[i thr T ■ .ilih- *n>Hd. 

wil> be releaaeri hy Pi(u*-artnaaL *Se- • 
tret* of fJie"* ijcr.i- wilb ihr»* Tab}erl«. 
. The Adl iti- bee atwl ;'«- Snider, tat 
t It will be ready [or frncraL reledkae aoror 
I tfeae 1:1 NninabrT. 

1 ..:.. M,,rr l.»:i,.!-f.i 

AltbonfU nr L.iLr tn talk auoui di 

; [prrra in ll.r; [liutto.i |ii-;!irr in;*]!-!-** 

I aiMllftfjiaap KaWal al marital aepmwtiuur 

\ are alwrra neww aiui Lateiewrias in onr j 

; reaaVr*, 1* imJitl ;' when thrj r*»B,errn iai 

, purtr.Bt aawfaw* Ta* latr^l m.[r! tiata 

ibr t'naM »*'* ibat Mr> Montr It'n-. 
• an. .1 Mr-utr LtliJr 1 1 »- e.rH LftbW*. 

■* rr* ■ tt*W, aaaal Hi*, i^nirze- Slelforil. , 
■ wife «l ib* lj>kj aftavtv*. ba%e fi e . | 

■iifr* for dtvorrra asaiim ihe*r rrspecti r • 

l.i ■■ in '.!« H'Or-i^ii|- lirwrtloii 1'Ur llrl- 

fordi hair bail irquhlr iW ^>mr nmdtli 
run MnAIr Hlnr Btul h'a wife have HC 
iUi-d foejeth^r for rfier 1 .reare. m UuB I 
word nf thie Imu'-'f i« bardlj □•!- ; 

m«rt ' tntfttt l^'DS h" 1'avid Smith ■ 
N'c» hnVlr f-latt-. waa noi ailpndJa- lb" 
ihfattrfl, but liiTJnp bia picture ''toot.'' 
Hi- xltltt 11 viajt ttir or-t pireuiT hi- na-l 
«a i»r-in gWraVajfl that ii *»* onlf when 
bia lirolher hiaiefMhci he woaht e^rr 
inn r.eruttre inttnepee Hint lie njtevd la 

*HBlih rtrtarw* i 



watf« m,t- t m+i m Z j aW'eiherl 

Cfni-. t 
■.ot' Ian tfavricana,, 

hr aalll br fr^nrfj In ■ 
Ipirr plriurr f v Ijr rillril ■ 

Inar rtafc." 

! Aftrr n t»rief t'-n aaUra* 'i*it, 

Hnittb lu-. ri-t'. ■=.-■: Iti 1 1 ■ ii ■■ ■.■■' I. Re 

"■-. Jirre to ntftfrr i ItKi Itii hrQthrr, A T 
frr-.| sninifi. irrraident <if Vifajtraph. anJ 
iliii lrii to (fa rttfnor IbaJ br mis!-i lorntr 

i iu ibe Kbit. Iml nni^i" 1 11U5. ni>f nam 
nmwre. thia Tfta rntirrlT withgni fytHBia*- 
i"'*. -A" ttbw (T> >*r. tfrtilcll t"lth*K. Hai 
:rir..^l he wj|l bi'tin mirk oa thv pn- 
f f:-! Rmw.' Ineel 
|ph CbeatiVa \tock. Tin- 


Charlei Chaplio Wrote and Direct- 
ed Hii Fiti*- Seriom Production, 
'' hat Doei Hot Appnar in It. 



~X Woman af Paril" had ita loJUll 
perfannaare last oliht it lha Ljrlf The- 
fctre, wjfre a number of theatrical and 

- 1 3c;rty aatablri cerbrrr^i ta nea the' 
j latest Chaplin oBrrirj; TbU U * arrioai 

Orana. and ht* bten bolb VrilCth and 
iLL-veied bp Chirkt Chiptia- It ia hia. 
ti-»t *ttesapt it aajthtac of Ihii nature, 
i L't' ibe kiar of crmrd; doe« not appear 
klmaerr in th* htm. 
. K'ri Purrlmitot. who hat beea ideaij- 

(vi will Mr. Chaplin in fair." of hit 
cuunu; prod'RrtiaDi. li the uar, asd 
A-tntvn- Menj'-u p!a*i th* 1'idinr rale. 
<Jtf!er atearltrn of chc raat birlnda Clri 
i?{W ■T.rfim. Knati. liarrr N'onbrop 
a 1.1/ Mi'fiaj Palo. 

Tha *4wejr tettl of on* Ulrii F: '."'lair. 
V ittonz KetHch Bjjrl. who ptaai 10 elope 
wish lier r^Haje awerlheart. A mlraDdcr- 
traaa) ji; einaaea their pliu. and ih* de- 
h#rta fur Piria aloee. In n few abarr 
'wlj^i dhe beronar" "a woman ot 
Pari*.. "■ tii* plajlhrnf ot the weallh^eat t~Je aaj uuX Al tbe hria;bt of 

- % 'laanriam <*Mwr, tha au'i eaeaae- 
aatal » trijiooneaaj. Mine leaaaa h*m 
awl a tvMeatalre maota her fo-mrr ewret- 
teavr Thej- renew their acq.>aaintaDce. 
hm (he b«T aloea awl off<-r narrlaxe. and 
fa tar return*. I* the other map. 
fHnaJIv tbt hor I9 a e ar no ■■ with r*- 
■rarae aat) 4earaur, and h 1 It of -1 •- 
boaoWnor- er.aa bia fife. 

There ir# 1 umber bf or »"■" 
'SAinint thr aifh: life of Paria. anal the 
Ifantpvinir*. nhh iti t tndio nartW. li 
k ^e:d ihat Ur. ("aaplia adnedi to treat 
lha rtirt-tre in a »ima£# uanner ead m 
aowtrar '-if- a» ir ts aej:fflalljr H-rd. to 
SwW -1«1»" »r*ni» whir* were ajr-elr 
•aaHawtiau^. anil tn mike **H»» Jilt* 
Itfriu ew<uit." 

Kr, <7hipHu atleodH lt»t n^bt 'a p*r 
, ..-japevanA waa weft received !•.' tcie 


tpinted Debate 0t« Chnnjinsr of 
Date tg To-morrow FeltUrei 
. Stormy Bimiox j • 


>.■■«!■ fl^i.eiite. 

rAfter n apiriledl o>bate belweia Samuel 
aTnteTmrrt,' rfluattl for Helen Elwoo«l 
StoJlra. and Itax-D. Struer. fnusirl fnr 
W. II 1> Stoke* in ibr latter a anit For 
a diTBtee. SaprenH Coutt Juntfee Jere- 
tniah T. Mthorjfj jepterdur t»atp«Bt4 
(he .opeaisc of the trial uatil TfTedceadaj 
morarnc. The date *•>' mat fired wfth- 
ont aitnrOni protrat Irom air. Vnler- 
mjit, who rat deeiarrd that it aeemed 
impotfible for bis elient to be present 
on Weatneadaj and lien threataned to 
wirhdr*w fram tat c«¥t, 

■'Mra. 8:eke.i ia in'Cbieaco, detaiaed bf 
a nibrswaa laiurdl lo a" Graad Jarj in- 
vtatiHtloa,"' aaid Mr. l*&ien*>nr. 4 *^lt 
ia impoiiit]* lo think of forrira* tblt 
eaae to trial ia the abaenre' of thin artfa 
and taflibrr who ia nested of anroflf? 
■aaahj of tha-aotl whirh fill for the 
■fraoavat defeaie. I do not belieie ike 
j «n be bera naiii Wedneadar of aexl 
weelc, And it ibe trial ia ordered 10 pra- 
reed wilhont her (wo diya brace. I ahall 
withdraw frast the caie. Your Hanoi 
known that rbii '■■ae waa cacr tried he- 
tart anoiher jpatic* of thia toviL"* 

There wai a apirttcd aTarymeatt a: thia 
noiat. Ibe acroraejx and the evvrt lit- j 
cr, part and Ki* Hotter ferDimatad it bi I 
teiteraiinjE hie deirrminifian to befin Ihr ' 
iral *rft WnJireadaf. 

"It Jadffnariir ab« rid be taken ppinu I 
wr client t.v defanTi." iiid Mr. Cat-r- ( 
■W "iheee isn't a doubt that it would - 
■ it aland." 

, Ur. Ssten-r drrJaeed 'hat ha felt im- 
pelled] in urre an iwiaie*!*;* ITafeL ttwMmi I 
other lliis^ for the- itnvj that "irlt-. 

nenaei bi^e heel) I lireiinird and iatitni- 
dntcd, (.owe hnve b-eeil hut irtrk of. and 
Othrra beln* now in rout; undef oui 
aUbpnena mar lie 'Vldtrd. HTid aiibjecled 
loiihoa'ovteii If taeraj ifanld iie-aii i:d 
joununrnt n-lthniit trln!," 1 *" i t 

- afr/aieiier rdld llml moie than eer- 
<**Hf. 'wiineiMa -were oil. 'baud in obedi- 
*ar-" to lUbpoeaia liiacied for .Mr. Htofce*. 
Apaweriril the allafiilsuni cf Mr, Untet- 
narer to tin effect that >ln. fltokaa hid 
*o*ia tu cbe Dlfnlct Attorney in- Wifeato 
for an inrraliEatjnn brcauae abr'trairiD- 
. furtned that a plot >ni under war to 
rather vHrneaara irhrp and mahr Hi ap- 
pear *be had been »u Inaitl* of a dia- 
«ro>rlj boune, aaid: "Wfrjf thia talk 
eb*LH the DIatricr Attorn*? It 1* not 
iht DialrleV Attomej In Chlenao troo 
hii ehlrte of tbii aElejtd itieeatiffitiOo, 
bar a siriplinc." 

9«wmg the proceeding* taken at- 
iho Diarrlet AtUtrnrr a ofbee here, w|tere> 
m Tour wiinanttei lor Mr. Stnkea +m 
allrtwl to bate reeatenij ibeir Indnitiflcn- 
tlon of Mra. Block* at the petvioua tral. 
Mtutr rold ibat tha kumr ■•*>■* had been 
"pounded a » ^pountdd with qnettioan 
for na.ri,'- «nd that the; bad rJnalij ex- 
preaenf doubt i>f rhr itiejilttjr. * 

The auatanr* altoraeji deeilrH th* 
Chievao iperitricnb(m bad beta lnitifutrd 
br $ln+ Kiokea ..? the era of the trial 
bera. that "nb* bad biraeir" anppoenaad 

* In. Ibe courae of the aaimalEtl diacua- 
*ifl nihil Mlnwed. Mr. fiteqr alluded l« 
the lalkmc Rrue Miller, nefnan, j frit- 
nraa f<rr Br. fttohea. from a Baltimore 
and Ohio railroad Irnin'ro the nffteo or 
The lkairirt Atlornef of thia m.jntT. at 
rh* rrflnrat e f the P.r.nn Alto me'/ of 
(."hirpjo. for qunirriini. 

Mr. I'Dtermeyer'a cloaint matr!* 
wrrr emphatic 

Tberr uniT ban beea, ia fiction or 
elfewbere. a amrr Mirh a- -.Till ha nn. 
f«lkM in thi* raw. I don't baiter* thar. 

in K--il>r Trial Datr Ta-aUf. 
Tb* date of the trial of Emanuel H. 
KeaaJer. Motria BweKwood, Manx Dim- 
banm and mere than a dram other dr- 
frcdanTa aa an Indictment charting 
them wiib I -rmj rnnjrrrDnl in a eofi- 
■ piraey tf L*ff. the Kepuhli- Uarehoo>« 
In Kaat TblrtT-fotirth rtrart n f +VWA1 
cr"*i gf 3r-oirh uhl«ke» and I0n ca-r- 
of ■-hatupiaur wiil hr art br Jiidc^ J0T1.1 
O. Knui «f tha Federal nfttrirt Court 
ta-daj. . . " i- 


Verdi' j Italian Opera Presented at 

Centnry ^Theatre^ManBel 

Salasar Sings Well. 

Opeiiu£ hS ilie- third week. '.of trhJM 
Imprraarin 1'ortnni! tJ«llo term,« rhc 
mult iinf«rod"iil ien*oii' be ha" >ri wi\ 
InaL'i-iirated lb Near Turk, ihr ftnt Carta 
{,1-ai.d Ufjera CompaiiT laat erenlac pr^ 
aetited VerJi'a "La i"s>nn del t>e*tiu.«" 
11 The Centnrj Theatre. 

Although rhia opera i» ooariderad leva 
of a fnTorpte than nthera' of th" ttalUn 
ctannoaer'a output, itbobja an Imporiani 
fUtr* ia operatic nperolire and end- 
allt caina in popular appeal. The San 
Carloani half pradnoed It here in ntber 
aeaiona and laat anaLai'i Derformanee 
tfaowed a marked imrToienuat in the 
wit of frteral art up and ainpni of 

Ai Don Alrara. Munal flalaaar aa> 
eredited bfmaelf with, honor. Maria 
l.'iis* Fjf*b*r made th* role of Leonora 
• TOpplfcrTie, her roiea ipitearinx to be« 
arivactire in tlie "nildrt at'etoae Veriine 
nia. Marin Yalh car* a nnriseinx 
portriTi' of Crtna, with Adi Pa«i. 
Clira Lauf and "Meaara. Cerrl, lir 
IJitM and rurrj in, apport arr: '"■-: 
rrrrjfli coodU'f ine. 

T PA Ta 

..11 tleotfej|padrl 

—■- •' ay - - -.-"- 

AtfBiurf, Ipfl^. It ah^i.r na Wert FortT 
■illh'Mrjvtl lud in Iff,*, id '(bo Com- 

" - ■ ^->«^_ "^W Hat" 

Wni* -Till >r n b»hl, aaaite «n.(k.T 
pleiwee 11 inn »• i.h.r flni.h.* 

. t ' r 1 .... 

An aflTmnth nT Ihr Kimas toarc'n- 
tloM p( Motion Pitttrre Tb+4tre Own«« 
eeme tr> m j-eBterdfljr. (Jorernor Allen 
who addreiaeit ibe exbibitorn nt Wiehita 
iLeclnre.1 that the Mrqe t« not far db<- 
Inni when there wiTl be B0'cei)»0rahlp of 
inotina nfrtiirci*> the ffirHOoRI " 
and exblbiton, keen to #eme Ibe public 
■ante, v.-;l| make Ir nnnerrnanr/. He alii 
;■ '■■■•'■ r. ■•■! lid auppnrt lo rlfmniate thr tea 
per ■ rnl. rax and declared tblt if ae- 
■r'--f ■■■ would hr ai Tlrile aior<> reaionable 
in 1 heir rlrmandt for a lalarr The rx- 
penre t*t filma to ibe eihibilorj .'"old be 
lafltrriallT retlnrrd. 

.%■ Etiertnl Vt-ltor, 

Kttieat W. FreJman. editor of_ Film 
Henier. expt^ta to -m! Tor America on 
the Adriatic Oitnber 1,1. narrr Reirh- 
rnharh iniji-Ln frr tbii imint man. Wno, 
w« .rJicTer^taad, t» irerjr povuiar it. Krie- 
Elnd, wbrre hii ipaeaaJne, The Film 
Keatrr. ia one of far- mwt wid'lr r*ad 

fUm j' !'■;:■ :rj .:-. 

It tnajr b* nf : !,-■;--■ (o tjioer *ho 

•offered at thr band* -nf Frank Tiller 
in haow thar Mr. Frrdnmn aji: 

"I am not muini tu eriricixe but t» 
rrpnr' prorree?* t" ih» people of tnj eour- 
1 ri ma tfcey ran take a^Tantap 1 of anj 
fortraiid hinvenjirrl i» RJmtanrl, libra pnj 
iHp ihrrr year* api." 

Mr. Reiebwnbaeh ia mtheriae: tncethri 
a roamine* 1 10 a-n-r- a wrtctwne in th* 
farm of an American luncheon in Mr 
Fmiwan'" bo/noF aa toon aa be rrarhej 

>:.-. r- inif. Ti.M Jaw. 

ApparentLr L'harlaa Whittaker baa at 
Intention of rerurninf tn Star" Tort 
Arcordinav »n waH rrrrlrrd from li* 
avttioD pletHr* oftloaT jialinlai. Mr 
Whit taker b newiaird with Arthur H. 
Kawrrr in aa e Hmrial nnarirT. HJa 
■■ il. |i>* hia ■■-. .r— »:■"□ rn on tha 
aui|a.hlln:> of ihr «Tnrics ^uhenil ted- I* 
ihi* "■OTOpaiv M '-Q-irtr baaw (•oea nm 
niean thai Mr. AVhiili'-rr anil trire ap 
doin; r^atinnitv. llr t* nae of ib* heel 
i.-..n - ,: -ji- . wrilera fa tb» brtai»««. 
and it neema 1ik:e|T that he will rorttinua 
hi* rHV-f* in, thU dlrrcrioe at riir Saw 
Ter>[jibia ntnd.'O* 

-A IJwe me Tat. 

ChariiV i..'i,af:hr hail lunr'teoa 11 ih» 

A'annqn n r.-at^rr'iy r ad When tha 

w'iirrp beard wb* ■ he tttn aarrbif ha 

j h.-'T-n-" atj n-m '.< hr n-ir.; apLU'd the 

annp rlown tbp romedian'a back, iherehi 

I sirinr a prrfn-t jailtarion of the irrttl 

I I'littitin hicrrlf. r^errinr erlebritira at 

, the Alfoauiiiin i^ an rter» dar nrrnr 

■ renrr n hut Ohaplin ii rhanlln, arid m.1.1 

uaopte get more of a thrill nut nf mr~:, 

lax him then Hie Kmc of Enzlaod. 


Ho'ol, vii sUIUt of miA<7on- 
slUet _« iili a main ni.t known 10 rhe 
plaintiff. Harry G,' Koich is attorney 
for Mn. Riailta. 




Vllr mt Falloa, * Ki-li't Kmrl"r<-* 
la crawtod r>"r«. 

Kmeva. Eidfitx. lonf eaip^ed in rhe 
office* nf FalloYi at MKIee. in the 
KapEkettwjfker BuiHiBB' and 1 wJiaeeM 
ia tbt ioresUjalJort of that rOa.rrrn'a 
urtiTitjea, becajne m "aTaat widower' 
yeiterday 4-r Hrt«r of an interlorntory 
drrrre -if drrorc* nranled tu Mn. lieu 
Kid' if r by Suprimr Coon JuiiJre TJaalel 
F. Cohalaa. 

PbrialrfT and drf'adant were merrleil 
Jn J*n»aj Oit In |f»7, Aee-jnltas M 
Lbr p'aiallfJ Uc deFcndant, ia Jul] and 

. Tn.tbe mi Hal, of the erowded Boflt tvt 
the Crarwl Cb-ninL-.Termirjil. r^.tonfaj 
uf*« ninnchl _KrattpH. if . jf>ara 
• ild. uf KcventT-nMniu}' .»irrft. VJu'ros, 
[rnllnl a jdirn^ from, htr hendbnf, ai.ide 
ji in-eeplrvs ^ntnr* of : wrrlrelt. ■ dra-h 
deapfy intl lir.uiiniH a|t>, nnn* frM to "the 
floor inlb a nuriefc.'.. 

Ah. the p/i*r 'ejti; Poiw-ncd h'tarlf 
f*if kinS or aomethiuaV «he bad!' It'n I 
cruel world ' fo-r then thai -can't protect 
themaeleea. Thaae ajiid,*lml.lar fatatrka 
were voiced by ibf- imN ' that Mfanrd 

a bo it hrr fo (V a «. ti-ar to lb< tntedf 
' at wan .pfajaicalEj poaaiMe; 

Throve;^ the Orab ptoafhed rarrulnMn 
■ Pfe-LTfrT." ihrew the till orer hia nbwilrter 
S and called l>. It"'!* of BeTleVrM U" 

So far it bad been a raurine. drab lli- 

I Foraaaf awlaaa 

law rantfa 1 

Man lea 


TEaitaraval ^«'J fl*h rrff«r!m» fair 

lonrrrt Hai-* >wad*y xi»ii». . 

Tb* Natioaal Saij Club of New Vgrk 
under wwoa* aeapie** I.iectrBir.i t' 
muder John PbiTIp S^nan witl fire hia 
only New rcrrfc roaeert of in* aepaon 
rwit Sunday ntfhi in Madiion L ^inara 
Gardea, tn-da* « »U "*ai.i j"ii«rrii.r... ■ 
oa th* haa* ataae wblen will or nrnra- 
amry ta hold the band ot 250 pirera 
whirb tjoina wilt dtrem in hia New York 

Thr iup will br 110 fret lonr and 
SO Tae* d**0v a»d wilt ho a r*per*rfiLa 
lino nf tb* dcrh of p taUrJrtklp, Thr 
deraratifwia wikl be fumiab".; by thr 
Broottra Nary Yard. , ■" 


InmarUwl llwkhan Krwa Twwbe Vra. 
John'a Rhaea are etweariaara. 

'*™rt,'™.W. CHICAOO. 'o«. 1,-TV,.. "«•■ 
»*weiaua tttr *>■»- ■ "mranert Uue«i-« m lae wwrhT ite In 
1- a vavirrl'la i unjerpat >aac. 

. 1 TbT lovi Un. kaiLh J**a .m aa 

tie drnrni. but. imm-d<nt-ly. It heran tr- 
to dlverjtf rmin the ordinary path 
H-et-N na Lllry uii-Jir. Tlr. RoUb, Pa 
troimnn Pfelffer and rolicrwontati Sul- 
livan of the foitl fiftj-hrat ulrwt ita- 
llon «ert unnbJe (1 rliacover rhe tUfjil- 
ml trire of pollen eithrt Ln thi bottle 
or eliewhtm aboot: Blanche, laddr or 

The prt, hnwerer, nhibired th* nymp- 
toou «f a flnt^Jajuj attack of hjartrLa* 
in whteh ahr refnaed to (he, any ai- 
t>liHltlna for her action* 

Blancho warn, therefore .tahrn'tc- tha 
Floreuee Critteaden Home qB Wrot 
Twj-mj eerenth altaet, and her parenta 
wire notified to coma oA in and eo'teec 

H11C aprnx. fnr> awhile i: had th* 
naotlnti plctrrrea curled op. iq a corner. 

nutomobile rid* mrty thia moraiha and 
robbed bet of two diaaaoad Hm and a 
brow n far fox. 

Bat that wain l all. 

They look Faith'c efcoea and atorMnaa 
■ad ahe bad to walk all th* wa* 10 the 
nalice natla* |aj her hare. fr«t. 

'"H= nrTor. HUr flirt aaain." Pailh. 
,rnkl the eopa. 

Rwawtroa r.rr?rr. Hiaae! ?eff, 

.\'-'t r*a*inc ■ Jettir from hia -wert- 
Jieatt tu Italy Huaaky lanenm jy* Mur- 
xait. ■.""! yean old. who occupied a far> 
nitfaexl room ia Kan HBth itreat, cam- 
niinH aajride bt ha*ti*£ hlmeetf hy a 
trainer bait to a badpoaL Bia body waa 
found ta-day hy Aitbanj tAax*m. from 
whom Ira Mnrxau rrnted the roosn. lie 
Mtirao arriTed yeaberday fiom Btcf 
hamptoB. N. 1* end *•■ handed the let 
tar from, hii arreetheart by on* of |w« 
i-oyattiB who cvcupied aooaiB at las' Fan 
IflOtb ■rrr-i addrr** aurt who had h**a 
carina for De .MurpaR'a am*l rturiip- hi* 
a'..»n.-- The coo'enta of la* letter a» 

1 / 





liemmle Sells RifMi of Juiiin 

Picture in Centra] Europe. 

"Hum-hbick of Hotre Dime' 1 

to Follow in London — 0m- 

Ter»! He»d <ret« Hew 

* Siorici 





CARL 1.ADIMLR had nnl* -«■• 
rr-rret in V.Tfnt Karon-, end 
tin! is lha: he »** n** * N " '" 
remain in l,npdn.n Inns '^'i 11 '" 
I** the nrrmJcre of "Th*-M»"r- '•" 
Ronnd." it rbnVnra "l.rttle f'M Neej 
York" «l the Empire Th**tr*- h J.»*i«ou. 
and the £n iters* I vwy'lMKlVllNi "■ 
' Kn fiend hare imspil ■ *fr-*ia] pr*wn- 
ration for it* openinr, ""- 'ketone* ?!>. 
After 'Ths-Mnrry-IIn-Hftunct" ha* II* 
Slnf abroad. "The rltin.i'b<hark at Sntr- 
Dam«" will follow, and from the ,0trrcst 
London has in thr rii'lllllTiUfkH of th* 
Victor HuiO "Inrr Sir LseOttrtle U let 

jesteroV b«- b*m>trd *l KIM here * 

I'-hi run there 

Sir. Ijemml,- M|d film condition* in 

England were ro-lrh im|irnTr>d pfarN hii 
Inst risii in I'L",' ;.in.i -li.tMi-. hrrirr in 

FMBrt, Jlr >*|H ti -^ hSrl IrUd th- Htfh<* 

to "The-Merrr-iin. Ilnund" f"r (Ir-r- 
many, hut ■ " r"i i-. .:. i m 'nmm'Dr an :h* 
price. »TinK "hai lir preferred nnt ui 
• IT whrlhrr it »«< n lit- asl» in puid 
nld Air-.ii-n:: ffatuni W * ponr *n|p la 

(iffEMn in* r!. . Hil we leaVr ,| in ib- 

im affinal I on n' our rr-adrrr, 

J "The Hllpr-,h*rli rtf Sniff I '*me" 
"[ifnc.l In fL'1'.ii.h.'ii i Mnndav nts-lit 
and naturally *enie nf the .AadlPK IikTiIk 
if the L'nlvrrsal • finipany jnijrn*yed 
i there. A.-!-fiiti],:ir,. .,— >[r. Lnenirnli- 
were E. H„ Cloldsirlu snd 1-:. J h "Mnlth, 

MMM Diana SCI *f 1.*n irrrnjl 

Mr. I..-\rmml» laid he enm,- horn* in 
mt i* 1 "urn * fr» nhee*-# for >'..nn 
tyhirh hud been rif£niinir>l far in hit 
alrsemre. nnd which awsltH Ul MtwmaL 
Afnorte tho-f purrhnuM arc "TTa In- 
hr^ilnm." fe h v ], A. It, Wrlii": "CdfeltfaU 

(■■(iftiitT," Kt .Inhn rYN-r: ■Th»> Frw 
TraH^r." hi' Bdbm I'lnhnrtpn. inu 
"Jn^irmiTi of W«a l'ir*dl*r™ Ht 
firf*n> Onrls 

,J rt' 1 lnhrrlinrj»" in mi«n<l^<l |h T 
Mir* . Phirbhi nnd will Mt«* -M» 
iliiairt Row," «-hirii «ru- i» nnw fliittj 
■B€. i\r- tttlWWll HU Ji* hid SC|b 
nflbn \undrr ronTrjir: Jiml fifirtrl^ !» 
Bar hfr, 

~W»> r*r«" not riritini ninn: mn." 
b* Mid. "-h*t«««f. (hi tip r-mdrjeiifln* 
■wfth all-*tj|r m«« *r+ n-Hch to Is* prr- 
f«T*d to th* mi»<r>r:i(! nt pkirjrr> 
"knoa»lx n:\fi" it nirt F4cnp «pnri«] CTTW. 
But w» ("ri ,H«*i Philbin i!rtrm<] tKiri 
n^nKTtJrioii f<ij rkjr irvrk »he d:d in Tbp 
if * m l ;.i R r,,!^,-- - « 

"So fir *be.U nnt inoili'd." *iid At 
wise fa»ad of I'^in-r-a' "«od we iKifw 
-*Ik will i-miintr lu Hk- uonpailfd. and 

Mr. Iismunl* litrhl hiii- yiifpi ■ f , t 
nT»*->t>c'-" H r_r- wha hai» ■ -■ r 
opcrilrd. Dp knunb- ** ('"" "" bntri nf 
fiH7 bin prfrlBdnf *^tnim«T 

Eftjt Qf&H Isiirnxti Department 

Heida and Salesmen en Few 

AgreemeBt — Whitnaa Bennett 

to So "The Hooeier School- 

muter'' — Borznfe to Ui- 

rect Konoi. Ttlmadce. 


G.-k. KMPa In < on* lo 3rw« 


A triumphal procraiion of tlip Grand- 
Arfart ilang in doe to rracti >>w York 
wirbin ite ont fpw d«xn. In Uim Dirrrr 
lief le partj, whith Irft La* An^Vs S*-p- 
r^inber 28, ■"■ Mr. «nd Mr*. KUim Dea- 
ler. Bryant WaalLbum. Mi--- PorrHt, 
3tn and Mr* Biahaff. R. Williui Npill 
and, of ."-:- -.-*■-. :<■-■:;•; Q. .»•!■■: U";.*r. 
[h* Grand- Aabvr pxodua ?i-»-r: fcr« N*w 
York iherr will ho previews a>ttrn o( 
th» Grand-Aihrr pmducr. ■■ w«TI mm in 
'-■■.'. i*w* nf Ihi- i >-n:1-A*ii.-r tinrm 'li- 'j 
will atop at the BUtmore Itotrl, reaerra- 
tinni rjariDC been mad' fftf them. 

The pieturra to br prrvirwrri bit Brj* 
anr Waabbarn's fir*t produetiArii "Trj 
and Get It." directed tir t'lriten Tate: 
K"w ' I>estcr> ' ;■■■ production, " Tin-. 
W'nj lien 'Lanjg, *" and |>rohabJj '"The 
«atln (Jirl," n Urn IV t latin pudivrtlnn, 
■tarrina; SlabeL l'orreai and dlrertrd h; 
Arthur Rnnan. frrannal appearjiicca 
will b" m»o> bj Mr. fJeil*r. Mr. TViwh- 
bnin and Miaa Porreaf diirini ih' 1 month 

■Tirr |.;nr, (Q if'.i'l in New Ynri. Vl 111!,) 

In tliin dtj plum for !.!:■■ diatrlljiiti'iri of 
taf featurea will be perfaeiPii: 4nd n,t 
■ Inrin irill hn nbiainfd for forttipoiniii % 
product inna, 

^ hitman Hrunfti'i .lejtt. 

"The lIiMisirr Sdifiolmaarpr," by \$t\. 
ward EjileatDD, one nf the be»t fahowo 



ta «n mJm -rt-ny to 3Tew Torlc with Elllatl Dexta-r,. JHaihel Foreeat. 
Qraind'-Aaaiar atar*. (,, bt peeieai at the atiwaaleT* nf ihfir ppo- 

W*r r^rnrt'-mfAl 

*|>*<I r. H. 

WH "A-hea nf. \>r(ranre'* wia 
aovown at (be Rlvuli aid Rjallu Tb-atre* 
Ifeere 'U ttrDiidenfDii*' M»e«1j[alJrtij 
amoae tiie soasipa In \1"- tili> indcurj' 
mm it> wfcy ParaDOunl '■<*•'•■■' a Ftr»t 
National pieturr, Ry e-\-rj rearon Ihi* 
"Aafaea raf Vruaeaner.** ilnrritiK Norma 
TahnadE>. ilm«M \.\tj \ ih<- Straud 
lrhere All nf :K" Jo*#u4i *Sfhenrk pie- 
tnrea, risve thfir HroadwD; iremi'Te*. 

It i« paid tbe rea-on Ih'A Hltaud ilH 
tiot'C-t "A»he« of Vecawuln*. - * whieb 
Biade M" bow m ■ f? prndwtion «| ilm 
Aanlln before it. went Idea i;r nf tbe 
refjnLar marina plnure hoiuarf. ic be- 
ejra-e th* Rkolt and Riili- -'-nrld make 
time for it aooner lhaa th«- Ktntnd. An» 

other reanoa in rbr- price that Adolpb 
Knkor wai able to niirani" Brbenrii. 
Natnrallj with two bovtea be eould i>ij 
uinrr ifaan lie Pint Nationpl witb otAj 
our hnuae nllhoueb the oueetlon nf 
mon»T ia rnilj a rumor and maj not Iti- 
bftr into Ibe aiEuBttoii at »l 

It i« aaid raramoaBt pa>d J'';"'"' 
dnwj) for (br li'Lr vlfb A Cturtnte* bf 
nfly-fift; os! in>lhinjr o-.-r (SO,(Ut>. Th- 
rombmed riveipta of Ibe Itlroli and 
ftialto will be nuaiderablj more (ban 
That a ran mi i. Tbr RiToli did * rcre 
cnod bnainein IcM wrcV and "br Rialm, 
it i* aaid, ia doinr ao eren betier buai- 
;■_'«« tbik week. A* aoon aa "Aabe* T 
V^eirfeanoe" learn Broaiway it will he 
released directlj- to the exhibitor*. 

Kara to mlfin Throoik nirr, 
Som* wrek» aro ■« carried a mtf 
■ hat Tbeda Harj had sijrnrd a contract 
witb R. F. Pineaaan to Tonxe a aeriea 
of product inDi fnr faita. Teaierttir won! 
'■jm' to (bir dnck ibat rbr picture* will 
he made f*r the Commonwealth Film 
('"oDipmr. Jiiiribated bF C- C. Burr. 
Uln Bara'a i-ontrfli-t prerented her from 
xoinr abroad wiib brr hnatiand. Cbarle* 
Brabin. who will direct "Beu-Hnt'*' foe 
(!(rlfl»Tii. Hut it i« «aid. <f i>oa>ib!e. 
■he will go tn Europe between picture*, 
i'ln nr*E prodiiciian to he made b? 
Mi»* Bin for Common wealth will be 
"Renin* Wivet," a aocleij drama. 

ArlaaekJe DIt 

eta toaaedin. 

Al:Loii|b SdocalionaE haa been Ter" 
Bilent about Fan? Arbm-kle"* anliatJon 
witb them ai a directof, i\ i* >. «*H- 
knnwv fact thai be bail mada aiz roma- 
diea. Tbej are aakl to br rrry huraor- 
om» and aometbiftj °*i ,b| e lype ef the 
punnres Ibit zruide Roscor Arbocfcte ooe 
nf the moat popular cemdlan* of the daj 
before* hfa nod unforruoale r rif rdj a 

jnar B|o ' laat September Kflnratirnal 
eapeola In flea tbtev « apecial expJolta- 
tlpin. and. altboufhj eoi rerr much haa 
beta aaid about them, a nan who de- 
rlarea he haa aeepjbejn aaya thej are 
Ntijf food. 

rhlllipn ...■ii;. ■ atx-ti.p. 

\au Halurdiy ibe aaleamen and headi 
of the Bhai eirhAorej* wer» Ineited to 
aitml a aptcuL leaaion held under ibe 
anapirea of the Will H. IIiTa omee bj 
Lsuiii PHHipji, who baa receuily been 
appointed to Lahe [he place left Tatul 
by the tMif BAtiriE of Tbarlea II Bar. 
The |\irpOap of (bii rri--!T.t. al we 
, und*ratand il. waa to fi»e the salesmen 
ioarructiooa on folJowixta: the terma nf 
ibe new egoUable cpnlra<-i. Heretofore, 
■ ajr OBr. fium the cuaarp; lo the jie: 
tor. could e'Lpi a rontraet for ibe ex- 
hibitor, fa (be fulcre both thf riiilbl- 
lon and pro*|yf»ra will b*T* lo be more 
nrl« about rantrartat Tfa* Hleaxnen 
ware inatrucied on ibe method of con- 
trartlqi for product o« under the Br* 
niuiiabl* 'ou:ur: arTBBErdi fur bj- WU1 
H Hija- 

I '>inil>la«llH oT Thr.1n. 

William gaiaii and \. gtTiwberf, m 
innportniil operatora of motion pjctorei 
in Brcoklj-n. have Joined forces and will 
■n future be oar. Mr, Small n«-n* the 
Marsejr. Wi|liam»bur| ami the Republic, 
while the Stranbertf boldlisja are the 
Kiamrt, t^tate and Sumner, Not aatia- 
Bed wifb Ihtse »'i hoaaea. whieb are 
amonf the Lirbeat and moat reprricata- 
tifi ia the WilliaquUuirr sCctiob of 
Brotmm, the Joint Arm of Sta*H *- 
r^raaaberi plan to- erect a tarce the- 
atre on lar comer of Foartb tod ftcan 
«1 reels, in BrookljtL It wilt steal .I.OTfl 
r-up> and plana art tfooMo make it tb« 

tkm will no 

f*k#i* e**eri*ii*a tr *»»■* 
Her llatar, Mtram, for Wkosa 
r rnti-hintd. 

hooki or that i;i- ever Twritten. will '■<-. I did loae and now M**o bia to p«* the 
sEartrd l>j Whitman Hrnnrtt within ilii 

■iipii few dam, All ll'mivn. mcaiiinj; 
tin- peoplr from Indiana lend tbov .:'■:■. 
eomr from ihc Middle H'wti arc n« fa- 
miliar with Hit* la»k M thif lav wiih 
ibeir l'it-l'>. Whnfcirr it 1. '■/■ been ai 
«idetjr read in thin section of the eoun- 
try we da not know. 

*- fln-rwvai M'ichir Urn . 
S. Gordon Mtchk. repre»entJ«Urt &f 
the Stoll Film Companr. Ltd . of i'v* 
HIcjiI f'!.i-!urf« ]'fn;i:cTi:n. in Jj-e, •>-!•.- 
haa come ti> New York to transact tatt»a 
i :nn>«« for hia compattj in ibE* couJiVrr. 
Hf. la tcII kBnVo in thr ttadr, hts .tc- 
uLfi.inTan.ce witb American nlin cr-ini'- 
tiona eatenditiK back to 193*. 7*hr S^l 


Aihei cf VeareajiM." Tirtt JH* 

tioTuiI Picture, Vtt Booked e*j 

PiTaJEiTDJit for Two Eotuei 

Becanae Btrud W» Jfot 

Anilible ud Becinse of 

Sir rjttttnatc*. 



Cloak Morlrt." id' -ill M 
• jadj t« «" abmad witn Edarfa 
Cnrewr> ^mpiar Going abroad In 
tola case ipeana Tiaitdnf the Stnan De*- 
art. foe —The Son of the Sahara," arbldl 
Jlr; t'arewp haa cho*en foe hia next t-rw 
duqdon. wil] c- eoade hi thn appropnate 
setrlor. Tfa" atorj ia by Lottta* Gerard". 
atkd-M^M Wtndsor itrta the role at Pannj. 
fr-minine lead. Bert Lrtoll will pUy th* 
Biaaciiline tead. Mr. Carwwe will aail 
on me Ohrmpi" Ortopee • for Franco 
and IV pt«jera will folia-fer a. saofllb 

Varaaaoa ta Oln-rf yrrrwtm Taianaalara. 
Frank: BotWit. ■*& nnt cam* Into 
fanjr a* the directiM- of "HnltitranqQV' 
baa beam one* Red br Joeeph "Schenck to 
mate ■Stw-rpt-.'' N"nrm« Talmadga'a Beat 
picture, "S^rrta." it *rf!l t* ramein- 
tarrd. *» purchased br Mr. ftdmncV a 
few mflolli* Wo iter It made a anccoa* 
OR Bfoaiitwaj- with 'Marwarrt Lawrenca 
In Che lr>«di]i- role. 

InmUirr In Do tke M1nir«, 

While- mjin «i tha aobjoct of th* 
TaLmadre*. It ia iatereatlnaj to note that 
Conatance Taltaadja, and not Norma. 
w|H do "The Mirajre." Constance, who 
ha« alwae* plared corned* drama role*, 
■rill make her debnt as a iiramath- act- 
re» in this pfeture. "The Mlraie. " la 
+>t Bdcar 8elwjn ami ran aom* jatn 
ajro it (in' SfrwTr. Tbratn> hera With 
Floeenee Reed in the role which Ca*v 
*iani-e will do for the rereeii. Eearr 
nar will wald* -thh Blm w!tb intareat, 
tertQlte If ii difficult to Tianaluw Csm- 
aUtice in afirihinn; trot the tfxbt tjr* of 
Iblnr that haa dbararteriied brr work 
Miir* abe sUrtad maiiB* pLctorea. 

t Hmnrj IA 1 1 h l.ask?- 

Ijih Chaner, who wa» | 


Cody aaid jeaiardar.wben we mrt Ji/i 
in ihe AlconMrain that br had no Lntea- 
tion Of Ibttin* Majn aldr slCp bis nhllja 

"Why rhtruld If he ashed. "If if ,-*,.. 

bad lo»t he etftaitilr wflrthJ have de- '" ">« prestntauon of -The Hnncbbaefc 
manded m/ enure of Reap'" <*' Notre Ilame"* And who Oaqx rerarnec 

An eriden«e .that he intended to milte to the Coast a week « » apo, haa *ifned 
Matn pa.T hia wafer he pmdueed n tele- *rith Jc*w ]<aikr to pla j one of ti* 

■— Wo 

prrir. be bad arm. 

ear a bine uniform and n pleasant 
smile. Atari practiciDf callinx uk mlater 
and beiitf pnlitr. You will have tiir prli-i- 
lece tf meetinjc Mr DrmpacT and miwlf 
at the atation on our return, lie ):■■ 
nroouMed not to sock ron for beirinc on 
\Y.r other fellow as be baa alwaja re- 
spected at eercsnt^. Wail for Inatrqc- 
lff'U Tlir S\fi\ :.'"o« from vonr boss. Mr. Lew Cod*. 
orfaniratwo ii well known on ibis -nM j w »" ** *l« b««* whctliW rhi*. mran* 
of rhr water, wbei* from time in time j there will be an* murder or midden death, 
offen h*r* l«n made <o «tablisb sffifia .» but it Miinaji rairhir like ii [o u*, 

lion* *nth our Amrrican producer*. \ ~ 

Wllllaasaoai ■*l*rt* ("*■!. 

i as follows: < Undine roles in S*m Wood's j^odnetiaTi 

■nf the Kate Jordan aUtT. "The Nert 
Comer." Dorothr MacfceLl will pUy the 
frmlnine trad. 

*hr\ *ri ..*»i:s 

•k« nii h;it lac reaslatae lr.,1 
"Tke I nlniiifJ (.■*»[„■ *.n 

■wlajr Baade Ib S ■*■■« miliar tl 
■Jlsweifoa nf Hulnh |«e*. 

iiMiini Hti<i r» Fix tae 

Lew I'odT. who rrrurna to tbr Goa~t i Atetro offices Trctsrdn* from 
on Thurvlar will. |T|— HH Fljun, after ! VmHtM, who has cp a « to Si 

1 - f,„-.\~ . I„ *.•■- r .1 ■•.. ",-ii, aJiYlaj" :„ ' Bl UlBJPaj tn do the tinflerwatPT seen** 

lir finiebn the role r-fihp -Hs-lickcr m ; for ■ -n, t Vnintited Guawt." the east la 
"Nellie, the Beautiful Clrjafc ModeL ' n ■ M \\ \tibhkJ and readv to atari wort 
not coin*: to Ut Frank Majp ^Jjde out of j Rmlptt Ince haa already rone scuaib and 
Oajine a bet he owes. This b*t was m-de j the jWicipala ia the rompan* nre Join- 

P , . .. . „, -_.. inf k an nit tin a few itajw if thrr ha« 

a. the liu.* -f the Tirtnpiej-l.rp.J £ft,t. I g ^ Aj ^^ ^^ g^ ^ ^ nctil , K 

1«dj aareed to act a* chauKrnr for Mijo j tBf pi,enre fo* M*lro. In the ea»t *f* 

;ii a sklarr of 32S a week lor a neck, to J Mwwrin » i LeftT> Flxnw. Jean Folly. MJery 

nenr livcrr, to Kve in the K-rvanla ojnar- ' McLanpn, WiLIjain Rail* and Louis 

ier* and m act in tht manner brcomine 1 YVo]hnn).> 

a vhauflitor, If he (ailed in any of Lbe*e I 

■■lilifariona he was to br'Anrd S10Q for j rial**-* 

t ea jf miarieH. Mayo aEreed to do the 

•ante If Firpo met, A" til. aa eceTy_itii- 

.VJfltil* Co-a**/B Mairrlrn. 

Our private wire from California con- 
tains a bit of aewa that will br of in- 
terest to motion pictar* peopT-s in New 
Tork City. Mabel Condon, who ia well 
knnwri in th' film industry, was njar- 
rted on Monday ut J. Rnsaell BridweH. 
fonnec new*paner man and now pablidtT 
dltrdftr for Jack Picfcford- Mis* Con 
. doii a few pin sto was out of th* 
ArcordinB lo a letter receded at the (,.„ fc nenni -ETO ta in (he bnaineea. Bhe 
E. Wtl- ' made a sntall forrane r*prtaentfnf acton 
whn hss ti'sn in Mikiii in th* and aclrewi-s a( the time when motto* 
icturc* wcr* rttninf into their own 
ia the dater nf Curie) Condon, well 

n.lirMMiilmr Willi Care*** 
soon iV" Clairr fVanlaM flniihea her 

known writer -m film attbjecu. 

\ Mm* 

Xiab. i 

nteetshe Xesh. who pla** that Mow- 
i axii fir) in "Merlon of (he Movi>«. ' la 
now ron sideline a compliment which ste 
beliere* could b* ^.ops ti ii cd Ur he ftogh*- 
fn]. Bhe says one of htr frieada. in re- 
f'rrihf to her the other da* called her 
"'the heat known super in the movEe*." 

"And I furs* I am." she said. "At 
traai 1 bare tbe tteadieaf y.*a of any 

j dent nf Amcrieau hiatory" hatjwa, Firpo j work with it mine it Fly an in "Nellie, the j "Ira firl in motion picture* 


Original Order of " The Invisible Empire" Had for Its 
Purpose Saving of South for the Wkites, 

and That Atone. 


By KAEl 

: $*nfa 'Sen Irieio' to I J onla»d h Mr., 
tlere' arc to-day ktehatTea <*f tbr Ku 
Kltts Klan. and In every part of th* i-oun 
try, there prorajli the notion tbnl >!it* ■" 
raniiaiioii {■ a rrMrtb of tbi- tirdcr Ibat 
frwrt the Smith from The elutHi nf rarper 
baetrr anj !ii* tlCfn- 

So popular notiuo could br more ah' 

. Wan ih* K u Slut Klin of to-day may 
ba i know not, hut what \ do kpow t» 
tkal U ia no fashion hiral'ir!*. or eten 
attcfcjta. en order of which ea littl* hi 
known to-day in th* Nurfh aa waa known 
whet it wee bvEdii:f iBrLoiete tbe wbilr- 
.aorerHfat] of the South. 

. To-day tbe thirteen fttatrs of the South 
would he what If at| is had It not been for 
Ibe Ku KIbi Kwn nf c«rly poat-Wite 
dart. Tbe whites woald bs • r been forced 
put, not by the eearoes. bctE by the fore* 
behind thejii: the force that had na liirih 
fan the brtin of Utt SinlaH-. mistmt* Ol 
Tbld Bteeen*. Tbe abaotulely intelrrable 
,coeditiooa that marked tbe early dayi of 
Baxamstrpctieu. when political lust and 
personal leot were the only Ldnla af tbe 
cetf^tbey/fer readme, wonld bare roa- 
' Ha nod until every white man of Southern 
bfrib that could eecepe would ba«« Bed 
to the North or the newly Opened. West 
and rhe Sooth wowld hare beam dallrered 
srir to the necro. 

The Ku Kluc Klaa aared the South- 
Born in Pubukl. Turn., in alay. lSTJo, U 
bated JfuK three j«n, bflt la rant time 
it ad-ompliibed what would otherwiae 
eujre been rtteriy LmpoeaibCe. 

Lfneula had been ajaassButflted With 
hum. ene'lntiy. died +**rj hope of hap- 
Irtneaa far the Routh. Bis policies, wblefa 
would heei beea aturd£iy carried ont. died 
witb him and the Svath. insd ad of beta* 
BBswied to take Ira place in tbe Union. 
waa cooaidered by thoae onder tbe in- 
Qnence of TtutddcUl Bttnm *• fc* Psara- 


i it rohqoered prorince* ta be made to 
surfer inn *nff*r end euf'er until blotted 
ML The thirteen 'Southern Rlotea wertf 

I to be firen over wholly to the. black*. 

I Tbe South we* fiveu carpet-hatfer 

, envernora av.d negro lieutenant-jovernorSr 
Nefroes filled Ibe lefinlstivr halls, 
carrying; the ahoea they were directed to 
wear in Their bMtda. eatjpf their pork 
chop iDDchtt on mibrtfany <j.**kn met 
coat aa mircn aa a slave bad coat before 
the man «-r,oulrOi. bellowigx. fuffewinf 
at the Merry Jret of brine placed in 
power orcr the white. Bills were in- 
troduced pro*idinf for the tafreaeMae" 
ment of the nefro and the disrfranehiae- 
nr-ot of tbe white read, requirin( all dfa- 
frahcbi«ed m*n lo remo*r ibeJr hats n 
the iirearnce of those afrancklsd; to dli- 
ar*o all white end to form a eoilltia of 
nrrocs: to u» the Confederate anifortJ 
of fray aa tbe eletbinc of convicts, with 
the iaHjjnjB of rank added to ahow tba 
derrea of the cries*!; is permit ibe mar- 
riit' of whitea and blacka and whites, 
to enforce social equality and to make 
white* and blacks attend the aanae 

Cerwss enier Th*w Caraeiasfftr, 
Tbs^ tbiof* eeefD incredible to-day. 
It If bard to bribrre that teaee condi- 
;!••-! really *iin*d. bet Lbe Gerraea in 
Reifi'im *>as a mild end humane crea- 
ture compared wftfe the Cn.rperb.faer tn 
the South. 

^^te men and whits *onm werw 
foreed off the sidcwaBm by »s*to*« and 
humiliation *n their constant portJoe, 
>laay tn tbi: cnanttT bare pretexted 
BfBtast the ahowbur of "The Birth of 
a Nation" because they retard. It aa Mm 
attack upon the naurro. NathlBE CU be 
more absurd. It ia ■ plexors of a con- 
aUoam of which the eefro wen merely * 

~— " —I *" 

part, lartt Ia hlmeelf the nefro wnald 
here adjusted Lmwll ouirkly to tbr new 
conditioci- and would oerer bev* drfamed 
of tht absurditisa Into which ha we* 
dritcn by tile wbllV.cerpetJnfrerm. 

rJueli waa the condition he helped de- 
vi lop. howeeer. ibit he made hlnmelt^tho 
humln lirKel. alOnf with the rtrpet- 
Iwiffer of the r order hia mhfaci hroufht 

This must -h* known, that rarely jren 
a nefpo killed- The fill! Kn Kl"-. Klsn 
was formed l-r men who Ittrew the iiegm. 
Uhnocioua aa he had become it waa ree.1- 
laed *hat he « «» merely helng used hy 
the whit** v.'hrt had floeked to the Houth 
and only ebb hm. i rinn-- merited deeth 
*»m death -meted o»t n> Jum. The rape 
of wfajte woman DJ rrfmei became in- 
famouily tomtDon nod t Lin crime car- 
ried w if fa it tbe death penalty. 

■JielsUl' in. 4Wi<k M. 
U'ben the KUn wss dlssolTrd in 1S60 
all knosrledfe of its worllinf died with 
It. There has aerer before been prtated 
a deacription of any part of Ita orfan- 
leiilen end iu ritual .so far aa I know, 
ti i-boir up oni of the unknnwn. frew in 
three ye«ra l" i aeeibrrjhin of fix hun- 
dred thonaaod. and. (ban whbin a week- 
the time reqeLred for a nr^up from 
iia Grand Wisfrd to reach all p*rH pf 
thr Inejalhlr KmpFrr. it dlasolrtd. Cot- 
tumea and prrscrini^ were burned! lor 
to be fi.iio.l in p4*a*«siQ-n of either meant 
dratb. *o banhly wer* the Tawa framed 
afiinst the order, apd all outaide 
hnowledfe of the order was loaL Earb 
member held insuriate its seereia. 

'A few mri u« in endent uocte of 
mlde. In hia home in the Sbenmdoih 
Valtey. nermitted m* io make k enpaher 
of note* from a " kJ ,-f the Preacript 
or. the Ordrr ibit bed been kept by bus, 
the only cjpj of which J have e*r£ C»en 
keerd. for. sltBOufb my father and t*e 
rajelea *rere member* of tbe EOan and all 
offiien end In poti*smnn of fbe Pre- 
script. DO other ropy had been prt- 
serred, npr haa any olhrr memhar of 
tke Kan .thtt I ha*« cph known id- 
mttted thar b- bad krpt bia copy of the 

The first and roost illominatlra fact 
waa that th» tsriaih> Rmplre bad dot 
ether sem*. It mi, "lit ihat eiception, 
DiBtJen. Tb« S aaee bTo Clua K'jb ente 
Intended whclly for the deceatiop of omt- 
aidirs ud we* iiaed by th* eoe iah a re In 
thair pommtmiceuons, bat not nmo&t 

be Ilea I m of 1'irfinii 
thfc worrls "TJie Ibvi*ihle Umpire"" atcTe 
1 alway* uaed iq the .-eremoDisls. 

Frcnu'titl.v. th* aswertSdii Lui ■■ten 
made r 1 ■ .i i the uniff* Ku (vlut ,<r, rrotn 
the tJMtir, hut tbm b a rar-fetchrtl the 
ory. Tin- wntua ftr^ t»ti* vorde. ntejCfHi 
live of tlic soiiinl an r. riMc I ■-■ i iijt mcL- ... 
ih«; iirK v word Mi* msoohI of tlie tininnieir 
abAft drnppjui; mm |hr nnrch tislny; tl 
at hillf-Curk, thr iifonil I h- ■i-uud vl 
the liimmT Nliiipinr in the fully 
cwcli-J po»hiuii. 






candidate* i*vr- sdmilled 

yrar*. only iiv p *P1' manared 

hia way Into '," iVn. lie menafed Id 

hecome, a mrmlfr of thf Dtp pf l'<i1aiki, 

TcnacW-e; ibe tir*-* »rfanlj(ed: 

■ war 

Ha had < 

thr Order, 

pit nf tlie in- 


The fint pit 

'This nrcnnixntmii sbs,l! be styled «h'l 
deaifoatcd 9Tbe Urtet at tIlc- . . ." 

The creed uT thr ordrr read n\ 'fol- 
ia sn: 

"\Vn, the Ortier <ti i he . . ". 
revcrcn tinJlj ncknnwlpdp- the n>BJeu» 
and supremacy of thr Uivme Heitif ■> u < 1 
recL>xniz> thr gopdhese and peovideiioe nf 
the umr. And wr rrropaize our retsrion 
to ibe L'nltnl Slates ilm rinmeiM, L%e 
supremacy t<t the constilutinii. the con 
ililuicitisl laWS T1.<tf.'|" and the l')uj... wf 
tftate* tbereunder." 
| The next parafraph of the prescript 

I- reads.- 
■Tha ia an Institutiou «f chifalry. 
humanity, merry and pairiotisnii. M 
bodytns in it* leniua *nd its principles 
all that is chiralric in conduct, noh'r in 
sentiment. reDerous In manponri and pj 
triotic in purpose, its peculiar obircl W- 

"Firai: To protect the weak, the ,n 
noernt and the gVfcneeleas from the lh- 
difnitiea, wroufi nnd outrafjr* of u* 
tswina. tbe i iolroi .end ibe t-rutal M 
reJiere tbe injured ud oppresaed: t. 
nstx-r the *offrrinf aad unfortonate. anj 
eupeeially the wtdow* amf orphana of 
Confederate noldien." 

The second nnd rinrd par*|eapha of 
this aeerion proi>-r tor ptt-tecUors ai,i 
defense of ell Cotistil*! lionet lews and 
"the pmrrfion of the peopie from 
(qI aeisnrc and from trial exrepC by their 
r#rer* in crraformlty tc tbe lt\s or the 

ll waa this last pewrlsion tliat eansed 
the Klan lo rid* mott fms'icntly: for In 
ail aeetioBs whitea were bviBf tried be- 
fore NefTo jndfea. 

Oraanliallon nf t*W Klaia. 

It we* the onraniiarioei of tho Klan 
that whi QDiq.Ue £■ Lhia country,' bantertr. 

Kaide of Rm^klyn and Queens, 
* Mnntlnlon : Saaaea County a Frotlnre 
witb a l>en in ever? town. 

Tberc" were no It tea fin. or Klonkh 
f>r .inythjiisT -- 

The aupirme officer wrla the Grand « i 
n-n\ at ibr limpire. with his staff of ten 
ilrpil. The order bnd only one Grand 
Wlrard, Gen. NtthnP Bedford Forrest. 
one of the most famous raralry nrneral* 

three I araj allowed in rhis direction, altbotifh 
rotra | unifftrm^j wai B triren after as much a* 
pmalbility. All (he nnhnrau of a Den 
were- aiihe. ntnall.* made k/ ths iuna* 
wnman Ip order that there mifbf-be no 
diHereuce*, Ip one pnrt nf the Shenan- 
doah Valley a number of medical school 
arnduatM wore (Lfbt black clothinr out- 
lined in whit* phnsphorrewnt PBini wiU 
the ribs, arm and le* bonea of a akele- 
tun. thfa coiered hf a Un S black' cloak 
which rendered them almost ineislhte. 
They rode as did all members of the 
the hoofs of [heir bnr*ea 
Ihey siirittly and Uli- 

tbe ■■l.,:ln< i ■: i : ''>. : ■■"' -ironnrd artn upon the vLotlma they wer* hiini- 

r^nirrrr in K him until J the day be at- inf. When tbry tossed their clothe berk 

tempted lo l«R V r fowl i I sA the wild, ahrill Wan err. *W neerro 

Pate of * i.r •* i-3 ■ , beeinit them, nnltla hopeleasly Utjr. n«i- 

!ts Territory embraced within its juri*- 
dirtion the States *f Me.rr[and, Vircjnia, 
Norrh Carolina, Sooth Carolina, (.ieoefia, 
Fkerida. Abbotts, MiaaiasippU Ixiutalane, 

Th e"'K(nplre" waa divided int« four 
<|rp a riftieiit* P The tot, atyled tbe Realm 
wai -ante mil nnns wttn Ihe btmndnrien of 
n State; th* necorirl m atjail the Do- 
minion, nimprlslua a pflOp of rapmien: 
thr third wsa pryl«l the Prorince. beiuB 
s county nnd the fourth w*a Thr Den, . , , 

tuliii]; under ila juri«dlrtinn tliat part of , nni1 j,r rertTeseniM VummlfL lr> fie ti M I _,' . . 

• pmrincc enLaned lo H. j in another atole at l\.e time iherejvas | "JJJ^JjJ^ 

l.'nder' this arrajifeuient S*W Tork I "ever 
Ktnle been n Realm. I«ne 

petfter nnd within ■ "fcorf rime through j 
Ms hyeery, cheer VI net-oaelhy ii*d be- , 
enmcoaeof Ibe mN^r |»pul«r ueiL In thr ; 
tiiwn. He carrirft \ pap»n ihowiiif his i 
dlKcherflr fmm s iW'ilslana rcjtuneut of . 
the I'mifrdrrnti- Anr,'. ™ rea;Unrnt whoee | 
dorrumrnts had bosiV ile-1 rwyctl^ In np- i 
prnrene'p he m>* rii Wl* rt^rnnileil the I 

man wb&M Mm \ h,> Wa that a j 
pcrnnnnl dencrilitioit\ te p nt to [iOii1*Tana | 
confirmed bin ntnii-i inn* and a* th* ' 

He waa lakrn off chr\ irain 'on which 
was leading, UWfl*lllkll\l wrol the **f< 
( this sflrt in tbe old bnler. ]■ denor attaint! him tbet \V"«', been ac- 
cumulated and later han|td from th* 
rsilroid hrid(e + 

No other case, was rrcr ^\a«wn of a 
surceaaful attraipT to penetrate il«* 
rder and there wa* sjllnf -ubet 

,_. world bet trerltliown, the "man oT j bj" nian "or wnineV^llbnui-"- " nundredi. 
a hundred oattlee." He was elected Q f thtiu**nds of doll*H in. rev iron were 
shortly , e|ter 1b* oreaniaetipn of 1' g^M f or fnformttlon cnnret^lnr tbe 
Klan for HIN ?'«« and dirtoleed it order 

■hortly betore tbr eapJralion or his term >*«, ma „ wss ejeer naked to l»pn the 
of nfflrt in 186f>. I Klan. Dneaiecepieble to the eQtn e mem- 

The Reslra bad a linnd Dnson or j berahtp of a den would be' appfl >aehed. 
ih* Realm with a waff of e»tbt Hydras, aosnded on bis ailltud*. ipwaTd thrt Klan. 
The Dominion in mled E»y a (irand . and if Jhe thnwed any deaire to k*1 "»' 

ally tw«e two leaps and a buck jump and 
landed In th next corintj. 

Am. ins those weajsh Tidera there wa* 
"'" ""ho always earSd to a ncim to hrlp 
hitn frnin his horse when fbe nexro 
hett tnp'nr^ nod was being held. Then, 
whe tithe tremblinf black Mir: ap- 
fjToachcd, he was handed :h eartienlaTed 
bonea or a skeleton bend. -. One of th* 
uafortemetrs freetcd in this fashion is 
aeld to hare made a remcrd bank jump 
of tifhteen feet, whil* anotbed leaped 
e pie aty and would Lu* been runnim 
yet if he hadn't broken a laej u-;ire X* 
Jump acroaa a enppes. 

Titan with a "faff of wi Furre*. 
iTrrtinc* bad H raler n Grand tiianl 
with • ataff of four ffonlina. while tbe 
|i*n, when properly tyled, had presidins 
• liraad Cyriope of the Den and hia two 
Nlfhtbawhi, a frTerul Mauri, a Grand 
Monk, a Grind Beribe, a Grind Kirk' 

ilier "a arend'Trirfc and a Grand Senti- j f« written for u» Mnansaippi W*laiojl 
_»i ah »k„ n _k.„ ,.i m Tim, .it ! of the United nauahter* pf the ' ~ 

nel. All other nuembern of a T>en. 
wearer*, of the robe and hood bat t^ r *^- 
titles, were Gbonln. , 

AjHlH*" 1 of 09«n- 

The Grand Witird appeiBted the 
Grejid Drifoai of the order and all bii 
staff, and tbe Grand Drefnti epboiotedi 
and iairtaietad the Grand Titans, and 
rsrb offtetT eppoiBted and instructed! 
those of th* • ee jqat peateeth bin. 

The. Grand Turk nf the Den bore the 
frtauset r ta paeribiliry r>f any officer, for 
It waa h* who provMed for the admis- 
slen of ramjidste*. He was b°1 only the 
R-.emseDKer who celled tbe members t'- 
Cetbcr, bnt tba naeo** of all who de- 
sired to become asesnbere were submitted 
him tnd en hi* iaetwUa-atlon they 

i entry, dtperihiht the 

It Ii ia aeddascw of Tie; aBa.Hij of 
those men thai altboufb eix uundxed 

Ml Tfefrwtr Kls«»»«. 

Another pleasant direction of BBother 

den. waa to rnnd n* * buBcb of naejroe* 

and ash out of them to brief on* of tbe 

Tba. wetar 

toaaej off fmtetaUy, the aejro or 

coarac ha*iaf no way of hnonrhta; that 

a tonne) and a rabber bex nader ei* 

rnw'rji end rffecrs I ?"*■-» <**f* "*•» ">« I jj l fl u j and .his 

" ocinx wholly . ""n-or. cndaeHy accuaiolaan. 

,_T -rknewf I the paak when th* *Wu| cried 

°* L I Thanka be ta God " 

,^ ..Vinfc Tre bad aince 1 

yradoally lad Into i-"" patha (bat ivded 
ir. the den. 

<The oath taken br lb* men vhn be- 
ceme a fhoul. the Dember of a Klan. * r ** ; -*•- . i_„t.. „* _.,. 
a aiuide tbi ay. but ihi* is the Bnt it ** j riJ "" * ™* eI °' ""^ 
ibat me oelh -■' the creed has a*»r ' *> *) ■ 
prinisd aire, M'.-et. V. Rw in a ho«l 

..r'the Kn klax"Klan fn^c B LprTmr wholly" ' t h h T™^h^" h »™ 0, « I »I.' ■"«■*■ M 

he poci 

edred her Inability to ehta^n 
either tbe creed or th* oat 4 Tbi 
haa been firen. Th* sath, tke final obli 
citica. jeada ai fellows 

I iDunel. of* my i»n free will end 
ancord. and i ntbe preence of Ahnifbry 
i Jed-, do selerawly awear nr affirm that 
1 will never reveal to any one, nnt even 
a memh* nf tht Order of the fit 

any intimation, aim. aymboi, word «r ! JjeeO* 1 
act, or in any otbtr manner: whatrier. , "*♦■«*. ' 
anr- et* . the PCcma, sirn*. trip", pans- i tba 
wnrda or mjatertea e ftbe Order nf the 
. . . n rihai I am a member of the 'am- 
or tbet I know any one who' ia a mem- 
ber: and that 1 will abide by the pre- 
script and edicts of tbe Order of - - 
So help me God." 

That's the fma 
as killed at Bali 


There . 
rno-yde made when occasionally a ntfrn 
hre \a away under the**> appnUiBf rfr- 
roft ^uncaa. / 

To* the earpetbafiane whites ■ mete 
sifnr IK. K.K. waa oawalJp nil that *n 
neodel V> e>tr nnt only a ha naa a hT o- 

; tbe Soettju of tbt. 

liattM'. A man; kpvwinf 

_. reTice of the Klan would trail 
him, neewlij kept rixht oo enfaif nrntfl ba 
ernaeed ttie Potomac. 

Raralr i we* blood «he<L remly wne- a 
man phrsWItT injured, hat withia tjre* 
j-er*. witii sll the waaleh of tba Narth- 
Lnl It nee Is Ceetnss**. *"l rltatea -Wted to these ei|*krmiBndta«, 

The Ku Kliie; Klan cleaned ap lip utma f 
Taw coetuane w**w waa no*; the same In dynsv forth "he carpttbaxxern uti 
all paria of Ibe Bonti. Greet thtltane Used tbi le^yane. 

' minnnnamnnnnl 

■- ■ • -. ■ -■■/'■ -:■■ -. 


. . - 







DisunatiT* PUytt to Appear Fifit 

is Next B*rUielBe« Production. 

"The Eaehuted CotUfe/' With 

John Bobertmn Ihrtcticg-, 

Palmer Photo-Flay School 

Own in With F. B. 0. 


THE Inspiration Film Company has 
n«c*T rni.d* unf Kent of id deter- 
mination to brar.e_h i>ni ar-1 r-Sr 
a* extra itimni ralem !■ mi u rhey j 
fonDd the type f talent they want. This 
was demonstrated ywerday when at 
noon a contract *n signed with May 

Mien MrAini'd flnt appearance wlla 
Inspiration will lw< a* a featured player 
In *The Enchanted Cnttajje," Richard 
BanhelmeaVs nut picture. The (act thru 
John Hcbertaon will direct the pHrtiir* 
b interesting because it naj in ah pic 
lurre, 'Seniunrnta! Tommy," that Miss 
MeAroy first earn* into nefior.H* has, 
at way* had grent faith En her ami 
prophesied ih«i some day the wonlrl be 
la the front ranks of nrXkm preface ttM.rn. 
and it looks u if be wis right, 

InFPiTstion has an option on Mfaa Me. 
Acoy a set-rim and a* soon as ahr fin- 
iahea "The Enchanted Cmtapa" in' all 
lib el •hood •.-r.f -, iir br *t«rrH in r aerie* 
of productions lo be made bj thc-m. As- 
aorWly Mar McAwj la one of tbn heat 
bets (n pieturei In-day and in the pn< 
eral opinion this company haa made no 
mistake in piiriiiip hre under contract. 

Thrr-* I'lfinwi Rnlf, 

The Goldwrn Company received word 
'rum the coast yesterday to be on the 
Jock nut ten three print, that are to be 
ahlpped East. They are Tod Rrcwn- 
!*te The Day of Faith," Rupert 
HughesT "I^ar Against Tj,w" and Victor 
rfeaurtrom'a ".Viw the Man." It U al- 
ways, a treat occasion at the Eastern 
offices 'of the film companies, when the 
prints re*ci town. A pow wow ia held 
aa each one ia screened and passed on by 
the Eastern office, ff it !■ good there 
la rejoicing and if It ia poor the ex- 
hilaration ia not quite go nut-ked and 
an effort is made to aee what can be done 
to bring it up in atandard. 

Tin- greatest Intereat in. theae pic- 
lurea Ilea in Victor fleaatnjCi'B work. In 
Hweden he vria ranaidered one ttt the 
heat dirrtt«iai of that conntrj. But 
there ia a rnit dlJTereiwe batwrcn the 
Swedlah idea of an and oar own Tiew- 
MJnr." Whciher Mr. ReaatFom haa let 
the American technique nnd the AtDtti- 
ean m-ay of ckdnt thlnjra iuterfete wift 
hi* arork we do hot know. OcUwtd ia 
waifnx with bated breath to End thi* out 
raaiaailiuL. If Seauatron la u *ood aa 
They think, thtyj -ill hare a jreat boa 
onttce Him, bat the Unth ran be told 
0-Dl* when the film reaeJaea here. 

Goldwyn Eutern Office Heceivei 

Print of Pint Production Madr, 

Here by Victor BciftTQUj 

Swedish Director — Sunon 

Korarro Off for the 



Xorarra Qsea n'cat. 
Raymon Noritro. who playa the tltto 
role la Ilex Incrwna veralon of "8<ara- 
raouche," left Jfafj York ytalcrday Tor 
Hollywood, whrrc- ha nil) appear in an- 
other Metro picture. Ibia lime Id Fred 
Ntbto'a screen adaptatios of 'Thy Name 
la Woman." Thfa production ia taken 
frotn thr Spanlah p!a; n-kirh Hani alasnt 
ia this rt-jnirj a»me tine aao and wbich 
eanand cvnaideraUe rritibun and cooa- 
aaaat at the rime. 

5*aae HwaM. 
>Ve haw aa our d*ak a publication ! 
called Loeir a Ink, written in the Itttereat 
«( the membeim of the Loew-Melro dob. 
It ia a rcr? nrwnj nheet for n 
hovae orcln or for any other paper for 
that matter and contalna Zor* of suud 
humor. Ore of thr most intrreallnr 
rhinta in Uie psprr ii an editorial by 
tUfcM Jaaper Ewina BraOy nn Team 
Hork. If trr had known tbat CoEosel 
Brady waa **, tood on ediUiriala we 
w«uld hair been nfter bin to do one far 
ti* * Ions lime M£<r. We alway* feel 
editorial writer* are born and] not made. 
nad ft is the moat diracaU thiajc In toe 
world to *rih an ediinrial iii»t mrann 

H*J«1a Hij Preaalere, 

Unr Lba AitajNat (^rreapondrat -*nJ- 
a teletram ;o a*/ that the Charlea Hay 
premier of "Milen Btaodiah" wan held at 
Cranraana u Tne«aT riehi. She re 
p«rta that the picture It macnlflcent and 

intrnratinc In ita historical detail, at- 
thtoufb it aeeda edLiicu; 10 itrenftneu it 

XolIop rlrisrv Iqdai|e r i» Help. 

Teanlel Frobman's annual pilgrimage 
to Ijos Anielen to iuirj-rat tbe molion 

Sieture jwonle io hia pet hobbr. * *he 
rli.fl-i' t'lint!. j« lu brsr fruit. 
Tbe Actore" Fund from be ace (drib N 
to receive flnannnl aaaiatance from the 
motion pl'-tura induttry in H«Urwood 
under a new plaj] muv lt>nt|gurii|ed in 
ihi\\. part of the world. Mr. Frnlimnn 

All* U 


han nude three annual ri-iie li Holt 
wood lo raiae money r,, meet tEie ao- 
nnnl deficiencies,, betiuir, a> every one 
know*, the motion pinurea aud the 
are cloee?y allied, and. mnrp the mntion 
pietarea have united with klr. Fmhinan 
in both the benefit « and re^roniUrilt- 
■■'■" of the Acton* Fund, it ia nece^aary 
to a:-*: mJbrj from them [» meet ani 
eapenaca «f eieknean nod pbysicnl di* 

In (Bnjet t(i meet I hi' $\r,,<XtO n rear, 
•he i-ji |j«*rs pi- nppurlniiurl lo t hir mullnn 
|hi*-turc bdttatry on ttie Wfyl f'aanl. ttra 
nnntiat beualila are to be pin-n niuiilar 
In tUoatt no*' jivcn In Htyv Votk. Th*y 
will he held ci ibe tar-reV llieatre iu 

i.i-ii AnjteJen in p!are of thr ::.-;:.i\ oprn- 

alr rratii-ale. A iircfn-nent i^>aimittee 
hna been or£anJEed, w a waUfJ avg ot W. T. 
W.i-sn. theatre manayer: Milchel I..- v. .- 
Fred KM*. I'iaTJea A. ntlTtaial Uhrk 

Larfcln of the Fairbanks -tuilio. Joseph- 
ine tjuirk. tVcdcwond Nowe-I, Joseph 
LleGraae. Mies FiMroy and Mrr. CVIIlna 
of the I-np AnfeTrn-Tlrrnld Winifred 
KiQjitiin is the i-hair-ann. Thin eonn>it- 
lee will operate with the ninie tan-re of 
the local Huilywood Roan* of Trustee* 
of the Aclora" Fund, of which Frank E. 
WoihIm ia the fhaifnifLia. The ImpendiEijE 
prrFornunce nf the ,<i :. •• Fund ia to 
ink.' plare at Ihe ^bJlhnrmonic' Audi- 

j ■■■■ at the latter part of thix month. 

and will he uniler ilic •Ufa (lirccUou ol 
George Fotter l'latr. 

riranuium < ••[ 

Two production* lu be made by Fa- 

! IMUm !'lntirv-Ij*Lr mrt- About to f, into 

| i-rwlikrtuja and the namea af the pbayera 

ha-o h*en rarrbromin*-. Thrvr are 

"Krery 1'ay !.«<>," a IVilliam de Milk 

Eirtuce foufldeil un "Itita foTentiT." and 
'iimip.- Barriera." a <!ieor«-e Metford 
prodnciion. Thoae who will reepond tf 
the clirenjioiii nt de -Milk- arc Arttea 
A f f*-.. Jnck Holt. Nil* NaUi. tfoberi 
Yldr*im. Tbeodure Kvilulf and Julia Ifay, 
i Thr Ueiford ■■..:,! j : i... (he fuLJowiiif 
riiiKnt- ot ■ well-known players: JasWOan Locan. 
1 Aulonio Murfiifi. Waller Hiern, t'hiclea 
Oflr and Habrri McKim. 

]."■; T*][ecen, after an abeence of 
utmiht four yeara, k coiqe to rrturn lo 
tSe sppreen. Albert E. Smith, preaideat 
nt 'he \Ttaftaph Compnny. haa Just re- 
i— ircd hit aiitBaturo Id a contract lo ap- 
pear in J. Ktisarj Dlacktoaa next pm- 
ilnrtion. "Tjci Not Atari (Sit Apudder." 
■ '(apted' fr>m the novel by Baal] Km;. 
llr. Trllreen haa bttn appearing for the 
paat year or more aa ■ headlioer on 
•>•" Orpheum and Keltb Tnuderille rir 
•-uit*. hfat most recent encasement hac- 
inc been wtth ihe latter crnaniintloti on 
a tour of the Kaatern eitjep. It is 
■■loderatond that Vkn-praph haa had to 
■top thr larye weekly salary af the 
rauderille iaieeeaU and in addition 
rpcwmpeane the irrr,- fn- tbc tibr bo 
remains cot of candei-ille, 90 than e.i a 
V^tapaph exemtlre remarked, the coat 
of his motion picture appearance la co- 
in-; to be pimply frlehrJul. 1 ' 

rommodojc lllaekton In a* pi-mce,' 
r-inipletJafl the preliminary work for hia 
piVtnj-e and 1* negotiating- crith t'aitliiie 
Fredpriek for the chief feminine role. 
Final details, howcrer havp no[ yet 
h"n nettled and antioimccrnent of ttie 
lady In ojile«tion cannot be oUteially 
made until tbe eoMraci \? aianrd. Work 
no the pictnee, al|dj,| - ,n a drama aaaat- 
i't »;t'i the diivnrcje aifiiaihiTl a* il* 
etuets in AmeKcn. will bej-m at ib- 
iiurlio* id Brooklyn almttt Octatier !."i, 

<l>*a>]|n taaid narthelmeaaj Gneata. 

The rearnlat- weealy [unc&con to-day 

of the Associated Molmn Picture Adver- 

tlseci) will hsrp more than usual in[rir->[ 

hi twn jjTicjiia nf hfinor are tn oe 

present. Charlie Chaplin and ttirhnnl 

HarlhflmefB n-|!l nliare the hoiinrn, hnili 

am expected to l>c hi Their Iwsf, cratOTl- 

r/illy npeaalnj. And in addition ii h 

provable lhat Victor Shapiro, the pere 

petetic president of : tie- m-jninbuijon, will 

■he at the head of ihe table ie ip'rodtlrc 

(bc "petkera. Mr Shapiro wae rc^rmly 

elected to prwiidc amr the adTertiaen' 

Inrrheoru and aJbcr that time haa l>een 

I attending to hia <■'.'.■•-'■ by ataj-ina in 

j < aJIfomLa an lone a* possible. Ilfnn 

1 coin* WcH Mr. Sbapiru was asked to 

] heaf e, nrw^p of cone" erilJ to tho Win- 

■■aa, which ia the pet mme (rirm to itaclf 
by the Weaiern ■ m.:. -.■■■■ :--a of nlm ?. i 
Tcrtiainff ntanarcra. We bene that re- 
f-itl.r the Wimpan ItatK brer r^ferrlns 
r» llie A. M 1', A. n- their Eafteru 
branch, hut whett>»r Hi"* ia a, result nf 
Mr. Hhapirn's stay nl I i>-lly ■,:■■- ■<] linn iio| 
>ct been madr plain. 

Kmnm Donm In 1 1. * t * . | 

Bm Dunn, fiajinTni as "Old Lady 
.11," has Wen hicued in (day aft i<t the 
principal parts in Thnmas Mei (ban's 
neat pietilrr ■ - The I'ied I'lprr of Ma- 

laaat "" She will arco-npitiy He. Meichan 



■ i«nr- *:ur ■" 4>i * 


flKjg|4^HF- : < 


& J 

; 1 

513 r OOO Allortaent to Be Railed 

Am-.da.lly TttTOngh . Big Dovhlt 

?*rf ae-sias-e — \Wn. Jatt Laity 

Arrives in MftnluttAii — New 

Short Ssbjcct Compiny 

la Formed]. 


unf at ihe ■aoai aiola*rl« 
rie*f>d)-Aabee -_ 
rem* nso ps^fved. Iter* yr«ter^ | Anlonio llu 

etwu by nui 
, *>«i«>i or i a*- fion,,*' t* v Fitner 

Be Ilrlc«.rd Tkrairh y. II, O 

la K. ;.L..-|'-i!ii.L ■-: Me., where Ibe ex- 
lorioni ■ ". the blm trill Ite madr. 

Mr; liauafeai 'n Tonn. 
Mrs. Jeaae Lanky has come in tnnn 
in dn a littler shopplnj. She )a over at 
Ihe Alnb^jtiMdifr llolrl nml will ri'main 
in iowii ltiat eponGh ft eel some Winter 
clothes and In see noine nf thr rh<-nlre«. 
si,.' came F.n-i whilt her huaband wffa 
in Ariujti& with Zane (irry uo location. 


■ .-■ Hk 

Ptieta ot VWna 
r.oi* ri:ii K(;t;N. 
been alfnea by si'liaarrapfe 

The tlrnnd-Asber oontinreni from the 

Weal Unnar deaccndeit ouan ihe Aatur 

Hotel yeaterday and crentaj ranaidccaUe 

intreat. In the party were Mr. ani. 

Mm. Brjraat 'iVaanhurn, air. and Mr*. 

Elliot IhMIrr/ llr. :,-.■[ Mn Sauuc! 

Jir.iu.l and Mr. and Mrs. Harry .Wi.rr. 

Mrs. iVaahburnia Mube! F^rr-rmt IttjHg 

vate life, name married ITlJaall when 

I lliry wcih- bnlli in picture* nt the E«- 

I annoy Film ('nmpnn 1 ,. She ri'tired from 

I the screen nndl Qaj mily cotno .buck 

within the jrtar. X&n pklitt* atdfrinff 

Klliot KmiiT, Bryant Waahburn and 

Mabel FiuTeat will be »diawn in New 

York crbilt the atjrs ar* lifrre . - Ben Wjl. 

I »un. a dircetvr Tor ^rand-Aahcr, ia al*t 

■ ei the party: 

Krblstir Ada. [a Hia Ma *. 

< Hut Schtacer iinon ihsn ccitinc ac- 
- lice in Ids oraaoiaation. ' Yi*!rrdaj be 
■ addsrd two Ht| membrra u bis stafl* 
one of them Edward Sebnll. foemfrly 
with the firilfith Company and the other 
Helen Wetherelt,' ■ wlbknown Chitato 
Tiirwspaper ■■v.TUiJifi, Misa. Wetherelt trill 
handle the uUblfclty for Mr. Hchlai 
She cOBielr' to Ma cfticc well ... n 
tig tbiia •orf'of tbins having 

uippeiT tc 

year* experienc* on newipaper*. She 
was formerly i*jitor ot ihe i-vmui'i sec> 
ifno id |he C M am Unity Katra a.nd *h* 

>vai one of tue beat kbnwn neu-spaper 
wotBcn *n the Windy City. Mr. Mrhnll 
K«| lh the art department of the Urilhtli 

onlco fur shout 1wo. years 1 Id. ntlilr 

jitlon with Mr. SchUfzc-r will he. in tli" 
same itlncl of work. F. Itov GrnnvlH. pro- 
ducer «f "Hhiftinaj Snnrta f is booked lo 
sail from Knxlaiid next « i-ek !<■' t-omr 
io America li dvniM plana for his s>-i 
ond picture with the "chlaeTr company. 

Foea* thsrl labjorl Conpur. 
■ Announcement has ti^en made of the 
formation of an nrsaniaatloci incorporainl 
al Albany, under the laws of New York 
&tatr. lo be known as the Standard Cin- 
ema L'arparation. n-hich will fcpeHalix* 
in the diitrihiinim ni abort sutijeit*. 

■ aMewn nt the company arc I.. J, 
Daoaour, preaMent; J. W. ScfaldaY, rlce- 
pcceiih-iil; James IJpnt, rnv pfrti Jnn J h 
L, Tllton, ircnsarer.-nad IF J, -MgUer. 

- An anoancement m to the -releaaina 
nrjEflpiratiflh that will handle dlatribotiitu 
and! aalea for the new company will Ijc 
made nt a iery early dat* 

Hunjor says it la aaaociaifd with tb> 
Setqulek C—yjf: nut it La aid Sel- 
■ imeii huts no eonoeetCon with thb new 

l.rtaliU Wltb C«ids.i>. 

j "Week-End Huaband" ia the title of a 

pEetnre. It ia indeed, and Platcl Caraon 

I fioodman ie. i !ie prodncer of ihla- tam. 

■ V, IF Griffith, «1io only returned frota 
Kurotie a few wttjki ai» will direct, in 
fntt lu- is already at work at 'tire +*th 
mtreet studio, 


The man. woman *r ehrid with an Wei 
an feci tbat rrenlualFy hia idea. If it la 
ixwd. will reach, the acrecn. The Palmar 
teaches the art of photo-ploy writrbt ha' 
teaches the art or photoplay writior la- 
allied itself with F B. O. add will in tba 
filture rrleaa- ila product throuiJ. thla 
eompany- All ready three of the Palmer 
Photoplay productinnn hare been con- 
tracted for by F". B. O. wilh the prorata* 
ih*t others wH.1 likcwlfc be released. 
- Motion picture photo-play school* arn 
(4npdderfd a scrinus meaace to the rno- 
tlpn plemr* business l»ecsnae thej fre- 
quently lake ihe mnjiey of people wha 
could nerer write an aceept*ble aceoirio. 
The Palmer Photo-play Company claim 
that they did nnt take lay pnpihj who 
did not show tone promrfe. If there 
Is anen a (binf. they mutfct be aa!d to 
he the Tiffany of the accnario acboohi. 
The first af the aeries to be distributed 
by F. B. O. ia "Jndrment of lb* 
Btnrm." which v. si made at the l'uca 
lot under the direction of Dell Andrewl- 
T'l.f rt-T L-i.n-:.-.i' of l.'u"!! Hiijrhes, 
Myrtle Stedman. Claire Md>nwe| and! 
Fitdlle IlLccasou. ft '■ mill that thla 
is nnly the beaiuniiif of a serirw af pir- 
tnrca made with well -known playera by 
the Palmer School. 

It ia iptcrcstin" to not* that "Jud;- 
rynt of the Ntnrm " n_< written hy a 
PitUbOTE; bous«-wtfc who had nerer writ, 
l« a atory la her life. Wm) knoar it 
would be a beautiful comeback to aay 
"Mt look* like- It" hut we have not aeeai 
the pictnre m It ia unfair to aay tbfa. 
The Paltter School taltr. ^reat pri4« ib 
i"5intlna to the I'litsburjT woman aa an 
eiample nf what can be d.on«. Somi 
one paire the AlUborx' Leagne. t 

PreM-Aa*fcH Bt <he p. ji.'a. 
Orer at the W&rner offiee* are tw* 
membera of the puhlicily staff who at* 
hereby n warded the desreo of C, F*, 
tThich means both "cum tande" and 
""coming literati' We mean Flicabeth 
Peterson and Jack aaMnab MiBa Peter< 
son hat ju«t slod a short Itory to <eood 
Iinuaekecpinj; end - nbo much rJiied 
pver the fact the. Canity fair baa aUo 
liiccurnbed to her latest brain child. Ur, 
I.enis. trho Lie* hccti supplytnf a riam- 
ber nf publieatloDa with ftpcffnl Tcraa, 
haw had his httVtTt effort, entitled, "Ijer- 
imile Sleln and the Hohiti. 7 ' aereptad] 
by do hna than ihe Atlantic Monthlr. - 

A Ma* or Two. 

Without a i bought in our head am 
band ■--.-: ibe line at two to the firms 
axents and let them aunpiy it for ca. 
Man rjdwnan aaya that ohe rcaaon Tha 
Hunchbach of Sotre Dame" ia nqh'ae it 
beeaua* Charlea Chapl.n haa. not bean 
tnrited to occa P7 B box. 

N'it Dorfman aweara by the ireat hnra 
spoon (.bat n friend of Hope Hajaptau, 
or wa* it a relative, rialted -*The Gold 

"How did yon Ijk* It," ashed aliai 
Hampton. \ 

"A little disappointed, there wain'f * 
mining scene or a miner in tha.wokea 

aaaaaatl; RaMaaaaaaj ■,, c* la Cblaauaak 
Gloria Sannton will go to Chicajn on 
Fridaj to meet tba body of ker fithtr, 
■ho died in Ijot Angrlea ye«*rday. Jstf, 
Hwinaon wi* ftrbj TO aiter ia the <)ui>- 
(ermasler'a Departlnatil of tba Unitad 
Statea army and he died in an array 
hospitaf: The Swanaon h<ame wai In 
I hicago ud at the raqueet ot hia daugh 
tW an bodj ii beJng brought tier for 


Eofliih Army Team SUrta Unex- 
pected Ccmt-B:c'i in jtrilliut 
Palo Contort. 


fimr was up lo it-s iicual cnllbrr. 

Tommy haa. not been forced to pin* 

beet. Strawbridrc lonti-d oui -if |il#srf 

on the OaWffl uMsstf handicap l»aaa, 

" couhJ nui- eeem to fit in sa-ipn-ihly 

the acajregaiinn. WLile In.- indi- 

idual play wa- brilliant he "n">ir" 

I Bhowrd na poor stroking as *uj *i«f on 

| his fsam. It la. bouid- lo hurt a e<mm1 

player's yamr eo work with tfamniJH-> 

1 of inferior ability. Of rourw. J. watanrn 

i Webb and lJvvcrcux MLbum rso !«■ 

[ rotmtctl --ts tn play mere Thau rheir ajnai-' 

lions* ahd It m*y In- their wurk which 

Ti tblta tbr laanr Saturday. 


\\ I I *»'■!■ I (.M(TlHr»f*l 

In which 

on Mirhrll. 

Majnr Vivfen 

■ Britain's polo h«»rr wa-. wiirifally up- 
held yesterds? at (he Meadow Bro-ik 
Clnb when thr British Army law aiasrd, 
b Jtrr*t and obctpacted coa-jrhack and ie- 

- feated the Shelbanrae o,aartritr 1i> to A. 

- Toe rictety Vtl aa hnllbnt aa it ana 
BnaxpoctcL TW team" showed more iifr 
toA" !t has It any time daring lh* laar 
nty. By Tirtaa ol ita triumph yeaierdV 
lba BrititB Army iuor «.L meet 1 1. - 
Meadow Brook leam in the tinal rrenL uf 
ihr 9pem efaaaifitofiahjp on Hj,|i>rday 
afternooij on ■ IniernaElonal Field 1 at 
Mrufnfi FirooL. The ac nrii>- scheduleil fr>r 
tcrdiy between (he Meadnv Hrooh team 
haa bacn called off due to Ibe laabjllty 
of the Flamingcs to put an ontfit on 
the field. The default aatvmatically 
jiUcea Mfiadoar Brook ia the final. 

Meadow Brook will rale the favorite 
in tbe.erei)t. bot .eonaidettbf yeaperdaja 
unexpected mult adme very rfetrr poh» 
arilf. be area. The Ktirtah Army team 
fa hitting rhe top of ita form. • thing 
which- cannot he said of BTeadow Brook. 
The famous "Big Poor" acrnxcb, team 
haa not played t&Er1h*r atoce the eeriy 

fatrt of toe iDnmey afld are thn* bsdly 
a nted of t.-nni praetLee. 

Bobby Straw bridge and Tnninr. 
tlilchcock have been playinx; o« OrJnii: 
Caaaty and ftbrlbtlrne repeeilvely. The. 
work of iltcbcnck with the ghelbume 

The *#j 
r^>ckeii yraterday kepi talis on ihe 
dioubiable* lljjor A. II. Wilscm nf the 
Stjelb:ir!i» team »,ii remarkable. 1, ickett 
'-om-entraled on the American army of- 
flrer and *ioj;>*d all but one of bis at- 
irniji!* lu acorr. WjK.i-j tried asiay tac- 
Eira to shake off' F--iie:L but the "u'd 
hulldot" flfbtiot aplrii uf the English- 
man kept bins rffectnally out of the 
play. t'eatetday Ijockrn winld bare 
been rightly i-hwad with the grrateat 
backs in the game. 

While I.-.. ;■ n was balding down the 

brilliant n/r*£K!re genius of Wilson, Cu\. 

Ti P. SWril.e wan performiui In aner- 

tacEilnr manner at numoer onr. Mehule 

was hilling bi- stride yHterday. He 

was amarlly monRlcd >Od made the beat 

of eirry rhiac^ he bad in abow hra 

worth- He asaa) all crsr the ti*l,« Hia 

[■Lay wan daabiiuj yel rafeful. tie loob 

I long cbancrs. yel alwara realised on 

| rbtin. Id the riiurre of thr afteir.--.ia 

■ he rang up six tallies far the British: 

[ army. Mr.i.lle wan not alwefa after the 

[ individual gb>ry. but enabled nls teaoa- 

j auiea to scorp when ibey had a better 

J sipnortuniij. IF* pasAe* were, accurate, 

j and well timed. 

• -Major V. H. Huradsll. nh'i ulnya r> 

j faat rame til initnber tlirec* lor The Kriaas 

tab Army .(our iva* another ma»ibar *f 

| Ihe reJuernaLcd leam win, showed great 

aU-ai«und tcatnplay. BeaLdcs fecdinr tba 

ba'l lo MeK tie f,, r s. of lalHes. 
liumdall tuariaEfii lo p-iri' twice liitn 

Ijoutenant l^af .one of (lie y»0ng*r 
iTnemlirr. til i !n- Anli»li A raft four was 
mnrniliDg ruo-e beauilful dlricea which, 
harr caused su tqiieli rofoairai in IbU 
i-Oiiifry. Ij-.if strokx* a ball a| well as 
most of the internationalist! but neualiy 
i-jnnot gel dkr-HtJao. En previous games 
br has bren.costianelly lofiitj'g thent "«' 
of th' (Icid. To-daj be sent two of 
Nirni at rbe C tmi for r brace of flririsb 

WrMo- I. ^hcibaarne Siaay " 

J, Wiirnc. Wptrii wsa liic only, member 
of tbe Hliclboumr tram arbw uncorknl 
any "teltor rda.viuK Tn* great left hander 
cuulil not U etopurd and stored thjee 
i.i.i". l'l;:i nirb IVHsou iiracticjlly *ut 
»r the play, Webb did i.or bare a steady 
ruhniox r»at.. As a result tn*uj of <iLa 
beat iiwi went fa* jujuaht- 

Majnr Ijiuh Beard acofvd one goal Tor 
Si:' iiiiri-f. He ciiuld got "cnTer"' the 
wors nf Ja>:ri;ie. TDe.Britiaher waa loi 
cle>^r for the veteran "■ American army 

The l|rilr>h Army four gut the jump on 
Bbclburne from gha start and held ii 
*!.-i-:. .:'■■■.. i the jramv. In Itin first cliuk- 
krr (hey islHed twice, prbUnl Sbc'hiiru" 
could nut act a ■ n' 1 lliroufh the j.7- ■ . i i 
poala. In the next nhubker hritain ran 
the count to tbr*T. lit tiir (bird prriurl 
tbe SheM'ume four -uagej? a greaf ratly 
atut Wr'-b r'-ored twet Cnala. But. the 
Hritiab Army came back in thr same 
periud ai.'i rang op a- ■ -w .< r pair of foals, 
'tlie Btltalna werr never laead-sl. main 
taining tbeir scant lead tu the final gonw 

Toe line-np: 

fisiTiin aaaiT IU*. ^l<MIJH.R.-cg ti. 

DM T. P- BtSlsina, ..its | iuf*r ». ft. *U"S 

Uwi Uat BBJ. ».. 1 Uiim« WaM 

Major T B. lUradili Mb. «.. Mi: .(n ()«•■■* 

Mmjmr V, V. Ia- i-:; n, i - |M > Ln,|i h<-«i 

t.w.i-l(«»ll... (. llurxilsn. I; !-•!, H W*bs, 

1: Wllsus. I. PmM. ' 


, Inn Honed FT*SB 


and he pointed bis finger directly at Mr. 

"Tour Ho&or I rise to Ltfotr*!." raited 
ont Mr. H teiier tu heated r«nen. "I 
object To tbe comiiarisoa of lira. $token 
with Mrs. fetraer. The comparison is 
highly ■lacailed 1 for. I know notbLn?. 
peraoeally. about Mrs, Ktukes; Mr. 
I'ntcrraeyer may know wbrreef he 

wlUieas chair." cried Sir. Steuer. poini- 
ing dramstifsally to the empty atnll' ••' 
toiture, "sh* «1U receire every MBaJd- 
erBtion. 1 only hop* thftt- ibe will be 
able to enlaWUh her innocence. " 

Tnta. the reiort rourtrous, was 
rrninied a rourh, a» Mr Vrlterineyer had 
m> immediate reply. Later Mr. Hteaer 
fa id: 

"There [a rot money enougb in tbm 
Land to indure me lo come into Ibi* 
case, oc n r*ma<iai in it a day against | 
Ibia lady, of any oar e!ae, o;arr roan to 
see (ha— ffhatever the fa^s— they are ( 
not swerved from the anflaaPl parh of i 
atrafgbtfarward truth a|:ainst her." j 

firm flarals Forth. 

It a-aa ihrc that ihe 6rt that uaiTT , 
Eb/D ha<l «,■;.... !;.:■■ r-. I buret rata uperi 
ilMur n.nd Mr. Dptemiryer ""J Wr I 
Sieuer saiil things to raeh other and 
atoul e*i-h other thai caused some irace 
of alarm ta the i-ourt- 

■ 1 tbatl ga al e m i w* 10 preserve BMDwwL | 
t*t at least the appearance of ii," *aid 
Justice hiahonry. "dnrinx the trial, nui 
t j.rn= ii arorta ,t iq my mind Ihe doubt 
that I can do it." 

It was ibeu lu Fnlerrcrj'r oaadA ik* 
ont-of-bounds. crack that canaed tbe im- 

{rneion thai Mr. Ktenee would have 
*'!■:.:■■. 1 bis PaUaaaal etflleagMe one unt for 
ihe advanced ^ga 'jf Mr. I'ntermeyer. 

"I belief e frntn mv tnvepitJgadoQa." 
rried' Mr. t'oibeneyer, "that Mr* 
Stokes U the n.iM nn-Oficuted lady thh 
nunutrr has ever hnowd. and thai «bn 
ia and baa l>een la apice ot that fact an 
pun a woman aa jour wlf c ar ■:■■'■!■ ." 


ri.r,- br Mhli^ 
tM*t has been nil In elay ..««■ ot 
tbe leMlaiaT" mien | n Tboanau 
Meljfbnu-a n<-it plclere. 

apeaka •■ to ■ ber character, but Un 
BtrUer is not in court and I resent ber 
natDe being brought into .this case." 

■ aye Mra. •■obr* n.,d B r. 

A few monaenLs later, after an ami- 
eafcle adjuatment of thla diffienlty bad 
been made. Mf. Steuer purred pleasantly 
as he said: 

"Air- Fntarmjer »* n D e of the meat | 
rhirmmr Rentlemen and friends, hut in 
ibia suit he haa tost all sans* ol propor- 
tion.' Thla weTban has been a law onto 
JiersFlf, apparently, Mh" his aohc to 
CJaeeUa without advice from Mr. Tnter- 
inyer «nd caased the fir and Jury inces- 
liKatlOa to be inalitiHed rhere, vchen 
right here is where slip is t<> try cmr tbe 
Usur-s inrolrerd in this mil for dlroree. ■ 
Stir bab endearoreif to Lead tis all by Ihe 
noae. Shea dodging. She think*, and 
others- ihiak that if ahe aormeda iti get- 
ting a (Irud Jury l« indict Mr. StrAes 
this cate will be dropi>ed. Yet if there 
were a million indictment aa^uEurt Mr 
Klokea J would advise hi nato go on with 
this caae." ■ 

A Chroaolefy; of tha caae waa then 
read ami attention waa called to the 
runny delays and postpone menu that 
have occurred. 

""The only delay occasioned Jn my he^ 
half," said Mr. l<nlcnaycr, "was cautrd' 
by my Iflneoa lait June.' whereupon Mr. 
Steuer voiced his lin;*r» tbat Lbcre might 
□at lie further delays on that acfounL 

"■When you are my ajw. Mr. Bteuar. 
illneaaes -sritb you'may br mute frequent.'* 

It waa then tbat Mr. Wiener p^cad 
upon tbe record of the hearing what tnay 
be lh* prise- winning non-aeqqjtor of tbe 

"IT I had 10 per cent, of yonr monay. 
Mr. taieeoseyer,'' he paid. "I wonldn'i 
be her*/' 

■ aaaalaels Jter Nbms. 

Mr* I'nlemaeye-r then etated that an [ 

attempt bad been made to beemlKJi the ! 

r-PulaHs.'ii of the dbfcndant in Chica«r,. ' 

which bgd $qb* iu the axleflit of trji/ig 

to eeiaiuah tbat .ba *ae in a dlaw- 
d*riy hooae wh** ahe waa a yMM^lri 
in £iirop, with her **lnmCt*tJ£. 

bai --hMl m Waablnattrn and enjarUf 

^ll "VI tU> tlma Lhat Mr Ptakwa. 
without Idaastriea «k»IE cap. ani at j 1 1 
™rtroora. aceompanird bj a neg^ S 
Teodant, said to be Blehird i^Wmt- 
hrook a member of th« CWcago bar. 

»L ^°} m J** ' "* l «t «hT^n«a, 

ake„ hut when . mnl.ttn woman awept 

mill placed a cbnlr for flar. 

taiued in a telegram received from Fr*aV 

WWd herself , Q fce .nhpoenaed befo" 

nf ber* VeJ a, ¥ ? L Gr " <1 ^ * **«** 

J? ^*" T,>T,, attorneys. 

Ti a beariaa- yeatfrday was but tee - 
^urtaln-rai-er TV pnotoion. oe llaeT 
F^ y ed! V rraJly gnod, «u™ 


( iitaaitjai, aa 1 aj«|f'a u „ ^^ Milfl ^ 

BfctLix, Oct a, 

Tba GfrmanT Cabinet retbraad] to- 

The reiifutlOn of thr Cabinet fol- 
io wed the retirement r.f Cbaacenar 
Btreaeajuuin. who haadled! hia reaifaatieaa 
lo J^cskheaut Bbert. - 

Preiident Eben comaxiaaioned Btreae- 
mann to form a new aorsetimenL 

If he falls, he will resign again, aad 
President Ebert La nlao eipeetrd. ta quit 

Overthrow of ike . Utrriarmano jj| B . 
istry csTTie when H»claj»t mtnahers nf Us 
Krirh*Eag I Isle this 'cening, refused af- 
forta -at mediation which had ban 
atatted br th> Keftioi-iali. 







'^HE.- TV4QRy4 : NG TELBGf 

iR. S, i9zy 







Theatre Owner, ie Compttition. Al- 
Wbji Confronted With 41 Xmcb- 
' ^Ully Ballon' MukH, BAt- 
Adopted Bow Tactics to Pro- 
tect ThenielTei. S*ji 
Wi)li*m Brandt. 


ChMrlie Chaplin Talks -an Publicity 

■t Wetkiy Lincflten ol A. ¥ P. 

A., *nd Lay* Dptm Kew Eg lei 

for the Induitry, B***d 

on Experience With fA 

Wojbaj. of Pirit " 



v JHBTrnt f 

HI are Ihr rtLibitum cubbMd 

inr> The eiclnaive atury pu>>- 

liab+d vu WMi*ed*ya M*raJnif 

\'jk that William Saul] aad N. 

~TJtjL*— iT 1111 two *ec-«t*tr opinion «f 

tnoju I. fmotiotl pjttmr Ihfilrri III 

Brook' jn. b»'l joiard fartTa hrooEbl up 
tirb, ^ration airnin. TV Smatt-lttrnH- 
wuiax I'M l* r h**!" of 6" 
coaiTri*nU«u of Biblbl1*r*. .has 
vneiderabl'- intrr*»i iu film cii- 
r*m briniing TorlS Th 1 * queatfan bb to 
**rb*t:Vr the** butB". t»«d any »P*eE*l 
*tr=iT:. -■- . • 

Tlit otifr con»olld»in> nvf ubiMtar* 
<um ikr Hachmfel-KinlElrT jrxutip. oyerst- 
jts; ;;>,- Stadium (be e(uW. the Sbrf- 
ffaln 3B-.I Capitol il BruwutTM* ami 
Em»* .\>w York with HM«1 Leaa)*- 
tabnm. who jiMt hoill i> cew Il.faXJ.VWli 
Prem:«r Theatre in [b.u winte territory. 
AntiiV m^ner i* lb*' remit YonWa. 
tfeal wittnbT Mirl»«*J Watt, upmtor 
of tjir Htfand, united with Aiiaiwt 
aij'Hiwii owner uli YonVaiVa thrac 
"bkyteat motion plctijtc [tiiifi. 

The CooarHdlted Anmirmrnl CoUl- 

' Mir .opera tin*; fifteen ibeatrea tn Now 
Tack City, TTflMtJy opaa* dthe Fordiiaui* in *h* B'ou* not long after 
lb*»- ptiEcbaird the WHUb In ,lbr waif 
s*jei(libO:rhiwni whirh li'lonred to ITbt- 
rlni 4.BJum*nlb*l. fb<ix (rising out vum- 
F*IIticn in tbxt nnrhhurBiMil 
,» ; 0b5rl« SUFirao, irh own» r*" tbir«- 
trti-'ln Aataria, Qu«m.i,' a.dittd Buoibpf 
Uak 10 'a* romoIitUtioii rOslif hi" com- 
hiDtnjr.wLtbi ft»B»u#] Scan-r'n rtw.irr« in 
ti* . una ilrttnrt Tlfli ri"' Mr. 
Awarvo nuaiitfjle control •■'<''- "■•■ ^ 
M)«Btna tii )br Btn« iom. 

VFll iam BiHedt. pr*aiHuit rpf the S«« 
T*ft- MolioB PIctUM! Tatttrr Oman. 
-who h*M bi» pulpc on tb- nim t&BTkn, 
J«ld vfM«f.I*t Wh«h '!■ i^f "■'- .M.--:: 
[T;r«i tot: 'jut; 

'■EikibitorB itL ]p«l a*cifooa *r» Dj,Ia- 
rattr *■ o n >o*itiaB.» **t* Btrif in« t» »>>■ 
jtf>» Thr .-4TJ-,:::- •'■.■ ]L«e In tlir iimr 

"This ^ aanntiallr a a^Her'i (Llia raar- 
fcr ; . --!:'. tke ^alnbulo mud pi&&a<*r tuv- 
Ja? -iir rifijt*r iiand orap ifer aTjibilflr. 

"Tor prtrrt qoottJ to-daf nif pnbibE- 

T!*-. -■:"'i tk* rtMuJt that i = rii. r-f C h- 

^D'JjfMKl Vtmat B*ra had tb'lr ftla» r*»- 
:^'L> ~'hf'<i*-\ op t» *'!'-.i an 4Ttaat. inat it 
U ini^'-hV for -tLmn tv tn>^ taootr. 
•fr-rtttp'-tk* f*rt tktt. in BflBBf rate*, ajrt- 
BBl*"i*ti ortrw nar» b«*« tnerraivafL 

W*-.'_ liuieai) of rftnabainc Aiptititirip. 
tk* ♦thViMr** LB, th*a* rorn-i EM !o«*i-i*-f 
*art ptif lirir tbutrr* into i bo!4fvc eor- 
p^r^ti*i «=H ob*tb!« th*m a* ue> coff- 

Soy,' frit* t.n raavlr rbat tki niibilor 
9>n»fn tbp liiniiior iBrttrad of tkr 
*i:-:b|iLor. a til rao-^irHI» tar ;*ny on 
whfc)> tlfr-*la» «a*a|il b iwti>4 In hia 
fanKfjUr aw*. 

"Tbx» ncktaiBBttosa aac^ bran Eolnr 
in ni', oalr in Xtw Vort Ciljr. ;.,,£ ill 
•Tcr tie mnotrj. and. in mj npinigfi. *.**' 
iaW X" 'Jrt-:ni*TtLa: To i'.i- ilidattTr IB 
ptawU-erB and dititria<Jlo*» ft»«l>iit*i. 
* . J W* jJiobi^I h»Tt t. wWf O'l** d«.- ae 
tii! tk* fndoaur -an proxr'aa. 

J Tt»rr tknnld k» afitkar rmnbiomtifltip 
•f pnvivcpi-i nr-4 diitr^bnlnTB for (b* par- 
fj*w ol rurfflil'M ibf mark*!-. ~ner iboold 
tkf-i> lar ■■ b- «f rxhibjilBn. 

"Mtri" in pfod«*iioc5 aiton* ibonld pn>> 
droitDai^. ji-id ih*t »hnnld b* tb^ baai* 
of" k-arfaiiint." 

' l(na*r Prltr. .•■■*. 

■T 'A- aw< ; Ior an tajasctlaB in rMtraln 
rh|irk« Q. BacuDtns from ml*rttiiii*t 
fhM% Hooat F«tm. tka natio* pictiirr 
•tar, i-i rtdd+r *xrlu«ivf rtornH ir> blu 
!i»» b**n tvfim In is* r=npr»m* GorTTt 
by Fntdrrirk V. Uetdaanlth. ihr Iti-ilri- 
rtl'lHfW, fcrtitr tar Ur. Patfn. Af- 

CUQi^ril on tfa|« mo!!Qti lioi BW|i JiT frr 

mm iJoiiiljj raorrvini b#fnr> .hirfi ■ \V*i 
dk in )'ir: 1 at ij-,^ Hqprrin'a '"i.nrr. 
Pal**r* *ere arrftd v on ktr. Bxuma.iai 

Sir F«nfr> i-har t -« that tit m.L.j* « 
Wfltra^t .with Clrjrir. (>, AiutUPn OP 
Afxrrh 0. IKS, Co be BtamHl in tventT 
plclart*. not bua ilun fnur 1*1 Iw ilkh3i- 
atch ?*■»: Mr. fiatiDunn Bjrrwd^-thfl 
■Vttpidiai uti, To bar»! ITQ.wO in f«ah 
nn. d'-ju-ii m lli*- Fivm'r*' mid M*r- 
HiapifB XaUopaJ Bask in I^ja Angara 
tjj Mn. in.Kfj::. TEt* nvnn+v haa naier 
l**^'! .for honiinx. Prtrn uja, 
■ Tip «!or liu dl>6 uttkI iup*ni in 
a flKMTO rf»».nB' Jiiiif arainat BBimann 
far »*npr *iV^*.l t.r> kiHt bffn nJWtiT *» 
■Irjri'K and for loai at «iji*teojp.iiU wtflp 
auttiftE- '■>.- P.BnnAsn. 

l,"o«Vr rbr If/Tii of hia contrnrt wJt'i i 
Badtaanii, tit apj« r aUlea. h* wa* i» I 
harr iHKtion of awiftm and i:*il«. Ban- '• 
P" to 4n thr M-INo-f ud l'ni- srW^ ; 
ftDn ill'- pirturep lo h« rrptsly ai'idnL 

ftiruth tviin rairMB'a Ikl.n. 
,; bWrtr i;»rhwn han. ooapaVted an 


-. - ' 

^ ^^H|flr^ 


< %m. * j 


J '- a ■ & i 


■/■ MafAI 

1 ,'^- 1 " 

• •" a?] J 

'. -— j^^aaH ■ tJ 

bT^ j ' 


vSw^TRvaa Ba ' 

v/*-' " v 'Ta^B^aH 

sS-^-ii: i^riflBHBBV'aBJ 





l IE 

Hak ■ ai 
rat. Jm£™.' 


'. ■ 

■ ,i; ,; ^l JM*V 






r ^BBB> 



.'.' '- ^ 

Piik hi Vbbkb b 

Who Bl«,rf*aT ««tlaim yultrii; 

■ ■* l.l 


BillMBi tn IMlTllB 

hlM ffsii idKriltlBi Itia 


Ii mlrr 

rirlnlit rontrncf *« 


i niaf . «a *aaoaatioB com 
b nibTklpB fBrnpra, 

I Ta* bKiaat Ektkcrlu whirk 'bu ja* 
, rsraert «>ji far ran weeklj iaocnaaiiB of 
, tb* ABioctated Uotfoa. 'P^CtUtv A«\Ter- 

■ Ian >u en kaad jrMffrri*T to kaa.r 
Ckarlaa (.nap^c -toJb thitu! !:n r.iar 

; dr*ma, "A Woain *t Piria." 

Ur. Ckaplin tafcaa fall rf»t*niir.iEi'j 
' for bja work, *«ji=t tbit, food or bad. 
' laa blaia* n Ut- - It vaa maa>, tb* ™bk - 

' dUii -.-.ivi. LB *- BtttApt TO it.,.Mr ILlL 

■ usoJIofi pFcrrara earn' a* made witkoat rt- 
i-ouri'e to "nKlrtdrtDiEtlc bokuip " Wkit 

( il.r produrera ocd mojf. be aa^B, la bat- j 
I Ptr tattc «nrt. nwi* aobllatr in ibilr 

' Mr. thapiin admiilNt tbjtt publirttj U 

■ not in bH lint, hat aactared that tb* can- 
't ililiooa =jr Jer ppyirli "A Woaaln r-f Pp-ji 

| ki< paade bad abawii him j(i r T*lnt Ef 

■ rightly u*fd- 

"Sinev atartiaa' nor draau r n Mr. Cb*P- 
, i tn mi'l. "we tkifi ramafnnl ijnU-i. Tu 
I tell tar trtllb.' If it liitl been * *b1"ih-t I 
' »vj»n't poLQi to in* ray nam* in couiec- 
I ti(Hi wiih it. But. ■■BTw«j- i ; -BrbftH »e 
I arartfii-Kail (be pubMc reaJlj.kfntir n«tb- 
| 'mt alj«i"'t. the pji-iiin-. ! ili-ii'U'l !■■ try 
! tlie priHltictiqtr tn. OpMh'a, apd Butt Mt- 
' craiaji a bead Id tbat r(t«ci- Wli-n I rot 
i rhere, tn«r« waa a TBrjr »mafl gilbirrinc 
! 4 (ew kftttnod tkft* Sf fonrr*pnrt*«- 

| Ttie repoctCn'bcr/l.Dt'ni'kinB; tre tU «l 

I round of Tooliab qiiextioaB, about nbat 
j 1 wis doin'f, vhiv, I 'p>ai roiac to Eft 
i marrird, wbere-'Piils. vraa, nnd'tbat sort 
■of tliini,- wbnB one uf thr n-Mltlrrn 
■l>ok« uf.-, *' 

" 'CbirlJe, i',Lr:-.- n , jarki«%* he aabed. 

" "JaAle'a joirt fn Hollrwood,' I rvlledn 
I 'He'n d'.iicx Tcry weil: in fact, mnih oel- 
I btr tbab 1 am.* 

" .I'on.' aaifl tbe urrbiu. '.'im hiAn^t 

■ iif o ur rood for tire- jpui.' 

I "lly eiu*ri(Jio* r In »w Y^rk," - the 
' vn rawtia B*ooBtitmeiJ, *"baa abo*ii me that 
Tlif> puL-hc ian't vrrj TDUth upart aboot 
my pjcmra, I wanted diimintd pubttcrtr, 
fUttinc fori!) nlaiti faff, but iti'-y rrll 
me 1 ha* r 1o baltyboA and ret up on a 

Miap t>oX Blirl Iwi srsiiftl-oiml (,, £ f( .„, ,:. 

Itntioq h-. ■ " 

There has b^e-n tan mm-U arvaatioa- 
»li«ra" and hrprrhc-le in fn.niiip piriarv 
l-iihllei(j. Chiutiu f-el-. Th* irnih. tu 
thinka. prfcMTkiod in a iTIjiliiit m-aj, ia 
lhr tield i":-r ■':■- [. :■ ■■ j; ,- bdem. • * 

Mr. L'hapHn b-b» Inliwfucrd by S. Jay ! 
Kaufuuiti. irho dcriarerl raii-br- b«!iti^ 
ibf i.-n,ui*'ii*n in -A U'oaua of l*arj#" 
ban iloor >onirth.Jnr: r*-».diitiiiiiBrT jb ril- [ 
r*r-tjon and trrbniiiiir. anil (hat nitti thr 
■Htup!' 1 he h3* Ht Athrr produrrrti tin t 
no Innrpr a*t away nitli coBTfoiiubal . 
"■Bjorfe hoi; cm." 

Irii 1'onDin; lomN. 
Baiinrv in ihr motioo p«1urr rr*im j 

With SutfU Eiceptioi of TJtutfd 

Artijt*. Ererj DiitribTitiEj Or- 

l^aiiiMtion in the United Sta^M 

Hti Adopted Btudftri Keth- 

od» ia KenUl of AH 





»«poa«d ^>aM| j nT pirtntw dearlnc wlih rbr arutr ««- 
rewnre * wt/im - dilitna rohfmiJt'nj; lb* lartarr t^-daj. 

. ; 11 hi inlrwatinjc m nwr fbJt ihr frrmer J neopit irom tiJrici t « 

i lit»' chn*tn rhr *PT4rn to frj »no" aet re- Tenmrt i> ihit n( E. f 
Ubl. freaa ike -aifb .«t of inir-t f.-i . ^. :ji 
the mall prrr^nlakiP be ia rfotirinr from 
rbr rOaaofber Cut hi* prodvrT- Allhnufb 
tbia,tb» up with the firmer*' onuiiia.- 
rtua I* noBJtlhin* uew for Mr, OirwDP. 
kh) arbrk in motion pinurr" prvdueiioq 
la ool ire. U' i» tb* p-mdnrrr nf "Sac- 
eaaa." -'Broidwjy Df«*f." "■Conpter- 
fcitk T,o™" atid ntber hlma. Ap«». lh:«! 
with' Jsim Ic thii morem-Fni lo Itrlp tbr 
farmer aolrt bla, diffieuHW an- tb***- 
, dOrr. Roo«e>«tr. Jf.'. Oifford Pinrbrjt, 
Secre-iHr^ , M AerlfBltar*- Waltara. Ban- 
' irctf K. J- UarrtBirtt of Krniurlcy, Arthur 
j lit??" of Kbprbb. -Cbarlea S: Barren 

barn mmpleUdiajid' will-be ahpouncetl 
- i";i - Office* have bren ^BaAtd -it 36 
W»at Forty- (ouptb afreet ^That hi all 
art "know, a* Ibe title oi the firal p>cr- 
ture. bna'not 'been iorthfamiriE/. 

' "rl.rn ll«», 

Tbe fVnpany wj^leb Saiokettaf*lybn baB 
bf*D dbrftim ip-Naar.Toek foe (he pan 
i*n week* on ti [prior -weaea-of -"NeDi*. 
Ckt BrantJial Cloak btpeVtl,''. tfee old-tjme 
OwtH l*a«ia inelodrjim*, ."Tajft yeaterday 
afternoon for tbr G ildwyn *Indio at L'al- 
*er <'!;. California, where pieturizatioD 
will be finiahttL 

In'ibe part-ly wet* DjW: hia bwtker. 
Hay. hia *«> *;int: Oiir* «*"nd««r. whfl 
playa XelLle; bfae Snarh: KebriaBd ]>■■«•. _, 
who piayB the " tnteruliae lead; _Ijlliaii F vai Irred -et qoc 

\ err fir.<-. aa all tbeate th>nfa do iif !h" 
braiiniintv "Jrei-bow- it win work not la 
another quealion. ' ' » „ 

laaier Tbkt Blalalla J* Tfewvarb- 

n ?aTare' , h ■■" rnnior ibarCraiijBlddU la 
tbr»Dfb with nrttinn: pirtntte. Thai; be 
wmt not to Cadifornia tbinkifif tbat with , 
Mi" monty He <W*ld jet a liadiaf part I 
witbiHit. any rrpuhl*. . Appprmtly mHry 
iSd-nBt eun^.wkere- tajent doea-not it-,*-. 
Thai ia if tbtue- wot no ta'en* tberr. At 
any rate, we ucderatand ibat Mr. B.iMIe 
wan' en fared io play a pirt in WiHiiDl 
ij> HJIIt'a ptetare and after a day or ao 
he wan itrthrrly BJaaioc from the net. 
Jual wby bo «be bsowa. Whether be 

enaufh to itpp wthrr 
ore. The lateit | 
Smlrh. formerly | 
Ibapiration P«-turep. He abb I 
formed a warinr wirh William Nnlh. | 
To be *pei-!rif. Mr. Hmirk i% ihe rom- ; 
paoy and haa eBficed Mr. Nigh 10 di- 
rect n Bi"r>* "of fratnre produrtioBB lo I 
be made here in ihe E*r(_ DiatribunoD 1 
arraBfemeata, w P are told, naee nrarly { 

T«iLm»r - 1,'w Cody. Raymond GrifS'ii- ; J?( ii kjiow H h»jt at* any rate w* hrftr on 
Uorotay 'liUimini. Artbur H-M^emsr. ; fW |i M t aulhontr he ia rhrirtEh *iln llie 
Will WiVinj idiI eht tertmieat for». ; til Iu mi and ia jpunj tv take to tTA-.c 

' ; real enrtrnt* or aoanrtfiilit BJOfeipfODtlblP- 

apeaattBLa; of P*la, , ■ — — . . 



1V«P. rnH»r rtjfi, k»i -'pW 

tfaai'. plr|,« Siifc'irf -fclarai ^■■d 
,rr, for "•..*. «elif_*»..»o> fl »Bj- 
errmva, II* witw. rk*. .ardWpirj.- 

'rtenuor HiMai 'Jbbn<T4n^ 
■•elrlBiar -Th* \\ irrfm." 
Part of the Foe itudio^over oD'Tnatb 
arroiia ia beinf rliroted ft Hontha'm '3n- 
irfsn.'ii -if Cir'I War daya for nn >i« a 
rpiivil ■-:: the acreen Chan "The 

play Vi'rittca by Will torn t 
Martha UanaDeLd, who fcently 

i - Milf* 

■ r*n- of V i rfipin, ' '^b* «'d Beloaro JMat* 

- ^P- 
larrd in tbo, roi nrodncilon mf "The 
Silent t'oraman't," will play th* feminine 
lead, with- Elmer Clifton handlist < the 
PJMI phone. 
' In reealHnr the orir|jia| Belaafo pro- 
duction, Btaied in it la intrrf*tini 
to noiB that Fyanb Keenan, Marjr Piri- 1 
ford ' and' OHI B. I>r MHle wata 

Srominent In the caat. With ihn ,Ceit 
jr. 'William r>* MiH-. tbra jepr*ae«ta a I 
fair aiaartmrnt' nT budding motion. piC' 
tnt» lalpot, - ■ r «i • I, 

Iraa;P«*rrjr *W«I| flp*k»Jk Of* - L j 

,AIlboayfa-|r. la xeneinliy' admitted In ' 

.Mm'^lrTlaa Ibat, "Uonna Vojuib'* ia 

. siVltiins to leara hoQic Tor., it ra aald 

ihot Lee Parry, whn.^tlaya iK.- lr«,)inr 

ml', doea 'a treat deal to redeem r ;,*■ 

; ptrlur* frifn MyilTdnrlf ■"" Pbe'la'eaay 

v lo -took at am' aeetmi ta hare jcnnr* grin 

andpoSae' than- the- arerajre jTorebCB 

be'^aao^ [f at^ream,' .wbp nerej- ; raa eomvnt*f wfth 

niir own Amerlran ptara. ejreepcinf'.rola 

^tarri. who ia- *tMJ*d to none -in food 

tooka aAd ability, ■ v , 

PD1.A VKf.lir. 

Her Plr lure. "Thr Np.ani«a IIikh," 

('nan In Ihr Hi.nll ?Trxl Week. 

W# bar* alt been wattinf with bated 

'irenlh la nee 'Tha Spaniah Daooer," 

UerbPTt Itrensn"* arat P*la Nejri pro- 

diL.-t;.:p! Mott of oar iDlrrral- hit romB 

from .the fart that Kampna Playera- 

[ i.fkj hti aiaJp no aaaal'H t in joy 

' oetr tbr wiy Ifr. Rrraon ha* handled 

; rheir n-mperaaeeia] atar and the elcae- 

■ Iroi r#ofiawhirh hr- baa artierad is 

[je nicture. > It romra to the HEralj naxt 

»r'fc for a .week a eaaa^ement or poa- 

[ alhry i-het. an.l all ■■' ma who hara 

| hrt?n wa'Uni ; to ***■ if th* 1 pirtnre ia 

really - ba < yncd a> Famoiia nji anil 

t btre'a'trbaia'ce'to »*e. 

I Ulaeta ^ntimn l.«*v**a for Ckloaac*. 

Gtorja Sei'i-v; ia Ira ring- fn? CblCsujci 

n-'Ja j- to attend bar father's foneraL 

I ^He «ill hf gone abngL a week and wqea 
ahe retnraa ..'aha, win betini work -'a* onre 
on Tbe niibarhlni Bird.'' wfalch baa 
been, adapted from f he Maude Fill tun 
play by Forrmt Ralaa-y. Sirfaey Oieatt, 
who ahare* i"JiOBOrB witb Mr. |Iabj#y> ia 
the prodnrtloa of "The Qreeu Goddess, 11 

will direct' MiM J"t»Hn* 

Fjeawpate)' nodaaa Up. "' - J 

Aftrr'l aJJenc* of OBnie months Pyra- 
mid PMure'iij- IpL'., n'ov apeika op and 
madea i Mtb'for retotnition. We art told 
by Artblir Hinallwood, ihe. prpsidrint of 
iii ii. cftapany. ibat a produrtl&n of tb* 
upoken drama, alio imi.-rirnl comedy andr 
dariHne;. nogp .will be JntriHTnCed aa an' 
inFjiim-E fn i|ip prodnctlo-ii-of motion pic- 
ture*. Mr. Heaaltwond'a proa* afent aenda 
pasea ud p*£r* about, tbia announcement 
playiaa; up (he.whyi and/'Wheeeforea, Af 
ter.rewdiDa cbroajh thin voluniLnoria ar- 
tirle, wp ."father, that Prianiid'n prodpor 
tfonaVitl tatojuat e.f a "^mibJnalJomibow' 
In whlfti fhhie wit! be a . little Mi nf m-o 
tipa pieturea, a little bit of drama aad a 
itt'le Id: fif nunf-al ciOairdr. It all pn-jncfi 

,. i.tE i*iinr. 

Wii» fasa j»nr«f(ra MWBt4rri 


k*r. nork Iw ' 

It "H braniht to oiir attentfop ye*- 
terdaiF by a pruauseaT member of tb* 
motion ptrfur* bidostry that the noifoma 
robiract wbbh wa* in £ oebular dou- 
djEtna far »" ■■•'■-* ia *>ow ■ dcfioHo rc.*- 
rrete ihinj Kir-r.i rompany in tba ui- 
dHatry. with the eievption. of Coitad 
Arfiata, :i unioar ibe BETcemeot mad* Bj 
tha Will It. lleya orsautxatWin. rh- The* 
etre. Owaera" Cbaoip*>r vf i'ommeree n-aH 
the >e* York Theatre (Jwnerw. 

The. :i»tjui'al diptribmlna; rompaaie* 
now upinc ihe ontform eoarrart in a'-', 
rentala of *1| pirtarTa are Aaaoriaie<i 
Flrat Natiunaf Pk-turr*. Kdqrarjgoal 
Fiima Co.-porhtioa, Famous Plnyera- 
Laakey rorperation. 'Film BnoVleu Of- 
tHr*. Foj. Fens. Corporation, ttcildwyc- 
CoamitpolUaii. *\V. U'. llndkinaon i m a-r- 
pOratbiEK ' Metro Pii-turea k'orporatiou, 
"Pailie bJachanaje. )a-.. PrvtrrTftO* Pii> 
mrr*. Inc.; rViBeipal Pitlurp* C0TXW»- 
r. ini. [Tnlrrraal llctimm Corponitinu, 
t'liaxrauh Companj' «f Ameriea and 
Sl'amer Bruthera. 

Xbe.uac.vf It. nt unc eonnacd to tit-- 
niembera uf ibe Haya orfaDiati-u]. In 
fket, -Bi-eeral of 'the brae d^HtrihuiiiTs: 
iom|iBiiteM whieh an- not enrolled in the 
Kayn membership hare adopted the ion 
Iratt. a* have ajeo n large cumht'r <t{ 
tliom! wbone work ia 4>nlioed tu Ibe Hl&lt 
rixbti Diahctrt. 

Tba equitable contract vaa adapted 
ajtar more than a year of eooferonei 1 * 
Heiweott the liar- reprewtntatLre*, Iju 
Moiiou.Pif-tnMi Theatre Owtrera of Amer- 
ica, tbtr Motion Picture Tbeatrn Ownera 
of New York and th* Theatre Un-nerV 
i/hamb-r of Cominerw, When the lloi# 
ranir for acceptinf the final aeyeemenu. 
tbe "M. P. T. 0. A. waa the only eihjbtior 
orcaniEation in refu&e to aerept tb* eoo- 
trael. 3/dQey S. Cobrn and oDera nf 
the national o rtiti Nation refu*ed It'on 
Ihe cround that it r,nnu e>)uitablc The 
other two pihihuor bodW ratified Lb* 
asr^emeitl and it has now T^-n pat in 
forrr n-itbnUt the II. P. T. O. A. 

''.:■:.■■■! >k enoiiKk, th* Amerioag F.b- 
leaainr fonpany. which Ju Irraa; ilnoe. 
;n«\-'l to Ita daatb, wtom tbr am to jmt 
out the new eenul acrr+m-nr Uat May. 
■pHbt in Juue Hr««| of rbe membtf* 
of th- Hay* organ zrati'n heraa rnitij 
the contract and front lime to rime oine-r 
t"n*n iii* .-.'i.:T dir*T4btiT(ira iiaTt fallejt 
in line, bui it ja only n-ithiu t.i* uket few 
week* rhar iht> contract bee brtOBW njst- 
farm in ft* nae ( 

While 1 !■■■-! Arrlata ia not a measbae 
of the Motion Picture Prodneert and 
rjlatributflra of Amarica. it » utijojie fn 
bei»r Tb>- only "In it* national lalrlnrtine 
body which ia not njaaanj the new unifntm 
mnlraot. Some of rbe '■Wn-rr. bele-nr- 
'™ff u ^nitr Anjati are member* of th* 
Film Board of Trad:* It waa "C- C- 
P-iiijfthT-. avarral cnumarl nf the Hofl f 
-BTiVe. wit, ntfeolied. ti*_ Film amajraf-af 
Trade in tbtrry-jkr*^ ij. T renter* ir.rf 
lhmna;h thia werhed out th* detail* of 
thirty-tare* arbitration board*. AD of 
tbea*- arbitration hnaa-da »-» n^w j n op- 
i '-a!.;--«-! pad wnrbine anece-afqlly, with 
the eicrptina of one located in f>(Tla* 

Plan* are o>w upii^r wa.^ in-haet a 
rn--iiijr or ihr beada or all Film Boarda 
o' Trade in Htlea ra*t of ChJeacn [■> 
■MM in Sena! Ywrfc Bcme tim" t^ia mofilb. 
hui nn oWtniie arranj*Ba-nt -'•« been 
tuadr. Thta i*nu]d mafcv ih* third aer- 
licna! ju**siftj cor-rfnc: tne rBtfr* ronn- 
try. _ Th* Arat «f tBe*p. meelinca wa* 
fa*ld in t'hie«Ko apreral weeka •*>>. 

tvbae w«i ihr Mitiret 

W* wottde- what wjm th* wuitrr *vitb 
our frend. Qninn IfitEtba, who H nanallf 
oil th* iob when it mpw in mm on p(.-. 
tare .•■-r-i. Hb pitbUajjed'a airn*| »torr 
in eli- Wtifti yesterday on ivhai HJeaaH 
HoTlB^d hut t M y about ttuvfajbo val- 
nee an mottnn plrtmr**. The Moml-E 
Teleeraph cardc ^^c Ramr atnry laar 
Handtv *hd n l;wal filtn paper carried 
40 Monday with s\ follow-up Tne*da«. 
If Wf didn't know that Qainh waa a 
happy hikrrird man %> »hooli *a«n«v>t 
Ihera waa a \fivr m flair )r> the e*a*. Wa 
bare to liand It to the Aa?«ciated" Firie 
Narional pre** depaeTBTrntfor bela« able 
to a*lt the aame Ftorr Twiir after 1t waa 
prlntoi] iu The Mornins Tebraxapb. 

Knl.Urrrt l„ .T.orpn(*r 

U W\ Kniahero, vice prekidcat of Tot 
rfodblnaon *'ojp™fa:«.lon, left jeaterday 
for Toronio. where he wrfll attrvey thai 
territory in the interwM of hi*.^™.' 

.4 l.Aufi or T^rov .^ -»i 
Harry Rrichenbaeb ia at hokna) kick 
with a heavy cold. rTia-couditlon. k« 

ar- t"3d. TBi amr*eared'yeW»rday by 
tb- "new* ibat Hajiry Ford had hnnajht 
"Pntaab, aad reelrnattrr.V Wb*n Inler- 
vlFwrJ on i. ie ■uhwet. Mr. Rriehanbach 
era* apaerhleaa. Yes. we know It wtl 
the fi-TPi lime — hut. then, Jlarry, rouldn'i 
talk i hia Ibroat wonldn't let him. 


**Go!Bmbm, f Firit of ■ Sarin En- 

.tiflrf . "dtroBicloa of Amtrrici," 

U S h ow n to Select Aidino*. 


Bt dohotey day 

I^aat Bi>ht tb* Tair Out- .. V r>.M :>• 
Je-ar*. r*lt-r fair aaw. Tki* 1- co ; t ,i t * a 
**Bjr. hpt tie donaioi tin ^vrthy u( 
B depjjrrure ft at* tradlrfoo. "(Vhn>>-<:a "" 
(Ae firal eaf the ■ Cbranrrlaa or Aumn'' 
aerien of motian paatBraa beinr prodiirnJ 
by tb* TaJa l"»ir*riilj Pre*', waa ilnm 

tb laarfatj inri:««| asalienor. A nun 
■ of .|iBtinfni*!j«i parreoea were ^t** 
*■?. ir-Ciudibi: ooier i.rarap-prr fjitora 
n*jjk*Jftar editor* and Baembeia of the 
Tale fatyilty 

Tbe parivr* prorad t* b* uHeniely 
*i*xn-bio(, and will be foUawed by othen 
M a awTM* -JraHnr vltk epocb moaJDc 
e*epn in Tbe biliary o fAmark-a. Tbe 
rad* of Cojcmbna h> p*pi"ajed by Fred 
Er»c. wjio >nd* dirnifr and a cr-rti)* lib- 

I.J IfH 


He. ia f rat rbowu waifia* far ward 
fro'tt.tbf PottUzeae KJnt, to Whom be 
h» aabniiLted: cboru wbiek indicate a 
akort wot* in l*di*. Tbe binf ba* a*ni 

1 hiaiowjj- Bb-n ootlo- follow .tb* roora* 
t which the chart* iadttmtrd, but tb*y.Pi»4 

■ b«fgi aJUe to finrt notbiBf- r***rnhUM 
1 landL - The art in tie kini"» cwifieH 
f e&amhor .'j* eHectit* jutd the tjTfln*i*i« 

of the ttEurea pictureaqne, -•-.*•■ 

Hia ide=* laucbed m.fcy. tbe -For: qp 

wirt. Co-lnmbua a**a> forth at nifbt** a 
; anal* with his email. aoa. 1 >Je«to. T>ey 
| tonraey to tfpaln, where be la y*c*JT*d 
I by tbe 'bin» aad -aeon. In whoa* pre*- 
I twee' be rXp'ait)* bLa idea*- {Jaera- W 
' hula feebi tbat Colttmbas ■ wfff be WC- 
; teaafal, and .wbe* "(be kipa; refaae* to 
' c-^mply 'with the neeti* *>t CoIuitih nt to 
I mak- the l*ip. aht »nTera to »rfl *ber 
I jewelaT . . ■■-' '■ . ' ■* 

Tbrn we aeCiCoi'imaa* *<ltibj *»U u\ 

a *nia:l" boar. Tbe mnriay of the crew 

fo'loaca tone day* upoti a* aucbarted 

■ seas, and tien aller many weary boutl 
■'-■-' lookeol about* "Lit.J-" r' 

£ Vintimhit and kit lUirr lard on the 

I ahore* of an talaBj in the Went ladLrd 

and .... -~-d ia avodfai; tbe natlf* In- 

1 :a. ■ v-!-t,l;.- 

1 Th* wbok DictkJ* i* doM wick dianity 
«:■■: with a *uin adherrBtw to aiitoriraJ 
•-*■-■■ *Tbe aeflina> of tha KuropraQ 
rourtai ar- m$L dune, and tbe cv«tna>ea 
and acenir effecia. hare bean - fdran. 

'Phi* picture ia enterranuoi aa wail aa 
educational. and..-wtll Tw wa-tcomrd by" » 
anocriaBinatiar andienre. ■* ■ 

Tbe Pa i be exrhui* *riD dtjtrfbute: 

tin** pirinma, * - w 


CaJli Effort by the-.tre» of Row 

Terfc Worthy of Bat Fouible 


t .In conn act an* with th* co-op*rabon *f 
j t wer. ty-on" M Bread wbt * : leadir ; * | (ic 
i airp* in .lie beorfJr to He Eitrn -Suaday j 
L Jiiifct for the Anwrlran Bed Cpaaw 1 ! 
Janjei (i. ' BhrTn*. Jt- 'h airman of' j 1 
apaenal K«d Croaai ThPirri-al -aaamitrjre, ; 
l*iu*d tbe fojUawiiPC srarrmrDt last nirfat: : 
""Tbe eff*n» at »w Vurk 'a tbeBtrct, ; 
botb iwiif producrra and member* of JJ 
eotpoatrir* wl.w.h biir lu.i^ieeTed [i-jr ] 
help, deaerrr. we bftirre. the beat noaaibl* | 
aopport of tbr. pvbTlr. It ia joatly ■ mat- | 
t*r of pride to tb* theatre* of tbl* dty 
tbat tbey b*i» been enabled, whenever 
* criela baa araaen. to take tbeir plac* 
.in tbeaery forefront of (kr nation"* fiv- 
er*. It ba* bean poaaibla for tbaan pa 
4* tbia only tbroli*ii tbe b* drips; of tbt 


Actor to.lroatdetyt Throijh WJB; 
StoiieA by Karl Btfoor of Tht 

' Moraine; TelefTapt . 

To-nilbt at *.."wj o't-Utk Barr Mclntoah 

wilt - - . - up tb* work; of drmnrj bnme to 

(b* pv/p -f Nra- *arb tbe fact tbat for 

three i ay* they had ts if h -aam * ftoiip 

. of tbe srratrwt heroea tad moat aicnaJly , 

. - . _, ■ - _ -jr'hoaorrai bene* thai fa*" etrr been rath- i 

,p*>-al mid : week perfortapnee T,f p ^ lf|WlT . I ( oy n( fl»e > *5y ode 
Ro^rw'a "Martbai" wm '(Wen by tbe ! tfmrt. 

S.- Carlo OparJ iwwr- it tbr t>n- At ibr. b«r *£*■ Mr. Mcln-oti will 

tar, Theatrt ycMttBOF afternoon, wllh D 
i "on* tela feazobair i* tbe imprraiT* ivlr 

wher*Jiy their mrmbvra — ataay handi, 
mtiaicfac*. artora and -other* — will con 
tribute thrir rarninipa far tbat niabt lo 
the mneral fnnd. ffr belier* tbat anch 
wbol*-bearted co-operatic n amoa* thcar 
nr>'ji theatrical iniepeaia d**#rT*i 
Rolbina lean than the equally sboTr- 
a**rted ci>-ope ration ef tbe - eCty a thaatr* 
pofir*. ' 



Dry. Af-eiti Arreit. Allowed "SpeaJt - 

ZA*y' Ihiwr After F3i K bt to 

Birber 3bop. 

| ?AtR0IS 8C0AM SOISE 07 AIEfi 

"To th* md tblt -irry prnoy oontrib 
. nted tbntstfh (be fanbeornioc perform- , 

ance may an elir*ct tn tbe Red < [ rvOa for ■ 
1 the rep'tniahment fn*d ineidant tn thr 

JapmiKwe dJasaftar. *U £o"mWni f«j*e 
"hajr*. baanii waited- Moeeorer. tb* rarl- 

ou- amjaaaf "hM*-*b*4o iJWO*J 1 jwijhtfa 

c/ t -ajff y TfaiTict-tJarhajBL maid or bono: 
to Lh* o,ac*n. GiTjeppe Jnt*rr*tt(r paa> 
trai-cJ tbe cbaractrr of Lion*). tJt*31* De 
Matt* tbat ef Nancy, nlth Xatale ' '-m. 
Adama Cbiapeini and I<onia l>r t'aoOr* 
■ a prToripaibt Tp# n-oddcr-oa waa de- 
lixbtfolly atasrd. with Atdo Franebetti 
at tha cendinetori deai. 

To oflnrl lb* lifts rer Floww opera. 
Bolto'a "Oibril^" waa pi'i. a heaHnt t 
at nlfbt. witb Manorl Silaiar cwxrylnr 
th* heaTy mantle of the anapieiod* Moor 
Marie Itappold ebtc a ap^endld rend*riat 
of tbe tenre of I>Pjderoon». Mario Rattalo 
appeired M J*£o. iba can furtJcr fn- 
ricdwi Ada Pafli and; Uaaara,' Caret, 
D* Biaal. Cerrg. Dhpoa r beoa Ctnorn. 
Caaio Fere hi coaduct+o, - 

bniadlL^at fMB WJ7. ike (wo atflT>a t\ 
Karl Decker' tbat appeared in lj<- c» 
unAa o[ Tbe Moraine Ti-Vt ;i OB 
Tneaday io»rhi*f *»d yeaterday me^unaj 
rt.tcf- Lee the rgnreatlon of (he Ivejion of 
Valor fa tbia city, sbr ItjIoo Tbat u com- 
poacd nf tboa* nbo bare m erpaily dio- 
i 4 .Di*lahail thrsoaeKea baj-oad tbe H- 
nunda af the miHtary aarrlcT ia which 
thay Ware rtfa**d v To c*-i*r to be cab-' 
frrrrd npe-B tbtm lb« C*m|Tfaimnl 
Medal «f H*n»r or the tJiaimfnlihed 
Hcrrir* t"r**i 

Mr. McIatosL la one of .those in New. 
York* eppable o? a Iha* abf keen aDPee- 
r La rum of erhat thta* conreotion meant hi 
a day when deed* wfrrtby of a place ia 
the mem*wy of er*ry Ameriran bare been, 
amntbered hoaaitb a flhxbful mdlffeT*tff*. 
or a barblox aDtbuataapi orer.-ib* nttaery 
woriblea idobr which hare bora act up 
iBnka p*fbLe plaeaa of oor country. 

Tb* camp of bariaj; Ma naiU attph 
rtjredT faileel to anr*- Hamne! Koil*r. 
operator of an allasyed ■ »tp'*k"-e**y■■ in 
Rj**l' TKtbty,aU^bth■ street, ycatrrday. 
Wbila- the beaujtfal bUind* lady p*o«- 
irafad bi* ruiiclr. dry aiwat*. who bad 
eaUed hi* piece. peonr*tcd kd* dlafubj*, 
aad be waa " niTeatod with 04>y aerprat 
Bofora nollabcdl up. 

KijL-r'a aad end came alter a **rie* 
af btLr-r*i*iBf bapfMniaga. Ury Afanta 
Jack Kerrhjac. Hamuel Koatar and 
Beajamfa StrauaO-racerrad ordrra to raid 
th* adhtgOd barroom aad. araed with 
search warranti. *tar?ed mil. 

They fonad the f p-ji.t loom of tb* p!ac 
Ptted Up witb of 8c* niralture. #at-toppeil 
deaka and all Tbry mut-j tkruweb an 
iran-barrad dooe feou the hallway. Tbt* 
waa opabad b/ * ■unrb* aaarnu.d*dar«il 
an a kstofli. .Tift, jin wu'wy. 

Whw they atlemptad t* lar* adauttaa'** 
to tb* rear T*oma tkay sat kept «vt by 
Koller, tha? aild. Tbia door wa* made 
»f hpiiy timber; aad after a abort nem- 
tiay the probibitJoo men 4«tded ta da 
tome cboppaOf' 

Worwindj at tap ip-ed aad ataaekiAC 
tb* bard wagd fnrlaculy, tb* *M bad 
It cat tbrowzb in baff an hour. - Jnbilaar, 
they walked tbtonrt «od diteererad tbry 
bad arfalered Botbios aaorn than ta chop 
Lbetr way i* anotber hallway, wblcb. waa 
•oparated from, ab**b*r mam b ya are** 
similar t the one (bay bad ; m an en** 
cea*full.r f-ednod to apUnters. 

A a*rond attack rtuuej. and by dial of 
ribannthaf; wood i-poppinE. sneb aa wamld 
tax aareral h-irsiJred ci-Kaiaers, th* dry 
Bfenu Anally piiabed rh*tr way rsrongh. 

Spreadoaa: befar* tbnir aatoniabad 
"o tb*y oay they anw a fnlly famlabrd 
barroom with twanty-fire pairnaa aaatad 
at tbe Uble*. endently atartled by (bear 
sudden entrance. Tbia waa coniiderH 
nnlotis, iaanan<-b aa tha> exapu had been 
rboppipi far nearly tbrea-wdart-ra of an 
boor and had not aoftaned Vbeir as* 
bfawo to avoid ■ erartDf any poaaibU 
pie*! • away. 

The name* of wrtral of the tantant 
Enmtn were taken before fbey wet* paf- 
mittrd u Unavc and it waa said rhey 
war* pntwiLBcnt bu?inr"i men *f tie a*c 







Theatre Owners' Chamber of Com- 
merce Committee Enters Confer- 
ence on Renewal of Contract 
With Worker* Who H*t# Be- 
come Members of Local 306 
and Want Equal Fa*. 


TK Brooklyn motion Tiiiturr oper- 
ators ntr asking foe an ]n-'i-e"»a 
ID wages, OH their roltricl which 
M^ircd October 1. IKSl. Thrj ask for 
a uniform coattaVft with ih* same ba*is 
■ f eajnriea thai the Motion Plnutt Oner- 
aton' Unlun Local *W ubtsinrd for 
Manhattan rnemltivs h few weeks a;;it 

when the renewal if wntra'rti &ro>gfc| 

forth in lirmni'Di from the Ehratrr 
owners to p»y «n innva**' in n^laries 
from 71-- tu Ui iwr rent- + ^>* eat* 
(rifli of the "N>w Y»rL opffllon ei- 
•" plied September 1. lff-1- 

. Tha Brooklyn (iperntam thai IB. ihs 
majority of then* -We» members of the 
old Brooklyn Vpjotf, bur ■ !<■*■ month* 
*ga thvr joioi-J Lucat 30& Their >am- 
tenet" wfrr- kept ininrf. ami It ttu-y did 
not empire until October- J. it'd HM t'B- 
aw in tile recent *ett lament nude be* 
twien the theatre owner* and the opera- 
tors"' of New Yuri. 

Yesterday C*l*rf« I) Reil}y anil Moot 
leading tight* in [ftp The.ltre OtTOer*' 
Chamber of Coramcrtr w*W in C*nfer- 
«nce with, thr Rrnuklyn theatre awnsjr* 
on,' the renewal of thr iwntract. The 
wage paid the Btor.lil.ui) men is- much 
lOwrr than tbfii paid ' the New York 
men in:) tli+» nuijonu contract would 
mean paying a Wl-A ocr rtut. mrnaw 
lo Kfimp aim The T. (>. (_", t- le* 
fiisttj to negotiate <* t1w Tinifvnn wu- 
tract, hasis. f'harles Crit^illy mlriRrtfted 
that the m titer he rrfrmil to- Mint' 
wall-knOwn man jet arhitratiw ami thai, 
botb wdes agree to abide by w* drciuinu. 
This the Brno kirn wen refused to th*. 
•■B.itiis? tha/ 8- rnemh*ns of L»rJil 30U 
ther dpmandiHL Lbr xanlr ptiv&it*** 

Bfirrr Sfir-klcr. peabMtt «f *hc M.»- 
liiiil Pictur* Mnchine Oiwrutont. I^oml 
ilOB, saiit rtalV^O tk*t &rL baUrred th»t 
th* wintl-ncta with the forir Erofit[rr 
thbatrr* lurolTctl wertdd bn *ipir<l W- 
forA the .m-k vnn mi:. t f ■= said that 
;!:«■ trouble [lfiJi'ins; i> 'Hi^J tWt ID any WMj 
affect tha New York thtMlrrj. Thil 
the pjrreemcnt nisned a (e^ - 1W«W ajn 
elfminali'fl thj doubt 012 that - ••m'- 
' Mr. Mnctler furtheniMir^ f«iii' thsl the 
Brooklyn ethihitora ivcie tr/Lu.c to nhirk 
their mnomibiHtleir. He *nvl that when 
*he Nan- Torlt airnrTneat ithb Mgntfi it 
>i'B« undentnftd (hai it nan ■ uniform 
i-ontrfli-r for all operatrfrH who vvrre laein- 
Iwra of TjocdI 306. Mr. Uackler'n *f> 
n.ctulLon,. he MplHinful. hul flatly 
ttimwl down th«i proponltion (» arliltrate. 
The dull beiwwn Sid Orannn and 
KamoTi!" Vie r^r*-l.:t'it;: vhore^r FaJDWiB 
take* orcr the (ri-anman Rfitlio, tba 
"Fra'iman Metropolian End thr Gnu- 
man IflJlinD Ooliiir Thestm in Lo< 
Anarlfw. v^t* finally cla#«d yrsterdn.T. 
Xegotiitlonp hare, bten jroinr on for 
■ ni-ij month*, and oal.v laxt ■rffl- 'Mr. 
GrBTirnsit iawoeda atiCccirnt rtjlof thai 
rhr dej^l irat by i* muc^ cloved as ^eL 
Thr n'timurjl lavolvetl nras« an in- 
Tertmeot o( mlUiolm For Famefit. Tf 
Mr. OrauniriTi aad not k«pt ain HoUy- 
'■.ur.'l Rxyptlan iv( might th.lnk ;1>ai liir 
Intrp'ded to Imiiti the motion picture in- 
dnjirj hf^h and dry bit (Apparently he 
ir.trmi* to trcp osp llii-xtrr in hla fam- 
j Ifr, On the Coai>t hi; i> rrfcrdeil is thr 
Rothafel of Lo-i Abrchs. a ecnJai who 

kti^'.v hdW I -■ put Oti i iiH--r(nin:!is-:it!-, 
-iart M'hd--'- pn>HTTitation has donr- much 
to lnerea*r the attrndarier at the mo- 
ttot jitciiirc thratrrj. 

Lou anjrJfK. neat to Xrf York, i' 
tbe ht'at inotioD pictor-- pUjf in tbn 
tToited f?tat«: Oar. ivouW tfain- the 
plV" 'ronld (srt «u weary of fIJm* Hiry 
irorald not a«sJ: rc-eTPatioii in the film 
tbeatrn. hut tarh Li not ihr due. »ecy 
T-te n-In ii Employed in a film £(ndio 
' !a Intercaled in aeeina yihrr cncipaoi**' 
rmdnerlonn and rtre r'ergJi. Ttieaje \i 
narpr a pirture nhown that do*i nat 
lirint in ■ lartr lyrr'nisce of film peo- 
ifa> They ttr each «(t PTery pirtOre. 
f.orti? for the co«d poln.t» and profit hjr 
Elje bad one* by Afoiriing the nmt plt- 
fnlbi in thotr nrrt picture*. 

FatuoTia haa hart its eye an theie 
Orauman hnuaej. Tor n lonji :i;~r. am.1 
when F**tnat]ri d^rld^d e,n an inrnlrn^nC 
from m\«t e!^peH^^rr w have learned 
-niop lirni* nut at ii-.t \\ ia a sacd nm>, 

8Tdney Krnt and Adolnh /luk^r ^rre 
\ h&ili njtif of Toirn yestrrdliy, «a k rraa 
!mp-i ,; ii'!f (o rrarh Ihcm for a peTronftl 

■■Flnlfl.T* T .d" llrlrs H*df. 

-J"or manr month* past .Johit Emerson 
and Anita Loflii haTe been warkinjc on the 
titles and re-edtttac; of "The HalfhrefrJ," 
an old IhtuRlai Fairbanka pictu-rr made 
dDnHnf Itn time that he iras with the Tri- 
aeflr Ptoilu^tian.v Ratrj Aikfn and 
ar Price, who bare all these old Tri- 

[ Rnihing Girl Goes Out tm a Stroll 

and Walks Eight Into Motion 

Picture When Sturgeon Men 

Her Place as. BTtr* Girl 

With '*Weit of the 

Witer Tower." 






. \ 


it . - : .' -■ 

i <inr ol, iko leaeiaa;. rol* 
ajidee <cijf iiiiwe o( "Mnnrtri 
i nl naat w«V. 

j ancle piotnr*", Ijit* huodredi ot'frtt.of 
i ntKative t>f"The nallbrwd**^ that were 
] iifjvpd uaod in. tec pierarr. They p 1 * ■■■ 
■ ^amblinK thu and raaki&f' it t,\r. reels. 
1 The title* ire nil new- and' the. picture 
j in tnminc Qjft an mneh t*M« taon'unr 
I one eiinectfd, a" Rroadway ionsej W beiuj; 
whiapewd frtritK premiere. Mr. Aihcn 
I ^aya that i[ is better than many of ibfl 
j ue.w pictures. 

Jala* Jladklaaon. 

I Tqere iremi to he a coxiatarit exdwase 

I of publicity men between First National 

I n?A Hodkiaaon. First G. B. Calliip. who 

was in eharre oF pubtidty at Uodkiason, 

coothI hia o£li« over to First National. 

.. Pftnla fcy Wood, 

vima nvanvs. 
Who n>rt ihi l.fid la "Ween r-nii 


"Captain Applajack," "in.b. 

I»* Nl«-b<." «OHI«b' to (he <7*pl- 

■nd now we hear that Ralph StftS, for- 
merly of ihi- pablieiry siait uc First \s- 
lidtiat. bar joined Uiti Hodtinsnn t.'or- 
porsitlnii and wiH d«orc ht# limn to the 
foreig-n dspartnienf- Tti additiub tfod- 
klnran has Dena Jtr—.l. -.i in. ban m .v^i 
frmn the Motion Picture New* to Ilod- 
kim-m [o :i-i>!sr» Charlea VVftJTflfrr, *ho 
recentSy reaiffacd. 

.Ifllnt Csat. 
Apparcntiy all N In readiocaa for fthoot- 
injr "UiK; Brother." tltri Be.aeh'a story for 
which Allan Dwan is h.rdliuc the met*a- 
□hone. Tom Moore h&e thb lead.inf male 
role and Edith Robert* the lsadlo* femi' 
nine pple, Ano(L"r importaat part I* 
that of K. Tronne Mnajhet. This la not 
Uisa HnEhtti's hrat apKoamnce 5 c a 
fsramoum picture, the hsvlna- played in 
"Zaia" and 'Lawful Limny." t$ha waa 
formerly in the caat of "Sally." 

Llvrd GaoTfw to Atitnd. 
Pnt-id I,]oyd George will attend a per> 
forma&ec bi "Scaramouch a" at tht For- 
cy-foarth Street Theatrs when ha returoj 
from Wnntreal- Arrsnpraents '^ere made 
throuih fiir Aifred Uopc. his repre«onta- 
ti»u in this country, to have Mr. Geona 
see the picture. 

Faint Haaebaa Hcr«. 
The print of "The AcquitLai." Rita 
Weiman's play, reached Xew York jea- 
terday. Carl I^eemmle, Hiehard Row- 
land and all the powers that he went In 
to Si;ivr- a look at tb? pkture. Hcpart* 
a*ra that their rerdict la faTorahlo, *1- 
thoncfa we did not hear this personally 
from Mr. 1,-nrmmlf-. Claire Windsor 
playa the rofo ttjat 4.h r jsUl Haaifle 
played an the stane. 

Etrrall Iblnn wAh i'oi»o|>nt(t«d. 
Errrrfi Shlnn. the wr-11- known fUni< 
tratoe. ha B been enyated bj Cosmopolitan 
lo do tbn aettinfa for the next Marion 
Davie* pieture. Mr. Sbinn haa beefl 
irnrkina with -Teh ii rtobertsfin for oil rhe 
Jlii-hard Harthelmt«s picturea, worr* hia 
uolqof and arlletJc aetrioK-s ham at- 
Iractcii considerahlc iftpminn and intcr- 

Alics Adikej. are 17, walked riihc 
"nr of Lrr homo and right into tbe mo- 
tion pinarrs last week. ' It waa lucky 
lot .M:vr- that ahe happrard to Htb In 
L-'riishlnf, Long Island, hue J u/Utr that 
* hnjrnck oajtyFCoataiafna; the aat of 
"Went of th.- Water Towee," with CHi-iw 
Hunter, May MoAToy and all tho other 
!- id:i!;; !*fhts were en' location, ftcllin 
Sturrrotj, tht director, wa* abort ao ex- 
tra girl. Lookinj around. In* aaw Alias 
Adikea, who ft very enay to took at and 
I who, hi- expetienced eye rrrlil him, would 
photofriiph well. 

"What is yoyr aamftV" he demanded* 
■'Alk'p AdiJt-s/' ahr stiswerect in. aur- 

"Want ta be En Ihe rouviesV ' he 
' flftkod. 

"1 don t know," icne said. 
j >VpJ1, if yon do r lure ia ynur i-biLiive." 
wniil tli-v director: "cnly moke up ruur 
mini] 4 nick." 

At- IT. you ran guess it did noL take 
| her luiD,- to make up her mind. She ac- j 

■ <jjIh-iI SLiLrjjH'!]' 1 : inTitalion and ciijnt-ed 

; on th-i baynck with the nit of the j 

! firli arid boys. The camera hegan to ■ 

! grltari iiis'i A !; Li- lis.:- in the. rn-yi'-". 

i After beginnine like that.' thr cast fit 

] "tt'rst -if the Watfr''4Jowrr ,h tbrislit 

Allen's advrntu-re in tlludniid should 

have- a longer pndine;, nod >a hhe w*< 

told to report f'>r work at the- Para- j 

mr-iint Lonj; Ibland SrutJlos nest tiny. 

Sb-3 did that and l-ropeht with bet ber 

sifter, Catherine, Bfe 21, Itotii uird- ni-e 

rairnib^rB of the ygnnge.r mat nt Junction 

City that !i.:nr'-., so prominently in li'i- 

iner froy'i* story. Th«y appeaml in tbt 

irradnatfou flcenen, the bfis mycial Aon lu 

Hie Htrcet scBues that tn-rr filmed oo 

>fiin Htreet. In three days Alice ax-d 

L'atlieriae hare Iji^come full-Beii-rrd, 

actresses and will e^t r job> whe* -vr 

tlipy are needed at Famous I'lev'-re. 

While we m: on tlie suhjei-i 'of ITnivcr- 
xal. Jutca Li'-.-y. a.v-i-tji.NT general man- [ 
flip>r, who is in i-hAirc of tho Atlantic ] 
district, with headqnarfurH in Phllade!- 
phi*, is hfto- toaeoDfer with E -f. Smith, I 
Kea'oraL aalea mauepr for rni^^mal. i 
who reports (hat "Chr KunchbBek «f I 
Notre Dame." whirrh openwl m the 
'"LeaLnUt Htreet 'ITipaire thin luAt week, 
is dorng good luwiness, 

Th* ljeadlnft DroadTtPi-r ibr.nrf.. 

Next weeJt'i oUrringK on Broailway 

^ili fttmiah excepti&nal nmertaiomeut for 

ih-" motion picture patrons. )Pola NeRi-i, 


Tarrt-V tfh-r In 

The UnlTertta) L-ompaoy expect* to soo.ti 
present to thn public a picture founded 
oo ■Tho' Siijnal Tnwfr, 1 ' by Wadaworth, 
Krnt. It waa purrhssed a few week* 
nep. and while it .•>. not a rflative ta 
"Wosi of the Wilier Tower -1 or aoylhlmr 
tike it, t'nlrrrul plaiina it i-i b good 
Htory. We will wait till we, seei it. Clar- 
ence' Brown is directing, and the caat con- 
Rista of YirRfoiB Valli, - Wallac« .Bctry 
and Rockliffe Fellows. 

Betl Involvinp; Three Loi Aggftlei 

Honies tt iAIt If ConinmniataS 

After Two Mdntha of Kegotia- 

iiOn— Consideration Slid to 

Hate Been Bnm of 




he -will pI-t rii- LandlaiBt rale la 

"Tba aiaaal Taster." which kni 

■ Mil pnlrhim-il by (nlvrnil. 

in "Tha Spnuiab Dancer/' a Ijerbert 
Brenon piodqction. eomes to the RItoIi. 
Mucii lias been said abcut this pictOre^ 
which i* founded on the play, "Don Cae- 
*ar de BszHn." by Adolphe D'Ehnery 
and r. S. P. UuEnanoir. and adapted for 
Lhe -.c-.-r'i by June Mathis and Beulah 
iittrtr Dii. Fr^m Adolnh ZllLor down to 
the office hoy wa have been hearing aboui 
ibis pieture i'nr the pns) monih. Famous 
PJojer^ conni'+ers it one of the best things 
Ury hnvc had sent on from the coaat 
in many a day. It will be interesting to 
see this picture, \ ■■•■■■ n-.-.-i- "RositB," the 
film made by Mary Flckffird. is baf*d on 
tba B"ni*> utory. Alias NcRria eupportiag 
east includei WaJlarr Beery as King 
Philip IV. of Spain, Kathlyn Williamq 
.-■I tjuepn Isabel of Bourbon, (jatctb 
]Iu*(hr« as an arniorbr's boy p Adolphs 
> [ -■:.:■. 1 1 na Don SnliH.-;--. a eourtier; Ed- 
ward Kiptinir bb tlie ^larQbis do Ro- 
tundo; little JJnivn O'ltay as Prince Car- 
los. Chm-lna A, tjn-vennon n s the Cardl- 
iial'n AmbarsBdOr, and Tlgburt A Knew oa 
.Inan, a tlypay ihii-T. YelaBqucx, the 
great court paluter, t_i nlso gn interrHllttg 
figure in the production. 

Another JtitcreatinK nlm is "Tiie Bui 
Msn." Holbrook UHnu, than whom 
tjero are fftwif any better motion, pic- 
ture. BFforv, playA iIip nolr of 8ancbo 
Pancho. 3npnoriiiig Mr. iMinn am Ka\>i 
UeDnett, Jaok Mulhsll and others. This 
picture, rflfich comes to the Strand next 
u-pek. i* bnard on thr play by I'arter Em- 
eraon Browne, which ran sa long In New 
York with -M*. Blfon in t ho UtJe toJt. 
Edwin CaxWia ift th* dlmctnf in the caUat- 
Mr Ihlinn la Mid to giTo a good account 
of hills'"'!!. F" good an the one be nn 
in ■■ftn"ita.]j',wliieh we will have to admit 
is somctbiuR. 

The chief attraction at the Capitol 
this «et)t bUtitraflgeni of th* Night." 
To those to •whom tlfla title might not 
mean anything "Straniers of the Ntiht" 
|« "i V. .( Applrjack," thf! play pro- 
duced by Edarn ll liania with Wallace 
Kddingnr nnd Marr Naah in the leading 
rfllei. In the a*recn vrraton M«tt Moorp 
plays tbe rolr created by Eddinger and 
rlarhara_ I* 'jUarr the role nta>cil by 
Mary Nash. Othera in the cast are 
I'liiiii Bennett, It'.herT lIcK.irn r Kmiir 
FLfaroy. Otto Boffmun. Matliildo Briin- 
dfigc and Thomna RJekette. A[r. Kfttb- 
afel » fnrnishine a musiiral pmgram to 
actwmpany "Btraiiireni rvf tho Night," 

To Che Rialto Theatm thia coming 
week goes '"The Broken Wing," the. Pre- 

ferred picture directed by Tom FormaD 
from the Btagc play by Paul. Dickey and 
Charles W. CJoddard. Tom Formnn, !a 
addition to directinp the pirture, wrote 
Ha own srcnBrin. The rasi i^ headed by 
Miriam Cooprr mid Kenneth Harlan, and 
includes WalteT I*ong, Mian dtiPont, 
Richard Tucker. FJOin J, Brady. Ferdi- 
nand Mnnier and Evelyn iSelbiel 

"Going Up" is the chief attraction at 
the Cameo Tfapatrt thia coming weak, 
I Mucins Mctrfan is thn principal player 
snd bv if auppdrted hy a caat aprcially 
fumiihed hy Tboraaa Ipce fn^r tlis pier 
tur*, which in aald to be the most pre- 

rhMo fir FIMirfl T**-iT UaorCn. 

lie pl*T* « part In "llt« nrothfr." 
TiUJc.i ta n fi it R-crl ji * Inlo Br<Mlnr- 
tlnn at tiiuicii I'liTrn-i.n^f 

■ tadlas. 


Comedian Brings Action Against 

Charles Amador to Prevent 

Uh Of Costume. 


<Se*m*£ Duvtw* ts tb* Varslu T^ka**!* > 
"LOB ANGELES, Oct. 5, 

The mnuea [4iii qnesritu whether a 
certain kind of ahoea. cane and mnataehe 
conatitnte a rcpyrightad aort of roter- 
Cainnjtat or whether It I* Just a conn me 
that <**n be worn by any actor waa «- 
jseetad to be dteid«d Ut* to-day ia the 
aait broacbt lo Superior Coart by Cbarlta 
Chaplin agalnat Cbaylea Amador and 
the Western Feature Production* for a 
pertBloent ordex rrstraiiiinj; Amador 
from ' "i mitatiat" the CbgpIiD: ttyle of 
rlreaa in his pirture.*. 

Chaplin, aroused by Ihe spectacle or 
seeing another comedian waaring hat, 
*hoea; bajrgy clothfi and eane like ni- 
JflsanartaX POtfit, ITJCI carVMrJ deep, cuntcnj 


to hia artiatic mind, which had rte.-om*- 
so used to the Bagging garments it. bad 
come lo look upon them ta a sort of 
tradiviTiflrk and peculiar to bis person. 
Tb|t bamboo raor,' the film star felt, 
waa ch murti a part of hi» gejneral being 
aa the lick or arms i* to Veuui de Mlta 
or a fiddle to Nero. There hare been 
plenty of fiddler and not a few artnlean 
femaleft, but NVru and VnttiB Mill bare 
thr copyright on tiVve compilementa. 

%» r believed Chaplin, be bad the sole 
risht To his ftwt) particular implementa of 
comedy and took thr cUim to court whan 
Amador appeared in aeveral films wearini; 
hia exact aoittrjme. vnn 'do*rn t.*> ibe 
dangerous Irousera. ' 

The horror of wbnt might bappen if 
th« court ■■■':■'■■■■ ..'. rj-.Ln.'iT bee the right to 
use the Chaplin mode of dreva is Lllo*' 
trated in tba poaalbttity nf aeoing: aay, a 
New York aribway train in niah hours ia 
which 2,000 r*n*e and It.OTsJ) ptuatachea 
crt mixed up with lifflO tired flapper 
a ten ograp hers. Or the possibility that in 
the aeitt war aoote conntry might adopt 
the baggy IrowrB ma an official uniform. 

The defemjanta contend Chaplin him- 
self ia merely an imitator of ancient 
jr-.iT-. except that be BUbarftutea ' the 
cane lor 'tie iuUeted bUddec, 





IBbhil. 0tajM>aUl Lf Tli« MofBir-c T«:(n»i>!i.i 


PreeMrni iroobOge is DOt goloi W 
throw ibe weight of [be White Ilouaa 
inflnencr in hehalf of ddj of the Repub- 
lican caudidatea in State* jjke. New York. 
Kentnrky and Mar^lanrl. where sleetlomi 
are \o <■!■- held neit month. \l- would 
like to are the (1. O. V tickets win ■< 
the palls, but Ibey nriM h..n to incceed 
on their own merits, without any bb- 
Blatance from the party's t^ommauder-jn- 

Hi* fourve. in tbia r»o«:( La not only 
proper but it i* the n^We. thing for him 
to do. The and experience of Woodrow 
Wilson in 1018 abowa that the American 
Toiara resent ail Pretidentiii tttampta ta 
dictate the icLitner of their voting. In 
that year Mr, Wilson railed an the poo- 
pie to sustain him by the election . of a 
Democratic Congress. Tba gnat war 
was atill In progreuu and parrjaanaaip far 
Iha. tlfflf Jt*d beat almost rrjounletaly fpt^ 

gotten. DemorratB and Republicans were 
eo-crperating in the Hecate and Ilmiae 
animated by avcomnion patriotic feelini 
to do what was heat for the nation in 
that hour Lif itorm and peril. There was 
n toft of inrjt sgTpemcot amnnf thew 
(bar nolitics should be rHegateyl to ths 
wrarp heap, and that in tbe November 
elections rhe Republican^ wnubl make no 
■ertOflJ drive tn wrest control from the 
DccnocrBts. who then were in the ascen- 
dancy in the House Aa quick as a flKsh 
of lightning tbk amicable understanding 
wo* rbnnged by top unexpected aod wb- 
tou.-i!iDc appeal from the EIxpcuIIts. A 
;::;■■' ) ware of angerawept the Republican 
ranka Th« PrejiidePta re«qn«t for a 
partisan rictory Beamed a direct Imputa- 
tion on i ;■.■■■;" patriottun. and the only so- 
»ww thai could be made wis nt ihn bal- 
lot bos. What (hey did to the Uemo- 
<rats that year will Ion* be remembered, 
nor lis v.- the' latter since recorcretll front 
that chastisement. 

Mr. Cofllidft* will never be caught mak* 
lag that tort of a play: be is an inlenaa 
party man, but he will never exhort his 
countrymen to hack him up By electing 
a R*publican Contresa, ttecanee he knows 
that would, b* the *«y best way of □nlll- 
fyibg hia own wiahea. 

S>r«w Venae Hill. 

In the desperate combat that ia being 
Traced between the Hon: Roy Hajaea, 
Federal i'rofilhiQca Comraisatonjee, mi 

the Eon. .Tnhn Philip Hill, astmbrr of 
Congress from Baltlmorer ovir the mat- 
ter ol the -making.. Ot srHne homemade 
winn in tbe cellar of the- CnngrrKBman , & 
own domicile Mr. Hill aecma to have 
won the first round. The scrimmage i» 
;;.i[ a new one. hnl bagan munih-i ago 
when the Maryland S*lon started the 
manufacture of some plcBsing beverages 
from .Ertpes and varinua fruits. Tie im- 
portuned the WaahJDgtan authorities for 
a long time for a ruling oa.' the legality 
of bis action and for a long -period they 
evaded his cOtnuiuuicatiDnf.; Finally, as 
b last resort) he wrote to' say that hia 
f rai l jg .tcaatfa.nd his native clarets had 
by thr processes of" nature den taped a 
kul; far in excess of' the Volstead ettatr- 
ard, and would the commisiioner please 
send over sunt of his Government ex-' 
pens ro pass on them. 7n comiiliance 
with this reasonable request Mt. Bsynea 
dlspstcbed a couple of his best chemists 
to Haiti more and after investigation thay 
reported that tbe Hill cellars showed an 
abundance- of llqulda ranging from tl to 
25 per cent alcoholic- 

District A i ' » ™ *; j- Knlpn. *j, 

On this showine there waa nothing, 
left Mr. TTajnes but to; advise the pcr- 
aistent Hill that lie has violated tbe 
Taw and that lhe whole <w.rm- .-.<■-<>- bad 
been turned over to Dlatrict Attornry 
Amoa Woodcock, who would proceed as 
ht $n, &U I'reaumaJi^ the commia- 

tcbiioua thing young Ucl>iin baa arvt 
made. 7*he ofncial Dempeey-Firpa Sghf 
pictures will remain, an added nttrncttcn, 

The feature picture at the Broadway 1 
this coming week is "The flpwusa*,**; rb« 
£lm '.--.-skjii Of Rax Beach's atory. Wa 
might Kay "The Spoilers" rematood f«r 
a second week, for it played there Isrs 
wc«k. The cast include* MUton 801s, 
Anna Q. Nillaon, Noah Betty. Btraaffe. 
Bedford. Mitchell Lewis and rusny 

Th!" list dtiisbes onr regular mrtu^a. 
picture theatres'. The Aster, the I^yrict 
the P'orty-fourth fltr«t Tbeafte. tb* 
Central^ the A^tbsasador and the Coa- 
tDtipolitac, all House $2 productions, 
which are also open on Hurtday nail 
which atTc two- perfornwocea a day, etni 
in the aftrrtroon 'and ont in tb^ nlghta 

Fiwnii >■■■«.*■ Hare. 

' Ruab U- /■':<■■■•. «on of Rupert Hugbea, 
writer, ban b part in "Strange?* of tbo 
Night." the Fred Nibto produecion i ow- 
ing to the Capital Theatre to-murrow. 
The uoreli't's son -o.ppcai> ai tt muri- 
oerria thr ^rrashbuclilinc pirate crcb™ 
of the delifrhtful. rollicking camtsdy 
which had a ^ ii- ^"-^ful ntage career ia 
New York and Dondon aa "Captam- Ap- 
pfejack." The change of title is the 
only important one to the buAJoesa ol 
transferring the ptay from tbe staga to 
tbe ncn&u. 

' ChuaTlle la Pat u, Deaih. 

Charge, the Tjnlversal elephant, bai 
the dlstinetion of being the first motion' 
pieru i-c actor to be electrocuted. Tbe order 
fame from lhe city and followed fnstruav 
futns sent out frem N.-w York by Carl 
J .ncTii.-iSE. in r:-iij. .'.-■■■ Charlie, who had '^e- 
enme vicious and only a few wceaa agd 
attacked hia keeper, injuring aim serif 
oualy. We cannot say the elephant wan 
cut off in hi* youth, hecaaib ho *-aj 1ST 
years oH at the time he was put f* 
death. If we live that !nn c wp Vonul 
not care who put tbe ga> mask to our 
nofie. thi* rope around onr peck or ap- 
plied the electric rc-lta to ns. Charliaj 
had certainly lived! bfs Krnt, 

alareku Le*v^ ■■ tkleaiar*- 

Marcus Lorw faaa gone tr> (TMeajo oaf 
luiBiii"**, That in-Lfinms, naturally, meHua 
the prrsentation of "Smramoitche ' in 
tb* Windy City. CMcmujo ia alwaja mr» 
uncertain when It eonacn to •£ iDotion pjo 
uicea snd, desplta tbe anccesa that tb* 
"Four Horseman of the ApoealjpaV' had 
Id that-city. Mr. Ixiew probably thought 
it was heter for him to be- present and 
girr- his persona! attention trj the premiers) 
tt* tbe Dim. 

Asltaal In RifUli. 

The Collector t>t Interns I Rapeona ha 
f*H Angelc9> haa filed n prtftton agnlnat: 
George Randolph Chester, the anthor, 
for alleged delinquent Income tax. Thp 
amooDt atated Is f!>l.s. Mr. Chester'a 
rrienda am hoping that he can "ipUi-n. 
for, if ther* I* one tiling in th.- wtwut 
that makes a fellow fret aorry fnT aq- 
areothcr it is when rhe inr-oim- tax col- 
le^tor gets aftrr a man with the dt>- 
mand that an elplanatioti be rorthArha- 

Alma Hs««m Wit* Bni»«i 
Whil* sh* 1b waicinf for a call tai 
do "Tha Templrean,'' her naxt pletnrsi 
foe William Randolph Hearst, Alra* 
Rtthcn believes in Improving thai ehfning 
hour. So .he la playing the lead la 
rteek.End J tin band a." a Daniel Car- 
■nn -Goodman film, to h c directed, by Efa 
H. Griffith. 

A I inn a* Ta*. 
We hung nn the telephmip wire fray 
twenty minute* trying fp gel a stOTT 
yesterday, only to tean» we had beaai: 
conMeptfld with the wronc theatrics! 
contpauv If aay thing would m B L:, » 
■ i w1 o^* w * nt *° connrd ' : wird*T, that 
'- it. Thera U onlj- anB tSjinrf; more en* 

novlng. and that Is to be 
story is abaorately rjorme. Both 
affliction* vhdted us yealVrday. 

■ fOCMl 

ef rites* 

aioner washed bis hands of a wearisome 
and unprofitable fight and waa glad to 
pass tba buck to another, hi this way 
he saves his Taw hnt his doughty ■ an- 
taconUt triumphs, for what does this 
man Wof>doriclc dol Right' off the bat 
he declares that be haan't the slightest 
.iatetuiort of interfering with J. Philip 
Hill. The District At tomes 'a oflirt h»s 
too much real business, too many ■ big 
ewe on ft& hand*, to wast* any tlnm 
Joolftig with such a peillflogging trfvality 
as poraecuting dtiuna who uaka a' Hi- 
de wet goods in their own homes. ' No, 
indeed; hia office cannot be used it* stop 
Mr. Hill or any other HbryUndttrsNeho 
are" amateur 1 It wouldn't b« 
lejts] tq do no anyway, without getting 
"li j . search wnrrnnts in every Lndlsidqa] 
case, and if this were resorted to lb* 
District Attorney would hav* no tiUJe 
t{> :-n.'.i'i to the legitimate worlc thot 
be waa eipoctrtl to perform. Tbe firat 
act In this thrilling drama, therefore, 
arams to put Haines in the nine- hole, 
and all WaahlnctotT and £)atlUuore are 
waiting In tens* expectancy to see how 
the thing will end. The betting odds in 
hot It towna etrongity favor the wet 
champion. ' ^ 

- Macaw* x* Bati. 
. The winely mdvertisrd: "tfnaini- from 
VJinnecnts, Magnus JohnaOn, has been 
to town -and he neither loeas. nor talks | 
*u»« 1 Wild Ejun, H< h> kU t ei Ktl j tin 

style of a Beau: Bruinmel. but jia ejooacp 
vaan gnod and hie j»hirt and milsr fresk 
from th* laTuadiT. He and Dr. Coptland, 
both natal, eiocted tu nfnea, bee for thp 
first time on tbe steps nf therOanltoi *nd 
had a pleasant* Intcrchtng, of vhsvrv " 
after which .the New Turk Srm.tor said: 
"Ifa a s.iarct to try to ridicule an honest 
and TOtua-UtithjUB a nun as Jobnsoai, He 
told me that many of th* tttteBHratn s'. 
trihuDsd In him hy the press were purs 
taecnlltai. Ha toaj hav« Htns radival 
nntienp, bat I rentnre the opintas that 
be/ wiU* aa he gains ex;pariflnic* in Ooa> 
greas, develop iijto a" narrht legishster. 
He feebi acutely ibotit tha plight of tiu 
farmers and I wympatbUe with jlm, for ' 

I am a farmftr myself and- kin>w 'hcnT 
imposaib^ iris under proeeot ronrUtione 
to male pjiyth'iua ni*t of thl land. If t 
bad to depend! solely .m tbj farm In 
HodtlandlConnTy.^ew York, I'd he a 
candidate Tor tba rxwrhouat,". '"-, 

The kind estimate Beutor Cgneland 
gave of ilaa/itl* Johnson recalla othrr 
radical statesmen j*f da/a gone by. There 
waa the fiery TUImjfti. Pitcb'fork.Bsn, of 
Sooth Carolliia. «-Jo Y*-. ame ppa of th, 
tamest of Senators si hie years of ««r- 
vice lengtbencd. TillnuiQ 's talk was vr%r 
more Intlaniable (ban his acts, and to 

II has keen Vlth qihera, fn fact, It ni 
exceedingly dubious whether there) ia o, 
jvrtuinr radicitl in tbe land. witbj ttta aola 
filventijn «{ Jjstk .WlltBfla «•*#*'_/ ' % 



Win fftormngQ£elegra|)f) 

iTBiirtBD nvDAV. 

ra*t RfttaU Btnct. to tb* City ef Kb* Tort. Bon " — 
V. ■. I«i», President. «0 Elrblt Amn. Edwi;*- R. Tiara**, Tka IT**1*ewt. 

> Ilghtl A-ena? John J. Pen, Jr_ S«Ct«tafT Ud Treasurer. £0 E!fltb Ae-Bor. 

it No. e* .achat ita*.*. 

Matt elKti paysM* to Tt- Htnvlag Tiltfnik, $» fijhLh iiudi, Saw TsrS. 

Tie oU bittcree*. that luu bean so long a part of 

Conpctttwa Mat neir^rhood (end* la the matter of price* and, Compe- 

Hat Be BaTrrmitntd '^n in film programs our meet a curiam and w«. 

. . p^l i . p«IhI death. The txM who b*--e struggled to' mikt 

their theatre th* moat popular in the neighborhood m*j 

«y* join force* to Meet tbe, comtnnii pum- — big h film, rental*. 

■Jn nelghborhoodd where two theatres were cgmpefhif- 

with each other fur Ibe favor of llie patrons a\ their locality, ill- two hoolra 

aaay feo taken under one uisuajteiuti til tvith the Wautt thai there -will no lon|*r 

b* ■ battle to aee which hou"* get* Norma Tfllniailrr'a hueai film or Toimnj 

1 Mel gain's most reefenl prtodiierlon. 

Wi be*e our knowledge on rhi- fort iktl no le« than five cj6ib!i)ajji>rj» b*e* 

<a formed for this eery eroDOtnir r cad ji]*i meat >l irir+j. the part himtH ti. Group* 

j *f theatres hare combined ecu ejbtl>,Tur« who trtr formerly bitter competitors 

•re Mi working together for oue rouse. William Brandt, pfClHw* of the N"t 

York Theatre Oirnnn, do** not beltere [bat thaw combination* are a beaJtbr 

Condition. Hi xaysj they are as detriment*! to (be industry a* conMaatiOH of 

P»di!wr» aad distributor*, llr_ Brabdi b^i^fa «<> rboold: bar* a wide ap«B 

' ilai a« that die % Lsdnatrr ran j>roir*«_ Up bcli*<" Lbat ibcrt jboqld. b« uf Jlb*r 

eoaabinitwo at prodacvr nor pxhibilon Sot tfap pnrpoaa of riirtailine the marhrt, 

H* th&ak* barfaloJsa; la afrcwaary f^r onDlinuPu p^ipprit; in tb« luotiaa plrtare 


Mr. Brandt ia right. Compclitkin m alwaj-i tlif ipic* of life. Wilhoat It 
! Chen can be ui progr^r'. If nalbitari do rombLne and are in a petition to 
dictate prfcea It will be a xtzj avHi>ua sit cation. Jost ■* it would br a tptj 
Mrior.i »itqatioo Lf prodocen airrirri and w*f* ablf le rolniDaad aaj pr:r P :ti"j 
eJaa«a\. Corapnition is aj Deeewj in ih* motion picture buajseaa aa ft U in 
t»i drj go«d* or tfie grain businew. Thr moment it ceaaev, the barhboac of 
anj ioiiMTT is gone, and ofllf ■□ inanimate. Ilfelna imbantote recoaJu- 

We do nnt mean to b»f that fir* roffiblnati^Da mean Ihit ererf exlilbit«r 
la Barging with asotber exhibitor any more tboa one inrallcTr- Lndtcatea Hum- 
mer, put it floes ahoir the trend of tlir ii!in baa!me«>. Tr do«a aaow that r%- 
hlMtora are finding it nereaaarr to f<*i togeihtr to mrei ton ertmoniic artaatlon 
keoaua* Ihrj tte\ unable to copt wllb It ulntlj. We ihruh ft i* a queation worth 
nniUeratlon and t?ne. ih;u w]i:. peThaph. be nn imme In tb« ibrs la ettmt. We 
fl'-/t .tfonlW If It will erer be an important factor In- .ni.i- nf hart tt>v mauy toad 
bijaiarta men to hvr let etifh a deAih'kneU in the fi!:;i Lndgptry Ke Bounded, It 
would be aa unfair To thr film men lhr-mnrh-r» in. it wnul-J Lie lo the liftlun 
Tloture rairona. 





FOau of 

In an Interesting |pl*-a for oc-operntlon between the 
United Btnie* and Britale ia tbe .-.-.irfr: of motion pJc- 
Utfla Of No later- lores Tot world' ftrnaoinptlan. S- (Jordnn Mlchie, repr>- 
«Ct to tb* Mman Mo:; ' n *" ,J ■" Sloll film Jnteretls in Kiigljod. rommt-nta 
on the high artiattc «t*n4«rd of American prodacttoai, 
w«t *ika whrtfarr tfa.* baa dm been B^eW »i considerablr copt in the creation 
*f pfetprtM *(lh hiatoric end coatume elenjenta — or. in other wurd*. directed at 
■ ■•etjeolar ela** «■ national, aa o|ipoeed to lot pj national. coc»rt ?canr«f. 

Mr. Jficbie'h irtlde open* op a raw Qe-EaJ (or epemlatioa. He male* the 

I point that tfcf ftrtkrOc pirture rreated (or the- inteUeeinal few .ana-il rndirr*. 

and lhat unle»a the art of :t:r ■rreen la dlreeted t*? ihe bf-n*tJi of the maasp* 

tt ean .nuhe no commercial ■ncvea*. Tae qneatlon J», then, rn art fce popalar- 

. fawd with themaaae*. 

In America the a,t|**tioti >«emai to bate been anawered- b the negatirr. 

■Wbathar It will alwara eeaain ao la another matter. Bat at tbe preaent lime 

.ta* aigtw are iadiarrTtablc tbtt tbe maaaea F for wboai tb.» motidii plcturt U Itudv, 

E5 * ** 1 *■■■* * rt - ¥»*t7. per eent of the film-goSng public doe* rwS.aTBWr art. 

■nwD It teci It; 40 per erut. expreaitci [tn »tnff insohereutly' in aame »uth fbraae 

5 U "Ck**. dJa'etnff ii awful Iilghbrotv": anil the remaining 10 pi>r cent, honeatlj 

I wiatt* fgr bettor produrtlona. The motion [Hc-ture IndDrtr?, belrjg eeientlellv 

a romnnrrinl proportion and bound up In tbe wishes of Ifa patrnna, seems, 

therefore. cJr-Jiiii tc'j committed to production) of eo great artiitle vilud for tti 

bread and Vtttier. Tbe fault doea In aomr meaaure lie irllli tbe ixduitry, but 

V it ia at prenenl the podeterHsg target of much crtticiam which should be lereled 

Iftatrart at the publie wblch It aerrca. 

Motion iiietnrea of rani artiatic worth art bj no meana unknown in ibe 
American fteld- H «emdm.efiU] Tfmmj" waa eulotlaed If ihc inteHactual!', but 
hj plajed lo emptj hoDtea; "Tbr Blue Bird" waa an ottteUn&ng aaeeeaa from the 
/*■ tTtiatic aundpoint, b«t its eommcrciat failure ia alitory: Uai^ riclJord'a «w 
"BMiU" baa won .the iTaiae of tvtrr critic, «t Ita naanriat future la not bright. 
Tie well-wiahera of the .^Sieriran molion pirture lnduatrj nauat put np, 
for the pretest at. least, wfti mediocre product loca and ebooJd be Wnteat to 
do •*. in That It ia theae that furnbh lift capital with wbich to make "Sentimental 
tfejfpraj," -PeteT IbbetMn." The Bind Bird," "BoeJU" and their Hkc 




iiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiHiiuniiiii! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiHtmiinnl 

Editor r SaI*~Tlit antt'uia pictmre prr*i tftliU wfcfl hoa tttn gmottd ■■ Aa ring 

»»" I' 'eltta« niool Mauri*, lit rill ar, 1«» rta„i«ric< orrr Ai> ,Mr. »,-, 
J ha »»J *u c,t»p-», v , hit i,. A„ M lli,, to „„ „f ,,;, olrll i m , tl ,,..Jj, ' j-j, 

Afornn.ji Ttit9T*pK h*<< drcittal 1r> run a *vtrj o/ awielrt 9H *Ar H nra ir*» ifa* 
. «4e»J or*™-.. 7 Ail Iwlollnnl o* 1., „r,cj It Jrr. t M< 1C«I C<».1 faKlir 
.- a/ pMtlirt l K /Of /»OrdBi«.l. 

•-Area EecTt dwan't l»ut .tout il.'lul when rrcoed lit clora aj.nit ,1„, b,-, 
the binrat m.n in lb. WrKtn. Motion I'iolore Adrttttorn—tot blnra! b, 6*i„n 

U« T«« «" «■ pmidVol or thr ••Wimoiu.- whir* I, oor «r o( rrfcrrin. 

to ttr psKltll/ and adrrnUini ion of Ibr Wrat Toant wjio hirr bemioa ao .ctlro 

aad Olowa m Amnt that ,br, w» ap,^, „i lir A, w i, t rf Mlsiw , PJm „ Ad ,„. 

'**■" "' ,M ' N «» y " 1 E "">««- Anj Arrb !. :!,. bbjp,, „„ of th , hMdBd 

or man mrnbrr. .,[ ,b. o.-moimio,—!,, j,[,„ 

poomla, attbr vrry laart! \ 

fVnr jrar. w Ii iu , bard-nrkiif. „_ 
wruhl. and «. r.^arioj nrwipajw „.,. .j,] 
»«» Wa boaa vt Paranotiif. Wast Coaat tnb- 
UdtT ■rrjiit j 

Po-iWj ■«» n.M , ta , k ao am ■ 

■ ormifol BobBcU, run I. that ha andled to te 

■ Il-JW— and ran «• ui< tiat aoj w, T jtm 

Da arddrstaJlr pat H thr- war for nu praaaat 

».orc by attnlni us aa a^collriro comapoadrot lor 
• Ua AocUa dallr. Hr.ud bia lifal ambiUon. 
ritmr toajnlirr throuib coBut 'h